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Resistance: Ambush at Codru

OOC Date: April 16, 2018 (Optional)
Location: Codru system
Participants: Ektor(GM), David Ironside, Devii, Chewbacca, Rey, Karas Darkwing, The Resistance

It's the sort of alarm that's become all too common: a rapid response scramble of the alert fighters to the defense of a freighter under attack by First Order fighters. Briefing to be given once the fighters have launched.

<<Distress call received from a Calamari freighter in the Codru System: their hyperdrive is offline and the First Order is on their heels. We're sending a shuttle to effect repairs, or evacuate the crew; hold off the enemy fighters, and may the Force be with you.>>

Ektor settles into the cockpit of Green 2, rolling his neck to stretch out a kink as he settles the flight helmet on his head. The deck crew seals the armored cockpit and gives him the thumbs-up. In the gunner's seat at his back, Cafzhoth notes, "Fire control online, we're good to go," and Tenner blandly reports with a sardonic squawk that all systems are online and functional.. for now. <<Green Two, in the air,>> Ektor reports upon launch, setting coordinates for the Codru System. <<Standing by for jump.>>

One great thing about teh Millenium Falcon is the fact that it is super fast, especially in comparison to most of the fighter ships the Resistance has to offer. While he was lounging in the cockpit, comms set to pick up the resistance chatter, Chewie gets the distress call and sits up, beginning to flick on switches, powering up the ol'girl. His growling tone comes over the comms, followed quickly by a translated robotic form of what was said. 'Chewbacca here, The Falcon is firing up and will be on its way shortly, send me the coordinates.' Just as the comm is released, the sound of a sputtering engine and Chewbacca banging on something is heard, and quickly cut off.

<<Gold Leader, ready when you are, Green Squadron.>> David calls into the comm as his N-1 starfighter blasts out of the hangar after the Y-Wing. Following closely behind him, Jessica Pava has taken command of Gold 2. <<Gold 2, reporting in.>> she chimes in quickly. Then Dave's back on comms. <<Calculations made for the Codru system, Gold Squadron is right behind you, Green 2.>>

/Someone/ grabbed Devii as she was on her run past the Falcon and up the ramp. "Wait... what?" She said as Chewbacca's roars echoed throguh to corridor. "A gunner... oh... Well I'vebeen practicing in the sims..." She was fresh from recovery and was still doing some PT but was feeling one hundred percent again. She climbs her way up into the top gunner mount and starts to bring the system online. "Okay... Keva ready..." Though maybe she was excited to be in such a storied and mythical ship.

Karas was on Alert today and now he's got something to do. <Blue Squadron ready, Gold and Green Squadron.>> he calls into his comm as his A-Wing rockets out of the hanger bay and forming up with the other fighters and freighter. <<Blue 2, lets get in there and earn our paycheck.>> he chuckles a little. He gives everyone a wing wave and as he sets the cords for the jump, he prepares to get in.

Rey had come to the new Resistance Home Base to help where she could, to see her friends and to be a presence that she hoped would benefit the Jedi's reputation as a re-emerging presence in the galaxy! Or so she always hoped at least.

The young pilot was climbing her X-wing's ladder and getting inside the cockpit at the sound of trouble. She'd helped the Resistance many times in the past few months and would do-so again tonight, so it would seem. The T-65c starfighter (40 years old now no less!) was off of the deck and into space within moments.

Rey hears the comms from Chewbacca which makes her smile at the thought of having him and the Falcon on-hand for the fight, she'd seen that ship fight quite a lot now and it'd changed her original opinion on it, to say the least!

<< Silver Leader is primed and ready to go. >> Rey's voice says over the filtered comm channel.

Answering these distress calls is a throw of the dice. Often times, the Resistance shows up in the nick of time; others, they are too late, and find only debris. The twenty-eight minute wait in hyperspace leaves plenty of time to worry and upon their return to real space, the sensors show mixed news: a Calamari Deepwater-class light freighter is being toyed with by a half dozen TIE/fo fighters (Alpha 1-3, and Beta 1-3), but the freighter's shields are still holding. It's in the gravity well of the planet, sinking deeper into the upper atmosphere by the minute, as a weak engine glow struggles to keep the freighter in the air. Upon the arrival of Resistance fighters, the TIEs form into a pair of triads, preparing to dogfight in atmosphere.

<<Arright, got half a squadron of TIEs on the scope; closing to engage. Somebody say who gets which wing, yeah?>> Ektor reports, glancing through the canopy to visually place the other Resistance craft. The Y-wing's engines glow orange, rocketing the old snub fighter toward the fray, he soon drawls lazily to Hanna, "Coming into firing range... now."

A good thing that Chewbacca is a genius at repairing ships, that combined with the ship's speed has Chewie and Devii showing up just as everyone else pops out of hyperspace. Chewbacca turns to Devii, indicating out of the cockpit. 'Go to the gunnar position and lets have some fun, eh? Oh, and don't shoot one of ours.' Chewie offers a quick sharp toothed grin before he moves to engage. There's a roar over the comms, but it is not translated, likely just a battle roar.

Devii flips a few switches, turns a nob or two, presses a blinky button. Those blinky buttons are the best. The antiquated targeting computer comes to life and starts to identify and sync with the information ektor is feeding through on the two flights of TIEs. Not in range yet, she waits. David activates the combat systems as soon as the fighters and Falcon drop out of hyperspace. <<Recommending Green and Gold squadron take one group, Blue Squadron and Silver Leader take the other squadron with the Falcon running backup.>> he replies to Ektor's request for a strategy. <<First thing's first, take the TIEs off that freighter. Gold Squadron forms up behind Green Leader, offering him the lead. <<We're at your back, Green Leader. Pick a target.>>

<<Alright that sounds good to me, we will take Beta Squadron.>> he says as he speaks into the comms . Karas looks over to where Silver Lead is, <<Let's go show them who the best is.>> he cracks a joke to Rey and the others. The A-Wings engine nacelle glow a reddish pink and the small snub fighter takes off, outpacing the other fighters. Karas hand moves over a few switches and the combat computer easily activates and he quickly designate the fighters he and his groups are going after as Beta 1-3.

Rey is tapping a few of the blinky buttons on her own ship's console beside her in the cockpit, because yeah the blinky buttons are the best ones! She's listening to the comm traffic and when it comes her time to speak she looks up and out of the cockpit's viewport to her portside.

<<Beta Fighters it is.>> Rey calls out while ging a gloved-thumbs up to Karas who's spacecraft is not too far away. Artoo beeps softly over the ship's comms and Beta 3's stats show up on Silver Leader's central terminal in front of the young pilot.

Her X-wing opens its wings into attack formation and the four red engines flare to full as she flies to intercept the enemy TIEs!

The six TIE/fo fighters do not use the standard tactic of charging headlong at the enemy, cannons blasting; rather the two wings scatter, giving the Resistance no centralized target, and forcing the foe to engage ship to ship.

Ektor chuckles over the comm, <<Arright, Gold: me and ye take Alpha, let's blow some drek up.>> A forlorn squawk from Tenner is followed by Cafzhoth's deadpan, "If you're Green Leader today, we really are doomed." A snicker from the pilot as Ektor flicks torpedoes live, jukes a burst of incoming cannon fire, gains a lock and fires a bolt of streaking blue death that takes one poor TIE dead center canopy. <<One down.>>

As if Han himself were show-boating around in the Falcon, alive and well, Chewbacca's role as a backup is a bit more progressive than they had likely planned. Going after one of the nearest Tie's going after the freighter, Chewie comes in from on high, ending up dead on behind the Tie, letting loose with the guns on the Falcon. 'Hit, but not out.' He growls over the comm's, his words translated nearly immediately for those not cool enought to speak his language. Chewie stays after the tie to see if he bugs out or if perhaps Devii might finish off the tie he had wounded with his own attack.

As the TIEs of Alpha wing break off to engage, Gold Squadron breaks from Green 2. <<Nice shot, Green 2. Leave some for us, will ya?>> The two fighters stick together, though, dodging past the first TIE to light up the second one simultaneously, but only for a short burst before dodging out of the way again. The two fighters almost come belly-to-belly as they attack, but split off around the TIE before forming on eachother again. <<That's a solid hit, it's still up though.>> he reports.

"Okay, Devii... just follow the computer like in the sims..." Devii says taking a deep breath. Suddenly there is a tone and the indicator beeps. She squeezes the trigger and the quad lazer send scarlet bolts flying. Though, just as quick as the targeting computer locks on and gives a tone, that TIE flies off catching only one of the bolts in a glance, the lock fading away. "Sithspit... Grazed one."

Karas sees laser fire being fired at the Lead TIE of Beta Flight. Seeing that the fire is hit, Karas quickly rolls and climbs following the fighters. It was a good idea, it shouldn't be a damn head to head flyby when flying, so quickly maneuvering the A-Wing, Karas snaps his controls and re- aligns and as he gets behind Beta 2, he hears a tone lock and he fires. Red laser fire stich up the right side of the TIE, not allowing the fighter to get away, he keeps with it.

Rey's eyes glint over to the port to see the Millennium Falcon's recognizeable engine trail as the ship rockets toward the TIE Fighters. She glances back to her controls and then up to her target. With incoming TIE fighter lasers, Rey banks to the right then sends Silver Leader into a cork-screw of spins to dodge the First Order pilot's attempts to lock onto her and damage this ancient relic of a Rebellion-era Starfighter.

When she comes out of the consecutive rolls, her own laser cannons open fire and with a long trail of orange/red energy, her shots rip into the TIE Fighter, koncking out its shields and sending it careening off into space... not entirely dead, but shedding hull and pieces in a trail of smoke and gasses behind it!

Artoo whistles in amazement. "Better than our last start, huh?" She chides her droid friend.

Behind the protective screen of Resistance fighters, the Sheathipede shuttle flies toward the Calamari vessel, docking smoothly with the report, <<Seal in place, boarding team away->>

It is then- mere minutes after the arrival of the Resistance- that the First Order frigate Ascendant emerges from hyperspace. The Nebulon-K class ship looks to have put heavy strain on its proximity alert systems by letting the gravity well of Codru pull it out of hyperspace, leaving the ominous profile of the warship looming above the skirmish, squarely between the Resistance ships and the closest route out of the planet's hyperspace shadow.

On the bridge of the Ascendant, a stern officer stands with gloved hands composed at the small of his back. He instructs his bridge crew precisely, "Launch fighters. Open fire with all batteries. Ready the tractor beam, and prepare an open channel." Green turbolasers and point-defense cannons lance out through the thin upper atmosphere in precise patterns, as a dozen fresh TIE/fo (Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta triads) swarm in pursuit of the suddenly outnumbered Resistance starfighters.

<<Eh, drek->> Ektor curses as suddenly there is a First Order frigate casting a literal shadow over the skirmish. <<Frigate and twelve, repeat twelve fresh fighters incoming.>> The Y-wing is rocked by a heavy hit from the fresh wave of fighters, drawing a fresh curse. "Shields down, Tenner get those back up, yeah?"

David Ironside tests an NPC's skill of 90 at a difficulty of 100. The result is successful (71). 'Hey kid, see that Tie trying to get a lock on us, i'm going to try and get you a firing position on it, you bring it down.' Chewbacca yanks the controls, his maneuvering only succeeding in keeping the Tie from getting a lock on the Falcon, as well as staying out of frigate fire. 'What does this freighter have that necessitates all this...' Chewie thinks he is muttering to himself, but he forgot to shut down his comm. No firing comes from the Falcon as he is working hard to keep from getting strafed.

Gold Squadron comes around, once again flying cover for the lone Y-Wing. <<Saw you take a hit, we're back on you, Green.>> Dave communicates. The TIE originally tangled with the N-1s suddenly comes around, showering lasers onto the trio, mostly focused on Gold. <<Gold 2, break off, cover Green.>> David calls out. The two fighters angle upwards, meeting the lone TIE head-on with blaster fire. Dave's hit veers the fighter into the volley of emerald bolts fired by Jessika, blowing up the cockpit. The explosion sends the solar panels careening off into space. <<Scratch one, Gold Leader!>> Pava reports excitedly.

Reguardless of whether or not Chewie fails or succeeds at trying to get a lock on the target for her , Devii is trying to over compensate for a bit of lag in the targeting computer. Also, she just plain sucks still at this sitting in a chair and blowing stuff up thing. She grunts as the TIE goes out of her view and sends chewie on the retreat instead. The scarlet bolts flicker and dissappear as they fly away into empty space.

Having kept his wounded prey in his sight, Karas lines up his following shot and the A-Wing fires and the shots hit the main fuselage of the TIE blowing up the fighter. Giving a silent prayer, Karas fighter rolls and banks sharp left. Than as reinforcements come for the F/O he lets out a breath and smiles as Blue 2 comes up on his scopes, <<THanks for joining us Blue 2.>> he says into the comms. The second A-Wing streaks in though So-Pre rolls and is nearly hit by the incoming laser fire from the frigate. Still she is able to come along with Blue 1, <<Splash 1.>> Karas said. <<Alright, lets take out these fighters, Blue Squadron will try to see if we can get the Frigate to focus on us.>> he says as he begins moving towards the Frigate, Green get ready to get targeting data sent to you." he says.

Rey's X-wing is in a hard starboard turn, bringing it around to come after that TIE that she sent limping away. When she gets her shot lined up on it she stares at the vessel. "Eject." Rey mutters to whomever is inside the fighter... "Just eject." But they haven't yet, they're a trooper to be sure! With a heavy sigh she aims for the ship's port wing (or whats left of it) and is about to fire when the Nebulon-frigate appears and Artoo whirls his frantic announcements.

Rey's eyes go up to the horizon over her right shoulder and she looks out her orange visor. "I see it. I see it!" She says back to her droid in her own frantic way.

With a hard pull on her fighter's controls she's aims her ship FOR the newly arrived TIE Fighters.

<< We're engaging them? >> Rey asks over the comms. "We're engaging them..." She resolves herself as she aims for the leader of Gamma-wing. Her cannons light up and she sends off as many shots as she can to tag their Fighter before she goes into evasive maneuvers to avoid the TIE Horde's lasers!

The panicked transmission from the Resistance shuttle Crawler, docked with the freighter comes with a background of blaster fire, and a fateful first word: <<Stormtroopers! It's an ambush!>>

On a broad frequency, all ships in the skirmish receive, <<This is Commander Vim Falcorr of the First Order frigate Ascendant to all Resistance fighters. Stand down and you will be spared in keeping with military codes; continue to fight and all escape pods will be shot down. That is all.>> Aside he bids his tactical officer, "Affix our tractor beam on the shuttle, before it breaks dock. Activate when ready."

<<It ain't the freighter, it's us, Falcon- They threw out a net and we gotta get out of it, yeah?>> Ektor mutters through a focused twist bending his lip, he brings the old Koensayr warhorse around and looses another torpedo at the descending horde of TIEs, detonating too early for his incomplete lock, but damaging the craft, as Cafzhoth fires the ion turret in a constant stream, adding aloud to Ektor, "Worst Green Leader ever."

There's a blast of sparks from the aft shields and the interior of the Falcon jutters hard, but that seems to be about the extent of what happens. Chewbacca's exclaimed growl is broadcast over the comm. 'Falcon hit, but we're still in it.' Chewie then hollars back toward Devii. 'I'm not getting anything done up here, you better get something shot down before we are.' Chewie growls and begisn flicking on toggles. 'Are there any fires?" rwowoal woeieowl rwowoal grarrrl. There's a blast of sparks from the aft shields and the interior of the Falcon jutters hard, but that seems to be about the extent of what happens. Chewbacca's exclaimed growl is broadcast over the comm. 'Falcon hit, but we're still in it.' Chewie then hollars back toward Devii. 'I'm not getting anything done up here, you better get something shot down before we are.' Chewie growls and begisn flicking on toggles. 'Are there any fires?' He calls to Devii.

Gold Squadron is zooming around, dodging fighter fire and blasts from the frigate. The two sleek N -1s level on approach to a TIE not expecting them, and it's promptly ripped apart by blaster fire from both fighters into the side panel. <<Gold Leader here. Can we deactivate that tractor beam from here? How's the risk to your Y-Wing on a run like that?>> he communicates to Green 2.

Devii shutters forward then slams back in her seat. She pauses and looks around. Over her shoulder she shouts, "This thing isn't going to fall apart is it?!" She honestly wasn't sure, the thing was older or as old as the Clone Wars. She looks back to her targeting machine which is now just showing a massive ammount of errors. A TIE screaches by and she aims with the back up optical retical... and misses super wide. "Fire? I don't see..." Her orange eyes glance to the pannel next to her as it sparks and flames... "FIRE!" Reaching over she grabs the extinguisher and basts the module.

With the Nebulon K trying to get a targeting solution on the freighter, Blue Squadron weaves in formation dodging incoming laser fire from the Frigate and TIEs together. <<Blue 2 bait, get that targeting data to Green Squadron. Green 2, clear the board and get ready for targeting data to take out that Tractor Beam, you have it hit it in one go.>> Karas says on the Resistance band. As he rolls left, one of the TIE's overshoots them, and Karas locks on and fires on the TIE destroying it completely. Blue 2 rolls right and pushes ahead of Karas, Po-Sre pushes her fighter hard, evading as best she can and she smiles when she is able to get the targeting solution, she quickly relays the information to Green 2, <<There you go, take it out.>> she calls and banks hard left to catch back up with Karas.

With her shots landing against Gamma 1, Rey spins her fighter away and tries to focus on the orders being given by the Resistance leaders. She's looking around at the ship's involved in the conflict and a blast from a TIE Fighter splashes off of her ship's shields which makes her spin and dive into evasive manuevers! "This isn't good." Rey says to herself (And Artoo). <<Silver Leader to Blue Leader. I can play a card here, if things get too hectic. Remember that these people want me alive, for a very large sum of credits!>> And what the young woman means is she can always turn herself in for her friend's escape... If needs be, of course! <<Not that I want too, but it is a viable option!>>

The shuttle Crawler broadcasts, with panic rising in the pilot's voice, <<This is the Crawler,  hatch is sealed, but- the troopers are trying to cut in! Going to have to break the docking collar- hang on to something!>>

Ektor winces at the broadcast, clicking his comm on to answer David, << It aint gonna be easy, but I can take a run. It's now or never, yeah? We bust them loose or the First Order takes them.>> The reports and datastream from Blue 2 provoke a triumphant crowing. <<That'll do it, yeah?>> Off comms, he mutters past a crooked grin, "You two ready to charge a frigate?" A droid's warble of unease and a co pilot's long suffering sigh are his answer as the Y-wing drives abruptly up directly at the looming frigate, juking and weaving among incoming turbolasers, before loosing the torpedo shot of his lifetime. Guided by Po-Sre's datafeed, and with a clean lock, Green 2's attack run breaks off as the proton torpedo slams directly into the lumpy antennae-studded nodule that Blue 2 had identified as the tractor beam projector. The explosion is a satisfying one, though the wounded frigate lashes out with redoubled cannon fire, like an angry, stricken beast.

Aboard the Ascendant, the Commander shouts, "That's it, forget about prisoners, just kill them all!"

Unable to engage with a Tie, Chewbacca bangs a harry paw hard on the console. 'I need a co pilot in here!' Chewbacca growls out in annoyance, his eyes scan the atmosphere around them, as if trying to figure out what to do while he is dodging skillfully around the Frigate's attacks. Chewbacca shakes his head and calls back to Devii. 'Open up on those tie's ahead of us, I'm going to do something stupid.' Chewbacca soars straight toward a group of tie's, coming in close and diving immediately toward the mountains on the planet, the ship strafing as close as possible to mountain sides and the ground itself. 'Hold on back there, if you hear noises, we might be scraping....' He checks radar to see if the tie's are following that he had went straight at.

David calls over Gold 2. <<Gotta make sure the Y-Wing goesn't bite it. Let's go.>> The two sleek chrome-nosed fighters speed through oncoming fire, rolling and dodging most blast from the frigate with ease. One TIE manages to land a hit that dings off Gold Leader's shields, coming in from an angle that made missing essentially impossible. However, that principle goes both ways as the TIE in question is quickly sent packing with a fresh chunk of hull damage. <<How are we doing, Green?>> Dave asks. <<We're keeping them off you.. and on us..>>

Devii listens over her comms, "What?! Rey, don't do that!" Devii pleads with concern in her voice. She's putting the extingisher canister back in it's port as the small electrical fire has been put out. She focuses back on the TIE's that are on their butts and the ones Chewie is turning into. She keeps te fire on, just blasting into rocky moutains as they pass and not hitting anything of import. Especially not those TIE's but she's trying. "Scraping? Did you say scraping?!" She hollars back. Look back out, she whispers, "Please let that be a mistranslation..."

Banking away from the Nebulon K, Blue Squadron now also has company. Zeta wing is moving in towards Blue, though as he rolls his fighter and the Nebulon K scores a glancing blow on the right side of Blue 1. Hearing Rey, he comms her directly, <<Sorry but no.>> he tells her, <<We aren't letting anyone get captured or turned in. I'm not losing anymore people. Come on lets take them out and get everyone out of here.>> he says to her.

Karas lines up his next shot as Zeta 1 comes into view and he quickly locks onto the enemy TIE and fires only getting a glancing hit. Po-Sre is quick on his heels, and as she rolls around Karas A- Wing, she fires on Zeta 2 hitting it. Both A-Wings keep together now chasing down Zeta Wing.

Whether or not she liked it or not, she knew it was an option... pitty the First Order commander that ever did order her death too, if 'hair boy' ever found out afterward! << Copy that. >> Rey acknowledges over comms and she's spinning her X-wing around and coming in right behind Blue Leader in his much faster / more agile starfighter. Rey glides her ship's nose to the port and picks an incoming TIE, she squeezes the trigger on her flight controls and lights the ship up! A brilliantly bright explosion erupts in space and is then extinguished BY space as its destroyed parts go rolling in all directions.

Artoo chirps happily at that and Rey just exhales softly while moving on to the next, her eyes briefly glancing over to where the Bombers were while she angles away from incoming laser fire!

The Crawler rips away from the decoy freighter, leaving the lip of its docking collar attached to the treacherous vessel. <<Structural integrity is damaged, but->> A brief click of silence, <<The droid says we can survive one hyperspace jump, if we can clear the gravity well. We can't take any more hits, though!>> The damaged Sheathipede limps at top speed for the upper atmosphere.

As the Millenium Falcon banks deeper into the atmosphere and skims the rocky peaks, the Epsilon trio of TIEs howls after them in pursuit, green lasers chewing loose cascades of rocks with each missed shot.

<< I hear you, Gold Leader; that got him, good. Tenner says their entire projector array is gone. Coming around to your position.>> Roaring in from above and behind Delta 3, a blast of nose cannons blows the wounded TIE apart in a rain of red energy. Cafzhoth has less luck, narrowly missing another fighter.

David lets off some steam with a fist pump of his free hand. The other one's at his side, manipulating the control stick and squeezing the trigger when possible. His thumb is resting on the cap shielding the ornance controls. A TIE comes in, shooting at Gold 2, screaming past her but not past Gold Leader, who promptly tears into the flimsy solar paneling on the side, sending the craft spiraling to its death before critical systems failure causes the entire craft to vaporize. <<Scratch one, are we clear to leave yet?>>

Karas smiles, "I"m not letting any of you down." he says to himself as he jinks right and Po'Sre goes left. Though as Po'Sre goes left Karas sees her fighter get hit, <<Break high right and bring him in behind me and break again, I will take him on.>> he says as he keeps on the TIE. He quickly squeezes the trigger and fires and Zeta 1 is hit but still is going. Knowing he has to calm himself, Karas glances behind him and sees that Silver Leader is with them. Grinning a bit, "Alright." he says and he sees Gold 1, Green 2 all doing their best, <<Everyone begin converging and getting closer to one another and lets mop this bucket heads up.>> he calls into his comm.

Rey's piloting skills manage to keep her away from enemy fire, the old X-wing spinning, twirling, bobbing and weaving through the fight! She's firing off bright orange blasts of death at all the enemies she can get into her scopes. << Is the transport clear yet? >> Rey calls out over comms as she's trying to get a look but doesn't have a visual on her, her helmeted head looking right to left then back forward as she turns the fighter around to come up on the tail of Blue Leader again!

The TIE squadrons are being soundly outflown as the Crawler creeps clear of the upper atmosphere. <<Crawler, here: initiating hyperspace sequence, thanks for the save, fighters.>>

Ektor dares a grin, <<Arright, shuttle's in the clear.>> His Y-wing rocks with a solid hit. <<Annnd there went my shields again. Ready to head home when you all are, yeah?>>

When Ektors voice comes over the comms, preceded by the pilot of the Crawler, David grins. <<Gold Squadron here. Right behind you on the way out.>> Before turning to join the rest, the two fighters take their last potshots at the TIEs, evading the frigate's fire simultaneously. <<How's everyone else doing?>> he asks over the full Resistance frequency, joining Green 2 at the exit point.

Karas was trying to keep with his TIE when a stray shot from the Nebulon K hits him hard. He grunts as his fighter rocks him, the shields are gone and his hull damaged, but still he flips a few switches, <<Shields are gone, but I'm alright.>> he calls. <<Blue 2 is dancing out here. But if we are ready to go, lets go.>> he says as Blue 2 drops below his A-Wing and manages to badly damage her Tie. Karas wing tilts at Blue 2, knowing what he means Blue Squadron banks and goes to join up with the others so that they can leave.

Rey's fighter is turning just in time to see the Crawler lunge into hyperspace with that satisfying -feeling of seeing them get-gone. "Full shields to aft." Rey says to Artoo while her X-wing's wings close together and the pilot reaches forward to reroute extra power to the engines!

Silver Leader soars right past the bridge of the Frigate with its portside wings dipping as it rolls away and out toward deeper space.

Over open comms, Rey's voice speaks to the First Order ship. << Tell your Supreme Leader that he best double his bounty soon. >>

And with that bit of taunting, Rey switches to Resistance-frequency. <<Good to go here.>> She announces.

By one and by two the Resistance fighters leap into hyperspace, leaving the wrecks of nine enemy fighters to rain down on the rocky planet, below. The Commander of the Ascendant will have a difficult time explaining how the Resistance so utterly escaped the Ambush at Codru.