Log:Resistance: It's Just a Derelict Freighter... What Could Go Wrong?

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Resistance: It's Just a Derelict Freighter... What Could Go Wrong?

OOC Date: February 20, 2018
Location: Space
Participants: Sapphira Yavok, David Ironside, Hazar Jast, Sabrina Codi

Sabrina has finally... FINALLY hauled the medical crate to the medbay. She breathes out slowly through her mouth and then looks down at her body, patting her stout midsection regrettably. Perhaps she should enroll in one of those... space pilates courses... or something... Grimacing and shaking her head, she rolls her eyes. It must be something about hanging out with military types... with their chiseled bodies and... Focus, Sabrina... Focus. Medical crate finally squared away, she walks out into the center ring of the ship and makes her way to the cockpit. "Lieutenant. Ms. Sapphira," she nods by way of greeting and peers over David's shoulder at the coordinates on the flight map. "Right. Almost ready to get underway? I asked if Sergeant Jast would join us too... Wouldn't hurt to have another set of hands at the ready."

"We're ready." David undocks the freighter from the Renegade and after flipping some switches and levers, he sends the Guarlara into hyperspace. "We got a message from Rey, about a possible attack on Mon Calamari." he speaks to the gathered group. "I figured, I have one of the fastest freighters in the fleet, it might be a good idea to scout." As if everyone here didn't already know that heh heh. "The idea is to just land and make contact with someone. I think Zip knows someone from back in the Rebellion?"

"Waitwhat? I thought we were just doing checklists," Sapphira says, yelping slightly as the ship surges forward once released from the dock. She slouches back into her seat and gives the man beside her a little glare as she hooks on her belts. Then? Why she does what anyone would do. She starts checking her weapons: knife and sidearm. "I'll hit the ground," she offers, being one of those here who, yanno. Has done that kind of thing before.

That other set of hands appears in the cockpit. Also, the rest of Hazar is there, wearing a smile as he enters, "Hey guys!" The young man walks towards trio already present and raises his hand in a wave. "How's it going?" His attention gets directed towards Dave, "So we're just doing some recon? I'm ready to hop on the turret if we need it, or to get out and start blastin' suckers." He pulls on a sling that holds his blaster rifle to his back. Then he looks to Sapphira and nods, "Hey. I'm Sergeant Hazar Jast, I don't think we've met yet but I've seen you around." He extends his right hand towards her for a possible shake.

"Hm... Mon Calamari... haven't been there in a while. I think I still have some contacts at the Marine Biotechnology Institute there. If all else fails, we can make an excuse that we're in the area and visiting. I'll get on the hyperspace relay later and make a few calls." Sabrina looks over her shoulder as Hazar enters the room and nods her head in greeting. "Sergeant." Turning back, she watches the streaks of white illuminating the cockpit with impassive eyes. "You know..." she says slowly, as if the thought were just occuring to her. "... if it's not too much trouble... Would you all mind if we made a side detour? A colleague of mine in the bacta industry was telling me that they had been having trouble with their shipments. Some of their freighters had fallen prey to some local pirate groups. Supposedly, a transport of bacta was attacked not too long ago. But the pirates only took what they could carry and left the rest there. My friend's group is trying to send a salvage team, but the attack was public knowledge according to the HoloNet." Sabrina strokes her chin thoughtfully. "If we could get there first..."

Sapphira looks up from cleaning her weapon to see Hazar's hand near her. She looks at it, then the man. Then she gives him a shake. "Sapphira Yavok," she explains. "Pleasure." Her hands fall back to the weapon, but they don't keep fussing yet. Instead, she looks to the Doc. Then to the group. "So not to be rude but ... what kind of combat experience do you guys have? Because picking up a shipment hanging out by itself is one thing, but running afoul of pirates is something else. Something kinda violent, if you know what I mean."

"There's bacta up for grabs?" Hazar asks curiously, looking at Sabrina as he settles into a seat, unslinging his rifle to let it rest on his lap. "I'm alright with going after pirates if we have to." Then he looks over at Sapphira again and smiles, "Nice to meet you." Then he pauses, "Yavok?" Looking the woman over more closely he suddenly appears a little nervous, "I didn't know the colonel got married! Congratulations." And then he shrugs his shoulders, "I've killed pirates, mercs, Stormtroopers and battle droids. I'm pretty handy in a fight."

Sabrina shrugs and sticks her hands in her white doctor's coat. "I'm afraid I'm the opposite. Pretty useless in a fight. But I'm a slick hand with a med pack." Sabrina laughs and wipes a tear. "But... yeah... no, other than that, I know not to get in the way of a laser bolt." The doctor shrugs apologetically. "I don't think we'll have to actively fight anybody off though. Well... I hope not at least."

Sapphira's eyebrows almost disappear into her hairline. "Daughter," she clarifies for Hazar. "Daughter. Not wife. But thanks, do I really look that old?" At that, she grins, knowing she may well have just put Hazar on the hot seat. Might as well enjoy teasing the guy for it, after all. She looks back to the display in front of her and finishes checking her weapon, holstering it once more. "I'm just thinking that if it was reported on the holonet, we're not the only ones who'll likely be interested in it. So we need to keep that in mind if we try for this."

"Just stick to cover and wait for the patients to get brought to you," Hazar tells the doctor with a nod of his head. "Or wait until we've made things safe for you. One of our other doctors sucks at cover and getting out of the way of blaster bolts." Then he finds himself looking at Sapphira again and his own eyes widen as he stammers, I... I'm... so sorry." He lifts hias hands apologetically, "You don't look old enough for him, I just thought he was maybe into younger women." He seems horrified and apologetic. "It's just that I don't think I've ever heard him mention a daughter."

"You're not wrong, Sapphira." Sabrina gets a serious look on her face and pushes her wire-rimmed glasses up onto the bridge of her nose. "But we could really use the bacta. And I think that's worth a little risk. What's the harm in taking a look? We'll blink into the system, do a little scan, check it out... if it looks safe, we'll take what we can and skedaddle. Didn't the Lieutenant say that this was the fastest freighter in the Resistance?" Sabrina grins at the pilot. "I have faith in the Lieutenant to keep us safe."

"I didn't say it wasn't worth the risk. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew what the risks were." Sapphira's pulled out that butterfly knife again and is doing little tricks with it. Hazar's stammering makes her grin, though. Madly. She meant to push him off-guard, by the looks of things. "He's got two that he knows of," she explains to Hazar. "Probably more than that, knowing him. And Maeve's a lot younger than him anyway, so I suppose you can say he does go for the youngers."

"The Celestial Guarlara has a great hyperdrive and pretty good sublight engines," Hazar offers the information up with a nod. "It's a good ship." Then he's eyeing Sapphira and the knife in her hand, but her grin seems to put the young man at ease, "Two? Huh, go figure." There's a shrug then. "Yeah, I don't know exactly what's going on with him and Maeve but they are awfully close and he is old compared to her. But if it makes them happy then I'm not going to knock it."

Sabrina rolls her eyes, waving a hand. "Age is just a number, Sergeant." Snorting and heading over to one of the free passenger seats, she plops down rather ungracefully and stretches her legs out in front of her, slouching and crossing her legs at the ankles. "Well, either way, it's on the route to Mon Cal, and we've got time to kill in hyperspace."

"It's a mid-life crisis thing, I'm sure." David jokes from the pilot seat. Turning to Sabrina he combs his hair back with a hand and replies "Your faith isn't misplaced, I'm a pretty great pilot." Pause. "As long as I have a droid in my fighter or an engineer on board." He head-nods to Sapphira. She'll get what he's talking about. "Technically this isn't the fastest freighter in the Resistance, because the Falcon is still part of that group. It's definitely the fastest freighter in the fleet, though. Because the General took it as her personal ship after General Solo lost the need for it."

"Yeah, they're a thing," Sapphira confirms for the group. She looks down at the knife in her hands, swinging the blade right round, right round in a circle and then letting the latch catch so the knife collapses on itself. She's getting better with it! She casts a little glance over toward David, but doesn't comment on why he needs an engineer. Is the ship going to break down? WHO KNOWS!

"I'm no expert of relationships or anything. I just figure if you and your partner or partners are happy then it shouldn't matter to you what other people think," Hazar says with a shrug, glancing down at his rifle to give it a quick looking over as if the talk of relationships might make him uncomfortable. "The Falcon is really fast. I got to ride on it a few times and it's easily the fastest ship I've seen. Not that I'm much of a ship guy, but I've gotten to ride on a few."

An insistent beeping suddenly makes it's existence known in the cockpit, a side screen suddenly scrolling lines of information. Sabrina blinks and sits up, looking at the screen intently. "That's the transponder beacon. Lieutenant, we're close to the site. Can you drop us out of hyperspace?" Sabrina turns to the panel in front of her and looks at it helplessly. "Anybody know how to work the sensors? Let's make sure we don't have any company when we get to the party."

David reaches for Sapphira's hand, closing her fist around that knife of hers. "You're going to hurt someone with that. And I'm including yourself or worse, me in that." He winks at her, squeezing Sapphira's fist gently before letting go. Nodding at the doctor, he's already flipping switches and finally pulls the lever. The ship drops out of hyperspace and Dave engages the thrusters immediately. "I'm busy up here, you need Ones to do it?" He head-nods at the astromech that's been on stand-by this entire time. At the mention of its name, however, it lights up with a series of beeps and whistles, like a boot-up melody.

"Relax, relax everyone," Sapphira says, giving David a quick look when he squeezes her hand over the knife. She tucks the weapon away and leans forward, flipping a few keys on the console. Then she peers at the screen in front of her. "Freighter," she reports. "Bout our size. No power, no signals but a weak transponder. You'll have to go kind of off the beaten path to get there though, how the heck did it get over there? Eh," she shrugs, sending the coordinates to David's nav computer with another few button presses.

As the YT-1300 flies closer to the powerless freighter, bits and pieces of debris start to be seen and hit against the shields, causing light flashes to illuminate the cockpit. The freighter is dark, no lights except for faint running lights flickering in the inky void of space. Burnt scores streak the sides of the freighter showing where the pirates had disabled the engines. There don't seem to be any large gaping holes at least.

David Ironside has activated the ship's shields.

Sabrina Codi stares at the form of the freighter getting larger on the viewscreen. "Huh... well... this certainly looks like... something, right?" For god's sake, everybody. She's a doctor, not a sensor analyst. "So... this is where you guys... go over and uh... check things out, right?" The doctor looks at David, Hazar and Sapphira. "Right?"

Instincts kick in and David starts giving orders. He's pretty sure he outranks everyone here anyway, making him the senior officer. And he's the captain of this ship regardless, dammit. "Hazar, get on the turret. We're not seeing any hostiles yet, but those burn marks didn't come from a nice relaxing walk on the beach." He turns to Sapphira. "Sapphira, see if you can raise anyone on comms." Finally, he turns to Sabrina, the doctor who's not a pilot or sensor analyst or turret gunner. "..Don't panic." He says with an accentuating point of his finger before turning back to the controls, the ship cruising along casually.

Noting the way David holds Sapphira's hand Hazar doesn't say anything, instead going back to looking through the viewport. When Sapphira announces the presence of a freighter the young man nods his head and tries to spot it without getting up from his seat Then he gets finally manages to get a look at the other freighter and frowns deeply, "I think this thing was hit by starfighters. You can see where it took some of them out." He points at various pieces of debris, "Looks like fighter parts over there." He points again, "And over there. These guys put up one heck of a fight before they got taken down." Then the young sergeant is getting orders and he snaps into action, heading for the turret gun with a "Roger." His footsteps thump on the metal walkway in the ship until he gets to the ladder to the turret and climbs down into it. It doesn't take him long to get the headset on and start talking over the intercom, "I'm ready go down here. Let me know if you guys see anything on the scans."

Sapphira sighs as she looks over the scans. "It's ... okay. Touch complicated here," she informs the group as she switches through different screens that have lots of nonsensical code on them that an engineer can understand. "Life support is still active on the ship in two places. You sure there's no one left alive on this thing?" she asks, turning to Sabrina for a moment. Then she turns her head to look at David. "We can either go in with suits, or I can maybe power up the life support. But that'd mean we'd have to be in and out in 15 minutes or so. Not enough time if we get caught in ANY kind of trouble." You wanted to be in charge, David!

Sabrina squints at the screen and then leans over another panel, pulling up a medical screen. "Hard to say. There's a lot of debris in the way, and these medical scanners aren't really the best. Depending on how much shielding there is on that ship..." Sabrina sighs. "Honestly, I can't tell. There's always the chance that there's SOMEBODY left there? But hardly likely if it's derelict like this. I mean, wouldn't they be attempting to communicate out? You didn't pick up any signals did you?"

"This is the way -out- of the system. Like they were real close to making it out," Dave says into the intercomm, letting Hazar in on it at this distance. "..The ship is powered down, disabled but not destroyed. Like they got struck only a second before the hyperdrive kicked in. You know how it turns off the sublight engines just before the jump?" Dave glances at Sapphira, she'll know what he's talking about and could confirm or debunk his theory. "What do you think?" he asks her. "Seems unlikely, but also the most likely explanation.

"I've got a bad feeling about this, guys," Hazar says from his comfy seat in the turret as he swivels the guns around to check all the possible angles of approach. "Something doesn't feel right with this situation, I mean. I just can't place my finger on it. Before we try to dock can you check to see if the ship is trapped or something like that?"

"That's a firm on .... something," Sapphira reports, flipping through different screens as she gets deeper into the computer system. "The whole thing's networked. Life support is networked to hyperdrive, security to environmental controls ... and sublight engines are off completely. The hell...?" She begins to flip through more screens. "I'm gonna need a few minutes on this," teh redhead reports and begins to work through the system. All while mutter, "...no Sapphira, you're paranoid, it's just a routine pickup..."

"You alright over there? I can pass over a couple more times." David assures Sapphira as she's muttering. It's very worrisome. "Hazar, anything look off on your end?" Why would anything be linked like that, Dave wonders inwardly. "You guys think it's a trap or not?" An idea hits Dave then. "Hey, if we're doing the boarding thing, I have a TX-3 flightsuit that lets you survive without oxygen for a bit." It's in the lounge with his other junk, and Dave can't afford to set the autopilot at this point.

"Can't your droid fly the ship? We just need to keep it in sync with the freighter, right? It's not like it's rotating a lot or anything. It's just... dead in the water." Sabrina asks curiously, looking at the small R2 droid. "I mean... we're not going to find anything over here on our own. Somebody's eventually going to go over there."

"I can't tell if it's a trap, but if we're boarding this thing let me go first, I'm probably the most expendable," says Jast over the intercom. "But if there are people still alive over there then we should try to go get them out and that bacta's not going to move itself. Let me get a look at the freighter's docking port so we can see if it looks weird, if not I guess we can go ahead and dock with them."

"Everybody stop," Sapphira announces, pointly, as she continues to work. "Just ... stop. Everything's tied to the network between the hyperdrive and life support. Everything else supports that tie. And .... there's a beacon trigger. On the door." She sits back and gives David a 'told you' look. "It's a trap. Open the door, beacon activates. But...." She looks back to the computer and then begins to work again. "I can disarm the beacon," she announces. "And then I'll go get suited up. Unless you've got an engineering degree up there, hmmm?" she calls over the comms to Hazar.

Dave had been maneuvring, expertly so, the Guarlara to dock with the downed freighter. As it's still rotating slightly from being weightless in outer space, Dave has to mimic the rotation precisely, which he does. "I'm standing by for a docking attempt." he announces mainly to Sapphira and Sabrina, but Hazar can listen in on the comm. "Let me know when that trap's disabled, Sapphira."

When told to stop Hazar stops making the turret swivel and shuts up to listen to the woman speaking. When he realizes he's being talked to Hazar replies, "Not me. I don't know my way around anything on a ship except for the turrets and the refresher." When Dave announces that the ship is lined up to dock the young soldier says, "I've got my eyes peeled still. Not seeing anything out here yet."

"Go ahead," Sapphira says, flipping a few more switches. She'll wait until the docking is completed before she moves to rise. Time to get dressed and go in there, it seems. "Listen," she tells David. "Dunno how you are with that thing," she gestures to the computer. "But there's a message in the outbox that never was sent. You might be able to tease it out. Just ... whatever you do, do NOT turn on the life support or the hyperdrive. Mostly the life support, as I have a nasty feeling it will activate the hyperdrive and rip us all to smithereens." She gives the man a little smile. "I'd better go get dressed."

David nods at Sapphira as she heads to change into the life support suit he told her about. If worse comes to worse and he has to join them, his own suit has a smaller variant of that on it, anyway. "Alright, hold on to something," he announces, "I'm docking." Then, he turns to the astromech with him. "Hey see if you can do something to get that message out, ok?" Dave gets a bunch of beeps and whistles in reply as the droid inserts its all-purpose data jack into a socket.

As the ship docks Hazar rocks in his gunner's seat, rolling with the motion of the ship to keep himself steady. His gaze is still directed outwards, keeping an eye out for any possible enemy activity. His hands are wrapped around the gun's controls as he watches the space around the Guarlara.

It's only a few minutes before Sapphira is finally ready. "Okay, armed and ready," Sapphira announces from her place by the airlock. She's wearing the bulky suit, and the small girl within now looks like, well, a giant space man. With a gloved hand, she slaps the button to open the first lock, pushing in a floating cart with her for the batca. Then she locks what's behind her, and moves to enter the freighter. "I'll be checking the two locations with active life support first, then hitting the cargo bay," she announces to the group. "Keep your scaners wide open, and the moment anything gets picked up, you let me know." And with that, she steps into the creepy beyond.

Sabrina, who has been quiet throughout all this, has followed Sapphira to the airlock. Before the brave engineer steps into the small chamber, Sabrina grabs her arm. "Sapphira. Listen. It's vitally important. Bacta needs to be temperature controlled, so I'll need to know if the containment unit holding the bacta still has power and is activated. If it is, we should be able to move it into our own containment unit and bring it back on board. If not, it could mean that it's no longer viable, and I'll need to take a sample of it in order to make sure." Sabrina hands Sapphira a small medkit with a vial and a small scanner. "Take a sample and put it into the scanner. I'll be able to run the sample from the computer in the medbay here."

As Sapphira steps into the darkened hallway of the freighter, the spookiness factor goes way up. The only sources of light are red emergency lights, and the hand-light that Sapphira has brought with her. There is debris all over the hallway and laser marks score up the wall. This freighter was definitely boarded, and the crew didn't give up easily. There are bodies every few feet, having been flash-frozen as the life support was turned off. Other than that, there don't seem to be any signs of life. Sapphira makes her way down the hallway until she comes to an intersection. One way leads to the engine room. The other to the crew quarters.

The hallway to the crew quarters seems to have escaped the brunt of the combat. The emergency lights are still on here, but at least there are no bodies to have to crawl over. At the end of the hallway, the doorway to the crew quarters is closed in front of Sapphira.

Interesting thing about the intercoms. Did you know that in a pinch, you can bypass the hardline to the main electrical system and power it off a closed loop using a half depleted power charge from a stun baton? Do you know who else knew that? That's right. Sapphira. A red light flickers on the intercom panel indicating that it's turned on.

Sapphira reports in. "At the crew quarters. Dave, can you look at the console for me and tell me the other place that still had life support?" With that, she turns to the bypass ... which she manages in a few short moments. With the red light now on, she leans in, depressing the button to speak. She also activates the vocal box on her suit. "Anybody home?" Because why not, right?

A crackle of static is the only response. Other than that, silence.

Dave slides over to the computer station Sapphira left to get her hands dirty. "On it, princess." he grins inwardly now that he's alone. Alright. Console.. freighter's layout.. life support systems. The relevant areas of the ship light up. "The -only- other area with life support systems intact is the engine room. Be careful, Sapphira." He glances at his droid then. "How's that unpacking coming, Ones?"

Sabrina's eyebrow raises as the Lieutenant refers to Ms. Yavok as 'princess.' She mutters something about living dangerously, and goes down to check on Hazar in the turret.

Sapphira nods. "Alright, I'll head there momentarily. This door's unlocked though, so I'm going to give it a whirl. Sorry to anyone who might be in here..." as about half of their air is about to get sucked out. But, Sapphira wiggles her fingers into the door and begins to force-slide it open to be able to see beyond.

"Hang on," Sapphira reports on the radio. She opens a panel beside the door and moves a few wires, and the door beeps and unlatches, but doesn't slide open. Now Sapphira is able to slowly slide it open just far enough for her to squeeze inside.

Sapphira manages to crack open the door and slip into the room. The lights are still on in here, and even after opening the door, only some of the air rushes past her. With the door closed behind her, the rushing wind stops. At the far end of the room is a slumped over body holding a pipe in one hand. The figure has been shot several times, burn marks cover the center mass of the figure. Close by the figure's other hand is what looks like a small plunger-switch, but it's rolled out of his grasp. Whatever it's connected to, the poor bastard never got a chance to hit the button.

Sapphira approaches the scene, looking down at the button. She crouches, looks more. Peers. PEEERS. "Yeah," she decides. "No." And she'll stand up to move out of the room again, making her way to engineering to check if there are any surivors down there. If not? Then she'll get the batca. Doc can check it back on the ship if she wants. "No survivors here," she reports. "Headed down to Engineering."

"All right. Be careful." comes the voice of Sabrina Codi over the headset. "Any sign of bacta?"

After some time, Sapphira's voice pipes up again. "Engineering's clear. Hitting the cargo for the batca and then coming back on board. Be ready to go; nothing telling if there's not some other beacon or something here I've tripped."

R2-1S has been rocking back and forth for some time now, demanding that somebody pay attention to him. On the targeting computer that Hazar is in front of, an interface line appears. "You are second in command. Do you wish to play the message?" , followed by a blinking Y/N.

As the computer in front of him pipes up Hazar nearly jumps out of his seat in surprise. Then, once he's got himself back under control he pushes the 'Y' to get the message for the droid to start spilling it's guts.

The mostly empty cargo bay is a disaster. Opened crates are piled haphaszardly, and bodies litter the crew. In front of Sapphira, four large bacta containment units loom. Three of them are open, the fourth stands shut, but the diagnostic lights on the containment unit has long been dormant. If it was powered at one time, it definitely isn't now. Sapphira heaves a long, drawn-out sigh to the group over the comms. "Batca's gone sour. This is a bust. I'm heading back, let's get out of here." She releases the button for her comms and turns to move back toward the airlock that will get her back on the ship.

R2-1S, having finally got confirmation beeps and whistles excitedly. On board the ship as well as in Sapphira's spacesuit a message starts to speak... "... This is Douglas Eiffel of the medical freighter Hephaestus. We've been hit hard by pirates... I... I don't think we're going to make it. The crew is... The crew is gone. I think I'm the last one alive. I managed to jumble up the systems on the Hephaestus to keep them from taking the ship... but I... I'm shot... pretty bad." The message goes silent for a minute and there's some labored breathing. "... They... They jumped us just as we were about to go to lightspeed. Disabled us before the hyperdrive kicked in..." there's a loud banging in the background of the recording. "... I... I managed to wire the nav computer that controls the hyperdrive to the life support. If, if they manage to breach this room, I'll cut the life support to the ship, and the nav unit and autopilot will take over..." There's a swallowing sound, a hiss and more labored breathing. "Hey... uh... so... since this is... since this is it... uh... could... somebody look after my doggo, ok? Tell him that I'll... I'll play with him when I get back..." There's a loud banging noise and then the sound of gunfire before the message cuts off. As soon as the message plays, the ship suddenly lurches to one side, dragging the Guarlara with it. The freighter has started powering up, lights flickering on. Looks like by powering on the comm unit to play the message, R2-1S may have triggered some of Eiffel's adjustments to the ship's systems. The Hephaestus is powering up for one last ride into hyperspace.

Sapphira starts running, shouting over the comms. "It's going to take about five minutes for the hyperdrive engines to fully boot up," she reports, huffing as she goes. "If I'm not at the door by 4 and thirty, you detatch from the dock and get away from the ship before you get ripped apart in hyper, copy?"

"Less talking, more running!" comes Sabrina's voice through the comms. She waits at the docking corridor, one hand over the disconnect button. "Shake your tailfeather, Sapph. Go go go!"

"Oh no!" Hazar exclaims when he feels the ship move around him. "Something's happening! What's going on, Dave?" Leaning forward so he can get a better view of the vessel they're docked to Hazar then says, "Just let me know what you need me to do!"

They don't know it, but Sapphira talks the entire time that she runs. Mostly swear words, the sort of things that make the mothers of Nar blush bright red and fall over faint. She's got a nasty mouth sometimes, our Sapphira. Luckily, she seems to understand the layout of the ship rather well, and she's able to move rather quickly toward the proper docking port. "Time check please!"

(due to unavoidable network issue, one of the players disconnected and was not able to reconnect. The rest of the player character's lines in this scene are provided by the GM.)

Lieutenant David Ironside peeks in the side mirror that all fighter pilots keep next to their seat to make sure his hair is still. Yes. It still looks fabulous. He grins at the mirror, winking, and then suddenly the ship is moving. "Kriffin' hell. What did you do, Hazar?" he blames somebody at random. "Sapphira, you ok in there?" He turns up the headset volume and is treated to a rather verbose and explicit monologue by Sapphira. "Sapph, 2 minutes, you're almost there. RUN." Sabrina pops her head in the cockpit. "For the love of god, Lieutenant. Keep the ship steady. If that docking collar tears, we'll never get her out." David turns back to the controls, flipping switches and stomping on the etheric rudder to match the freighter's movement.

In the turret Hazar looks around, then replies over the intercom, "I don't know! I just did what the droid asked me to. They're supposed to be smarter than humans!" Whether that's true or not is debatable. "I'm sorry if I broke the ship, I was just trying to get us more information on what was going on."

Sapphira runs, and runs, and runs. Her chest is burning, but still she runs. When she falls into the first airlock, she slaps the switch. The door behind her seals. It feels like minutes to pressurize the small space again, but when it is she's able to stumble in to the YT at last, slapping the button behind her. "I'm out, fuckin' go!"

As soon as the petite engineer is on board, Sabrina slams the docking collar release button. The airlock closed and repressurized, the Guarlara shakes as the collar releases and detatches. "Oh, thank heavens," says Sabrina in relief. She hadn't realized that she had been holding her breath. Taking out a small med scanner, she starts running it over Sapphira's body, making sure she's ok. "Lieutenant, get us out of here!" she calls into the ship's intercom. "Yes ma'am," says David as he peels away from the freighter and kicks the sublight engines into action. With a thrum and a rumble, the Guarlara rockets away from the freighter. In the turret, Hazar, you watch as the hapless freighter stops reorienting itself and then in a brilliant burst of light, it stretches into a long streak and then vanishes. "All right, team. I think that's probably enough excitement for one day. Sorry we weren't able to find anything, doctor." announces David through the intercom. Sabrina is helping Sapphira catch her breath and trying to drag her to the medbay. Sapphira, of course, is resisting and trying to go back to the cockpit. "Well, we're all OK. That's the important part. Good work, all of you." Sabrina nods at David, Sapphira and Hazar. She may be new to the Resistance, but she knows that she has people she can depend and trust now.