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Ichren Recon Mission

OOC Date: March 9 2018 (Optional)
Location: Ichren System
Participants: Gren Delede, Kirit Xiptil, David Ironside

Delede has called his Squadron Leaders into the briefing room, on somewhat short notice. He's already dressed in an old A-

wing flightsuit, and stands next to the holoprojector. A star system hovers over it, seemingly focused on a space station.

He waits for his officers to arrive, and find seats.

The call came, and David Ironside answered. He'd been planetside, but his ship is fast enough for it not to be an issue.

Hurrying from the Flurry to the Renegade, his droid with him, Dave comes into the briefing room, maybe a little out of

breath but nothing a bottle of water and some recovery time during the actual briefing won't fix. His droid finds a place in

the back of the room, the folding chairs not providing any sort of seating for an astromech.

"Leftenants. Thank you for coming quickly." Gren replies, and then points to the system hanging in holo form. "This is the

Ichren system. It used to be a tourist hotspot for some reason, but a few decades ago it was taken over by a large pirate

gang." He takes a breath, and continues the briefing. "The Captain of the Marchana suggested that it might make a nice out

of the way place to plant a base, and I thought it warranted a look, if nothing else." He nods to Kirit and David..."And,

since your squadrons would be taking point in any conquest of the system....you'll be joining me on a recon run in A-wings.

We hop in, locate the base, and take scans. The pirates have had two decades to entrench...so I'm not willing to commit an

assault without further investigation." A smile spreads across his face. "And, if we get to vape a few rats in the process?

I think I can live with that. Questions?"

"A-Wings. We don't have a lot of those, are you sure? Could be they're hiding greater numbers than the Marchana could

discern." Dave lets out a small smirk. "I don't think they were allowed inside, anyway." He glances at his droid, hiding in

the back. "Sorry buddy, you're not coming on this one I guess." He turns back to Gren and the holodisplay. "Other than that,

it's all pretty straight forward, I think."

"You're complaining about flying our best ship, Ironside? I'd rather you be able to outrun anything, if need be. Recovery

will not be possible. And I'm not paying a ransom for you." Gren's reply carries a small scowl. He feels as if his favorite

class of fighter is being poo-pooed! "That's the point of recon, Leftenant. We don't know what they've got. At all." He puts

a hand to his head, and sighs. The look to Kirit is less exasperated. "I appreciate the enthusiasm. Get to your craft. I'll

be flying Renegade Leader for this operation. Launch when ready, and make for our jump point."

David salutes after getting up from his chair. "Yes sir." he adds, before turning around and heading towards the A-Wings in

the hangar. Arriving at the A-Wings, he glances at both, picking one at random. Not a second to spare. Climbing into the

cockpit, David familiarizes himself with the controls and not long after takes off to join with the others at the jump

point. <<Blue 1, ready when you are.>> he calls into the comms, refusing to call himself Blue Leader. Kirit Xiptil pats Rant on the metal head and heads for the storage hangar. There's a low moan from Rant but Kirit ignores it

for now. Or at least still isn't speaking to the droid. She walks over to the empty A-wing and climbs into the chair.

There's a quick look around the cockpit before she secures the canopy and begins preflight checks. <<Blue 2, powered up and

ready for egress.>> Repulsorlifts only, she edges the craft to the shielded hole leading to the main hangar then coasts to

the outer magshield before throttling up and out.

~~Time Passes~~ The Resistance starfighers exit hyperspace after a number of jumps, and arrive in the Ichren star system.

The jump has been plotted to deposit them as near to the pirate base's last coordinates as possible. And, it is visible on

sensors, as well as the naked eye(if barely). There are four small sensor contacts hidden in it's mass shadow, and power

surges indicate that it is powering additional systems. The station itself hangs in space near to a small moon.

<<Renegade Leader. All my boards are green. Commencing scans. We'll buzz the station, and then take a look around that

moon.>> Gren's voice crackles over the comm system, a blue bubble appears briefly around his E-wing as he engages shields.

"Late, query their computers, and record all the scans...just in case we lose one of them." The blooping retort has him

smirking. "I see them. I'll worry about the rats. You worry about the scans, bucket."

<<Blue 1. Running scans now.>> David starts to address his droid, forgetting for a split second he's left it on base. "Damn

it.." he mutters, reaching for the controls himself. "How'd this work, again.." he continues as he inputs parameters,

glancing at the display panel for any results. << I'm not picking up anything here, Renegade Leader.>> he finally decides.

<<Continuing to scan.>>

Sitting happy in her chair without a droid rambling at her, Kirit has truly settled into her gravchair like a happy Verpine.

That, to her, is the single greatest reason the B-wing is best. The Y-wing is solid. But the B-wing is silent. Blisfully

silent. To Verpine antennae. Because inevitably the blasted droid figures out what frequency you think at. <<Beginning

scans.>> She replies, claws flipping the requisit switches. Data begins to stream across her secondary console. <<Getting a

lot of good readings, lead. The reactor is way overpowered for the size of that station. I'm picking up four bogies on

intercept and it looks like the station is prepping for additional launches from the lower hull. Our dance card is going to

fill up quickly.>>

The pirate base is well-defended, certainly. All three Resistance craft find themselves painted by warhead targeting

systems, but breaking them appears to be trivial, and also puts them in a decent position to engage the incoming four-

fighter flight that was already in space. It is made up of R-41 Starchasers, and sensors indicate that they are in good

repair, if of a somewhat advanced age. They open fire with their light laser and ion cannons as they burn into range from

behind the space. The space itself also fills space with ranging shots from laser cannons, but they're barely a threat, for

the moment.

Renegade Leader's E-wing shudders as the second R-41's salvos manage to drop his shields, and burn a line of carbon scoring

along the starboard portion of his forward fuselage. <<They aren't terrible...engage folks.>> The nimble starfighter banks

sharply to keep his nose pointed toward the first R41. He begins to pepper the craft with heavy laser cannon fire, knock

it's shields down, and punching a series of holes in an s-foil. But, it continues to fly, and engage. "See what you can do

about those shields, Late."

Kirit almost forgot they were in for a fight she was that focused on the sensor readings. It was only when the computer gave

her a targetting warning that she looked up and realized she was closing on the intercepting craft a LOT faster than she's

used to. A quick hand on the stick sets her into a spin and she lays on the trigger. The R-41 fires but the A-wing is far

too nimble. Head to head, the pirate craft detonates and Blue-2 passes through space that used to contain a starfighter.

<<Splash one.>>

David pushes the throttle forward, accelerating to attack speed. Which is a lot faster in an A-Wing than he's used to. "Oh

boy.." he mutters, being generally used to new experiences pretty fast. "Okay." He adjusts quick enough to lay down some

laser fire on one of the enemy fighters. "Okay, that went decently." <<Hit one, coming around for another run.>> he

announces to essentially no one's benefit.

The Starchaser pilots aren't the worst, but they clearly aren't the best. Now that the dogfight is engaged, they really

don't seem to have much coordination. Their shots go wide, while a few come close to the E-wing, and David's A-wing, that's

all they can claim. Another unit of starfighters has cleared the launch bay, and appears to be made up of six Z-95

Headhunters, and they are flying a loose v-formation, and headed like a dagger for the furball.

<<Nice shot, Zip.>> The compliment is followed by Gren's own triple laser cannons barking, and walking up the hull of the

already damaged lead Starchaser. The stipling of red laser blasts is enough to chew up the pirate ship, forcing it's pilot

to punch out into the cold vacuum of space. Hopefully his comrades care enough to pick him up. <<One for me. Clean these up.

I'm intercepting the Headhunters.>> A triumphant toot from the astromech socket. "Nice work, Late!" Pause..."No. I wasn't

going to engage them all without shields....Really!"

Kirit is used to cannons with a little more punch. Which is to say cannons that can punch holes in cruisers. As she tucks in

behind a Starchaser and throttles back to stay there, she lines up a shot and blasts away the ship's port engine and wing.

She fully expected a detonation at that point and pulled away.. only to still see it on sensors. She cranes her neck to

catch a look at the wounded craft and sure enough it's starboard engine still has power even if the pilot is fighting to

maintain control. "Hshtrok." There's a shake of her head and she pans around for other targets, fully expecting that pilot

to withdraw.

<<This was supposed to be a recon run, right? Are we waiting for them to send the full garrison after us before we jump out

again?>> Dave calls into the comms, his face slipping into a frown as the Headhunters emerge to join the fray. His maneuver

complete, he gets behind the R-41 again, letting off another few shots before overtaking it and having to curve out of the

way. "Thought these things were outdated during the Clone Wars."

<<We need to see what they've got up their sleeves, Blue One. Afraid of a little target practice?>> Gren's voice carries a

level of disdain, even over the comms. His E-wing's torpedo launchers release a single warhead toward one of the Headhunters

flying in an attack formation, but it zip off wide, and detonates when it loses signal. A tight frown under his visor,

pointedly ignoring the chiding bloops and bleets coming from behind the cockpit.

The station opens up with yet more turbolaser and laser batteries as the fight draws closer, and indeed, the Kirit's target

appears to be high-tailing it for the station, hoping to make it aboard before it gets fragged. The Headhunters break into

pairs, and each pair is clearly orientating on a Rebel starfighter.

<<I've run countless maneuvers for an astromech-assisted fighter with my squadron, Renegade Leader. That's all.>> Dave hears

the disdain for his own unfamiliarity with the interceptor, but there's nothing he can do. Frustration takes slight hold of

him as he curves around the lit up space, dodging lasers meant for him and meant for the other two Resistance fighters

alike, finally ending up with his chosen target in sights. "How's this for target practice.." he mutters through gritted

teeth as he squeezes the trigger and the R-41's hull finally gives in and breaks apart slowly before being blasted apart

entirely by the ensuing explosion. <<Scratch one.>> he calls.

Kirit swings her nose quickly towards the station. The incoming cannon fire from it is something she's used to so she

settles into her mathematically sound waveform of a rotation. Unless the gunner was a Givin, they weren't likely to figure

out the pattern. A pattern which allows Kirit to think about other things like targetting computers. She wants to get this

done quickly so she can return to scanning. The computer sounds lock tone and she launches a single missile that strikes

home with a detonation and a sensor contact disappears. <<Splash 2>>

"I don't bloody care if they're jamming. Get me those scans or I'll eject your metal arse and let the rats have you!" Gren

shouts over his shoulder at Late, as he reports a failure at penetrating pirate jamming to get more details scans. He

doesn't get angry about much, but droids really push his buttons, too. Delede kicks the E-wing's nose to starboard, stomping

on his rudder, and avoids a barrage of incoming fire. His targeting reticle just happens to drop onto a Headhunter. A solid

red tone, and he pulls the trigger. His warhead only has a short distance to fly before slamming into it's target. The

resulting explosion leaves nothing left but a bit of scrap, and a bright spot behind Gren's eyelids. <<Vaped two. One we get

solid scans, we'll head for exfil past the moon.>>

The pirate station's turbolasers continue to pepper space with fire, and it has even begun to launch warheads toward the

Resistance fighters. The Headhunter pilots prove to be more skilled than the R41s, if only by a bit.

The Headhunters come in on Dave's tail, a whole pair of them. David pushes the stick down, only to pull it back up a second

later. The Z-95s are sufficiently caught off guard to let Dave maneuver himself behind one of the Headhunters and let off a

few shots. They strike the flat snubfighter in the rear, and possibly wouldn't have if he were dealing with X-Wings. It's

not a critical component he blasted though, and though the craft sparks with the broken circuitry, it flies on. Dave pulls

the stick towards him to angle the fighter away from his pursuers again. Still fying in straight for the station, there is another z-95 ahead of Kirit. She tries something on the fly. Targetting

computer still up, she one eyes the reticle then starts keying up the forward sensor array. Unfortunately for her, the

system is NOT programmed to do both functions at once and she gets a system error. "Friknew chotli." She slaps the console

out of irritation as she buzzes passed the z-95 that is desperately chewing space around her with cannon fire. <<Two to One.

The computer can't handle missiles and scans at the same time. Just a warning.>>

Delede deftly pilots the E-wing between heavy turbolaser blasts, and incoming red Headhunter blaster fire. He's able to drop

onto the six of the Headhunter that was hunting him, and spreads fire across it's aft section. It's shields are knocked out,

and it's engines sputter, and eventually flame out. It's technically not destroyed, but it is not likely to re-enter this

fight, any time soon. Another negative toot from the rear of his starfighter has him slamming a fist into the console. "I

swear. I'm getting a bloody R2 unit." <<Still no joy on scans from my junk droid.>>

Zip has nimble hands. She quickly disengages the targetting computer and the scanners come online. Even as data begins

flowing on her screen, she reaches for the cannon toggle and flicks them to 180. She nudges her stick just slightly and

pulls the trigger. She's not used to firing rearward but then the z-95 wasn't expecting to get shot at after it passed the

A-wing either. Half of the craft is chewed into debris and the pilot pulls hard on the stick before the fire reaches the

reactor. Wounded and out of the fight, it banks for the station. <<Two, Lead, I'm getting data on the emplacements thanks to

their targetting. Let's keep them angry a little bit longer shall we?"

David grins at the little comment about droids. <<Renegade Leader, it's all in the R2 series. There's probably a couple on

base they'll set aside for you.>> Then he's back behind the two Z-95s again. He again positions the craft behind the one

that's already suffering from damages, letting off a few shots which strike the rear engine, taking out at first the two top

exhausts. <<Crippled one, going around for the finishing touch.>> Then the bottom exhausts cease operation as well.

<<Scratch that, target is dead in the..>> Not water. <<Target is out of commission, Leader.>>

"Its ok, Late. You can serve drinks in the lounge." Gren says with some level of reassurance as the concerned droid reports

yet another failure to pierce the pirate jamming. His E-wing zips low across the surface of the station, threading through

anti-starfighter batteries. <<Oh. I could do this all day, Two. Keep working on those scans.>> He opened his fat mouth. A

blast from a laser emplacement knocks his aft shields down, but it doesn't stop him from firing a triple laser burst at a

passing Headhunter. It's damaged moderately, but not dead.

Keeping an eye on making sure the sensor array is at least partially focused on the station makes it hard to dogfight.

Toggling her guns forward, she lets off a quick volley as a headhunter passes but the trigger is dead stick. It seems the

cannons hadn't finished their rotation before she pulled the trigger. There's an irritated look at the console. "Thakrp

voner grift." Shaking her head, she spills and ducks beneath the station, skimmming the surface like some kind of trench


One more Z-95, and it's headed back to the safety of the pirates' base. Because it doesn't want to get stuck in space, too.

Dave is right behind him, well, right behind, more like strafing through oncoming laser fire, dodging and weaving through

most of it, before one ends up scorching the nice blue paint job. The immediate beeping noise following the hit denote the

loss of shields on the interceptor, but David doesn't break. His targeting computer beeps, beeps faster, then a single

steady beep as he squeezes the trigger to instantly vaporize the remaining Z-95. <<Scratch one. Lost shields, regrouping.>>

Dave calls into the mic.

"Or, you can work at fixing things. Nice work, Late." The shields hum back to life, and Gren hauls his E-wing back around,

so that he can light up the Headhunter that he'd left alive in the previous pass. <<Three down. I'm calling it, people. Time

to check out the moon, and get out of here.>> The nimble little X-wing replacement burns toward the moon, and whatever lies

beyond. It'l be nothing. Surely, it'll be nothing.

David circles Blue 1 around, quickly finding the Z-95 he'd left alone. Following Gren's example, he lights it up, easily

destroying what remains of the opposing forces deployed. <<Scratch the last Headhunter, forming on your wing, Admiral.>> he

calls in to the microphone attached to his helmet. There's a feeling of uneasiness in the pilot, having no shields left and

with the idea of the 'dark side of the moon' in his mind he joins Renegade Leader in passing over the moonbase.

Continuing her course with alacrity, Kirit is far too close to the turrets for them to track her without shooting each other

so a z-95 ducks down beneath the station to handle her. The only problem with that is Kirit isn't so discriminatory with her

cannon fire. Blasts skip along the shielded surface of the station and she uses the flashes to track her fire onto the

headhunter without her targetting computer. It's busy gathering the last of the telemetry data. The z-95 is blasted into

spare parts which crash against the station shields. <<Copy lead. Coming about. I got good data on that run. Hopefully, it's


The trio of Resistance starfighters passage over the small moon is uneventful, and the base appears to have little interest

in sending anything else out to attack what was obviously not an attack flight. As they cross over to the unseen side of the

steller body...all three fighters' consoles light up with warning lights. A pair of Modified CR90s, both showing signs of

hard use, but extensive weapon refits, were hiding in its shadow. They immediately light up the incoming snubbies with

targeting locks, and launch a barrage of concussion missiles.

Delede spots the pirate capital ships just a few moments before they open fire, and is able to take full evasive manuevers,

and makes for the jump point. Further laser fire from the moon indicates that it carries some defensive batteries as well.

<<Grab scans of the surface, if you can. But break contact. Repeat. Break contact and jump.>>

<<Those are CR-90s!>> Dave calls, pulling up and out immediately. But it's not in time, one of the missiles launched from

the pair of ships destroys one of the A-Wing's engines, and tears up the rear hull. <<Took a hit, I'll have to pull out.>>

he calls, hurriedly adjusting all shield power to the rear, speeding out and away from the moonbase. A few moments pass, the

remaining engine flickers out.. and the A-Wing is gone. On its way back to base, where Ones is waiting for immediate

repairs. Dave's not going to be living this down for a while.

Kirit was taking a leisurely stroll down canyon lane. They were truly away from the starbase and she wasn't expecting

anything.. until... "THRAKLOT!" That is a lot of sensor locks. Her panel screams at her with the number of missiles coming

her way. There's nothing to it but.. to gun it? She punches the throttle and holds the trigger down as she spirals her

fighter towards the incoming missiles. The detonations are spectacular. Surely, it must be the end. For.. the missiles? Blue

Two comes out of the cloud of explosions miraculously without a scratch and Kirit exhales heavily. She hits a few quick keys

to reactivate the sensors but to be honest, she's more concerned about the heavy fire in the area.

<<Piss....Blue Two...nice flying. I'll see you back at base.>> Gren says over the comms, breathing out a sigh of relief when

he spots David's ship jumping out, and that Kirit zips through the incoming fire intact. Renegade Leader rolls hard toward

the exfil point, but manages to get a nice clean sensor report on the moon emplacements as he goes. He leads the trailing

warheads for a merry chase, but they all explode harmlessly to his aft. He'll jump as soon as Blue Two makes it out.

<<Thanks Lead>> Kirit mouths out of reflex. To be fair, she's got too much going on to reply with something eloquent.

Pulling away from the moon, she blasts away from the surface towards the CR90s in a crazed attack run... only.. yeah it's

not an attack run. It's just the best way to make them stop shooting cannons lest they blast each other as she passes

between them and out into space. She also managed to get a scan of the corvettes on her way out. << I don't think they like

us. Maybe we should leave.>> And so she does, activating the hyperdrive once she's out of cannon range.