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A RolePlay Log by
The Resistance


Resistance: Bacta Heist


Wednesday 24/January/2018

IC Date

Katunda 22/Kelona/1158


Xucphra City, Thyferra


ColonelSar Yavok
1st Lt. Dr. Maeve Zavir
Sergeant Hazar Jast
& members of The_Resistance

A trio of advisers from the Resistance assist with a bacta heist on Thyferra.

          Thyferra Starport Landing Zone - Xucphra City, Thyferra
          The main landing field on Thyferra is located in the heart of the planet's capital city. Being rather industrial and heavily commercial in mainly the product of Bacta, Thyferra requires a large location in which ships can land to transport the precious cargo. The landing fields themselves are surrounded on every side by massive buildings that stretch into the sky like lances. The entire starport complex and landing fields are roughly two kilometers in diameter, and enclose nearly a perfect circle. Each section is divided up into various areas for each specific ship, albeit fighter, transports, or more large-scale capital ships. Navigational and directional beacons are placed at each individual location, giving the landing fields an appearance of only lights from an Aerial view. Between each of the sections, a hovertram runs to and from each area, transporting passengers and cargo to the main starport complex. The starport complex is actually two large buildings that encompass roughly a square kilometer on the western side of the landing fields. Visitors to the planet must stop here and pass through customs before they are able to continue on into the city.

          Thyferra. A planet where the air is so thick its almost soup...
          Deep in the forest the intrepid Resistance members have met up with a local rebel cell made up mostly of native Vratix with a handful of humans in their midst. The rebels are poorly armed and mostly untrained but theyre determined to make a difference on their world.
          Most of the day leading up to this point has consisted of the Resistance members doing their utmost to train the local guerrilla fighters. Each Resistance member teaches what theyre best at, Sergeant Jast giving marksmanship instruction, for instance.
          A young Vratix messenger named Yaquatl reports: A shipment of bacta is being prepared for overland transport at the far edge of the rebels operating range. The healing juice is being packed into three ground speeders so that it can be shipped to a starport first thing in the morning.
          Vrank wishes the Resistance to lead his people to capture the shipment and the vehicles as both are sorely needed by the local rebels.
          Vranks forces consist of forty men armed with a variety of blasters. Some of these men can drive speeders, some have first aid training and one has demolitions experience from time spent as a miner.
          Yaquatls intelligence reveals that the shipment is guarded by a Stormtrooper rifle platoon. The Xucphra installation where the bacta is being brewed is guarded by a Stormtrooper squad and an additional private force of 20 security officers.
          Vrank suggests two ways to get the bacta and vehicles. One, assaulting the Xucphra installation during the night or, two, ambush them on the road by using small explosives to level trees to block them into a kill zone.
          Regardless of what the team chooses to do Vrank has technicians to make sure the speeders aren't tracked and a secure place to hide what they obtain so that the First Order wont be able to find it.

          Sar Yavok hasn't been doing much training, himself, as he's been dealing with lots of paperwork and logistics. He can be found beneath the Jawa seated at a fold-out table in a fold-out chair. From time to time, he'll take a moment to look up and see how the instructions are going, but for the most part, he's concentrated on his work.

          Taking advantage of the training offered, and when not giving basic first aid training along with some streamlined triage pointers, Maeve has worked with the other resistance members to pick up some pointers on how to use a blaster. Chiefly the 'how to' and 'what not to do' and while she's pretty awful at it, at least the doctor can mostly reliably identify the components, assemble, disassemble and somewhat (1 out of 10) hit the target she aims at. She's almost good enough to be a trooper!

          Vrank the Vratix runs up on his multitude of legs towards Colonel Yavok, "Colonel! My men and I have intelligence pointing towards a bacta shipment that's leaving a relatively close Xucphra compound in the morning and we'd like your help securing it."

          Yaquatl runs over to Hazar and says something to him before approaching Maeve, "Doctor, my dad... I mean Commander Vrank, wants to talk to you guys about something." Hazar is already on the way to meet at Sar's table.

          "Hrmm?" Sar asks, setting his datapad down and looking over to Vrank. "Alright. Know their route? If so, hit 'em on the road. You take it to 'em fore they leave or after they arrive, you're gonna be out-gunned," the Colonel explains. "Make sense?"

          Carefully using the selector to safety the blaster and returning it to the table where the rest of the training weapons are stored, Maeve wipes off her hands as she nods to Yaquatl, "Certainly," she replies and accompanies Yaquatl toward the table where Sar is to arrive a few moments after Hazar. In the humidity, the surgeon is dressed in a double layer of tanks paired with khaki trousers, her hair tugged back in a sleet tail. "Gentlemen," is offered with a nod once she arrives, taking the water bottle from her side as she listens, a slight frown forming on her face.

          "Yes Colonel, we do," Vrank replies, nodding his insectoid head deeply. When Maeve and Hazar arrive he looks between the three Resistance fighters and asks, "Would you do us the honor of leading us? Or at least working with us? I'm afraid we don't have much training, as I'm sure you can tell, but we desperately need the supplies and vehicles."

          Hazar looks between Maeve and Sar and opens his eyes wide, then shrugs his shoulders, waiting for the others to respond.

          "Y'all got a saw?" Sar asks, looking over at Vrank. He stands up from the table and straightens his gunbelt. "We find a big enough tree and cut that down over their route. It needs to be big enough to stop repulsorcraft, of course. Otherwise, they'll just go right over it. Plant explosives where the lead vehicle will stop, pop it, and clear out whoever's left." He looks over to Maeve and offers her a smile before his attention falls back on Vrank.

          "But if the tree is already down when they begin their route, they'll just detour around it, won't they?" Maeve wonders as she caps the water bottle and tucks it back into the holster at her side. That's right. Gun holster, no. Water bottle holster? yes. She tucks her hands into her front pockets as she mulls, "Can we rig a tree to collapse remotely so that they don't have time to detour in advance?"

          Vrank and Yaquatl's bug heads get close together for a few seconds while they whisper to each other. Vrank then nods his head, "We can secure a saw." His attention swings over to Maeve and he says, "We have a man with demolitions experience who can be counted on to take down some trees remotely. Depending on where we were to drop a tree we might position one in such a manner as they won't know it's down until it's too late, such as by putting one just around a curve in the road." Presently, Hazar is just listening and watching, ready to be told what to do. His arms fold across his chest as he looks over the beings doing the talking, trying to take everything in.

          "So.. can you rig some trees that are pre-cut partially so that they'll fall in a certain manner?" Mae wonders, studying Vrank as she asks this. "I had a patient who got trapped beneath a tree after he'd pre-cut them to fall in a certain manner, that is until one of the timberman on his crew cut the wrong tree out of order and it screwed up the whole domino chain." She looks back to Sar and Hazar, that slight frown remaining on her face as she tugs the water bottle back out of the holster at her side and idly tosses it from hand to hand. "If we prep the trap area, take these trees down, won't they just circle in and call for reinforcements? How long until reinforcements would arrive?"

          "We need to secure a tight enough, dense enough corridor," Sar answers Maeve. "If they have the option of going around, we've failed." There's a pause and he says, "And if we detonate an explosive to take the tree down, it could fall any number of ways, /and/ alert them to the fact that they're under attack."

          "We can certainly do that, Doctor," the Vratix commander tells Maeve. "We'll be able to drop them right where we need to." Her next series of questions get a shrug from Vrank, "They won't be able to create a circle with their vehicles on the road, it's too narrow. Reinforcements would likely take at least fifteen minutes to get ready and then there's travel time to the site of the ambush." Looking over at Sar he says, "So we will down a tree in advance and hide my men along the side of the road. Explosives will be planted in the road where we imagine the lead vehicle will stop. Once the lead vehicle is on top of our explosives we'll detonate them and engage the remaining enemy with blasters." He pauses for a moment, "Will you and your men be commanding sections of my troops?"

          "We will," Sar says, nodding to the Vratix. "Get your men ready and we'll get going." Sar nods to Vrank before looking to Hazar. "This is your moment, Sergeant. I'm just gonna kick my feet up on this op, we clear?"

          "Understood, Colonel," says Vrank, heading off with the younger Vratix at his side to begin rounding up his men and making sure he's got things straight.

          Looking over at Sar Sergeant Jast nods his head, "Roger, sir. I won't mess up." Then he's off to make sure Vrank is doing everything correctly and to further detail what the ambush will entail.

          Time passes and the warriors arrive at the ambush site. This area has been specifically chosen as an ambush site due to how close the trees are to the road around here, and the fact that the road curves at an almost ninety degree angle allowing the rebels to form an L shaped ambush and reduce the risk of them killing each other accidentally in a cross fire. A very wide tree has been felled to block the road.
          Each of the three transports floating over the road has over a dozen highly trained Stormtroopers driving and riding on it, standing next to the clear barrels full of bacta, their weapons and attention facing outwards for any sign of an ambush. Under their helmets their eyes are peeled as they enter the ambush area. The convoy approaches the downed tree and comes to a gradual stop.
          Waiting with the rest of the team, and prudently sprayed down with an unscented version of insect (local wildlife, flora, fauna, bugs, flying things, slithering things etc) repellent, Maeve is probably the -most- nervous one in the entire group. Armed not with a blaster but with a medkit, the doctor keeps glancing nervously UP then around then back down.

          This is Sar Yavok's second time as a special forces commander, so he's got this whole thing down, he's concealed as best as he can be, tucked against a downed log, mud smeared on his face. His E-11 with stock extended is tucked against him. "Anybody got eyes on?" he asks of the team.

          "They're here," Hazar replies to Sar, prone behind a tree with his eyes looking over the optics on the massive weapon he's wielding. "They're pulling up to a stop now. Everybody get ready..." "AMBUSH!" sounds one of the Stormtroopers as he spots a Vratix in the woods with a rifle in his pincers. The vehicles all begin to accelerate to attempt to drive through the ambush when Sergeant Jast calls out, "Hit it!" The demolitions go off and the lead vehicle goes down, crashing into the tree and further cluttering the roadway. With no choice but to fight, the Stormtroopers begin to dismount to engage the rebels, getting ready to charge directly at the ambushers! The locals open fire on their oppressors with a flurry of different colored blaster bolts.

          "Open fire!" shouts the Colonel at his men and the Vratix before popping up and resting his rifle on the tree to steady it. One round tears through the lieutenant's head, sending him spilling off of the truck and down onto the dirt pathway. His remaining four shots are aimed at the less-fancy pauldron wearers. Two of them go down hard, and a third is left clinging to life.

          Maeve Zavir's 'get ready' position was to hunker down even more and tugs the helmet she's wearing even closer to her head, as though it'll help. She prudently covers both ears with the heels of her hands as soon as the firing starts, eyes squinted as well against the sight of so many different colored blaster bolts lancing out toward the column.

          Taking advantage of his rifle's awesome penetrating ability, Hazar takes careful aim at one of the Stormtroopers driving a transport and fires. The round strikes the white armored villain and reduces his head, neck and upper chest to mist that fills the cab of the speeder. "Stay in cover!" yells Sergeant Jast to the rebels.

          Two of the Vratix rebels take bolts from the Stormtrooopers despite their cover and go down, screaming as they hit the ground. Moaning, they roll around in anguish until their buddies can secure them and drag them over to Dr. Zavir for treatment.

          Without their leadership immediately present the Stormtroopers still manage to maintain their discipline amidst the gunfire, keeping up a steady stream of aimed fire. The vehicle that still has a remaining driver is stuck between wreckage and a stopped vehicle, unable to proceed. The driver attempts to dismount to add his rifle's firepower to the battle.

          Sar Yavok begins strafing along the length of the downed tree and continues firing. Five more shots are loosed, but only two hit their marks. It's good enough to get rid of the remaining leadership, though.

          Remaining hunkered down, Maeve hears the sounds of blaster rounds shredding through the leafy brush around her that she's sheltering within. The shredded leaves go drifting down and, in it's wake, a sudden outpouring of ants goes streaming in every direction, crawling over fighters and other leafy plants in a wave, their nest disturbed by the momentary violence.

          Without their leadership the remaining Stormtroopers seem no less effective, a testament to their training and conditioning. Their fire is effective enough that another freedom fighter drops. The two wounded previously are brought before Dr. Zavir, screaming and in pain. One has been shot through the thorax, the other the abdomen. Perhaps more hardened warriors would have continued battling despite their wounds but these two are not those beings.

          Hazar looks around to make sure things are still working out okay for the rebels. While momentarily distracted a blaster bolt manages to strike him in the shoulder. Roaring with pain he looks in the direction the round came from and returns fire, cutting one of the Stormtroopers clean in half.

          Containing, through sheer effort of will alone and ONLY by sheer chance that the wave of ants go marauding in another direction instead of crawling all over her, the instinct to shriek like a ninny as the ants are suddenly everywhere, Maeve brushes away the few that crawl over her gear. As the wounded are brought in, she has the young fighters set down in the brush beside her and sets to work, drawing her medpack from her side and speaking in a quiet - calming - tone of voice.

          "Keep it up!" Sar shouts, letting another five shots go down-range. Four more stormtroopers go down. "Push in! Push in!"

          Thanks to Dr. Zavir's quick work the two wounded Vratix are stabilized and with the help of some bacta will surely be able to fight again soon. The next injured rebel is brought before her.

          The First Order troopers continue to do battle. By now many have reached the treeline and are attempting to root out the rebels from their cover. Seeing this, Hazar yells to his troopers, "Keep up the fire!" The Vratix aren't used to battle yet and while they do some shooting a number of them are downed. Others start to fall back, fear evident in their body language. The wound to his arm causes Hazar to pull his next shot with his rifle, blowing a head sized hole through a tree a ways away, "Hold your position! We've got them beat!" Hearing his encouraging words some of the natives that were backing away instead move to find better cover and continue to shoot.

          Once the first two of the wounded are stabalized, to the best of field medicine capabilities at least, Mae turns toward the newly arrived injured rebel just as he's being set in place. She works quickly, hands moving with expert skill to retrieve what she needs from her kit and continues speaking in that quiet, calming tone as she does so. She knows that most of what she is saying is absolutely not going to make a difference, it's all about tone and confidence, and once she has this one patched up he pushes back to his feet to rejoin the rest of his buddies.

          Pew-pew-pew-*click*. "Reloading!" Sar shouts, patting himself down for another powercell. No luck. He grunts and slings the E-11 over his shoulder, reaching for the S-5 on his hip.

          Spurred on by encouragement from Sar and Hazar, the locals manage to return fire. The Stormtroopers, in their effort to defeat the ambush, may have bitten off more than they could chew. The Vratix and their human allies pour blaster fire into the First Order and send a dozen straight to hell, wiping out almost all that remain. Hazar manages to pick off another one before a round takes him in the side and knocks the air out of him, "Argh! I'm hit!" But he doesn't let that stop him from killing another Stormtrooper with a blast to the face. Panting, he rolls, attempting to move himself the rest of the way behind a tree, turning to look past it to say, "There's only a couple left. We've got this!" He'll be needing the bacta in the transports soon enough.

          Wiping her forehead with a swipe of the back of her hand, Maeve's eyes narrow subtly as she moves carefully through the brush to reach Hazar's side. "Steady," she says in a low voice and stays ducked down while she assesses his wounds and gets to work quick.

          Sar Yavok slides over the log he was hiding behind and fires three more times. Each one of them finds its mark, and the First Order is no more. Steadying his holster with one hand, he slides the pistol away and clips it into position. "Lieutenant Zavir, how're we lookin' on wounded?"

          "Darn," Hazar exhales at he looks down at his wounds, staying still while Maeve patches him back up. Calling out loudly he commands, "Squad leaders, report in!" The effort to yell causes him to wince in paid. His face is a lot whiter than usual, but he's getting ready to move again as soon as Lieutenant Zavir lets him go. Vrank and the squad leaders summoned by Sergeant Jast report in to him, some with looks of surprise or horror on their faces. "We lose anybody?"

          "Three dead, sergeant," responds one of the more squared away Vratix. "Six injured."

          Nodding, Hazar says, "Well, get the wounded over here so they can be stabilized. Everybody else can grab what we came here for and get ready to run before reinforcements arrive. Five minutes, tops, then we're leaving."

          Once she has Hazar's immediate wounds tended to, Maeve rises to her feet and carefully makes her rounds again to check over all those who took minor wounds that didn't immediately require attention. "How much bacta was in this convoy?" she wonders to Sar once she reaches Sar's side and checks him over as well.

          Sar Yavok walks over to pat the Vratix on the...whatever counts for a shoulder on those gross little bug things. "That's the price of doing business, son. Those men and women died fighting for what's right. All's that's left to do is honor their memory by making sure they didn't die for nothin'." He looks over to Maeve and says, "Dunno. We'll get a better idea when it's all squared away."

          Pushing himself to his feet Hazar lets out a pained sounding, "Ugh!" Looking at the rebels he forces himself to stand up straight, leaning heavily against the tree next to himself for a moment. "I just hope they've got enough bacta to share with us when we leave. Still, we'll set back the First Order quite a bit with this strike." He looks over at the nearby Vratix and calls out as loud as he can without damaging himself further, "You did a good job here today. You didn't run and you faced down the enemy. I'm proud of the work you did."

          Resting her hands on her hips as she stands there in the leafy underbrush with all it's bugs and.. stuff scuttling around, "Won't the FO just hit back, though, and hurt the Vertex even more though?" Mae wonders with a new look of worry.

          "They'll hit 'em, yeah," Sar says. "They were gonna hit 'em anyway. But we're training them to outsmart and outplay them. That's the most we can do, Lieutenant." He'll help get what he can unloaded and moved back to the base camp.

          "Out smart, out think, out last, those are all good things, yeah," Mae remarks as she watches the Vratix move around the convoy and the strewn bodies of the troopers. She sighs then and squares her shoulders subtly before she begins moving among the troopers, checking to make sure that each one is as dead as they presume.