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Axxila or Bust II

OOC Date: November 27, 2019
Location: Axxila System - D'Astan Sector - Outer Rim
Participants: The Resistance: Tallissan Lintra, Ektor, Elrych Cometburn, Merek, Syrus, and Rey

Axxila, a City folded over on its self one could look down and see skyscrapers and look up and be looking down onto another massive block of much the same. It was like something out of a spice fueled trip, a bad one at that. A busy place, and noisy too. THe authorites had corrdined off the area where Kavil's Corsairs and presumably the man himself were holed up, some stingy warehouse complex near the Starport.

Those who weren't part of the original assult landed on the Crawler, while Elrych settled his X-Wing nearby. They gaev a reprieve to muster and check weapons or change gear. El traded in his black ops flight suit for his official Jedi regalia. "Alright. So, let's check this place out." There's a road block not far where a couple of local authorities sit, knocking back foam cups of Caff and munching on breakfast pastries.

"Aye... what are you supposed to be a Jedi?" The laugh, looking at each other.

"Yes..." The Corellian responds in a serious tone. That sobers the two and they stand, ore alert now. "So... they say there's only three patroling outside. Bet they know you're here by now with that big light show you all put on above."

Elrych nods in affirmation, pushing his shades up his nose before turning to look back at those who hae dared to come on this mission.

The turnaround time between space and ground was short enough for Captain Lintra to take two longing looks at the pastries while Elrych disabuses the local police of their notion that he is out doing Jedi role-play. She puts a hand on her stomach which rumbles loud enough for her to look surreptitiously from left to right, hoping no one noticed. The caf, too.

"I want a pastry," she says in a low plaintive voice to Ektor, expecting him to make fun of her. Like Elrych she is out of battle-ops and into CNG armor, not waving it about that she had been part of the light show that had made Res presence a given.

Stepping off of the Crawler shortly after Elrych is the Kiffar Jedi Syrus Volo. Not being much of a pilot himself, he takes every opportunity to let someone else do all that nonsense for him.

"Three guards seems easy enough to manuever around. Perhaps we could even convince them to let us inside," remarks the man, his hand moving to rest idly on his sturdy leather belt.

Ektor had escorted the Crawler in his Y-wing, before landing beside the shuttle and popping the canopy. The soot-streaked astromech gives an indignant honk at the pilot when he disembarks. Ektor barely seems to notice, as the nature of the upside down city is visibly making him uncertain. "No lie, this reminds me of this spice trip I had, one time. Now I'm wondering: did I hallucinate.. or did I like- see this place with *wizard sight*?" You're not a Jedi, Ektor. Chuckling to himself, the pilot looks around, lazily checks his pistol, and swagger-limps along with the others, giving a merry grin and cheerful, "Syrius!" to Syrus. Mention of the 'light show' brings a proud grin and he nods knowingly to Tallie. "That light show was us," as if she didn't already know. Under his breath, he adds, "Wait, there's pastries? Where?"

Merek has taken the time to put on his armor, while he nods with a lift of his pistol while he follows along with Comet, the Jedi. He does look to those the man speaks to, his gaze sweeping about while he nods a bit to the others also.

Rey emerges from the same shuttle as the others, her hood is up and she's wearing a gray and green jacket over her tan clothing beneath it. Her hands are in her jacket pockets and her jacket itself is closed down the front to help conceal what she's wearing and carrying around her waist.

Her eyes go from one speaking companion to the other, but for Rey's part she just remains quietly observant of what is going on for the now. She walks with a casual step and a slow stride, her gaze lingering now on the locals, the guards, those around that are new and potential threats to their collective well-being. Elrych glances over towards Syrus, "Herm... perhaps we can give that a try. Yes? There's not that many of them." He turns to the others. "They might be a little shaken from the attack on their main force, the could be open for negotiation." He puts a hand up to cover his eyes, even with his shades on. "I can't see jack, we got to get closer." So he just starts walking casually pass the guards, grabbing a pastry and shoving it in his mouth. "Come on, guys." He holds up the pastry for the local law to see, "Thanks for the snack."

"Let me add insult to injury," Lintra says with grave formality as she snags another pastry. "Right behind you El-rock." She nods holding up the pastry to the officers as she walks by.

Nodding to Elrych, Syrus moves slowly up to the hangar where the trio of ruffians had been spotted. Lifting his hand to catch their attention, the Kiffar smiles and dips his head to them.

"Hello friends. I was hoping you might consider setting your weapons aside and turning yourselves into the authorities over there," he explains, gesturing back to the barricade.

"Talking sounds good, yeah? I mean, not as good as pastries, but-" Ektor tries (and fails) to be sly about swiping another pastry on the way, taking a bite and groaning at how good it tastes. When Syrus chooses the direct approach, he adds 'helpfully' around a mouthful of delicacy, "We'll throw in a pastry! S'really good. Really sweetens the deal, yeah?" A crooked grin follows.

Merek looks then to the Jedi being pretty forward with the situation. He looks back to them also, "Three," he confirms for all of them, while he waits a bit.

Rey is staying to the perimeter of the group, she's continuing to just calmly walkabout and let her eyes flicker from one face to the next. Her gaze goes to Syrus as he nears the guards and tries, indeed, the direct approach. With a curious expression on her face beneath her hood that is gently waving in the environment's winds, she watches for the guard's reaction.

Elrych slips up next to Syrus, sucking at sticky pastry glazed fingers now that he's devoured his. He's still kind of in the midst of chewing and swallowing when he speaks. The Jedi touches the Force as he senses Syrus do the same, reinforcing that same sort of persuasive power. They look a little confused as Syrus approaches them. "The hell we are. Who are you all? Screw off!"

Elrych clears his throat. "Yeah... You all are going to drop your weapons..." Two do it right away as he says it, "And walk over to the barracade and grab a pastry. You deserve it you work too hard." They start to walk past the group. "And don't forget to not resist arrest!" He reminds. They repeat the words as if zombiefied.

The Corellian Jedi clicks is tongue and gives Syrus a thumbs up before turnign to the remaining guard. He's backing towards the buidling in fear, his weapon raised. "What are you people?" He knocks on the door, "LET ME IN! LET ME IN! They're demons!"

"Got to love them," Lintra says sotto voce to Ektor around a mouthful of pastry. "Yes," she adds with satisfaction at the man walking backwards from them. "I could get to like this." Head turning from side to side as she scans the compound for reinforcements she licks the last of the pastry off her fingers.

"Very good, Cometburn," Syrus says, nodding to the younger man and watching as the two affected guards wander toward the authorities. Then his brows knot in concern over the remaining man banging on the door. "This could prove troubling for us."

Ektor mutters aside to Tallie, "No lie? We use a lot less explosives when the wizards do the talking, yeah?" He chuckles as his eye shifts to Rey, adding for emphasis, "Like a LOT less." He takes another bite of the sweetbread held in his left hand, while the right rests lazily on the handle of his holstered pistol. Demons? "Come on, pal: pirates don't do lost causes- well, MOST pirates don't," he amends with a grimace. With his next words, he points between the last guard and the band, "This right here? This is a lost cause. Don't play it dumb, yeah?"

Merek looks between all of the others while he looks back then to the one that's bringing all that attention to them, "Be quiet," he says, taking three shots while two of them begin to strike into him. Even if he is not fully managed into stun, he will probably be drawing not as much of the base's attention. Rey's eyes watch the two who'd been convinced to separate and enjoy a treat walk past, then she turns her gaze back to the one that backsteps and moves to the door in fright. Remaining where she is she keeps her hands inside of her coat's hand-warmers and takes her sight from Elrych and Syrus when she hears Merek speak out.

A moment later the stun blasts spiral out of Merek's gun, each one flashing a moment of illumination across Rey's face as she trails her stare off toward the man that they impact against. She doesn't react to this beyond that, merely moves her tongue around inside of her mouth a little before she draws in a soft breath and gently releases it again.

The guard slams against the door as Merek's stun bolts strike into him, causing him to slump down onto his rear. His conciousness is fading, except one thing is on his mind. Those eyes, Rey's eyes. He hated those eyes. He had one job, to guard this place and he had failed that because of these strangly dressed space monks. With the last bit of his energy, he raises his blaster and takes a poorly placed shot at the Force Witch.

Elrych had folded his hands over his chest, watchinging Merek and the guard's interaction, but as soon as the shot came, the Jedi reached out a hand and grab him with the power of the Force and slid the man towards the barracade and into the arms of local law enforcemnt. Then, walking over to the door he attempts to open it. It's locked. Looking back to the others, he asks. "Anyone able to get us in this place?"

"I don't know, I don't know," the pilot mumbles spotting the last crumbs on her fingers that she brushes off against her armor. Clearing her throat, she examines the door, then looks at the keypad next to it. Eyes closed she thinks a moment, opens them, lips pressed together in concentration as she punchs a code into it. There is the click of tumblers moving and the clunk of a magnet releasing the door.

"I'm afraid that's beyond my area of expertise," remarks Syrus as Elrych calls for anybody with a modicum of computer knowledge. Moving out of the way, he watches Tallie set to work with a smile. "The Force provides."

Ektor eyes the door, in the moments before Tallie and Merek apply their technical expertise to forcing the portal open. "So, I got some bad news: door's definitely locked-" He draws his civil war era pistol and aims it at some important looking piece of the portal, before the actually capable non-Jedi get it open. Ektor doesn't miss a beat. "So, like I said: door's definitely open. Let's do this, yeah?"

Merek begins to assist with Tallie to make sure that the door opens as well as doesn't make anything also shift in a way to cause them any issues. He nods a bit while he watches the shooting man sliding away, then he toggles back the weapon, lifting that up also.

When the man makes eye contact with Rey she can sense what he's going to do before it happens and when his trigger is squeezed and he sends a blaster bolt at her, she moves in-step with its approach and turns her body to the side quickly to let it zip past her. She sweeps her gaze back to watch where it goes, then turns her stare back in time to see the man handled via telekinetics. The wind ripples the fabric of the light tan hued hood over and against Rey's face as she watches Tallie then move to open the doorway, this makes her show a soft smile.

With hands in her jacket pockets still, Rey moves to follow Ektor and the rest into this facility, while her eyes look this way and that for more threats to their safety.

When the group passes through the threshold of the door they enter into what appears to be cavernous darkness, Elrych's hairs stand up on the back of his neck. "This... this doesn't feel right." So little guards outside. It couldn't be that easy. As the group moves further in, the lights come on row by rock. That campy sound of them turning on. Chunk Chunk Chunk, echoing through the cavernous warehouse. Illuminated now are almost a company worth of Pirates, 27 to be exactl, scrambling for cover. Flanking Kavil, in his full body encased life support system, are Red Armored Jensaarai Knights. The same who protected Moff Tavira on Courkrus.

"Well Drek..." Elrych says, drawing his lightsaber but not ignighting it.

In a robotic voice Kavil Speaks, "YOU WILL PAY FOR ALL YOU KILLED TODAY!" The two Jenassari Light their blue Lightsabers.

Lintra stares at the back of Elrych's head, eyes narrowing at what she hears from them as they move forward through the darkness. Reaching for her blaster, she slips it from the holster but doesn't toggle it to stun. "Drek." Is her sole terse explicative at seeing the knights arrayed before them.

"Oh dear," is Syrus's response to seeing the veritable army that lies before them. "Everyone; be careful," is his only advice. He's sure that the people with him are competent. Except for Ektor. But Ektor's lucky.

Pay for all they've killed? "Put it on my tab?" Ektor returns, as he opens fire and ducks for cover. "No lie, though? I have been known to skip out of port without paying."

At first, Rey's eyes look into the darkness while she feels with the Force that they're not alone, but before anything could be said of that nature the lights start to announce themselves over head causing her to look up and at them as the power on... but with the tickling of danger on the back of her mind her focus snaps back to where they're all being faced-off against by a large number of people that are all aggressively scattering out, fanning out, in preparation of a fight.

"Wait." Rey quietly says, but her own people do the same and then Ektor fires a shot... there's little that can be done now. So, Rey moves for cover and slips behind the closest thing she can, her back presses to it, her shoulders rise inside of her jacket as she draws in a calming breath and then she places her right hand down against her hip to draw her blaster...

Merek takes up a covering position next to the door, while he begins to meditate upon his battle skills. Then he sweeps from cover while he's spinning the 718 up, taking three shots, one cleaning into a Knight, while he sweeps about two into one of the corsairs, taking them to the floor while he sweeps back into cover also.

Elrych leaps into action, ignighting his blade and taking the moment of advantage against one of the knighs who's recovering from the bolt Merek sent into him. His lightsaber cuts into the red armor, sparking and carving a molton orange line through them. There is a scream and the hulky being falls back onto it's back. Blaster bolts sale past Elrych as he turns to block a blue lightsaber swung at him by the remaining knight who yells in anger, the darkside touched by him and rippling in those who can sense it force perception.

The Corsairs strike hard in the first round, massive ammounts of blaster fire hammering down on the Resistiance troops.

Lintra makes a terrible mistake firing out in the open. Around her the others duck into cover, the flash of blaster pistols illuminate her face in stuttering action: disappointment at her own stupidity narrowing her eyes, a hopeful wide-eyed look as a Corsair falls to the ground, an opened mouthed stunned oh when a blaster pierces the right calf of her armor. She spins groping for cover, down on her backside both legs straight in front of her another shot takes her along the side of her head burning hair, grazing her scalp deeply and nicking an ear. Still conscious she drags herself to cover behind a crate.

Holding his hand forward, Syrus's lightsaber leaps from his belt and ignites as it reaches his grip. A hail of bolts come sailing towards him, but the majority of them miss their marks, and the two that would've had his name on them are sent sailing back to their owners with a couple of easy swipes of his blade.

Striding forward, he begins engaging with one of the armored Knights. His foe misjudges the angle of a jab and is quickly disarmed by way of a pair of missing hands.

Syrus moves to similarly remove the hands of one of the attacking corsairs.

Ektor takes a bolt to the left thigh, cursing colorfully in pain. He fires blindly around the corner he has taken cover behind, hitting exactly nothing. As he sees Tallie make it to cover, the Tionese pilot hollers, "Okay, I admit: this plan works a LOT better when I'm in a Y-wing, yeah?"

Merek watches while the blaster bolts fire in exchange between them all, then he notices that Lintra and Ektor get shot, while another cleans up into his shooting arm. Which seems only to make him more attuned with his meditation upon the fight. He steps from the cover while he aims to one that's shooting upon Tallie, "Light them up, we can carry the day, line them up for our Jedi!" Three shots swing into one of the pirates with amazing accuracy in that skill, and back into the cover also. With her back up against her cover, Rey peers out only to see a blaster bolt sizzle against said cover and shoot a shower of sparks down toward the ground. She ducks back behind the cover. The sounds of combat echo around the chamber and Rey glances upward again, to the lights.

Her eyelids flutter as she tries to focus upon the electrical inner workings and the computer systems operating them... she closes her eyes entirely then calms herself...

The overhead lights begin to deactivate one by one, just as they'd come on before, bathing the chamber back into darkness....

Over the sounds of fighting, Rey's voice is heard over group comms so all can hear her. <"We are not here to slay these people. Disable them if you must, but our goal is to find a better solution to these problems. Not to lead into killing them!">

Elrych looks towards Syrus as he cuts down the knight, pointing his blade towards Kavil himself, "Call the off." He tells the man. He twirls his blade and cuts down two of the attacking three who attempt to save their leader. Then, a blaster bolt finds him in the gut and he lets out a shout in pain.

The knight falls to his/her knees, looking at her amputated hands. "What... what have you done..."

Upon hearing Rey's voice and the lights going out Kavil shouts in his robotic voice. "STOP. CEASE FIRE, PLEASE THEY'LL KILL ME!"

The blaster fire ceases for the time being and the 17 pirates left wait behind comver for further instruction.

"You may take me back to you leaders. Just... let them live. They've seen enough terror and war."

Elrych looks to Kavil, surprise on his face. A curious glance to Syrus.

Head wounds bleed but Lintra forgets that and wipes at her wound, regretting it instantly. Blood joins pastry crumbs on the carapace of her armor. Gasping softly to herself she leans forward ready to fire when Rey's voice speaks reason into the ensuing mayhem.

<Ektor, you good? I heard you swearing,> is whispered over coms while negotiations beginto her stunned surprise.

"You left me no choice. I'm truly sorry," Syrus offers to the knight that's understandably upset about the recent turn of events. Syrus holds his lightsaber up, illuminating the area around him a little better until Rey can get the lights back on.

< I *completely* thought we was here to wipe them out,> Ektor admits deadpan over the comms. <But seeking as how I can't see them no more, I'm suddenly wondering what else you got in mind, yeah?> He peers around the blind corner into darkness. "Drek, all I can see is laser swords swinging around." Then people are surrendering? <Yeah, I swear sometimes. You good, Sunshine?>

Merek looks like he's about to lift that pistol, although he listens to the voice from Rey, then he lifts a hand, twirling a finger about as a notice to not fire, while he begins reloading the weapon. <<Lintra, can you make a way back to us?>> Then he's taking a moment to lift his 718 in cover, "We have low light, if you are surrendering, please lift up your hands!"

One singular over head light pops back on with an echoing *thunk*. It is the light over and above Kavil's head.

After he calls out and asks for the others to be spared. Rey is standing out from behind cover, a fair distance away with her hands back inside of her jacket pockets and her hood still up. She's staring at him. Her eyes drop down to those who're injured or visibly disabled by the combat that just took place, and then she looks back to the man beneath the single light on within this large chamber.

"We're not hear to harm anyone." Rey's voice speaks out from within her hood. "Please, place your weapons upon the floor and simply come with us. Lives will be spared, peace can be achieved... This can, and needs to, all stop here and now."

Elrych keeps a sword pointed at the balled Kavil, biting back his pain from the blaster bolt that burned through his gut. "It'd probably be best if you did... Also, I'm tired. This is more of a work out than I do most days... I mean come on." He wished he had stayed outside with the cops and their pastries. Elrych then glances towards the Knight who's in too much pain from their missing limbs to protest any words.

One by one the Corsairs comes forwards and let down their arms. The Day is won, but not without sacrifice and great harm.

Grunting under her breath, Lintra begins to slide her way back towards Ektor and the others in the company, <On my way, Black. Hold your banthas. Drek, Ektor. You swear all the time but it sounded like a hurt swear> She isn't able to hide the effort it takes to move. The Jedi have succeeded, it still is a deep surprise to the ace pilot and a welcome one.

Deactivating his saber, Syrus clips it to his belt and rests his hand on his hip as he takes a moment to look at the destruction that was wrought in just a few short minutes.

<Yeah, yeah, so maybe it was a BIT of a shot-in-the-leg swear, so what? Rekk me sideways,> Ektor grouses back at Tallie, dryly. As the lights return and the surrender of Kavil and his corsairs proceeds, the worst soldier in the Resistance drawls aloud, "So, I'll just.. head on back out then, yeah?" Merek holsters back that pistol when it looks like all will be solved, taking a moment to look to Tallie and Ektor when they are back. "Alright, well looks like we managed winning the day." He doesn't look too happy about it, probably because of the need to also fire on people. He takes up a cigarillo and lights that.

Once the individuals they were just fighting now start to surrender and yield to their fates... of not being murderized, Rey visibly relaxes inside of her hood. She starts to walk to her fellows, the ones injured, specifically toward Elrych first. She offers him a hand for stability. "Lets get you to some medical help." She states to him. But she also pauses. "I have a request, as well..." Her other hand reaches up to lightly flick a finger at his glasses. "Please stop wearing these during missions. They're becoming a hindrance to your ability to function better, even if stylish." Its meant in good humor, but also a serious request.

"Syrus?" She calls out to the Kiffar. "Can you help him get back to the ship?" Rey then starts to move to help Tallie as well. "Do you need help?" Rey asks of the pilot Lintra the, now at her side.