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Junk Yard Rumble

OOC Date: May 4, 2019 (Optional)
Location: Kidraga
Participants: Sera West, Ektor, Sapphira Solari, Miri Sakir, Merek, Yuun, Finn

<<"This is the Chief. I've left you all at the only clear landing zone I could find on this scrap heap of a drek planet. The scanners I've given you will direct you toward areas of interest. Locate these way points and tell me what is at each. Keep your heads on a swivel though, there's no telling what's living out on this world. Chief, out.">>

Drek storm, drek planet, drek smell, drek mission. Everything about this scrap heap of a world had something to do with drek, and something miserable about it. The ground, the /real/ ground was shifty sands of rusty red that kicked up from the straight-line winds and made intense waves and sandstorms at random. When a sandstorm occurs, there was no visibility, no anything but the smell of sand, the flying of debris, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to get smashed by something at random and in flight.

There was no sandstorm at present, and their immediate surroundings consisted of a massive hill of twisted metal and trash to their north, a path to the west, and slightly blocked path to the south, and a great wall of trash to the east. The background, like what everyone could see in the distance, was tall mounds of trash and random bursts of flames. The sky was black with smoke, and anyone wearing an unfiltered mask smelled the worst, most intense, thing they'd probably ever smell again. Which way do they go? Someone's in charge, right?

Wait a kriffin' minute, this isn't an intel gig! And yet, somehow, LT Sapphira Yavok has gotten herself mixed up in it. Should anyone ask (they won't because who cares) she got a call from Engineering, her old office, to lend a hand for this particular gig. So lend a hand she does, though it seems she will not be tromping around the trash heaps in her uniform. No, today it's legggings, a long tank top, a leather jacket, boots, and leather gloves. Her hair is pulled back in a single braid. She wears no identifying badges or tags. "Remember, if you see anything that looks promising, even if it's in bad condition, have one of the nerds look at it," Sapphira tells the group, which consists mostly of nerds of different varieties. Somehow, her reference to 'nerds' here naturally means an engineer. It's also self-deprecating, as at least some of this crowd know Sapphira to have a degree in Engineering. With that, the redhead takes a few steps away from the group toward a pile of rubbish, but only gets a few meters before a light breeze kicks up sand and she lets out a yelp, staggering a half-step back as she tries to clear her bright greens. "Kriffin' frick...."

Merek has taken his time to make prep for the mission, while he has his black battle armor on, which is adjusted about him. He shifts up his rifle to work on the scope as he moves with the others. His maneuvering is a bit better, although he has a ways to work on it. He speaks to the comlink which he has with him, "Alright, we have torches coming from the southway, it looks like people are here looking with us also," he says with a husky drawl as he takes a moment to set his scope that way to watch also.

Miri stands at the foot of Mt. Garbage and looks up, the hood of her poncho falling back. "I want to climb it," she announces, her robotic voice flat, though the glint in her eye makes it clear that she's entirely earnest. Out of the corner of her eye, she spots something to the west, tromping and climing over to it. "Sweet, I think I found an old speeder," she announces into her comlink as she heads over to inspect it.

A dumb chuckle is Ektor's first commentary. Switching onto comms the Tionese drawls with an audible grin, <<Hey, Chief: what lousy planet is we on, again? I got eyes on an old Imperial flag hanging off a wall. You want a souvenir, yeah?>> He looks aside at talk of a speeder. "Good place to start, yeah?"

<<"Welcome to Kidraga, or as translated from Shyriiwook, the Dragon. It is a desert world turned into a large trash fire heap. For years, many systems transferred their criminals here, figuring they were sentencing them to death. Only problem was, the worst of the worst ended up here.. and some of those people weren't so dumb. Imperials, Rebel Alliance, Black Sun.. every major faction the galaxy has seen has probably ended up somewhere in this heap, and have fought tooth and garbage to survive. The Dragon seems ominous, but I don't think there's any of those left. No one's stayed long enough to find out.">>

<<"If you want to bring me a souvenir, by all means, lieutenant.." Announces the Imperial accented chief, whose comm lines cut then.

Torch light moves from the south, appearing to draw closer. 7 torches in all. To the west, where the old speeder and Imperial banner is found, sand kicks up violently with a terrible whipping howling sound.

<<You heard the -krif- Chief,>> Sapphira responds over the comms, even as she fights to get sand out of her eyes. It just scratches. Most uncomfortable. <<Keep an eye on the torches, if they get too close we'll form up defensively but they're probably just scrappers like us.>> Cause they're totally scrappers. Nothing but scrappers. Such innocence. For her own part, Sapphira squints upwards at a near pile of garbage, the tallest one Miri's been eyeing. With the sand now out of her eyes, that squint actually has a purpose in aiding her vision. <<Wolf, hang back from climbing anything just yet. Someone may already have the jump on us. Keep hunting, for now, but keep an eye on each other.>> And with that, Sapphira turns her attention toward the torch-bearers to the south. She makes no attempt to obfuscate or hide herself, but just ... strolls on over, even lifting a hand in greeting.

Merek shifts up that rifle, keeping his eyes on the scope as the others do what they all manage best. He seems content to not talk to the torch wielders or get involved besides to watch.

As Miri approaches the old Imperial speeder, she finds some jerkface of a lizard monkey revving the engine. Heyyyy. That's a good sign. The little monster is saying something, but he's drowned out by the howling wind. Miri, for her part, has zero moral compunction about punching that lizard monkey, sending him screaming into a pile of garbage. She hops into the speeder to check it out.

Ektor gives an eye toward the line of torches to the south. "Spooky-cloak, you got eyes on that bunch, yeah?" Whatever Merek's answer, a blinking light promptly distracts him. "Oooh, she's still running," he mutters with a crooked grin, hastening his steps toward the old speeder bike. He cackles when Miri punches the lizard monkey, and he crouches beside the machine to make sure it isnt about to explode. "Readout's green, She-wolf. You ever driven one a these, before?"

The torch bearers become clearer, their leader a 7ft tall, narrow looking droid that has a tall canister with spikes on it for a head. Its shoulders are narrow, and it wears a tattered cape that favors the wind. The torch it has is tossed on the ground and the massive droid pulls out a big kriffing gun. The other torch bearers do the same. At the rear of the group is an old R2 unit, covered in spikes and other trash, with a red light that blinks, the droid beeps commands into a small comm link it holds, and there's shots coming from above, to the east where a massive wall looks down.

Wholly inaccurate fire thunks against the ground, the blaster bolts bright blue. The Resistance is being shot at! Sapphira and Merek see this IG-82 unit spool up its laser cannon, preparing to mow them down. "LINE UP TO DIE, ORGANICSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

The speeder is similar to the speeder bikes we saw in RotJ, the ones the Imperial Scouts used to get around the Endor moon. They have two handle bars, hand breaks, and a computer screen read out that's green and antiquated. Its engine is on, and it rumbles, but the moment Miri gets on it, small spikes sprout up from its seat intended to hurt her! Suddenly, the engine begins to rev up, and the fire from the exhaust starts to melt a chain that's been anchored to the ground, while the bike's intended destination seems to be a huge, spike that's chest level for anyone on the bike currently!

As the blaster fire erupts around herself and Merek, spitting up sand and turning little pockets of it to glass, Sapphira does what any self-respecting agent of the resistance would do: she coils her body up to make herself as small as possible, closing her eyes as if the darkness of the lids will protect her. It's only once the sputtering is done that she opens those bright greens, looking around herself and the sand-holes at her feet, before she looks back to the 7-foot droid in charge. "Hey," she tells him, lifting an index finger as if to waggle it in his direction. "That's not how you go around greeting people. As you can see, we're stretching our legs out over here so if you run along, we won't make you regret this /exceptionally/ rude behavior." Cue finger waggle.

Merek presses on the trigger of the rifle to shoot a blast at the droid. He's not using his usual pistol, so it doesn't actually hit it looks like, while he takes a moment to shift the weapon while he steps back a bit and looks to the side, "You know, I don't think it's really in the mood to negotiate!"

Miri's howl of pain at the SPIKES IN HER ASS comes out as a garbled sound from her droid throat. She's bleeding from her backside and the backs of her thighs, but she manages to get herself unstuck and... almost off of the speeder. It was a good try. Her pants are still stuck to the spikes and she's struggling to free herself.

Ektor hollers at Sapphira via the comms, <<WOULD YOU JUST SHOOT IT, ALREADY?>> He pulls his own sidearm, before Miri's howls of pain and impending impairment at the hands of, "Evil bike!" command his immediate attention. Seizing hold of the suddenly bow-legged Sakir around the midsection with one arm, Ektor bodily lifts the smaller pilot off the doom machine, dropping her promptly and looking toward the unfolding fight.

The tall droid answers back with automatic fire. Bright green blaster bolts are joined with red. They go everywhere, one smashing into Sapphira, while others dance around Merek, thunking along the dirt near him and some hit back around where Miri and Ektor are. The droid lets out a loud war cry, which comes across as an archaic computer sound that's akin to AOL dial up, although it's much louder. The soldiers behind IG-82 are dressed in all manner of random bits of trash but they have their old stormtrooper helmets, and the R2 unit takes flight, attempting to buzz away with its comm link in hand.

The chain that holds the speeder bike suddenly melts and snaps, the speeder taking off as a result and crashing into the massive spike that hangs out of the nearby trash heap. The result is a massive flame explosion, which leaves Xer and Miri untouched, but the flames go high and a massive, concussive wave fans out, shaking the very ground everyone stood on. The sound is near deafening.

More fire rains down from the eastern wall, thunking ineffectively against the dirt around the Resistance.

<<You're not my->> Sapphira is just about to tell Extor what-for over the comms when a blaster bolt, a biggun, sinks into her thigh and she lets out a yelp before falling back on her ass. It seems to be enough for her to get her senses about her, and the DL finds it's way to her gloved palm rather easily. She lifts her arm and squeezes off a shot, which lands at center mass. She uses that moment to clamber to her feet, firing off another shot that goes wild. The third shot is better aimed, back on her feet, and she squeezes it off as she begins to back herself around the corner of a pile of the trash for cover. <<Someone blow that R2 unit out of the air!>>

Merek lifts up his rifle and takes another shot as he shifts to look when Yavok takes a hit. He then makes a move to intercept between the droids as well as the woman. Seems he's doing his best to protect her, while he speaks to the comlink, <<Taking up defensive position.>>

"Thanks," Miri grunts as she hits the ground, staggering to find her feet and pull her blaster. She squints against the dust whipping in her face as she raises her blaster.

Ektor looks up as the astromech lifts off the ground- or maybe he was rolling his eyes at something; even odds, really. Whatever the reason, shortly after Sapphira yells, Ektor aims up and fires off a pair of shots at the hovering Garbage Droid. One of the two strikes the spike-bedecked R2, accompanied by muttered profanities from the Tionese. <<Sera, hope you got use for a buncha droid parts, yeah?>>

There's a trade off of fire as the ringing sound in everyones' ears begins to taper. The sand storm is picking up now, and everything is starting to get dark and heavy. The looming IG-82 droid takes a booming step toward Sap just as she's retreating and firing, the results of which have spilled the droid over, its dial up voice cursing as it tries to rise back to the occasion.

Merek's bravery places him between not only Sapphira, but also Ektor and Miri, earning the attention of the two soldiers that attempt to fire at him. Bolts rain down from the eastern wall, thunking all around while the red bolts of the soldiers miss, giving Sapphira, Ektor, and Miri a view of Merek's form being shot at from every angle. It also meant that they'd have to find a way to shoot around him! Or through him! (Increased difficulty to 125, except for Merek.)

The Garbage Drek Astromech droid is shot from the air. Ektor's blaster shot struck one of the legs, and the jet went out, sending the astromech into a comical circle, spinning out of control. The droid screams over head as it lands dome first into a trash heap, its legs sticking out skyward.

<<"So long as the trip isn't wasted, I'm happy, Xer. Y'all quit playing grabass with the locals, punch them in the rekking face, and let's scan for some Gods damned parts, yeah?">> Sera may have sounded upset, but anyone who knew the woman could detect the concern in her tone given the thicker presence of the Imperial accent.

<<BLACK GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!>> Sapphira yells into the comms. On a normal day it would be enough to make a couple of ears ring, but in light of the heavy fire that's recently come down on them, their ears are already ringing though. Despite the tennitus, they'll hear little Sapphira's voice though. She fires off a few shots at the struggling IG, then lifts her weapon to pop one off at the flying astromech, but it sails uselessly into the sky. Now leaning behind a pile of trash that should put her out of sight of the other baddies until she's ready to fire again (and allowing her to take some pressure off her steaming femur) she brings a hand up to her ear to hear the comms better. <<Roger that, Chief. Give us another two minutes out here. Do some scans from the ship now though; there's a storm coming up, so once we're clear we're going to need your guidance to find the good stuff.>>

Merek maneuvers with his new position so he can dodge some of the blaster fire, while he shifts that rifle so he can pull the trigger. It shoots clean into the TK-437 while he shifts so he can keep his protective position in front of Yavok, Miri, and Ektor. <<Flank!>> he calls to his comlink while he does also. He shifts a bit so he can actually give Miri and Ektor some space to shoot after Yavok makes a call to him also.

<<Shut up about asses right now, chief,>> Miri 'suggests' in her flat droid-voice. She misses having real inflection. She steadies herself and fires off two shots at the damaged R2 unit, the little critter coming crashing to the ground. <<Got some R2 parts for you, medium rare.>>

Ektor chuckles under his breath as the astromech spirals out of the sandy sky. << I hear you, Chief. Punching in the face, now..>> He lines up another shot on the stranded Drek Droid, "Lookit its little legs kicking-" but Miri finishes it off. "Hey!" While complaining, he fires off a pair of shots at one of the troopers, missing cleanly and griping throughout. "I HAD that one. Shot him outta the sky and everything."

Having been with the reinforcement from the West, Yuun wasn't dressed as a Jedi Initiate at all wanting to keep his identity low key along with the rest of the Resistance team. Though when the comms officer called and stated that there was trouble and seeing the large explosion, Yuun like the others started heading towards that explosion. Worried about the team, he focuses his mind, he couldn't be side tracked right now he had to allow everyone to do their jobs and he will do his and help where he is needed.

<<"I copy all.">> Chief West replies back, her comms cutting for a moment. <<"Be advised, I've rerouted Team 2 to reinforce your position. It's being led by Yuun, and approaching from the west.">>

IG-82 is struck in the canister head, and falls back to the ground, his body shutting down. The Garbage Drek Astromech explodes once hit, the scream muffled by all the trash heap it was stuck in. All that remained were the two troopers, and those soldiers high up on the eastern wall, now engulfed in the sand storm. Everything was getting very hazy now, and the torches on the ground even became difficult to see. The troopers at remained began to open fire, brief flashes of their bodies' shape seen in the hazy wall of sand as they engaged Merek, and just happened to shoot at the reinforcements that arrived.

Now comes the sandstorm, and its brief. Everything is whistling and its dark. Stinging sand comes from every direction, and it becomes difficult to move. It passes after a minute, revealing a new scene of debris covered in sand. The troopers have fallen back to the southern walkway, and a few bodies lay strewn, the result of the wind blowing the people off the eastern wall to plummet to their deaths.

<<That's hurtful, Chief. We're doing quite well out here,>> Sapphira says, in a dry humerous tone that each person can decide for themselves is actually humerous. As the sandstorm, or sandsquall really, picks up, Sapphira lifts her leather jacket up to cover her face, pressing herself against the pile of garbage to perfume herself for later, but the manuever keeps the sand from her all-important eyes and airway. She'll wait a moment or two beyond when it feels like it dies down to remove herself, and when she does she steps out from her cover to look down the firing lane, noting the additional bodies. "Huh," she says, but makes no comment over the Comms about that. Problem solved itself for now! Pew pew bishes.

Merek takes a clean shot into his side while he winces a bit. The burns sear his skin and into him, but he manages to lift his rifle and take another shot which hits a droid. He does manage to keep his focus upon the task while he shifts the weapon and walks back to the front line as they have one droid to manage with.

"Sure you did, Tyrone," Miri sasses Ektor, squeezing off two shots at the last of the troopers. <<Splash. Does anyone see any more of these jerks?>> she asks, waddling over to see if there are any salvageable parts on the downed R2 unit.

"Hey, You! You and Team Two!" Ektor hollers, cheerfully as Yuun and a pair of troopers arrive on the scene of the deathtrap-turned-shootout. "I did!" he maintains to Miri. "And them spikes is coming back with us- the ones on the dome, yeah?" he makes a point of adding, as the Tionese pilot fires the scan back up. <<Hey, nice shooting everyone-but-Red... I'm reading a big-ass cache due south of here.>>

Team 2 is moving pretty quickly with Yuun out in front of the group just slightly. "Hey Ektor." Yuun smiles as his team joins up with this team. He looks around, "How is everyone, we were worried when we saw that explosion." he says to them.

<<"Uhhh, hello.. Chief, we need help. This is uhh, team 3, yeah. We're in some kinda death trash arena, and /they/ have us fighting for loot, but we're pinned down.. if you can come get us outta this mess.. I mean.. Oh hell--" The voice is that of Resistance Hero, Finn. Whose call over comms is cut off by the sounds of blaster fire.

<<"Roger that, Finn. I'll pick up the teams, and drop them off over your position.. hang in there!">> Just as this is said, the YT-2400 white and blue trimmed light freighter Sunrunner appears from above. Her ramp is down and the ship hovers and lowers down just far enough to pick up Miri, Ektor, Yuun, Sapphira, Merek, Sgt's Mack and Lackrill. <<"Jump on people, we've got places to be, yeah.">> Sera's voice sounds a little frantic, not wanting to lose anyone on this mission.

The ramp stays down for the flight as the freighter angles over the eastern wall, then flies south. The roar of the heavily modified engines indicates this freighter has been engineered for missions that required a heavy foot on the gas pedal. Those that linger near the ramp can see down into a large arena lined with all sorts of sentients. In the center, there's a lot of sand and pillar like structures. Small figures move on a pinned down group. The Resistance on the surface fires back with blue bolts, as can be seen from above. They appear to be surrounded by a rather large creature (An Acklay) that's desert tan and stands as tall as a small building, and several gladiators.

Sera appears near the ramp carrying a big rope. She clips it into the ceiling and throws the coil over the edge. "FAST ROPE DOWN. I CAN'T RISK THE PILOTS SETTING MY BABY DOWN IN THAT DREK! GOOD LUCK!" She yells over the sound of rushing air and VTOL thrusters, which have kicked on to bring them at a steady hover over the field.

<<Suck it, Tion.>> The redhead reports in. She takes another look around for pressing dangers but, finding none in her direct area, she begins to limp her way the fast-approaching Sunrunner. With every step on her left leg, she makes an 'ow' sound. It happens every few seconds. "Ow." Step. "Ow." Step. "Ow." Step. As if she couldn't be more annoying. But her leg does the job, and she gets on board.

However, with a bum leg, it becomes pretty clear that she won't be rappelling her ass down into a field today. In fact, if one looks for her, they can find her seated at a computer terminal, with her bum leg propped up in the swivel-chair beside her. <<Chief, we've got another storm coming in. Not a dust-up like before, but the real deal. Ground team, work fast and efficient or you're going to get stuck down there for the duration. Good luck ... except to Tion. I hope you choke.>>

Merek makes his way to a place where he can settle in to set his rifle, while he takes a moment to offer suppression fire against those shooting Resistance fighters. He isn't able to enter full battle, but he will assist like that.

"You mean coming home with /me/," Miri says giving Ektor a challenging look. She pulls the motivator and manages to de-spike the astromech unit. "Fight me for them, pork. Pork. Punt. Pink." She rolls her eyes and gives up. She gives Yuun a wave. "I think my butt is broken," she informs him. The seat of her trousers is somewhat shredded and bloodstained. "It's just a butt. I can keep going." She hustlewaddles over to the ship, then when the time comes, grits her teeth and rappels down to come to the bloody waddly rescue.

"Hey, can I take a concussion missile? Maybe a thermal detonator, yeah?" Ektor asks Sera at the top of his lungs upon spying the wreck of a situation on the ground. A crooked smile bends his lip and he is flying down the rope with a manic hoot. "WOOO-HOOO HOOO." Helluva epitaph.

Yuun along with the others get scooped up into the YT-2400, he moves back so that the others are able to get on and he looks around at everyone, "Merek, how are you doing?" he asks as he sees that he is hurt, but than again it looks like everyone is hurt in one way or another. Looking to Miri, he looks at her butt, "Still looks good to me." he smiles at her. "You'll be alright." he smiles. Looking to Sera as she tells them they have to rappel down, he nods his head. HIs control of the Force is growing stronger, still he isn't going to be reckless too much. He grabs a rope and lock it into place and rappels down along with the others.

"I'D RATHER YOU COME BACK IN ONE PIECE, NOT PIECES, LIEUTENANT!" Sera says, shaking her head with the raven black strands going wild. She remains on the ramp watching as the others repel down, her hands on her hips, dark gaze watching the battle with worry. Sapphira's statement of a storm is heard, and she turns to deal with that problem leaving the professional warriors to rescue Finn and company.

The team lands below in moon-dust like sand which is difficult to move around in. They can see Finn by a downed pillar, one boot propped up on it, firing into the Acklay as it tries to stab at his men. They all roll away from it, running toward the group. "RUN!" Screams Finn, waving his free hand wildly as the Acklay turns about to come after them.

Several gladiators are in the arena as well. Private Jalba is trying to fight one (Coab) in hand to hand, Coab with the advantage, trying to plunge a jagged piece of metal into Jalba's tummy. Jalba screams, her voice indicative of the strain it takes to keep Coab's arms from closing the distance. Private Natta is with Finn, running his heart out. He doesn't look much like a soldier, his helmet keeps dipping over his eyes and he trips a lot.

<<That's one ugly monster.>> Miri remarks, wincing as she takes a knee and tries to hit the massive creature. << I want one.>> She hauls herself to her feet and tries to distract and confuse it a bit. "UGLY UGLY UGLY HEY OVER HERE UGLY!" she calls out as loud as she can with her artificial voice box, skittering backward.

Ektor hits the ground, blaster in one hand and descent rope in the other, his eye pulled away from the acklay when it catches on Jalba struggling for life from under a gladiator with a knife thing. Blam. Blam blam. << I ain't much for running, but we might wanna think about swaggering out of here pretty quick, yeah?>>

Moving fast downwards to the ground and once he was about a few feet from the ground, Yuun lets go and rolls along the ground. As he does, he comes up running towards the Acklay, and as he nears the creature, there is no humming lightsaber or anything, though Yuun does have his weapon in his hand as he nears the creature he leaps up towards it, "Please go with the Force." he says as he ignites his blade. A snap-hiss of his weapon activating and with the speed he is traveling, the electric blue of his blade lances forward as he streaks past the creature and cutting through eh neck of the creature and landing behind it. Yuun skids to a stop and turns around to face the creature. He bows his head to the Acklay, "You shouldn't have been here and used like this. Rest now." he says in respect of the Acklay. "Is everyone ok?" he asks.

The Acklay's scream is cut short when Yuun's lightsaber severs it with a single practiced swing. The body falls with a loud thud and remains motionless, but the rest of the arena erupts with BOOs and blaster fire. Everyone is in a battle at current, our heroes surrounded on all sides by an impending force of gladiators.

Coab is shot by Ektor and loses the battle of strength with Jalba, who tries to use Coab's own weapon to end him, but instead is countered by being hip tossed. Coab slams the knife down, burying it deep into Jalba's shoulder and she screams in agony. He draws it out, and tries to stab her through the face with it, but she uses her arms to stop and hold it, the knife point near her eye.

Finn takes a nasty shot that spills him over the top of some rubble. "THAT'S JUST GREAT.. OW!" He screams. Sgt's Mack and Lackrill close in on Finn, trying to protect him from immediate danger, but blaster bolts are going in every direction.

As the acklay falls, Miri heads over to use its huge body as cover, firing over a leg at one of the approaching gladiators.

Ektor swagger-limps forward, picking his shots as the set upon troopers in the arena flee toward him. "Fights on the ground move so slow," he muses to himself. Blasting Coab and his knife off of Jalba for good, he steps to haul the wounded trooper up to her feet, shooting a second gladiator as he mutters to the trooper, "Sorry to cut your vacation short, but our ride's leaving, yeah?"

"I'm going to make a hole!" Yuun calls out as he rushes off towards the closest group of Gladiators. He gives a silent prayer to the force, "The force is with me. I'm one with the Force." he says more to himself over and over as he weaves through the shots coming in towards the group, the blue blade of his weapon behind him as he moves with a burst of speed provided by the force and as he comes into the first gladiator, Yuun brings his blade around fast, bisecting him giving him a quick and painless death. As the first man falls in half, Yuun flows into the strike as he follows through in a diagonal slash from bottom left to right shoulder of a second gladiator and he spins his blade around him as he twist and strikes the third gladiator just as fast hoping to have opened a whole for his team and giving them a breather, but putting himself out there so to have the gladiators focus on him or make them flee.

The arena is quickly cleared of hostiles, and the stands where hundreds of other sentients watch is in uproar. They begin to leap over the edge into the arena by the hundreds, swarming the battered Resistance soldiers. Finn yells from his position. "TAKE COVER!"

This becomes clear when the Sunrunner flashes overhead, the massive cannons releasing a series of huge red bolts that dot the perimeter of the arena. Explosive concussion causes the arena to erupt, and dust kicks up all around following the deafening impacts of turret fire. The only spot that the Resistance can see is the spotlights from the ship as it lowers. From the ramp, Chief West is seen coming out, waving her hands for people to come along. "MOVE! GET ON BOARD!" She screams, her hands cupping her mouth.

When the Sunrunner comes in, Miri braces herself in the loving embrace of the giant, twitching insectoid corpse. When all is clear, she covers her mouth with her poncho and heads through the giant dust cloud, managing to find the ramp and head on up. "Thanks for the lift, chief," she says, eyes red and watering.

Ektor hurry-limps back toward the Sunrunner, hollering as he goes, "No lie! Wizard You? I'm gonna load you into a torpedo tube, shoot you at a star destroyer, and just.. watch the explosions, yeah?" The commentary is interrupted by a ln uneven laugh as the freighter's cannons open up on the arena, giving the Resistance team a perimeter for escape. When he too has piled onto the vessel, the pilot cackles, "We find the BEST places."

Hearing Finn and taking cover, the Jedi Initiate finds a place to hide while the bombardment happens, though once it is over he sees the Sunrunner come into view. Quickly he is moving to catch up with the others, stopping to help Finn and anyone else who is having problems. "No your not." he laughs. Having heard Ektor, once up the ramp, "We are all in. GO! GO! GO!" he calls out as he closes the landing ramp and securing the locks.

The Sunrunner lifts up with the ramp closing, twisting and angling skyward before blasting into the air with bright, light blue engines. It's joined by a small fleet of light freighters, each with their own haul from the various waypoints scouted out. <<"First wave is returning to base with their haul, second wave is collecting now, Chief.">>

<<"Excellent work everyone. It's been a kriffing bad day, but we held our ground, punched some ugly huttsuckers in the face, and got some halfway decent drek to work with. I'll see everyone back at the fleet. Chief, out.">> Once in high orbit, the small fleet of freighters zip out in bright flashes of blue light.