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The galaxy responds to the Pamarthen natural disaster to save as many as they can.

OOC Date: August 9, 2020
Location: Pamarthe
Participants: Vhe Tenara as GM, Elrych Cometburn, Poe Dameron, Lorcan, Threl Ravrari, Nerys Arda, Kaydel Ko Connix, Saanvi, Katya, Septima Carnine, D'awn M'zeka

[Vhe Tenara] Pamarthen is a planet of island cities connected by storm swept seas. So it is a surprise that the southern most islands would call for the help they need as the rest of the natives react in such a way as to try to prevent loss of life. The storms have only grown in force over the weeks leading up to the natural disaster that is likely to wipe out homes and life on the southern isles and in turn likely cause several smaller ones to disappear as the waves continue to rise and rock against the barricades that have been installed by droids and humanoids alike.

Currently the larges island is being used as the place of evacuation for the rest of the affected area. Smaller ships and hoppers have been sent out to collect those who waited to long or could not travel by boat through the rough waters that are nearly impassible now. Ships are lifting off and going, having to be careful of lightning strikes and the heavy winds but breaking atmo to carry Pamarthens to the northern isles.

The Republic and several independent crews have arrived to answer the call for evacuation and shuttles are filling up with people left and right. But there is that constant threat that the water will overpower the safeties put in place or that the winds will become so violent as to take people off their feet or possibly damage the waiting ships.

A member of the local militia, Gyre Reeve is directing people as best he can along with a few of his people. THey are starting to shuffle and count them before they get to the ship as another keeps track. Names will be taken on the ships but for now the order is to hurry for the stormhead is starting to reach the edge of the major island. "Move it! Hurry hurry, go to the ship you have been told to board!"

[Elrych Cometburn] Elrych had piloted the Fair Mynock into port to help cram as many of the Civilians he could onto it. The Jedi, clad in his dark green cloak, hood up and boots strapped on tight, trudged through the rain and wind to help direct the traffic of prospective passangers through the storm. Those senses of his tingle, causing him to look around. Blue eyes fall on a tree. It was leaning just a little too far over for his liking, the wind starting to uproot it. He'd leave it be normally but, it was right in the way of the thoroughfare of escaping traffic. "Hey!" He shouts, "Get away from that tree, its about t otopple over. come on , this way!" He starts to direct people around the kill radius of the tree all while keeping a close eye on it.

[Katya] Katya's heart is pounding in her throat as they land - and she stands near the ramp, waiting for the final thump of the ship coming to a rest. She hits the control to open the hatch - letting out a quiet gasp as the wind and rain instantly howl into the ship. This was pretty bad. They should have gotten here sooner... "I see some kids," she calls into her comlink. "I'm going to try to retrieve them." Without waiting for her roommate, the dimunative togruta leans into the wind, and hurries towards the frightened children seek refuge behind a wall, taking a quick headcount. "I have a ship. Follow me, and we'll get you all to safety. Everyone hold hands - hold hands! Hurry this way!" she calls, taking hold of one of the children, and trying to lead the way.

[Nerys Arda] Having deposited the Tai at port to assist wit evacuations, Nerys who was moving where she had been directed by the local militia, was working her way along the line to assist where she could. The sound of a frightened child caught her attention and keen eyes directed her to a ship that had beached on the shore. Most of the people had disembarked, but there was one family attempting to pull far too many containers off of a ship than was safe with the crashing waves, the rocking of the boat seeming intent on washing them back into the waves, and the young boy with it. She took off at a run, HiBall zipping along beside her, "Could use some help down here!" And then, as she closed on the family, "Let the goods, grab your son!" Of course, she might have to grab the child, but she didn't have enough arms for his parents.

[Lorcan] Amidst those individuals that are independent of any affiliation is a figure of dark-red durasteel plates with a underneath wrap of black fabric forming a jumpsuit. The towering Zabrak with a holster at his waist seems to have coordinated his own efforts alongside the militia in preventing panic and greed that was rampant amongst less morally upright locals. Turning on the heel of his dark boots, the visor sets itself upon what appears to be a heated argument between two men burning with ire. Closing the distance, he sets himself directly in front of the two, silently staring at them before he eventually parted his lips as himself and a woman shouting over their squabble doesn't immediately clear the air, "Are you trying to drown over so-..." - before the mercenary has the opportuntiy to finish his sentence, one of the men turns towards him; the other throwing a sucker-punch into the side of the distracted opponent. A light growl escapes the tallest of the three..

[Septima Carnine] This is probably not a mission for Senators, but, Septima is here for trying to be a calming presence and stern mom voice in the aftermath. The Senator is dressed in her work clothes, a jacket with hood that is down. Mekil is helping with extracting and making sure people aren't trampled. "We need everyone to stay as calm as possible! Please don't hesitate to ask things, but please lets cut down on any fights or trampling anyone." she calls out as she gets more than a few people to start moving in an efficient manner.

[Poe Dameron] The winds blow in concert with the rain and threatening violent storms native to Pamarthe. Poe has an intimate knowledge of this world, his mother being a native. Poe found the situation to be quite ironic given the iconic drink pilots from this world drank: Port in a Storm. Apropos.

"Hold on, buddy!" Poe calls out in the wind, an arm up in the air to shield the stinging bits of rain as he crossed the tarmac and duracrete to help a lone mechanic with refueling. With their strength combined, the fuel line sat on the lip firmly, and Poe shifts with a grunt to lock it in place. "There! You good?" A thumbs up, and Poe returns it then moves off. "Get people onto the Ghost! LET'S GO.. MOVE QUICKLY!" He motions toward the tall VCX-100 craft nearby, its ramp down and open for people to get on board. Its hull stands the testament to the wind and rain, for now. Poe draws up his commlink. <<"Kay, where are you?">>

Poe turns in place, his hair going wild in the wind as he tries to spot out issues to stay proactive. Not his first crisis.

[Threl Ravrari] When the call came, Threl was working to finish the maintainence on her ship so, in the time it took for the droids to finsh tightening up connectors and putting fuel into the tanks, Threl had managed to snag her roommate - another doctor - and whatever supplies she could that might help - water, food, and medical, as well as a Twi'lek engineer. Always useful! The time in Hyperspace was spent getting things ready and, when they finally landed in the face of the approaching storm, the Stormfire was buffeting in the wind as it touched down.

Wrapped in a cloak to protect her from the rain and, yes, still barefoot because...y'know...Togruta, Threl nodded to Kit as she ran off to help whoever she could. "If you need help, use comms!" she calls out, seeing a man with a broken leg being passed by the frantic evacuees and, shouldering her pack, into the teeth of the storm Threl goes to help!

The rain is bad, but at least it's not Acid Rain, like Nar.

[Saanvi] Saanvi had made a promise to stick close to her big red armor-covered companion AKA frequent patient Lorcan. It is a promise she breaks pretty much straitaway. Spotting a struggling woman who seems to be heavily pregnant Sanvi sprints forward and lifts both gloved hands in an attempt to plagate the woman "I'm Dr. Saanvi Cerulean. Will you permit me to lift you so we can hasten your retreat to transport and there hopefully conduct an exam?"

[D'awn M'zeka] As she, Threl, and Katya come off the ship in which the trio arrived, Dawn calls out to the other two, "I'm going to the communications tower, see if I can get something going past all the ionization! We need comms to coordinate rescue!", and, after taking a moment to orient herself based on what she remembers seeing as the ship was coming down, starts off into the storm -- away from the landing area.

[Vhe Tenara] The general chaos and tension can be felt by all as the first waves that are fueled by the stormhead hit the barriers and they begin to groan and small streams of water trickle or rund own to the island proper. SMASH. CREAK. GROAN. Its thunderous and some comm lines have gone down with the ionization and interference. D'awn is on the case trying to keep communication going at a crucial time and succeeds presently in patching through the interference that will keep the ships as well as the people on the ground cohesive.

Septima does much the same with her words, a calm stoic presence with reason despite being thrown around by wind and the rain that begins to feel like needles with how it falls, stinging bare skin and eyes. The militia do their best but they were not trained for a storm of this magnitude or the many people that are around them. The warning Elrych calls out is noted but the tree starts to topple over the main pathway, ready to smack into a young boy who was not listening and rushed ahead of his parents. As the many helping hands Katya begins to lead the children towards safety who came from an orphanage on another island and they are more than ready to listen to her, hands clasping one another as they continue to squeal and screech. While Saanvi tends the pregnant woman who merely winces and nods her willingness to be lifted or led to a ship as she holds her stomach. The man with his broken leg that Threl runs to is in a great amount of pain and merely looks up at her, asking for help as more people begin to filter towards the ships, lining up to board.

Lorcan does his best to break up a scuffle that broke out in the panic and finds that his words mean little at that moment when one hauls off and punches the other. Nerys is given a look but as the young boy starts to tilt into the water from trying to lug bags owned by his family his mother screams and grabs fro him before he falls off the lofted dock and down into the waters on the wrong side of the barrier.

The ships are being refueled presently and Poe manages to help the weary mechanic get the tube set as it presently is without its latch just as the winds suddenly pick up, threatening to lift off small children and tear apart the island.

The stormhead is hitting.

[Elrych Cometburn] "Come on!" Elrych shouts as people hurry past him and around the tree. There is a crunching sound, the tell tale sign of wood fiber snapping. The crunching becomes tighter and tighter together. The Jedi's eyes go wide as he notices a child lollygagging near the tree. "Hey!" He shouts. It's too late. There's no time to get to them. His hands reach forward and so does his command over the force. The tree falls and falls... and just about when it'll hit the poor child it stops. Thunder cracks against the howling wind. Elrych held the tree there in mid air, pushing it up and over onto the ground harmlessly. Taking a deep breath, he let go of it, the stress of the feat apparent on his features.

[Katya] "This way, this way! Stay close together!" Katya calls - herding her children as best she can - and holding firmly to the two smallest children as the winds gust around them. "There's the ship! We'll get you settled into one of the crew quarters." She could seal the door - make sure they stayed in, and stayed safe... for now. "We have some blankets and towels for you! And food! Keep hold of your friends' hands, now!"

[Nerys Arda] Nerys reached out to help the father, and then the mother and son, "I know you're frightened," she spoke, somehow managing to make her voice sound calming, despite the fact that she had to shout over the chaos, "but your things can be replaced. None of your lives can be! Come, let's get you to somewhere safe," she began, as the wind suddenly howled around her, as if to make the point for the woman, "My ship isn't far, there's food and water and warmth." She'd continue shepherding the family, making certain they were safe. She was not a large woman, but somehow she still managed to move them and try to put herself as a brace against the wind that buffeted the young mother and her son. The armor probably helped a little.

[Lorcan] The assaulted local sustains a burning red mark at his cheek which soon fades into the skin that turns into that exact shade; anger boiling beneath his skin. Lorcan on the other hand, seems to have caught sight of the culprit. Rolling his neck with a crackle unheard by either over the howls of wind and clashes of waves, Lorcan inclines his chin to stare directly at the troublesome duo.

At the sight of a irritated mercenary, the man behind the sucker-punch releases the other and stumbles back slightly, before the chaotic weather sends him tripping and clashing onto his backside. With a shake of his head, Lorcan turns to the man restless for revenge, "Go use those big muscles to help others, big boy." - Lorcan sends a gloved palm shoving the man aside before he has a chance to knock the rising counterpart up. A wordless stare follows the two, ensuring they don't jump back at each other's throats few steps later, before he exhales deeply, glancing over the environment - spotting Saanvi helping a expectant woman, before scanning around for anything else needing his help.

[Septima Carnine] Septima is helping and Mekil is getting people directed towards the ships that people have brought. Septima's ship is also being filled with people. Because he doesn't want to waste space. "Could you get back on the ship before you make me have a stroke?!" Mekil calls to Septima. Septima gives a look to him and there's a hand waved. It's that little action that shushes him and then she's back to guiding those that need to get safer territory. "We're going to get everyone on ships and to safety hopefully before the worst of this hits!" she calls to them.

[Poe Dameron] Poe turns when he catches 'wind' of Kaydel's voice, and spots her waving. <<"Be careful if you come out here. The wind is..">> Poe dances back a few steps, the wrap around his neck taking flight behind him a bit, showing it is shadowsilk. He takes it off, tying it around his arm. Finding his footing with practiced ease, Poe steps forward with heavy bootfalls. <<"..is very strong.">>

Poe looks over the lines forming for the ships and notices that they are getting crowded at each ship entrance. This isn't ideal because fear led to injury, and when salvation took the shape of a ship entrance, people would claw their way through. Poe moves to the militia-man. "Hey pal.. look, these ships.. there's large groupings of people clogging up the process. Re-deploy your squad to make the entrance to these ships more orderly and organized, or we're going to have a bigger problem! Movement, tempo, efficiency.. we need to stay focused on getting them moving." Poe slaps his shoulder and walks along the tarmac, spotting Elrych's trial from afar.

He moves past the Jedi Ace pilot and scoops the kid up away from the tree. "You alright, big time?!" He asks of the kid, chuckling. "Wave to Elrock over there..Alright..Parents?! Here you go.. move to the line. Quickly. Keep that kid in hand." Poe shares a look with Elrych and gives him a thumbs up before moving back. <<"Connix, can you look on the computer in the control cabin and see how long we have left before that storm hits?">>

[Threl Ravrari] Threl is quick and efficient, using some slightly less bent pipe and a roll of silvery tape to hold the man's leg steady, she wraps it over his pants on either side of the break to stabilize it. And, as she hefts him to his feet, she nearly buckles under the force of the wind, her cape flapping in the hungry breeze. This isn't unlike a battlefield - stuff is still coming at you at a considerable velicity and it's not a place you want to be, but at least you're not being shot at. The enemy is nature, and brother, it's heading right at them all.

Lifting a hand to cover her comm, she speaks into it as she struggles towards her ship. <<Kit, anyone on channel listening. get G9-Rigger named Stormfire. Take any who need to go with. I have man with broken leg. I coming.>>" Her words are quick, precise, and surprisingly understandable, even with the minimal grasp of Basic. Her plan? Get people inside, get back out, and the mother help anyone who gets in the cockpit and muddies up her carpet!

[Saanvi] Saanvi stoops and with the mein of someone who's had to carry a lot of dead weight hastily through hazardous conditions she does this without breaking stride. As soon as the woman gives her consent Saanvi stoops, swings an arm behind the mother's knees and the other arm underneath her armpits and patient in hand she picks up her pace, long legs hitting a determined lope for the nearest transport, the helmet fortunately keeping debris or rain clear of her eyes which no doubt makes not tripping far easier to achieve.

[D'awn M'zeka] Dawn gets to the communications tower, soaked by the rain and managing to stay on her feet despite the buffeting winds, she goes right in... to find one person also there, working at trying to repair shorts. "Keep at it!", she calls to him. "I'll try and ground out the ionization!", and heads off to the main ground couplings. Quickly going from coupling to coupling and getting an eye on things, she heads back to where the other mechanic is at... and snags a length of simple cabling from his area before going back out into the storm. The cabling gets tossed up into the tower's structure, and looped around and back up a few times... and finally to one of the tower's main grounding points, where she quickly -- hoping lightning does NOT strike while she's working at it -- attaches the cabling as extra wiring leading to the ground. Of course, this isn't enough... because this extra bit of electrical conduit is a drop in the bucket compared to what's already there... but this is where she puts her plan into motion. A power-scanner comes out and gets attached to the extra cabling at two separate points, and Dawn starts taking readings, eyeballing the scanner every few seconds as she gets out an electrical worklight, tearing it apart to get to its battery pack. Eventually, she's standing ready with the battery pack as lightning courses through the grounding elements of the tower. Just as it's finishing its run through, she touches the battery's leads to the cabling, creating an extra bit of electrical ionization... but at just the right 'frequency'. As the extra bit of ioniztion she introduces gets pulled along with the electricity flowing into the ground, its frequency 'pulls' on the existing ionization... and that goes with it, too. Hurrying back to where the other man works, she helps him to quickly patch together one of the shorted panels... then hits the switch to see if her trick worked to get comms back up and running, to help the evac efforts, broadcasting a general 'lines are open' signal, followed by her voice: <<"This is the primary communications tower! We've got the ionization cleared up, for now! Don't know long this'll last! Use it while you've got it!">> That done, she looks at the other fellow there and says, "Okay... you probably know these systems better than I do... what's the next most pressing issue we've got here, now?"

[Kaydel Ko Connix] <<"I'm on it,">> Kaydel calls to Poe over the comms, straightens the poncho style rain protection that she has on over her gear, and then runs out into the storm. She's fairly sure footed as she goes, moving swiftly past a couple of ships until she makes it to the tower and ducks inside. I doesn't take long before she's on the comms again. <<"We have just over ten minutes before the storm hits us full strength. Fifteen if we're very lucky. We need to move.">>

[Vhe Tenara] The tree tossed aside and the family ushered on by Poe and Elrych, they move quickly though the boy is staring at Elrych in awe, his lips open and his mother has to drag him. Poe's comment brings the kids hand up in a quick wave and he is crying out 'ELROCK'. As the wind gusts most people are able to keep their feet but the stormhead is beginning to roll, looming overhead like a promise that no one wants to see kept.

Septima's words as well as Nerys not only help those immediately around them but as the people listening to them order up others follow a bit. Its a fading ripple effect but it helps and the militia give them grateful nods. The last of the boats are emptied and the fringes of the evacuees are rushing for the ships but with Poe's encouragement the Militia is quickly moving to actively herd the groups. D'awns communication help brings news about the storm for Connix when she checks in and the communication between ships is bolstered so that when one fills the others know to shift their lines. Even in the raised wins chaos has not yet fully won.

Katya's children manage to get to a ship with her and are ushered forward in but one girl clings to her and another as well as they don't want her to go. She's a source of authority and assurance so as they board they plead with her to stay.

Saanvi's poor pregnant woman is motioned to a ship with a spare room and she begins to beg Saanvi to stay as well. Definitely in labor. Threl on the other hand has a broken leg and a man suffering as she manages to get him to a ship. Stationing him a secure place she runs back out. Lorcan gets the men going and after his words there is a nod, the chagrined fellow reaching out to help an older couple get to a ship.



One of the barricades gives and what Connix just said likely is going to start being expedited. People at the back are swept off their feet along with the milita as the water spills in and then a wave. A few are drug back out into the turbulent unforgiving ocean waters.

[Elrych Cometburn] Elrych is about to turn back towards his ship to make sure Kirsti and the rest of the crew are getting the evacuees onto the ship. However, more crashing and clanking draw his attention. People are being tossed to the ground in the wind. It didn't surprise him, he was barely able to plant his feet. His robes and cloak billow out behind him and he faces the wind head on. Turning his head to avoid the stinging rain, he reaches out with the force again. THe people there stop moving outwards for a moment... but there's too many. He loses grib in the force and stumbles forward. "Damnit!"

[Katya] Katya gives the children a sympathetic look as she ushers them into one of the crew cabins. "You will all be safe in here," she promises them. She peels the little girl off of her and gently but firmly hands her one of the older children. "And you will take care of one another." She gestures to the two oldest children. "Come with me." One of the children is directed to hand out blankets - the other small packets filled with food and water. "And don't let the other children come out of the cabin!" she commands firmly, before running back into the storm. Water immediately falls into her eyes, and she has to wipe it away, pushing through lines of panicked evacuees as she searches desperately for anyone in need. "Threl - I got some kids onboard," she calls into her comlink. "Do you see anyone else who needs help?"

[Nerys Arda] With the family safely shepherded into the Tai, Nerys waded back out into the milieu, keen eyes spotting a small cluster of men floundering in the water. "Get in the ship, HiBall, keep the system running!" Which the ID droid promptly did, pushing his repulsors to maximum and zipping into the ship, leaving Nerys to charge against the wind into the water's edge, the waves pummeling her body as she waded out into the water, trying to get behind the men who were threatening to be washed out to see, trying to catch hold of them and link them together, "Grab onto each other! Keep together! I'll get you back to the shore, just hold on!"

[Lorcan] Lorcan glances through; his HUD lighting up as the binoculars installed into the visor zoom into the sight of a short woman swimming out into the waters and pushing one out of three locals about to drown. The armored figure lifts a finger to the side of his red-orange helmet, muttering under his breath in return to private comms; and with a brisk run, the Zabrak comes to save the day for a woman and her man swept up into the waters just as they were prepared to escape towards the ships. He wraps one hefty arm around the woman's waist, another around the man's - and stands up, keeping his back slightly hunched before he breaks his spine. Apparently with ease, the man hoists them out of the savage seas and carries them simultaneously. Salty moisture dripping down his plates and soaking his jumpsuit, he left heavy marks in the sand beneath his boots - stepping out of the ever-changing shoreline in the direction of stable land... for what it was worth before the water pulled further in again.

[Septima Carnine] Septima is soaked to the bone and she feels like her energy is draining, but, she's still got people to get back to the ship. She has her trusty bodyguard helping as well. "We're almost out of here, I know you're tired." she tells one of the people she's trudging along with.

[Poe Dameron] The whip-crack of the levees breaking earns Poe's gaze, and for a moment, Poe looks up at the tower where Connix has gone, then turns to watch as people are stolen by the undertow and swept out to sea. Pamarthens were known for their seafaring and pilot skills; both of these were points of Poe's youth instilled in him from his mother, who feared nothing.

Be it stupidity, or a moment of bravery, the former Resistance soldier steps to action. <<"Kaaaaayyy! Forewarning; I'm going to do something stupid.">>

Poe makes it to the docks, being brushed to the side by the force of nature, the waves powerful. He manages to pull himself into the only skiff, immediately tethering himself to the deck. A weathered gaze to the sea, Poe's jawline sets firm as he brings the skiff online.

Slap, slap, slap to a series of switches, a kick to the console for depth brought online, a quick check of instruments to steer, and Poe glances back to see if anyone was foolish enough to follow.

"Tether yourself in!" He yells over the roar of another wave. "BECAUSE WE'RE GOING INNNNNN!"

Poe spartan kicks the cleat anchoring the skiff in place, activates the repulsors, and shoves the craft out into the misty waters. "Hold on, hold on.." He mutters to himself, dark eyes focused ahead as the water spreads beneath the craft beneath him, kicking up a cloud of mist in his wake. "LOOK FOR THEM!" Poe manages both the driving controls, and the sailing rig, soaked to the core now. Dark hair hangs loosely over his brow!

[Threl Ravrari] Now that her broken man is situated somewhere that's not in threat of being drowned, washed away, or crushed by a falling something, Threl runs out back into the storm, looking for people to help. The cries from people watching others /go out into the surging surf to rescue others/ draws her attention and, despite her instinctive urge to lambast them for being stupid - don't worry, it'll happen - she runs out int he storm again towards the docks. There are lights there and, hopefully, turning them on will give the rescuers some point of reference to, y'know, not get dashed against solid plascrete walls.

Running towards the docks, a gust of wind sends her stumbling and nearly falling, tripping, scrambling as a wall is blown over, right where she would have been. That was close! Peering back for a second, she runs to the lights and tries to get them turned on, swiveling one spotlight towards the only clear path that she can find!

[Saanvi] Saanvi disinfects her hands, puts on goggles and removes her armor's gloves and vanbraces to put on elbow-long medical gloves and dons a mask and face shield, "So the infant is breech. This is less than ideal and it will be quite painful but this cannot be avoided so we will deliver this baby." She looks up towards the mother, "Please try to remain calm and I must ask you to refrain from pushing until I tell you to push. I understand that you feel the need to push-but this will only protact the delivery." She scans the woman and pauses "MA'am, please. It is important that you try to remain calm. Women have been giving birth in suboptimal circumstances for millenia. Now it is your turn. Please remain calm."

[D'awn M'zeka] With the other mechanic's help, Dawn starts quick patch-fixes on another panel... and gets it going, starting up the tower's navigation beacon. <<"Let's hope this keep going! Evacuation ships, start sharing your planned flight vectors! Coordinate to avoid collisions!">> Another lightning strike hits the tower, and she runs back out into the storm to repeat her trick with the battery pack... and, again, the ionization drains away, leaving communications open, though with a bit of hissing and spitting of static to it. Somehow fighting her way through the winds, she gets back into the tower itself and sets the beacon and the signal repeater on automatic... the latter by duct-taping down a button, because the actual automatic repeater systems are down. "That's it!", she says to the other mechanic in the place. "We've done all we can! We need to get out now!"

[Kaydel Ko Connix] The sigh that follows over the comms is no doubt a sound that Poe has heard before. <<"You love to say that, don't you?">> Kaydel asks as she hightails it out of the tower, spotting Poe in relatively short order so that she's able to run after him to the docks. She boards the skiff and immediately moves to tether herself to something so she doesn't go flying overboard. <<"I am trying to hold on!">> The violence of the water is enough to make her quietly pray, both that they don't drown, and that she doesn't suddenly discover that she suffers from sea sickness. Thankfully her stomach manages to hold, as does her grip so she doesn't go overboard and need to be rescued as well.

<<"I'm looking, but I don't--" Kaydel calls over the comms. <<"Do you see them? I can't-- oh. OH! They're right here!">> With that she throws the life preserver out into the water, keeping a tight grip on the rope so that once they reach it, she can pull them the short distance, and with assistance, help everyone onto the skiff.

[Vhe Tenara] The swells are widening the hole in the barricades that lead to the air field as more water pours in, the waves and wind rocking against structures that are lower than the growing water line. Threl manages to get the light into position just in time and fumbles with it in the rain but the light flickers and then burns brightly as its turned towards the opening in the barricade to help with Poe and Connix' crazy return. But as the stormhead starts to show its true strength everyone can feel it but none more than Nerys and Lorcan. A speeder turns and wips into Lorcan, connecting before it lodges against another larger speeder next to it with a loud groan and screech of metal than can be heard over the storm. The ships shudder themselves with the caustic thunder outside and the growing winds. Nerys is after saving a figure is clipped by a flying cannister, minor injuries but may make getting around difficult.

The wind is becoming oppressive making it hard to see or do anything presently and the ships, nearly loaded with the rest and filled to capactiy and then some are starting to power up to go and D'awns fellow is rushing down the stairs to leave and he whips out into the rain, meekping his feet masterfully as he heads to the nearest ship left for the militia and personnel, he waits for D'awn, motioning for her to join him.

Elrych stands still near the waters having lost his focus but still aiding those around him as the last, the very last of th evacuees rush past him. There is a grand swell that will start to follow Poe as he makes his way back.

Saanvi however is left with a patient that is starting to freak out at her medical babel, her breathing irratic, her face red and she cries out in pain - creating more chaos on the ship. Septima is getting to the ship when a woman in front of her is hit with flying debris, her asistant moving to help as they become some of the last.

[Elrych Cometburn] Elrych can feel himself start to lift upwards. He knows his natural attributes won't let him stay on the ground and steady with all this wind blowing him around. As building crumble around them on the Island, the Jedi gathers the force within him. Suddenly he stabalizes and starts towards the shore, helping people out of the water and back towards the main thoroughfare. He's seemingly unfazed by the wind now. Yet, his robes stil billow as he turns to check the waters as the last evacuees move past him in a hurry. Highlighted by flashes of lightning, a massive swell stampedes towards them. His eyes are drawn towards the Skiff. Poe and Connix! He reaches out, feeling for the water. Yet, it's massive. Far too large a moving feat of nature for him to control. Not at his current level. Perhaps not ever. So he changes focus and reaches out for the boat. Feeling a tight grasp with his connection to the Force, he Yanks it hard, speeding it up ahead of the sweel as it makes its way back to shore.

[Katya] All chaos is beginning to break loose - and Katya helps get an elderly man back on his feet, aiming him towards a ship. She starts moving that way herself when she sees a building collapsing under the strain, with another helpless victim unaware of the danger. "Down!" She shouts, just as she grabs her and falls backwards, using her body's weight to help pull the young woman out of the way, and rolling when she hits the ground to further avoid the debris that was pelting around them. "This is... Okay, up! We have to go!" She yells to the woman as she struggles back to her feet. "The ship's there!" She points, then yells into her comlink. "Threl - where are you? I'm headed for the ship!"

[Nerys Arda] Nerys managed to get the floundering refugees to the shore and to the safety of the militia and many hands who were helping to shuttle the escapees to the ship, "Go, go! I'll be right behind you!" And she did intent that, really, as she looked for anyone else who needed help. But the wind was a fickle beat as as she looked left, a canister flew through the air, slamming into the woman's back and sending her toppling. Not her finest hour, but she wasn't down for the count. She fought against the wind to get back to her feet and keep on working to rescue those who needed rescuing. She spotted a man who was struggling against the wind and turned to help him, ignoring the pain in her back. "We've got to move," she called, to the man and anyone near him. "Don't look behind you! Look to the ship? See that pretty green droid? Focus on him and move!" She herded those in her immediate area, Belate, who was indeed the glowing green accented BB droid, waiting at the gantry as a beacon for those heading for the 2400. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of the big armored Zabrek struggling and she darted to the side to help him, surprisingly strong for a humanoid so small, "Come on, big man. We're getting gone!"

[Lorcan] "Alright, you've got legs, go!" Lorcan arrived onto stable enough footing and released the couple from his arms, letting them drop onto their feet who quickly scurry off, still coughing up water. Scanning the area again, he barely turns his visor to the sight of an incoming. A green speeder deactivated and flooded rides a wave; the momentum of the wind bringing it to SLAM right into his side. If it takes a certain amount of power to knock him off his feet and send him flying, that was it!

There is a light shimmer of durasteel, as one plate is dislodged from his jumpsuit and enters the devastating body of murky water. A explosion of water occurs as the entire weight of the man plunges into a painful landing. Scrambling to his knees and hands and eventually feet, releasing a growl into his comms without being aware of it. His right leg is giving out, strained and making his few steps in the direction of the ships a uncertain arrival.

That is until a familiar figure pushes onto his back, Nerys being the short human she is giving the Zabrak enough momentum to break into a jog - adrenaline biting through the injury and letting him catch up just enough to be within a reasonable time frame, "Kriffing speeders... Thanks!" He yells at the top of his lungs with his bellowing tone over the violent storm.

[Septima Carnine] Septima is wobbly, but, she doesn't fall down. The Senator is still giving pep talks and helping those that stagger. She's probably a drowned rat of a cheerleader, but, she's cheering for them nonetheless. She's going to need a hot shower and soup when she gets back to Chandrila or she might die from something that sets in. She tries to keep that far from her mind and focus on helping others. She'd be fine.

[Poe Dameron] Kaydel is not alone in her endeavor. The two Officers pull people out of the water, mist and rain going in all directions. Poe tethers them to the craft, looks to Kay to make sure she's good, then gives a thumbs up. "Stay low! And HANG ON! This WON'T FEEL GOOD!"

Poe fights the current and winds, pushing his back against the rudder control to force it in a direction that gives them just enough angle to come about. He has to use the depth finder to read the terrain, but between that and the massive wave trained against his stern, Poe is sweating.. no that's seawater, but he would be sweating.

Then, the craft does something unexpected. It FINDS more speed. Poe is pushed back, having to use leverage to remain in place. "WOO, THIS THING REALLY MOVES!" With Elrych's help, the Skiff sails right over the levee. Mid-air, Poe screams.



The skiff hits the tarmac, sliding across in a fit of sparks and discarded molten metal until it hits a nearby bulkhead, softened by Elrych's command of the force and influence over their descent. Poe straightens, unhooking his tether. "Another happy landing! Untether.. run for the Ghost..." Poe slides off the side, and attempts to run but his bad leg gives out and he wipes out on the ground. "Ugh!" He groans. <<"Bee-Bee Eight.. get the ship prepped, buddy. We need to MOVE!">>

Forcing himself back up, Poe runs hard for the Ghost clearly favoring the bad leg. Once at the ramp, he turns to make sure everyone is picked up.. then boards. A slap to the control to close the ramp, and it's to the best part of this mission. Soaking wet, his booted feet squish against the grated flooring until he's at his seat. A series of slaps of switches and buttons bring the Ghost online. He has to reach over to the Co-pilot station to slap the repulsorlift release up, then draws the ship to his control, rotating it and placing a pre-emptive hand on the throttle. "HOLD ON BACK THERE!"

[Threl Ravrari] With the lights on and the foundering rescuers rescuing those that need to be rescued - sorta - Threl locks the lights on where they are pointing, hoping that the power manages to hold out long enough for them to get rescued. At this point, braving those massive waves is a thing she can't physically do without a grapple or a life jacket or a boat or some combination of the three, and all of those she doesn't have. She starts to run back towards the ship, looking for any stragglers and, thankfully, not finding very many of them. However, the static over comms crackles with Kit's plaintive call, and Threl immediately shifts gears and heads toward where the call came from. "<<Coming. Get to feet, run!>>"

IT takes a moment or two for Threl to find Kit and her charge and does her best to drag them along with her, looping an arm beneath each armpit, cloak flapping majestically in the wind. Sadly, said cloak, while providing a microscopic amount of protection from wetness and gale force winds, acts a bit like a giant sail and, in the middle of turning around a corner at the perfect moment, a gust of wind whips around and catches the cloak, ripping it away and preventing forward momentum without a little more effort. And the ships are /right there!/ She can almost taste the recyycled air! "<<If anyone on Stormfire, get ready for launch! I coming with two more!>>"

[Saanvi] Saanvi frowns and rises "Do try to stay calm, Ma'am. Please remain here, breah even and deep but /resist/ the urge to push until I return. I am going to find someone to assist in coaching you while I am busy delivering the baby." And then she turns and goes to find someone who has been hugged more than twice their entire lives to help the panicing patient.

[D'awn M'zeka] Dawn is coming back through the rain, and loses track of the other mechanic when she gets thrown aside and into the mud by a gust of wind. Not knowing what's become of him, she gets herself up and keeps trying to go forward, but with rain, and now some mud as well, in her face, she can't really see where she's going... and ends up coming up to a fallen building and having to make her way around. It's as she gets around that she's knocked flat on her back, and sent tumbling through ankle deep water until she's knocked up against a wall. Struggling back to her feet, she sees a light ahead -- the spotlight Threl used to help guide the skiff back in, and heads that way. She ends up getting toss back and forth by the winds some more and in another puddle... thankfully, though, she's made it close enough that someone in the evacuation effort's there to help her to her feet. Face full of mud, again, she struggles forward and onto a ship... perhaps not even the same ship she came down in -- but she's safe and out of the storm! She falls onto her back and gasps, pants for breath, soaked, dirty, and probably bruised all over... but alive -- and hopefully having done some good with her efforts.

[Kaydel Ko Connix] Kaydel helps to haul the people aboard, and they they are on the move. Poe says to stay low, and she hunkers down and clings for life to the nearest secure thing she can find, and then resumes that whole prayer thing. If she screams, it's lost in the sound of the storm and the skiff landing on the tarmac, and when they're finally still and on ground -- however that happened -- she's wide eyed, shaken, but ready to move. "Let's go, let's go!" she calls, and after making sure that the people they rescued are able to get up and move on their own, she too makes a mad dash for the Ghost. Once again Poe says to hang on, and she takes the man at his word, and hangs on.

[Vhe Tenara] Those last moments as the barricades starts to give and Poe comes screaming in, everyone is making the mad dashes for the ships. The whine of their engines can not compare to the storm, they are heard when close but otherwise the howling winds and crashing waves eat up the sounds. Thankfully eager souls and watchful eyes see that the stragglers are brought in and even those falling behind are just beating the crash of the water. Those that came to aid the people of Pamarthe are heroes today as the crash and groan of the barricade is heard just as the last make their way up the rafts. A few of the ships on the lower part of the airfield have ramps that are being overtaken by water. They begin to lift and close at that moment that the large stormhead that does not look like it will relent even when they are safely aboard the ships. They still have to get away from the terror it creates in the sky.

The passengers, most unharmed but soggy are shaking and crying, some are speaking erratically but the injured are making noises too, sounds that militia and aids try to help with. But Katya's children are crying, holding onto one another as they try to sing in their shaky voices because EVEN on the big space boats they feel the shudders of the storm and the complaints of the engines in reply.

The Mynock is powered up and ready to go as Vhe stands on the ramp waiting, her eyes widening as she looks for Elrych. She has moved people in, aided where she could with flying debris, using the force to deflect and protect the stragglers. But there is, just as the water rushes in and her hand outstretches towards him to help secure him on the ramp. Now...now its time for calming and recovery.

And damn fine pilots.

[Elrych Cometburn] As soon as Poe and Connix his shore, Elrych turns and books it towards the port where the ship is waiting. He rounds street corners and collapsed buildings, hurdling over fallen trees as the water surges in behind him. He can feel the spray from the rushing waves at the back of his neck. The ocean nips at his heels. He's just ahead of the storm, running fast. It's about to over take him before he jumps up, hand stretched out towards Vhe. She pulls him up as the water crashes behind them. "Close the hatch! Get the passengers secured!" He orders Vhe and the crew, running up towards the lift and into the cockpit. His perfectly manicured hair is damp and matted, his robes soaked and dripping. Heavy from all the water they've absorbed. He brings his controls online and starts to pilot the ship away, keeping an eye on the shifting winds and the other vessels around him.

[Katya] "Threl," Katya says in relief as her roommate helps her back to her feet. She can hear the water crashing behind them as they stumble up the ramp - other hands helping to haul them up the last view feet. She can see one of the children she'd ordered about still passing out blankets, the other giving out the food and water. "Good... good work," she reassures them with a weak, shaken smile. Her comlink still in hand somehow - she shouts into it against the noise of the storm, <<"D'awn! D'awn, where are you? Are you on a ship?">> The comlink is tucked into a pocket in her chest so she can hear the answer - as she starts moving through the ship. "If you are injured - please raise your hand! If someone is not able to do so, please raise your hand for them!" Despite the bumps and thumps of the water, and the storm - and the way her heart thuds painfully in her chest - Katya moves from patient to patient, assessing their injuries, and checking to see if any are life-threatening.

[Nerys Arda] Nerys, once she was on the ship, as were her passengers, darted towards the starboard cockpit, "Close us up, Belate!" The droid chirped his acknowledgement, as his human ran for the pilot's seat, slipping into it as she settled into the controls. Thankfully, between Belate and HiBall, the ship was up and running, humming with power, "Alright, let's put some legs on this girl!" The interior of the ship's cockpit was eerily silent, broken only by the sounds of the people down in what would be the cargo holds and passenger quarters. Nerys grimaced as she could feel the wind and debris buffeting the ship, but there was no one else to pilot the ship. She'd just have to keep calm and fly on. The 2400 rose from the ground, spinning around to orient itself as Nerys made a beeline for space.

[Lorcan] Lorcan closes the distance between himself and 'Skull Roller' and it's open ramp in good time given assistance by Nerys. The Gambit Predator-class hasn't been swept away just yet and the Zabrak quickly ascends, finding himself aboard with thuds of his boots on the metal hull beneath. A few blinks behind the visor - he stares down the two figures he pulled out of the waters, damp and shivering in the corner by one of the empty cells, a blanket over them. Snapping a switch with a click, the ramp begins to ascend and eventually seal.

With a limped jog through to the cockpit, he sets himself down upon the pilot's seat, flicking controls that bring thrusters into life... and die down. Waterlogged perhaps.

Another attempt through - and with a roaring neon-blue flame, momentum begins to pull the vessel up from the ground... until it doesn't! A hefty wave just reaches the arrowhead formation of three legs that serve for allowing the spaceship to land. GMT 'Skull Roller' begins rocking and there is ever the chance for the waters to rise and pull it out of the sky entirely.

Screams of the duo travel through the vessel before a growl overwhelms them and the violent clash of waves and howling wind outside, "SHUT UP AND LET ME WORK!" - a grumble under his breath in Zabrak following -- a sudden force of the thrusters at their maximum capacity forcing the three up and out of the tongues of encroaching angry seas, ascending towards the ever-so menacing blanket of clouds above.

[Septima Carnine] Septima and Mekil are trying to make sure that folks are on the ship and not lagging behind. She helps a few people up while the pilots start to get the ship ready for take off. The ramp closes slowly, but, Septima is still looking to the outside with a worried look. Did they get everyone? Were the others alright? She feels a touch to her elbow and she turns to see Mekil, "Go up to the bridge and help there. I'll take care of those down here." he tells her. With that, she makes her way up to the bridge to give a good old pep talk to her crew and then speaks over the internal comms to the passengers.

[Poe Dameron] Water beads along Poe's face as he focuses on the monitors and holo-readouts in front of him. He's patient, watching for the other ships to take off while bringing the Ghost to a slow and steady hover. Repulsor vents rotate to an opened position and propulsive heat emerges, kicking up steam as the shields shimmer into place. Poe reaches over to turn on the exterior lights, strobes, and transmits his IFF location for the moment.

"Come on.. come on.. get going, people." Poe shares a look with Kaydel before standing up to look down through the canopy. "I don't think he's going to get that craft up in time. Bee-Bee Eight, get the tractor beam online. I'll position us above." Shields lower around the Ghost and engine outputs glow brighter as the beam emitter comes online along the ventral side of the medium freighter. Locking onto the Skull Roller, Poe gets a confirming warble from BB-8, and he shoves the throttle up. Engines of a golden hue come to life, and the heavily modified craft casts an eerie wave of mist and steam outward as it 'yanks' the Skull Roller out of certain death. <<"Skull Roller, it's Ghost.. Let me know when to release.">>


Poe finds his seat, shoving the throttle forward after reactivating his shields. Put back against his seat, Poe could not recall a time when he felt so relieved to hear the roar of the Ghost's engines. He breaks for high orbit, shivering suddenly without warning. "Ugh.. cold shivers.."

[Threl Ravrari] Despite the cloak being ripped away, and she liked that cloak, and the rain soaking her to the skin, the diminuitive Togruta manages to make it to the ship with her charges. "Hang on!" she yells, slamming the button to close the rear docking bay hatch as a wave of water thumps into the ship, nudging it forward a few feet with the screech of landing gear moving against the concrete landing pad. She'd normally be with the injured, but in this case, there would be considerably more if she didn't get this ship the hell off planet and out of this weather!

Climbing to the second level, Threl sheds her backpack and runs to the cockpit, skipping about ten steps for the safe and orderly startup of a starship's engines. Normally there's warmup. Pre-checks. Pre-pre checks. Pressurization. All of that goes completely out the window as the big red button is pushed. With a thrum people can feel through their whole body, the engines roar to life, pushing the water surround the ship away, almost boiling, before settling somewhere in 'echoing whine' that people can feel in their chest. It's an old ship, but the good thing about it is that it's been through some stuff and it's been upgraded and fixed and made to where it can deal with a lot of the insane stuff getting thrown at it.

The intercom crackles to life as the rear doors seal, trapping about six inches of water in the cargo bay that's quickly pumped out via some amazing bit of technology specifically designed for such things. "<<Taking off.>>" she calls out, the intercom unfortunately staying open as a string of Togruta curse words echoes through the ship's intercom, the repulsors lifting the ship up as she manipulates the it out of the way of other ships and anything that could be considered 'debilitating debris,' turning the back of the ship towards the storm so she gets a push. The engines' exhaust glows blue as she pushes the throttles forward. The shields and plating should take care of anything that's not building-sized.

She hopes!

[Saanvi] Saanvi uses the intercom to summon backup <"Doctor Avalos? If you are not busy with a critical patient please report to Private Cabin Number two Promptly."> She moves back to the patient, "I understand you are in pain, There is another Physician who will assist. I am going to give you some modest sedation to ease your discomfort and the distress to the baby. Please remember to breath in, hold, and exhale at a steady pace."

[D'awn M'zeka] Dawn heads up to the bridge, after catching her breath. Still quite a bit damp, she pokes her head in and asks. "Need an engineer? I'm not on the ship I came in on, but I can still try and help out", she says. "... and being as I'm not on the ship I came in on, when there's time, I'd like to send a message over to Stormfire so they won't worry about me." When she's directed to the sensor station to try and cut interference for the pilot, she goes... and then looks at controls that puzzle her. "... I've never -seen- a control layout like this one!", she gripes, and does her best with it. Between that she's an engineer, not a pilot, dammit... and that she's working with a control setup she's not familiar with... AND on a ship who's specs she's not familiar with, she barely is able to get the sensors turned on before she finally admits, "... I can't make heads or tails of your sensor suite! I've never worked on a system like this one, before!"

[Vhe Tenara] The ships all lift off with Lorcan's having trouble. Its nearly caught up in a rushing wave when the Ghost suddenly pulls at the ship with the tractor beam to give it a tug up and out. Below the airfield disappears and wave after large wave slams into the large island as it begins to be consumed by the hungry clawing ocean.

Inside the ships the people are beginning to calm some, mostly on Septima's as she offers reassuring words and her people work to hand out food and water. Her calming presence seems to help even as her ship shakes and shudders. In fact all of the ships are caught in the high winds, rocked around but the pilots hold true as they enter the foreboding swirling sky as lightning lances and their instruments go crazy.

Vhe nods to Elrych and is helping to strap in passengers and if there are not enough places she is helping to place them securely against the bulk. She knows El will get them out of her and she is catching her step as the ship hits the wild winds and rocks, shaking and shuddering. She moves to take a seat among the evacuees, ready to aid should they hit a rough patch.

[Katya] "Coming!" Katya literally shouts up the corridor, giving one last scan of the refugees in the hold. Not having found any immediately life-threatning injuries, she moves towards Saanvi - but pulls her comlink out once more. <<"D'awn? Come on, D'awn, where are you at? Threl - I don't think D'awn's onboard!">> She can't let herself panic over that just now, however, as she enters the cabin and moves towards the laboring woman. "Hello ma'am - I'm Doctor Avalos. We're going to help you and your baby, alright?" She nods towards Saanvi as she moves to crouch near the woman, taking her hand, and quickly assessing the situation - likely with the assistance of a brief rundown from the other doctor in the room. "Alright. We'll be landing soon - away from this storm - and we'll evac you straight to a medical center. Right now, we're going to relax. I know you want to push - but we're not going to push yet. Alright? Just a few more minutes - and then everything will be okay," she says in a calm, certain voice - giving the woman a smile, and squeezing her hand. "We've got this. Okay?"

[Nerys Arda] The storm was like a wild beast, pummeling at the Tai as she fought to break through the storm and find the calm of space. It would be much easier to see the edges of the storm from space, before they descended to the drop off zones. She fought the controls, even the souped up engines were struggling, but she found the momentum somehow, as the ship arced up towards the sky, Nerys attempting to pilot through the roiling clouds. She was one of the last to pass through the worst of the storm, but she was nothing if not resourceful, and she used the engine lights from the other ships ahead of her to guide her, trusting her sensors, and the readings she was getting both from her controls and the astromech who had rolled his way up to the cockpit to help her. The Tai passed into that thin space between atmosphere and the darkness of space, Nerys casting around for the storm's edge before she guided the ship back down towards the northern islands.

[Lorcan] <<: "Skull Roller to Ghost - thanks for saving my shebs... :>>

Lorcan gives the credit where it is due and leans into his seat with a strain of the red leather underneath, the momentum of Ghost's yank on Skull Roller swiftly compensated with a blast of side thrusters that place it below the field of rising starships. A risky, rapid ascent of the lagging bounty hunter transport pierces through the air, velocity catching up alongside other hunks of metal despite the previous complications.

Grey and red - 'Skull Roller' begins to align the front in the direction of the rumbling, furious sky; lightning illuminating the interior where some commotion is heard with the unstrapped passengers struggling to keep themselves not sliding along. Alarms blaring, sensors going hay-wire; the unassisted vessel without a crewmember capable of calibrating frenzied systems launches ahead with force earning a pained grunt in the back and a determined Zabrak at the helm.

Northbound, or at least where Lorcan assumed it would be with his ship being as informed as his blaster, 'Skull Roller' trailed 'The Tai' momentarily, before ascending with a influx of power fed to the main thrusters at the back; the tip still poised at the edges of the furious sky. With an effort dodging the worst of the electrified clouds, it plunges out of atmosphere and into the gaping hole of the galaxy, the vessel ceasing to rock with the chatter and clunks of hull growing dead. Silence fell over the Gambit Predator, ominously entering the cold expanse of space.

[Septima Carnine] Septima gives Dawn a worried look, but, she breathes, a smile coming to her face and washes it away. "We can do this. We'll be alright, here, let one of the navigators show you the system real fast." she states. And Septima doesn't have to ask, the Duros moves to help Dawn in a flash. While they are doing that, Septima is checking in on the pilot and other members. If she wasn't a Senator she'd be a stewardess with a weird love of plants. Would you like some peanuts?!

[Poe Dameron] Poe keeps the Ghost steady, save for the shaking. Fighting through a storm is no easy task, especially when the pressure is all over the place. Brushing his hair out of his face, he's able to follow the ever changing pattern after firing up his guidance computer.

After a long fight, the clouds break to sky, then to space, and Poe levels out in orbit flying more easily.

He lets out a low, long breath and settles back in his seat. BB-8 warbles something and Poe laughs. "Yeah, buddy. It was raining."

Reaching over to begin the interface with the local comm buoy, Poe programs an intercept course for the northern islands, and waits for the right time to re-enter the atmosphere.

[Threl Ravrari] With the open intercom, passengers are given a front row seat to the wonder and majesty of Togruta cursing. It sounds horrible, but if translated into Basic, would be considered tame. "Bad hunter." "Smells of poo." "Packless Wanderer." All despicable things for a Togruta to say but really, not that bad all things considered. The weather does not play favorites, either. The Stormfire was trying to follow transponders from the other ships but they quickly wink out thanks to interferece. This means Threl needs to use instruments and, making sure she's aimed /away/ from the ground, Threl does her damndes to fly. The ship is buffeted and sent off course several times, but Threl is able to correct fairly well. She's not steering /directly/ into the storms but skipping along the buffeting sides, steering the Stormfire higher and higher. There's probably stuff going on in the cargo bay she could help with but right now she's concentrating more on not crashing!

Finally, mercifully, the turbulence lessens and Threl finds a route that isn't entirely a bumpy road. With an audible sigh that echoes through the ship, the atmosphere thins and the ship, almost a minute after everyone else made it out, breaks out of cloud cover and into a low orbit around the planet. The Stormfire is the last one up, the last one out and, thankfully, only dragging a few extra tons of debris. A few switches are flipped and the beacon for the evactuation drop zone comes up on the scope, Threl pausing and turning the ship for a second to take a look back at the storm before steering the Stormfire towards there so her cargo can get dropped off and get the help that they need.

"We out!" She calls out cheerfully, letting out a cry of victory.

[Saanvi] Saanvi is still visably shaken from the unfamiliar situation of dealing with a panicked civilian and watchina baby try to enter this world rump-first. Leaving Katya to it without an ounce of remorse she tries to help Threl navigate the storm but without her glasses which she dropped somewhere along the way she's having a hard time keeping up with the croll across the display.

[D'awn M'zeka] As she talks about how she's never worked a sensor system like the one she's currently sitting in front of, Dawn asks of the duros coming to help, "How do I even turn on the naviga-", as her hand, in her frustration, slaps at the console in front of her... and the navigational sensors come to life, interrupting her statement. "Oh... I... I think I've got it, now!", she says to him with an embarrassed smile, and starts feeding navigational data to the pilot... keeping on going until the Voyage Lure breaks free of the storm's embrace.

Once the ship she's on breaks through above the storm, Dawn relaxes for a moment, then starts using the sensors to start taking a 'role call' of the other ships that are breaking through the clouds. It's a tense few moments as ships, one by one, come out... but, eventually, with Stormfire's delayed escape, she reports to Septima, "there's Birena Tai... <pause> ... and there's Stormfire! I've accounted for all evac ships on sensors!"

That done, she turns to the comms and sends a an open broadcast: <<"This is the Voyage Lure. Does anyone have any medical or mechanical emergencies aboard?">>, and starts the job of, as best she can, coordinating landing of the various ships based on triage needs of the people aboard them and damage to the ships themselves. Her voice in the broadcast will, she hopes, make it clear to her friends on the ship she'd originally arrived in that she's safe.

[Vhe Tenara] As each ship breaks the upper atmosphere and past the violent winds and stormhead they see the sunlight as they orient themselves to head towards the northern islands. A myriad of ships dot the sky but on the sensors it takes a while for Nerys to appear but she finally does, her and her passengers a little rattled.

What may be more concerning is Threl's IFF does not appear at all. The storm rolls and flickers below them and the ship does not rise. But eventually she rockets up and out a minute later and her signature appears on the scanners that are no longer having to fight against the storm.

There were lives lost but many more than that saved. Far more. Families sit on those very ships, whole and alive because of those who answered the call and now as the group heads to bring the natives to safety there is nothing but smooth sailing this high above the destruction below.

Big Damn Heroes!