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Resistance: Captivity over Coruscant

OOC Date: March 12, 2018
Location: Space over Coruscant
Participants: The Resistance: Ambrosia Greystorm, Sar Yavok, Maeve Zavir, Rey, Ax, Jax Greystorm, Poe Dameron, Kirit Xiptil, David Ironside, and Ektor with Kylo Ren as GM

The ISD Inheritance is a sizeable ship, an old Imperial class star destroyer from the days of the Galactic Empire, still a respectable threat despite only being half the size of the newer Resurgent class. It is here in orbit over Coruscant that the former princess, General Leia Organa Skywalker, is being held according to intelligence gathered by Resistance agents in a raid over Kafrene. This same mission garnered much of the detail used to generate a compatible access code for landing.

Only one Resistance ship is able to sneak in, as an X-Wing or anything like it would be a dead giveaway, so anyone planning to help cover extract on the way out via a seperate ship will need to remain a safe distance away. The hangar bay is large and spacious, patrolled by pairs of stormtroopers that make their way in circuits through the wide, open space, and First Order pilots and technicians move around from ship to ship and station to station.

Several other Destroyers hang in distant orbit of the planet below.

BG Greystorm is suited up and strapped in to one of the jump seats with the rest of non-piloting boarding party. She's been pretty quiet and void of complaint this ride which means either the grumpy groundpounder is resigned to her new life among the stars, or she's just got heavier things on the mind. Probably they have to do with the one person she's scarsely looked at for durating of the flight. Her son.

When their sneaky ride gets waived on through to land, she exhales a lungful through tightly pursed lips and nods her silent thanks for that one small ounce of good fortune. Chewbacca rowls something aloud from the pit, but it doesn't sound especially happy. The first hurtle's been overcome. But as their shuttle cruises in through the energy field and into the landing bay, the next worry arises: How to get from inside here to inside /there/??? "Everyone set?" she passes a grim look around.

Sar Yavok grunts in response to Amber's question, sitting strapped in across from her. His hands idly go about checking and re-checking the heavy blaster that he's brought along with him. He sniffs a bit and looks over towards the ramp as the ship settles down, unbuckling his harness. The man stands up and slides the pistol into its holster, hands moving to rest on his hips as he waits.

Dressed like all of the rest of the team members on this particular mission, Dr Zavir's expression is one of wariness and outright worry. She checks her gear again one more time, starting with her medkit and working from there as she rises to her feet, angling a nod to Amber as she glances around from face to face, then glances down at her datapad as well to quickly swipe through the screens to make sure she'd updated everyone's medical info.

Rey is within the ship and she's been mostly keeping to herself, but when they approach their landing location she appears near to where Ax and Jax are. With her hood up and her eyes peering out from beneath it, she stares at both of their faces.

The young woman nods once to them, her associates in this newly born group that they're struggling to find footing for, to push ahead toward someday rebuilding a Jedi Order that would shake off the failures of its past.

"Ready to do this?" Rey asks the older gentlemen, she seems nervous, but collected. "She's here, I know she is. We can get her back." Her voice is softly spoken to them, and her eyes dart toward the Resistance troopers also gathered inside the ship.

Ax sat in his jumpseat, hood pulled up over his head casting his face in shadow. Last thing he wanted was to be identified while on this mission. Well, next to dying that is.

As Rey approaches, Ax gives the young girl a nod. "I'd be lying if I said I was truly ready, so I guess I'll say that I'm as ready as I could be." He looks to the people gathered, all here to rescue the princess. "We can't afford not to succeed. Considering those of us gathered, if we die, it's very likely the Jedi die with us."

Jax sit in his seat on the Resistance shuttle. He held in both hands the lightsaber he'd built in the last couple of weeks. He seemed to be going over it in his hands and examing every detail of the handle that started as the throttle of swoop. His breathing calm and rhythmic. Then his mother asks a question. He closes his eyes and inhales and then exhales, "As much as I'll ever be." He says reaching up to undo the straps then standing. His lightsaber held in his right hand.

He was in the middle of pulling his own hood up with his left hand up. He looks to Ax and Rey giving them a wan smile, "I've faught the First Order. They can be defeated. Trust in the Force, Our Allies, and ourselves. Remember There is no Chaos, there is harmony." His eyes flick over to his mother again. There's a small sigh of worry there but he tries to hide it. No worse than a Greystorm family picnic.

The landing hangar of the old Imperial Star Destroyer, while routinely patrolled, is a large and spacious area where the ground team might be able to slip past the patrols of stormtroopers to make it into one of the corridors and get to a command hub where they can access prisoner details and make their way to the General's cell. Everything here feels very much like A Fresh Optimism, so to speak. As the shuttle sets down and the systems wind down, a voice comes through the comms. "Acknowledging your landing, standby for service and refuel. Dispatching crew in approximately five minutes." So that means they have about five minutes to get moved on out of here to the corridor entrance on the far wall of the hangar.

"Rey," Ambrosia listens to what Chewie's howling on about as he leans back and clambers around to make himself a little less obvious to anyone who'd give a rat's rump enough to investigate who's sitting on the other side of that viewport. "Ax, Jax...don't suppose there's any trick you got to get these patrols and engineer types to kindly look the other way for a few minutes?" She's moved out her seat to have a look for herself after climbing around/over the walking carpet. She flashes a hopeful-not really hopeful look over her shoulder, then backs out of the pit and punches the entry lamp into action. It descends, allowing the party their first whiff of freshly recycled air and potential doom.

"Move fast and move quiet. No one fires a shot unless absolutely necessary, you got it? If we shoot, we're made, if we're made, we're kriffed. And so is the General." So no pressure. The old rebel leads the way out the hatch and scurries from crate to loader to whatever bit of cover comes next, rifle up and at the ready, just in case. Her visor's alive with a streaming data feed, showing meters between potential targets, etc as she stalks and maps a way around.

Sar Yavok slides his blaster back out of his holster once he sees it's time. He breathes a deep breath and reaches down to grab his helmet. Juggling it around in his hand, he readies it and slides it onto his head. "Let's rock, then," he says, following Amber out into the Star Destroyer.

Aiming a curious look toward Ax and then Jax, respectively, she also offers a wry attempt at a smile at Rey before she focuses forward again and nods at the Ambrosia as she moves cautiously forward. She's stowed her datapad in one of her many pockets and instead has one hand resting on the medkit at her side. From Mae's intent expression it's clear that she's focusing on moving as quietly and as fast as possible.

A nod was given to Ax and a soft smile was shown then to Jax. "Words of wisdom." She quietly replies. "Words to live by." The teenage girl would then start to turn around when she saw the landing operation begin and her hands momentarily ball up into fists, clench and then release. She steps toward the ramp to follow after the Resistance soldiers, they were the veterans at this sort of thing after all.

At Amber, Rey nods her head a single time. "If needs be, we can cause a distraction by... creative measures, but if we can sneak our way through and not disrupt their usual patrols we may raise less alarms all together." Rey's eyes pass over both Sar and Maeve as they step past and move to disembark, Rey returns the quick smile to Maeve and then glances back over her shoulder to her companions.

With a breath taken in and released softly, Rey steps down off the ship with the others, preparing to move light of foot and soft of breath, her eyes scanning and her senses primed.

Ax moves in with the others, focusing his mind a moment to give himself more speed and agility. His footfalls are quieter than most, but not quieter than all. He gives Amber a shrug, "Not reliably, no. And it might give us away more than a blaster shot. Depends on who's aboard this vessel with skills like ours."

Then, he looks to Rey, giving a nod. "Yeah, what she said." He pulls his lightsaber from his side, gripping the hilt in hand but he doesn't ignite it yet. Truth be told, he'd probably be better off using a blaster, but the lightsaber gave him some little sense of comfort to wield.

Jax shakes his head, "Not well enough to put any trust in it working now. Not without causing a scene. It's like I'm part Aderanne or somthing." He answers Amber and echos Rey. "I would suggest moving fast. Maybe have the ship lock now?" Then at Mae's curious look, he shrugs before turning to leave the ship.

Jax watching the storm troopers on patrol as he stepped down the ramp of Gren's shuttle and into the hanger proper. Trusting in the force, his feet carrying him quickly and quietly never being seen by the storm troopers. He enters the hatch with the others than stands out of view as not to draw attention to the man in robes and armor.

The way ahead is clear, allowing the small band of rescuers to make their way across the mirror-polished floors to the door on the far wall, opening the blast-shielded portal with the security console and allowing them to proceed inside. Panels of light line the walls, casting everything in a bright, almost daylight temperature. They will need to move quickly to avoid someone happening into this same corridor and being spotted.

At the end of the hallway, lined with other doors, is a command area where more details might be gained.

It's been a very long time since Ambrosia was witness to the sights and sounds of an Imperial Star Destroyer. She wore a very different sort of uniform and didn't see much beyond the conference rooms and other facilities those of her profession were summoned to. The memories aren't super great, but they're there, and once they've ducked through into the corridor, she lifts a hand to rub out a phantom pain under the collar. After everyone's made it this far, she flashes a very professional thumbs-up, then nods her head in the direction of their next hurtle.

She's consulting a blend of remembered schematics and visor display, and since it appears that the coast is currently clear, Amber makes a dash for that command hub. Once flattening against the wall between doors on the other side, she casts another sweep around, then motions the party onward.

Things were going too well, anyway. Sar's in good shape, but he's not a fast man, so unfortunately be begins to lag behind the rest of the group, super heavy blaster pistol in hand. "I smoke to kriffin' much," Sar whispers to himself as he pants along behind them.

"Everything is so... clean," Maeve Zavir murmurs this in a mere breath of a voice, but she can't quite resist the instinct to look around anyway, her steps slowing until she's lagged a stride or two behind the main body of the group. Taking a cue from Amber, and now following on the heels of Rey, Ax and Jax as she deliberately keeps pace with Sar. She makes a startled puff of sound that turns into a almost-smothered laugh. "Now? you're realizing this -now-?" in a quiet aside to Sar.

Rey's eyes go over to the First Order's guards, she'd dealt with many of them already and though she felt pity for them she knew that they'd ultimately do what they had to do to stay alive and, so would she.

Running along behind Ambrosia, Rey's pacing herself to stay right with the General and... she looks behind her to see Maeve and Sar falling behind so she slows herself to stay with them, because a team is as only as a effective as a collective.

"Come on!" She urges them, speaking with intent but trying to keep her voice as reasonably low as she can.

Ax had never been on a star destroyer, nor had he ever desired to be on one. Now, he's running down a corridor as quietly as possible, each step perfectly placed with what appears to be no effort.

Ax is keeping with Rey and the others, but like Rey, as Maeve begins falling behind, he slows his pace to keep with them. "C'mon doc," he says in a hushed tone. "Let's not alert the First Order of our presence just yet. There'll be time for that later." Hopefully as they were departing the system with Leia onboard the shuttle.

Jax's hot on the heels of Grenral Greystorm. The force guiding him as he runs. He makes it to the wall outside of the command hub with Amber. His back pressed up against the wall. He readys himself Then seeing Sar, Mae, Ax and Rey lag behind. He says, "This isn't going to end well." He says with a head nod to Amber.

Just as the rescuers are reaching the command area where they'll be able to find Leia's cell and unlock the door, one of several doors they've just run past whooshes open, and a whole staff meeting of stormtroopers begins to empty out into the hall. Two, four, six, eight of them come marching out, and seeing Sar and Maeve, definitely not First Order employees, one of them calls out, "Hey! Intruders in Corridor B17!"

"Intruders on Corridor B17!" goes out the call, immediately being broadcast on secure channels to the rest of the crew, and somewhere at a console covered in backlit, colorful buttons, a scarab-helmeted man pushes one of them, sounding the alarm.

Inside the command area, there is a control panel that sort of resembles a metal flower opening its petals from the floor, and a panel by the door. Three corridors lead away, metal grill flooring with a sort of finned lining to the walls.

"I know, I'm sorry, I'm hurrying," Mae replies with a grimace as she starts to pick up the pace again. But it's to late, they've been spotted and as the call is going out, intruder alert indeed! she hurries toward the control panel with all of it's lights, buttons and switches. "Computer panel," Maeve Zavir calls out and begins working at it, fingertips moving over the screens. "If I can close these doors.." is said in a apologetic tone of voice sets to work trying to do just that. Her eyes are narrowed as she finds the right combination of commands and the doors through which more troops might arrive being to slowly close. Slowly.

There's no words to express the miserable feeling that sets in when the stormtrooper convention lets out and catches half the party starkly exposed in the hall. Frankly, there's no need to. Amber's frustration blows out her nose in form of a snort instead and without another word about it, she steps back and aside into the pseudo shelter of metallic petals to crouch and take aim. "You just had to jinx it, didn't you, kid," as a grump aside to Jax. "Doc, get in here!" she commands. "Have a feeling we're gonna need YOU in one piece." And as Maeve's doing just that, she starts laying down cover fire. <<Chewie>>, she growls into her comm, <<We've been spotted. Be ready for company and pass it on if you get a whiff of trouble, yeah?>>

Sar Yavok grumbles something not allowed on television and hunkers down behind a crate or something Gears of War-style. If only he had a chainsaw bayonet. Alas.

"Opening fire!" Sar shouts, hefting the large pistol over the barricade and firing off a duo of shots. The Thunderer earns its name, as its deafening bark rings through the hallway. Two STs are hit, but neither of them are killed. Perhaps they wish they had been, though.

Rey moves to help Maeve specifically, but she's drawn to a halt when the doorway opens up and the voice-filtered sounds of Stormtrooper voices can be heard. With eyes going huge, the girl looks over to the arriving soldiers and her right hand quickly snaps down to her side to grab the handle of her blaster pistol and whip it up, preparing to fire.

With her gun now drawn, Rey is watching the other's scramble to provide protection to the group as a whole while she covers the doctor who's working on the computer.

"Dammit," Ax mutters mostly to himself, debating to himself whether to use his lightsaber or the laser gauntlet on his wrist. The lightsaber wins out, only because Ax had been doing a great deal of practice with a training remote and it was the more defensive of weapon choices for him. With a snap-hiss the dark green blade ignites and he's leaping forward towards one of the troopers with a simple slashing motion. With force-enhanced agility, Ax's slice through the trooper doesn't even slow his movements down, and he continues in towards the room with the others. It's a close call, but he's diving through the blast door as its closing, rolling to his feet as he lands.

At the arrival of the troopers. Jax raises the lightsaber in a defensive position. This leaves Amber operating the terminal and Jax providing melee support. There's something awkward and disconcerning about the situation. Then Mae's there at the terminal too and Amber opening fire. Theres a shake of his head, "I didn't say I had a bad feeling this time." Jax rushes to the terminal and sits his saber on itn going to typing, "Next time we're bringing an Astromech. Leia's down the hall at the 3 o'clock position cell D12. I've unlocked her cell." His hand reaching for his saber to take it back up.

The stormtroopers are well-trained, but they clearly weren't expecting to stumble onto a rescue attempt when they came trotting out of that room into this hallway. Immediately, the rescuers open fire, hitting a few of them with solid shots to the body. As the blast door closes and one of them falls in two pieces, those still standing return fire, managing to squeak one shot in at the last second before the doors slam shut.

Leia's cell, as indicated by Jax, is down the corridor to the side of the command area and should be unlocked. With the General in hand, they'll need to return to the shuttle and get off this ship.

A worried glance catches the bit of heat Yavok took there, but the second that door seals them in, Greystorm Sr is outta the flower and making a beeline for the indicated corridor. "Gonna be a rough run back, assuming she's in the condition TO run. Who's feeling strong?" Then a checkin with their ride out of here: <<We're about to have the General in hand, but it's going to be a real mess gettin' back out the way we came in. You ready to lay down our cover fire and alert Black Leader?>>

Before the doors close, a single bolt flies in through it and smacks Sar in the right shoulder, nearly taking the whole arm off. Sar tumbles backwards and falls onto his back, clutching at the wound as his pistol goes sliding across the floor. "I'm hit," he calls out, rolling onto his non-injured side and kicking his legs a bit as the pain courses through his body.

Sharing a sidelong glance with Jax as he works at the terminal as well, Maeve Zavir's efforts only get the doors moving but it's Jax's that actually do the real work of locating the General, a quick look sent around to make sure that Rey and Ax are still up and running when she hears Jax's words. "You've found her, oh thank goodness," she exhales these words and is about to follow Amber when Sar gets hit and falls backward with the force of the impact. "Sar!" she takes a knee beside Sar long enough to grasp hold of his shoulders, trying to keep him from rolling about on the floor. "I've got you," said in a low voice as she examines his wound and looks up at the rest of the team. "I have him, give me a minute here," and sets to work.

When the door seals, Rey's eyes go to Ax to see him narrowly get inside it. She breathes a sigh of relief to see that, then her stare goes over to the others. To Sar who's been shot... he's not dead, so she turns to look then to Jax.

A nod is given and Rey starts to move, pistol held up at her side she takes in the visuals of their surroundings, moving past Amber as she calls out over the comms. Rey is headed down the hallway toward prisoner cell D12, moving at a fast pace to find the Princess and hopefully then... figure out how they're going to get out OUT Of this place.

A bit winded and feeling quite lucky to not be stranded outside of the room. "I'm guessing we need to find an alternate route off this bird. Anyone here ever been on one of these vessels before?" he asks as he moves to follow Rey towards Leia's cell. "If I die here, my wife is gonna kill me," he mutters, knowing that it made no sense, but maybe he feared the wrath of his wife more than he did the First Order.

In the hail of blaster bolts one comes flying past Jax just as he moves leaving a scorch mark on the wall of the command hub. Jax gives Mae a shrug, "You didn't think Exine did all of the computer work for me did you? Don't answer that. But yeah we found her." He winces as Sar gets shot and Mae's on the move. As Amber, Rey, and Ax go to get Leia. Jax moves to stand guard over Sar and Mae. "We'll be there as soon as we can. I'm covering these too." He says rasing his saber and extending the blade. He figured the troopers or worse were coming.

Ambrosia remains posted outside the cell door, a few steps down with her rifle trained in the direction of that rhythmic, jogging clamor growing louder and louder..."Sure have, Ax, but looks like we don't have time for a detour. I'll bring up the rear, now GO! Is Yavok mobile?" she adds more quietly into com to her fellow footsoldiers here, then cuts over to herald Chewbacca and friends. <<We've gotta shoot our way outta here back to the hangar, en route! Prepare to blast us a path and get the systems ready to fly. Then call in our aerial support! It's gonna get messy!>>

Because when does it not. SOmewhere out there, the WOokiee heaves a big Wookiee sigh and grumbles to himself while doing just that.

Sar Yavok slows his quickened breathing as Maeve sets to work on him. He swallows hard and nods to her, letting her do what she needs to do. Once she's done getting handsy with him, he'll reach over, grab his blaster, and slowly push himself off of the floor.

"Gotta...we gotta dig in. They'll be...they'll be comin' at us from every which way, I reckon," Sar manages to grunt out, looking around the room for something to hide behind. "I'm fine," he answers Amber, his right arm just kinda hanging there limply.

"If you die here, I'll have to tell your wife what happened. So don't you dare," Mae remarks with a glance aimed at Ax. "She'll kill you, absolutely dead, if you do that to her," she adds, because illogic deserves even more seasoned and reasoned illogic. She continues working fast, stopping the bleeding and administering a localized pain med that'll take the edge off without impairing the wounded Sar. "Thank you for staying with us," she says with a glance up to Jax and her best attempt at a smile before she repacks her kit and rises to her feet, offering a hand to Sar as well once she's up. "He's mobile," she replies into the com, then off com she says, "you have to be mobile because this is NOT a time to dig in your heels and try some sort of.." she waves her free hand in a impatient gesture, "weird Corellian logic only tactic. Up. We're leaving, and you're not staying here."

Whether the Princess wants it or not, Rey embraces her when she comes to the doorway, she gets arms wrapped around her shoulders. "I missed you." Rey says to the person she admires most, who's thankfully still alive! "I thought we'd not see you again."

But she's not foolish (not too much anyway) she knows that they have little time so she breaks the hug and takes a step back. "Ax, Jax, Colonel Yavok, Lieutenant Zavir, and the General. Chewbacca's on the ship, waiting for us... we just have to find a way to get there, from here." Rey tries to quickly explain their situation.

"There has to be another way... Can we use our sabers to cut our way into another chamber nearby? Something on the other side of one of these bulkheads that may give us an escape route?"

"Only mine," Ax says to Leia. "And, I don't recommend you trying to pick it up and use it unless you like getting zapped." He does, however, hold out a blaster pistol. "Best I can do on short notice," Ax says.

The Echani turns back towards Amber and Sar. "You've got rear, Sar's injured, guess that means you want me on point?" he asks with a shake of the head. Ax then nods to Maeve. "Yeah, she'd be quite unhappy."

Then, Rey is talking about cutting their way out. "Might not be a bad idea, though it's not the quickest of things, and if we hit a pressurized gas line behind the bulkhead, it could be a really quick ending for all of us who aren't immune to fire."

"This is the wrong place to dig in." Jax says to Sar. "Don't blame this idea on Corellian logic." The Corellian Skywalker says. Then Jax's getting conflicting orders. He keeps his lightsaber ready, "Alright. Somebody pick a plan and lets go with it. I vote not Sars. I like you people but I don't want to die here with you in a last stand. If we go with Ax's plan. I'll help with point.

Somewhere outside of the sensor range of the star destroyer is a field of objects that float seemingly lifelessly out in space. They look like space debris from a distance but if you get close you can make out the variety of starfighter silhouettes that the Resistance have been using. The fighter closest to the star destroyer is a jet black x-wing and it spins lazily in space. 

Poe has his eyes closed as the atmosphere outside spins and there is a 'wurrrr' that comes from behind him. "I don't know little buddy... we have to wait for the signal..." as if by magic the sound of a roaring wookie comes over the coms "Buddy work on translating that for me... at the very least it should be the general contacting us right now and not Chewie." he starts to flip switches in front of him bringing every system of his x-wing to life <<Gold, Green and Red squadron light the fires.>>

The black x-wing steadies itself and suddenly the four engines flare to life. The ship starts to edge it's way toward the distant star destroyer <<Alright everyone we're going to use the pre-programmed micro-jump to get us in distance... Gold squadron you're on fighter duty, Green squardon I need you to take out whatever shields that Star destroyer brings to bear. Make that thing suffer. Red Squadron you need to protect green squadron, we just got those y-wings we don't need to lose them now.>> the x-wing finishes all of it's pre-hyperchecks and the major says over the coms <<Alright everyone, hit your hyper on my mark. Three, two, one, MARK>> with that the pilot hits his hyper motivator and the x-wing blinks from one sector of space to an area where the fighters can set up to engage the star destroyer.

While the rescuers debate over a plan, the ship's guards are moving into position to counter and neutralize the threat. The main door in is sealed, but the other three corridors leading into this room are not, and all three are now starting to give off telltale signs of Stormtrooper activity, the most clear of which are the blaster bolts that begin to rain, free-fire with little aim to back them up, into the room from further down. It's time to go!

Twin fires from the tried and true Y-wing starfighters light up as Green squadron brings its systems online. <<Green acknowledged. Target the Finalizer with everything you have people.>> Within her cockpit, Kirit does a last minute system check then settles into her seat with an exhale. "Well, you'll soon find out if I was that good.. or just lucky on the run on the Executor." She comments to her gunner. Rant warbles worriedly. "Oh stow it you." She sets a hand on the motivator. <<Green squadron. Microjump on three.. two.. >> She pushes the motivator. Microjumps were dicey things. If she let it go too long.. well.. she'll be a splattered bug on the windshield of a Star Destroyer.

<<Acknowledged, Black Leader. Preparing microjump now.>> David Ironside calls into the comms in his N-1 starfighter. <<Gold Squadron, report and make ready for the jump into range of that Star Destroyer.>> Gold 3 replies immediately, Jump Jye reporting his readiness for what's to come. <<Jump on my mark.>> comes the order from David, before a short countdown and a <<Mark.>>. The three fighters jump, emerging not long after near the Inheritance.

Ektor mutters under his breath, as Poe's long-awaited order arrives, "Here goes nothing." Punching in the coordinates, he lets out q slow exhale as Major Dameron counts down to mark, hitting the jump to a low, jittery warble from his R2 unit. "Fighting time, Tenner," the squadron's newest pilot notes, chewing on one corner of his lower lip. David's prompt is answered, <<Gold Four, standing by.>> Then the world jolts with a microjump.

"We are NOT digging in!" Amber confirms a little more loudly than necessary, eyes ablaze at the notion of being swiftly overwhelmed by an entire shipful of bucketheads...like right now! "Chewbacca's got us covered in the hangar, we've just gotta get through that lil stretch between here and there!" Entirely too much talking. As promised, she's bringing up the rear, which means she serves as the buffer between that initial wave of bolts firing 'round the corner and their beloved General. One of them finds its mark in her slim profile, sizzling through the edge of her breastplate and into bodysuit. It jerks her off balance half a step, and her grunt can be heard over the comm, followed by a course of salty explicatives as she returns fire with intent to give it good as she's got. While keeping pace with the retreat organizing ahead of her.

"Whatever you guys say," Sar says. "I just work here." He begins trudging on with the group, sticking towards the middle, as is his place as the only wounded member of the team. Spying a stormtrooper, Sar hefts the T-6 with his good hand and lets a duo of bolts fly. One slams into a bulkhead, but the other catches the poor trooper in the chest, sending the man flying backwards. King of the Blaster Wars, indeed.

Hearing the generals grunt of pain and the accompanying, immediately following, creative use of expletives, Maeve Zavir starts to turn slightly toward the General, recognizing the sound of someone who's just been wounded when she hears it. But the race is on, foot race at that, and now is not the time to offer first aid. Somehow the surgeon doesn't think that troopers will pause, politely, for her to do so. Right.

When the blaster fire starts, Rey moves to join the others and if they're preparing for a run then she'll be sticking with Leia at her side to make sure that the Princess is safe as possible.

Out of the corner of her eye she witnesses Ambrosia taking a shot and with a slight wince, Rey's own blaster pistol comes up to aim at the troopers firing on them. Trigger pulled, blaster firing two quick times! Neither shot is on target, but this has turned into a bit of a chaotic battle!

As blaster bolts begin coming in, Ax deftly deflects them away from himself and the others, well those that come within range of his saber. He focus was purely on defense at the moment. "Well, guess one way is as good as another, right? Sitting here and we're toast. We can't win a war of attrition against the First Order, so we gotta keep moving," Hopefully they could get to the shuttle before Kylo or one of his apprentices shows up. Ax really didn't want to go toe-to-toe with another lightsaber-wielding force user.

Taking a forward position and running in what he hopes is the right direction, Ax is a blur of motion. His lightsaber arcing before him sending blaster bolts careening away from him and those behind him, his green saber sending bolts back in the general direction of their origin, but not accurately enough to hit any of the troopers. Obviously, Ax needed more practice.

As the door they plan to escape out of slides open, Jax brings his saber down in a slash cutting the Storm Trooper Lt in two. "Nows not the time, Doc. I'll make sure we don't leave behind a different general." Jax waiting for his mother to catch up with him before he starts to make the retreat with her.

Essentially what's occurring here is this. The three prisoner corridors are filling up with Stormtroopers, who are bearing down on the command area where the rescuers were occupying the control panels. The entry corridor from the hangar had a handful of Stormtroopers still holding it down when Maeve locked the blast door. When the door opens again, they haven't gone away, and a few friends have joined them. A pair of lightsaber-armed rescuers are doing their best to fend off the fire are the rescuers shoot and cut at the troopers while they try to run past to get out of the bottleneck and back into the hangar.

Outside the Star Destroyer, when the Resistance fightercraft wink into place nearby, for a moment, nothing much happens, but soon enough, the familiar wail of TIE engines starts to resonate out of the belly of the beast, and the H-shaped fighters come swirling up from the depths to hurtle towards them.

This whole running and breathing thing gets hard when every expansion of the belly reminds you there's now a smoldering hole working its way in there, but now's not the time to take a knee. Continuing to leave a trail of fire in their wake, Ambrosia trots awkwardly along behind, doing her best to keep up. Sometimes, this necessitates the occasional facing foward to see where she's going and to tell her son to leave her ass and help clear the way ahead, when the hatch to the hangar is sooooo close...

And it costs her. Mid twist back 'round to lay down another burst of rifle work, Amber takes one just below that shoulderblade and it staggers her into the wall. The rifle starts slipping from her grip, but the strap 'round her neck keeps it from hitting the floor ahead of her. Her stumble off the wall puts her more or less in the right direction. The feet keep moving, but might just be on autopilot, because one looks at the face behind her visor suggests the general ain't quite right.

Chewie, in the meantime, is doing his part to spatter any resistance the Resistance may face on the tarmac when they emerge.

"Hustle up," Sar commands the rest of the team, as he rushes toward the shuttle, firing another pair of bolts towards some stormtroopers. One of them gets a nice memento, but he'll survive. Sar disappears into the belly of the sentinel, making a bee-line toward the cockpit, where he'll lend Chewie a hand in getting the old bird out of there.

"Stupid armor, stupid stupid, ow holy crap why do I volunteer for these things," Maeve Zavir is not -quite- ranting but it's a breathless sort of pained tone of voice as she staggers along to reach Amber's side. "You've just replaced Sar on my heal-first list," she informs the General of this bit of vital information and drapes one of Amber's arms over her shoulders, hooks one of her own around the general's waist, gets a solid grip on the general's armor as well for additional anchor, and keeps the both of them moving in the right direction.

With Leia in the clear up ahead with Sar and the others, Rey spins around and raises her blaster pistol. She fires one even shot off and it skims past a Stormtrooper, then, she puts her eyes onto Maeve and calls the Doctor out. "Doctor! I've got her!" Rey's free hand reaches up and she extends it toward Ambrosia....

The injured General is suddenly lifted into the air and pulled toward the teenager near to their escape vessel. Rey backsteps, moving as quickly as she can while focusing on Ambrosia.

"Come on!" She shouts to the others who haven't yet boarded. Ambrosia is pulled toward Rey and then gently placed inside of the ship while the young not-Jedi stands at the entryway, ready to disappear inside the ship herself.

As soon as the black x-wing has exited the microjump the s-foils of the ship lock into attack position. The s-foils of the Arc-170's in Red squadron also lock into attack position behind the black fighter craft. As the enemy fighters come pouring out of the belly of the beast he calls out over his coms <<Alright, all wings we've got a lot of incoming fighters. Stay loose cover your wingmen and as soon as our friendly is flying out of the belly of that thing we high tail it home!>>

Poe pulls the stick of his x-wing and the three arc-170 fighters follow his tail <<Green squadron, red squad and I are making a hole for you.>> The black x-wing dives into the furball of enemy fighters and red lances of energy leap out from the wings of the craft and drive into the hull of the eyeball in his sights. Behind him the Arc-170's are doing the same. He quickly surveys the fight and then says <<Green squadron we've got a lot of fighters out here... focus on thinning out the enemy craft before commiting to any sort of attack run on the shields... lets make sure the road is clear for our people on board.>>

With the shuttle in sight, Ax is running towards it, glancing back from the way they'd come. As a group of troopers come out of a side corridor in pursuit, the Echani gives a wave of his hand, flinging one of the troopers into the others. It wasn't enough to kill anyone, nor was it meant to, but he hoped it caused some chaos amongst the Stormtrooper squad. "Right behind ya!" Ax calls out as he's running up the ramp.

Jax watches Rey pull Amber away from Maeve and onto the shuttle. "She's handy to have around for things like that. Now lets get to the shuttle and off this station." Jax says las he cuts down another Stormtrooper barring his and probably Mae's way. He runs up the ramp and make sure no one gets left behind.

<<Green Acknowledges, Lead>> Kirit's mandibles grind at the sudden change of orders and she disengages the targetting computer. <<You heard the man, gunners, plow the skies.>> With the squadron already in tight formation to present a unified shielded front, the trio of aged craft begin a barrage of cannon fire to the fire. Blue ion bolts fire at more random intervals as the gunners within find targets of opportunity.

The squadron of N-1s pop out of the microjump behind Poe and Green Squadron. <<Alright, we're on fighter duty, so dive in and take out as many of them as you can. As the Major said, we're going to want to get out of here as soon as our infiltration team is clear.>> He rolls the fighter into the fray, zipping past the TIEs to get behind at least one. The incoming laser fire proves to make that difficult, a volley dinging off his shields lightly and preventing him from getting a lock and he reports such into the comms.

The Furball outside the hangar is intense and the resistance fighters are doing their best to thin the enemy and keep the space clear for the ground team <<Keep on em. We may be outnumbered but I have faith in us.>> The major calls out to all the pilots on the channel. His laser cannons bore a hole through a Tie and the three arc fighters that are flying behind him also manage to take some down. As soon as the ground teams craft is seen in space Poe calls out over the coms <<Our team is outbound! Repeat: Our team is outbound. Gold wing make sure they stay safe. Green wing, Red wing.. as much as I'd like another ISD on our hulls lets make some room to get out of here.>>

As the rescuers run up the ramp into their shuttle and prep for extract, the Stormtroopers follow after, continuing to fire at the ship. A few even run out with E-Web style turrets, aiming to set them up and open fire with the heavy repeaters and try to take it out before it has a chance to leave the hangar bay.

Out in space around the Destroyer, TIEs have been scrambled to engage the incoming fighters and to prevent the transport's escape. They swirl forth, unleashing spears of bright green plasma, while in the far distance, the other Destroyers orbiting the planet slowly begin to orient themselves toward the Inheritance.

One minute she's struggling to form a witty reply to something Maeve's said around the darkening heat closing in on her consciousness, and the next? Well, this isn't quite how she remembered death. This version seems more fairytale, the floating up and away from her mortal...wait. She hasn't left a corpse behind? WHAT IS HAPPENING?? A couple of grumpy Greystorm's limbs fight the flight, swinging out against whatever Force has sucked her off her feet and whatever painful noises she /was/ making back there are amplified ten fold in a moment of anxiety-riddled confusion. Totally dignified.

Fortunately, she only gets about three or four gravelly screams of protest out before that lung's had enough and she just can't anymore. It's a much more compliant, limp Ambrosia that slumps to the floor after she's deposited inside. But she just won't stay down, not until she's counted heads and confirmed Leia's in her seat, safely tucked in, mission accomplished. Least that's what she wants to do. In reality, Amber just slips and scrabbles her way close as she can get with a bloody smile aimed upward and right arm contorted inward against her body. Maybe she's trying to get to a chair? Or bleed on Leia's robes, once stuff starts seeping out the bodysuit. "G-glad..." she wheezes.

Sar Yavok slides into the seat next to Chewie and begins flipping switches, "Alright, big guy; let's get this thing out of here. Let's try not to scratch the paint too bad. Gren'll get pissy," he says, his left arm doing all of the work as he right one hangs limp.

Flipping the repulsor engines on, the Sentinel begins hovering, and Chewie rolls the ship around to point out of the hangar. "Hold on!" Sar shouts back into the troop bay, before jamming the throttle forward!

Thanks to Rey's help getting Amber to the shuttle, Maeve Zavir had stumbled along on her own and is one of the last to arrive. Once there she tugs her helmet off and tosses it aside as she aims a grimace of a smile at the General before opening her medpack and getting to work. She isn't flying this thing, guarding this thing, guiding it or anything else. Her work is in here.

The hail of fire coming from Green Squadron begins to find its mark. With the three fighters shooting in concert, there are plumes of distant detonations and a diminished screen of green energy coming their direction. <<Good shooting, Greens, keep up the fire.>> Slow as they are, it is a fairly simple affair to follow the Arc-170s towards the Star Destroyer as the fighters make their approach. <<Green Leader to Black Leader. We're approaching optimal fire distance. Advise on the package.>>

David's hand firmly on the control stick to the right of the pilot seat, he weaves the fighter through emerald green laser fire before finding a target of his own. He fires, the craft shooting blaster bolts of a similar green hue at the TIE, glancing the side panel to cause it to spark lightly. <<No kill.>> he reports to his squadron, before switching to the broader Resistance frequency. <<Roger that, Black Leader. Moving to intercept. You heard the man, Gold Squadron. Let's get the troops out ASAP.>> Just as he says that, the Last Call II appears to emerge from the hangar bay and Dave moves the control stick to escort the shuttle out.

Once past the first phalanx of First Order fighters, Ektor abruptly veers off center line to avoid the enemy firestorm. He lands another hit, sucking in a breath through bared teeth as he narrowly avoids a hit in turn. <<Yeah, yeah, yeah, faith. Coming around with you, Gold Leader.>>

Once everyone was aboard, Rey helps settle Ambrosia into a better place within the ship. She then turns to watch the Doctor make it inside and then Sar moving toward the cockpit to go and help Chewbacca get them out of here. The pilots are outside doing their thing... the Princess/General/Senator is inside the ship...

Rey exhales, a long and shakey breath, her right hand going up to a place to grip on the ceiling/bulkhead above her head. She stands there and centers herself while the ship preps to leave.

They hadn't run into 'him' the 'monster'. That was a confrontation she was glad to have avoided. Rey's eyes go then to Jax and Ax, she dips her small pointed chin in their direction in acknowledgment to their job well done, throughout all of this.

Jax hits the switch and it extinguishes his saber's blade as the shuttle door closes as the craft lifts up. As Sar makes a run for the cockpit and Mae is treating his mother. Jax has a momentary look of being lost. Though he catch sight of Rey, "The Force was with us. We found the Harmony in the chaos." He then drops cross legged on the floor not far from his mother and Mae. He begins to meditate pushing the fact he got to trust Sar and Star fighter jockeys that weren't him to get them home. It was not going to be easy for the Corellian.

The shuttle with its cargo onboard rockets forth from the Star Destroyer like a bat out of hell, narrowly avoiding a flurry of incoming fire from the TIEs that hurtle around the Destroyer, so many angry bees around a nest, close to a hundred of them now. The emplaced armaments on the Inheritance have likewise come to life, and the turrets will shortly be firing on the Resistance crafts as well.

<<Jump calculated, Gold Leader. Don't stay behind for too long,>> remarks Sar over the comms, looking over at Chewie as the Wookiee gives him a nod. "Grab on to something, jumping to lightspeed," Sar says into the comm, before reaching forward and sliding the levers forward. WHOOSH!

The black X-wing dips and begins to find it's way back toward the exit point of the sector The x-wing and arc-170's trail the freighter that just launched and they pepper attacking ties with red energy trying to keep them off the friendly craft. As he watches the friendly craft jump to light speed he immedietly calls out <<Gold squad, red squad, green squad. This is black leader, the time has come to say so long to these First order folk. Take whatever enemies you can take on your way out but get out of here... our mission is accomplished.>>

"Mm...fine," Ambrosia tries to interfere with Maeve's ministrations with her left hand and makes a motion to the doctor's own wound. "Jus' need some rest." She coughs and instantly recoils with a gagging sound from the resulting pain. The contorsion of her face and right side gives it away in case that mewling hiss inward wasn't enough of a clue. S'what she gets for resisting medical. This old hound /can't/ learn new tricks. And then they're off, hurtling lightyears away toward safer shores.

<<Copy Lead>> Kirit pulls hard on the stick but the sluggish Y-wing makes the One-Eighty in a gentle arc. <<Sorry Greens, this one gets a pass today. Our mission is accmplished. Gunners watch your six while the jump is plotted.>> Which is a good thing really. As Green squadron makes up the rear of the formation, they become the soft target for the angry Ties. Scores of green bolts flash out towards the trio of craft but it is the ion gunners that save the day. The Tie fighters will not have any glory this day as they duck and weave the blue ion bolts and fail to score hits on the fleeing craft.

"Sure you are, of course," Mae's tone of voice absolutely conveys that she doesn't believe what the Greystorm matriarch is selling. Not even a little. But once Amber is tended to and the ship is in motion, and no one is actually dead or actively dying, the doctor does what needs doing next: physician, heal thyself.

<<Roger that, Colonel. First round's on the Generals on the Renegade.>> Dave calls to the Last Call II before it disappears into hyperspace. <<Gold Squadron, you heard the man. We're getting out of here.>> David weaves between TIEs, shooting when he can, not bothering to look whether he's hitting anything. His main goal is to get out of range of their cannons, which are whizzing left and right but not hitting the nimble N-1. <<All wings, report when you're ready to jump. Go when you can, I'll be right behind you.>>

"Sure are a lot of these dreks-" Ektor mutters, rocking in his cockpit as Gold 4 takes a solid hit. "Tenner, rebalance shields." Juking hard into a rising spiral in an effort to evade further damage, he reports, <<Gold Four, I'm hit but all systems still online. Initiating jump.>>

The Resistance pilots are giving a little better than they're getting, trading fire with the TIEs and bursting a few into blooms of hot white and crimson exploding particles, but there are just so many of them. With the Destroyer's guns turning into place, and preparing for the opening salvo, each of the Resistance crafts seizes the opportunity to make the jump to hyperspeed, winking out of sight one by one, leaving the TIEs to circle back to their ship and an unfortunate commanding officer to explain what happened here tonight.