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A RolePlay Log by
The Resistance


Resistance: Chaotic Rescue


Saturday 20/Jan/2018

IC Date

Satunda 18/Kelona/1158


Nar Shaddaa


Major Gren Delede
Colonel Sar Yavok
Captain Triz Dermout
1st Lt. Dr. Maeve Zavir
Sergeant Hazar Jast
Flight Officer 2nd Vanya Zolar
Flght Officer 3rd David Ironside
Master Chief PO Lofty
& members of The_Resistance

There's something heroic about robbing from the rich to give to the poor. On the other hand, stealing from Hutts isn't quite the same thing, but it probably causes the same amount of property damage and over all anguish.

          The pre-flight mission briefing was short and sweet. A convoy of valuable Hutt-owned slaves was being moved across the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa in the wee hours of the morning. Traffic should be light, but this convoy has been hit before by an opposing Hutt, so there is expected to be a rather heavy escort(for the situation) in place. X-wings of Spark Squadron were tasked with eliminating this escort, while troopers disembarking from the Dusty Jawa II are expected to secure the large, guarded transport speeders in a daring mid-air boarding manuever.
          And, now....the time has come. Three large speeder vehicles fly slowly through the quiet air-lanes of the Undercity, escorted on either side by a six military-grade speeders, complete with laser cannons mounted in various locations for anti-air work. A pair to each transport. Atleast a half-squadron of Z95 Headhunters have also been tasked with escort, and can infrequently be spotted flying high and low cover for the formation...though they duck in and out of alleys, appearing to mask their numbers, and locations.
          <<Spark Lead. I've got the convoy coming into sight. Report in, and keep back until I give the word.>> Spark One and Spark Two have been tasked with making the first pass on the convoy's AAA defenses, while Spark Four and Three wait to bounce any Headhunters that show themselves to defend the objective. <<Jawa, report. Are you in position?>> A deep breath is taken, and scans out of his cockpit as they burn in on the distant target.

          <<Spark 4 good to go. I have the convoy in sight as well,>> replies Triz in a calm voice. The nimble craft's s-foils spread "Tin, put the shields to equal fore and aft. Charge up the Lasers and set compensatiors to thirty percent." The droid beeps and goes to work as Triz looks out her ship to where Spark three flies on her wing.

          Hazar Jast yanks back the clip ejection lever of his BlasTech EL-16HFE Blaster Rifle - 10086, the emptied power cell falling out as he locks a new one into place.

          Seated in one of the empty chairs in the cockpit, and as always making sure not to bump any of the important switches or blinking lights, Maeve Zavir remembered to wear armor this time and has her medpack snugged to her side. As the under city streams by the windows she stares around with a sort of wide eyed fascination. It's not every day the doctor visits the undercity . . . at least, not at THIS rate of acceleration.

          Spark 3 hugs the right flank of Spark 4 like she must be besties or something. In truth, it's just close quarters flying the alleys of Nar Shaddaa. Vanya has her hand on the stick while she keys her shields seventy thirty to the rear. After all, it's her ass that's going to get shot while covering Four. "Alright droid. Keep your sensors peeled for incoming. I don't want any surprises in these alleys... and I'm sure we'll have some." She keys her comm, <<Spark Three on your six, Four.>> She flicks the switch to attenuate her strike foils, charging the quads.

          Having long locked the aging craft's s-foils in attack position, Dave activates the comm. <<Spark 2, reporting in. Right with you, Spark Leader.>> "You ready too, R2?" The droid mounted behind the cockpit beeps and whistles in reply. "That's good, because here they come!" David has a grin on his face. This is the first fighter engagement he's had that wasn't in the open air. <<Keep your fighters steady, people. We don't have spares.>>

          "Yes sir!" Hazar tells Sar in a loud, strong tone. He and the other troopers are currently waiting for the Jawa's doors to open. They've looked each other over and Corporal Jast has examined all their equipment himself to make sure everyone's got all of their kit and it all functions. It's important to be as prepared as possible. "Remember guys, we're working around non-combatants. Make sure you identify your targets before pulling the trigger."

          Lofty the Talz is being transported in one of the slave cattle cars with various slave races - humans, Twi'leks, even a smattering of Wookiees. It is filthy. He keeps his larger set of night-time eyes shut against the harsh lights of Nar Shaddaa's underground, peeking through the viewing slats of the cargo area with his smaller less sensitive eyes as buildings and traffic pass by. His fur is dirty and matted and there are electrowhip scars across his back. How did it come to this?

          <<S-foils in attack position...follow me in, Two.>> Gren says calmly over the comms, before reaching out and yanking the s-foil level. His X-wing gains its' namesake profile, and throttle is opened up. With a flare of engines, the snubfighter burns forward and dives screaming toward the formation of Hutt vessels. From out of a parallel street-canyon, a pair of Headhunters appear, and make their own pass on Delede and David's X-wings.
          Spark One shifts on its axis just slightly to line up the first speeder that he's going to pass. A burst of his quad lasers, and the armed target is shredded with little pomp or circumstance. A slight waggle to port, and the pursuing Z95's laser blasts continue to skim past. A second pull of the trigger, and his own red bolts converge on the next AAA speeder in his flight path. They pass through the chest of the Gran gunner, and tear the backend off of the vehicle before the repulsors give out and explode, sending wreckage corkscrewing into the depths. <<Jawa, make your pass, and move in. Triz, clean our arses, please.>>

          Sar Yavok rolls the Jawa onto its side and threads the needle between two buildings that he's pretty sure didn't confirm to zoning laws, but hey whatever.
          Leveling back out, the freighter swoops down, ending up just a bit back from the convoy. "Things are gonna get shakey on approach! Hold on!" he shouts down the hall to the gaggle of soldiers.
          Sar jams the throttle forward and sends the Jawa rocketing toward the convoy. He targets one of the speeders and presses down on the firing nub on the stick. The dual heavy lasers and the fire-linked turret all bark to life, raining heavy bolts down onto the thing and exploding it ourright.
          Sar steadies the 1300 over the target vehicle and presses a button on the dash. The ramp starts to lower and Sar shouts, "Go go go!"

          "You're out of your ever loving mind," Maeve remarks in a rather calm tone of voice as she realizes that Sar intends for everyone IN the ship to jump out of the nicely intact not crashing ship onto the moving convoy. There's a tone of surprise in her voice as well, but she's unfastening the safety harness that she'd worn while seated nice and relatively safe IN the chair INSIDE the moving ship and gets to her feet with the intent to follow along once Sar and Jast and the rest lead the way. "Let me test my understanding. We're jumping out of this ship, onto the moving convoy, and our plan to get back into the Jawa is...?"

          <<Copy that Lead,>> Triz replies calmly. <<Spark Three, lets go after the Headhunters and let Lead and Spark Two take the speeders>>. With a wing over Triz dives her X-Wing at one of the Z-95s, lines it up and fires. It blossoms into a fireball, bits and pieces scattering into the near by buildings as she pulls up just in time to get a second shot off on another Z-95 spoiling it's run onto the other two X-Wings.

          <<Three copies.>> Vanya keys the mic long enough to reply and starts a yaw to the right to clear her port quad cannons for firing. It wouldn't do to shoot your wingman on the first day. Her eyes track the cannon fire coming from Spark Four then let loose her own barrage, painting the Z-95 with fire as it passes. As another target comes into view.. so does a billboard for Travelling Tran's Terrific Touchboards. She snaps into a roll, blasting it into a shower of sparks and passes through with only a shiver to the X-wing telling her the shields nipped a pylon. "That was close."

          <<Incoming fire!>> Dave calls as one of the speeders takes aim at him and rocks the X-Wing with a red laser blast. David yanks on the control stick, adjusting just in time to still be able to target them in return. He squeezes the trigger and several lasers fly from the X-Wings tips. One of the speeders is immediately torn to shreds with a massive explosion, another one gets hit by the bolts passing through said explosion. Thick black smoke starts trailing from the back as the damage causes a fire to start.

          The guys in the back of the Jawa do hold on when Sar warns them to, rocking when the ship gets turbulent but managing to hang on. As soon as the ramp lowers Corporal Jast is the first man down, yelling in his command voice, "Stay on me!" As soon as the words leave his mouth he hits the roof of the transport and loses his footing, slamming down hard on his side. "Keep moving!" He orders, even as he sees hatches on the slave transport opening to disgorge Hutt employees, "Blast those suckers!"

          Lofty the Talz looks around, alarmed. Some of the slaves are getting restless too. Lasers are streaking by, blowing up the Huttese escort fighters. A wave of fear and excitement sweeps over the slaves. Unfortunately the shirtless slavemaster comes into the 'cattle car' and starts whipping the excited slaves like animals. Lofty squeals through his wiggling proboscis, trying to avoid the lash.

          <<Nice shooting, 4.>> Gren says over the comms, twisting his X-wing around to avoid fire from his six. This brings him into a head-on pass with a freshly arrived Z95. A very unlucky Headhunter. It's a difficult pair of deflection shots as the pass happens in less than a second within the tight confines of the canyons and convoy. His first quad burst smacks into its nose, and rips most of it free. "Bloody..." The opposing pilot is clearly visible in the cockpit, now. It's a Rodian. It's screaming. The second burst eliminates the cockpit. "Lovely." <<"Got a noodle nose!">> Ahem. <<"I mean, splash one.">> He gets way too excited about killing Rodians.
          Four Headhunters remain, and they twist and turn, trying to take out whatever Resistance targets that they can find.
          There are half a dozen armed mercs in magboots on top of Jawa's target. They're heavily armed, and they are converging on Jast's squad, with weapons blazing.

          "We'll...figure that out," Sar says, a pilot moving to take his place as he stands. He slides the strap of his EE-3 carbine on over his body before he covers it with his jacket and zips it up. "Don'y you lose my ship," is Sar's final order to the pilot before making his way to the ramp.
          Grabbing Maeve's hand, he gives her little choice in the matter as he pulls her along with him. The two of them hit the shuttle hard, with Sar landing on something wrong. Probably sprained an ankle, but it's better than falling off the thing. Laying on his side, he unzips his jacket and swings his EE-3 up. "Get inside as fast as you can!"

          <<But of course, Lead. Expecting something less?>> Triz replies a bit sarcastically. <<It's gonna be tight down here, Three. Just keep aware of the buildings>> Her voice returns to the professional tone. Triz whips her fighter on it's wing, turning tightly between two buildings, her right S-Foil snags onto an awning and rips it off so that it now is a streamer on her wing. She lines up the fighter from earlier, lasers flash out and it crashes into an elevated walkway, destroying both fighter and said walkway. "At least the laser fried the awning," Triz tells Tin before she pulls up and lets another blast go damaging another Z-95 which now trails heavy smoke.

          Graceful and acrobatic? That is exactly not how Maeve lands. And the almost shriek of sound? Not very professional. Almost, meaning she managed to turn the shriek into a really loud gasp instead of bursting Sar's eardrums when the tugged her along with him to jump off of a perfectly good ship onto another not as perfectly good ship. Thankfully she manages to land in tandem with Sar anyway, though his landing is more or less 'on his feet' while hers is... not that at all. Maeve hits the shuttle hard enough to actually bounce, which is not fun. And she makes a shocked yip of sound on impact followed by a dazed sort of groan as she rolls carefully to her feet then follows the rest of the Leaping Lizard Fire Team into the shuttle in the wake of Jast and the rest of the soldiers.

          If someone was watching a holo of swoop racing, they'd think they just saw a glitch in the feed. One x-wing zips by firing electroplasmatic death. Half a second later that same X-wing flies by the same window spewing eelectroplasmatic death. The lone Z-95 Spark Three is painting is getting a series of alarms as its shields disperse the energies with a spray of light. Those alarms are the last thing the pilot hears as they get louder and louder and then the blasts are rocking the hull. There's no way that stream of fire came from a lone x-wing... and it didn't. Vanya is hugging her wingman like a mynock. Her cannons locking in on the same target until it detonates under the combined assault. <<Splash another one, boss.>>

          David pulls on the control stick, dodging civilian speeders and structures alike, trying to get a shot on the last remaining hostile speeder. He finally gets a shot when the X-Wing is rocked by a series of blasts from said speeder. "R2, damage report!" No response. David shakes the cobwebs out of his head and grabs the control stick again. "You sons of Hutts took out R2!" David flips open the lid on his control stick as his targeting computer beeps faster and faster until indicating a full lock. "Burn in hell, slaver scum." He hits the button, sending a proton torpedo to the speeder. The ensuing explosion takes it out and a bunch of nearby windows as well. <<Scratch that one, Spark Leader.>> David calls out before wiping a streak of blood from his chin.

          "Return fire!" Jast yells at his men even as he does what he just told them to and starts blasting at the nearest enemy, putting him down with a controlled pair. As soon as he's popped off a round he pushes himself to his feet and presses forward, "Keep moving! Get inside!" His weapon swivels to continue to cover the roof of the slave transport while he limps towards one of the open hatches. That's when things go nuts. A big honking being of some variety charges at Hazar with a vibroaxe but the young soldier is nimble enough to twist out of the way of the absurd weapon. Hazar has a look of surprise on his face that quickly turns to determination.

          While Hazar shoots his goon and gets attacked by a maniac the rest of his squad clears the roof of the transport in a fusillade that makes killing people look easy. If he weren't tangling with a monster Corporal Jast would surely compliment his men.

          Lofty the Talz hears THUD THUD THUD on the roof of the slave transport. The third THUD is especially loud as Maeve's butt makes an impact. Could it be a rescue? He hears small arms fire and figures it must be so. The massive Talz surges forward with a roar, attacking the slavemaster, smashing him with a big furry fist.

          Gren's unnamed junkpile R4 hoots, and draws his attention to his screens. <<TWO, status!>> A twitch of his arm, and his X-wing dives under the center transport, and rolls hard up around and over the vehicle to appear on the tail of a Headhunter that'd been foolish enough to try to follow his more nimble T-65c. His first quad shot detonates its engines, and sends bits flying off in all directions. Delede continues the manuever, still not slowing, and yaws Spark One's nose about, tracking the final Z95 as it chases the damaged Blue Two. His burst is accurate, and seems to knock out the fighter's shields. <<One to go. Clean it up, folks. Then we're clear.>> No sooner has he said that than his R4 starts to scream and hollar like a little scared mynock.

          The lead slave transports sides blow off revealing an open hangar. A collection of 4 TIE Interceptors and a pair of surplus A-wings launch from the obvious trap ship. <> The booming voice of a Hutt from some remote location is transmitted on open frequencies as the trap is sprung. A case of mistaken identity. <<Where did you get so many X-wings?!>> He sounds somewhat shocked. He's clearly getting up to the minute updates!

          Hazar's sparring partner gets a nice new hole in the head and slumps onto the top of the shuttle before sliding off of it and plummeting to the ground below.

          "Move in," Sar says, gesturing to the open hatch where the baddies came from and leading the way.
          Dropping down into the open hatch, the Old Man is immediately assailed by a flurry of blaster bolts. He tucks himself against the bulkhead
          Guarding the slave pens are a host of mean-looking mercenaries, each one uglier than the last.

          <<Good shooting, Three. Well done,>> Triz tells her wingwoman. She pushes the stick forward causing her X-Wing to nose over sharply. Diving down between two parallel walkways, barely squeezing by, she spots the additional craft emerging <<All Fighters, Alert! I have four TIE Interceptors and two A-wings joining the fight>>. Her voice is rather calm as she twists around an air taxi trying to get the heck out of there. That little wiggle throws off her first shot but the second does strike, causing some damage but not bringing it down. <<Three, be on your toes, these guys are wicked here in the canyons of the city>>. She stays on the damaged TIE, zig zagging as she tries to line up another shot.

          Maeve Zavir is the last one through the open hatch and she takes cover immediately by flattening herself against the inside of the hull and crouching slightly to try to avoid the incoming barrage of blaster bolts fired by the even uglier and mean looking mercenaries. THIS time, instead of charging into the fray she hangs back, letting those with actual weapons and weapons skills do the work.

          Vanya Zolar is a good wingman... woman. As Triz ducks and weaves, she uses that half second to follow. "Droid, watch our six. And turn up the gain on your optics. Those A-wings come with jammers. I want your eye out." Her head ducks reflexively as she brings her craft down beneath Spark Four's centerline and tracks her fire. Quad cannons add more fuel to the fire, plastering Triz' wounded man and sheering it's starboard wing panel. Now aerodynamically unstable, he flies into a landing pad and explodes. It's as she loops to Spark Four's port that she spots an A-wing skating in low. She dips the nose and lets loose a burst as it zips past their position. There's an explosion behind her but its not until her display reads out a message (Target destroyed). <<Hah! Two fer! Keep 'em coming boss!>>

          Deciding to go after the lone Headhunter, David comes up behind it. Neither fighter can currently count on their deflector shield, so the Headhunter is zigzagging wildly through a densely populated area. David is not far behind and lets off a volley of laser fire. The Z-95 suddenly turns a corner and the laster blasts demolish a walkway bridge. Shocked, David flies straight ahead, not looking back at all.

          "You heard the man! Get in there!" Hazar shouts, reiterating what Sar just said at a much louder volume. Then he does like the old soldier and hops down through the hatch, rolling as he hits the floor to lessen the impact on his ankles, one of which was injured from botching his landing on the transport. The roll takes him safely out of the line of fire of the enemies and he comes up blasting, taking one of guys shooting his way down with a blast to the center of his chest.

          Lofty is enraged as his chest is struck by the slaver's whip, a bright line of blood appearing against his stark white fur. The Talz grabs his slavemaster's arm and literally rips it out of the socket, then proceeds to beat the stunned and bleeding slaver to death with it. Blood goes everywhere. It's a bloody mess! He roars in triumph.

          There is a pained gasp in Gren's cockpit, spotting an A-wing dying under Vanya's laser cannons. <<Bloody...nice shooting, Three. Damn shame.>> Delede's own X-wing twists and turns, keeping the fight centered around the not-slave transport in an effort to avoid collateral damage. This restricts him, though. And his blasts barely graze the Interceptor that he is targeting. The fragile ship is slowed slightly, though.

          <<Ignore the Hutt. If he thinks we're another Hutt's people...better for us.>> A grunt has he's forced to avoid an A-wing that's taken up a position on his six. <<Let's get this done.>>

          "Push forward!" Sar shouts, dipping out of cover and lifting his carbine. The blaster bucks and barks, sending two shots down-range. Two of the guards spin to the floor and Sar steps over them, moving to the cell, "Where y'at, Lofty? Came to save your fat ass." He slides his S-5 out of its holster and puts a round in the door control.

          Triz whips her head around just in time to see Vanya take out the Interceptor and then an A-Wing out as well <<Great shooting, Three!>> she exclaims as she twists her fighter down a narrow alley. No stranger to fighting in the confines of the city she waits for a count that's silent in her head. Then at the right time she noses up and grins. Sure enough the TIE that had gone after her and Three pops up over the top of the next building over. Right into her sights. Twin fire leaps from her Taim & Bak KX9 laser cannons. The first rips through a wing the second blasts the TIE into little shards. <<Splash another TIE>> she comms then flies up and over the building, hunting for another target.

          Wingman's gotta wingman. Which is to say that as Vanya tracks along with Triz.. and Triz kills her primary target... Vanya shoots the lead Tie of the pair. The steady stream of red cannon fire chews away at the ion engines as they chase them down until eventually they are bleeding out through the cockpit and the Tie explodes in a ball of flame. As the shards of its remnants fall away, she spots the A-wing targeting their Wingleader and lets off a hail mary burst of fire into the distance that splashes shields. "Droid, give me an open channel." <<A-wing, we really don't want to kill you. Lower your shields and broadcast surrender or your last moments will be sooner than you think.>>

          The A-Wing ignores Vanya's calls and sends blaster fire into Spark 2's nose. David gets rocked in the cockpit, breaking off as something starts burning. <<This is Spark 2, cannot continue. Returning to base to attempt not destroying the X-Wing. Spark 2 out.>> He pulls the oxygen mask over his face and pulls out through the city, his flightsuit shredded from an explosion very nearby.

          <<Ho Ho Ho>> There is a booming laugh over those same open channels that Vanya just commandeered. <<You are not Loofa's pilots. They would never offer mercy. Or be female.>> The unknown Hutt seems quite amused by the prospect. Or he just likes laughing. <<Stealing is one thing. Freeing is another, entirely. Hoo Hoo Hoo.>> The voice falls silent, and both undamaged slave-carrying speeders loose engine power and begin to plummet toward the depths of Nar Shaddaa...wherever those may be.

          At Sar's order Hazar continues forward, stepping smoothly along with his weapon shouldered, only limping slightly. His weapon is aimed at the next bad guy and fired twice. The first round goes wide but the second strikes him dead. Corporal Jast steps past the corpse and takes a position to provide covering fire for Sar as he deals with the door. And then everything goes insane! The vessel they're on starts falling so Hazar springs into action, running towards the cockpit.

          Lofty the Talz drops the arm of his captor, but raises the captor's whip, triumphant. "We free," he warbles through his boopsnoot. Then he tilts his head. "Lofty here!" he shouts to Sar Yavok and his crew. "What take you so long? We go now?" The normally white Talz is covered in red splotches from humanoid blood. And some of it is probably his own blood too.

          <<Understood T...>> Gren is mid-reply to David, when he realizes exactly what Vanya has done. He fights the urge to close his eyes and ruminate the situation. But, he does not. Instead, he dives on the A-wing that is currently turning its guns on Vanya. Her intimidation attempt merely seemed to upset the pilot. "She's running so many laps..." the Major mutters to himself as he squeezes the trigger, pours a quad burst into the over-sized engines on the enemy interceptor. They split apart, and suddenly the skies are quiet. Except for the crashing pair of transports, and the empty hangar ship cruising off. <<Three. Clear. For now. RTB. NOW.>> Delede checks his scopes, and adds...<<Four. Kill the mini-carrier.>>

          "Wanted you to learn your lesson, Fluffy," Sar says, stumbling as the ship begins to plummet. He looks over his shoulder down the hall toward the cockpit. "Lofty! Help me get this thing running!" he shouts, turning to sprint down the corridor.

          He leaps and tucks his legs to clear an over-turned crate and touches down on the other side, never once breaking stride. He breaks into the cockpit and witnesses the grizzly scene. Two bodies, not a single head between them. Failsafe bomb collars. He grunts and pulls one of the bodies to the floot before taking its place. He settles and grabs the stick, pulling back as hard as he can.

          The control surfaces aren't powered, so they don't respond quite as well as they should. Still, it's enough to keep the shuttle from careening straight into the ground. For too long. The shuttle skids along the duracrete for about half a second, smashing through lampposts, speeders, gang members, etc, before it's back in the sky.

          "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon," Sar grunts, trying his best. Then there's the wonderful sound of shearing metal as one of the control surfaces rips off entirely and impales itself in a neaby building. "Hold on!" Sar shouts as the shuttle begins to wobble and jerk, smashing into the ground once more. It's a short, rocky slide, but it eventually comes to a stop. The other shuttle was not so lucky, and has found itself wedged into an office building, flames and smoke pouring out of its battered surface.

          Triz shakes her head. At what is only clear to her. She swoops her fighter up and over another building before diving down towards the main scene of the take down. <<Roger that, Lead>> she replies to Gren about taking out the carrier over the comms. <<Still with me, Three?>> The X-Wing screams down, dodging the errant sight seeing air bus full of seniors, before lining up on the carrier. Twin blast flash out and when the smoke clears there is nothing but little bits, broken windows and a speeder shop full of shattered carrier parts. <<Target destroyed>> Triz replies as she swoops back to clear the buildings and get a quick check on the airspace from above.

          Lofty is confused by Sar's sudden about-face and dive for the cockpit. "Wha?" Then he feels gravity pulling the shuttle toward Nar Shaddaa's ground level. "Ahhhh!" He is thrown around the slave cabin when the shuttle crashes, but thankfully his arctic blubber cushions him against any permnanet damage. Lucky, I guess.

          <<Negative, Four. Lead's orders.>> Vanya's tone is not that of the businesslike confidence she had during the fray. There's a somber edge to it. Likewise, her x-wing has disengaged and the s-foils have returned to flight position as she races through the narrows on a circuitous route back to base.

          "Grab onto something!" Corporal Jast yells to his men, leading by example by grabbing onto the sides of the doorway leading into the cockpit. The vessel rocks him, rolling him heavily, but the young man is strong and fit and manages not to go anywhere. By the time the speeder has settled he falls to a knee, looking around to assess the damage done to the other occupants, "Who's hurt?" It takes him a moment to get back to his feet, taking a gulp deep in his throat as he catches his breath. "Ma'am? Sir? You guys alright?"

          Through all the chaos and mayhem, Maeve Zavir has remained out of the way of the professionals and avoided getting shot this time. Once Sar brings the shuttle to a halt, the doctor carefully rises to her feet again and makes her way forward, somewhat unsteadily. "Jast, you're injured," she observes and rests one hand on Sar's shoulder. "Nice driving, Sar." She looks around then wonders, "How are we getting back into the Jawa?" is wondered before she smiles at Lofty, "Hello. We're here to save you."

          <<Yavok. Are you dead?>> Gren would feel terrible if Yavok died saving Lofty. Maybe. <<Nice flying, Four. Check on Two when we land. Until then, you've got my wing.>> This is transmitted on a private channel. It seems to go unsaid. He's got Three. <<Jawa. Begin recovery operations. Do a flyby on the second speeder...but...>> He doesn't sound hopeful. Until then, he remains in a covering formation over the recovery site.

          "We'll be fine," Sar answers, keeping a hand on his now very tender ribs. There's some blood pooling somewhere inside him for sure. He stands up from the pilot's chair and pulls his commlink from his pocket. <<Colonel Yavok to...*cough* whoever. We're all good here. Target's acquired. Still fat.>> He gives Maeve's arm a squeeze and makes his way down the central corridow to an exit hatch. Popping it open, he hops outside, falling on his ass because well...he just crash landed a ship. He'll sit and wait.

          Before too long, though, the red and gray-painted Dusty Jawa II swings into position above and manuevers to the ground near them. They slaves and soldiers get loaded up and they head back home.

          Triz provides top cover, lazy circles high above so that no one can come down on them. She bites her bottom lip as she waits for an answer to Gren's comms. But from where she is at it doesn't look good. When the return call comes she breaths a sigh of relief. She will fly those same circles till the order to return to base comes. Once it does she will make her way back to Hound Base and get a drink from the flask in her locker.

          Lofty rights himself after some difficulty. Once he's on his back he is like a turtle. In the darkness of the lower levels his lower set of eyes open and look up at Maeve. "Hello. Thank you for rescue," he says in broken Basic, his snoot wiggling. He goes to lazily climb out of the slave transport. "Many slave die," he says sadly to Sar and Maeve as they wait for the Lusty Jawa to come pick them up.