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Party Crashers

OOC Date: July 6, 2019
Location: Chad, Outer Rim
Participants: Elrych Cometburn, Miri Sakir, Dyannah Nerus, Nova Korell, Rhysio Ando, Halwinder Soron, Ambrosia Greystorm (Played NPC), Ektor, Yuun, Poe Dameron

Chad - Jospro Sector - Outer Rim (The Slice)

Chad was way out there, and likely off the radar of The First Order who stuck to the core to solidify their power. No longer lopped into Sector Patrols, or readily caring about the rest of the Galaxy like the empire sort of did... in its own authoritarian Xenophoic way. Food rations taste better with hatred they always say.

It was a water planet dotted by several large and small islands. It shone like a blue oasis in empty darkness. Though, the wreckage from the recent battle was readily visible starting to fall into orbit around the world. Already some salvage operations were being done by private individuals for the raw materials. Those who weren't being chased off by Resistance Patrols keeping the air space clean for the coming ground mission. Drop ships screamed towards the surface carrying the individuals who were authorized and picked, or otherwise volunteered for this mission. Data had been collected, the reason this convoy was attacked was because of the cargo and intelligence it carried.

Force Sensitives or Users, unknown numbers. Only issue is, the ship crashed on world, its occupants steering it towards the surface to avoid a boarding action. There are several crew still believed alive and aerial reconnaissance has encountered resistance from small arms fire along with at least one point defense canon still intact. The ship is an older Nebulon B freighter so the layout should be familiar to those attempting the attack. It rests on a beach, having dug a long crater into the ground as is crashed, throwing debris all over the larger island it came to rest on. There are several points of defilade that can be used as cover while advancing along said beach to the freighter. The thing is still smoking, parts of it sparking or just flat out on fire.

The T-85 X-Wing marked Black Leader has just come out of supersonic speeds to circle around the island before making an ideal landing zone mark using his command terminal. <<"This is Black Leader, I've marked an ideal beach head. Proceed to that point and I will meet you below. Charge your weapons, but do not engage. We will need to establish positive ID with our targets first.">>

That meant establishing if a target had the means to hurt you, and the intent to do so.

Black Leader lowers into a light hover above the beach head, its jets kicking up sand, dirt, and misting water as the canopy rises and Poe lands to the ground below. Looking back at his bird, he angles his old man's rifle so its muzzle is skyward, and the weapon itself leans against his shoulder.

<<"Alright buddy, take it up high and give us decent surveillance.">> This was to BB-8 of course. Poe turns then, looking away from his craft as it lifted off. His hair goes wild with the sudden gusts. Remaining in place, he waits till everyone is landed and behind cover.

<<Black Eight copies. Maaaaan, I could go for a beer on that beach right about now. What do you say, boss?>> Miri lands her bird, popping the canopy and sliding down the wing. Her boots hit the sand and she finds cover behind a boulder.

Ektor guides his own starfighter down on Poe's left wing, drawing to his squadron leader, <<Ideal? Come on, can't call no beach *ideal* without a bar and some dancers, yeah?>> Popping the craft's canopy and climbing out less nimbly than Major Dameron, but no less quickly. <<She-wolf, I bet you there's still beer on that busted up boat. Maybe after, yeah?>>

<Black Lance copies, Black Leader. We'll wait for you there,> FO 3rd Class Nova Korell replies, overseeing the deployment from the assault shuttle.

She turns to the squad in the assault bay. "Listen up, troops! Intel says we have a crashed but still live pirate Nebulon-B frigate down here. They don't know how many of the crew survived, but it's been enough to man one or two of the point defense guns. Our friends upstairs are trying to verify that now. Our job is to get into position to assault that frigate and take down the last of those pirates."

She moves to the landing ramp. "Buddy-check your weapons and armor! Last chance to fix anything that's a problem before we put boots on the ground! Use it or lose it... and maybe lose something else, too!"

There's a momentary flash of static over the agreed upon comm frequency, and a lackadaisical voice responds, "<<Weird Telemetry acknowledges.>>"

Like a slow and steady behemoth, a Muurian transport with both turrets swinging around to cover zones descends down to the beach. It never quite lands.

Hovering on its repulsorlift engines, the loading ramp lowers and flits just above the beach sand with about a meter to spare. As the ramp descends, two figures in Corellian swoopsuits stand on the edge of the ramp as it levels and then finishes its descent. One is complete masked, the other is completely Zeltron.

As the lift completes its descent, the masked figure takes a step drops the rest of the way to the ground, his boots sinking into the sand as his knees bend to absorb the impact. The Zeltron jumps a moment later. They step away without paying any heed to the sand that flies up around them, with the masked one lifting a commlink, "<<Ten seconds and take the Telemetry back up to orbit. We'll signal when we're ready.>>"

Oh kark, the Irregulars are here.

"I'll opt to 'use it', Sarge," says Pvt Somme, pulled into this team from her army squad. The groundpounder checks the fit of her helmet with a lil head shake and knock to the side, before moving on for a final comms check. <<Copy me, one and all?>> She turns to her neighbor for a gear check, patting him/her down, tugging this or that and hopefully receiving the same in turn before she trots hurriedly after her lead officer. Brown eyes are fixated on a sagging strap clipping extra cells to Nova's leg. "Psst! Lance!!" It's an attempt at a hiss, but the growing noise of the crashing waves and feisty seawind beyond that ramp necessitates a much louder chirp.

Halwinder looks around, his eyes wide, looking more than slightly bewildered. "Next time maybe you should, you know, ask what you are volunteering for before leaping on a mission to impress your new bosses." he says, following unheeded down the ramp after the Irregulars. He hesitates for a few moments, before realizing the ramp is not actually going to rouch down. He takes a deep breath, step drops the rest of the way to the ground, waves his arms in the air, and falls onto his back. He looks around himself, as if everyone didn't just see him do that, and brushes off his shoulders. "Jospro, I have grabbed you!" he exclaims, pointledly not looking around to see the reaction of his peers.

There is silence other than the roar of the engines on the various ships as they come and go, dropping off the scattered group of commandos. There is a hot breeze from the proximity to the ocean, causing the voluminous thick smoke from the crash to smolder and billow out in the direction it is currently blowing. There is Defilade just up ahead, a line of sand dunes with crab grass and various weeds sticking up like hedge rows.

No movement comes from the ship, a good portion of it buried in the ground. The hanger seems about ground level and the only entrance that is at least visible. There are no active bogies outside of the vessel paroling or otherwise. Though, there is a long ditch closer to the ship that seems out of place and odd.

Poe remains standing casually, watching as each element came together for their ground assault group. Miri's comment surprises a laugh from Dameron, extended when Ektor adds his own bit to the mix. Even though Poe doesn't add to the banter, his presence and gestures are indicative to the encouragement of their forces to find cover. "Spread out, people and push up to that berm. Someone get a good look at what we're dealing with."

Poe's orders come easy, his voice growing louder only when there's an emphasis to move or to focus. He stays centered on the group, walking forward. His rifle is brought to a semi-ready position, its buttstock chicken-winged under his right arm, and the muzzle angled down. He gives a quick glance left to right before taking a knee and waiting to hear back on what they see ahead.

Moving as a unit would prove the most effective, and making use of that berm could spell the difference in getting shot to pieces and holding a solid defensive position. <<"Stay low and don't silhouette yourselves on that berm.">> Spoken through their encrypted comms in a low voice.

Miri Sakir nods at Poe's command, blaster out. Head on a swivel, she advances, finding some new cover.

Ektor peers with his head at a curious angle at Halwinder. "If that was grabbing, lucky for the planet you didn't land front side down, yeah?" A short, dumb chuckle follows as he checks the charge on his blaster, and nods along to Poe's instructions. << I hear you, yeah? And.. not for nothing? I ain't saying nothing.. I'm just saying, I could prolly land a wishbone in that exposed hangar, if we had to.>> Hobble-sneaking forward, he at least makes a token effort to stay low.

Waiting for the signal, Nova follows her own advice: Checking her webbing cinches, her emergency air lines, then unsealing and resealing her wrist, ankle, waist, and neck seals. Pirates are unpredictable: Gas grenades and sprayers are real possibilities. That done, she pat-checks the outspoken Private Somme's gear, tightening an air line. The private has equally sharp eyes; Nova nods her thanks and fixes the strap. <Comms check out. Black Lance squad is ready to go.>

Outside, she leads the squad out from the shuttle and moves closer to the crashed frigate. <Lead, something's not right about that ditch... I'm going to 'scope it out.>

Taking cover by the berm, she peeks over it just enough to get her quadnoculars into play, getting a good scan of the length of the ditch. <I'm seeing digging equipment. I thought that looked out of place. There are Imperial uniforms stacked up at the side. I think this is a trench... I can't tell if it's occupied or not, but the odds are good. They had to see us come down.>

As the order comes down from Poe, he turns his head towards Halwinder, "Just keep your head down below the edge of the berm until it's time to put blaster bolts down range." He reaches down, pulling the EL-718 from the holster at his thigh and clicking the blaster off safe. He then looks towards Dyannah and nods before he faces forward again and takes off at a trot towards the berm. He looks towards Nova and her squad as they begin ranging out to check on their zone, and then turns his attention back to the berm. He begins climbing, then drops to the ground as he gets closer to the top.

He crawls forward, popping his head over the defillade for just a moment, his eyes scanning left to right. He then backs up immediately, and his voice can be heard crackling over the channel, "<<I've got a turret near a hangar structure. It's mobile, albeit slowly.>>"

"This is what makes the Resistance great," Dyannah quips to Axon and their newest, Halwinder, about bars and beaches. "Planning ahead." She frowns down at her Series III rechecking the blaster pack before looking up and flashing the two a brief smile. Her pink hand knifes towards the berm.

"You heard the man. With all caution, gentlemen." Senses open to the group and their objective she crouches low as she moves forward, a black silhouette against the beach sand. "Nice entrance," Alyrra Somme mutters aside to the clumsy Halwinder as they all slink through the sand, some more sure-footedly than others. It's one hell of a workout. A pretty shell pricks up out of the windswept dune, bleached from eons of baking, only recently unearthed by the frigate's plow-through. Later, she silent-promises the shell. Later.

Somme stoops low, lower still when she sidles up near Nova and lays down on one hip, watching the senior officer intently. A tentative peek goes up and over the edge of her own, minus the 'nocs...which are fished out just a moment later. Her surveillance pans in a different direction, bringing into view a turret on the farther end of the ship. <<Yeah. Not sure if it's got firepower, but there's another big gun up there, 'bout...forty meters, left of the hangar. They've got it covered. Choke point. So long as those turrets are manned and/or functioning, this is gonna be one hell of an approach. Boss.>>

Halwinder clears his throat after Agent Axon speaks to him. <Sure, no problem boss...> he says. And then, after a moment's hesitation, <Err...what the drek is a berm? Was that in the mission profile? I may have...er..skimmed it a bit.>, but he /does/ know how to keep his head down, hanging back behind the rest of the squad to provide them with cover if, Maker forbid... someone needs him to have their back. Blindly following the leader is a time-tested strategy for the oblivious.

Yuun moves out with the others, keeping quiet for the time being and listening to what orders are being given out to the others. Quickly moving to get behind cover, Yuun allows himself to center and for now he looks around.

The silence rings true, the wind still wiping around the heads of our brace (stupid?) combatants. Those who are able, can hide their bodies behind the cover and still get a good look, or not... However, those two turrets as reported are moving to aim right at the line of resistance commandos on the ridge of the sand dune. They erupts sending large chunks of sand up and over. Heat and shock-waves from the impact of the high powered defense canons rock the uneven sandy mound. Some hit dead on, nailing one or two of our intrepid heroes. Those who are smart would do well to duck further from the volley of turbo-fire.

The attack begins suddenly, and their berm is hit harshly with heavy turret fire. Concussive waves send sand, dirt, grime, and even bits of armor all over, rocking the very ground they were all on. Thankfully, Poe is used to a good deal of chaos like this, and thought ahead of time to bring his ear protection. Still, there was nothing that could mask the volume of those laser impacts, so his ears were still ringing.

Moving down the line as the laser bolts from the turret impact, Poe stumbles to his knee but pushes back up. He's moving to the far right, settling near a large tree trunk. He settles the rifle up on the trunk, takes aim at one of the turrets, and hones in on its design.

<<"I recognize this. These turrets spool up and overheat given the chance. The cool down period is like a minute and a half-two minutes. They are governed by a LIDAR tracking sensor that locks onto movement.">>

The very sensor Poe was aiming at. Firing back with a decisive shot, a red lance smacks one of the turrets hard, showering it with sparks and causing it to begin moving wildly. The gunner would have to repair or free aim it, and free aiming a turret took a lot of coordination. Angling back behind cover, he glances down the line. <<"Xer, if you're still alive..now might be a good time for that wishbone, pal.">> Poe raises a hand to shield himself from a small explosion of sand and dirt.

<<So we have at least a minute to blow these rekkers, you're saying?>> Miri replies over the comms, moving closer and taking aim at the nearest turret.

Ektor stays low. Mostly. Cannonfire slams into the dune, melting clean through his sandy barricade, leaving the pilot howling in pain with superheated sand and concussive force of the very near miss ravaging his torso and leaving him sliding on his back down the dune the pilot had scrambled up. Ektor's only commentary is offered through gritted teeth: <<No rekking drek, yeah??>> adding off comms, "...OW." Still conscious, still semi-ambulatory, but the mouthy pilot is badly wounded. <<Rekk me. Still alive.. I'm a.. I'm a go back and get that bird, yeah?>>

The turrets open fire on the Resistance position, causing Axon to duck his head back below the berm. He holds his blaster to the side, laying on his back to move quicker should the need arrise.

After the volley, Axon looks up over the berm with his pistol leading the way. The smoke and generally unfiring nature of the turrets causes Axon to reach down and key up his comms, "<<It looks like the turrets are down. Recommending we move quickly.>>"

Dyannah drops to her knees under the impact of the pain that electrifies her through her open senses then falls sideways. A bad mistake on her part, a novice mistake for an adult Zeltron - it saves her life as a laser bolt superheats the air above her supine body. Ektor. Halwinder. She winces panting as she collects herself then rolls onto her stomach to take aim towards their attackers.

Ozone, superheated sand and another smell she does not care to identify floats back to her. Brushing the sand from her face, she crawls forward. <Roger that Axon. Halwinder took a bad hit from what I can tell. Ektor, too.>

Just as Halwinder puts his head down, a turret shot slams into his right arm and he goes spinning, in a blood-spraying parody of a ballerina (who just took their first lesson). He slams into the ground, traveling a short distance before muttering meekly into his mic << I....think I get what a berm is now... >> before being knocked unconscious/into shock/rapidly put into very bad health.

"URK" The sudden *BWAM* of turbolaser slams into the berm opposite Pvt Somme with enough force that it knocks her backward, disappeared into an explosive cloud of sand and sedge. When the particulates settle out, she writhes around back onto her belly, propped on elbows, and coughs out the inhaled load. She's a bit disheveled...but alive. In fact, cursory examination of self shows <<Droyk, that was lucky!!>> The young soldier's okay, just some hairs out of place.

Having had a lil med school training before signing up for the noble fight that /this/ generation of rebels has been tasked with, the Private /does/ identify that smell. Nothing like human BBQ to turn your stomach. <<Permission to tend Halwinder, Sir>> she barks into comms, already stuffing her pistol back into holster and watching the Intel nerd collapse from over her shoulder.

Yuun Is quick to move, though he moves before the turrets begin firing and he is able to roll away from the bolts that slam into the ground near him. He manages to get behind more cover, though as he comes up with his lightsaber hilt in his hand, he hears the explosion of the turrets going down, "Is everyone ok?" He calls out and looking over to the team.

The path is clear up to the hanger now as the Turrets fall silent. They were never going to hold off a ground attack. Just prevent it and thin the numbers of those advancing on the position of their downed ship. The point defense canons that happened to be in the right spot that protect the hanger during space combat were build to withstand laser bombardments and even some torpedos and missiles attacks. What the designers didn't account for was small arms fire, exposing the sensor ports just enough to get a blaster rifle shot in even if at great difficulty.

With the path clear there is no one stopping them now from entering the hanger... and no one seems to come out. Those dangers that wait inside are waiting for the strike team to come to them.

<<"Granted. Make sure he stays alive, and you too.">> Poe watches Nova disable the other turret and he takes a moment to look over the berm, grimacing some. It looked like they disabled the turrets and the way was open. He climbs over the top and begins to make his way across the opening. <<"Follow me to the hangar. Move quick!">> Poe's voice is broken up by the sounds of his running. When he makes it to the hangar, he stacks to one side to keep from announcing his place and getting blasted by everything inside.

<<Got it, boss,>> Miri rasps over the comms, before tripping over a piece of turret debris and going ass over teakettle into a ditch. She lands on... bodies. Bodies from wall to wall. <<There's bodies down here>> she informs the team over the comms before climbing out of there as fast as she can.

Ektor hurry-curse-hobbles his way back toward the landing zone, a steady stream of imprecautions growled under his breath. <<Genius, prep the rekking bird for Hutt-sucking launch, as soon as frelling possible, yeah? I don't care if it gets sand on the flight seat, who worries about sand??>>

Nova clambers to her feet and follows Poe and Miri... and misses a step as she cuts too close to that ditch she saw earlier. Part of it had been covered in loose sand when the turrets had started firing, too loose to support a step. She topples into the ditch, nearly landing on Miri!

The com picks up a horrified gasp, and the usually-unflappable Flight Officer comes scrambling out a moment later. She nods wordlessly in agreement with Miri. It's a moment before she can speak. <The uniforms I saw... they came from the bodies in the ditch. They must've been burying their dead when we showed up.>

She breathlessly stacks up with Poe, breathing deeply and trying to calm her nerves. <I'm good... Miri, you okay?>

Looking wide-eyed towards Dyannah, Axon can be heard over the comms, "<<Are you okay, Captain?>>" He continues, "<<The medics will see to him. The rest of the Regulars are pushing towards that hangar.>>

Even as he says that, Axon is over the berm. He pushes himself up with his left hand, holding his blaster firmly in his right hand. As soon as he has two feet firmly on the ground, he is running as quickly as he can for the hangar.

Crawling, still more disoriented then she wants the others to know, Dyannah staggers to a crouch with a hand to her mouth. Clearing her throat and swallowing against the odor she joins the other Resistance women. She does not crest the bern having no need to verify what she smelled.

<Axon can you give me a status on Halwinder?> she mutters over the com.

<<Roger that. Best of luck to you all>> Pvt Somme scrambles double-time to reach the fallen comrade.

"Hey, pal." She pushes up the visor of his helmet, followed by an eyelid, while her other hand fumbles with the medpac on belt. "Some ride, huh?" It's okay. It's perfectly normal to talk to a corpse..so why not an almost-one?" Alyrra works to get a tourniquet around the borked up limb - what's left of it - and cinches it tight. And tighter still. Next up is a clotting factor...and bacta patch. No time to be picky with the cleaning! That'll be medbay's job.

And so that's that. All's left to do is guard sleeping beardy here and wait for evac. Speaking of...<<Pvt Somme, Halwinder down but secured in the sand. Keeping low, awaiting evac when able.>>

Yuun is quickly running as the others do, his weapon is in his hand and does stumble as he's running. He shakes his head and lifts his robes up a little, and he quickly begins moving ahead, running with his head low not wanting to get hit, but he also moves so that he is able to protect others if the need comes.

The Hanger is a mess. Crates open and stewed about the place. Beams and wires along with various wreckage all over the place. There is a blastdoor cranked open ontop of catwalk that's looking like it's about to fall off its supports with even just the tiniest bit of weight. Crawling through that door way is a group of three storm troopers (wearing Civil War era armor), all trying and failing to fit through at the same time. "No you NIMRODS. I go first, you follow and then we blast the crap out of them!" Says the one with the NCO markings. They havn't noticed the group preping at the entrance to the hanger yet or the others outside. "You couldn't even blast them with the turrets! I can't believe out of everyone who survived it was you two slackers. I'm in hell. I'm LITERALLY in hell."

Back to a solid surface, Poe can hear just inside the hangar as the others reach his location. He lowers the A280 to remain suspended on its sling and draws a heavily modified DL-44 blaster from his thigh holster. A cursory glance to the others as he adopts a bilateral stance.

Poe nods, then steps forward, twisting to pie the corner. The first trooper he sees is blasted with a defiant red bolt that turns his head into a canoe. The second trooper he sees grows wise from the death of his friend. He moves, resulting in Poe missing his second shot, but the subsequent third finds his outer thigh just before he goes into cover.

<<I'm good. It's just dead people. Dead people can't shoot me,>> Miri replies to Nova flatly. She makes it into the hangar, firing a blaster bolt into the chest of the wounded trooper, finding cover and looking around.

Ektor drags himself up onto the broad nose of his Y-wing, leaving a smudge of his own juices smeared on the fuselage. The complaint of his astromech is met with a snapped, "Someone else can clean it up, then! Just-" A wordless grunt of pain as he drops himself into the flight seat. "Arright.. lock down the canopy and let's get in the air- I don't care if it's too late, it'll make me feel better!" A few more profanities before he reports, <<Back in the bird. You need anything blown up or any systems ionized into oblivion, just holler, yeah?>>

<Dead people still make a creepy landing spot,> Nova murmurs, wincing inside her helmet. But she's not so bothered that she can't follow Poe's example and bullseye the last trooper, almost on reflex. The anachronistic Stormie gains a new hole between his eyes, then collapses to the deck, his weapon clattering away.

<Looks clear for the moment,> she coms. <I'll hold here and cover the advance. Mind that door.>

It comes with running with the Resistance. Dyannah distracts herself with new Resistance mottos: 'The few but the deadly' being the last that she mutters aloud as she sidles around the corner of the hangar. All the targets in this sector are down. Standing next to Nova, she says loud enough for her laser stunned ears to hear, "Roger that. I'm going in."

Yuun doesn't ignite his lightsaber but it looks like all the threats are gone, but he begins reaching out in the force to see if there are any other threats lurking about, taking in a deep breath and begins casting outwards.

The trooper brigade didn't even know what hit them. The NCO starts barking out orders but his two underling die before he even gets a full few words out... and then it's Nova who ends him... The one who dove for cover, dieing in mid fall as he tumbled from the catwalk to the floor, shot mid air by a well placed shot from Miri. It was so quick and percise that those watching in the Cargo Hold down the hall where the troopers had come were in shock. "Who are these people?" Captain Ringo says, gripping onto his ripped and dusty uniform.

His second, a Lieutenant with a decent figure, blond hair, and a pretty face pulls her pistol from her holster. "We have to protect the Cargo. Our beacon should have been received by now."

Ringo nods, pulling his own pistol... "You're right... we can't give up. The Commander said this would be our in to an Alliance with the First Order." He places a hand on his subordinates stomach.

Dahn nods, "For the future of our people and children." They take a moment before stepping out and moving to confront the intruders.

"Holding position. Go ahead and move forward; fan out. We'll cover you." Poe takes the otherside of the hangar opening, planting his shoulder to the exterior bulkhead and watching inside. He keeps Nova in his peripheral, in case she has any sudden movements that might alert him to a threat. Poe can hear the conversation, and he silently wonders just what their cargo could be.

<<Copy that, boss.>> Miri heads into the hangar. She moves along the wall, spotting movement down a corridor. "HEY!" she shouts, her raw vocal cords screaming in pain with overuse. "WEAPONS DOWN! COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!"

The Y-wing lifts off with a familiar, soothing whisper, spoiled only slightly by the continued barrage of profanity from its pilot. Between curses, he raises shields, and begins a focused scan of the downed frigate. Like a profane psychic, the Tionese cuts in on Poe's musing, <<Hey. Hey, pal. I did the thing with the sensors? This boat's carrying- I mean in addition to everything else? They got a hunk of carbonite in the forward.. main hold. Which- I mean the aft broke off, so I could've just said 'the only hold', I guess...>>

<Careful, Miri,> Nova warns quietly, seeing movement past that doorway. She covers the entrance, adding her own challenge to Miri's. "You've seen what we can do! You know how this will end if you fight! We've already seen your dead outside. Do what she says! There's been enough dying today..."

Standing by the door, Agent Axon's pistol is held at a low ready as he attempts to listen for clues as to the location of the people they know are in there. He tilts his head, keying up his comms, "<<I'm making entry.>>" He moves within the hangar, catching up to Miri fairly quickly.

As he does, he lifts his pistol, holding it at an angle away from the pilot.

If only she could be like a lidar sweep, if her people could do that then military battalions would have a zeltron in every vanguard sensing the enemy and confusing them with a mental thrust as quick and incisive as a lightsaber. If only. Taking a very deep breath Dyannah clears her mind, three times she follows a long exhale - forgetting the room, the wounded, the dead.

The enemies, she amends that to the people, left are steeling themselves to die. Smiling grimly at Miri's demand, she can feel them stiffen in their resolve, convinced of the rightness of their cause. But she adds her own mental push to the spoken commands - **Of course, living would further the cause of the First Order, living for a new day, turning themselves over to the woman entreating them not to join their comrades in the trench outside.** She takes a significant risk by not having her gun raised as she assaults them with the need to surrender. She follows Axon through the door.

Opening his eyes after allowing the Force to flow through him, Yuun allows a breath to flow from his lips, speaking into his com link, "Commander Poe, please halt. There are two people ahead of us coming towards us, there is another one further behind the duo who is dormant, it's hard to tell but they aren't moving." Yuun says as he moves up towards the front where Poe is, still speaking into his com link so everyone else can hear him and not their opposition. "One of the two is female who is coming toward us, I know this because she is carrying a child."

The two officers slow to a halt as they hear Nova and Miri, the latter being more convincing thank Nova. Maybe it was Miri's look, her punkish attitude... Either way, the wave of empathy comes over them as Dya reaches out with her lmited mental powers. "I..." The Captain says shakily, looking to the LT and starts to cry. "They're right... we can't go storming out there... I can't watch you die."

The LT seems to be having the same effect. They both drop their weapons, cry and embrace. "We're comming out!" They shout, "We are unarmed and surrender the vessel to you!" They're wearing old civil war era black uniforms. The path to the 'prize' is now clear and thanks to Dya, their new prisoners are very cooperative and complacent.

<<"Understood.">> Poe says to Yuun and Ektor both. "Secure them, and search them for weapons. I want them cuffed. -- Rest of you, fan out and search for this.. life form Yuun is speaking of. If it's tied to what Ektor's said, it might be someone suspended in carbonite." Poe stays at his current position, showing that he trusted them all to get the work done. <<"BB-8, have the pilots and droids prep our ships for dustoff. I think we're nearly finished here.">>

Miri heads over to the hallway, weapon still up, checking to make sure there aren't any nasty surprises. Satisfied that the coast is clear, she holsters her blaster, reaching into a pouch at her hip for restraints, securing the prisoners.

Nova keeps a wary eye on Miri for a moment as she works. Once she's satisfied that the officers aren't going to cause trouble, she moves to help find what Yuun sensed. "Mind your steps. This ship's definitely seen better days," she advises quietly.

  • This is right, you did well, safe, you will be safe now* Dyannah repeats this litany of assurances over and over to the couple, soon to be three from Yuun's reading of life-forces. Curiosity drives her behind Nova into the next room, her eyes darting to all corners of the cargo area that shows its age in indelible scuffs and paneling that came loose in the terminal touchdown with this planet.

"What were they sacrificing themselves for?"

Yuun quickly moves up the ramp heading towards the down figure, as he is coming near the two walking down, "Drop your weapons please." He says. He nods his head to Miri, "I will." He smiles to her and moves quickly and carefully to the down individual. He will check them over and call down for a medic.

When the team(s) make their search in the Cargo Hold, they do indeed find a person encased in Carbonite there. It's the only thing in the hold which has been set up and decorated like a showroom to display the person. Inside a display case is a black and gold lightsaber on display and inside the Carbonite; posed like a rock star proping up the collar of his jacket, lips pursed, as if he knew he needed to look good before being frozen in place is Elrych Cometburn Jedi and Rebel Smuggler, member of Black Squadron, who has been missing for a few months now. Sunglasses included.

Anyone who searched the computer, the Captains Access codes make it easy. One name stands out from messages and orders involving Elrych. A Commander Anton Azzameen the Second.