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A RolePlay Log by
The Resistance


Resistance: Evading Interdiction


Wednesday 31/January/2018

IC Date

Datunda 29/Kelona/1158


Space near Nar Shaddaa


Rear Admiral Gren Delede
Captain Poe Dameron
Captain Siha Archer
1st Lt. Dr. Maeve Zavir
Guest starring Zetes as Magnus
Guest Starring Hazar Jast as Flint Nimbox
Flight Officer 2nd Karas Darkwing
Flight Officer 2nd David Ironside
Flight Officer 2nd Kirit Xiptil
& members of The_Resistance

A group of resistance pilots make a daring run to try to bring Bacta to where it will be most needed. Along the way they run into an Imperial warship and it's merry band of TIE fighters that are determined to interdict this mission of mercy.

          Open Space. A rather secluded sector on a routine path that many people use on transport runs, oddly enough the sector is devoid of freighters at the momment. As if called into being by the sheer fact that the space was empty is a small convoy of ships from the resistance. The Corvette Sacrifice is in the lead flanked by two y-wings and a handful of x-wings. Over the coms the voice of Poe Dameron comes "Alright Flash 2 stay close to my wing. This should be a milk run but I don't want to get surprised." he flips a switch and says over the coms "Sparkys you watch your wingmen. This bacta is important lets make sure it gets to where it's needed."

          Last Call II, a Sentinel-class Assault ship...an oversized and over-gunned Imperial Shuttle, more or less is in formation with the Sacrifice. Gren Delede sits behind the controls, and seems to be more relaxed than he's been in days, leaning back, and trying to engage his passenger in dreaded small talk. He seems quite content to allow Poe to command the escort duties, and enjoy some much needed relaxation time, cruising through space. "Sorry to drag you along on this run, Doc. But, sounds like the cell lost their medic, and could use a hand." He scans the sensors out of habit, but shows no sign of concern.

          "Have Medpack, will travel," Maeve Zavir says with a small trace of a smile as she takes a seat and settles in, making sure that she's secured in the seat - just in case. "But this bacta? Gren, this is going to save more lives than we can measure in metric tons or ounces. It has to get there, it has to be safe. People will die if they don't have access to the bacta when their lives are on the line."

          <<This is Spark 2, receiving you loud and clear Flash 1.>> David Ironside speaks into his comm. The X-Wing is flying lead on this, over Karas in Spark 5 and Flint "Goddamn" Nimbox in Spark 6. <<Please don't jinx us, Poe.>> The craft's s-foils are in cruise position, closed tight against eachother. <<All wings, report in>>

          <<Copy that Flash Lead.>> he speak into his comms. This time Karas wasn't flying lead, which was alright. Flying on Spark 2's left wing, his X-Wing's S-Foils were closed, keeping in formation, Karas keeps his sensors on, "Sparkplug warn me of possible enemies. Hopefully today will be an actual quiet run." he says to his R2 unit. Hearing the astromech tweedle, he laughs, "Yea buddy I'm alright, thanks for asking." he says to his R2. Looking to his right he sees Spark 6, <<Hopefully this will be a quiet run.>> he comms.

          <<Flash 2, copies.>> Kirit responds to the comms and sideslips to nudge under Poe's port nacelle. She's used to flying close formations. It's easier in a Y-wing to be sure. ~~Droid. Monitor long range sensors for contacts.~~ She directs her unwanted companion to do /something/ with itself. She's used to a navcomp that takes orders and doesn't talk back. While she waits for the droid to report back, she checks the power levels.. guns.. shields.. thrust.. "Y-wings are not bad ships... the B is better but.. it is solid." Mostly, she's talking to herself as she jerks around in her chair to get a feel for the gravity harness' tolerances.

          Fearless Flint Nimbox, Hero of the Resistance, is still very much alive and kicking. The man is a survivor, tough as nails and ready to take on the First Order. He's flying Spark 6, the X-Wing he's assigned to and spends much of his time maintaining. <<Spark 6 reporting in. It's good to be flying with you guys again.>> He's on a ship's wing, aiding the people upholding freedom and wholesome values by keeping the bacta transports safe. His formation flying on point, Flint keeping himself positioned perfectly with regards to the other vessels, it's clear he's got his mind on the mission. "I've got a good feeling about this one, R2. We're going to get these transports to their destination safe and sound."

          Magnus can't copy anyone! Because he's manning one of the turrets on the ship. There wasn't anything too exciting going on yet on the sacrifice. People being told to be alert and that's exactly what the gunner was doing. Because they had no idea if this was going to be a cakewalk or not.

          Poe listens in on the coms as the rest of the pilots check in. He looks behind himself and says "Hey buddy make sure that we're good to go back there. I've aleardy had this thing go on the blink on me once I don't want to do it again." he flips a toggle so he's talking to the rest of the ships <<Lets keep it tight folks. Lets not get sloppy just because we're flying in open space>>

          Gren smiles at Maeve, and nods. "Aye. I'm glad that we're in the position to deliver it, Doc. It's nice to be on a mission of mercy for once." Instead of having to be merciless. A glance over his shoulder..."Spaceman Magnus! You'd better keep your eyes open back there!" He's just yelling because he forgot about hitting the intercom button, of course. <<Copy, Flash One. Just get us there in one piece, please.>> Delede transmits, and glances over at Maeve again. "We'll be to Stewjon in no time. Maybe you'll get to do a little shopping before we leave." Milk runs are the best.

          Sacrifice just continues to cruise in the middle of the formation. It's turrets rotate as the gunners look for any threats. Nice and boring.

          Seated at one of the consoles on the bridge, Maeve has identified the one ships system that she's familiar with on the bridge and is cautiously working the sensor readings, refining things just a little with a tap here, "Math never lies," she murmurs mostly to herself before she shakes her head at Gren. "For once?" she asks, making a question fo the words only to get distracted by the idea of getting to shop while they're there. "That's never a bad idea. Now that Dave is letting me bring his wardrobe into the current decade I'll have to keep my eyes open to see what else might work for him. Maybe if I talk Dave into letting me redo his entire look I'll be able to talk Sar into letting me weed out some of his," she waves one hand in a dismissive gesture, "ratty jackets. And Gren, what's this mean? There's something transmitting faintly, just at the edge of the readings that we're sweeping for."

          <<So far, so good..>> Cruising along, Dave glances out the viewports on the sides. Nothing to see really, just parts of his wingmen and the Corvette. Up ahead, well, Flash Squadron has that covered for now. Dave can only see their exhausts anyway. "This doesn't feel right, Ones. It's too peaceful." He grins, the droid agrees. Bloodthirsty little thing, that. "But I shouldn't complain. Peaceful is good. <<Anyone else picking anything up?>>

          As they fly Karas sensors pick up a signal coming from MAX range. "Hey Sparkplug, is that a sensor beacon or a ship, can you get a fix on that buddy?" he says. Still it is a good idea to let the others know, <<Spark 5 to Convoy, I'm picking up something at maximum range. Can someone get a fix on it?>> he asks. <<Cordinates are 75-5-20.>> he gives the information.

          ~~What do I feed you for?~~ Kirit's antennae twitch as she complains directly to her stowaway astromech that's apparently good for nothing. ~~Yes, I'm aware that you did't see it. Now scan again.~~ She rechecks the shield strength and tugs on her harness to make sure she's settled in the chair. She's pretty sure that if she had hair, it would be sticking on end now. Either way, her antennae were buzzing. Never a good sign.

          Flying onwards, Flint Nimbox checks his scanners and smiles a bit when they give him a negative report, "Looks like clear skies, R2." His ship doesn't deviate from it's position even as Flint glances outside of his cockpit to visually scan for trouble, just in case. That's when he gets the bad news from Spark 5, "Look alive R2! There might be something in the AO after all." The visual scan picks up in intensity as Flint tries to spot anything incoming, letting his droid handle the computer stuff for a moment.

          Magnus gives a look over his shoulder when he hears people start running scans. Could there be danger ahead? Goodness that would be a relief. Something to shoot! Gingers, they are a violent race. The gunner doesn't talk much to Gren or Maeve, more wanting to be focused should he need to shoot something, but he's there if they need him.

          It becomes clear what that beacon means when there is a blaring on the instruments of all the ships in the sector as a great white wedge plunges out of hyperspace. The wedge of an imperial capital ship is unmistakable however this craft is significantly smaller than most of the First Order capital ships. This ship is slightly different and it's relatively easy to tell what it is, four large domes on the top and bottom of the craft. The gravity well projectors fire up and the resistance craft are stuck.
          Shortly after it's arrival a voice comes over the coms <<This is the First Order cruiser Irrevocable. You are orderd to stand down and submit your craft to be boarded.>> As the voice speaks a half dozen TIE fighters begin to spill out of the craft.
          <<Aww Sithspit!>> comes the voice of Dameron over the coms <<Alright team there isn't a great way out of this one. Spark 6 and Last Call I think it's best if you cover the Sacrifice. Sacrifice I hope you have someone manning the guns on that thing.>> the y-wing picks up speed as it starts to head toward the interdictor <<The rest of us need to focus our attention on taking down that cruiser. At the very least we need to wound it so the damned thing can't keep us here.>>

          <<Go for it, Flash One.>> Gren's reply is quick, and then he adds...<<Alright, Six. Stick close, and we'll scrape up these Eyeballs.>> Last Call II, while not a nimble craft, is in the hands of a skiled pilot. It rolls over, and it's engines flare blue. It's clearly on an intercept course with the half squadron of TIE fighters.>> "Maeve, can you keep an eye on those sensors? You can help feed targeting data to the gunner..." He's sure she can figure it out. She's a smart lady!. "Magnus. Clear the guns. Prepare to engage the enemy."

          Sacrifice has guns, sure. They're capital scale turbolasers, though. It can pour out a fair bit of defensive fire, but if it manages to hit a starfighter, it'll be lucky. It is fast, though. It's already turning away from the intercepting First Order ships.

          "Gren, why don't we just jump before that big ship there gets us in it's gun sights?" Maeve asks in a nicely calm tone of voice. Because screeching at Gren to get them the heck out of here is rude. Rude. Unprofessional. It's well down the list of things that she's planning to do. Possibly on page three. "Also, who names their ships? They're all tree peeing 'mine is bigger' names. They do know this, right? I'm babbling. Sorry. Yes, I'll keep an eye on the sensors, absolutely. I'm on it."

          <<Form up, Spark 5. Spark 6, cover the Sacrifice with the Last Call II.>> David calls over the coms. He flips a switch on his left to open the wings. The craft breaks away from the corvette, not wanting the massive engines to smash his tiny in comparison fighter immediately. Some beeps emanate from behind the pilot. "No, Ones. I don't know what exactly is irrevocable." <<Spark 5, I think it's all regular TIEs, shouldn't be too hard.>>

          Once the information comes up, "Sithspit." he says. "Alright Spark get ready." he says to his droid. He smirks a little, "A bit of payback is about to be taken." he says in response to his droid. Karas uses the controls and gives a confirmation to both Flash 1 and Spark 2 a wing wave meaning he understands. Still Karas gives a breath, <<We got this.>> his voice is steady though that may have not been for the comms but Karas would be heard by the flight. <<Regular Eyeballs copy, maybe we can get them to chase us and use that Interdictor as our playground, what do you think?" he asks.

          <<Flash 2 on your wing.>> Kirit declares somewhat redundantly as she kicks the Y-wing to full throttle to stay with Poe. Full throttle. The concept amuses her since the X-wings will certainly outpace them. Of course, the Y-wing's payload will have a nice surprise. Considering that.. she directs a little bit of her shield power towards the foreward shields. It's going to be a bumpy ride.
          <<Copy Spark 2, moving into position.>> Spark 6 makes a sharp turn. <<Roger Last Call, we'll annihilate those TIEs.>> Flint Nimbox sends over the radio as he maneuvers his ship to put it into formation on Last Call II's wing. "Get ready R2, we might need to do some fancy flying here in a second." Flying on towards the enemy craft he opens his S-Foils into attack position and gets ready, staring down the barrel of a number of enemy starfighters, Fearless Flint prepares to do battle.

          Magnus' blue eyes squint into one of those Clint Eastwood type of frames, "Welp, so much for a quiet ride." he states under his breath. Then Gren is telling him to clear the guns and the man is already moving, "Yes sir, Admiral sir." he offers respectfully as he starts clearing and readying the guns so they could engage in battle. He was like a kid on Christmas all of the sudden.

          Siha Archer's ship is behind the Sacrifice, and she quickly calls over the comms, <<Sy'dartha copies.>> Her hands fly as she mans her ship solo, bringing her weapons online with quick flicks of her fingertips, "Okay, this should be fun." She murmurs to herself, flicking one switch down by her knee to turn on the ships music system, her tunes shuddering to life, softly for now until they get into business. She's ready to do business, bottom lip sucked in between her teeth, anticipation running through her.

          <<Alright Flash2 and Sparkys get on my lead. Spark squad slow your speed to match that of the y-wings. We want to be sure that all of our hits are going in at the same time to do the most damage. That thing is big but if we all take the shot at once their shields can't cycle fast enough to withstand that damage.>> Poe takes a deep breath and shakes his head trying to shake the flashback feeling he has right now. <<Flash 2 and Spark squad link your targetting computer to mine if you can.. If you can't link up still take the shot.>>

          The cruiser holds it's position in the system and the Squad of TIE's coming out of the cruiser seem to be less concerned with the fighter squadron and more concerned with what they're escorting. The TIE craft are still well out of range of blasters but they have slowly eaked their way into missle range.

          "Well, Maeve. It's because all Imperials have tiny dicks. So they overcompensate." A pause, and Gren purses his lips, and focuses on locking a concussion missile on one of the incoming TIE fighters. "And since Firsties are just Imperial impersonaters...well, they've got extra small Jawa equipment." He doesn't look away from the action as he chatters. "Feed me a bit of targeting data, aye?" When Maeve complies, the old pilot presses a button, and with barely a shudder, a red warhead streaks out of Last Call II's tubes and burns through space. It explodes just off of the port side of the lead TIE, and causes significant damage to the craft. <<Clean it up, Six.>> "Oh...that ship? The one full of ill-equipped, but well-dressed men? It projects an artificial gravity well, Doc." He remembers to answer her question.

          Maeve nods and, as she's puzzled out this particular computer console after following all the nifty screen shots and instructions in the Starships for Dummies book that she'd picked up (absolutely worth it's weight in bacta and fantastic reviews), she passes the targeting data to Gren as she keeps an eye on the rest of the ships in their convoy. She divides the screens to keep an eye on as many of the ship as she can, in fact, "Right. And... that means that we can't jump, because of it?"

          David flips open the cap concealing the secondary weapon firing mechanism on the control stick. The targeting computer pings a weak spot on the Interdictor and Spark 2 flies over the surface, dodging relatively aimless TIE laser fire as Dave hits the button, dropping a proton torpedo on one of the gravity well generators. <<All wings, direct hit. Repeat, direct hit. Coming around for another run.>>

          Flicking the controls to put his S-Foils in attack position, Karas gets ready. His fighter moves into attack speed and he up and rolls his X-Wing up and over so that they are in a diamond formation. <<Copy lead, I tried but couldn't link, I will try again here in a moment, hopefully I will be able to help.>> he says into his comm. "Sparkplug I need...." he stops as his R2 already knew this and starts working on helping Karas with doing a new calculation this time. "Thanks buddy." Karas watches as Spark 2 takes off flying quickly towards the Interdictor, shaking his head. Karas moves his fighter up into the vacant spot and with the lock he is able to get from this distance due to his R2 unit, he takes the shot. Two torpedos rocket forward towards the capital ship, he watches as the torpedoes speed off striking, <<Confirmed hit, repeat confirm hit.>>

          Magnus settles into his zen like state as he slides fully behind the gunner controls and starts flipping switches. There's a little whistle as he flicks one last switch and then targets one of the TIES. Once it's good and lines up he takes the shot, clipping it, "Confirmed hit. Just clipped it." he states to Gren and Maeve. He's playing it cool for the moment since they're in a fight.

          Kirit engages her targetting computer and locks in the interdictor. ~~Droid, this may sound redundant, but watch our tail would you? Please? For real this time? You do want to come back as something more than spare parts don't you?~ Is she digitizing sweet notions to a droid? Probably. It's also dripping sarcasm. She fires off a single torpedo and watches the Interdictor's reaction. Are their gunners worth their pay today? She hopes not.

          "Ahhhh, sith crackers and wookiee dingleberries, this is why people have ~co-pilots~." Siha will state amidst her music as she tries to astrogate some magic, her computer bzzting at her in error, "Oh come on, sweet heart, don't be like that. Honey." Bzzt. "Fine." Said with an air of finality, Siha pushing her goggles down off her face to dangle around her neck, her eyes narrowing a bit, "All right, I got this, I don't need you, you beautiful, beautiful ship." Her tongue is pressed to the right side of her mouth and she quickly pets her console, "I don't mean that, don't ..take that the wrong way, just don't screw me on this next bit." Pleading with her ship to cooperate before holding her breath before flipping the switch to send off her missile. Her shoulders will hunch a little and she makes a face of horrified anticipation and then SWEOOSH, "AHAHA. YAH! Hit, oh, I knew you could do it." To her ship. She speaks to her ship, petting the console and shifting her butt in her seat, getting on the edge of her seat as she continues to pilot.

          <<Gotcha Last Call II>> Spark 6 travels straight toward the enemy craft, like an ancient cavalryman about to clash with the enemy, only to see it explode before he can get a shot off. <<Looks like Sid got it first. Good shooting.>> Flint punches buttons on his computer in an effort to get a lock on the nearest TIE and fires a proton torpedo that navigates straight into a TIE and vaporizes it in an explosive flash. <<Splash One.>> Approaching the rest of the enemy ships he prepares to break off from Last Call II's side in anticipation of some good old fashioned dog fighting.

          The interdictor isn't going to just sit and wait while starfighters come running at it. The turbolasers start opening up at the incoming craft and Poe and David are unfortunate enough to be struck by some of the bright red energy. The TIE fighters approaching the Sacrifice are much more concerned with attacking their target then attacking the few ships that seem to be defending it. Green blaster fire is poured into the shields of the corvette.
          Poe flicks a toggle uncovering his torpedo launchers and he grits his teeth as two blue torpedos speed toward the interdictor. There is a glimmer as the shields of the cruiser go out and then a red explosion as a blast strikes home <<Alright Fighters the shields are down on this sucker. We know what we're doing we just gotta keep at it.>> He pulls the fighter away for a moment and then recenters his aiming reticule on the craft <<Lets try and line it up again! I don't want this sucker to catch any more craft.>>

          Sacrifice's gunners pump defensive fire into the vaccuum of space, but it isn't enough to deter the strafing TIE fighters. It's shields take a pounding, but it's engines glow brightly, and it zips away, or tries to, at almost the speed of a starfighter. It's got legs. There is, no doubt, much cursing going on aboard the Blockade Runner.

          "Because......we can't go to hyperspace in a gravity well. It's like jumping next to a planet. It doesn't work." Gren replies conversationally to Maeve. "Locking up target number two...help me out, Doc." He waits for this help to arrive, and then squeezes off another missile. Again, it isn't quite enough to kill the target, but it does cripple the opposing starfighter. <<Sacrifice is taking a beating. Let's do this before that Captain get smart and launches more.>> He hauls the stick around, attempting to give his gunner a decent shot on the damaged TIE. <<Break and engage, Flint. Nice shooting!>>

          "Incoming data... now," Maeve replies as she shares the targeting data from her console to Gren's, a look of intense concentration on her face as she works at the raw data to make sense of it. "Ahh. So that's why the ugly ship is named such. 'Interdictor' sounds better than 'Mobile Gravity Well Generator'," she muses and rubs at the back of her neck with one hand before continuing to sort through the sensor data.

          Dave's X-Wing makes a wide circle, coming around for another bombing run. <<Spark 5, form up and lets do this thing together.>> David waits for Karas to do so, waving at him as he forms up. "Alright, R2, get me that lock quick. And I mean quick." Beeps start. Targeting.. Beeps go faster. No lock yet. More faster beeps, the cruiser is starting to pass under Dave now. "Soft lock will have to do!" <<Let loose, Spark 5!>> Dave hits the button and a proton torpedo strikes a turret bay, sending debris (and a few bodies) hurtling into space. <<That's a direct hit!>>

          Spark 5 races in towards the Interdictor, flying this close to a cap ship is crazy and honestly Karas wouldn't have it another way. Green turbo laser fire racing in towards him, but Karas finds his focus. "I'm not going down mom and dad, I will make it through this." he says more to himself. Focusing on his job, he rolls to his right and as his targeting computer finally links up with Poe's, he's rewarded with his targeting data, lining up his shot, he fires his proton torpedos. Twin blue lights race off rocketing in towards the unshielded area of the Irrevocable. Having aimed at one of the gravity wells, Spark 5 weaves in and out of the laser fire. Hearing his droid screech at him from the near misses, Karas doesn't hesitate in his control of his fighter.

          ~Oh stuff it, droid, I am so reprogramming you into a toaster.~ Sure, the droid is complaining but now Kirit isn't listening. It's bleedleboops go unheeded. Which means that she can focus on her targetting array. She keys a few commands on her console and the sensor interference from the Interdictor clears up. Her mandiles widen. "Ahh how the First Order forgets. I blew up the Confiscator at Endor. I know your tricks." She weaves to Flash 1's starboard and waits for her targetting reticle to glow red, fire linking her torpedo tubes. On a count of two, she jukes port then fires. Two blue sreaks shoot out and skip between the gravity well generators. The massive geenrators serve to artificially guide the torpedoes into a course down the spine of the itnerdictor until they reach the base of the command pylon, detonating with ship rocking force. Another hit like that and the command deck will quick likely sheer from the hull.

          "C'mon suckers, why don't you pick on someone your own size?" Flint yells at the TIE fighters picking on the Sacrifice even though he knows they won't be able to hear him. <<Roger sir. They won't know what hit them!>> He shifts his attention to one of the enemies in particular and twists his control stick to come up on the First Order ship's side. It takes but a moment for him to get the distinctive long beep showing that he's on target and unleashes a barrage of fire from his quad laser cannons that punch through the solar cell wing of the TIE and into the main body of the vessel, causing an explosion that annihilates the fighter. Flying through the debris Nimbox yanks back hard on the stick, already maneuvering to get another in his sights. <<Got another one.>>

          Magnus is keeping track of the other TIEs as well as the other fighters so he's not trying to cross over others. It's a risky job, so he didn't want to hit a friendly. When he lines up his next target and gets him just where he wants it there's a breath taken and then he fires on the TIE, delivering a significant hit to the side of it, "Woo, someones gonna feel a draft!"

          << Thanks, Spark 6>> Siha answers over the comms for the compliment to her last shot, her hands already moving as she bites the inside of her cheek, mentally calculating things in her head. Her hands fly, fingers pressing here, sliding that down there, <<Copy, Sy'dartha is firing on four.>> This time her computation on her ships computer locks in properly, and she will do a quick scan of the field, lips pressing together once more, "Come on handsome, let's do this." Again, to her ship, her missile loosed, the missile twisting through space and hitting it's mark, pieces flying outwards from the fighter she hit, sparks of fire floating off and electrical arcs spitting forth from the TIE she messed up, << Target hit. >> The ship is maneouvered to fall in line for another run, music still playing as she reaches into her left thigh pocket, drawing out a bit of gum, quickly popping it into her mouth with the foil still on, her tongue wrangling said foil off which is allowed then to drop to her lap, "I promise I'll pick that up, big guy." Apolgetically to the ship, the gum chewed as she grins to herself. That last hit was pretty bomb. Aahahaha ..pun intended ..oh man. She cracks herself up, "Yeaaaahh ..this is why I'm single." Said aloud at her thought, grin still not wiped off her face.

          The interdictor is hurting in a serious way. Spouts of flame exit the ship where proton torpedo's have penetrated the destroyer. The command deck is listing to one side and the gravity well generators are going offline. The turbolaser batteries on the cruiser fire wildly and hit their mark on each of the attacking craft, they are determined to not go down without a fight. As if in response to the ship going down another 6 Ties come screaming out of the the hangar as the hangar bay looks to be in flame within the craft. The TIE's attacking the sacrifice have managed to punch through the shields.
          <<Sithspit!>> cries dameron over the comes as a turbolaser attack catches his craft in the pylon that attaches engine to craft as his own proton torpedos go flying toward the enemy cruiser. <<Flash 1 is out of another run at that monster but It's ripe to be taken down. Flash 2 do us the honors. Sparkys work on those Eyeballs that just joined the party!>>

          When the Sacrifice's shields go down, there is a sigh from Delede. <<This doesn't look great on the old resume, does it?>> His fingers fly across his console, and transfers power to engines from his own shields. He's not getting shot at, so it's fine. The Sentinel-class slashes down after the last undamaged TIE strafing the CR90. When his console beeps, and the sensor update is completed by Maeve, there is a small smile. He presses another firing button, and eight fire-linked laser cannons punch green beams into the spherical hull of the Eyeball. It tears itself apart. "Thanks for the assist, Doc!" <<Scratch one.>>

          Sharing the sensor data with Gren as quickly as she can sort it out, Mae glances up with a wry glimpse of a smile aimed at Gren, "Happy to help." She's looking back at the screen again almost before she's done speaking and eyes the remaining TIE that just won't buzz off and return to the barn and possibly live. She sighs, "I imagine that they can't retreat, can they?"

          Dave spins away from the burning cruiser, Spark 5 on his wing still. <<Keep in formation, let's run those TIEs down before they can seriously hurt the Sacrifice.>> A final turbolaser blast from the cruiser hits Dave's shields. <<Took a hit, shields are in the low percentages. No worries yet, though.>> As the new group of TIEs get closer, Dave calls out again. <<Focus fire on the leader, they'll have to break their run off without him.>> Taking action to go along with his words, Dave squeezes the trigger on the stick as soon as the targeting computer indicates a lock. Red laser blasts strike the lead TIE, but it keeps going right where it was before. <<Hit him, very little damage. Get 'em Spark 5.>>

          Spark 5 isn't far from Spark 2 at all, one of the turbo lasers gets a glancing blow, though Karas closed his S-Foils to give him more speed as they banked around. "Yeah I know what I'm doing, you've been with me a while Spark." he says. Spark 5s S-Foils open back up as he hears Davids orders. <<I'm your three o'clock.>> he says as he lines up a shot, his shot isn't good, but red laser bolts rapidly spit towards the leader. <<Going low to get a better angle, lets take these last six out.>> he says to David.

          <<Flash 2 to 1, get clear. I've got their number.>> Kirit continues down her same flight line, closing the distance between herself and the interdictor with a pace that could be called inexorable. She sets her craft into a spin then realizes that she's not in a B-wing once a turbolaser splashes against her front shields. "Ichorlitch!" She jerks the stick and sets a more erratic flight path even as her targetting computer keeps the target lock. She exhales. This was not a run she wanted to repeat. Her compound eyes kept shifting their focus from her view of a burning interdictor to the torpedo launcher as if willing the magazine to cycle faster... damnit. The lights turned green and she fired off another pair of torpedoes that instant. <<Two more away!>> She watched them arc towards the interdictor while eyeing the targetting computer.. the shields.. incoming fighters.. incoming fire.. see.. this is why bomber pilots had escorts. "Fracking furballs.."
          Once again, the torpedoes get caught in the gravity well and are guided to the sweet spot. The resultant detonation finishes the job and the ship is effectively beheaded. <<Flash 2 calling it. Unless you all want to stick around for a dogfight?>> She isn't. She's pulling out of her approach and heading towards a hyperspace vector.

          Magnus is still whistling and firing away at the TIEs that are left. He focus' in on the last one that is strafing the corvette and lines the markers up perfectly. With one finally trigger pull, the TIE goes up in a ball of flame and sparks. "Last TIE is down, Admiral." he tells Gren as he finally takes a breath.

          Spark 6 twists and turns as it struggles to get a lock on another enemy ship. It doesn't take long, though, before it's on the 6 o'clock of one of the remaining TIEs. Waiting a few seconds for his target lock to confirm Flint fires a barrage of lasers into the enemy, the bolts lancing through space and tagging the enemy's engines, causing them to spark and nearly explode, but the TIE holds itself together until Magnus' blasts finish it off. <<Congratulate your gunner on the nice shooting, Last Call II.>>

          <<Sy'd making another run on 4.>> Siha says over the comms, her finger lifting off the transmitter, ankles crossing which causes the leather in her boots to creak and squeak, "Okay, so lets get this done, Sy'd, show 'em what we're made of." Once more she inputs commands into the ships targetting computer, the computer beeping confirmation at her and locking in on her target, <<Target 4 going down.>> Missiles are loosed with a slide of her hand and a press of her fingertips, her breath held once more as the missile drops from her ship and weasels it's way through space to SMASH into TIE 4. Siha lets out a yelp of triumph as the fighter she was firing on explodes into large pieces which twirl and twist through space, the pilot of the tie skewered by her own ship, pieces flying out along with her now deceased body, << Target down.>> Said in a much more dignified manner, that gum chewed as she grins to herself, "Sy'd, for your first run out with me you are kicking some serious booty. You're doing good, boy."

          There is a moment of victory for the Resistance team as the Interdictor becomes a lifeless hulk, fires raging everywhere and very little signs of activity. However the joy is short lived as A second wedge enters the space. This one an Imp Deuce that is here to back up what was supposed to still be an in tact interdictor cruiser. The TIE's have had enough fun and are already running toward the safety of the much larger star destroyer.
          <<This is flash 2, barely functioning but Might I make the recomendation that we hop outta this hutt lovin sector.>> The Resistance craft quickly make their calculations and without the imposing gravity wells of the interdcitor they easily make their way to hyperspace.

          <<Aye. Get the hell out of here, everyone.>> Gren's voice crackles over the comms, and it would appear that the Sacrifice was was in a hurry. It flickers away out of view in an instant. The Last Cause II does not. It, as is the Admiral's custom, will likely be the last ship into hyperspace. Just in case.