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Gift-Wrapped Supplies

OOC Date: February 22, 2018
Location: Space
Participants: Karas Darkwing, Kirit Xiptil, Hazar Jast, Ambrosia Greystorm

(Based off the Mission Terminal Army Mission 01)

It's not often one finds grumpy Greystorm hurtling along through hyperspace with something akin to a smile on her face. In fact, this flight may be one for the record books. She's smiling because it's also not every day one's handed a practically gift-wrapped ship of supplies, either. The flyboys and girls did the legwork, now all the grunts have to do is go pickup off the fleshy occupants and bring home the prize. It's a decent day.

Seated in a jump seat away from cockpit, she double checks her gear and takes a glance around to her small team to ensure they're doing the same. "So should be a handful of crew aboard in addition to the pilot, who I presume is pretty steamed about being waylaid. No doubt they're all armed, if not full blown troopers. Won't be civvies trying to make an honest wage staring down the end of our barrels, got it? Fire away, but if you shoot to stun, better get some binders on'em quick." As for the Brig Gen? She's got the ugly-as-sin Kashan out now and it's not toggled to stun.

Stun? That's not Hazar's style either. The young sergeant is seated next to the general and looking over his own weapon, an E-11 rifle. After ascertaining it's status as loaded and operational he looks around at the rest of the ground team. "Remember to go in fast and hard. Communicate loudly and clearly so we'll be able to hear you over the sound of battle and watch for surprises. There's going to be a lot of places for the enemy to hide." After his advice is given he leans back in the jump seat, relaxing as much as he can before it's time for the engagement.

One of the pilots that is on this mission, Karas does have his gear with him, but he knows he will probably doing all of the flying or Kirit. He grins a bit as he manuvers the ship through hyperspace. Surprised he was asked, but than again finally it's nice to be off the Renegade and helping do something.

Kirit Xiptil is seated next to Karas in the jumpseat. She's got her flightsuit on.. and her carapace.. because really they don't make armor in Verpine these days. She's got a Resistance issue pistol on her hip and an assortment of tools dangling from her toolbelt which is laid on the floor beneath her flight chair. Bulbous eyes monitor the various ship's systems but they're all nominal for now. It being a Korpil design, she seems quite at home on the freighter. "Do me a favor and make sure no one shoots me, hmm? If you want to recover this ship, that is."

Before long, the nav console will be flashing the final countdown to target coordinates and hyperdrive disengaging. They've arrived. When the hypnotic swirls of white stutter and pixel out into real time starlight, the hulking bulk freighter can be seen in the distance ahead. It's stranded there like a beached Gooberfish, weakly adrift while a few familiar starfighters lazily circle about its armored carcass.

Feeling the Broadstar shudder, Amber perks up her head and looks toward the cockpit while toggling her helmeted comm 'on'. "Yeah, just stay behind us boots, Xiptil, and you'll be fiiiine..." Probably. "Go ahead and dock us up, Darkwing."

As the ship prepares to dock Hazar Jast lowers his helmet's visor and gets ready to rock. He gets ready to get up and lead the way through the airlock, looking over his weapon once again. Jast tells the other guys nearby, "Alright. This is it. Expect enemies to be waiting for us as soon as the airlock opens. As General Greystorm said, we don't expect non-combatants so be ready to go in shooting."

Karas is having a bit of trouble as he tries to link up with the ship, it's slow and a bit unwieldy. Still he is able to bring the shuttle in, and secures the link up of the freighter and the asteroid, "Alright we are in, not very secure so get a move on, I will try to redo this if I can, but get going." he calls back as he fights with the ship.

Kirit Xiptil looks to Karas as he skips off the freighter with his first attempt. The look is obvious. Really. You can't just dock? She doesn't say anything though. She's certain Karas is embarassed enough. She would be. She unclasps her harness and gets out of the chair, taking up her tool belt and clasping it to her waist. There's a moment where she frisks herself a personal inventory. Then she draws her pistol with a practiced ease and conducts a function check. All good. "I am ready."

The sounds are atrociously ominous, but when Karas voice comes over to say they're in-ish, Ambrosia moves out of her seat to join up at the rear of Hazar's lil team. "You heard the man, be quiet, be alert, and we'll move through this lunk of ship smooth as silk. Try not to shoot up the place...makes more work for Xiptil." A wink is cast aside to the Verpine, who's been tasked with doing all she can to get this bulk freighter back online once the crew's cleared out. Poor Kirit. "M'kay, Jast...why don't you do the honors and knock on the door?"

"Roger that, ma'am," Sergeant Jast tells the boss lady as he approaches the door. As he gets there he takes a deep breath, then works the controls to the airlock, keeping his rifle at the low ready in front of his body. "Get ready," says the young man as the airlock sequence begins to finish up, breathing evenly and steadily as he prepares for possible enemy contact. Under his breath he mutters, "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast."

Karas hands are steady and he is able to keep the shuttle connected while the ground pounders are getting ready. He smirks a little, this is different from being in a fighter. He looks over to Kirit for a moment and watches her, "We don't have any company do we and yes I know you would say something if we did, just trying to make conversation."

Kirit Xiptil gives Karas a sidelong glance. "Just keep the engines warm. If they have traps or.. well let's just say I want to have a safe ride out of here if there's an emergency." Like a hole in her shell or something. She smiles at Karas and places a claw on his shoulder. "I'll be back shortly." Mostly, she's saying that for her benefit as she exits the cockpit and heads for the docking port. There's a nod to Amber and Hazar as she holds her pistol in a three clawed grip.

The airlock clanks and hisses and opens to reveal....


The stark contrast of flickering emergency lights against the dark hull plating is jarring on the eyes, but no angry barrage fires into the boarding party. It's quiet. Too quiet. Ten meters ahead is the first crossroads of corridors aboard this bigboy freighter and before that there's a door starboard side. Maintenance hatch? Silent, save for the little puffs of air against her comm, Amber treads cautiously in formation, pistol raised at the ready while her eyes sweep the shadows.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of organic shapes hiding within range of the intruders. Stoic masks are bowed to stare at their shiny, white boots while they wait, and listen, and make ready their last stand.

Stepping as quietly as he can into the corridor Hazar Jast keeps his weapon raised and ready, sweeping the area in front of himself. While moving forward he suddenly stops and raises his non-dominant hand up in a fist to signal everyone to halt, then points towards the nearby closet, moving to stack up on it to prepare to clear out whatever might be inside of it. Keeping his rifle aimed at chest height he motions for one of the other troopers to open the door for him so he can deal with whatever it is he might have noticed.

Kirit Xiptil is standing at the rear of the group at a delightful six foot six. It means her bulbous eyes are over the heads of most and she.. oh my god.. really.. humans. Do they never clean anything? Her gaze is sweeping the interior of the corridor with a look of distaste until.. wait.. she looks to the port and gives a little pointy claw in that direction. Her gun arm is tucked back like a preying mantis, her pistol pointed to the ceiling.

Much to the Verpine's chagrin, but the boarding party's benefit, human nature IS inherently flawed and in this case, a touch messy. Inside that maintenance hatch, the Private is juggling a couple canisters that her shoulder bumped off the shelf and almost sent clattering to the floor. Phew. That was close. Veeeery delicately, she returns them to their place, then hastens her carbine back into firing position while she struggles to hear what's happening outside her hiding place. "EV-4823...you got eyes?" she breathes into her comm.

"Sh," EV-4823 hisses back into his. He heard them enter, but can only guess as to their precise position and so twists carefully around to edge a peek 'round the corner. For all the care he's giving to protecting his face, he's not paying attention to the placement of his shadow. Positions betrayed.

The closet-bound trooper gives a yell as her cover's opened widely up, bout the same time as her buddy steals a peek to see that spindly claw pointing straight at him, which is shortly followed by a rifle and pistol point of Resistance wielding.

"That's two!" Greystorm announces the obvious while she steps aside a couple paces and pulls her trigger at the corner peeper.

As soon as the door to the closet area opens the poor, surprised Stormtrooper is gunned down by a quick double tap to the center of their torso. As the corpse falls to the ground the blaster wounds burn brightly for several seconds afterwards. Making sure that the maintenance area only had the one Stormtrooper in it Sergeant Jast calls out, "Short room! Clear!" Hazar pulls himself out of the closet and turns towards the corridor's intersection, taking one quick glance to make sure that everyone is in position before he begins moving forward. "Stick with your team, heads on a swivel."

Kirit Xiptil is.. mostly just a green twig at the end doing her best not to jingle jangle what for all the tools arrayed at her waist. One hand keeps the pistol in hand. The other presses to her hip to keep the noise to a minimum. Her head makes like a bobblehead for a second as the army pukes make short work of things and they're moving on.

The corner peeper, EV-4823, suddenly has his 'peepers' blinded by a shot to the face which sears rudely through the visor and a second catches him in the chest as he topples out of hiding. The corpses are left behind as the boarding party splits at the crossroads. Half follow Sgt Jast, half BG Greystorm, save for the 1 sentry posted at this point in the event some straggler crewman evades the advancing teams and tries backtracking to safety. And so it is they press on in this fashion, painstaking though it may be to clear and gain ground a couple rooms at a time, filing through corridors to and fro while making a gradual push to the fore of this vessel.

"Easy does it," murmurs Amber while giving pause outside the crew bunkroom. She tips her head aside, listening, while one hand motions for a Res Private to open the door.

Taking his part of the team Sergeant Jast leads them down the starboard corridor, rifle pointed ahead of him as the group of Resistance soldiers make sure the ship is clear. Proceeding forward Hazar is not the quietest of men, his footfalls booming despite his attempts to keep them quiet. He doesn't let that slow him down, though, instead moving as smoothly as possible through the narrow confines of the vessel.

Kirit Xiptil is the technical asset. So.. she keeps with the command staff. One never knows when objectives are going to change. For all that she has a plethora of janglies at her hip, she's doing an impressive job keeping them still. Mostly. See, holding all the tools steady means she's not paying attention to the soft click clack of her claws on the deck plates. It's not exactly your standard footfall but it is still... sound. Shhhhh.

When the two Privates left behind to greet the rebel scum fail to report back on comm, Sgt ST-3381 sends a grim word ahead to the designated Captain of this supply convoy and then snatches his rifle off the tiny lounge table and motions for his little contingent to march out with him. The boarders must be stopped! Should these supplies fall into pirating hands...Well, he might as well /be/ dead.

He times the approaching boot thuds in the corridor, then pops out of the open doorway to fire!

In another area of ship, Greystorm's party is also met with opposition and access barely granted before a torrent of red is blasting defiantly out from behind a couple locker doors ajar.

Leading the way for his men Hazar turns a corner to find himself getting shot at! The young sergeant nimbly rolls to the side to dodge the incoming fire and returns some of his own. The first shot goes wide, striking the wall next to the Stormtrooper NCO and starting a small fire on it. His second round catches the First Order trooper in the torso, burning a hole through his armor and setting it ablaze. After rising to his feet again Hazar tries to move into cover again to make sure that he's a difficult target to hit.

FIRE! Fire on board the ship! Unfortunately this ship's had its computer put into a semi-coma by damages done which means there's no transmission of 'fire' being sent along the ship's neural network to its motherboard, which means there's no extinguisher foam to the rescue. Uh oh. The Sgt Trooper screams, batting at self to put out the Hazar-induced immolation while stumbling to his knees and crawling back inside the lounge. Another one of his crew is quick to think and races to grab a seat cushion to smother the hole. That leaves 1 trooper left to shoot a little more blindly out the hatch, for fear of also being set ablaze.

Meanwhile, the bunk room is alive with blaster rapport, but not for long. "HEY!" Ambrosia ducks away from the ringing effect Kirit's sneaky manuever has on her ears and dives across the room to get a new angle on one of the not-quite-deads who's slumping out of the locker they were hiding in. When all guns have gone silent, there are a few more dead troopers littering the loor. "Five," she murmurs to picking herself off the floor. A narrow-eyed look turns with accompanying headshake to the Verpine. "Not bad, for an old pilot...but maybe next time hide behind someone else."

Leaning around the side of his cover to return fire at the enemy, Hazar takes a round through the shoulder and nearly drops his rifle. But he manages to hang onto it as he growls out an angry sounding, "Darn it!" His weapon comes up, the sights cross his shooter's head and Sergeant Jast pulls the trigger, instantly killing the Stormtrooper and sending the corpse to the floor. He holds fire for the time being, ready to press the trigger again as soon as another white armored villain makes their appearance.

"General, if you think you will keep the stormtroopers busy, I will make my way to engineering." Kirit offers to Amber. "Perhaps take one guard? So that I won't be surprised in the event you missed someone." The verpine makes note of a corridor with a gesture of her claw as if to say that's where she's headed. "The bridge is that way." She points down another path.

There's a great deal of ruckuss going on inside that lounge. By the time the headless trooper crumples, the Sgt's been extinguished by way of cushion smothering and a fumbling dislodging of chest plate. Without it, he's screwed. With it...burning! Enraged and hurting, the trooper strides boldly into the corridor with intent to gun his enemy down. The other trooper's not far behind him, but is actually heading in the opposite direction! Down the corridor, 'round the corner, outta sight!

"You go do what you need to do to get this bird moving again. I don't care if she limps. Just find a way to shutup whatever distress signal they might've put out, yeah? Don't wanna be tracked." Ambrosia moves to inspect the bodies briefly, then waves her blessing at Kirit. Because dammit, they've suffered enough of that! Team Portside is finishing their sweep after leaving the bunkroom in ruin and winds around back to the main corridor, at the next crossroads down from the first, where that stationed Res trooper is looking a little antsy. "Xiptil's got a detour to make, so she can get to work," she speaks into comm. "Jast, you guys okay? We're clear to push on the bridge unless you're in need."

As he hears Amber's voice over the radio the young Sergeant spots his Stormtrooper equivalent turning to engage him. Without wasting a moment Jast guns down his target with a pair of blasts, the first one passing him by and the second striking him dead center. The corpse hits the ground with a smoking wound from the middle of the torso. "Just a little roadblock, General. We'll be right there," Hazar says over the comms to Amber as he gets ready to push forward again.

Kirit Xiptil is now jogging down a corridor without any real concern for the jangling. Her free hand reaches out to lightly drag claws along the wall as if feeling her way vibrationally. Then she's at a secure looking door. Thankfully, the ship is in standby mode so she can use the emergency mechanicals to get the door open. About the time she got the door open, the stormtrooper inside eyeballing displays turned to see who's at the door. Kirit, likewise, turns big bugeyes on the man. The trooper reaches for his rifle. Kirit.. snaps her pistol from her hip and lets off a triplet of blaster fire before the man can even touch the gun. He slumps to the floor as Kirit does a quick doublecheck of the room before walking to the ship's main dataport and jacks her datapad in. <Zip to General. Engineering secured. System diagnostic running.>

Ambrosia Greystorm says, "Copy that," Ambrosia acknowledges Hazar's reply and motions for one trooper from her team to, once again, 'stay'. Just in case. Which leaves just one left to accompany her foreward to converge with Hazar and his team. Before long, they are looking up a short hatch of what was the lift. Except the lift has frozen, halfway. It's reachable, but it's going to be a pain in the ass, as is the part that'll come next and put them at a distinct disadvantage. "Allright, I'm going up," the old rebel announces and shrugs off some bulkier equipment from her back to slim down. "Gimme a few, then follow."

She's in the process of clinging and pulling and worming her way over the lip of lift through the crack and up into the remainder of the chute to bridge when Kirit comes over comms. "Great," she grunts back while summoning both the energy and guts to do stage two of this infiltration. "We're wrapping up on our end, too. Darkwing...be seein you soon." Hopefully. And then she's bracing spine and boots against opposing curves and shimmying her way up so as to come up more or less parallel with floor rather than reach blindly up with a hand to grab. On the count of three, she shrugs an eblow over the side and rolls out, firing at whatever moves, but not before blasts are already pounding her way."

Once he's given Amber enough time to get herself clear Sergeant Jast is the next person to climb up. The young man is like a nimble monkey as he hauls himself along, moving the same way up that his boss did. It's clear from the ease with which he moves that he probably exercises quite a lot. Soon he's in the cockpit as well, doing his own rolling thing and blasting before coming to a stop and taking a knee.

Kirit Xiptil has a standard diagnostic sequence program that rather efficiently spits out what the ship's main computer is saying is wrong. Mostly.. the computer just isn't happy right now. The buffers are overloaded. The bios is scrambled. Everything is running on backup generators. In short, it was pummeled by ion blasts and they did their job. It's time for a hard reboot. <Zip to General. Be ready for loss of gravity and lighting. System restart in ten. Assuming they didn't overdo it, we should be minimally operational in thirty.> Sure, life support was going down, too, but Kirit doubted anyone would notice in the minute or so it would take for the main computer to complete it's boot cycle.

"Kriff," Ambrosia grumbles and more or less swims her way over the floor without bothering to stand up to latch onto the stem of what /was/ the copilot's chair. She doesn't bother to push away the dying body collapsed there, just listens to the last few wheezes through the helmet's ventilation with a mildly annoyed look on her face. "Loss of gravity, copy that." Her head cranes around to ensure that Hazar's doing the same thing. "Soon as she's /restored/ gravity, let's get the team back aboard the Ocilu," she commands quietly, then more loudly over comm "Xiptil, you get this thing flying again, you get to captain her back to home ship, yeah?"

As gravity goes away Hazar grabs onto something, bracing himself as best he can to make sure that neither he nor any of his gear goes floating away. At the General's order the Sergeant nods, "Got it, ma'am." His face is a little on the pale side now as he's leaking a little bit of blood, but he seems to be toughing through it and keeping things on track.

Kirit Xiptil was holding onto a support bar. She at least knew it was coming. The computer beeps. Machinery begins to whir again. The lights come on. The gravity plates in the decking power on. Annd Kirit puts her claws to floor. Checking her system diagnostic results, she frowns. Yeah. the ship was fried by ion fire alright. She'll be limping this one back. <Remind me to thank you, general.> Somehow, Kirit does not sound thankful. At least, the hyperdrive has an insulated core and wasn't powered up when it was attacked. She detaches her datapad and tucks it away as she turns for the corridor and the main bridge.

"I will," Ambrosia promises to Kirit, then cautiously gets to her feet and shuffles back on over to the lift. A press of the hand verifies that yes, the lift is again functional, if a bit jerky. "Let's go, soldier," she motions for Jast to go down first. "Looks like Zavir will have her hands full when we get home."

And off they go, recollecting the team, sans Verpine, and piling back into the Broadstar. "Let's keep pace with her, case it has trouble, yeah?" she motions out the viewport at the slowmoving giant. So fret not, Kirit. Fret not. "That's too good a haul to lose."