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Bryce Hates Plants

OOC Date: June 25, 2018
Location: Naboo
Participants: The Resistance: Devii, Nova Korell, Hazar Jast, Silver Astro, Normick Thek


Storm Commander Bryce has relocated his efforts of Resistance Subversion to the planet Naboo. Under the guise of rebuilding the planet's economy in the galactic realm, he has begun championing a call to greater areas of industry. To this end, the Commander has begun encouraging and meeting with various independent financiers looking to take on investment in Naboo's industry. We must not lose the opportunity to ensure our allies' best interests are kept in mind, even under occupation. Your team must infiltrate Naboo and move through the city undetected to plant a sympathetic intelligence asset in a safe house to act as one such financier. Success will allow us further Intelligence operations on Naboo.

Here we are again folks. Another mission, a tougher mission, with Intel Mistress and keeper of subterfuge good old SGT Devii Keva and her ever trust Space Limo (Modified Soru0-Suub Luxury 3k Yacht) with a few choice weapons to boot. Picking up a fresh load of materials for the growing industry here got them through normal channels easy enough. Now they had to make it through the besieged city without drawing the attention of the First Order's Occupying force to their contact... one Guiseppe DeLuise. A large man, from Naboo, but had moved off world when his financial asperations grew large than Naboo could handle. Now he was back, still having a strong sense of pride in his home world. He still looked a bit nervious. "This... this is guna be difficult." He said.

"Look, don't sweat it. Your handler will be right here with you the entire time and well. We'll get you settled in right." Devii replied dressed in her what ever the equivilant was of Coruscant Blood Stripes and her blast jacket, looking much the part of a simple civilian transporting goods and people.

The place was crawling with patrols of troopers and inspection officers.

Dressed in a simple dark brown tunic, complete with dark brown pants and equally unassuming boots, Normick Thek is crouched, assembling a blaster after having it cleaned. His lekku twitch lightly at the tips with the pre-mission jitters. It's not even near his first deployment, but the orange-skinned spy still gets stage fright at times. "Here's hoping, Sergeant." he adds, holstering the blaster and throwing a charcoal coat over it, held down over his chest with the lekku. "Homeworld, eh?" He adds to Giuseppe. "Bet you don't remember it like this."

Hazar, dressed in dark colored jacket over just as dark civilian clothes, has been assigned to this mission as well. He stands near Giuseppe, reaching over to pat the large fellow on the shoulder, "You'll be alright. Just stick with us and we'll keep you safe." He looks ready, eyes clear, almost relaxed posture, the young sergeant seems focused on the objective ahead of them.

"Nothing worth doing is ever easy," Silver Astro opines simply. The Zeltron is dressed in a more native fashion to their current surroundings, looking to all appearances as an upscale professional woman from Naboo might, if she happened to have magenta skin. Elaborate hairdo, gown and boots; even her makeup is on point. Looking at the band, one might be forgiven for thinking Silver- rather than Guiseppe- to be the one of more importance. And if the spy happens to be carrying a few concealed weapons, none need be the wiser.

Towards the back of the group, Nova tries her best to look inconspicuous. There's something to be said for operational security, but she feels entirely too conspicuous in her blue Nabooan robes. At least she can hide a sidearm up her sleeve, and pray she doesn't need it.

"Astro Here," Starts Devii as she walks over to the Zeltron and puts a hand on her lower back, "Is one of the best in this line of work. She'll keep you safe and help you through the hard parts once we get you settled in." Of course it was never that simple, the Mirialan's Orange eyes glancing around to notice the patrols. They'd just have to dive right in. "We got a walk ahead of us so lets get going. Moon beam, on our six. Hazar and I have point. Rest of you get between us and Moon Beam." It didn't matter if they looked like a formation. The documents Astro made or this mission made her Guiseppe's new wife, the two of them returning to Naboo with deep pockets to start a family and invest. Settle down back at his roots.

As they walk through into the city more, the poverty that used to be non existant starts to show. Street urchents and homeless abound amid heavy patrols of troopers. Guiseppe shakes his head, finally answering Normick's question. "No... this... what the hell happened here?"

"Guess I'm with you then, 'Seppe." Normick pats the large man on the back, moving in a loose formation with the others. Appearing outwardly relaxed, the Togruta clasps his fingers together behind his neck, looking around. "So many kids on the street. I imagine that wasn't a common sight, before." He keeps pace with Giuseppe, squinting his eyes towards the patrols and swearing at them under his breath.

Not wasting much time, Hazar moves to the front of the formation and begins leading the way for the rest of the group. He's pretty quiet, moving steadily down their path towards where they're dropping off Guiseppe. As he passes the people on the streets he begins to frown, shaking his head slightly from time to time, but he doesn't spend much time worrying about them, instead keeping his head on a swivel for any signs of trouble.

Silver Astro keeps her head high and carriage elegant. Quietly, she coaches, "Don't look shocked, don't look appalled. See what they want us to see, and smile." Resting her hand on Guiseppe's elbow, she coaches quietly, "You're exactly the sort they want to feel secure and protected. All of these troopers are here to protect you. Look around as if their presence is a compliment to you." Horror just won't do, they need haughty.

'Moonbeam' takes rearguard. At least she can walk slower, and trip over her hem less. "This definitely doesn't look like the scene cards in my collection," she says quietly, looking around as discreetly as she can. She pulls up her scarf, as if to protect her nose from the stench. "I wish there was some way I could help them..."

Up ahead is a check point. Yes a First Order checkpoint where they will check identifications and traveling papers for those who wish to get deeper into the city. A pair of troopers is busy pulling apart a family, one one one side of the check point, the other half on the other. The children, age enough to be taken for Order Trooper imprinting from their parents. There's a line so the group has to stop. Guiseppe looks around, horror on his face. He absently shakes his head to the team's Togruta, unable to form words. Though at the Zeltron's touch, he calms a bit, her pheramones caliming him. He takes a deep breath and the line moves up slowly. From a dark corner comes a voice. "Guiseppe? Is that you?" A man wearing a tattered tunic that used to be much cleaner and fancier enters the light.

"Oscar? Is that you?"

"Guiseppe you're back!"

Then two men embrace, though Devii looks weary, her jacket pushing back a bit to rest on the grip of her pistol. "What's going on?" She asks seriously.

Guiseppe answers, "This is my childhood friend Oscar, we used to work together at my parents place."

Oscar frowns, "Oh Guiseppe, they're not doing so good."

"What do you mean?"

Single hand clenched at his side, the sight of children being taken from their parents for absolutely no reason almost causes Normick to rush to their aid. THe clenching helps him focus on the mission, though, the orange of his face turning slightly darker. Two fingers pull a card from his coat, a near-perfect forgery identifying him as Giuseppe's majordomo, head of staff. This will explain his proximity to the man, and his quiet nature when he lets Astro do the talking.

Astro keeps her elegant bearing, but permits a small frown to tighten her eyebrows at waiting in line. "There really ought to be a seperate gate for individuals of quality, don't you agree?" she asks of Giuseppe, before the 'childhood friend' appears, and she affects a pleasant smile. "Might I trouble you for a proper introduction, Giuseppe? While we wait," is added as she turns her attention onto Oscar.

Moonbeam pauses with the rest, looking the checkpoint over with cautious eyes. She produces her forged ID card in its wallet, holding it in her hand and waiting for the scan.

She gives Oscar a sympathetic look, but she can't to more in this predicament. Not yet, anyway.

Devii lets her jacket fall back and continues moving forward in line, closer and closer to the check point. She pulls out her own forged card, Astro's handy work with help from the Togruta. It's great when you work with the best in the buisness. She's the first one to approach and hands her papers over. The Officer looks her over, maybe a bit ipressed by the cleavage she's showing off, the top of her shirt unbuttoned. But then he reminds himself she is a dirty non-human, or sub-human and grumbled. "Captain Gloria Hoole. Captain of the Dinkleburger... dinkleburger?"

Devii nods proudly, "You ant never heard of Dinkleburger Shipping?" The Officer eyes Devii a moment, then stamps her pass. "24 hours to get back here sience you're listed as buisness. Understood?" She nods, collects her papers, and passes through. Checking the otherside before looking back and waiting or the others.

Guiseppe frowns as Oscar hesitates, "It's... Captain Thorn. He, once the first order took over, he grabbed himself a nice position with the security corps again. He's been comming after the buisness for protection money."

Guiseppe grumbles, "You've got to be kidding, Dad didn't say anything!"

"You know how he is."

As Guiseppe and his hot wife approach the end of the line, the step asside to have that side bar convo and introduction. "Oscar this is my wife, Asssss err."

Oscar blinks looking over the well dressed and obviously very attractive Zeltron. "Waoh! You really hit it big out there in the Galaxy Guiseppe."

"Listen..." He turns to Astro in a hushed tone. "I know we got a schedule to keep but can we stop by my parents resturant see what we can do about this Thorn..." Get it, because he's guna be a Thorn in our Side for this mission. Oh man guys, your GM is so clever.

Devii, on the other side already rolls her eyes as they side bar.

"Hey... hey you!... you you with the important looking lady!" The officer yells, "I told you yesterday not to get so close to the checkpoint. And you two... either get back in line or you'll get thrown in jail for the night!" He sits back down and grumbles as he goes over the paperwork of some other poor smuch, stamping it with his stamp, hating his life in the fast lane of fascism.

"Nichol Name." Normick introduces himself, emphasising the 'me' part of the last name to sound like 'may'. Because he's not great at saying glory hole as a name without cracking himself up. The trooper grunts and stamps the card, clearly not even lowering himself to address the non-human in front of him. Taking the paper, Normick moves along as directed to join Gloria Hoole beyond the checkpoint.

"Dinara," Astro supplies the name on her impeccably prepared travel documents to Oscar. "I look forward to speaking again," she notes with another smile as she guides Giuseppe back into line. To his whispered request, she answers quietly, "Once you are secure, we'll look into it. Not until then; one objective at a time, and you can do too much good for your people in the future to risk being exposed, now. Leave it to us." She goes silent as the officer nears earshot. An austere nod and gracious smile to the officer as her documents are supplied in gloved hands.

Moonbeam offers her own ID for perusal, trying not to watch Oscar and Giuseppe too closely. "Annika Longstocking," she supplies to the watchman. "Here to visit family."

As the group moves through, things seem to get better. The hard FO patrols are far less and the streets are clean. Folks don't look tattered and dirty. Guiseppe, with Astro, moves along with the others looking after Osacar who they left on the other side. "I know... but well. You are my /wife/. We need to meet my parents and well... it's right there." Low and behold there's a small brick and morter resturant right there.

Devii gives a blank stare to guiseppe but then, her stomach rumbles. "Okay... I am pretty hungrey. As long as you're offering free food." She starts towards the Retaurant.

"Oh thank you so much. Of course."

Inside the resturant is old school theed. Romanesqe as it were, statues, paintings. There's only a few people in at this our. An old man is mopping the floor and looks up. "Oh... my stars. My only son has come home... Giovana... come quick. Guiseppe has returned to us!" And a horde of people come out of the kitchen and dog pile the poor guy. Meanwhile Devii is whispering to Nova and Hazar to keep an eye out outside.

"What's going on Dad, why didn't you tell me in your holo's about Thorn..."

"Nonone of your buisness boy."


Normick steps quickly aside when the family reunites, taking in the classical architecture and art on display. His wandering finds him at Devii's side, watching the street. A group of fairly similarly dressed people gets closer slowly, causing the Togruta to nudge the Sergeant carefully, alerting her to the approaching group. All men, hair slicked back over olive skin. "Bad news?" Normick asides quietly.

Silver Astro draws her lips into a tight line that those who've worked with her before recognize clearly as the 'I'm surrounded by amateurs' face. "Fine, just fine. We'll get to the safe house after a family meal, and maybe a few funerals." Smile! It's like a switch she can throw, while sizing up the interior and discreetly drawing a device out of one sleeve to scan for surveillance in the restaurant.

Taking up the tail once again, staying loosely with the group, 'Annika Longstocking' pauses to look over the restaurant's sign, as if having trouble with the name. "Well, I did skip the in-flight sludge... um, meal," she says aloud, and steps into the room just in time to see Giuseppe become The Human Hug. She stifles a smile that would've been a little sad, really. That kind of belonging is something that's never been hers, save in distant, dim memories.

"Hey... Codsworth worked really hard on that." Devii says to Annika with a bit of a smirk. She of course is too distracted by Moonbeam to notice the Captain approaching and his two Lieutenant enforcers flanking him. That is, not until Normick points them out. "Uht oh..." She looks to Guiseppe, "Thorn?" The large man nods and the Family looks worried. "Everyone who can't fight in the kitchen. Lock the doors somewhere if you can. Guiseppe, pops..." She pulls out a chair, looking rather calm. She takes a seat. She picks up some bread and starts to chew. "I don't do any killing on an empty stomach..." Seems she is willing to just let them come in. And they do. The three enter, THorn in the center. He looks about at the new commers, surprised to see Guiseppe. "OH... so the prodigal son returns." Then to Pops, "Georgio. You're late on your payment."

Normick steps away to the entrance, allowing the men to pass. He turns to lean against the wall, flipping the sign on the window to say "Closed". No sense in having any innocent folks walking into a possible firefight. Or a regular fight. His lekku twitch a couple of times, but he doesn't make a move unless the Sergeant does. He gives her an implicit nod, conveying that mindset.

Silver Astro follows the eyes of the others to the incoming trio of trouble. A terse exhale, and she instructs Giuseppe before the troopers enter, "When shooting starts, get your father to cover. We need you alive," is added simply. Then in walk Thorn and his little pricks, and the elegant lady turns a haughty eye upon them. "If I might inquire, Captain: is this an official visit, or something more.. casual?"

Annika sighs softly, seeing where this is likely to be heading. She takes a seat behind one of the tables, ready to kick it over and take cover there if this goes pear-shaped. It's in the hands of Guiseppe, Devii, and Astro now.

These suits of theirs seems to have some markings of a uniform but it's not like a regular trooper in uniform. Maybe some hidden armor. Either way they looked tough, real tough. "Buisness... maybe a Danish or something. I don't know, do they sell that here? Georgio owes us for the past two months. We keep the patrols off his back. I don't do that for free you know."

Georgio speaks up, "No you don't. You came by and wrote me a bad inspection report then told me..." Guiseppe hushes his father with a shake of his head. Obviously scared Guiseppe steps forwards, reaching into his pocket... but Devii gets up and starts towards the two. "Listen guys... I know it's really hard for you to understand but this guy doesn't want your business and more. So here... let me give you some money and..." Pew. Thorn already drew his blaster and shot at Devii. He must have been having a bad day. The smoke clears and there's nothing except a hole in the wall behind the Mirialan who hasn't moved. "THat... was a mistake." Quickly she draws he pistol and plugs two rounds center mass into the Mafioso. He stumbles back and out the door. The two Lieutenants grab their own weapons, taken by surprise, so they're a bit behind on the shenanigans.

Normick dives between rows of tables when the shooting starts. Pushing over the nearest one, he spreads out behind it. It had to be a table for two, of course.. Almost flat on the floor, the Togruta fires at the thug he has the best shot on, squeezing the trigger three times to put some nice looking holes in the wall. Normick laments the architectural damage with closed eyes, missing the fact he shot one of the men in the shoulder.

As the clear 'under the table' nature of the arrangement becomes clear, Silver Astro murmurs, "Oh, good. No scheduled reinforcements, then." The shooting erupts, and the Zeltron has her hold-out blaster drawn in the next instant, firing rapidly at the wounded and retreating Thorne. More's the pity, he's moving quickly out of her range, and the spy starts across the floor after him, eschewing cover and firing as she gives chase. Ever seen a pink lady in a fancy dress firing a blaster on the run? You have, now.

Annika kicks over the table, seeing the nigh-inevitable fight start for real. Taking cover there, she manages to fire a shot at one of Thorn's goons. "So much for keeping a low profile... is there a back door?"

When the Lieutenants spring into action, they are caught by fire from both Normick and Moonbeam. They both stagger back. Apparently, wearing the lighter armor didn't help them when it came to a fire fight. THe two fire back, missing Devii, but hitting the two Super Spies before Devii ends them. It gets quiet as the dead man slump over, steaming. Orange eyes glance to the exit, a moaning comming from it as Thorn attempts to crawl away, his chest still smoking. From his comm comes a loud call. "Captain Thorn, Captain Thorn... THis is control. We heard blaster fire. Is everything under control." As the injured mafia don goes for his comlink Devii steps on his hand. "Nova... Someone... get on the horn and get the white backs off our scene."

Normick heads over to the broken Captain's comlink, kneeling to pick up the small yet loud object. He gives the others a look, before activating the device. "Uh, had a slight weapons malfunction. But, uh, everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?" Nailed it. Probably not, though. With a slightly uneasy look, he hands off the comlink to Devii as he stands up straight, favoring the pec he was shot in as he finds a place to rest for a moment.

Silver Astro is hit by a blaster bolt mid-stride in her extended right arm, and spinning to the floor in a tumble of pain. Hissing to Normick she advises, "Report a different location!" as the Zeltron reclaims her fallen Czerka, and climbs back to her feet.

"That won't work. They heard the shots, and they know where he is," Annika says, emerging from cover and hurrying to the side of the fallen Thorn and one of his troopers. She quickly lifts the man's bucket and slips it onto her own head, clearing her throat.

"It's all right, Control. Situation normal. I was just reminding a few of the locals what happens when you forget who rules you," she says, in a passable imitation of the arrogant patrol leader. "I doubt they'll forget again. We'll resume patrol."

"Yeah stupid plebs! Get back in your homes. Curfew is on." Devii says into the comm before letting two blaster bolts into the air. She shrugs to the others. Best they got. Control comes back after a long pause. "Roger. Make sure to bring out the dead..." THe comlink goes dead. "He might be useful." She points to the near death Captain then moves back to check on Astro. Guiseppe is tending to her as well, maybe he was falling? Who know. "Don't think he'll be bothering you again." Georgio nods, "Thank you so much." He looks to Guiseppe, "Let's get to the safe house yeah?" Looking to Georgio, "You got a compactor out bacck right?" Georgio nods, "Good... I know just where we'll put the bodies." Then she's moving over to the others again. "There's medical Supplies at the safe house. Come on."

Normick pats Astro on the shoulder as he strolls casually to one of the bodies. Lifting it quite easily, he manages to sling one arm over his shoulders, giving the impression of supporting a passed out comrade. "Annika." he calls over. "Little help with my unfortunate amigo here?" He holds out the other arm for Nova to support the corpse in the same way, then tells Devii, "Lead the way, Sarge."

The group gathers the dead and may or may not leave the bodies on Sar Yavok's stoop. He is after all already a wanted man and won't mind another writ to his name. That or they get stuffed in the trash compactor out back. Once they get the Captain, Astro, and the others back to the Safehouse. They treat their wounds. Those who had the pass to stay longer or permanently do. Devii, Nova, Hazar. They take of back to the ship and get the hell out of dodge. Another mission done, barely. Tune in next time for the adventures of Gloria Hoole and the crew of the Dinkleberg.