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Slaver vessels go down, crashing into the jungled are of the planet. Relief efforts are underway.

OOC Date: February 20, 2021
Location: Ryloth
Participants: Vhe Tenara, Chani Tahn, Qutha Buvu Pah, Zelo Parrai, Bizz Bliptettjupp, Kellik, Dhr'rall, Lahni, Wahl, Anessa Panteer

Vhe Tenara

The ground is torn up and broken asunder by the path of the ships that had been forced to make unscheduled landings. One seems to be mostly intact and the first responders are already seeing to the vessel and its occupants. Various areas have been set up and the injured, which are many, are being seen to. The other vessel seems to be further in the distance with several toppled large trees is the second ship. Its turned about and the boarding ramp is stuck so that likely no one has gotten out of that vessel.

There are crews headed in that direction and yet more are beginning to set up a grid to search the thick jungle. The air hot and humid is very much like a second skin. Its late in the day and with the thread of night falling soon the efforts are increased and perhaps some liberties taken to ensure the work can be done without further harm to any parties.

The Nomad has been turned about with its ramp open. Vhe had been in system when she heard the general comsys and sent the information on to any and all within range as well as to the Republic on Chandrila. The Ysanna is helping to organize the groups that come in. "We need people searching the jungle and we need people helping to get the other ship open, its ramp is blocked so we have to figure out how to get around that." The small braids of her hair decorated with beads and metal clamps is pulled upwards and away to keep the heat from her skin. Water. Water is needed and she is quick to offer what she has aboard the Nomad.

Chani Tahn

The jungle is hot and bright where the system star penetrates. Cooked underneath Ryloth's star, the ground cracks more often than it sifts underneath Chani's boots. A pair of glareshades sit on the bridge of her nose, protecting her eyes against the overabundance of ultraviolet light and allowing her to leave them open. What starts as dense soon turns into chaos, however. Scattered across the distance before her, the remains of broken trees lay in a broad vicinity, and for Chani? It's a little too much to try and discern at once. Two paths extend out from the camps set up to aid survivors. Dressed in a jumpsuit and bits of armor over critical anatomical areas, Chani has adapted it for the heat by pushing its sleeves up towards her elbows and sheddings its gloves.

"I'll help with the ramp, unless you'd rather I go into the jungle." This she says to the Ysanna woman.

Qutha Buvu Pah

Still getting used to the old ETA-2, Qutha's arrival came moments before the announcements by Vhe regarding blocked craft hatches and means to open them. Hood down and allowing himself sunlight after the hyperdrive travel, the sentient, humanoid, flora taking a long breath. He pauses, looks to the downed craft and the ground around it with a slow raising of his brows.

"Chani, Vhe - we're going to need to try and lift it." pointing, "It's sinking. Impact and moisture, it's a bog and likely there's an air-pocket formed from the heat probably." frown growing. "It's going to become a sinkhole after it finishes being quicksand." hustling then towards the trapped craft.

You paged Dhr'rall with 'The whole place is general Chaos but these are slaves. Would be slaves possibly some indentured. They are being escorted off the closest ship but just like you Bizz picks up a scent of fear but yes you can go into the jungle if you like.'

Zelo Parrai

Zelo Parrai needed space. Not space in the emotional sense. He just needed some time in the Black Ocean, trying to find a new kind of flying, something that he'd heard about, that called to him and made him feel the way he did in the water. It was on this journey, well out of sight of anything or anyone that the ping came on the relay: slaver ships, crashed on Ryloth, search and rescue. Zelo didn't like slavers. He did like helping people. So quickly he threw up a route to Ryloth and jumped into hyperspace.

Now, on the ground in the middle of a jungle, scarred and broken by the slavers' ships, he steps out of the Projor Haal, a pair of guns slung over his shoulder in case of slavers, and his forest-green-meets-ash-smoke armor in its element, designed to blend into the shadows of the undergrowth. <"I'm sweeping the undergrowth,"> he calls to the Jedi he knows as Vhe through the vocoder in his helmet. Casting black pool eyes to the treeline, it doesn't take long to spot movement. It would just barely be a flash to most, maybe a falling leaf, but he saw enough to know a humanoid figure. A small one. <"I've got something this way, heading that direction!"> He calls out, feet pounding as he moves to pursue.

Bizz Bliptettjupp

Brother Bizz Bliptettjupp is here in his holy robes with the Jedi contingent, unetiwood walking stick at the ready. He is tapping at the hull of the closest transport, trying to sound out its integrity, if such a thing is possible. "Something smells odd," he says to Qutha and Chani. "This humidity is delightful!"


All of this rang a shade too familiar for the old clone. Sure, slavers on Ryloth, that wasn't new. Had been happening since long before he served the republic and the cynic in his head was telling him that it'd be happening long after everyone here was gone, but the furrows in the ground, the yelling, the smell of burning forests, fading tabanna and crippled scorched starship was a particular miasma one doesn't soon forget. His eyes scanned the treeline, half expecting a squad of B1's to come clanking and squawking out of it, or perhaps one of the Sep's heavier units.

No damn it. No. The CIS weren't here. They were all dead. Long dead.

He took a moment to steel himself, reaching for a flask on his hip and taking a long swig. This was something he had to do, he had reasoned to himself, though, he still perhaps wasn't sure why. Maybe it was to prove that he could still be of use somehow, maybe it was just pure altruism, but either way, he was here now and had a job to do. "Right." He said, half to the others and perhaps half to himself. "Let's get this started."


It is an interesting scene to look over. Dhr'rall himself has the modified helm of his special armor from the Bounty Hunter's Guild tucked under his arm. He is scowling and audibly growling, which means a lot of fangs are angrily visible. With Vhe breaking them up into different details, he starts pulling his helmet onto his head. His ears slot through it and swivel in random directions. His eyes become protected by a visor, and he leaves the faceplate disconnected for now to keep his nose and angry fangs visible.

Speaking in broken growl-accented sibilant but passable basic. "Dhr'rall is not mechanic. Dhr'rall will hunt in jungle." He looks to the jungle, others seem to have their own ideas. Dhr'rall considers his massive paws and his claw fingers. For now, he doesn't switch to his rifle. "Dhr'rall will do this old fashioned way." With that he slips into the jungle deathly silent, while it takes a moment, he does eventually vanish from view in the process of his search.


A trip to Ryloth had not been on the cards today - but like many others, Lahni was answering the call for assistance - and like many others, she harbors a particular loathing for slavers and the pain they inflict on the galaxy. As the ship sets down, she's already waiting by the ramp - having quickly changed into more utilitarian garb for the occassion. A blaster rides prevelantly on her hip - just in case - as she starts lowering the ramp. "...what a mess," the Omwati murmurs - before raising her voice to call back towards the cockpit, "Anessa? Anessa - let's stay close!" Only once her friend is at her side does she descend, hurrying towards the wreckage. She pauses beside a twi'lek woman with green skin - a woman who seems to be going into some sort of panic from the experience. Crouching beside her she speaks in a calming tone. "Ma'am? Why don't you come with us?" she encourages her with a reassuring smile. "It looks like they have a medical tent set up. We'll have the doctor's check on you, and then you can help them with the other patients. Alright?" She gently draws the woman up to her feet - checking to ensure Anessa remained nearby - before the trio continue towards the tent.


Humid sweat rolling down her neck is an uncomfortable feeling. She should have gone without the thermal suit. It allegedly assists with heat, but she can't help but think it's only acting as a sponge for her perspiration. Wahl's presence has gone mostly unnoticed for two reasons, she hasn't bothered to speak with anyone and she never announced that she was coming to help. This is likely to everyone's benefit. Her temper is at its worst in the heat.

The agent stalked about the edge of the scene for a few minutes, letting search crews and other first responders go ahead of her. Work smarter, not harder. It took her a little longer to choose a path into the jungle, but once she had assessed all of her options, she found one with little resistance. Plants rubbing against you is a great way to find an alien arachnid.

The woman steps through the low foliage, traveling quickly through the loose jungle. After disappearing from view, she removes her helmet and programs the built in communicator to monitor Republic channels.

Anessa Panteer

The YT-1300 /Celestial Guarlara/ had been making its way through the inky blackness of space, barely reverting to sublight before it picked up the stress call. Once it landed as close as it could safely manage, a petite, feminine figure in dusty white and dark blue Void Armor made her way as hurriedly as she could safely manage through the jungle towards the crashed vessels. Anessa was maintaining pace with the Omwati woman she traveled with, though her head was completely obscured by her helmet.

<"This is awful,"> comes her distorted voice when her helmet mic clicks on, glancing from the chaos towards Lahni, watching her move towards the injured Twi'lek. She was /going/ to stay close. She /was/. <"Get her somewhere safe."> It's the only warning that she offers before she moves elsewhere, heading towards a stash of medical supplies, where an injured, unarmed man seemed to be pillaging them.

Anessa slipped the S5 from her holster when she came within range, leveling it at him. <"You! At the med supplies. Drop them. Now."> Her tone didn't suggest she was open to argument, and she stayed far enough way to keep him from being able to take a swing at her.

Vhe Tenara

The Chaos continues with the sounds of people trying to communicate and share information. The sounds of the jungle wildlife surrounding the area is just another layer to the noise. Anessa and Lahni remain near each other as Lahni aids a woman who looks like she might be having trouble catching her breath but is nodding. She understands some basic but the native Ryl that comes from her mouth is shaken. She points at the first ship and holds up her finger like a gun. But it is Anessa's drawing of her gun that causes some gasps to be heard and the young rough looking pirate pauses, dropping a few of the supplies he had been rooting through and holds up his hands. "No shoot no shoot!" His hands go higher still as he stares at Anessa.

Kellik and Bizz are near that very first ship, There are a few natives that are helping others out but there is some sounds of panic from inside the vehicle, some exclamations in Huttese and then those volunteering back away and start crying out in Ryl as they rush a few meters away.

Wahl is too far away to hear anything as are Dhr'rall and Zelo, tracking their own individuals. The jungle is dense and now that they are away from some clearings and the crash site it gets worse, making visibility troublesome. Wahl for her part sticks with the broken undergrowth which is likely from someone in a hurry. The sounds of something moving through the underbrush to the side is more startling than it is alarming, but its not what she tracks so far as she can tell.

Dhr'rall, used to such work finds himself easily moving through the undergrowth and there are voices ahead, soft whispers as some leaves move but nothing else is apparent. They are still moving ahead of him, whatever he found along the way.

Zelo caught sight of his target upon landing and is off, keepign the back of them in view the whole way. There is a startled sound as they suddenly are dumped out of sight and go quiet. There is an audible oof after a few seconds and then a cry of pain.

As for the Jedi, Vhe hear's Qutha's request and though the panic around them occurs for varying reasons she focuses. "Very well, Chani, Qutha...." Vhe reaches her hands out, stepping away from the ship and her water duty to get closer to the other two, focusing her attention on the second ship that is starting to sink a little in the churned up earth.

Chani Tahn

A sidelong glance that's hidden by the darkened lenses of her glareshades orients itself in Qutha's direction, but in passing, Chani settles it farther beyond, where a group of children are being gathered up. "Are they supposed to be separating the children like that?" The gesture with her hand is more idle than an active point of the finger, and it's a question she postulates to both Qutha and Vhe. Her lips thin underneath the pressure placed on them when she presses them together. Her gaze is glued onto them despite Qutha's warning that one of the ships is sinking and they'll need to lift it out, and she barely registers the Jedhan monk's declaration that the humidity is delightful. It's not. It seeps down the side of her neck as sweat.

While she waits for an answer she begins to move towards the children being gathered up. One calls out for their mother, but Chani's attention remains focused on those doing the herding. She lifts her voice to ask, ensuring it carries over the din of everything else happening. "Excuse me, but why are you moving the children over here? The medical tent is that way and they shouldn't be out in this heat. They should be in one of the aid habs, getting rations and water and checkups." Her hands remain idle near her thighs, arms resting by her sides, body posture natural and poised well. Her dark hair is somewhat sleek in its appearance, with the fringe strands near stringy from the wet heat of the jungle.

Then, quite suddenly, her breathing slows, and her right hand drifts forward until it's resting atop her thigh. It's moved closer to a cylindrical object hanging from the belt near her left hip, but in a way that seems like she's merely finding a new place for it to brace.

Qutha Buvu Pah

Separating out the children. Qutha's mouth opens, looking where Chani points and to the ship that's sinking. Swallowing hard. "Call if you need... If that ship sinks there may be more." watching Chani go and her hand movement to the hilt on her belt. Another gulp and he turns towards the craft in the shifting sand and soil.

No other words for the moment, turning back and raising a hand towards the craft and breathes slow. Focusing, forgetting the weight of the ship and the pull of gravity with widening green eyes when he can feel something shift. Not raise. Not move. But not sink either.

Zelo Parrai

Zelo, Pilot, Nautolan, Mandalorian loses sight of his quarry. Fast. Too fast for it to really have been a deliberate action. An accident then. He slows a little, boots digging into the fertile underbrush and dirt as he comes upon a small... Not a cliff, but maybe something like it. The dropoff houses a river and, in it, a Twi'lek woman is floating. Or just resting on the streambed, not quite buoyed. Ryloth, slavers, Twi'lek. It's a simple equation and he adds it up quickly. Without a second thought, he lifts his arms and a pair of durable wings extend from his torso. Much like swimming in the air, just unidirectionally, gliding is easy. He descends quickly to land near the woman and is at her side in a few moments. The Nautolan kneels near her, not reaching out to lift or move her until she acknowledges him, or seems unresponsive.

<"Miss, we're here to help. You will be taken care of. You are safe. Are you hurt?"> His calm baritone voice attempts to reassure through the t-visored helmet's vocoder.

Bizz Bliptettjupp

Bizz looks at Kellik, puzzled at the Huttese sounds and the rest of the Twi'leks fleeing. "What's all this? Who's in there?" The short Ugnaught hikes up his robes and goes to peek inside the craft, looking for whomever is making all of that racket. He sneaks into the ship, stick at the ready, but doesn't find anything just yet.


Moving silently through bad terrain, especially thick forest and jungle is literal instinct for Dhr'rall. He pauses a little too late to catch the full sound his ears were looking for. He starts moving again and his glowing jade pupils pick up something. His head cocks to one side, that looks like a foot. Specifically, a shackled ankle. Dhr'rall is barely able to contain and stop himself from growling aloud. He cannot be certain of the why there is a shackle after all. The Togorian continues deeper in, following the direction of where he saw that motion, claws at the ready just in case. Though he keeps them curled in preparation, mostly to keep them out of immediate sight so he is ideally less terrifying a presence to the right folk.


Lahni's attention shifts towards the ship as the woman makes the universal sign for 'blaster' - then back towards the woman once more. "You'll be safe in the medical tent," she assures the woman gently. "The authorities will check the ship for the slavers," she promises.

But how many of them would escape by disguising themselves as their victims?

As the woman spots Anessa's drawn weapons, Lahni tightens her arms around her, still speaking soothingly. "It's alright. She's a friend. She's helping." She continues to guide the twi'lek woman - keeping her on her right, so her left hand is free to claim her weapon. "Anessa? You good?"


The sounds of movement in the bushes make Wahl's skin crawl. Everything feels cold for a flash of surprise, but returns to the warm soupy feeling shortly after. Animals. She has roamed the wilderness a few times on Chandrila for practice. Unlike the reserves, this is an untamed mess. Her head is carefully crammed back into her helmet, extra mindful as to not pull out her hair. At least she can hear communications now.

"Hello!?" She calls out in both galactic basic and Huttese. "I know you're out there." Again, in both languages. "I'm here to help!"

The lack of response is concerning. Paranoia starts to set in.

'It was a good day to bring a set of gloves.' is all she can think as she vaults over a decaying log. Her hands help her navigate around the brush, keeping them free of anything else. The brush suddenly stops moving. That's odd. *Crack*

Two figures emerge from the brush, causing the agent to jump back with surprise. "Hold it right there!" A Nikto pirate yells to Wahl. His blaster is pressed into the side of a Twi'lek slave. The hostage is bright white, he squirms against his captor with fear in his eyes. "Move another inch and this one is gonna get it!"

Anessa Panteer

Great. Anessa /caught/ him. Now what was she going to /do/ with him? Now that she had him under control and he seemed obedient enough, almost overly so, her voice softens some. <"Easy, okay? You're already hurt. Do what I tell you, and you don't get more hurt. -- I'm fine, Lahni. Take her and go.">

The Alderaanian didn't even look over when she addressed her friend, but her voice was confident in her actions. The S5 dipped a bit, pointing towards the pirate's midsection. <"Leave /all/ of the supplies."> Her voice is pointedly 'encouraging', pointing out clearly that she wasn't going to let him get away with anything, while keeping that same, level tone. Her visor rotates briefly as her free hand comes up, pointing a finger at a nearby group of pirates that are already bound and guarded by a Twi'lek with an apparently sufficiently intimidating pitch fork. She waits for the pirate to obey before issuing the next order.

<"We're going over there with your buddies. Walk in front of me, hands where I can see them. Try anything, and I shoot. Let's keep it nice and calm, okay?"> Anessa is already moving to give him room to pass by her.

Vhe Tenara

Vhe and Qutha continue to struggle with the ship, it starts to lift out of the ground but it bubbles, gurgles and the suction from the soft earth creates a sort of vacuum. Vhe tilts her head, glancing her at compatriot and then over her shoulder at Chani as she confronts the figure with the children. The human male stares at the young Naboo woman and then back at the group as he begins to urge the children again. "I am getting them to the village." The village is to the right, he's heading somewhere else. Where? Who knows but he clears his throat and reaches towards his side as he sees Chani's hand move. His eyes dart up to her's and he growls below his breath, shoving one of the tallest children at her and takes off towards the tree line. Several of the children start to sob and cry as they stay right where they are, eyes wide and frightened by the strange turn of events.

Anessa and Lahni start to get things under control, if slowly. The pirate gives Anessa a smile, a nervous one as his rotted teeth show and he keeps his hands up. "Right right...move move.." he repeats after her, sounding thickly accented as he looks to the group of pirates that are already gathered by the locals, tied up and guarded. His face blanches a little but there is that blaster in her hand and commanding voice. He looks down and realizes the items he has are in view and he mutters in huttese as he unceremoniously litters them in his wake.

Lahni gets a look from the woman and once the pirate is being moved she nods and points at the ship where Bizz and Kellik are running into something. "Inta, Inta...Inta" She is saying a name? She points and motions as the hissing sounds increase.

Zelo's quarry is dazed, leg broken at the bottom of the ravine she fell down. The twi'lek groans and blinks, looking up at him and then screaming. Armor. Unfamiliar armor and she reaches up to bat at him and try to turn onto her stomach and drag herself down the side of the small riverbed that is mostly dried up this time of the year.

Dhr'rall catches sight of movement, a shackled ankle now hidden beneath the thick boughs of some undergrowth. Whispers are light, barely audible and they are in Ryl. More than one. But further away he can hear the call of Wahl and the conversation she is having. More like a yelling match and threats. The Togorian is the nearest and with his keen hearing will sense the threat in some of the words.


Bizz and Kellik are going to meet some wildlife as the unfortunate commando missteps and draws the attention of a very large snake that had found its way within a smashed viewport on the side of the ship. It rears up, readying to strike.

Chani Tahn

Chani's eyes snap to the man's hand when it goes for his waist, but rather than needing to defend herself, Chani instead watches him take off into the underbrush. She doesn't follow. Exhaling, Chani's right hand settles back towards its neutral spot and the damp soil beneath her boots leaves detailed imprints when she steps forward to approach the children. They're all panicked and most of them are crying. Lifting her hands up to them to show that she has nothing in them, Chani speaks with a tone that is calming, and her hands make gental swaying motions. "It's alright. You're not going anywhere with him. Let's go back to the tents and get you something to eat, okay?" Her gaze slips from one grimy face to the next, looking for attention.

She has it. Lowering her hands, Chani allows one of the children to take her right, and then beckons to the rest with her left. "This way," she gestures, allowing the children to go first so that she is between them and the jungle beyond. "Vhe, someone ran out into the jungle after trying to take the children. I didn't go after him." Better to let one man run than leave a large number of children unattended. She encourages them along towards the medical tent and begins calling out to the medical personnel. "These children need to be checked and looked over." She does not detach from them, but rather stays with them. Qutha and Vhe will have to deal with the ship on their own. She intends to ensure these children are safe.

Qutha Buvu Pah

Not paying attention to the weight and gravity are all well and good, but it is still a reality alongside the living force. Breathing deep and trying to dig down into himself while finding his thoughts filled with the voices calling and the sensations of panic washing all around. Not that he could be help. No warrior he, and maybe that's more frustrating.

But there are people in that ship and he feels himself lean back, as if tugging on a rope - his mind and touch with the force the other end of that tether.

"Vhe... Vhe I'm just holding it. Are you here?" he's not looking, his eyes are firmly on the craft that he struggles with, and Chani's words are only more troubling. Resisting the urge to look over his shoulder at the younger woman and the news of what is going on with the children.

Zelo Parrai

Of course. He's geared up, and the woman may have spotted the butts of guns slung on his back... Not at all a calming presence. Zelo does what most Mandalorians would not when the presence of enemies is still a possibility. He reaches up quickly with gauntleted hands, releases the catches on his helmet and tears it upwards without the usual slow and deliberate pace, scraping more than a few of his cobalt-blue tendrils as they spill out of a helmet that should not have tried to house them. The Nautolan tosses it to the side, ahead of the woman, to get her attention before she crawls too far and hurts herself more. He's already uncertain how to get her out of this small ravine without causing her more harm. No helmet, no vocoder, the Nautolan speaks without electronic ornament now.

"Miss, no... Please, stop. I'm not one of them. Never would be. Hate slavers." He's not certain if there's a language barrier, so he's accompanying it with the calm, slow, and open gestures. The Twi'lek slows in her agonizing crawl for freedom. "Please... Your leg... Don't damage it further. I'm here... To help you. We have medics. Doctors. I will need to carry you. Somehow." He gestures to himself with one hand. "I'm Zelo." He holds his other hand out to her, waiting for her to accept it before he figures out the next step.


Kellik glared at the creature as it reared up, his lips curling into almost a snarl. He didn't even flinch as the snake reared up, just spitting on the ground and letting out a growly "Well... yer an ugly one." as he pulled his blaster, squeezed the trigger and... pew. pew pew. Yeah this thing sucked even more than Kellik imagined. Sure, the man knew blasters, the man knew that the guy from the pawn shop was full of it, but he didn't figure he'd be *this* full of it.

"Ffff... This damned thing's going in a trash compactor at the first oppertunity. Gah. Well, anyway. Snake's dealt with." He gave it a good kick for good measure. 'Tis dead. "Yup. Dealt with."

Bizz Bliptettjupp

Bizz readies his stick and gives a howl. "Watch out, it's a snake! By the FORCE!" Kellik blasts it once with a very small pistol, distracting the reptile, while Bizz moves quickly aside and bashes it twice. BONK BONK. Right on the head! "I hate snakes!" There'll be no snake-healing here. That snake is dead.


His large head turns from one side to the other, light Ryl whispers on side side. Threats on the other, and a clear hostage situation. Dhr'rall manages to bite down on a challenging snarl. Memories flash through the Togorians mind and he rages internally as a result. His footing is not as quick as he normally would choose. But he makes good time through the jungle moving with barely a whisper of sound. Digitgrade legs allow for movement in tighter spots than one his size should manage. Dhr'rall isn't above crawling either.

Wahl's first indication something else has become involved are angry slitted glowing jade pupil's in the jungle behind the pirate and a little to the side. The next are the fingers ending in long claws that look like they could shred durasteel. Finally, aside from his looming form there on the edge, ready to act. The bared silent fangs, as Dhr'rall stands with every fiber of his being crying out for him to begin to rip and tear.


"There are people checking the ship. See? It'll be alright. They're checking." Lahni brings her frightened woman into the tent, still offering meaningless reassurances, at almost the same moment as Chani ushers the children forward - and the Omwati's gaze immediately softens with sympathy, and concern. Seeing a particularly small child crying, she crouches down, managing a single word in Ryl from the lyrics of one of her songs - 'Girl' - as she gestures the child forward into her arms.

"I can mind these," Lahni promises Chani. "You can do more good than I," she adds, nodding her head to the stunsaber that hangs at the woman's hip. Rubbing one hand soothingly on the back of the child now craddled in her arms, she adds, "Let's get you little ones some water and food. Yes? Water and food?" Hopefully at least one of them knows enough basic to recognize those words.

Turning her head towards a medic she asks, "Is there a bin of rations?"


Time seems to slow as Wahl tries to think herself out of this situation. Her feet slide against the jungle floor, still caught off-guard by the sudden appearance of a gunman. With the blaster pointed at the slave, she sees an opportunity to act. She swallows the risk involved and draws her blaster pistol, pointing it directly at the Nikto. "If you shoot him, I'm going to shoot you." The woman puts it as bluntly as possible. "You're not going to have enough time to kill us both." Her fingers wiggle against the grip of her S-5, causing the barrel to sway about. "Let him go or shoot me first." She is playing with fire. "Or die. You're choice."

Anessa Panteer

<"Good lad. Keep moving."> Anessa's voice is sincere with just a /touch/ of condescension through her helmet speaker. She /was/ Alderaanian, after all. She walks a few paces behind him as they both pick their way through some of the debris makes his way over toward that group of pirates that were already bound and being watched.

<"I've got one more for you."> A little louder than before, Anessa's voice calls out towards the Twi'lek farmer/guard, trying to ensure she didn't startle the man with her approach. Once they get close enough to the farmer, her helmet speaker clicks on again. <"Stop. Lay down on the ground. All the way down. Hands behind your back."> Her visor turned towards briefly towards the Twi'lek as if checking in with him before moving and taking one of the pieces of the spare rope that are nearby-- the small pile that had been used to tie up the captives that were already there. She spared a glance towards those captives as she headed back to hers, her expressionless visor watching them squirm for a moment, before her attention was turned back to her own quarry.

Vhe Tenara

That ship is getting to be burdensome and she lets out a shaky breath. She is there and Qutha's question gets a confirmed, "Yes...I think so..." Her hands reach out further, as if trying to span the distance to the ship. Struggle she does but finally there is a sound of slurp, pop as the ship makes it out of the sink hole with a little more distance but its far from safe, the two need to move it to solid ground and upright it. "Q, turn it, I will move it to the side but you need to turn it upright slowly. Could be many injured."

Chani's children as they shall be called are following her, leaving the pirate rushing off though Vhe has little chance to look. "We will have to go searching for them or maybe the wilds will, either way..." she sounds strained but glances towards the children a moment as Lahni intercepts. Rations? One of the twi'lek natives understands basic and moves over with a small basket of fresh fruits from the orchards they have cultivated, she begins to help hand out the food with Lahni to the children, giving Chani a grateful nod.

All the while HISSSSSSSS. Bizz and Kellik manages to down the large snake as it twitches in the after throws while its nervous system bucks about. Finally it goes still and out rushes a few of the people still inside and one is reaching for Kellik and pointing inside. "Inta."

Anessa gets a look but there is a nod of understanding. Rope is brought forward and the disheveled pirate gives her a look before being brought to his knees once secured. That does not stop the sudden movement from the devaronian pirate who is suddenly at his feet and running. He takes off as the cries of surprise lift up from the farm tool armed twi'lek.

Zelo's charge seems to at least understand and calms to a greater degree. She breathes in and out with a wild expression before she nods and slowly reaches up with her gold hand to take his.

The tense situation in the jungle with Wahl and the pirate is growing, the nikto giving her a scathing look. "Yer dumb aren't ya!" The blaster once pointed at his captive is aimed at her, the shot going wide in the sudden change of trajectory and he curses below her breath completely blind to incoming death creature of black fur.

Chani Tahn

With the children all gathered in the aid hab and a basket of fruit being passed around to them, she casts a glance over the assembled and the Omwati woman that begins to interject into the process. "I am being useful. They were being kidnapped. No task is too small for attention." Gently extricating her hand from the child that has hold of it, Chani offers a smile to them all. "Eat well. Stay out of the heat. Share with each other." She turns away after, and trades the cooler interior of the tent with its small climate control module for the heat of the jungle once more. Qutha and Vhe are still stationed where she'd last seen them, both locked in looks of concentration. Chani approaches them, kicking up soil and leaving more footprints.

"It's difficult to tell the survivors from the slavers," She remarks. Letting silence reign after, Chani exhales a long breath and joins the other two. She stands in her own spot, however, ensuring none of them are all clumped together. Her gaze fixates through the dark lenses of her glareshades onto the ship in the muck, and her own right hand raises. Beaded sweat on her skin begins to slip towards the underside, where it'll swell into thicker beads that patter onto the ground after they're heavy enough. Chani doesn't notice it. All she can see is the ship beyond her outstretched hands, fingers splayed and the lean muscles in her neck and arm beginning to define themselves under her taut, dusky skin.

Qutha Buvu Pah

Eyes towards Chani again, to then to Vhe and then the ship once more, "A reminder to get a translator droid I think." no joke there but a sound akin to air escaping a crack in a hull while sweat beads and the chlorophyll rushing to his cheeks turns them a soft green. "Chani - can you lend us some aid?"

Eyes closing as he tries to remember the teachings, to unlearn what has been learned in the past. Feeling rather than seeing, breathing the world around him and not just the air. Even when he feels something tense in him and his face becomes a mask of pain as the headache starts to form.

Zelo Parrai

Zelo takes her hand gently, the one exposed fingerpad of his trigger finger meeting her gold skin with cobalt blue. "Thank you. Alright. We're going to need to get you on my back." He makes a motion with his left hand to his shoulder, grabbing at it with the beskar gauntlet. He nods, waiting for a sign of acceptance from her before he sets things in motion. He reaches nearby with his free hand and grabs his helmet, clipping it to his belt, and then he turns back to face her, black pool eyes reflecting the light around them, taking in everything they can. "This may hurt. I'm really sorry. I can't carry you in my arms while climbing. You'll have to hold." Waiting for her nod, he helps her shift position slightly, kneeling in the small stream beside her as he helps her lift the broken leg. With some maneuvering and more pain than either of them would have liked, the woman gets her arms around his shoulders, and Zelo puts in maximum effort, rising to his feet with an extra Twi'lek offering him some resistance training.

"Alright. That's hopefully going to be the hardest part. You hold on," he pats her hands, which are locked together, "And I'll get us out of here." The Pilot's keen eyes scan the walls of the small ravine, seeking any sort of break or path up that will lend itself to smoother egress.

Bizz Bliptettjupp

Bizz creeps through the next doorway or bulkhead to where 'Inta' is. Inta is a guy! Bitten by a snake! "Oh no, he has been bitten." He looks at Kellik. "Do we suck out the poison? Maybe we should get a medic." The squat monk goes to grab the stricken Twi'lek, but he is too heavy for Bizz to lift alone. "URRRRRRG."


Kellik took a good look at the snake. And uh... yeah between the low light, the blaster to the face right through its venom glands and just the general mauling the clone had no idea what the heck this thing was. It was big though. And real ugly. That unfortunately was an apt descriptor for half the critters in this jungle. Still, might be save to err on the side of caution. He jogged on over to Bizz and the bitten one, nodding and starting to help haul the poor guy out. Seemed that COMMANDO STRENGTH hadn't faded any.

"Hup! Grrr... No idea if that thing was venomous. That was usually Chef's job to figure out. One of the locals'll probably know more about these bastards but we'd better make sure they got antivenom or... something out there."


With Wahl trying words instead of Action, it's distracting the Nikto pirate for Dhr'rall to prepare himself for a leap. He gives it a moment's hesitation, perhaps this pirate will be smart and let the hostage go. Dhr'rall has serious doubts, and would have started shooting by now. His entire being craves to slaughter the pirate where he stands.

Memories of another pirate some time ago, a captive with violent eyes flash across his mind. Dhr'rall's jaws open to bare his fangs fully. His hands unfurl the claw-fingers completely. At least this pirate isn't trying to buy his freedom with a slave. But the Nikto IS foolish enough to try to quickly shift targets and fire.

The enraged Togorian silently steps forwards, no bellowed challenge or snarl. The claws first slash upwards at an angle from hip to shoulder forcing the Nikto to turn and see his own personal doom. The next swipe punches through the Nikto's sternum and slashes downwards turning insides into outsides. NOW Dhr'rall snarls his hate and rage into the Pirates face, and makes it the last thing the Nikto sees and hears when he punches the claws into face and eyes.

A sideways motion of his large right arm, casually tossing aside the corpse to slowly squat down on those backwards folding legs of his. He puts those glowing green jades upon the slave, and smiles, or he hopes it's a smile to the newly freed.. "Dhr'rall apologizes that Dhr'rall was introduced this way. Dhr'rall is here for rescue."


Lahni gives the woman with her basket of fruit a grateful smile as fruit is handed out to the children. What could be more calming than fruit?

Well. There is one thing the Omwati woman finds equally calming, and that is song. So while hefting the one child still in her arms, she begins to sing - one of the softer, slower, sweeter Jizz tunes she knows - in Ryl, of course. Telling the story of a couple on a starlit stroll, with eyes only for each other...

Sure it's incongruous. But if it provides comfort, who cares? While she sings, she lets her gaze trace over each of the children in turn, searching them for signs of pain or injury.


An instinctual blink causes the agent to miss the visual treat of having a blaster bolt fly over her head. The sound is hard to miss though. Her body rocks to the side out of reflex, as much as you prepare yourself, there isn't much you can do about natural fear. By the time she had opened her eyes, a massive black blur jumps out and attacks the pirate. Between the sudden fright inspired by Dhr'rall and the albino Twi'lek sprinting right at her, it's a miracle that she doesn't buckle under pressure.

"Woah! Hoo-" Wahl tries her best to stop the Twi'lek from running by her. The effort doesn't work quite the way she wants it to. The 'slave' is in a panicked state, trying to drag her along with him. "-ld on! Wait...stop!"


Eventually the traumatized man comes to a halt, taking the time to listen for Dhr'rall's apology.

[Anessa Panteer]

Anessa had holstered her blaster to deal with the pirate at her feet, pressing one knee into his back as she tied his wrists together as securely. <"Up you go,"> she says as she helps him back onto his knees. Of course, she'd barely gotten him there when one of the other captives jumps to his feet and takes off running. Her reaction, fortunately or unfortunately, doesn't come from any formalized law enforcement or military training. She doesn't even shot a warning. It's pure instinct.

The S-5 comes out of the holster on Anessa's thigh in a flash, brought up towards the back of the Devaronian and squeezed-- once, twice-- two blue stun bolts lance out, the first one going wide, but the second catches him squarely between the shoulder blades, sending him sprawling into the dirt, face down and unconscious.

Anessa's visor turns back to the others still bound and gathered, that blaster still in her hand. <"Anybody else?"> she asks, even the exasperated sigh that follows audible through the speaker.

Vhe Tenara

That poor ship is floating but then bobs a bit when distraction occurs. Catching her breath, Vhe glances to Chani and then hears the song. Its a strange thing to hear given the cries of pain, fear and the sound of the jungle around them. "We can do this..." she says in a huff of breath as the hissing of the snake has finally gone and she focuses on the ship before she feels her hold on it solidify through the Force. Bouyed by those around her she hovers the ship over a good portion of its inbound trajectory where it had ripped through the jungle and waits for the ship to be rotated. Only then will she set it down and rescue crews will run forward to start prying open the ramp.

Anessa gets one pirate secure only to have another git up and run, perhaps also inspired by Lahni but he does not get far. One stun ring slams into a tree beside him and he makes one wrong move and down he goes, twitching and quiet as he lays face down. The rest of the gathered up slavers just look at each other and then shake their head up at her.

Lahni's singing is a blessing and the children find hope in it as does everyone else near the location. Some of the children smile and bop along a few are trying to find the right notes as they are seen to to help her sing. A tiny little chorus of little voices begins to rise up.

Inta, the green male that Bizz and Kellik help evacuate is looking a little worse for wear. The crash hurt him and that snake left two huge puncture wounds in his leg. He can barely walk and relies on the two to get him to safety.

Wahl and the slave are in the clear when the ball of black fur murders the Nikto, the alien screaming only for a brief moment before he quiets and lays still. The white male stares at Dhr'rall and his eyes widen when the towering beast speaks. HIs mouth opens and closes while he stays next to Wahl. There is a hush of movement as three heads poke out and two small children and one adolescent Twi'lek get a glance around. The three Dhr'rall had been trailing. They rush towards the white male exclaiming as they crowd around him and Wahl. Father? Brother? Hard to tell but they know each other.

Finally poor Zelo in the hot humid air manages to find the best way up that ravine's side. The injured female wraps her arms rightly around his shoulders and holds on for her life. She doesn't say a word but it feels like she's not going to let go at all.

Chani Tahn

The tension in her muscles and the subtle tremors beginning to develop in them from the effort of keeping them clenched is starting to show in Chani's stance. Her fingers are the most definitive signs of this effort, because her fingertips subtly sway in little circles, provoked both by the powerful pulse thrumming through her by way of her heartbeats and by the aching burn starting to develop in her arm. Her face is contorted into a frown and sweat coats her face and all the visible parts of her skin. Whatever she's doing, however, it's clearly having an effect, because the ship that was sinking into the bog has lifted up and out of the muck and is beginning to move towards where it can be set down. Her steps are measured. Her pacing is slow.

And where her hand moves, the ship, with the aid of Vhe and Qutha, begins to move, too. It rotates on its axis, slowly turning rightside up in accordance with gravity and their own alignment. Panting heavily, Chani now breathes purely through her opened mouth, attempting to fuel her oxygen starved muscles. The glareshades themselves have eased down the bridge of her nose thanks to the moisture on her face, revealing the intensity of her gaze where its focused on the craft that hovers above the ground. It drips foetid mud from its underside and the parts that were submerged, but Chani is thankfully far enough away to not be overpowered by the atrocious smell wafting from its hull.

Qutha Buvu Pah

The ship is moved and there is a relieved glance for Chani and Vhe as they get that task completed before he ended up dropping the thing into the muck and sinking down to whatever horrid fate was set for them. Deep breaths come and with the ramp no longer blocked, Qutha's other hand comes up and makes as if to grip at something. Cheeks puffing out while his lips pull into a line held by his teeth.

A grunt to go with his effort, head tossed like a tauntaun to flip the -just long enough- to reach his eyes hair out of his face. No modeling action here though! Not at all despite those farm-boy looks! But his other hand pulls, hard, and the ramp is opened with a grinding crack of breaking pneumatics - to allow those trapped within the chance to leap to safety.

Zelo Parrai

There. A small tear in the edge of the ravine. An extra handhold. A couple of recently fallen rocks lending a higher starting point. That will do. Zelo holds the woman's knees while he's moving across the flat area, but as he moves onto the rocks at the base of the wall, he trusts her to hold her own until they're out. He lifts his helmet and manually turns on a broadcast frequency - his voice is a little distant on comms as he calls in his situation. <<"Zelo Parrai here, I have a woman with a broken leg. We're down in a ravine, I'm climbing us out but anyone who can get a stretcher to her faster would be much appreciated. I'd rather she have as little extra leg damage as possible. Off-comms, climbing.">> He reclips the helmet and lifts his gloves to the ravine's walls, his skyripper armor giving him an easier time, which was needed with a passenger.

"Here we go." It's not a long climb, only a minute until gauntlets grab the lip of the ravine and power the Nautolan and Twi'lek up to the jungle floor. "Alright... They'll find us soon. If not... It's not far now." He holds her knees again, to help relieve the pressure on the woman's arms, and begins making his way through the jungle in the direction of the people who can help. "I'm sorry about your leg. I don't know if you can understand me, but I'm sorry I frightened you. You're safe." He just keeps talking to the woman as the Mandalorian picks his way through the jungle; he may not be in his ship, but the pilot still gets people where they need to go.

"I got it! It's open!" a bark of surprised and pleased laughter running from the zelosian.


All that extra strength juice the Kaminoans pumped into the tanks when they were making the commandos was paying off. Kellik hauled the bitten one out of the stricken vessel almost effortlessly, and certainly rather carefully placing the poor guy in the care of the assembled medics. He was about to say something, when...


Well, unsure of exactly how to respond Kellik returned the hug! He figured he could at least be somewhat comforting here, but his mind was still sharply focused on the job at hand. After the woman... finally released him, or, well, even if she didn't, he looked to the assembled medics and Twi'leks. "He took a bite from a large, uh, snake like creature. Big ugly bastard. Not sure if it has venom or just relies on stabbin' folk with its chompers, but, yer probably gonna want to get some antivenom ready if uh... if anyone can identify the damn thing... Ma'am this is getting awkward."

Yeah people on Ryloth liked hugs. He almost forgot that. Save someone from a bunch of Seps? Hug. Pull someone from a house fire? Hug. Scrap a clanker tank? Best believe that's a hug. Musta been a Twi'lek thing. No wonder they were so popular amongst some folk.


"Erm. Dhr'rall apologizes, Dhr'rall assumed Dhr'rall was seen and was reassuring." Dhr'rall is speaking to Wahl, in reference to the sudden apparition of his looming 9' self behind the pirate before slaughtering the Nikto with a purpose. When the male is unable to speak, Dhr'rall does wince a little. "Dhr'rall needed to move with haste, apologies for terrifying. Comes naturally for Dhr'rall." He starts cleaning his claws with a small cloth from his harness, and tucks it away immediately.

When the younglings appear, Dhr'rall has a soft grin on his features. It looks out of place, and he looks youngish for a moment. "Dhr'rall could carry little ones upon shoulders if little ones wish?" He'd stayed squatted down, and finds after a moment's hesitation by the children. That they do just that, swarm over and up him in that fearless way only children truly can be capable of. Dhr'rall makes a big show of leaning side to side, as if they can weigh down and affect his Giant-To-Them balance as they go along.

Dhr'rall doesn't understand a lick of Ryl that would apply here, but the kids seem entertained. Even if the adult is a little dubious. "Little ones not much younger than Dhr'rall's cousins on Togorian. Would carry young ones there too, much like this. Though around, up, and through massive forest. Of fly on Mosgoths." Large flying reptiles of Togoria... that make Dhr'rall seem small in comparison.


Lahni continues to sing, smiling at the child in her arms who seems much calmer not. After one last gently brush with slender, blue fingers - she sets the child back with the others, and pulls over a spare medpack. Thankfully, none of the children seem badly injured, but there are a few bleeding scrapes. She sets to work cleaning and bandaging the minor cuts, smiling at the children as she works, and encouraging their own efforts to sing along with nods of encouragement.

It's important to foster a lost of music - even if they are a bit... off key.

Anessa Panteer

<"Good."> It's just that word, Anessa appraising the captives for a final, long moment through her visor before slipping her blaster back into its holster and looking over at the Twi'lek guard again.

<"Would you be so kind as to fetch the one that got away? I'll wait here until you get back."> Somehow, it sounded like a question, and yet it /didn't/ sound like a question at all. Her hand settles back onto the grip of her holstered S5, and she waits, patiently, for her order to be carried out, before leaving the farmer to his captives and going back to find Lahni to see where else she could help. Wahl

Everyone continues to come out of the woodwork. Wahl holsters her weapon after seeing what is left of the pirate. She wouldn't want to risk anyone getting hurt and she doesn't trust the children that surround her to know what's best for their safety. "I don't understand you." Her dialogue is intentionally slowed, hoping that maybe the Twi'leks understand her. "Do you speak basic?" And in Huttese, "Or Huttese?" Back to basic. "There is help that way." She points back to the camp.

Before she could express any more, the children had already climbed up onto Dhr'rall. Her gaze is cast back to the older Twi'lek, giving him an assuring nod for them to follow both her and the Togorian back to the other rescuers.

Vhe Tenara

Zelo will soon find others are running to his aid once they see him with his burden. He will be helped back and water will be offered to all those returning to the base of operations. Dhr'rall, Wahl and the small group of children and the pale colored male arrive nearly at the same time as the Nautolan and they are met with aid and water as well, thankful sounds made from the kids who look at at Wahll and the Togorian with interest.

Anessa manages to make the slavers think twice about taking their leave and Lahni's song brings some more heart to the injured and slavers alike. Things are on the mend with Kellik and Bizz aiding the injured man back complete withe Kellik beging given a hug from Inta's partner most likely.

The other ship once in trouble is now upright on its struts and the ramp is pulled free and lowered as slavers, slaves and the like pour out. The former are are tied up and brought over to join the others. There are lives lost, some did not survive the crash but there are yet others as more from the local village are bringing in food and supplies to help the volunteers, praising the responders for their hard work. It will be creeping into darkness when the work is finally in the stages of being put to rights. The slavers themselves will be loaded onto the republic ships that had pursued them so that they can be processed.