Log:Rebel Yell(And friends) Rescues an Old Friend Part 1

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Rebel Yell, with help from the Waywards, assaults the Crimson Blades' compound on Rodia in an effort to rescue the love of Gren Delede's life.

OOC Date: Early January, 2016
Location: Merc Base, Rodia
Participants: Gren Delede, Sar Yavok, Fenwick Mare, Lofty, Kelnas, Ascalon, Sabella Lockheart, Quinn Ca'lio, Horus, Ax, Sion, Qadira Suuryet, Rontu Aru, Rebel Yell, Waywards

Rodia. It is a swampy planet, known for its often-warring clans. And entering its atmosphere is a YT-2400 filled with folks intent upon bringing further

violence to the world. It is burning fast toward a secluded compound, one that is protected by a number of turbolaser batteries, and boasts atleast one

visible shielded hangar.

Sar Yavok, with assistance from Ax, have tracked an old A-wing fighter, and a trove of Civil War-era equipment in the hands of a group of mercenaries hired

to attempt to destabilize one of the leading Rodian clans.

It is these mercs that are being targeted by members of Rebel Yell, and the Waywards. In orbit, Vanguard and Lost Soul are in position to cover their

exfilration, while the Dusty Jawa is being used to land the attacking party.

"Remember. We touch the ground, everyone gets off, and we find that ship, and whatever else isn't nailed down. Then we get we the hell off this rock!"

Gren's clipped Coruscanti tones come over the Jawa's intercom, as the ship plunges toward the target, coming in low and fast over the jungles. He'll trust

in Sar to go over the fine details, if need be, while he focuses on not crashing. A few moments later, and bursts of green laser fire streak out of the

jungle, and toward the Jawa. Delede throws the ugly freighter into a corkscrew, and laughs over the comm. "Think we've been spotted. Guns, light up those

batteries." They are close to the landing zone, but they aren't clear. There are a pair of defensive turbolaser batteries visible among the foilage outside

of the domed compound that they approach.

~The Lost Soul was a 300 meter long Carrack Light Cruiser. Armed with 10 heavy turbolasers, 20 Ion cannons and 5 tractor beam projectors, it was not a ship

that was generally messed with. The fact that it was a former Imperial navy ship, and a proven combat vessel in multiple fronts on both sides of the war

doesn't hurt its reputation as it screams into atmosphere above and behind the Jawa. While a faster ship, it was apparent that the pilot was slowing her

down a bit so that he wouldn't pass the lead ship. "Kadi, power to shields. Everyone use the turrets to light up those ground batteries. Fire for effect," Ax calls out over the ship's internal comm systems.

Looking at his co-pilot, Ax grins. "I should let you take the helm, kid," he says to Aru. "You think you're up for it? Might get a little hairy." As he

speaks, he's triggering one of the turbolasers remotely. While his aim was off, it wasn't off by much.

Sar Yavok marches into the common room after a brief counsel with Gren, his helmet slung under his arm. A glance around at the gathered landing party and he

says, "Alright, folks. We're in atmo, so our window starts closing now." His eyes move to his chronometer and he remarks, "Make sure you strap yourself in.

If I know Gren, he's gonna want to do something stupid right about now." The mercenary leader moves to sit down on a jump seat near the landing ramp and

buckles himself in. "The group we're going up against are well-trained, and have a lot of firepower, but we're better. Be smart, watch your corners, pay

attention, and don't miss. If you do all that, we'll be fine." He slips his helmet on and it seals into place with a satisfying hiss.

Sabella Lockheart has been paying attention and listening in to what's being said. She is with the others of the Rebel Yell group, waitng for their turn of

things it seems. She half picks at the edge of her armor and glances up once hearing Sar make his way into the room. There is a slight bit of an confused

look before she follows suit and is buckling herself n to the seat she is sitting upon. "Gotcha." She isn't to sure what to say on the matter such as this

it would seem.

Rontu Aru turns the turret forward upon entry, pulling the trigger a few times, as his Captain said, for effect. The force of the turret pulls his seat back

and he then decides he'd better strap in.

Fenwick Mare currently gets to sit himself in the background of the Dusty Jawa, safely secure and tucked into a seat near to the hatch. He's currently

staring at it while his stomach awkwardly tumbles to the spin of gravity and atmosphere well beyond the bulkheads of the freighter. He'll be fine. He's

sober. Idly, a hand rubs at his armored side where a fresh tattoo rests. Briefly, Fen glances at his stowed away equipment since it doesn't fly at his face.

Something echoes in the background. The ship groans. Sar continues speaking. The medic lifts a hand up into a spacer's communal a-okay hand gesture.

Lofty the Talz sits in the hold of the YT-2400 'Dusty Jawa' waiting. The large arctic alien has a long rifle in his paws and wears an old used fiber-mesh

blast vest that barely fits over his fat fuzzy belly. "How many enemy?" he asks aloud as he waits to charge out after dustoff. A large bacta patch covers

part of his belly from a previous blaster wound.

Quinn Ca'lio grins wickedly to herself as she spins her own turret right around, waits, and rolls her shoulders. The girl leans to the side, scanning along

the ground before double checking her straps and hooking her thumb into a loop to test them with a tug. Quinn then taps the side of her helmet and grunts to

herself with a satisfied bob of her head.

Ascalon's presence within the data architecture of the Dusty Jawa is a tenuous one. For one thing, he isn't fond of freighters. Their databanks are cramped,

their driod brains are often quirkier than they are useful, For second, there is the small matter of avoiding having to have uncomfortable conversations

especially that a slicer is on board. So the droid goes about it the old fashioned way, slipping into the turret down below. His tactical array superimposes

an additional level of data once he interfaces with the weapon, which he turns down and lets loose with a controlled burst of fire, destroying one of the

turrets. "Strafing run in progress." Just in case, you know.

The bucking, under-fire /Jawa/ isn't an easy place to check one's gear. Sion does her best all the same, testing webbing clasps and the harness holding her

to the jump seat. "I think I just felt 'something stupid'," she comments wryly. Glancing at her weapon, she confirms that it has a full charge, and slips a

pair of goggles on, resting them on her forehead ready for use.

The remaining turbolasers continue to fire at the Jawa and the Lost Soul as they approach the compound, even as one of their number is turned to slag. On

the ground, figures can be seen running for cover, while a handful remain in the open, firing blasters at the approaching ships. There is an open courtyard,

not a large one, containing most of them, and the apparent entrance into the merc's base. This is where another something stupid comes into play.

Gren throws the Jawa into a steep climb, nearly straight up at full speed, whipping the freighter around so that both turrets have shots at the men on the

ground, and the defensive turbolasers, before slinging it back down into the courtyard. It is a tight fit, and the sides almost scrape, but when the

repulsors kick up dust and rocks and junk prior to keeping the Jawa from slamming into the ground....the paint isn't scratched. And the turbolasers can't

target the ship without fragging their own compound. "Alright. Get the fuck off my ship!" He calls over his shoulder into the central area, before yanking

on his own helmet, and heading toward the hatch into the corridor. He leaves Good Sar behind to guard the cockpit, just in case. Time to unload the troops

into hell.

~ Ax continues flying, but realizes that Aru was absolute shit on the guns. He'd been giving the kid more and more time at the controls though, so was sure

that he was good enough to fly the bird. "ARU!" he yells to the kid. "Get your ass in the pilot's seat. Keep this bird in the air. Kael! You're on turrets.

Primary target is those ground turrets. I'm gonna take the Specter and go after anything they try to launch!" Meanwhile, the ion cannon turrets manned by

the general crew are laying waste to the countryside. With that said and once Rontu is in motion to the pilot's seat, Ax is bolting towards the hatch, leading towards the lift and the hangar below. "Kadi, keep

her in the air baby. Aru's at the helm, Kael and a few others on guns. Hopefully the droids have my fighter prepped like they were supposed to." His voice

is a little winded, as the man is literally running to his fighter, sliding down an access ladder rather than waiting on the lifts.

Sar Yavok grunts as the ship shifts and looks to Sion, "Nope. That was the stupid." Upon touchdown, Sar unclips himself and stands up, pressing the hatch

release and leading the ship's faulty hydraulics to slam the ramp into the ground with a THUNK. "Go, go, go!" is shouted as he runs down the ramp, his

stolen F-11D clutched against his shoulder. He squeezes the trigger and sends a bolt of hot plasma into the arm of a nearby mercenary.

Sabella Lockheart is rather happy she didn't eat or drink anything before this mission so to speak, for that move would have tossed her cookies for certain.

She grunts slightly, the straps off and she tugs her helmet on while following after the others to the ramp to get off the ship. Her blaster in hand, and

the moment the rest are running out she follows. Shot ring are fired from the ones below and she takes a hit before she even gets more then a step off that

ramp. So much for it being easy going.

Rontu Aru jerks at the raised voice comming from the flight deck. At last, a sound that makes him feel like home. He quickly unstraps and jumps out of the

chair, "Aye aye da... Captain." He catches himself in his speach and refrains from calling his new captain his dad. Rushing to the flight deck, he takes the

chair offered and quickly strpas in, taking the yoke. Now this is what he's good at. "Dust off in five, four, three..." With confedence, he lowering the

ship to touchdown long enough to get the ground crew off.

Fenwick is poised to spring into action, to disembark, when there is a tell-tale shift in the ship. They are climbing and then ducking back down towards the

ground which, when settled, leaves him unshackling himself and lunging forward. One hand grabs his pack of medical supplies and support equipment. The other

hand unlatches its securing so that he can sling it in place, turn, and take hold of his E-11 in the process. The carbine is shouldered as he makes his way

for the lowering ramp. This has to be quick! "Karkin' lightfights," he mutters to himself, "On your six, Old Man!" Just ahead of him, Sabella is shot. The

carbine is held in his right so that his left can grab what clothing he can at her shoulder in order to steady the woman along, forward, and further from

the dirt, dust, and debris kicked up by the Dusty Jawa. He fires outwards at their right flank. "Keep your feet moving!"

Lofty the Talz piles out of the YT-2400 like a big white target in a blast vest. He drops to a knee beside one of the landing struts and pops off two shots

from his rifle - BRAP BRAP. Then the large alien waddles toward the enemy at a faster pace.

"You better stay in one piece, Ax," is Kadi's reply to that bit. "I'll keep this ship moving, never fear. And if the droids don't have your fighter prepped,

I'll take it out of their pay." She doesn't sound out of breath, but perhaps a little determined and concentrating. She's busy in engineering, moving from

one readout to the next, checking the sensors, following up on the shields, listening absently to the droids chattering at each other. She grins as she

listens to Rontu's input on the comm, putting in. "Sounding good, Rontu. let me know if you need anything, yeah?" So far, the Soul is purring like the

vicious apex predator she is, all nice and clear and roaring. Kadi and the droids continue to work to keep her that way.

Ascalon notes a conspicuous lack of fire from the top turret, but Ascalon soldiers on. Well, gunners on, since he prefers to keep as much cover as possible

between himself and actual combat. As a tactical unit, isn't that what the groundlings are for? "Clearing landing zone." The droids baritone flows through

thes ships communications systems as the battery continues to open up, taking out a handful of the mercenaries. Its a bit like applying a blowtorth to an

ant hill, but compassion if for biochemical fueled beings.

"No, /this/ is the stupid," Sion fires back with a grin, as the ramp drops. She hits the quick-release on her harness, coming out of her seat just behind

the big Talz, and hurries for the hatchway... and ducks back behind the rim as a rifle shot sizzles through the air, missing by just enough to make her glad

she stopped. "This is definitely the stupid." Seeing someone get hit ahead, she pops off a blast at the one who fired at the unfortunate woman, missing. Not waiting for him to return the favor, she

takes to her heels, dashing for the cover of a large rock not far from the /Jawa/. That should slow down a few blaster bolts until they can get some of

these gravel-maggots off their cases!

On his feet as the ship touches down, Kelnas runs towards the Ramp. Blaster in one hand and staff across his back, the Wroonian diverolls off the side of

the ramp, getting grazed across the back of the knees with blaster fire for his trouble, he fires back at his attacker, grazing his ear, but not much else.

Horus hasnt been in areal firefight in a long while. Couple years actually. But Zabraks dont forget how to fight. Not their way, and the mechanic is all to

familar with a blaster. The ships touching down has him tapping his release on his seat and following the others down the ramp. He looks for cover while

taking aim and sending a plasma bolt flying into the neck of a merc stopping him cold.

The sounds of a blaster battle fill the compound, though the handful of mercs outside seem to be on the losing end. Those that are unhurt are firing back at

the Jawa, and the unloading 'good guys'...while those who are able, have started to head back for the main entrance, and friends inside.

The turbolasers can't target the YT-2400, but they continue to pump fire toward the Carrack that flies overhead, doing their best to target the fast cap


Gren Delede might be a drunken old pilot, but he is a nimble drunken old pilot. He charges down the ramp of the Jawa, his Bryar held before him in his left

hand, and snaps off a shot that sends a Rodian merc collapsing to the ground with a hole in his chest. A trip turns into a dope combat roll, and he's back

onto his feet, jogging toward the entrance. His one true love is in there, and he is going to get her back. Even if it kills him doing it. Cover. Pft.

Nicknamed 'Brights' by the rebels, and called Avengers by the Imperials during the galactic civil war, the TIE/ad was one of the first production

starfighters to break away from the quantity over quality of previous Imperial Doctrine. Incorporating heavy deflector shields, a hyperdrive, and multi-

warhead launcher, it was also significantly faster and more agile than any Imperial or Rebel starfighter of the time. It was into one of these, Ax climbed.

Pulling the special helmet over his head, the ship was geared and ready to launch.

"Commencing takeoff in 3...2..." and he screams out of the hangar of the Soul, the shields flashing for only a moment as that section turned off long enough

for the ship to leave. "Ground units, this is Specter. I'll be your guardian angel in the sky," he calls out over the comms to those on the ground. Then,

calling to Kadi. "I will, baby. Dinner tonight? Cloud City?" Yep, there was definite confidence in Ax's voice. This is what he lived for, the sheer thrill

of combat piloting. It was one of the only things better than blockade running.

Sar Yavok continues his charge, shouting, "Fan out and dig in!" The commander himself seems to be taking a page out of Gren's book and is also eschewing

cover, which leads a wayward blaster bolt to catch a leg plate and do nothing more than scorch the finish. He slips the Defender out of his holster,

scorches a neat hole in the center of the attacking merc's chest, and catches another mercenary in the foot.

Sabella Lockheart 's shoulder hurts, but at least she doesn't stop for that would be rather stupid seeing where they are at the moment. While Fenwick grabs

hold of her shoulder it does at least help keep her moving. She grabs hold of that blaster of her's and will do her best to let a few shots fire back in the

direction of the 'bad guys' so to speak. Though perhaps this is not the best time for her to fire at the bad guys, at least no one got hit on 'her' side?

Rontu Aru begins to angle the ship to the best gunner side. He touches his headset to activate the comlink, "Kadi, angle shields fifteen degrees aft." The

yoke begins to shake slightly with on hand on it and he lets go of his comlink and grabs the yoke tightly. The ship angles and starts another circle around.

Fenwick ducks his head as he purposefully guides Sabella along: security and cover before medical treatment. There is a minor glance over his shoulder just

to make certain that the YT-2400 is where it ought to be. A blaster-bolt whistles angrily next to his torso, impacting dirt near to him and kicking up

sparks and dirt. He releases Sabella in the process. She's moving on her own. He turns at the torso just so he can snap off a shot at the far end of the

courtyard towards a mercenary. His booted feet carry him along up until a bolt impacts his shoulder. It punches hard enough into the plate there to push him

down onto the ground and haphazardly roll onto his side. A grunt of pain and haphazard yell follows his climbing onto his feet, heading for the front


Lofty the Talz takes a ricochet to the blast vest. It sizzles a little and the wampa-like alien grunts. "Ow!" He fires again with his long rifle, attempting

to clear out the landing zone. BRAP BRAP BRAP. He kills one mercenary and another is wounded in the thigh. Then some indirect fire hits him in the blast

vest again, singing the material and bruising his generous belly underneath. "Oof! We get in cover fast!"

Kadi loves that confidence of Ax's, and it brings a smile to her face. "You got it, darlin'," she flips back his way. "I might even wear a dress." She moves

to follow Rontu's instructions with a quiet confidence, as she's asked to angle the shields, making sure they match the pilot's maneouvers. "Got it, Rontu -

shields are angled, fifteen degrees aft, and all systems are currently green." She moves to check the sensors, and to check on communications. "Wish JD was

here. She could make sure they don't radio out or something."

Since the landing zone is clear, there is nothing to do but actually go inside. If such articulation were possible or even meaningful there might be a long,

meaingful sigh as the droid leaves the relative comfort of the turret gun and joins the rest of the melee, pistol at the ready. The droid pauses, almost in

contemplation before turning and putting a single shot between the eyes of one of the mercenaries. "Holding down the fort?" He's trying colloqualism's

today. Time will tell if its a success.

"This is /really/ stupid..." Sion is muttering, laying down covering fire as the team advances. She's lucky enough to catch one of the mercs as he pops up

to try and catch /her/, and he goes down in a heap. "Yes!" No time for exultation now: They've got to keep up the advance! She dashes for the nest point of cover, taking up a position there. "Soultaker, this is

Knife Four. We're mopping up here. It looks like most of the bad guys either bought it or bagged it. Wait one for ETA on takeoff, over."

Looking at his blaster, Kelnas grunts and holsters the thing. Moving towards the nearest Merc, he drops the blaster into a holster as he grabs the merc by

the back of the neck and slams his forehead into the man's nose. There's a wet splintering sound as they connect. A follow up punch goes wide as the

Wroonian tries to strike and dodge a blaster shot from one of the Merc's friends the dead Merc catching the bolt instead as Kelnas pivots and kicks out hard

at the second man. Grazing him with a steel toe across the armor, the smuggler continues his pivot and drives an elbow into the second attacker's throat

"Fucking panzy." . Horus found his cover and was being to contiune forword. A merc hideing until the last possiable second appers infornt of Hours leveling his pistol, Horus

raises his own but turns out not needing to fire. A stray bolt from who know were, find its way into the merc just mili second before the man was going to

fire. The merc drops dead leaving Hours feeling both releaved and very lucky.

~"Oh no you ain't shooting that green shit at my people!" Ax mutters, accidentally having the comms keyed up. The distinct sound of the Twin Ion Engines

that give the TIE series their name is heard as he punches the throttle to start a strafing run against the air defense weapons. Turbolasers were

devastating weapons, and it wouldn't take too many blasts to chew through even the powerful shields on the Lost Soul. Fortunately, they were stationary

targets and ripe pickings for an experienced pilot. "A dress, huh?" Ax asks as he unleashes fiery death on the enemy below. "I'm liking this idea more and more. Aru, keep an eye on the sensors. If they launch

fighters, I want to know from what vector." There's an explosion from the ground as one of the turrets takes more abuse than it can handle, trees, people parts and mud flying hundreds of meters in all

directions as a result. The TIE screaming overhead. "One down!" Ax calls out over comms. Already his combat computer is signalling target locks on two more

of the defense turrets, and a simple push of the button sends a pair of missiles screaming forth.

Sar Yavok takes a long look around the empty courtyard and smiles beneath the glass visor of his helmet. He turns and offers a look to his soldiers,

"Goddamn, I love you guys." A finger is pointed to Fenwick and he says, "Kid, get the wounded loaded into the Jawa and see about fixin' 'em." To Ascalon,

"Hop into the turret, make sure the area stays clear." To Lofty, "Take a look around. See what you can pick off these assholes bodies." To the group, "Good

job, everyone. You made poppa proud. Gren and I have a ship to find."

His rifle is shouldered and his pistol slips into his holster. As he moves further into the compound he shouts, "But do that shit quick-like, we're not

sticking around here for long."