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Resistance: Forbidden Valley

OOC Date: January 11, 2020
Location: Pasaana
Participants: Aryn Cole, Kimber Fenavo, Merek, Jax Greystorm, Elrych Cometburn, Zandra naMuriel, Ektor, Dyannah Nerus, Nova Korell, Lofty, Percy, Sapphira Solari, The Resistance

Decades ago, the legendary Jedi Luke Skywalker had pursued a sinister Sith assassin to the remote, arid world of Pasaana. Word among the Resistance now is that those long years past, the villainous Ochi had left behind some mysterious map leading to another even more mysterious planet far beyond the limits of known space. Rumor runs rampant.

Some say the end point is a mythical Sith homeworld, or the treasure vaults of some ancient despot, while others seem to think it will lead them all to the galaxy's finest beach planet. Only one way to find out. Two transports (the Millennium Falcon, and Ocilu) have been dispatched to the Forbidden Valley of Pasaana, which presently looks far more inviting than forbidding, with the bright and lively Festival of the Ancestors underway. The mild breeze carries a faintly peppery scent as the native Aki-Aki and a scattering of off world visitors enjoy their once-every-forty-two year revels. The teams have been ordered to learn what they can of the long ago mission, while avoiding any injury to the natives.

Sapphira looks just like any other off-world tourist ... of which there seems to be surprisngly few. For that reason, she's moved away from the larger group, walking beside Nova Korell. The pair make their way through the festival, side-stepping short little mud-people or whatever they are, ducking under tent flies set up for vendors and party-goers. "What do we know about these people," she asks quietly of Nova, ducking under another tent fly and holding up the shroud so Nova can step through, and Sap will follow. "I mean, how do we tell if any of them even //look// old enough for this?"

Merek has on the weave armor, which is settled into a desert camo and adjusted about him while his F-11D also is slung about the shoulder, concealed for what it is though not bringing any rebels to mind at least. He wears a nice scarf while he picks up his macrobinoculars to look about, then he grins to a few of the natives. He has a light beard, while he speaks to the team. "Let's mingle, be casual, a thing like this we can manage." He nods a bit while he scans the place.

Kimber Fenavo sidles up to Sapphira, her medical kit casually slung over her shoulder. "Maybe you need to start seducing them one by one," the Mirialan suggests with a sly grin. She does stand out a bit, with her green skin, but she has a knit cap on to try and hide her bright red hair.

There is very little festive about the armor that the Zeltron, Dyannah, wears under her blue jute robes or the blaster strapped to her leg. But beads already jangle at her neck bought from a passing itinerant seller. She follows in Sapphira's and Nova's footsteps, smiling at the whirl of colors and the thrum of big drums. A child toddles by followed by its Aki-Aki mother headed for a sweet seller.

Long had Percy wondered if he would ever be involved on the 'front lines'. Given his severe lack of combat ability though (read: he has none at all), opportunities for him to help outside of the medbay proved to be difficult to come by. So when a more 'search' type operation came along, the Doctor leapt at the chance to try and contribute. Perhaps fired up and motivated given more recent events, he didn't hesitate to put his name down as an interested party.

And so here he is. With a pack strapped across his shoulder and a mammoth broad-brimmed hat upon his head, along with floral-patterned poncho and walking stick, the pale-skinned human certainly looks the part of a tourist. Not that he seems to mind though, as the human makes way to immerse himself in the rare display of culture and cuisine on display. "This is fantastic!" The excited cry is made as he devours a locally-sourced snack, navigating between the colourful market stalls with mild grace. The walking stick helps. "I do hope this delectable delight possesses no nuts -- oh, goodness me. I simply must have some of these robes for sale. So colourful... So vibrant..." Of course, he is working too. Whenever there's a chance or opening he's trying to make communication and learn something of value. He cannot forget why he's here, after all.

Staying close to Sapphira, Nova gives Kimber a puzzled look. "I don't think we've got that kind of time," she replies. "Besides, Sapph might not be everyone's type." With that sangfroid of hers, it's hard to tell if she's serious or not. She glances back at Dyannah, noting the beads. "Nice, Dya. Didn't take long to find a keepsake, I see."

Elrych Cometburn is once again in his Captain's threads. He is walking lazily through the crowd behind Sap and Nova, thumbs slung through his utility belt. "Man... I kinda hipe its treasure..." He reached up and rubbed the back of his neck. The dry weather was a nice change from the humid jubgle of Ajan Kloss... "This place is pretty hopping though." He gave a thoughtful look around, his shade fully dark from the bright desert sun.

Lofty the Talz is difficult to hide in a crowd, since he is massive and has white woolly fur. He wears a light blue cloak over his bowcaster. But this celebration attracts all sorts of alien offworlders, including security mercenaries and dance troupes, so he is not completely out of place. He has spent a sum of credits on treats and his paw is currently full of colorful sweetmallow skewers, ranging in color and flavor from sickly sweet yellow, to salty sweet pink, to spicy-sour purple. The Talz discusses with the sweet seller whether he remembers any long-ago visitors, but that could be anyone.

When the call for help had went out, Jax had arrived like a few of the Irregulars. Is he an Irregular? That was a question best answered by Dyannah. Though if General Greystrom asked he was keeping a low profile. THat's what she ordered him to do and we all listen to our Mothers. Jax though was more festively dressed than the rest of the team because he wan't wearing armor but spacer clothes. He'd stopped to get one of the sweet snacks and was munching on it happily or at least appeared happily as he moved through the crowd looking for something or someone.

Why is this valley forbidden anyway? Zan is wandering along near to Percy, perhaps keeping an eye on him, though she'd not admit to it. She's wearing armour as well, beneath a jumsuit and some robes to allow her to try to fit in. Not her usual robes, but some she's picked up that just look rather normal for the desert, with a hood. She has picked up some beads, and a snack, relaxed and enjoying herself so far. This is a mission? She likes it so far.

Aryn is quietly reviewing a map. She's seen wearing desert tan armor and a large poncho that covers much of her upper body. Glancing up, her eyes must adjust, and she doesn't denote anything worthy of mention, so she glances back down at her map, brushing her finger over the screen to make it scroll.

"Yeah, I don't think this is //quite// my battleground," Sapphira responds dryly to Kimber as she turns around. It's just in time to see one of the locals bearing a collection of trinkets for sale displayed tall and wide on a yoke. She's quick, sidestepping and bobbing her head out of the way just in the nick of time. "These are more Sar's kinda conquests. Anyway," she says, squinting against the reflection of the sun on sand. She looks around. "There we go, that guy's handing out drinks. Booze is my love language," she says, "and taverns are where people gossip, of any species." She starts to head that way.

Merek looks to the distance, then he nods a bit, "Thousands of people, well there's not a lot to note," he then motions to a direction that's on the other way from the mountains. "Rock pillars, perhaps that's what we're looking for." He looks about a bit, then he walks up to a Kessurian that is dancing perhaps, while he offers a smile, "Enjoying the festivities? What's there to do around in this place?" He begins to make a bit of conversation with the woman, "What is with those rocks?" also he asks.

"I'm going to try and mingle with the locals," Kimber says, the medic waving her comlink to show she will still be in contact before slipping among the dancing Aki-Aki. She tries her best to follow the dance, which clearly is something either everyone knows from childhood or rehearsed for ages just for this purpose, but she manages to get the hang of it with the help of some amused revelers.

In the press of people moving in counter currents, Dyannah keeps an eye out for the others that came down on the Ocilu, notably Jax and the two women she had trailed after earlier. Stopping at the same sweets booth as Jax, she waits for an Aki-Aki mother to buy her child something then puts down a credit chit and points to the sweet mallow candy loops. Standing next to the colorfully dressed man, she asks, voice pitched low, "Seen anything of interest? I haven't."

A train of dancers sweep by with Kimber in their midst, "I take that back. Do you see Kimber?"

"Why don't you get yourself something nice and colourful, Zan?" Percy calls off to his 'handler' for the day, casting her a bemused glance as he slips on some bright orange robes over his normal outfit. Now he looks the part at least! Even if he is stinking of sunscreen. "There are so many people here, right? And not a blaster in sight. And the air! The air is so dry! It's a welcome feeling, let me tell you that." Beaming, the Doc munches down some more sweets as he casts his gaze around the festival at large, before pocketing some food into his pack for later. "I don't know how we're supposed to find a clue to something so small amidst all this chaos." The observation is made rather cheerily. "The native language here is quite fascinating - but I can't make much sense of it at all."

Lofty and his paw of sweets is noticed as the large alien passes on by. "Goodness Lofty, where did you get THAT from?" The Doctor points to the spicy sour purple skewer with an assertive gesture. "That looks marvellous."

"Good luck, Kimber," Nova says, saluting the graceful-footed medic casually. "Hope those dancers move their lips almost as much as their feet..." She follows Sapphira into the bar, finding her way to the counter and the bartender. "Hello. Water, please. I just need to lay down the dust in my throat," she says casually, sliding a couple credits across the bar. "But I'm looking for something. Do you know anything about someone named Ochi?"

Elrych Cometburn is only sort of listening to Sap, Nova and the others before he is completely distracted by the line dancing going on nearby. He meanders over that way and does his best to interact with a few on the side lines. Except that language barrier is far too strong. So he just joins in on the dancing, asking those in the line. He is horrible at it, not knowing any of the steps. He bonks into a person here, an aki-aki there. Though thats before getting thrown out if the line and barrated in the strange language. "Im sorry, I can't understand!" It's at that point that they point him to the translation stand. He picks up whats left of his Corellian pride and saunters over there, fixing his cloths. "Hey can you ask people about this thing Im looking for with a few friends?"

Lofty the Talz is not a linguist and has little luck with the Aki-Aki sweet vendor. "He sell," he replies to Percy, pointing at the vendor carrying big balls stuck with confection skewers. After bribing some Aki-Aki children with sweetmallow, the large alien is led to a troupe of three red-skinned female Kessurians with flowing diaphanous clothing and lots of cleavage. They inform him that the Aki-Aki developed a language based on "percussive stomp patterns" and other tidbits of dance-related information, but Lofty presses them on more pertinent intelligence, suggesting he could hire them as big-time dancers if they know anything. All while nibbling with his snoot on a spicy-sour purple sweetmallow skewer. Of course they know nothing and are just here to get some dance inspiration.

Jax shakes his head to Dyannah. "You don't want the marshmellow, get the carmel. That's what one fo the little ones told me." It was bascially a sugar daddy, giant hard piece of carmel on a stick. Jax had one himself. Then his voice low, "Hardly anyones got blasters. Security is locals looking to break up trouble nothing more. There's a lot of off worlders. Somebody's got a busted Protocol droid to let people talk to each other. This is all temporary. Unless somebody's seen something during the celebration. I don't think they're going to know anything. " He points in the direction of the booth. Then he closes his eyes. He closes his eyes for a moment seeming to savor the carmel. THen his eyes open and adds, "There's some com traffic. Dunno who. Not enough of a buzz to think we've been noticed or the other team."

Jax looks confused at Dy's next question, "The Mirialan that's with us? No, is she alright?"

Zan glances at Percy, and then she grins, finding an emerald green robe to buy, at the same place he got those orange ones. She tucks it on top of her, so she too fits in better. "Sure," she says to the doc. "I think this is a great party, just look at everyone having so much fun." She is definitely relaxed and bright eyed, though she's so far not finding much of anything. She takes a look around, curiously. "I am going to have to learn more about this festival. So far, it's a lot of fun. Lofty, that is incredible looking. Good luck eating it all." She's not dancing, but she does grin at Percy. "I think the only way I'd find a clue in all this is if I stumble over it, honestly."

Aryn stands apart from the party, glancing up from her map once more to look off into the distance. She has to raise a hand to block the unwanted glare so she can make out the shape of the monoliths visible in the canyon. She lowers her map, pulls her poncho hood up, and starts to hike toward the canyon to get a better look. She does her level best to stay out of the way.

One of the dancers regards Merek with dry amusement, echoing, "The rocks? They are ah- they are rocks, I think? You want dance?" Merek gets pulled into the same group dance as Kimber and Elrych- both of whom revel with very different levels of success.

The festive atmosphere is rather forgiving of poor dancing, though a Sullustan laughing as the dancers sweep past might make a few feel self-conscious. At one of the drink-dispensing tents, an alien (a red Nikto) accepts both Nova's request for water and information, answering in a gutteral standard, "Ochi? Ochi. Maybe. I know the ilgogh'chiad ask about that name, too."

Elrych's request is answered with a barker's enthusiasm by the translation booth tender. "Of course, of course, one credit per word translated- good deal! What you want, eh? For a hundred, you get a real nice poem- very popular!"

"Maybe, huh," Sapphira asks rhetorically, reaching into her own pocket and dropping about 10 drinks worth of credit chits on the counter in front of her. She's at Nova's side, elbow-to-elbow so as to make it near impossible for any peekers from behind to see. She lifts her cup then to take a drink, bright greens watching the tender to see what he does when the money is laid out.

Merek does notice that Cole is making her way to those rock formations, the same he pointed to. A subtle nod offered to her, while he takes a moment to shift his attention back to the dancers, offering a lift of his brow, "Of course, in fact drinks are on me," he says. Distracting the Kesurrians as well as aki-aki that are about from paying any attention to that team.

He moves to get into the dance while he takes a finger which he points up with a little twirl so he can have drinks brought. After he's sufficiently managed with them getting a bit drunk and also picked up numbers, because he can, he makes his way to follow the Jedi.

Welp, getting down with the locals was fun, but not particularly helpful. Kimber breaks away from the space conga line and the cute kid who gave her a space bracelet. A spacelet. She raises her comlink discreetly. "Anyone find anything useful? I lost sight of you guys."

With a brief chuckle, Dyannah answers, "I think that there are a few of us that are getting heavily into the spirit of things." The blue haired woman lifts a hand to the caramel loops next to the sweetmallows, pays for it and then nods in Aryn's direction. "She seems intent on her map. I wonder what the local legends are around those rock formations? Want to see if we can find someone that can tell us their story? Shall we?"

"It's a nice change of pace, huh? We're a world away from our strengths - but I'm happy to be here regardless." With his orange robe now hanging underneath his poncho, Percy adjusts his big ol' hat and begins to make his way through the crowd once more. First he ventures towards the vendor that Lofty went for, procuring more edibles for later, before more mingling is made. His ears are peeled for anything out of the usual, whether it be a different language or just varying tones that might indicate something more sinister going down. Though he does notice people dancing, the gangly figure decides definitely to NOT partake. And in doing so, everyone is likely spared a grotesque spectacle.

"Ilgogh'chiad?" Nova asks, accepting her water from the bartender and taking a long pull. "I don't know that name. Who is it?" She glances at the doorway. "I /do/ know that we need to know far more than they do." She toggles her comlink earpiece, hearing Kimber's question. <Look for the drink-seller's tent. Sapph and I are there.>

Elrych Cometburn stares at the droid a moment mulling over the price point. He could try to haghle, manipulate his charm with the force but... nah he didn't have time for that. "Fair... Ask the locals... you know the people who been here a long time... ask em if they've seen Itchy... Mitchy? No... Ochi of Bestoon. That kriffer slept with my girl and owes me 30 grand..."

Lofty is laughed and giggled at by the trio of Kessurians. They show him a little dance and try to play with his soft woolly fur, but the Talz waves them off, not having time for such frivolities. He spots Jaiyna Sibinth, a xenolinguist who attends often - though Lofty does not know this - and goes to talk with her. "You know alien name Ochi? He here several year ago... You come often?" He's trying to squeeze some information out of the xenolinguist. She seems more interested in chatting about languages of desert cultures.

Jax grins, "Some of them are kids and don't get to have too much fun." Though he follows Dyannah's nod, "Doc Cole? She always knows something. Kinda reminds me of the smart girl in class when I was a kid. So lets go do what I did when I was in school, cheat off the smart, pretty, rich girl. " He sure if Aryn hears about that later he's earned any revenge she takes. "Lets go find a local story teller or wise person? You lead the way, you're more likeable than me." He says as he keeps eye out for FO patrols.

Zan keeps a look out for any people who might be dangerous or also looking for something. It's a party, so hopefully she doesn't just find the folks she knows, in this lovely pieceful place. She shakes her head though, glancing at Percy. "It's a great party," she says. "And the weather is lovely, but I'm not so sure I trust it, even if it's just a - feeling I have." She shrugs, takes a breath and smiles at the nearby Aki Aki woman who promptly gives her a bead necklace and then carries on when it becomes obvious that Zan doesn't understand her. "I wish I knew what they are saying. And singing. That song is lovely."

Aryn makes it closer to the canyon to peer down, and takes a knee in the sand to rest. Despite the dry heat, the place was burning up. She wipes her brow of sweat and takes an additional moment to bring her water out and take a long drink. During her travel, she saw several members of her party, but only got recognition from the soldier Merek. To him, she had nodded her head, but carried on.

Aryn slips her water away and brings up a set of Binos to study the rock formations. Much of her extra-curricular training in Novania surrounded the mysteries of nature and the delightful descriptions of culture. That training pays off here as she finds the answers to her own questions.

These rocks appear to be the result of subterranean burrowing, similar to any mounds or even the ancient Killik hives that once dotted Alderaan's surface. Over time, natural erosion petrified these core tunnels and mounds reducing them to the monolith like structures they could all see here. Aryn's head of primitive cultures attaching some divine significance to formations like these and often entombed their dead atop such structures. Some even considered these structures the residence of deity spirits.

Aryn keys her comms. <<"These monolithic structures in the canyon may carry some sort of religious significance. While naturally formed, these types of structures have been seen all over the galaxy and often have primitive cultures connected with them. Judging by this formation, they appear to be thousands of years old.">> She wipes her brow again.

The keeper of the drink tent sees Sapphira pour out credits and grunts, "I see you speak Nikto." Gathering up the credits, the red-hided alien mutters, glancing between the two women, "The Aki call them ilgogh'chiad: white men with machine voices. Humans in white armor." He doesn't spell it out any further. There are some names canny folk know not to say aloud. "They combing through the festival for days. Looking. Not sure what exactly for, but talk of rebels and witches. Maybe they want to find the tombs. Maybe just spies. Don't know."

The Jedi with a cover story endures a lengthy sales pitch that will end up costing him twenty credits, as the hawker feeds the droid the most verbose way possible to translate, 'you know Ochi?' into the native tongue.

Lofty goes to chat up an acquaintance who is chattering away happily with a five foot long insectoid worm, just as Dyannah wanders by. "Rock formations? Ah yes! You've a keen eye, young biped," the Ruurian commends Dyannah, unknowingly verifying much of what Aryn has surmised at a glance, "The natives call them the Pillars of the Elders, and have this *charming* belief that they aare the tombs of ancient chieftains- you see, they believe that when their wizened dead are set out to lie upon the earth, those burdened down by wickedness will be swallowed into the ground, never to rise again, but those with virtuous hearts will be borne up and their spirits set free into the sky-"

"Of course," Sapphira says with a slow sigh. She looks sidelong to Nova. "If this ends up on a //planet// full of space-witches I'm going to be very, very cranky." Sapphira hates force-users. it is known. The redhead looks back to the Drink-Tent-Keeper and tilts her head slightly to the side. She sips, and then blinks. "This is very good, by the way," she points out before continuing. "So for all these questions they asked, what answers did they get?"

Merek looks then to that rock formation while he comes up with Cole, a little nod to the woman while he seems to consider all of the place in thought. He doesn't comment at the momnt while he watches.

"Rock formations? On my way," Kimber says over the comms. Whoosh! She's off like a flash. At least she has one or two useful skills.

Curious ears listening pick up on the question that Dyannah had posed Jax. Her eyes sweep upward at the multi-limbed Ruurian that addresses them about the local beliefs. When he has finished, the Zeltron puts her hand over her heart and nods deeply, "Thank you for that. Erudite, concise and very interesting." Turning to Jax, she comments, "Underground places and tombs are good places to hide things."

Overhead kites swoop and soar while trails of colored smoke drift across grounds. They move past knots of people burning effigies towards a large crowd around an old Aki-Aki man sitting on a temporary platform of wood piled with cushions. The tentacles grown past his waist speak of a long life but he speaks in a strong voice.

An Arkanian woman standing nearby is translating in basic for two other off-world travelers. "He says the great ones burrowed in the sand and..

"Hopefully just bad memories. Months and months being on the front lines have just given you a hyper sense of alertness, maybe?" Percy's suggestion to Zandra is made more out of hope than anything else. Though her alertness does cause him to become just a bit more rigid, straightening around the shoulders as he makes way, listening to the various people on comms.

"You okay, Elrych?" Percy intones to his comrade, sidling up to him when the notion of credits is brought up. "You need me to pay this man for the translations?"

Nova does the math. "Hopefully no one's talking much. They do have a certain public image problem," she states. Blowing up star systems might scare people, but it doesn't do much to endear you to... pretty much anyone, really.

She glances at Sapphira. "Sounds like Aryn's having some luck. We could join them... but I'd wait a sec. A big rush might draw the attention of our white-plated friends." Besides, she still has half a glass of water to finish.

Elrych Cometburn stares at the droid his hands at his hips as he tries to repeat the translation. At any rate it sounds offensive. "Huh?" He asks, turning towards Percy before reaching into his pocket. "Nah I got it but ai know hiw to ask where Ochi is in their native tongue." He repeats the verbose sentance to Percy. "So maybe we split up?" Either way ye moves unto the crowd and starts asking qyestions.

"That was very helpful." Jax responds with a slaute to the Rurrian. "Thank gentlebeing." Then produces enough credits for a drink. "Get something good to drink." He says offering the intellectual. THen looking past the Rurrian he frowns for just the briefest of moments and it's gone. He turns to slip an arm around Dyannah's shoulder and points in the general direction of the celebration laying between the pair and Aryn. "To the red party tent." Then he leans in and whispers, "Lets hope you're not wanted, here comes a patrol. We need to hide and warn the others?"

Zan arches a brow at Percy and nods her head. "Maybe," she says lightly. "I can't say I know for sure. It's really just a feeling." She shrugs a bit, and then moves over towards Percy. "Come on, let's go see what is going over that way. Maybe there's more fun?"

Aryn looks up to Merek, then straightens and stands, catching a bit of the wind from the canyon. "Follow me, Mr. Black. I believe we've found a direction to go. We'll follow the erosion, and slide down to the bottom. I do not believe we will be in danger down there, but it's best we keep comms and beacons active, yes?"

Aryn secures her binos back to her belt and moves over toward the decline where the sand makes a natural valley all the way down. Pulling her goggles over her eyes, she takes a casual step off and slides down the sandy hill to reach the bottom. She draws a portion of her poncho over her mouth and nose, and the other arm is waved for balance. Her hood goes flying back, leaving her blonde hair to wave and tear free from its restraints.

"Knowledge is its own reward," the Ruurian chitters pleasantly to Jax, at the offered credits. "Be wary of the cactus bliels! Quite delectable, but they sneak up on you.." The academic returns to his cheerful conversation with the linguist.

Meanwhile, Jax's observation is apt, as is Nova's suspicion: a first pair of white armored Stormtroopers can be seen moving slowly through the crowd, one with a handheld scanner. Over the comms from the team's transport, a lazy voice drawls, <<Hey, uh.. not for nothing? No alarms raised, but I'm reading a couple Eff-Off troop transports heading for the ground. So. Any leads on that beach planet, yet?>>

"He's right," Sapphira says helpfully, lifting her Cactus Bliel to indicate what it is she's talking about. The redhead nods to Nova. "You go ahead, I'm going to take a walk around back and see if there's any more Whiteys and if they're looking fresh or just wandering around. They don't have very good Sabbacc faces," she adds with a grin before sliding off her stool. Another chit for the Tent-Keeper, and she's doing as she threatened, slipping off around back.

Merek nods a bit to Aryn, while he takes a moment to pull on his belt to find material which he uses to balance while he slides along in following the woman, after scanning all the formation. "Yes, best to keep them open." He then opens up his comlink, <<Alright, we think we might have a lead.>> With that, the soldier follows with the Jedi, while he unslings that F-11 to the side a bit also.

With a quick tug, Dyannah pulls the hood up over her conspicuous hair and links arms with Jax. "Oh, look over there!" She gestures towards the drinks tent but ducks her head saying, "Aryn has left the area. And we are /all/ wanted. Let's just wander over there." Over coms comes the warning for what they see coming towards them. Slipping a hand under her hood to the com bead in her ear, she replies, <Got them in our sights.>

At Zandra's and Elrych's suggestion, Percy makes his way to the others that are beginning to action on what is happening. Keeping his eyes peeled for anything, he keeps on sifting through, occasionally bumping into the festival goer. Honestly he's a bit unsure what he's supposed to be doing at this point, though the call coming through about transports headed for the ground is enough to cause his spine to tingle a little. Slowly yet surely the anxiety is building! His footsteps quicken, trying to make his way to Merek as he mentions that he and Aryn may have a lead of some sort.

"Thanks for the info, and the water," Nova says to the bartender, adding an extra credit to the pile as a tip. With a quick smile and a wave for Sapphira, she steps out, slipping into the shadow of the tent. It looks like the Firsters are definitely moving around out here. She waits for a patrol to pass, then moves in the direction of Dyannah and Jax. <Dropships, you say? Are they talking?>

Elrych Cometburn is just doing awful. His long twenty credit question gets more laughs and confused faces then a priper answer. Of course just as Merek and Aryn are on the right track and the formers message goes through over the comms, the corellian turns and looks toward the rock out croppings. Og course the white armor doesn't go unnoticed so the Jedi slinks his way through the crows to keet up with the others and head in the appropriate direction.

"Well some of us are more known than others." Jax says as he moves along with Dyannah as she pulls him along arms linked together." He says as he goes with her paying no heed to the First Order patrol sweeping through the crowd since they hadn't been noticed. Though he catches sight of Nova hading their way, "Nova's on an intercept course with us."

Zan also goes with Percy, heading that way, without hopefully drawing too much attention.

Lofty ducks into an unoccupied tent, checking the charge on his bowcaster. First Order troopers might have to be dealt with. He activates the comlink that has been fashioned into a buckle on his bandolier. <<Where whiteshell patrols? If we shooting, tell me first.>> Then he ducks back out of the tent and slurps the rest of his spicy-sour purple sweetmallow stick, discarding the skewer as he follows Zandra and Percy from afar.

Aryn makes it to the bottom and rolls out of the way, making room for Merek to land near her. When she stands, a small cloud of dust and dirt is displaced from her gear and she makes no effort to brush it off. They're much closer to the monoliths now, and Aryn takes a moment to study the ground around them to test the integrity of it. Canyons and monoliths like this were notorious for having hollow spots, and falling through was a definite threat.

"I'm okay." Aryn assures the soldier, turning back. "Watch your step, okay? Hollow ground like this can cause all manner of injuries, especially if you're uncertain of what you're falling on." Aryn raises her hand to look up at the tall spires, then she glances toward the positioning of the sun, and the shadows. "These shadows..the way the star is hitting the spires.." Aryn thinks out loud. "Something's missing here.." The young doctor begins to carefully make her way across the sand, not quite certain of danger, but she IS testing her steps.

<<Just basic landing chatter, so far,>> Ektor answers Nova's inquiry. <<And can somebody bring me back one of them bliels, after? They sound rekking choice- Wait.. Eh, drek, sounds like something's happening.. Yeah. Yeah. Wait, really? Sounds like somebody stole a speeder across the Valley. Fugitives on the run- No heat your way, yet, but it's a matter of time. Eff-Off is going on alert.. Those are short range transports, so they got a base or a cap ship someplace in the system, yeah?>>

Merek does not have the knowledge of the Force or maps which he needs, he will need to learn a little about the stars. <<"First Order jump trooper is off on another direction away from the site in the distance, sending coordinates.">> There's a shift of the datapad which is a wrist tool, while he nods to Aryn, "Thank you, formation will be safe if you follow this path," he then takes a moment to tag that line along with the sight of his F-11D with a nod, "Adjust coordinates to that, we should manage. I always wanted to solve ancient riddles." A motion to those pillars.

As Dyannah and Jax walk together they pass one of the floats piled high with effigies that the Aki-Aki burn to honor their ancestors. Pretending to have an irresistible urge to hug Jax she pulls him toward the float and secrets a pile of them into voluminous arms of her robe hidden from sight behind the big man.

"Here take these. We are going to make a fire. Got something we can light these with?" Over coms, <Nova, we are going to make a little smoke. Want to help? Get to Jax and I by the float and grab some of the effigies.>

Percy isn't doing a lot of new stuff. He is still wandering around, trying his best to avoid any attention from those that would be bad to receive attention from. His cheery disposition is now gone mind you, instead he seems focussed. Wired, almost! He doesn't want to get caught.

<Smoke? I think I can contribute to that,> Nova coms back. <"I have a few flares from my kit. We don't have a code set up for green and purple today, so they're fair game. Be with you shortly.">

She takes a different turn, slipping through the gap between two tents to come up on Jax and Dyannah from a different direction. By the time she joins them, she has four flares in her hands; two green and two purple. "What do you have in mind? The green flares are screamers; they'll draw a lot of attention."

Elrych Cometburn keeps quiet and his senses in tune with the announcement of the drop troops. Others having found the proper pather his job now was simply overwatch.

Jax takes the effigy that Dyannah gives him and starts to set it up. "I'll take a purple one but take one of those green ones, light it and throw it." He points in an opposite direction. "Lets cause a big old show and confusion." He says taking the purple flare. "You might tell the rest of the crew what we're doing." Then he lights the flare and the smoke effigies.

Zan simply sticks with Percy following wherever he goes for now.

Taking a moment to study the path Merek presented her, Aryn nods and moves by him to walk it. The wind catches her hair a bit, encouraging a brush of her hand to tuck the blonde back completely and lift her goggles to look. She couldn't see out as far as Merek did, but she did see the missing link on the ground.

"Huh. I believe this to be the makings of a star map. An ancient one. Far too old for this to have been left behind by anyone recently. There's a ten star cluster over here, and the map indicates that spot I think. Do you see it?"

Aryn brings her finger up to her ear, triggering the encrypted communications device. <<"I believe we've found a star map. It's not quite in position, but I think that may have to do with the festival's timing. In a few days, these monoliths will display a precise spot, but I think we've figured it out.">>

Turning to Merek. "Have you recorded what we need?"

<<Spooky-tank, what the rekk's a jump troop? Like.. A First Order acrobat team? Like, they gonna defeat us with the power of dance, or some drek?>> Ektor rambles, unhelpfully. <<Hell, other team ain't responding, must be outta range.>> Talk of flares and screamers gets a short, <<Heh. Screamers. Just holler at me when I'm supposed to power this boat up for an evac, yeah?>>

Merek lifts up with his wrist datapad while a holographic beam begins to scan upon the monolith with a look to all of them. Then he takes a moment to bring that up on display while he begins to zoom into positions, <<"Confirming, we have the location.">> There's a nod also to Aryn while he takes a moment to walk along with her, shifting his hip while he makes a few copies of the file, <<"First Order soldiers with jetpacks.">> He then takes a moment to scan in forward with his macrobinoculars to see if the path back to the ship will be safe. Then he offers a hand to Cole so they can make their way up from the monoliths.

"Follow me," Dyannah gestures to Jax. She doesn't go far. <Go ahead Nova. Send your flares up and then make it straight for transport. Let Ektor know we are making trouble and to get us going. > Behind the cover of her ample jute robe, Dyannah piles her effigies a few paces away from the float. "Go ahead, Jax. Light her up. If it weren't a sacrilege I'd say fire the whole float up. We need a diversion."

"Will do..." Nova gives Dyannah an uncertain look; she's being told to run for the ship while her friends are still out in the wind. Nonetheless, she toggles her encrypted comlink again. <We're setting up for a small diversion, guys, something to keep the Eff Oh away from you. Don't pay the green screamers any mind, and the smoke is normal. Just keep doing what you're doing! Ektor, now'd be a good time to power up. We aim to misbehave.>

So saying, she spikes the disposable tubes into the ground, connects the trigger cords, and steps a few paces away, into the shadow of a tent near the float. She awaits the ignition of the effigies.

Lofty has made his way closer to Nova. He ducks into the tent she is using as cover, closing his lower set of light-sensitive eyes in preparation for the explosion of screaming color soon to come. Once again he checks his bowcaster's status, just in case a diversion won't do.

Jax lights the effigies settign them off. "Let's bug out." He turns on his come, "MB. AC. It's time to get out. We're providing a distraction and a pretty light show. Party's over people. YOu don't got to go home but you can't stay here. Our Designated pilot is powering up the ship and I know where a good bottle of Corellian Whiskey is stored." It was Amber's footlocker.

Zan is listening to the conversation on the comms, and so when she hears Dyannah she heads over to Percy, and starts him back towards the transport. Which also means she heads that way too. They weave and bob through the crowd, unlucky in finding much of note today, but hopefully not getting seen by any of those jump troopers or whoever else is around in white armour. Or black.

<<"Understood. You'll need to fly low over the valley to pick us up. The hill is far too steep for us to climb back up.">> Aryn watches Merek head that direction, but she glances down and activates her encrypted IFF transponder so their pilot can see her on the sensors. She takes a deep breath, then brings the poncho hood back up and raises her shemagh to cover her nose and mouth.

<< I hear you, Moonbeam, powering up the boat,>> Ektor returns, starting the preparation for takeoff. << I hear that, Doc. Arright, let's do this, everybody. We gonna have a hot ride out, after.>>

Merek looks about a bit, then he waits for arrival of the dropship which will pick them up while he takes a moment to check the datastick, <<"I am working to make sure that the coordinates can be uploaded for Command when we bring this to them. Looks like we will be seeking up new places to locate the planet.">> He then takes a moment to shift upon the hip while he ties a rope about that waist, then when the ship comes for them, he will make a way up along.

It would have been fun to stay and watch the spectacle that the three of them created. As Dyannah runs through the drinks tent to go out its back she grabs a bottle of something in an alphabet unknown to her. It has a picture of something green on it with branching arms but she is too rushed to have an idea of what it is. <Roger that, Ektor. We are coming your way.>

Outside the tent purple and green flares burn brilliantly letting off an acrid smoke that mingles with the more aromatic effigies, at the last moment, Dy had grabbed a canister which scintillates with a brilliant orange. They are having quite a send off.

Nova pulls the cords, sending the green screamers streaking noisily into the sky! Following Dyannah, she dashes through the drinks tent, ducking and pushing her way through the startled several patrons who come to their feet in the Zeltron's wake. <And fast!> she calls, seconding that emotion.

The effigies and the flares ought to draw plenty of attention. Pity they can't stick around and watch the fireworks!

Elrych stopped looking at the recording of the carvings that Merek was sending over the secured line long enough to notice Nova, Dyannah, Percy, and the others moving away from him and towards wherever Ektor was extracting them from. "Ah Chit..." He swears, moving his feet to catch up with them. The carvings that Aryn found were very intruiging and no doubt will be useful in the future for some sort of mysterious and intruiging expedition... or it was an account of what some anchient Aki-Aki had for lunch last week. Stranger things. The Jedi will catch up with them, and keep up the pace enough to take out the Datapad once more and continue to look over the images. "Good find, Doc."

Lofty swaddles himself in his light blue cape and exits the tent, making his way to the Ocilu. Pasaana is a primitive world with no star ports, so ships just land on landing pads, and that is where the Ocilu is powering up. He disappears with the rest into the simple transport. Particles of sand and grit are stomped out of his fur, as the shaggy wool tends to capture all sorts of particulates on sandy planets.

Jax spits out his caramel on a stick. I mean who wants to run with THAT in your mouth. THe Corellian is hot on Dyannah's feet as they go to bug out. He didn't even take time out for the cinematic, slow walk away while everything else behinds blows up. Zan brings the floppy hat orange robed wired gangly fellow (His description) back to the Ocilu and they board about the same time as Jax and company. Zan pauses on the ramp to look back and admire their handiwork. "Nice," is her comment, with a smile.

Aryn is among the last to finally load up. She climbs up the ramp and plops down beside Elrych, who appeared to be going over their find. As the ramp closes, so ends the overwhelming sounds of the engines outside. <<"We're all here.">> She informs their pilot then looks up when Elrych compliments the find. "Thanks. I had help." She nods toward Merek, before leaning back in her seat and positioning her head beneath a cool air vent. Thank the mother for air conditioning.

Once half the team is on board the Broadstar, the ultralight freighter lifts off like the big brother of a B-wing it is. "Gotta hand it to you," he cackles to the first eight: "You bunch really know how to crash a party," as the smoke and screamers cause even more chaos amid the already chaotic festival en route to the Pillars of the Elders where Aryn and Merek await to join them for a hasty flight from Pasaana. He asks the last two, "So was I right? Galaxy's perfect beach planet, yeah?" as the craft abruptly veers up and accelerates into high atmosphere. "So, a lotta smoke, but no shots fired. Check us out, all sneaky and drek. Poe's never gonna believe it."