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Rotworms vs Lizard Lions

OOC Date: September 18, 2020
Location: Onderon
Participants: Grom, Dhr'rall, Aja, Karr'roga, Naia, Hadrix Kora, Sajin, Sumi Kora, Clan Kora

<"GOOD EVENING LADIES AND OTHER BEINGS!"> Announced the voice throughout the stadium. A massive arena, built up on all sides with stands that moved with sentient life, erupted in cheers as fireworks began to pop and cascade over the stands. Vendors moved up and down the aisle, screaming "MEAT STICK!" or "COLD ALE" moving through the tumultuous crowd that waved flags and other regalia for the night's match up.

A single suite stood out from the others, adorned in the royal colors of Onderon; this housed the King and his young Princess, who were neatly seated and waiting for the festivities to begin. Their royal banner with the bright gold emblazon of a flying beast caught the wind and fluttered amidst the chaos of screaming fans.

High above a holo screen hovered, and zipping/flying droids whipped back and forth obtaining recorded footage of the event. Music played, echoed, and drowned out most sound. Ones with sensitive hearing weren't the only sentients suffering from sensory overload as everything blared and blurred into an overwhelming calvalcade of racket.

The teams were already out on the sand. On one side, Sumi Kora's ROTWORMs prepared for battle. The owner of the team was also with them, wearing blue plated Beskar'gam, a cape, and waiting on the go ahead to begin their match. Beside/behind/around Sumi were those who made up her team's rank. Some had fought since round 1, others were fresh; all of them were bloodthirsty and eager for war.

Their opponents: The LIZARD LIONS stood on the other side, consisting of 5 MASSIVE Houk Gladiators, all grinning from ear to ear and holding massive HUNKS of metal for SWORDS. They were surrounded by a sea of moving, domesticated mutated WOMP RATS, perhaps 30 in number and RAVENOUS. They roared like LIONS (the womp rats). The Houks seemed to lumber a bit, amused by the Rotworms but taking notice of one in particular of their own species.

"IT IS GROM!" One yelled. "GROM IS THERE!" Yelled another pointing and jumping up and down eagerly. The Houks recognizing the Houk celebrity and royal King of Fale, all took a knee to honor his presence and show respect before the fighting began.

<"Prepare yourselves for battle, Rotworms!"> Yelled Sumi, who activated her Z-6 stun baton by ejecting it from its collapsed state and rotating it to initiate the sudden elector-shock effect. Electricity spurned to life in blue arcs around a serrated edge shaped like a mace. She held it to her side and saluted the wayward Houks and their womp rats.

<"TONIGHT, YOU WITNESS THE MURDER OF ONE SIDE! WHO WILL IT BE! THE LIZARD LIONS!"> The Houks rouse and screamed, surprisingly louder than everything in the arena. They were giddy.

<"OR THE ROTWORMS!"> The crowd erupted! <"Before we begin.. a word from our sponsors!">

Grom smiles wide and toothy, striking his MOST REGAL pose (sword on shoulder, fist on hip, chest out) "YES. GROM IS HERE, worthy foes!" A rumbling sound of satisfaction is let out. "It is always pleasant when others re ember Grom's name. Then From doesn't need to remember himself. GROM LAUGHS NOW: HA HA." Sumi shouts to prepare for battle, and Grom booms back, "GROM IS READY. Wait, Grom should have placed a boot on some smaller creature for my NOST MAJESTIC greeting.." he looks around for some small being to be a footstool, but too late!

Juxtaposition three distinct points of technology in one figure. Four decades and change, the Blastech Stormtrooper II, also known as the E-11 blaster rifle held in pistol grip as Hadrix stalks forward. Clad in armor that would be found on some primal world lacking in more than the most standard metallurgy and leatherworking.

Metal helm with Mandalorian T-Visor shape created by the cheek guards pulled down over the head of the man who's glaring red bionic eye of modern design. "Grom... is it against your people to take trophies of other Houks if you kill one like this?" Hadrix might be looking to get himself a pitcher for his bone-china set.


Aja has been here since day one, still wearing the gladiator armor that has seen her through the previous rounds. Drawing the vibrosword, she flicks it on, the energy crackling along the blade as she looks through the sea of womp rats and to the other Houk in the arena. "Well. This just got interesting. I've been hoping for some hot Houk on Houk action!" Flashing a fanged grin that is only partially visible through the open T spacing in her helm, the Farghul's tail lashes in anticipation.

Grom wasn't the only King here. Waiting in the sands with the other ROTWORMS was the King of Drik. He shadowplatted Formfitter armor an imposing sight as it rippled against the harsh day light. Otherwise, that armor was black and gray, a smokey camoflague. The cape he adorned was also a dark grey, trimmed only by yellow, the Verrni house colors. <<"We should give Grom a... scarf or something... I'm going to get really confused out there...">> Because they faced other houks.

Sajin pulled the large black Ryyk blade from his back and let it rest against the sand, rolling his shoulders in preperation. Meanwhile, his droid Buckets was busy making bets, trying to win back all that money he had lost last round, along with those precious honeys.

A slight swaying side to side as Dhr'rall uses motion to keep himself warmed up for what is to come. He's already checked his gear, the visor to his helmet stays down, but the faceplate is left hanging for now so he can give a fang show when needed. They are partially bard now, simply waiting for the moment when he can step in, and embrace this constrained hunt. He turns glowing jade pupils onto Grom, and asks in growling sibilant broken basic. "Dhr'rall curious. Family of Grom?" There is chuffing of amusement from the Togorian. The rifle comes up so he can nestle the stock into his shoulder at low ready.

Behind Hadrix, behind Aja, lurked a large and often imposing figure wreathed in Smasher Armor that had so many glinting, sharp metal parts poking out of it. The arms decorated with external blades, and the servos in the joints propelled the Barabel figure with a little more grace than often made people comfortable. Karr'roga. Ripper. Tearer. Often seen with Shadowport, now however, lurked behind The Hardskins, not roaring. Not growling. The large tail swinging from side-to-side behind Karr'roga's back as he squatted closer to the ground, staring outwards with yellow slitted eyes. Watching the Womprats, and when the Houk spoke - that head cocked to the side some. Watching them, too. Their weapons. Their motions. From behind Aja there comes that rumbling, hissing voice: "Will need to get clossse to the Heaviessss." The taloned fingers draw through the arena's dirt, and as they do...do those viscious things begin to grow, and grow again. Four inches long, curved and terrible. Karr'roga's nostrils flaring, eyes shifting back to the Womprats. "Ffffodderrrr."

Being the designated driver for what is functionally a homicidal crocodile isn't the /best/. It's better than /some/ things, but it's definitely not Naia Verkru's favorite activity, especially when she has the sneaking suspicion that she's going to be gluing his nasty, crumbly saurian flesh together with bacta and a prayer. She's a /surgeon/, for goodness' sake, but there are /limits/, and trying to keep aforementioned crumbly lizard tissue together on a shuttle is...not ideal. Oof. She's already having anxiety about it, and she's not happy---you can tell from the judgey look on her face up in the stands as she watches both teams get ready to absolutely mess each other up. She's got alcohol in a flask, and she's absolutely looking at that ale as if she intends to definitely replace whatever noxious stuff she's got in there at some point. Although, in the interest of accuracy, her expression makes it pretty clear that it won't be with whatever it is they're selling here.

The word from the sponsors ended. The crowd erupts in cheers. The Houks release the Womp Rats, a sea of rodents bound toward the Rotworms, and the Houks follow with large, thunderous steps, screaming with hunks of metal raised.

"CHARGING ATTACK!" Yells one Houk, another screams, "SCREAM!"

Sumi steps off to the side, running to the outer circle with the hope to obtain some sort of flank on their massive foes. For now, she focuses on the Womp Rats! <"ACK! I hate WOMP RATS!">

Taking trophies? Grom bellows cheerfully, "It would be an insult NOT to take trophies, little smoking human! To leave trophies unclaimed is to suggest the foe was not WORTHY of memory. You had BETTER take trophies!" he warns Hadrix, before considering Sajin, "Hurm.. a neck flag? YES, the mighty and royal GROM shall fly a MOGHTY BANNER from my neck! ...Do any Grom friends have a suitable neck fkag-too late, NOW IS THE BATTLE." The big idiot charges right into the middle of the opposite line, tangling with a pair of Houk and no fewer than seven womp rats. He sure looks like he's having fun..

Kriffing womp rats. As the teeming mass of disturbingly massive rat monsters... and here he was in a leather armor skirt and bare bones boots. Dipping to one side and then leaping forward into a combat roll, Hadrix wished he had a gar right now... Can't smoke in these helmets. No matter, maybe he'd lose it later.

Coming back to his feet and jogging to one side to put distance between himself and rat beasts a pair of blasts are loosed, the second screaming wide to glass coliseum sand while the first nests directly in one of the Houk's legs just above the knee.

"Guess I'll be getting that new pitcher then.

Those Houk are big... they're suddenly getting bigger. Dhr'rall is simply caught off guard by how fast those massive dense things are. He can't even form a sound of protest before he takes a houk 'blade' to the ribcage. He feels the armor give, and ribs crack solidly as a result. Dhr'rall sees loth-bats circling his vision a moment and whips up the Rifle to trigger a shot reflexively that manages to land. He reels himself off to the side trying to gain some distance from the melee monsters.

Aja held back to see where everyone else went in the round. It nearly costs her as she gets both a Houk and a womprat coming after her sweet sweet cathide. Nimbly, avoiding both creatures (easier with the Houk than the womprat apparently), she slashes with her blade three times in quick succession, hoping for at least a nominal wound on the larger Houk, choosing to ignore the uppity rat for the time being. Sadly, the large creature is surprisingly light on its feet given the sheer bulk and she manages to miss with all three swings!

<<"I mean...">> Started Sajin as he turned his helmeted head to the side in order to regard the metric ton of womp rats ready to chew them all to pieces.... <<"They're kinda cute...">> See, the King of Drik had a soft spot for animals. Maybe it was too many years of hanging around the lovely Jehni'va Cihn 9or it was his child like mind. He had managed to some how get a reek cat to imprint on him and thus the hanger kitty without a name was the 'local pet' for the Drikish Embacy back on Nar Shadda... You know, terrorizing the other inhabitants of the Gearhead District. A Minor neusance to be sure. Yet his luck with other animals was, well any one who ever saw an Akk dog and Sajin knew the story behind that. It usually involved the King of drik getting bit, mawled, or scratched

He had been day dreaming a little bit regarding the Womp Rat and it's potential as a Pet back on Nar, yet Grom speaking about the neck flag draws him back in. <<"Oh... I think...">> Do late, the Houk's and Womprats were on him! He dodges away from one of the massive lizards, before juking away from the rabbid rats with seeming expert ease. There were so many of them!

Deciding to concentrate on the larger more threatening target (presumably) Sajin swings his massive ebony blade and slashes though one of the houk... He wastes no time on the reprisal, just as powerful a swing, yet the Houk had time to see it coming and moves out of the way.

The moment that sea of teeth starts to move, Karr'roga's targets are highlighted. Not by any advanced targeting system, no, but by the thermal pits located near teh Barabel's mouth. Opening up, the world bathed in infravision, each chomp of mutated jaws in the airspace where the scaled killer used to be is just...one more thing asking to die. Five in total, in one moment they're biting at Karr'roga, in the next, there is a screaming, squeeling, as two Womprats are lifted by a jaw and vivisected - and the third has Barabel claws rammed into the skull with a sickening thud. Still, the Barabel does not quite make noise...but a cacophony of hisses, and the loud THWACK of a tail as his aggression begins to tick upwards. Tick. Tick. Tick. Slitted pupils turned back on the Many-Teeth-of-Dead-Lizards.

This should be impressive. And in a broader sense, it really is. In fact, it'd be pretty hot if not for the fact that she's just /anticipating/ the chaos that is going to happen after this. Where Karr'roga is involved there is /always/ chaos. So she's just drinking. Aggressively. Because there's no better way to perform surgery than when you're drunk as heck.

Sumi smashes three Womp Rats into the sand, three separate times, making use of the concussive end of her baton to literally leave behind a crater and a corpse for each swing. She hates Womp Rats. HATES THEM!

"GROM IS STRONG!" One Houk screams, then counters with. "LOWER STRIKE TO KING GROM!" Another dances in unscathed. "SCREAMING SWING AND HIT! GROM ARMOR STRONG!"

The other Houks tango with Dhr'rall, Hadrix, and Sajin. For Dhr'rall, the Houk impaled the ground. "YOU ARE NOT FURRY MAMMAL! COME NOW, BLADE. STRIKE TRUE!" The Houk facing Hadrix is carried backward by the blast of the E-11, making it discard its blade with a pained "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! DIE SPIKY ARMOR MAN!" The Houk fighting Sajin stood its ground, swinging the massive hunk of metal and missing Sajin with a loud WHOOOOOOOOSH! The landed strike on its scaly body made it chuckle. "KEEP TRYING! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Meanwhile, Womp Rats stormed everyone chittering and ROARING like little LIONS!" The crowd is going absolutely nuts as the participants in the arena hack and slash, and stab, and scream, and cuss, and laugh at one another!

Sumi screams as she chases a trio of Womp Rats, her baton held high. <"AHHHHHHHHHH GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE DREKS!">

Grom keeps bellowing back and forth with the pair of opposing Houk gladiators, each announcing their attacks and perceived degree of mightiness. It might be hard to tell them apart, if not for the fact that Grom keeps identifying himself. "Grom is pleased! A WORTHY SCAR. Yet the MOST MIGHTY Grom is undeterred! HAVE AT YOU AGAIN, WORTHY FOES. Grommmmm CHOP." A King sized windup and thundering overhead chop. He takes a pair of light wounds and gives back two heavier ones.

They're following him, because of course they're following him. A tidal wave of giant, four eared, freak monsters chasing while he tries to keep just out of the considerable reach of the Houk he'd shot. He may need to get closer, maybe use his helmet as a bludgeon. It'll likely be a far from pleasant experience once he gets in there.

Getting distrac-TOWOW It's nose teeth are in his calf! They're through the armor! Hadrix's growl is mixed with a stutter step. Kicking his leg to try and dislodge the creature from him.


Maybe he doesn't loathe them the way Sumi does. But... This is just not acceptable. The big man continues to try and keep away from the rats chasing and trying to poke their faces into his legs - and still keep his blaster trained on the gladiator of his choosing. The original blaster wound, seems like a good target and the marksman that is Plan Besh puts another round into the original.

Dancing away from more of the harrying womp rants, AJa turns and lets out a scream worthy of some deep jungle wildcat, putting the fear of the food chain into the smaller creatures to send them scurrying! Turning away from the smaller horde, she races across the sands, dropping to he knees to sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide under one of the Houk, that first swing missing anything but air. The second, however, stabs right up into the Houk's meaty thigh as she spins onto hand and knees, tail lashing and ready to pounce once more!

The wamp rats come again, one managing to latch onto the durasteel armored plate of his leg. Sajin has to take the time to shakes the rodent off his leg. That of course is when the large houk decides to CHOP at him. The blade came within milimeters of cleaving into his shoulder, yet the King of Drik was just faster and more alert. He pushes off the sand, recovering from his dodge and charges towards the Houk. He swings, the ebondy blade dragging it's sharpened edge across and exposed part of torso before the Hapan twirls the blade around his wrist and follows with a long slahse along the Houk's left leg. It's a very deep and vicious cut, every bit of strength and might the King could muster behind the attack.

He pauses has the Houk recoils from his attack, <<"You're no Grom...">>

The air of the blade whipping past him and impaling the ground can be felt by Dhr'rall. He blinks at the big Houk, hopping back just a little to try to gain a little better distance from the big beast. He's got other issues, for normally he does not believe in WROUS's... yet here they swarm him, again. "Awww. Womp Rat's are trying to bite Dhr'rall's ankles-" One actually manages it, a bare nip and Dhr'rall leaps up into the air bellowing "AHHHHHHHHH! DHR'RALL'S ANKLES!!"

When he lands, he's doing a terrible version what might possibly be Gungan Style to try to high step it clear of the squeak-swarm. They scatter, no small thanks to Aja for that score, and suddenly she is there sliding under his Houk and stabbing him effectively. Dhr'rall has to shift his aim and move around Aja, not because of her body, but her tail was in the way of his sights a moment. He fires a solid shot into the Houk and resumes his terrible dance-steps as a precautionary measure, his main concern is still the angry houk and not the rats.

Slice. Stab. Slash. Rip. Tear. Karr'roga becomes hard to see in the splashing of blood, the casting of viscera - and as one Womprat roars like a LION...!

...That roar is cut short, when the Barabel leaps up - then plunges his feet downwards, large footclaw stabbing behind the skull and into the brain. With a violent jerk upwards on the snout, the neck cracks, just to be sure. Even as the Womprats attack in swarm-formation, the Barabel dodges, and seemingly starts striking them down in threes. When the Togorian cries out, those slitted pupils turn, nostrils flare. Then there's a stare at Aja, with her caterwalling. "Sss-sss-sss. Cat. Ratssss. Sss-sss-ssss."

Sumi smashes another Womp Rat, then attempts to home run two others but only stumbles off to the side and falls over in a heap of armor, cape, and discontent. Pushing back up, she leaps back into the slaughtering of Womp Rats. <"AHHHH!">

Both Houks fighting Grom stumble back, their blood apparent from the bite of his sword. "INTIMIDATING CIRCLE! YOU ARE MIGHTY GROM, WE MUST CHANGE STYLE!" The other says, "I LAUGH AT THIS! GROM KNOWS ALL STYLES! I LAUGH AGAIN! HA! HA! SUDDEN AMBUSH!" Both Houks charge the Mighty Grom!


Aja and Dhr'rall are separated by a Houk that screams, "VERTICAL SLASH! HA! COME BACK TO MY BLADE!" It yanks the blade from the ground and chases after Aja.

Hadrix's opponent swings and misses, the MASSIVE fist WHOOSHING over his head. "STAND STILL, SPIKY ARMOR! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!"

Womp Rats? Everywhere.

"Hurm! Yeeeees, Grom knows all styles- EXCEPT THE STYLE OF FAILURE. Grom also laughs- AH, SUDDEN AMBUSH-" His brief surprise doesn't ruin the potence of Grom's sword arm, and the notorious halfwit lands a pair of ruinous blows on his powerful adversaries. "The Mighty Grom defends- BY ATTACKING."

The worst part about dealing with Womp Rats isn't the biting. Not the diseases. Not the smell, or the potentially cute look if you're looking at them from the right (wrong) angle... because then you go 'Aww. Kitty.' and approach. You reach, hoping to find yourself in contact with a kitty. Maybe a loth kitty. Maybe a Chadian island cat. Perhaps a Nubian Royal Pufflekit. All wondrous. Glorious.

Maybe even you get to scritch the rough of a farghul's neck, or between a togorian's shoulder blades. All enjoyable. They're great, soft, wonderful kitties. Even the murder kitties. These are not kitties. WHY CAN'T THEY BE CATS!?!?

"RATS! WHY WOMP RATS!?" Hadrix is just... covered in them. Two meters. The size of a deadly thermal exhaust port. Not so cute when they keep leaping upon you and you're forced to leap, roll, and at one point flail while a high pitched sort of screamy sound escapes from the pile. Totally the rats. Completely not Hadrix dealing with one getting all up under his skirt and trying to take a CHAOUMP while he scrambles madly away from the massive fist of the Houk now joining the mix of Rodentia. He almost falls over again, back into the heap.

There's the presence of mind now, to speak like a Houk - follow Grom's traditions. "HADRIX WILL MAKE YOUR HEAD INTO A MIGHTY VESSAL FOR HIS BEVERAGES OF INEBRIATION!" the E-11 barks again, one bolt bouncing off of formidable Houk hide.

"Krif." He fires again, still back pedaling and putting the second blast into the belly of his assailant.

No dancing will keep him safe, not at all. But he doesn't stop his highstepping while trying to get a bead on the Houk chasing Aja. He is next to useless in that regard, apparently. His chest heaves like an armorsmiths bellows. That first blow apparently having done more harm than he realized. Between broken ribs and armor pressing in, Dhr'rall is finding himself short of breath. He blinks eyes and snaps off another shot at that Houk finally, and it goes wide. Still heaving for breath, the odds had finally caught up to him after all. This was the first round he'd taken any damage, that metal slab the houks call swords cause him to stumble sideways into the arena wall. He's trying to clear his vision, and get back into the fight. If he could just breathe. Dhr'rall reaches awkwardly with clawed hands trying to loosen his armor enough. (sorry to pose out of order)

Having one of the screeching horrors leap out from seemingly nowhere, it latches onto Aja's arm and forces her to stop, shaking the damn thing off. She's now taken bites to both arms and left-handed Farghul shifts her grip, blood rolling down the fur. She tries to lash out desperately at the Houk, two wild swings that both miss and leave her looking cagey... until Sumi comes to her rescue! As the Houk falls, Aja offers the Alor an affectionate bump of helmet to helmet. "My hero." Winking, she turns towards the still-remaining womp rats, "Filthy vermin... time to die..."

Sajin gives a glance towards Grom and his opponants, Dhe and Aja. He lingures a bit longer on Sumi chasing the Womp Rats through the stadium, all the while dodgeing a few who strik out at him, trying to nip at his heels.

Focusing once more, he lashes out with his blade, the Houk a bit more prepared for his onslaught this time. Yet, using the momentum of his opponants own Dodge, he twists around and slashes the blade across the Houk's torso yet again.

The King of Drik wasn't prepared for the Houk's reprisal, it's vibro-blade slashing through the weak part in the Hapan's armor there. "Ahhh!" He shouts from the initial pain, the cry muffled by him helmet.

Claws swing high over one Womprat's head. THe the other two come crashing forward, like a HALO crash of two ships that spray the Barabel with another layer of blood and gore. As the rat numbers start to dwindle, Karr'roga's hissing grows louder - staring at the fighting Aja.

Sumi is running from and to the Womp Rats. They're staying outside her swing range, leaving Sumi to decide a larger target. Soon, Aja finds herself accompanied by the century old soldier. Sumi twists into play, her cape rustling as she drives the shocky mace into the Houk's stomach, folding it over to stumble backward. A single swing plants the brunt of her third swing right across the Houk's jaw. Eyes roll and the sentient falls over in a massive pile of unconscious muscle.

Helmet bump!

Sumi's rewarded for her involvement when a Womp Rat lands on her and sinks its teeth into her side, right into a rib. <"GOD DAMN IT!"> She screams, twisting and turning away, trying to get the rekking thing off.

"A WORTHY DEFENSE!" One Houk screams, countering with a mighty swing against Grom. "COUNTER DEFENSE BY ATTACK!" The second Houk screams!


Hadrix's opponent takes the blast but continues to beserker charge. "IGNORE! PAIN!" The Houk screams, showing its fists as it comes close once more!

Womp Rats? STILL.. everywhere. One's on Sumi too!

Another blow lands on Grom, powerful enough to raise sparks, dent armor, and draw a bit of blood across Grom's trunk. "Ah HA: you have blundered by striking the GROM GUT. It is the STRONGEST PART of all Groms. AND THERE IS ONLY ONE GROM. COUNTER-COUNTER DEFENSE BY ATTACK." A brutal pair of blows follow, which sends his first worthy foe to the ground in an unconscious lump of Houk and armor. "No one EVER expects the COUNTER counter," he rumbles in what passes for cunning.

And so the onslaught of rats continues and Hadrix finds himself a man made playground for the massive creatures trying to drag him to the ground. A leap to one side to let a rat sail over, and then another lands on his face.

Quick movement and thinking let it continue on as he leans back, a finger releasing his helmet strap to facilitate this. Rolling backwards to keep out of Houk reach still, another blaster bolt slams into his pursuer's body, melting through armor to reach flesh before the Massive Mandalorian's aim changes.

"Alor'Sumi! Briirud'payt!" turn left... He doesn't give much time to acknowledge before the blaster screams again, barrel beginning to glow while the fins try to dissipate the heat buildup. The rat that had been clinging to Sumi now bearing a smoking hole through the torso, piercing lungs and heart.

A moment clear, just a moment. Enough time to tug a cigarra from a durasteel reinforced hip pouch. Tucked into his mouth and lit by pressing it to the cherry red end of his blaster barrel. "Ahhh... that's the stuff." twin plumes of smoke escaping his nostrils.

With the Houk fallen, Aja turns to the womp rats. The 'filthy vermin'. She shifts her grip, running towards the beasts with a hungry look on her face. Her blade flashes, once, then again. One rat falls, but the other escapes her... for now.

Sajin steadies himself, adding pressure to his left leg only after a moment or two. He drops his blade in the sand, the ebondy sword sticking out and waggling back and forth just a bit. The black chain that acted sort of as a tassle rests against along the hilt and past the pommel. As the houk begins to charg, Sajin holds out his arms, hands clenching into fitsts. Suddenly the gauntlets he wears spark to life with violent blue electricity. Grom was right, noone expects the COUNTER counter... because Sajin start to Charge at the Houk as well. His electrified fist crackles as it slams in to the Houk's gut. Though his follow up haymaker goes wide... the hapan had not yet given up.

Sumi is SAVED by Hadrix, and had he seen the relief on her face, he might have laughed. She unhooked the toothy creature from her side and cast it down on the ground. Then in a fit of absolute rage: BAM, BAM, BAM! Slammed her baton down upon three innocent Womp Rats, smashing them like squashed bugs in the sand. Dust, sand, guts, blood is sent in every direction, but Sumi is accosted. ACCOSTED, by another rat that finds purchase on her thigh. <"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"> She screams, looking down to find the Womp Rat latched onto her leg.


WHOOOOOOOOSH! A swing from the Houk's sword misses Sajin, and the Houk stumbles back when the King of Drik plants a powerful blow from his shock gloves. "A MIGHTY STING! YESSSSSSSSSSS! ANOTHER!"

Hadrix's opponent swings and misses, stumbling off to the side with a fresh blaster bolt singed into its reptile hide. "DO NOT FIGHT THE VERMIN SPIKY ARMOR! I AM THE WORTHY FOE! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! INSULTED!"

Womp Rats? Dying.. by a lot!

"ALL parts of Grom are MIGHTY," Grom objects as his legs are attacked. "The legs are simply.. VERY SLIGHTLY less mighty than the rest of Grom. Except the toes. DO NOT STRIKE THE GROM TOES." Perhaps in dread of such a toe-attack, Grom swings erratically, and takes comically rapid steps backward.

Would she stop getting piled on by rats?! Hadrix dips and repositions himself while womp rats continue their zealous desires to get delicious Had-Bits down their gullets. One is hung on his knee-pad, chewing like it was some sort of Rodent of Unusual Size... But no. It's the usual size. Kicking himself free while another tries to gnaw through his gauntlet the Big Man's hand keeps up that old trick.

Crimson streaking between distances, Hadrix pays no mind to his own rodent problem. If only they were cats. This would look adorable. But even as his opponent's arm is cored through bicep in and triceps out, another bolt blasts off the top of the head of Sumi's new friend. No time to think about himself. More important people for him to be concerned with the safety of.

It might have become clear to the Houk that Sajin was squaring off with that the handsome Hapan and King of Drik had been holding back when weilding that MASSIVE Ebony sword of his. Even the Rats nipping at him, one nearly biting into him, and the other breaking it's teeth on his armor could not deter him. He was faster, far more skilled, and knew exactly where to place his electrified punches. When the Houk lunged for him, he side stepped out of the way and struck down with a closed fist, hitting the large opponants buttock. The gloves crackled violently, even for the follow up side gut punch that put the massive Houk face first in the sand. Sajin stood there a moment, just making sure, his booted foot pushing against the limp form to make sure he wasn't about to get up.

With his GROM TOES safe from any swords, the self proclaimed King of Fale returns to the offensive. Shoulders heaving in exertion, his WORTHY foe deflects Grom's first swing, but the impact knocks his guard aside, leaving the last of the Houk foes to fall at his second sword blow. Grunting for a deep breath (a d u aware he is still being beset by womp rats), "GROM WINS."

Surprise registers for certain at the fall of his opponent. Not sure if the Houk is dead... Might not be able to take a head - the opponent lives. Death in battle is one thing. Slaughtering an unconscious foe; not even Hadrix at his worst has been that monstrous. Not quite at least.

But without the reptillian Houk Hulk to distract and force him to scramble to get clear he continues to back-pedal. Keeping rat monsters in view, cigarra still in the corner of his mouth, another rat is blasted down, spinning across the sand. Then another taken through the mouth and blowing its guts out through the hole in its abdomen.

"Come to Onderon, see the forest, have a few laughs..." at least he's not barefoot walking through broken glass, or squeezing through ducts.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! DIE VERMIN!" Aja skewers first one wompa, spearing her blade straight through its head, then turning and thrusting the crackling sword through the side of another, hot innards spilling out as she slices down. Flicking her sword to clear it of carnage, she lashes her tail and looks around. "Do we have to kill the others, or do we leave them snoring??"

Sajin triggers his shock gloves off, making his way through the various dead meat sacks that wre once Womp Rats and would likely be a feast later. The Houks, though unconcious and defeated, were not dead. To be sure, noble fighters. One Womp Rat remained, backed inta corner, suffering from some sort of trauma as it watched all it's bretheren murdered mercilessly. Sajin got down onto one knee, a single hand outstretched. his other hand rested across the raised knee, adrenaline keeping his wound from hurting him too bad. Though he likely smelled like a fine meal to the rat. <<"Come on little guy... I'll take you home, and feed you, and call you Jorge...">>

Buckets chose right this time, surrounded once more by Honey's and Money, the little astromech was flush in cash for betting against the Houks.

<"THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS! THE LIZARD LIONS ARE DOWN! ROTWORMS TAKE THE WIN IN ROUND FOUR!"> The crowd erupts, the fireworks erupt, the holo-screen erupts, social media erupts, and the final womp rat erupts as it explodes from colliding with the shield barrier after being struck by Sumi's stun baton and knocked across the got-damn arena!

Sorry Sajin! Sumi's hate runs deep.

"Damn it, Sumi!"