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A RolePlay Log by
The Resistance


Resistance: Asset Acquisition


Thu 17/Jan/2018

IC Date

Atunda 16th/Kelona/1158


Nar Shaddaa


Major Gren Delede
Major Sar Yavok
Captain Triz Dermout
1st Lt. Dr. Maeve Zavir
Corporal Hazar Jast
Flight Officer 2nd Karas Darkwing
Flight Officer 2nd Vanya Zolar
Flght Officer 3rd David Ironside
& members of The_Resistance

A group of Resistance members conduct a raid on a warehouse to acquire some necessary assets. Things do, and do not, go as planned.

          It has been a crazy few days, but the remnants of the Resistance have found themselves back at Hound Base on Nar Shaddaa. Almost no gear, almost no ships, and almost no surviving troops. They can't sit on their hands, though...a mission has come through. After a very fast briefing by Major Delede, those few picked to join the operation have found themselves hustled aboard Last Chance II, and told to sit tight until they reach their destination.
          That destination? It is an old NSec warehouse that some old contacts of Rebel Yell came through with the details on. It's locked down, and defended by droids until the contents and the building can be sold at auction. It should hold a decent haul of small arms, ammunition, and armor. All things that the Resistance finds itself in dire need of.

          From the cockpit, Gren's voice crackles over the intercom. "30 seconds until we're on the roof, folks.Corporal Jast, once entry is secured, we'll follow up to provide support. Major Yavok is perched on a roof with a clear line of sight....the roof should be clear." Pilots have been tasked with acting as gunners for the ship's formidable weapons array on approach, and backup for the grunts once they land. <<Yavok, it looking good, still?>>

          Again Triz has found her self in less than familiar territory. A ground mission. She looks about the transport at the others, a calm veneer overriding nerves that has set her stomach in butterflies, before once again checking her armor and her weapon. For the thousandth time. When she hears the thirty second warning she calls out "Thirty Seconds."

          <<Looks like a security sensor on the door...>> Sar begins, cycling through the vision modes on his rifle's scope. <<...don't see much else.>>
          Sar is, in fact, perched on a rooftop overlooking the old warehouse. There's was a time when he had to patrol that old building, back before he gave up on NSec ever being worth anything. <<Weird that Eebua never emptied this place out and sold it all for scrap.>>
          Sar's weapon of choice for the evening? A Merr-Sonn SX-451 anti-material rifle, renowned for its ability to punch holes in the sides of AT-ATs. It's bipod is steadied on the edge of the roof, the long, heavy barrel sticking out into open air.

          Dr. Zavir looks pretty calm as well, all things considered. Granted, the looks calm because no one is actually shooting at her, as of yet. The 'yet' part remains the operative word in the entire sentence.

          Renowned starfighter pilot David Ironside remains quiet. As he does when he's in an unfamiliar situation. He's in a gunners position, sweeping the turret calmly back and forth. "So.. any chance they'll have aircraft in there?"

          Rey is inside the ship, she's wearing a hooded cape of a dark blue-steel hue, the hood is up and she's watching/observing the others as they talk and do their thing. They were experienced and combat hardened, she was... Rey. The young girl's eyes glanced about from one face to the other as they spoke, her hands were gripped around the center-mass of the combat staff she was in possession of.
          She would help out where she could, how she could, but she mostly did not want to get in any of their way.

          "Roger that, sir!" Hazar Jast yells as he hefts the massive rifle he'd been issued for the mission, looking down at it again to both admire it and to make sure he understands how to use it. Once satisfied that he comprehends the weapon he gets ready to leap out of the back of the ship, looking almost excited to be taking point. Glancing around at the rest of the rest of the occupants in this part of the ship he says, "Alright folks. Four man entry teams. Follow my lead, remember to check your targets. I'll be first through the doors." He nods his head and prepares himself by taking one last, deep breath.

          Vanya Zolar is, much like Ironside, sitting a chair with a turret and swivelling it back and forth out of nervous energy. Her jaw is set and almost grinding... she doesn't like sitting still. In any case, she's watching the targetting readout of the turret as she points it at nearby buildings to gauge the relative distances.

          "They shouldn't, Ironside. Just be prepared to arm those blasters to cover the troops." Gren replies, glancing back at the gunnery consoles in the cockpit. The Last Call II has a pair of blasters that drop from the lower hull to provide fire support. "You and the cadet remain aboard, and be prepared to get the hell out of here." A frown as the news from Sar... <<Well, we aren't doing this quietly. Be prepared. We're setting off the alarms.>> There's a breath taken from the pilot as they approach the landing point...it's going to be a tight fit...

          But, the Sentinel settles down with a spin that allows the boarding ramp to drop, and Major Delede reaches toward his console, and pulls a level. <<Jast, you're up!>> A light goes to green over the big hatch in the troop bay of the ship, and the hatch pops open, while the big armoured slab on the bottom of the ship slides out to provide a ramp. It's a smooth process. Nice change of pace.
          Spotlights go active on the roof almost as soon as the ship settles down, and swivel toward the ramp. It's lit up like a Life Day....chair.
          A single large loading dock door is just a few meteres from the back of the ship. It looks heavy, but breachable.

          Onto the rooftop and out of the craft. Rey pulled her staff up off of the floor and held it at her side. She moved toward the hatch of the vessel and was bounding down the ramp with her cape flowing behind her but once ouside she stepped back, paused and then slipped behind a piece over cover, her eyes shot back to the others.

          "Gunners!" Rey shouted to her new Resistance friends as she pulls her combat staff up close to her chest, holding it vertically upward. She has a blaster pistol on her hip slung inside the leather belt around her waist, but she doesn't reach for it as of yet.

          As soon as the ship touches down Triz is down the ramp and takes shelter at the landing skid to provide cover fire towards the only door she can see. Because of this she spots a pair of blaster turrets coming out over the top of the loading door "I have turrets appearing over the loading door. A pair of them. Seems to be charging up!" she sends over the coms.

          <<Careful. Just saw some heat signatures pop, but I can't get a clear rid on them. Get ready for a fight,>> Sar says, flipping the safety off on the big rifle. The behemoth whines to life.
          Hearing the call for turrets, Sar swivels the big gun to where he heard that they are and pulls the trigger. The heavy bolt flies wide and takes a chunk out of a nearby building.

          Slinging her medpack over her shoulders, Maeve moves toward the landing skid and taps Hazar on the shoulder along the way. "I'm with you," she advises, then glances around again, still wearing that sort of wide-eyed look that suggests this is all still new and fascinating to her.

          Karas is sitting in the cockpit of the shuttle as the others are unloading things off it. He sees the turret and hopes he is able to do what he can to keep his team protected, and ready for them to get back here and them to leave. He isn't fully healed but he will do what he has to, to make sure that they all get the krif out of here when the time comes.

          David switches control to the left swivel gun, the display showing the surrounding area from just above with the gun's barrel ending up about midway through. "No targets yet." He turns to Gren and Karas, with him in the cockpit. "Anyone feel like blasting that door open?" He motions to the vacant rocket launcher controls.

          Turret!? Where? Vanya looks out the window and her eyes dart around. Then she rolls her eyes at herself and looks down to her targetting display. There. She tracks the gun around but the movement is a little jerky considering she's in a gravity. Pulses of energy burst forth and chew durasteel out of the wall near the turret as she tracks towards her target.

          "Roger ma'am, stick close," Corporal Jast says to Maeve just before running off. Hitting the roof, Hazar swings his heavy rifle around to make sure it's clear as he hustles towards the entry point. A blast whooshes past him and he twists to the side to avoid it, trying to spot the shooter and failing. "Where they at?" calls Jast as he runs ducks into cover, attempting to pull Dr. Zavir down to where she'll be as safe as possible. "Get the door!" Jast orders one of the ground team guys who plants a metal ball down near it's lock and runs off. Moments later the door explodes and the grunts on the ground get ready to start kicking ass, Hazar moving to take the lead.

          On the roof: Gren bolts from the cockpit as the various young pilots seem to be doing a not so great job of providing covering fire for the ground troops. His EE-3 has been drawn, and as he steps out onto the ramp, his sawn-off carbine is already barking blaster fire at the pair of turrets positioned over the door. It's two hits, and two dead mechnical traps. <<Roof is clear. I'm following the ground troops in.>>

          There is a whir from deep within the building, and from out of a small hatch, a pair of small flying droids appear, and begin to make attack passes on the Last Call II. They appear to be mounting small laser cannons, and already they are pitting the shuttle's armour, and causing damage. <<Get her into the air, and take those bastards out!>> Major Delede calls over the comm as he continues after Jast and Co.
          In the warehouse: As the ground forces enter the newly exploded loading bay door, they enter a large cavernous room full of boxes, and shelves, and equipment. The floor is far below, and catwalks and stairwells line the walls. They themselves exit onto such a catwalk. It is a hive of activity as light droids are scurrying too and fro, seemingly awoken by the alarms that were set off. Two large bipedal battle droids move about the floor below, and swivel toward the entry way. Their arms appear to be blaster cannons, and they seem to be firing firiing solutions on the Resistance forces as they enter.

          Rey moved out from behind her cover and her cape whipped about her body in the winds on the roof. She followed after everyone else with her combat staff held tightly in her grasping hands.
          At least until an enemy presented itself and blaster fire started. A look of anxiety crossed her face inside of the hood over her head, she looked to the others and then raised her right hand up to face toward the enemy... her fingers splayed apart and she reached out with the Force to push the foe away!
          At... least until he turned and fired at her, then she squealed and ducked back behind cover, narrowly avoiding the blaster bolt from sizzling into her body.
          "Right." Rey said to herself, panting. "Don't get blasted. Don't be stupid." She chided herself. Rey's combat staff was put back behind her back and she drew her blaster pistol...

          <<Copy that, Delede. I'll cover you,>> Sar says into his comm. He toggles the thermal mode on his scope on and keeps an eye on their movements. Oh, hey battle droids. The Corellian man steadies his shot more than /none/ this time and fires.
          This time, the heavy bolt tears through the side of the building and smacks into the battle droid closest to them, ripping on of its arm cannons off.

          Maeve Zavir keeps pace with Jast, she really does, perhaps her danger-senses aren't quite as attuned as his however and she does hit the floor to try to avoid getting shot. Try. Instead she gets winged pretty good on the way to the floor and it's with a sort of appalled fascination that she's assessing her own injury. "Well, that's.. unacceptable," said in a low voice as she tucks her left arm against her side and flips open her medkit and sets to work while keeping out of the line of sight and listening to the shouting and weapons fire. Someone once said that all physicians should get shot, at least once, to better focus their attention. Maeve's new goal in life is to find that person and punch them in the face.

          "Get to cover, Doctor, we'll bring the wounded to you," Hazar says to Maeve as he points to a spot that looks like it'll keep her from getting hit again. After trying to make sure the doctor's protected as well as he can he returns his attention to destroying the enemy. Darting through the front door Hazar quickly scans for enemies, eyes alighting upon the big battle droids. Having seen something like them before he knows the danger they present. Putting one knee down on the floor so that he can rest his stabilizing arm on his other knee, the young soldier lines up his sights on one of the pair of larger droids. He breathes out, holds it, and presses the trigger sending a bolt zipping past the droid. "Darn it."

          Karas was sitting in the co-pilot seat monitoring things from his position, hearing feet coming up, he catches the headset that is tossed his way. Giving a quick nod of his head as he slips the comm on, Karas brings up the weapon systems and quickly arms the laser cannon as the droid ships come into view. This he knew he could do and as he gets himself ready, and with some good positioning by David, he is able to get off a shot from the laser cannon as he blasts the droid ship. "Turret, can you get the other?" he calls quickly to where Vanya is.

          <<Copy that>> Vanya replies as she is thrust into the gunnery chair by the ship's rapid movements. Her hands slip from the targetting arms and she fumbles to regain her grip, muttering. "Fracking turret. Had to be a turret. Haven't shot one of these things since the academy." Still grumbling incoherently, she catches a craft in her sights and lines up a shot. The turret spits fire into the sky.

          The battle droids continue to attempt to converge on the Resistance position. The smaller droids lay down a lot of suppressive fire, but don't seem to be particularly adept at aiming. There are a good dozen of the buggers, though. The two larger ones? They are accurate, and one seems to have picked out Rey's position, pumping a large amount of large laser bolts at her cover.
          The flying droids attacking Last Call II are whittled down to two, with one showing signs of battle damage. The damaged one lights it's little engines bright, and dives at the tank-like landing ship, as if trying to ram the target. The other seems focused on peppering the quad-turret with laser fire, as if aiming for its pilot.

          Gren pops out from cover, and plants his arm over the catwalk railing, taking aim at the droid that Sar had already damaged. A single blast tears off what passes for a head, and the machine falls to the floor, broken and jumbled. He sights in an approaching battle droid, taking it out with a second blast. "We've got to move up. Find some cover." There are doors built into the walls. Offices, maybe? Most appear to be securely locked, though.

          "Excellent plan, lets do that," Maeve replies as she finishes binding up the slash along her arm where the round blazed a path alongside and hit the wall instead of doing the maximum damage on impact. She snaps the kit closed with one hand and frowns, watching as the flying droids are whittled down then moves forward to test one door after another, maybe one will be unlocked, if they're lucky.

          After narrowly dodging Sar Yavok's Galactic Civil War flashback, David lets out a stream of never to be repeated curse words into the comm. Then, regaining control of the vehicle, he dodges another projectile. Was that one of the droids? "Gonna swing it around, get ready Darkwing." He turns the shuttle around, aiming as best he can at the droid that just whizzed past them.

          "Nothing to fancy, just...." he stops as he brings the HUD up and as the craft is repositioned, Karas is able to catch the droid ship that is trying to ram them. Pressing the trigger to the laser cannons, not touching the proton torpedos, this isn't a situation for those just yet. Red laser bolts erupts from the laser cannon and strikes the incoming droid ship. He doesn't call to the cadet this time hoping she is on her game to be able to hit that ship that is focus fireing on her. "How are the ground crews?" he asks as he looks at the sensors hoping they are able to hold on until they can come around.

          As the droids return fire at the Resistance troops one of their rounds blows the head off of one of Hazar's grunts, sending the corpse collapsing straight to the ground. "No!" snarls Corporal Jast as he turns his weapon back towards the heavy droid that shot his trooper. "Find cover! Kick in some doors if you have to!" orders the young man. He fires a shot, then moves to do as he just instructed his men.

          The round Hazar pops off does the trick, striking the big battle droid dead center mass and causing it to literally explode, showering the area around it with bits of metal.

          The last little buzzing droid continues to harass Last Call II, seemingly not programmed to kamikaze unless damaged. But it really doesn't pose much of a threat. It was an odd choic for a security system.
          Inside, the much more threatening droids seem to have been doing their jobs. Until the two big bad boys get fragged, and leave ten or so battle droids with little lasers, and bad targeting arrays spraying fire at the troops, and wounded not-troops.

          Rey's eyes open again and she glances at her scorched wound on her left shoulder and then looks around. She grips the handle of her blaster and takes a step out to peer again, another blaster bolt flies past her causing her to duck back behind the cover and then her own pistol is lifted, aimed and fired at the enemy droids!

          Gren doesn't actually head for cover. He heads for the stairs, blasting another battle droid on his way. He's not one for cowering from some two-bit machines! "Screw it. I'm heading in. My knees hurt, and I'm done crouching."

          "That's what I'm doing," Maeve Zavir's tone of voice is rather terse as she tries the next door, getting shot again in the process and making a startled sound this time just as she gets the door open and shoves it all the way so that the door almost rebounds off of the wall. Maeve catches the door in time to keep it from bouncing and smacking into her face, because that would be absolute icing in the cake. "In here," said as she sweeps a look around the interior of the room and moves to the side of the door, JUST IN CASE and examines the new scorch mark on a perfectly good shirt. Well, it was a perfectly good shirt. "I'm starting to THINK like Sar," she says in a sort of appalled amused voice and keeps a wary eye on the door while tending the newest addition to her fledgling collection of battle scars. Scars? Damage? She looks up just as a random blaster bolt goes flying through the now open door and does serious damage to an innocent office chair and the desk at which it was stationed. The chair presents a valiant effort, blocking a good portion of the damage but the bolt sizzles right on through it and scores a hit on the desk and the objects arranged therein. A perfectly innocent jar of writing utensils is winged as well, the jar cracking with a startling sound and the pens spilling out onto the desk then rolling off onto the floor. Collateral damage.

          Yanking at the controls, David calls out. <<This is the last one in the air, take it out so we can get our people and their new toys out of there!>> He flips some switches, cutting off the thrusters to turn the shuttle in place. <<Eyes on a swivel, cadet. We're blind as long as the turn lasts!>>

          Karas has another shot, "Bank hard right!" he calls to David who is pretty good at the controls, and as he gets his shot lined up, Karas quickly fires off two rapid shots which blows up the ship that was firing on Vanya in the turret. "Ground crew where are you getting hit at heaviest we may be able to provide covering fire!" he calls to them.

          "Doctor!" Hazar yells at Maeve when he sees a round strike her again, horror in his voice. He'll need to run her through so many drills before taking her out again. Seeing Gren head forward, drawing fire from the battle droids, Hazar lets out a "Darn" under his breath. "Cover us, we're going in!" Jast calls out to his men as he follows behind the old major.

          The troopers continue shooting, but they're ineffective at the moment. One takes a round through the upper thigh and hits the ground. Luckily, his battle buddy is right there to grab him and drag him back towards Maeve's position.

          Amidst the chaos Hazar levels his rifle at a nearby droid and fires, the round from his weapon catching it in it's pelvis. This droid also explodes.

          <<When finish playing grabass in the sky, land and prepare for loading.>> Gren calls out over the comms, ducking a blast from a droid that's just a meter or so away. He puts a bolt into it's little head, and then jogs down the stairs. A second bolt is fired into it's partner in crime, with a third and a fourth following suit. Every shot is a hit, and every hit is a dead rent-a-cop droid. After his last blast, he staggers up against the a crate full of who knows what...and presses his right hand to his side. There's blood, and burnt flightsuit there. "Piss."

          A handful of droids swerve about, blasting at everything that moves. But they're pretty much done for. Just a final push, and the Resistance should be victorious. Stormtroopers, these foes are not.

          <<You got it Major, putting her down now.>> David pulls a lever, pulling up the fins on either side of the craft. Another lever brings down the landing gear and a press of a button extends the loading ramp underneath the cockpit. "Karas, go help the wounded find a spot, make it nice and roomy for the doc to do her thing. I'll keep the shuttle ready for immediate takeoff."

          Rey's cover exposed again got her to duck back behind it and gasp when a blaster bolt slaps into the duracrete, causing chunks of it to fly in all directions around her. She sees the other Resistance soldiers, having some better luck with their weapons which inspires her to shoot more. She needed to immerse herself in this, these soldiers had died protecting the Galaxy and they were the teachers she needed as much as Skywalker had been.
Rey's gun raises, she winches from the pain on her shoulder, and she squeezes the trigger again at their enemies! Spotting another zipping droid and blasting at it once more, hoping to at LEAST distract the droids for the others, if nothing else.

          Binding up the other wound to match the first one, Maeve Zavir looks up in time to gesture where to bring the wounded to from the guys working with Jast. "Here, keep clear of the door at least," is advised as she sets to work. "Who else is wounded?" a frown of concentration forming on her face as she listens to the continuing sound of blaster fire outside the tenuous safety of the office she's broken in to.

          The troops under Hazar Jast begin to really kick some ass. Their fire is rapid and accurate, knocking down droid after droid with center mass shots. "Nice shooting, men!" calls the corporal. "Good hit!" He yells towards Rey when she puts down a droid. After his brief look around to ascertain that his men are holding up it's time for Jast himself to unleash a little hell upon the droids, aiming his weapon at one nearby and exploding it with a single round to the torso, "I've gotta get one of these rifles." By the time the ground team is done there's not a single droid remaining. "Good work people, let's sweep this place for survivors and then load the goods on the transport."

          Sitting in the co-pilot seat, Karas looks at whats going on around them, "Keep us ready to bug out, I will keep us covered as best I can." he says as he looks at David, than back out into the landing zone. Karas rubs the back of his head as he does have a itch, he rolls his slightly injured shoulder a bit.

          <<We're clear. Wounded are incoming, Last Call. Whoever's not flying, get your arse down here to help search and load.>> Gren orders over comms, before looking at Jast. "Nice work, Corporal. As always. You and your men search these crates. Guns, ammo, and armor take priorty. But we're stealing everything we can carry. I've got to get this looked at." A gesture to the wound in his side, and he starts up the stairs for Maeve's makeshift triage center. As he passes Rey, there is a nod. "Nice work, lass." His voice is a bit harder than is usual, likely due to pain.

          Patching up the wounded soldier and helping him back to his feet, "Try to keep from getting shot again before this one can heal," she advises and tidies up her kit to make ready for the next person. THere's always another person.