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Resistance: Friends in Low Places Part I

OOC Date: November 6, 2019
Location: Mamertine Penal Colony, Bonadan
Participants: Rial Het, Dyannah Nerus, Sesti Greystorm, Jax Greystorm, Poe Dameron NPCing Finn

A band of frequent Resistance allies have laid the groundwork to break several allies out of the Mamertine Penal Colony on Bonadan, a prominent world of the Corporate Sector. The undercover operatives are going in as a team of bounty hunters, delivering a prisoner to the penal colony. An agent working inside the prison has planted information so that the visit appears official, and the team should meet no complications before landing. After that point, it will be up to them to locate and extract a specific prisoner, and the agent working on the inside, before making their escape.

Hopefully without any shots fired or alarms raised.

The prisoner to be rescued is a middle-aged Human woman named Xius Rethera. The agent on the inside has chosen the code name 'Ace', because of course they have. Several friendly ships are in the vicinity to assist the team in escaping, should it be needed, but inside the penal colony, they will be on their own.

Approaching Bonadan isn't pretty. One of the corporate Sector's industrial cornerstones, the planet has been heavily developed, with dense cities creeping up between the ugly, barren expanses of strip-mined terrain. The ship is directed toward a dull brown and dun portion of the planet at the center of several mining complexes, where the Mamertine Medium Security Penal Colony is placed. A bulbous customs cruiser (Etti Lighter class, for those familiar with the CSA) hails the team on approach and grants the appropriate clearance. The prison complex itself is built around a large landing pad, with four blocky wings spouting off from a squarish central processing facility. Perhaps two kilometers across, ringed with tall fencing broken in places by gated roads. Smokestacks pour grey pollution into the slightly-less-gray sky.

The Prisoner tonight is none other than FN-2187, or Finn, as they endearingly call him in the Resistance. He looks the most suspect, given his perpetual naive and confused expression, but he's also the most heavily trained to escape captivity IF something were to pop off. Finn has disassembled his F-11D blaster rifle, placing parts of it all over his body in concealing locations that keep them off scans, and not easily detected in pat downs. He's wearing black, nondescript pants, tall dull and well-worn boots, a cream colored shirt half fastened and showing the upper portion of his collar and neck, and Poe's old flight jacket. He's escorted into view first.

Jax Greystorm was in his green and black CNG S2 armor and will be going by his unusually quiet 'Corsair' persona. THe ussual Dl-44 on his hips replaced with a pair of class A blasters. The man looks a bit pained as he stowes the pair of Dl-44 on the ship in a locker. Then he goes to quick draw one of the lighter blasters a few time checking it's balance. "Not bad just don't have that heft."

Later, He walks behind Finn and to the left as the rest escorts the 'prisoner.' His head held high and straight the holovisor hiding his eyes as he glances around for things and people of intrest.

Dyannah is wearing her most disreputable swoop suit, specially made in black for her (she has several), as though prisoners don't deserve the bright colors her people favor, over black steel tipped boots. She has a nerf jacket, also black, that covers her legal class A, D.D.C. "Defender" slotted into a holster that hangs from a belt and is strapped around her thigh. Her blue hair is in coils over each ear, a Naboo style she affects sometimes.

Rial Het mutters to Finn as they disembark, "Will be with ye as long as we can while inside. I'm slipping a tracker onto the back of your belt, so's we can find ye in a hurry, should we get put of sight." The rogue hasn't shaved in a few days, and walks with an uneven slouch rather than his usual precise gait. He could pass for your average two-bit bounty hunter without much imagination. A small Blurrg blaster is visible tucked through his belt, while the larger holster on his thigh sits empty. "Bloody armament laws," he gripes lightly as they cross the landing pad toward the main blockhouse.

As the transport powers down and the ramp lowers on humming hydraulics, the 'bounty hunters' can see that the broad landing pad is occupied by their ship, a bulk ore scow, and six smaller bays set aside for old IRD-A model fightercraft, four of which are occupied. The only open gate out of the landing area is the one leading the processing center, at which a pair of brown-armored Corporate Security Police stand guard. The prison staff and personnel are overwhelmingly Human.

Once through the doors, they enter into a hexagonal room, the facing wall occupied by an official looking desk, behind which sits a bored-looking official. Locked doors are opened remotely and lack handles or visible control pads. The clerk at the desk prompts flatly, "Name and assignment?"

Finn doesn't say anything, or even look back when Rial speaks to him. He just mumbles quietly to himself. ".. okay.. stay calm.. stay calm.." They move into receiving and Finn looks down, using his best defeated expression. Rather than answer, he leaves it to his captors to spill the beans. Finn is quiet, hunched a bit, and lightly sweating.

Jax is continuing to play the silent role as the group enters the process room. The clerks question causes Jax to rotate his head to Dyannah as he's use to her being or taking the roll of leader in the mission and lets her speak for the group.

Not your run of the mill Zeltron, Dyannah neither smiles or tries to ingratiate herself with the guard. She pushes the prisoner from behind, unnecessarily as though his nervousness amuses her. But she doesn't smile.

"Yeah," she murmurs to him, "you are going to be very calm once inside.

Stepping up to the desk, she pulls the falsified documents out of the inside of her jacket in the form of a datachip. "One Finnster Maybona, BH Guild capture code # 3567-B3, the rest is all there." She indicates the chip with a lift of her head.

Rial prompts of the clerk on the heels of Dyannah's answer, "And where's a public terminal, aye? Something with a holonet uplink, we need to check in on arrival."

The question earns an annoyed look. "Through main processing. There's a net-linked terminal with limited access in the guard's break room." The clerk accepts the data rod and plugs it in, punching in the supplied serial number as it is supplied, which results in a green light on the computer terminal, and the audible click 9f the security doors unlatching, and sliding open. Without even glancing up, the desk officer waves the band through, reciting blandly, "This appears to be a verified dropoff. Once the prisoner is in cell D-1156, your transfer duties will be complete. Don't lose these, they'll be collected on your way out," he adds after handing a metal clearance placard reading Professional Clearance AA to each bounty hunter.

A bare corridor lined on both walls with weapon scanners opens up into an imposing cell block.

With the go ahead, Finn waits to be escorted forward. He favors whichever arm is claimed, then walks with his head down, glaring. He was trying to act, trying his best to fit the role, but Finn didn't know the first thing about acting. In retrospect, he was probably a poor choice for this; but Poe was all, 'You got this, pal. Give it your best shot, buddy.' Sigh.

As they pass through to the next part, Jax claims one of the badges and presses to his arm. Then his hand goes to help escort Finn along as he grabs the arm that's being favored. "Don't glare. You deserve this and you've earned it." He tells the 'prisoner.' He's trying to play the bounty hunter role and channel his cousin. Well not to much much channeling Kael, he hasn't wolf whistled at Dyannah yet.

After taking her placard, with a grunted thanks and a nod, Dyannah, quite out of character, unasked, wishes Finn calm empathetically, boosting the little chanted litany of calm he had been repeating to himself. She looks as severe as their prisoner tries to be as she extends her senses to the bored guards. The pent up anguish of the prisoners, anguish so long endured that it has deeply etched the psyches of the men and women imprisoned here, is stifling. Frowning harder she holds Finn's other arm as the doors are unlocked remotely and they move on to the next stage of their progress into the prison.

Sesti has never been good with words, she's always been the silent and fierce type, with her horns and face full of tattoos. Her hood/helmet is pushed back, and she's let her coat lay back over her hilt of her sword. The med pac is settled at the side of her of her other hip. She takes the badge with a level gaze, not outright threatening, but assessing, as if she's not totally impressed, but not interested in trouble, either. The badge is set on her arm, and she follows, tailing the others as the rear guard. Rial Het mutters to the others once they're past the sensors, "Start moving toward D block, I'll check in at the guards' terminal. See what's t'see, aye?" A further pair of brown clad EsPo trooper are standing by in the cell block crossroads, and several others can be seen moving about. So long as the group keeps moving, none of the guards approach them, but should they loiter, eyes are on them. Once Rial ducks into the appropriate door to access the approved computer terminal, it's not long before he is on a comlink to Dyannah and the others, <Xius Rethera is prisoner number 43-M2058; she's on outside labor detail in zone.. fourteen, right now. I can open the doors for ye from here, but I gotta stay put.>

Finn takes the harassment with a scowl, but looks ahead now that they've entered the next area. His training dictates then, and he hones in on the small details a trooper might notice when confined to an area such as this. Patrol patterns are easy to pick up, and Finn makes a mental map of where he can hide. Maybe.. maybe Poe made the right choice? Finn glances up, then to his sides. Where were they going to take him?

<We've got cameras on us. If that wasn't a surpise they've got a secondary and possibly a trinary set that aren't as noticeable as the primary set. So expect no privacy or being out of the eye of the camera.> Jax says on the private channel they were using. He continues to follow the others lead. He thoug turns to keep an eye on Sesti from time to time.

Zeltron empathy is not mind reading, nor is it like the Jedi ability to sense life but with training and focus she can tell how many minds are within range. The guards are as mind numbed as the prisoners, cocksure of the integrity of the prison and bored with watching them. The prisoners are harder to distinguish from one another, though there is a flare of hope among some of the newer ones. They feel green to her. Every Zeltron has her own manner of interpreting the feelings of others. She lets Finn loose for a moment, needing to stop. After a minute, with her head down, chin tucked to her chest in concentration she walks quickly to catch up with the others. "They are in the yard through there." She nods discreetly to a door, "I know there are only two guards but not where she is."

As Dyannah falls behind, Sesti steps up to take the other arm of Finn from Jax, as it wouldn't do to be lax in their vigilance of the prisoner. Her nose wrinkles, "yhasu, what kind of crap do they serve here?" she asks in an undertone, turning her head slightly towards the kitchens as they pass. "That alone is enough torture..."

A voice over the comm system announces, <Janitorial staff to sector C-08, code V,> as the team moves toward their goal, out into the oppressive sun of Bonadan. Outside, a score of prisoners are at work reducing large rocks into smaller rocks, with varying levels of efficiency. Tall prison fences encircle the complex. The labor is pointless, likely punitive, and for the sole apparent aim of tiring convicts out. A scattering of aliens, and several humans in the pale grey jumpsuits of inmates, while an ore train cruises along several kilometers away.

Finn is listening to the things around him as he glances up at the cell block sign, the guards, and now the prisoners. He hears a human speaking Sullustan to a Sullustan and the noise that makes has him making a triple take of the pair speaking. Huh. That's when Finn bumps into the BIGGEST prisoner in the block, a Herglic, and he falls backward after crushing the guy's tray of food all over his mid-section. "WHY Don't you..." Finn starts, but as he looks up and up and up and up.. his voice grows softer until it's a whisper. ".. what.. are .. you?"

Jax had reaches out to the force as they walked letting it guide his actions and moments. His mind one with the force around him. So when Finn bumps into 'Biggest' prisoner on the block. The 'bounty hunter' quickly side steps to make sure he's not caught in the falling Finn pile. Under his helmet he smiles at the distraction the man's caused.

<What does Code V mean?> she asks over coms before they walk into the yard. Now, she understands the stress that she had been feeling from the prisoners, the resignation that covers the anger at having to break rocks.

The prisoners are covered with dust as grey as their overalls. Taking a deep breath, Dyannah searches for human inmates, looking for the unique emotional signature of women especially. There are two women. Finn goes into his act which fits attention on him, allowing her more time to ID the two. But she is still not sure which is which. Pretending to cough from the dust, she sends over coms, <Spotted two women, in the northwestern quadrant of the yard behind the guards.>

As Finn bumps into the prisoner, Sesti turns back from listening to the guards, and covers her laugh with a cough, then notes the mess that their prisoner has stepped into. She backs away and shakes her head, holding up her hands. She wants no part of this, and casually backs away towards the yard, angling towards the quadrant indicated by Dyannah.

Rial answers after a brief computer inquiry, <Ah, code V is.. oh. Vomit. Charming, innit? Lesseeâ?¦ Rethera is.. brown haired freckle skinned, about forty. Either of them look like that?> As one of the human women has a tattooed scalp on either side of a black braided mohawk, and the other has a less flashy series of brown braids in her hair, the guess is a simple one.

One of the guards is grousing to the other, "I don't care how many credits it saves, no way in hell we should have to eat the same slop as them," before being distracted by the approach of the unlikely quartet. The other guard turns his eye toward a cluster of prisoners, one of whom (a Sullustan) is laughing at some unheard comment from a human. Deciding that whatever caused the humor is probably against the rules, the second guard barks, "Shut it!" before following his partner's eye toward the newcomers.

The subject of Finn's collision turns its massive head sideways to peer at the whispering Human with one eye, "I.. am... WEARING MY LUNCH," the bulky Cetacean booms, angrily.

One of the janitorial staff- a disheveled Togruta exile- asks idly, "This gonna be a fight? Cause if this is gonna be a fight, I won't clean up until after.."

"It's an improvement," Finn adds before bending his knees and jumping up to intercept the Herglic's chin with his own forehead. CRACK! No one wins with a headbutt, yet here's Finn landing on two feet, his hands tied behind his back. Before the Cetacean can react, Finn crushes his groin with a Spartan kick. "And now you're spitting your tenders! ANYONE ELSE!" Finn moves into the center of the mess, climbing a table and kicking a tray of nasty food toward the guards. "WHO'S NEXT?!"

"I AM SCUM!" Jax says as he throws himself at Finn trying to tackle him to the ground and prevent him from getting beat up by the guards. Welp who knew former Stormtrooper janitors were so wiley and hard to tackle. <Spoilers: Rose does.> Jax goes flying past Finn as he slips the tackle and into the prisoner on clean up duty. THis may be a fight after all.

There is enough going on in the yard with Finn's shenanigans that Dyannah is able to circle the prisoners behind the guards. But one of them is doing his job better than she had counted on. Behind her all hell breaks lose as she breaks lose one of her best stereotypical Zeltron smiles. "Here we go, sweet man, come to mama," she murmurs to herself as that black swoop suit takes on another allure for him. Enough of the attention is on her now for Sesti to just walk on by and get the woman away from the group.

Sesti slips along quietly and almost shadow like from the fight, the grays and blacks of her clothing going well with the dust coated people around them. When the last guard seems about to stop them, one hand strays towards her med pac, but then Dyannah turns on the charm, and she ducks her head down with a slight grin and walks around to the woman with the simpler brown braids. "Are you sick enough of the food here to leave with us?" she asks. "Just keep your head down and stay with me," she advises, a glance towards the men confirming that the distraction is likely to last quite a bit longer. <best way to go, lad?> she asks quietly in her coms.

"Yep, it's a fight. Ugh. You got any idea how long fights take to clean up, Ace?" the Togruta laments, leaning on a mop and shaking his horned and tailed head as Finn manages to send a groaning Herglic toppling over backward to CRASH across an entire cafeteria table, upsetting all manner of inmates and 'surprise' foodstuffs. Then Jax crashes into him and the Togruta mutters at the Greystorm under his breath, "See, this is why I hate working with amateurs. This kinda drek, right here."

Outside, the more attentive guard has the impressive focus to look for Dyannah's clearance badge, before being firmly distracted by the adjacent cleavage. "Uh," blink. His partner is cursing and hollering into the comlink, <Looks like another food fight- this happens EVERY time they serve 'surprise', stun batons out.> Sesti's approach draws several eyes, not least of which being the brown haired Rethera, and the Sullustan she is bound to at the ankle. "Sure. Long as she comes with me, yeah?" she notes with a thumb toward the Sullustan.

Rial answers, <Main gate is about to be locked down- damn. Ah.. Move east, I'm opening up a maintenance storage hangar- big half cylinder looking thing- the far side should give you a path through the refueling machinery to get back to the landing pad.>

Finn might have grimaced had he seen Jax take out the Togruta, but he didn't. Finn was too bust kicking trays and ticking prisoners off to truly notice. Within seconds, there was a full blown fight of massive proportions, and Finn disappeared in the crowds after falling off a table that was flipped. He had used the height advantage of the tables to see where the guards were moving from, and now he moved to where they weren't. He headed east, trailing after the others; still running with his hands behind his back.

<Worse than that, volunteers. Lets go Ace, main gates locked down. We're moving east to a maintenance stroage hanger.oo > Jax says standing up and offering Ace a hand up. THen Jax looks up as the foot fight starts he swears he sees a Twi'lek that looks like John Belushi do a Zit impression before tearing into another prisoner. The armored man starts to use the distraction to head east and meet up with Sesti.

"Oh, marvelous goddess of compassion," Dyannah rolls her eyes. "A party. Come on both of you while you can." Finger pressed to the communications bead in her ear, she heads in the direction that Rial indicated. They had prepped by memorizing the map of the facility. <Have them.> She doesn't explain the plural. <On our way to rendezvous. Moving east.>

"Do not see much of a choice," Sesti mutters looking down at the linked women. Turning along with Dyannah, she notices movement from the corner of the eye, and pushes the women ahead of her as she turns. "This is not an open invitation," she warns the others, and when they continue to press forward, she pulls her stun baton from her boot and activates it. She goes low, for the legs, because it's hard to move when your leg is twitching. The first pair is stopped when she buckles the leg of the one on the left, dropping them to the ground. She keeps one hand lightly on her chosen pair, backing after them with her baton ready to strike again.

"I SAID STUN BATONS," is the harsh reminder that jolts one guard out of a Zeltron induced distraction, and back to the realities of a nearby riot. Cursing, the pair run off toward the spreading brawl, as if they didn't want to linger around 20 inmates with hammers when a riot was looming. Let the electrified fence and perimeter towers keep them inside!

<Last doors should be open- I'm leaving the terminal, gotta take another road back t'the ship. Meet you lot there, aye?> Rial notes, before unplugging from the workstation, and wiping his tracks.

Meanwhile, half the labor detail has pushed to join what they recognize (or just hope) to be an escape attempt. It doesn't look like seeing one dropped by a baton has fully dissuaded the others, as they continue to hurry along after, leaving Sesti with the choice of stunning more to reduce the chance of being caught, or focusing on speed.

Ace Enji is back on his feet, with a sharp, toothy smile. "I'm just glad you lot had a plan. Half expected to find out you were winging it all as you went along," he notes, with a wry snicker as he too makes himself scarce, following Jax along as Espos start to flood the cafeteria.

Finn makes it to the maintenance shed pretty quickly and turns around to watch for the others. He glances at the fueler and kicks the resevoir cap off, spilling fuel immediately from the tanker. It puddles, spreads, and pours into the yard. "Come on.. come on.. come on.. run! Come on!" Finn yells before kicking an unlucky droid into the mess. He hit them so hard the damn thing began to spark, then low and behold.. WOOOOOOOOSH! FLAMES. BIG FLAMES. CONCUSSIVE BLAST! BOOM! Finn goes flying backward and lands hard on the ground. He isn't injured, but he's smoking. "THAT SHOULD HOLD THEM!" Coughcoughcough!

As the group makes their way into maintenance hanger, Jax stops looking around for a moment. Then he closes his eyes for a moment reaching out with the force, "forgive me, its for the greater good. We don't have the room." He then sends an array of small tools, parts, and packing bearings from the ore hauler and seens them going across the floor behind them. He stops and watches Finn doe some crazy firey stuff. "Everyone ever tell you you're insane?" Then turns to continue with his escape.

They hustle, the Sullastan, Xius and Dy hustle towards the door while the next door down from them admits more guards on the run towards the melee in the yard. Out they go while the guards run in.

"Come on, come on!" Dyannah urges them. The chains clank on the two women's legs as Dyannah pushes them from behind while the prisoners behind them try to join the hustle train towards freedom. They clear the yard, the door clanging behind them but have to leg it for the maintenance storage hangar. The longest hundred meters of her life and perhaps for the two women running in tandem.

One maintenance droid turns to peer after Dyannah and her pair of chained-together prisoners. A second droid spins fully around with an alarmed trill as fuel begins to spill. The other laughs in binary as Finn punts its fellow toward the pooling flammables, before being propelled to clatter beside Finn at the detonation with a binary groan.

The paur of prisoners, the Togruta janitor, and a quartet of well intentioned terrorists emerge onto the landing pad, which has a red light flashing along with an audible lockdown claxon. The pair of guards stationed at the main doors are the last impediments to their ship, as one drops to a knee to open fire, the other remaining standing and issuing a shouted order to "GET ON TBE GROUND," an instant before opening fire.

Finn is slow to rise back up after landing, but he gets to his knee first, then groans, rising to his full height. "No, I'm not insane. I'm just trying to help! LOOK OUT!"

Guards stand between them and freedom, and it's just like Finn to run headlong into danger just as his reputation suggested. He yells, the guards yell and blast, but miraculously, the shots miss.

Finn drop kicks one guard so hard, their body pancakes against the blast doors and slides down in a hump. Still on the ground, Finn pivots and kicks the second guard across the face hard, screwing up his helmet and making them curse. Finn laughs, but has trouble standing back up with his hands still tied behind his back. It's slow.

Jax continues to run with the rest of the crowd and he sees Finn take out one of the guards and a second leaving a third. He nearly launches into that third but then stops slowing down remembering his better half had the skills to handle such a job and not break a nail or a sweat.

The heat of the explosion behind them warms their back and make them all duck as they run for the shuttle. Dyannah flinches as the guards order them down, reflexively covering the two unarmed women from behind by putting her arms on their shoulders. She is still herding them towards the ramp like a mother bird with fledglings. The two women have their timing down now and panic gives them the mojo to put it into a full sprint. They hit it at as full a run as running a three-legged race lets them. Dyannah is thumbing the controls for the door which hisses open just as the winded women are about to hit the threshold.

<We are in, we are in, get up here> The zeltron hits the pilot's seat and the ship's engines begin to whine as the repulsors come to life.

The smoke roils from Finn's fire, thick and black, and Sesti is lost from view as she turns from stopping another pair of prisoners in their tracks. She begins to run along the edge of the spill to find a place to jump through when the guards come through a door ahead of her, rushing a few steps forward towards her fleeing group before taking aim. He barely has time to look up and dodge the first sizzling swing of her baton before it finds the side of his neck and he stiffens before falling to the floor. The zabrak is sprinting before he even hits the ground, her thumb toggling the baton off as she jumps over some lower burning flames and heads towards the transport.

No sooner do the daring heroes clear the road and regain their ship (with a frantically running and out of breath Rial emerging from a side door moments later and falling all over himself in his haste to get aboard. The blast doors begin to open as the escape craft powers up, a fresh quartet of troopers running out to fire in vain after the ship. Perhaps more dangerous are the four CSA pilots running toward the IRD-A fightercraft. Although the team has made it out of the Mamertine Penal Colony, it seems the Security Police intend to try and bring them back.