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Rotworms topple the Dapper Gunslingers

OOC Date: December 03, 2020
Location: Iziz, Onderon
Participants: Hadrix Kora, Terek Rosol, Dhr'rall, Freli, Shivan, Jehni'va Cihn, Xeria, Tamsin Cas, Sumi Kora, Clan Kora

Just like all the rounds before it, Onderon's arena is packed full of spectators eager to witness violence. The chatter and general ambience of the arena is loud, and advertisements decorate the hovering holo projections high above the sandy arena. Suites filled with nobles are being occupied with the King's being the most noticeable: He, and his daughter, are seated about to begin their dinner.


And those sponsors began to play over the holos. Out in the stands, roaming vendors carrying boxes scream out their product. "MEAT STICKS! GET YOUR MEAT STICKS! COLD ALE! KETTLEPOPS! WHO WANTS KETTLEPOPS! FIZZYGLUG OF ALL FLAVORS! TRADE FOR CREDS!"

Meanwhile, down beneath the arena in the ready room for the Rotworms, Sumi Kora stands by the iron gate and threshold looking out the bars. It is nearly time for the match to begin, so she turns about to see who is there with her.

Tamsin, who had some good amount of time to prepare, had arrived at the stadium early, found a seat (not among the nobility) and had settled in, with her bag on her lap. It was no good to leave it out there to be stolen away at an inopportune moment. And now, it was time to order snacks. Meat sticks, kettlepop, and ale, because drinking fizzypop was clearly against the good doctor's medical advice. Once she'd done the dance of credit exchange, she settled in, looking down on the field of gathering combatants.

Terek's fought for the Rot Worms before, so of course he's going to show up again when the call went out, "I still don't get the name." He says, as he checks over his blaster one more time, "But the name hardly matters when it comes down to the actual fight." He holsters the weapon and then gets ready to head out into the field.

"Another day at the office eh?" Hadrix looms next to the considerably smaller Sumi, clad in his gladiator leathers and basic plates with his EE-3 shouldered this time, smiling to himself while the crafted T-visor of his helmet. No HUD lens or the like to block his features... but there have been Wampa claws added in a mohawk running down the center, angled for a bit of a poke if he were to issue a headbutt.

One hand goes out to rest on one of her shoulder pauldrons to give a slight, affectionate shake before he sets to task of checking his weapons, "My taxonomy is probably wrong, but probably because rotworms eat corpses... we make a lot of 'em, eh?" eyes flicking to Terek.

Freli makes her way into a stadium seat, grabbing a fizzyglug and kettlepop along the way. Because, sugar. Grey eyes fixate on the goings on in the arena, while still trying not trample any toes in her passage. Finding a seat, she settles in, getting snacks and drinks settled and pulling satchel into lap. She sets up her Holo-recorder, snapping a few initial stills. She also gets out her data pad, ready to take notes as needed.

Onderon! A lovely place, really, if you know where to go; the parks are quite nice, and there's just the most /divine/ food cart near the starport. Jehni'va Cihn is, as she often is, flitting between her contacts in search of good, sellable parts... She isn't having much luck, but a cargo transfer has left her with a few hours to kill, and so she has wound up here - at the first event of note that she caught wind of.

It's not exactly her usual scene.

"What are they supposed to be fighting?" Jehn loudly asks the spectators around her as she squeezes to a seat, her arms laden with snacks and drinks. She's sat near Freli and Tamsin, casting confused glances around. This really isn't her scene - the last time she watched a fight, it was... Was it the one where Hex wore booty shorts? It was definitely the one where Hex wore booty shorts. She wishes that her brain had done more to block out that traumatic memory.

Bounty Hunting was a profitable venture, but time consuming. So Dhr'rall had been unavailable the last few times out the gate. He's chomping at the bit to be back in the fight, for it was a good Hunt challenge, and the prestige exposure was coming in handy from time to time. So he's back in action, this time with his rifle, and the stun net rifl is slung along his back. He bounces on the balls of his feet, exercising those large digitgrade legs of his. His face is full of a fanged smile as he checks his rifle one last time.

Sitting towards the back with an older woman is a Shivan. A robed figure that has one knee crossed over the other with hands folded in their lap. Their face is covered and hands are gloved to not show skin. Bright yellow eyes start out over the match that is about to start and the older lady is much more lively than their hooded companion, "Hopefully no one gets hurt." Nara whispers to Shivan. There's a shake of her head, "That's the only reason some people are here." she whispers.

Xeria sits comfortably in her seat with a Fizzyglug complete with crazy straw so that she sip without removing her helmet. She may be here only to watch, but watch she does, and eagerly.


Is the sound the chains make when hoisting up the heavy iron gate. Sand falls from the gate's bottom edge giving the ramp up to the arena a hazy look like some old western wind had brushed by, and all it was missing was tumbleweed. The fight was beginning.

Sumi patted Hadrix's hand endearingly but did not respond verbally. She rotated her E-11 blaster up from its sling and oriented it ahead. This meant she was ready for battle, and things were about to get started.

Someone from the stands answers Jehn, "They're fighting the Dapper Gunslingers, Dressellian gunner with a penchant for slugthrowers. Someone's going to die tonight! Hahahaha!"

The Dapper Gunslingers come slogging out onto the sand, all 15 of the short Dressellians, each sporting their weapons of choice. From the other side, the Rotworms!

Sumi Kora charges up the ramp and onto the arena's main sandy floor.

To make the fight interesting, staff had erected thick barriers up like cover. The Dressellians were already taking their place at one end of the arena just as the Rotworms were hitting the otherside. Rather relegate her to trench fighting, Sumi immediately launched herself into the air with a sudden loud explosive output of a rocketpack that was hard on those not wearing ear protection.


"Another team. This is the second such event that I have been too, oh, hello Freli," Tamsin offered in answer to the question, "I am not exactly sure what the eventual prize is, if there is one. Last time it was hand weapons and slug-like insects that erupted from the ground on the one side...and members of that team waiting on the floor there on the other." So helpful. "It is blaster weapons today, if I heard right." And then the gate was coming up, "I should have brought more supplies." Ah well, time to eat some meat skewers.

Dressillians... "Should've brought my longrifle..." thinking back to his own weapon styled by the non-humans they're opposing today. His own tactic had been similar to launch airborne as he strides up the ramp into the lights. Lips moving as he begins his battle mantras, entire body quaking as his body's own natural 'combat drugs' dump with a healthy squeeze of adrenaline for good measure.

The first shot from the old carbine, made famous by another Mandalorian, is extended one armed moment before the second, seeking to limit the amount of return fire intended for their direction. Coring through a leg, cooking muscle and super-heating bone to crack and burst when the marrow is flash cooked.

The second struck by Hadrix is fortunate to live, if unfortunate to be gut-shot, abdomen roasted and muscles refusing to work as they're solidified by fire. In the air, the big man's left eye closes against wind pressure, the inorganic right wide open with gold iris dilated.

Dressellian's are nothing to sneeze at, and slugs can hurt the most stoic of Togorians. Dhr'rall watches the other gate rise through the increasing view from their own doing the same. Then Sumi is charging forwards, which is always inspiring in itself. The baddest of badasses in the Bounty Hunters Guild... still living anyways. For now. Dhr'ral runs forwards after Terek and Hadrix move forwards themselves. He slides himself to a kneeling spot behind the first of the barricades, choosing to let his rifle speak from a distance to start. The heavily modified weapon barks, and one drops, breathing, but not going anywhere. Dhr'rall growls to himself. Usually he vaporizes them.

Freli shrugged narrow shoulders at Jehni giving a bright, dimpled grin. "I don't know to be honest..." She glanced aside and waggled fingers at Tamsin. "Oh hi! I didn't think I'd run into anyone here." She chuckled. As the games started though, the pale redhead fell quiet, and lifted her holo camera, snapping a few more stills, trying to get a few good action shots. Freckled nose crinkled slightly, eyes wide. However, she continued to take her pictures.

Terek's gunfire is less accurate than other memmbers of the team, but he's still going to do what he can to drive the enemies out of their formation, while moving to take cover for himself. He's going to get himself somewhere safe, double check his blaster and then try this whole thing again because this thing has been giving him issues the last few times he's used it

Shivan's eyes widen a bit when things start and there's a bit of a nod when Nara says something to her, she was just observing really. "You could do something like this." the older woman offers helpfully and the robed figured shakes her head, "No. I cannot." the reply is soft, but something underlying states it's definitely not a good idea. She settles back with her drink and continues her watching. Seeing who might get the first hits in.

Sumi's first shot ring out in a distinctive:


Red lances find two Dressellian targets, impacting them with incendiary effects that blow out the center of their torso, leaving a contrail of embers in their wake as they tumble to the sand.

The firefight has begun and it is a hellish one. Slugthrowers are loud, each shot WHIP-CRACKS across the open expanse and over the cover of those like Terek and Dhr'rall who find themselves pinned down. Even Hadrix, who is up in the air, is targeted and fired upon, the stinging pass of slug rounds WHIP-CRACK past him.

The Dressellians are pudgy runners, but they move with eager purpose despite five of their company already in the dirt. One barks in their language and the others respond. They move on Dhr'rall quickly, seeking to disable and take out the largest of the group.

"It does seem to be a small galaxy, doesn't it," Tamsin replied, holding out her box of kettlepop, first to Freli and then to the woman on the other side whose name she did not know. But everyone deserved kettlepop, "I do wonder what the eventual prize is. I feel it should be something other than pride. But perhaps I am simply too mercenary for contests of skill."

Cast into the air on the thrusters of his jetpack, Hadrix begins a hard lateral shift. Leaning into the movement the big man moves with an unexpected grace akin to his own alacrity when he's on foot. Sweeping into a tight spiral when gunfire is directed for him, one round sending out a resounding CLANG when it strikes his thigh plate and deflects before he is dropping thrust suddenly and plummeting towards the sand like a comet.

Twisting himself, Hadrix drops before one, short-rifle barking in a heavy chuff as another is blasted through the neck, falling next to his compatriot who is allotted mere moments before the big man's jets ignite again and send him screaming past, arm turning and putting a bolt into the wrinkle-faced warrior's back as he arcs back to the sky.

The fight doesn't hold Jehn's attention too tightly - she's never been one for the wanton violence and glory, at least not when she's this sober. But the people here /are/ interesting, and she gives a long look at the mysterious pair in the back before moving on. The conversations around her are far more interesting - except when the big guy goes flying into the air. That was pretty cool. "There's lots of these things?" She asks, eavesdropping on Tamsin and Freli. "Oh, wow, look at them /flying/!"

Sumi continues to be awe-inspiring, though Dhr'rall is still somewhat surprised to see her not chasing someone like a madwoman circling a melee weapon above her head. A lot of fire goes bothways down range. Sometimes mistakes are made, like stepping out of cover to advance too soon. Dhr'rall's leg takes the brunt of this mistake, the slug nearly getting him in the ankle. He starts hop-stepping towards the next cover first. With a snarl he pops up long enough to do much better on the 'eradicate someone from existence' front before hunkering back down behind the barricade. He doesn't look at the wound, choosing the old idea if he cannot see it... it cannot hurt him.

Freli flinches at some of the louder, more reverberating shots. She wasn't much into wonton violence herself, work brought her here. Still she seems intent to have a little fun. She shakes her head at Tamsin having her own kettlepop, but shifts back so she can extent the offer to Jehni. "I'm Freli, by the way." She says to the much taller woman on her other side. She lifts her camera, trying to get a few shots of the rocketeering. Those will look great! She twists slightly, grinning at Tamsin and holding p her camera. "Smile Tamsin!" She only takes snap though if the Doctor seems inclined. She also offers to take a few stills of Jehni.

The fight is getting very one sided as decisive shots are made from the Rotworms side. Each shot, subtracting the one Sumi fired in absolute rage (that impacted the shield protecting the crowd) hits its intended target. <"AHHH!"> Sumi screams over the fight, her jetpack still active and leaving a trail of black smoke everywhere she moved.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Dressellians are moving backward, retreating when something peculiar happens. Shimmering into existence with the retreating gunslingers, more Dressellians appear carrying small arms and automatics. They deactivated their stealth belts, allowing them to advance without being seen until just now. Dhr'rall is surrounded!

<<"Dhr'rall has enemies all around him. It is a good day! Every where he shoots is killing someone! Hahahaha!">> Sumi calls over their team comms. She joins Dhr'rall on the ground, landing in a jog and sliding to a stop to help him with this new scenario.

"I don't know if there are //many//," Tamsin admitted, "But I believe this is the fifth...or sixth time that the Rotguts, the team with the two with jetpacks, have participated in. I suppose that makes them the 'home' team. If only because they are the time that continues to fight another day." Tamsin reclaimed her kettlepop, tucking it into the gap beside her leg, before she returned to her skewers, nibbling as she too looked around the arena, perhaps to see if she knew anyone else who was spectating. She did smile, as her picture was taken. A nice action shot as she was caught in mid motion looking back at Freli. Blonde hair waving in the breeze. Fashion!

Xeria's straw makes that annoying sound that tells you your drink is empty as she continues to watch with rapt attention, leaning in when things start to get good.

Terek finds himself pinned down by what seems like half of the enemy team firing on him. He keeps his head down, waiting until some of the fire lessens. He wishes he had himself some beskar or something that could just absorb the shots.

Once he's not entirely pinned down by withering fire, he stands up, fires his jetpack and launches himself over the enemy team, firing several shots down at the group as he sails past them, striking down two of them and then landing on the opposite side, immediately into the path of a multitude of shots which knock him down onto his back as his leg gets shot out from under him.

Lifting skyward at an angle that actually makes his stomach lurch, Hadrix thumbs something in his control gauntlet. Locks disengage, the pointed top of his jetpack extending as stabilizer fins snap into place and a red pulsing light starts around the base of the warhead just as the Massive Mandalorian brings himself around.

Unfortunately 'iron sights' rocket launching is far more difficult than using guidance systems -FORTUNATELY FOR THE CROWD- the shield systems are there, and hold, when the artillery piece hits in a fantastic display of pyrotechnics. None are harmed, on either side - but there's a lovely cloud of black smoke now wafting across the battlefield.

"Terek, I have your cover!" called out as his rifle is flipped up back to firing position, slamming down onto the ground with a deep flex of his knees, jets kicking up dust before they cut out.

Enemies all about indeed, later when he drinks to victor, Dhr'rall may try to claim distraction by jetpacking Mandalorians. It would not be wrong. He sort of wants one for himself. Likely easier to strap a shuttle to his back. Sumi is here as backup, and he is grateful for it! Especially as she gets her action shot in, he really should be focused on some showmanship, but something had bit him earlier, at least it wasn't in the butt-ocks.

More fire comes at him, but not with bad results like the last time. More flying Mandalorian action! He needs a shuttle.... maybe an anti-grav unit? Idly he briefly wonders if he could just strap Hadrix on his back and carry the Master with a Blaster around? Glowing jade eyes blink, and it's back to the task at hand. He rises from behind cover to fire another blaster bolt, this time going wide. He slinks back down to mutter in Togorian darkly.

The stadium is rocked by a massive explosion, its impact on the sand is only the superficial effect, because the concussive kinetic blast rings out in all directions, casting up dirt, dust, sand, shrapnel, and dead bodies. The blast causes the shielding to shimmer, and the Princess in the King's suite squees, clapping giddy. "Oh daddy, I just love explosions!"

Sumi also loved explosions, but she disliked when the concussion sent her stumbling after her second shot, the blast pocking up the ground beside her and prompting a string of curses that are drowned out by the WHIP-CRACK of missing slug rounds.

Twelve Dressellians remain, and they have the Rotworms surrounded. Sumi is already jiggy-jogging toward Terek to allieviate the some of the stress he might be feeling from being shot 2387237623 times.

Xeria flinches at the explosion and drops her empty drink, though the crazy straw stays in place under her helmet.

"This is a lot." Jehn nods, reaching into her jacket pocket and fishing about for one of the hand-rolled sticks of rankweed. With it lit, she takes a long drag and offers it towards the photographer, posing for a few pictures as she does. None of them are flattering. "So, you lot come to these things, uh, often?" She asks of Tamsin and Freli, though loud enough for anyone to hear.

Determination. To conquer all his ambitions.

Hadrix's blood is up, now walking towards the Dressellians with his carbine held out and firing into the midst of them, one spun and then the next while slugs bounce off the curve of his chestplate even as he turns and bends to let another sail past, riffling the cape bolted to his molded cuirass. Slamming a fist against his chest on approach in challenge to the opposing side.

No duck for cover, serpentine movements or other erratic movements. Blaster held out, teeth bared, and blazing crimson of his right eye like a balefire sun.


He's a beast. And he's released.

As if rocketeering Mandalorians was not enough, EXPLOSION! Loud noises and bright flashes. Dust whips around them all once more, and Dhr'rall has to blink his membranes quickly to clear his vision. He finds he doesn't have to lean out of cover this time and pops off a single round into the throat of a Dressellian by sheer instinct without time to actually aim, wasn't his chosen place to shoot, but it is effective. Apparently, Dressellians take offense to killing one of their own in such a gurgling painful death for many turn towards him, but fortunately. Hadrix' blood is up, and the Togorian is content to just let the Mandalorian be a proper meatshield.

"Ah," Tamsin added to the general conversation, "It appears I will have at least two patients tonight." It should probably be noted that she did not add an element of glee to her tone. Nor did she looked terribly excited about the prospect. And then, as if to make things clear, she offered to the two near her, "I was invited to offer medical assistance at the last event. I thought it might be useful to attend this one as well." As the battle continued, and the rocket exploded, Tamsin did duck, just a little...okay...a lot...peering at the shields which protected the crowd from the, well, literal firestorm. "My bet is that these shields will not survive more of those." And then, she pointed, "That big one there, that is Hadrix Kora. He's my special favourite." Mostly because he did *** like that.

Sumi makes it to Terek's spot and pivots, gunning down two charging Dressellians in a quick and fiery fashion. She's about to take her battle stance when a slug PINKs off her shoulder pauldron and twists her sideways, flinging her to the ground in a sudden toppling motion. <"Ooof!"> Sumi calls out, twisting once on the ground to rise back up to a kneeling position now.

The number of foes dwindle, and what had been fashioned to be the best gunslingers in the outer rim was dwindling to the worst showing of skill in a long time. The Dressellians were realizing the Rotworms weren't green at all.

As the concussive explosive rattled the stadium, Frelli went completely rigid. Though it seemed like it shouldn't be possible she went even more pale, and her satchel and gear started to slip from her lap. Only the lit rankweed being thrust in front of her shook her from her frozen state. With numb fingers she grabbed it, took a few puffs she held and released with only minimal coughing, before passing it back. If only intoxicants had more effect on Balosar. Le sigh. She nodded woodenly in response to Tamsin's words.

Shell impacts like rainfall rock Hadrix's body. Twisting him and buffeting him as armor curved to deflect blade, blaster and hard kinetic ballistics alike does its job. It hurts, he'll bruise, and the gunslingers aim is very true. Multiple shots to the chestplate send him into a series of dips and twists that raise sparks when shots spark off his armor or whine with ricochet. Turning him about for a shot to graze across the backside of his armor skirt like a spanking.

Forced into a stutter step before another shot to his chestplate forces him back again. Arm snapping up another Dressellian's head is turned into a crescent moon by the coughing blast of the EE-3, and then another is holed through the chest - pole-axing the man. The Massive Mandalorian's arms are thrown wide and the sound he makes is animal, rather than human. 'Blood is up' is an accurate assessment, froth forming on the beserker's lips.

They fight hard, and this has become a firefight of all directions and conditions. Dhr'rall has to take a moment, get his bearings in the whirlwind, his aim shifts and shifts again. He keeps himself firmly behind cover this time the best he is able. Hadrix is showing him up, Dhr'rall isn't offended. Sometimes he is the photogenic one, sometimes it's the flying combat dropship, sometimes it's the twirly Gladiator gear. His mind had wandered briefly, Sumi got out her beatin' stick! It also is likely to counter the droning of the angry HUD visor of his armor, that's still a sizeable chunk of badguys.

Sumi guns down another two and drops the E-11 to hang limply upon her sling. It's down to the final three opponents, and the match has finally evened out. Three versus three, and each person has their own opponent. Hadrix has one, Dhr'rall has one, and Sumi as one. Sumi's opponent has large eyes the moment the Mando produces her riot baton, a massive maul looking mace with serrated edges and arcing electrical currents sparking off its sides. She rotates the weapon, locking it into an extended forward orientation, then raises it high above her head to chase after the poor Dressellian. <"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"> She screams, charging him head on.

Hadrix's forward movement is stopped again as rifle fire explodes on all sides and the Massive Mandalorian drops to one knee. Evading the last before he steps up again, stalking forward until he can slap the barrel of the last rifle pointed at him aside. Lip curling and eyes slits the barrel of the carbine is jammed up into the soft spot beneath the rifleman's jaw before the trigger is pulled one last time.

Leaving Hadrix looming, shoulders slouched head down, breathing hard and looking for more enemies; finding only bodies.

Tamsin was not entirely unaware of what was going on around her, despite the explosions, bullets, blasters, and a riot baton what were flying across the field of battle, and she looked towards Freli, "Are you alright? This is...I know, probably much more than you were expecting." Because no one expected the Mandalorian Inquisition. "I may have something in my bag that might ease your nerves."

It will never get old, watching the badass of the Bounty Hunters Guild lose her blessed mind, and go screaming after some poor Dressellian with brain bashing on her mind! It's distracting, but in a good way, it will just never be old to him. Hadrix on the oher hand is here and there and everywhere, just a walking talking murder machine. Dhr'rall briefly considers if he will need to stun the Mandalorian out of his murder-rage, but why risk his luck. He squats and shifts to one knee to give the wounded leg a rest, the rifle comes up tracking a Dressellian not paying attention to him, and he puts him out of his misery quick and painlessly.

Sumi smashes the weapon into an extended arm bearing a gun toward her direction and the result was a sickening snap of bone. She twisted, smashing the baton against their center torso to send them airborne, the kinetic and electric energy expanding to combust against their body with a loud ZAP that sent her poor opponent across the open field to land in a heap on the dirt. She wasn't done, despite their laying motionless on the sand! Raining down a final blow, Sumi spilled the contents of their Dressellian head across the sand punctuating with clarity that her opponent was done. Forever.

The other two did not fair well either. Hadrix ruined his opponent, and Dhr'rall definitively ended the life of his enemy.

The result was a field with three left standing, surrounded by the bodies of the dead and dying, and a crowd that absolutely erupts with cheers. The cheering and screaming is so loud, the sound threatens to damage unprotected ears.

The announcer's voice cuts over the loud speakers as the holo shows the Rotworms down in the arena. <"THE ROTWORMS WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!"> A horn HonHonHonHonHOOOOONNNNNKS before fireworks launch and explode.

<"Whoa."> Xeria appears stunned a moment, but when they rest of the spectators scream and cheer she does her best to applaud along with them.