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Never Gonna Tell

OOC Date: August 6th, 2018
Location: Ord Mantel
Participants: The Resistance: Devii, Nova Korell, Sapphira Yavok, Kare Kun, Jessika Pava, Poe Dameron, and Jonn Drayson

The Outrider, it was a real nice ship. Real fast, real slick in the black. Kind of cozy compared to the other drop ships the Resistance had in their back pocket which no one really liked using. They had been to the Casino and gotten the name. That was the easy part. Now came the long task of doing recon at this pirate base down in the junk flats. The last time Devii and others were here, Jess almost crashed an old shuttle before they could get down and secure a couple smugglers from a bounty hunter with a grudge while the First Order closed in on them. They didn't have to worry about the first order this time.

The compound was pretty large and the lights to it's landing area could be seen from far away, contrasted against the smattering of camp fires from the homeless and darkness of the junk pile waste land. The trick was going to be finding a place to land without being detected.

"Alright..." Comes Devii's voice, wearing her jacket and coruscanti service striped breeches. "Once the flight crew finds us a suitable landing spot we're going to have to treck in and find a good spot to observe. We've a few objectives. Korell will be getting a holoscan of the perimeter. We also need to identify the different buildings and see what they got going on inside. Weapons, defenses, droids, ships. Next, we need to download their central computer like we did back on Bothawui." She looks around the group, "So... that means some of us are going to have to attempt a sneak inside the compound. Anyone volunteering?"

Sapphira, with her red hair up and wearing bright red lipstick, kitted out in simple fitted armor that came with quite a few cargo pockets, was knitting for most of the flight. Yes, knitting. Something in fading swaths of black and blue. Yet as the anouncements from Devii began, indicating they were nearing their destination, the small woman packed up the project and zipped it into a bag, kicking it securely under her seat. When she lifts her green eyes to Devii, her hand continues to rise. Well, almost. She flinches, grimmaces, and touches the still-healing shoulder wound on her left side. She raises her right hand instead. "I'll volunteer," the Nar Shaddian engineer says, then lowers her hand back to her lap. Both hands now free of any grimmacing or volunteering, she's able to begin to check her weaponry. Knife and a couple of pistols, one holstered against her back and the other, heavier one low on her leg. Check, check, and check again.

Standing near the boarding ramp of whatever happened to be the ship of the day was Jonn Drayson, hanging on to a rail fastened to the side. The beefcake juggernaut of the Jedi Order was along on this mission for some reason, probably because he was rusty in the whole black-ops business. "I can goh," he said, his voice thick, his accent impenetrable, "but I'm a liddle rusty on der whole sneakeh business." His lightsaber, a solid tube with two handgrips, was tucked away in a pocket on his person. He'd only just earned the right to wield it, after all. Again. Continuity is tangled in that respect.

Ord Mantell is not a safe place to land when the landing zone is nothing but fields of junk that have no real foundation. Guiding the YT-2400 through the mountains of debris that have built up, Jessika's active sensors scan for a place both dense enough while her eyes scan for some place flat enough to land the freighter. Nowhere looks perfect. Finding a spot that's going to have to do, she engages the repulsorlifts as she cuts power to the sublight engines, bringing the freighter into a hovering position while a quick tilt of the flight stick cuts some of its forward momentum. Deploying the ship's landing gears, Jessika begins to settle the freighter into place. Managing the repulsorlift power, the angle of the ship, and trying to set it down without bumping into anything is not an easy task. The second the freighter begins to settle, there's a sudden shifting in the garbage pile, and Jessika scrambles for the controls. "Adjust the port lifts, now!" Leebo, a droid older than any person on the ship and the co-pilot of this freighter also longer than anyone on this ship has been alive, quickly makes the necessary adjustments.

Kare does an equipment check once again as she stands fairly close to the boarding ramp. When the ship shifts a hand darts out to grab the edge of a counter to keep her from flying about. Once it settles she looks at the others, a bit wide eyed. "Whew," she gets out more on her reaction to get hold of something before she went flying about.

Having been staring at said garbage pile on the way in and all the way through that touchdown, Nova Korell is now quietly unstrapping herself from the ventral turret's seat. "Nice save up there... hopefully that'll be the biggest hiccup today," she says into the intercom headset, only the faintest of tremors in her voice. Flying isn't new to her, but being able to do anything other than ride inside a metal box that's being shot at is a definite improvement. She's up the short turret ladder and into the passenger area within moments. "Everybody okay? Sound off if you're bumped, bruised, or bleeding, so we can treat it now. It's not exactly a sanitary environment out there."

Poe is seated at one of the turrets monitoring his lateral limits until he receives the signal they have landed. Adjusting just enough to unfasten from the restraints, he climbs down the gunnery and emerges from the threshold. He makes a brief pit stop by the pilot's cabin to check on Jess. "Everything alright up here?" He doesn't do this on account of piloting, but to check in. If given the thumbs up, he turns to head back to the stern and join the others. It's his intent to join the mission on the ground.

The ship makes a little noise, maybe peeks on the compounds sensors a moment. It's a small thing so they only send one patrol out, a team of two, to go check it out. "You know Phlem..." The pirate says in his whiney voice, "The new T-27s just arn't like the old ones. They don't put the turbo in anymore." The other Patrolmen shakes his head, "But the fuel economy is better. You know, they gota stop sending us out every time some Womp Rat trips the sensors. I had to pinch a loaf when we got called." Phlem looks to his partner, "That's rough..."

Back on the Outrider, Devii nods to Jonn and Sapphira. "Alright. The sneak team. This is good. You two will find a way into the compound and try to identify the use of as many of the buildings as possible. See what the numbers and equipment are like. Patrols... and that computer core. I'll stick with Nova on the outside incase we gota come in and get you for what ever reason." The ramp starts to come down and Devii starts out. "Lets stay low and slow, nice and quiet. There might be outside patrols."

Sapphira approaches Jonn, green eyes up-and-downing him once. She looks somewhat ... skeptical, even making a little, noncommital 'hmmmm.' Then she turns to Devii, nodding once in her direction. "Alrighty. Ma'am." The ma'am is an afterthought, as though she forgot that sort of militia way of communication until the last second. Either way, it doesn't matter. She turns to Jonn again, giving him a tap on the shoulder to indicate he can go first, and then she will follow him out at a quick clip.

The shifting shaking shenanigans of the Outrider did nothing to dislodge Jonn Drayson, Action Hero, from his power stance. The rail was clutched as though it were a flag symbolizing Burning Denonian Freedom. Proud, he stood. Not too proud though. Pride was the path to the Dark Side and not something to be toyed with, only expressed for the younger generations that performed admirably in the eyes of Papa Jonn. "Okeh," he said, letting go of the guard rail and descending the ramp, blaster drawn and ready. Some missions needed a lightsaber, some needed a knife in the dark. This was one of those knife-y times. "Steh clyose, I will try my behst to ged us deyre." If there was anything lurking in the dark, the garbage, the smelly, Jonn neither saw, heard, nor sense it.

Rapidly making the adjustments necessary to keep the ship from damaging itself or toppling over a pile of garbage that would alert the entire planet to their presence, Jessika makes the minute changes to her flight controls as Leebo works on keeping the repulsorlifts balance. The difference is that there is an extra few seconds of air time before the freighter is shifted into just the right spot. Carefully, she sets the freighter down upon its deployed landing struts, and there's a final settling up the ship as Leebo gradually reduces the repulsorlifts and allows the Outrider's weight to settle on its struts. Breathing a sigh of relief, Jessika lifts her hand to the headset and presses it a little closer in against her face. "Some of this rusted junk started collapsing."

Explanation out of the way, Jessika settles in against the seat and focuses on breathing to calm the sudden surge of adrenaline that's rapidly increased her pulse and introduced a light tremor into her muscles. The fight-or-flight instinct is not easy to control, but she's used to it. Reaching over and adjusting the frequency she's speaking on to the communications channel they're using for the operation, Jessika speaks. <<Leebo and I will hold down the fort and be ready for rapid pick up or air support. Whatever you guys need.>> Already, she's starting to wind down some of the ship's systems into minimal power mode, but keeping it ready to take off at a moment's notice.

As soon as the ship land and the ramp opens Kare is out the door as she draws her rifle. She moves off to the side and takes a knee and begins to scan the area. Ah ha! "I have flashlights. Looks to be a patrol," she says softly. After a heartbeat or two she turns her head slightly so as to not take her eyes off the bobbing lights "One looks like it is coming our way." She sights down the rifle, not yet shooting but the safety is clicked off.

When nobody mentions injury, Nova glances around the room again. "Guess that's a 'no' on anyone being hurt," she says, and moves to the hatch leading to the ship's dorsal hull. "I'll be up top, keeping a lookout."

She's out on the upper hull in moments, moving to find a good watching spot on top of the surrounding junk that masks one side of the ship. With the altitude advantage, she might be able to see any potential trouble coming before it gets too close. <Seeing a lot of lights out there, simple patrol patterns. Be careful, infiltrators. These guys look to be taking their security seriously.>

Poe is the last down the ramp, adjusting the sling he's thrown over his torso. He makes it so his blaster rifle is resting, naturally against the front of his torso. It muzzle is oriented toward the ground where it stays at a low ready. He didn't relay what he saw because he heard a condensed SALUTE report go out. So he does what anyone would do, and just takes cover for now. He isn't leading the mission, he's just another rifle.

BB-8 (Astromech Droid - 888) stays close to Poe rolling quietly. Its head adjusts watching the other members of the team but no commentary or suggestions are issued at this time.

Devii takes a moment to consider the new news, "Okay... we're going to have to keep the ship in the air on this one. It'll be harder for them to spot us that way. Let's find a good observation port." He looks to Poe, "Can BB mark this location for Jess and us for when we need to xfil?" She moves to look up at Nova, "Come on down, Moonbeam. We need your Macrobinoculars and the Holo recorder, remember. Pluss, I'm sending Jess back in the air." She gets on the com, <Outrider, we are disembarked. We've patrols baring down on this position so you might want to circle outside of sensor range. We'll make the coordinates of this position when we call for exfil, over?> She looks back to Poe, "You can head back in or stay Major, up to you." She moves into the jumk some more to get away from the engines and the ship, bringing up a map on her Datapad. "Alright... we're about ten clicks out... Kare, where'd you see the patrols?" She hands over the Datapad. "Everyone keep your eyes and ears open. We run into a patrol we need to take care of it quietly. Who knows what other kind of security measures they've on their permiter."

Sapphira allows Jonn, herafter referred to as That Jedi(tm), to take the point as the infiltation group moves through the brush and junk. She keeps a few steps behind him, making a point to check further to the left and right, and occasionally glancing behind, keeping her portion of their cardinal degrees covered. When her eyes swing back forward, a junk pile to That Jedi(tm)'s 2 o'clock catches her eye. She tucks her pistol back into it's holster. "Keep an eye," she mutters quietly to Jonn, moving in a few quick steps and scrambles to the point where she can peer over the top of the pile. She squints, remaining there a few seconds, before turning to slide down the back. The rifle finds her palm again, and she catches up to Jonn in a few steps. "Main patrols I see are too far off to be a problem," she reports over the Comms. Then, the march resumes.

Luckily, getting the systems into minimal mode takes longer than getting them back up to operational status. After waiting for the ground team to clear the ship, and for Major Dameron to come back aboard, a few flicked switches sees the Outrider's sytems come back alive, and Jessika engages the repulsorlifts on the vessel to haul it up off its precarious perch. Rotating the ship around, she retreats back through the same flight path that brought them in. <<Affirmative, ground team. We'll be waiting for your call.>> Jessika casts a sidelong glance to Leebo. "Lock the turret he doesn't take in the forward position. We'll control it from here." Her co-pilot sets to the task, and one of the Dymek heavy dual laser cannons quickly rotate so it's a fixed mount.

The Outrider cruises away from the deployed Resistance team, and outside of the base sensor range, relying on both its stealth coating and enhanced sensor countermeasure package to keep it nothing but a ghost in the night.

Kare points in the direction where she saw the lights "Off that way, about five klicks out are two and the other I've lost sight of. He was the one headed our way," replying to Devii before taking the datapad and marks the locations. Once she is sure the data is correct she hands back the pad and she brings her left hand back to grip the rifle. She gives the departing Outrider a glance, as well as a sigh to their departing ride. But then it's back to business as she keeps her rifle trained in the direction of danger.

On top of the junkpile, Nova slides her holorecording electrobinoculars from their case and takes a good, sweeping scan of the base ahead. She pauses on each patrol as she sees it, noting its position and datasharing via the squad's datapads, and the computer on /Outrider/. <Updating our map a bit, squad. Mind the left. There's a small squad not too far in front of you, moving perpendicular. They're moving quick, probably just on another boring guard patrol. You might hear them before you see them.>

She sets the holorecorder, zooming out for a good look at the base in the distance. <On overwatch. I'll catch up in a bit.>

Poe acknowledged the Lt with a nod. "Sure, we'll work it out. We'll be on the Outrider if you need CAS." Poe adjusted his weapon and motioned for BB-8. "Come on, buddy. You need to tell Jess that this is the pick up." Poe gives the team a thumbs up before moving back into the ship and signaling for the ramp to raise. He had intended to run with the crew, but leaving Jess without a ventral gunner seemed like a poor decision. Once aboard, Poe unslung his weapon and set it on a nearby booth seat before climbing back into the gunnery and moving down to the ventral position. He slipped the headset on. <<Testor, I'm on your ventral gun.>>

As the group moves towards the compound, doing their best to weave through the patrols that they know about and can see on their screens along with what ever it is Jonn can sense. They can hear the loud chittering of Phlem and his partner as the lights appear at the cross section of alleyway they are making their way down among the tall walls of junk. "See... I told you it was nothing..." Devii, the rough neck LT leading the pack widens her Orange eyes, "Take cover..." She whisper shouts to the team as she runs towards a pile of crates and nocks over a losse pile of junk doing so, making a bit of a racket. SHe though, is pretty good at keeping out of sight as the flashlight fallin her direction. "You hear that Phelm..." His partner asks. "Probably just a damn womp rat... let's go check it out. Might be some good eats for later..." THe continue in the well hidden Devii's direction.

There's a hand on That Jedi(tm)'s shoulder as Devii alerts them to the danger over the comms. "Not our fight," Sapphira informs the man in a whisper, and with a quick release, the redhead turns and steps quickly and quietly around a few piles of junk. It allows her to move to the west, away from the fight, while still heading toward the target. They are, after all, the infiltration team.

Not our fight? Jonn Drayson was an Action Hero. Every fight was his fight. But he had to concede the point. Moving near to one of the junk piles, he closed his eyes and focused, willing the Force to embrace him and ease his burdens, lighten his movements. When he thought he'd gotten through, he opened his eyes... and found himself just as heavy as ever. "Well den," he grunted quietly, then moved to follow Sapphira in his own trudging, bumping-into-junk-piles way. Good work Jonn. Credit to team.

Watching the movements of the guards isn't to much different than watching what the bad guys pilots are doing. Just a whole lot slower. As an opening materilizes, one guard turned one way and the other the opposite, Kare slips between the two at a low crouch. A jumble of rocks is her next hiding spot and from there she raises her rifle to cover the others.

Aided by the map, and by distractions by some of the less-quiet members of the team, Nova clambers down from the junk pile and hurries to catch up with the squad. Holorecording electrobinoculars at the ready, she rejoins the tail of the group within moments.

As the two partners split, one moving towards Devii and not being able to even see her inside the jumps of junk and dirt, he moves away. Even as Jonn makes a loud noise, the only one who hears it and just barely is the other guy. "See anything?" One shouts to the other. "No!" "Stupid Womp Rats..." Says Phlem as he turns and they starts their way back down the street towards where they had just come from. It's a moment of waiting but they move along without so much as a fire fight. You guys are really lucky you know that? Devii bursts out from her hiding spot, dirtied, and picking off some gross thing from her jacket. "Uhg..." SHe says, looking to the others. "let's keep moving huh?"

The group arrives at a blown out building, much like the one from their last mission to Ord Mantel. Here, they can get a good view from the compound. She instructs the team to take a knee, "Jonn... Private. We need to search for an entrance that's not the front door, right? So, let's pair off and I'll stay here to keep an overwatch. Remember the objectives. Label these buildings, get a look at ships and weapons and patrols, then get into that computer core."

Private Sapphira Yavok takes a knee, just long enough to receive her orders. "Well find the entrance," she assures the commanding officer, and with only a look toward Jonn, she pivots on the ball of her foot and rises to standing, though she remains crouching as she moves toward the blown-out building. She doens't quite approach, however; instead she finds a blown out durocrete block that was likely a pillar at some point or another. She waits a few moments for Jonn, and then points with a slender finger. "See that?" She's pointing at a gap in the piles of junk on the eastern side of the building. She'll glance at Jonn long enough to see if he heard her and if he sees it, then? Those red-painted lips grow into a wide grin. "Let's go." And she's off.

Jonn Drayson dutifully followed the younger Resistance agent towards the gap in the junk piles. "Good find!" he said quietly, giving praise to the slip of a girl before following her into the junk piles. "You remind meh of my dautta," he said, making small talk in a hushed tone. "She always had to go and fihnd der liddle nooks and crannehs to crawhl in." He was talking with a wistful note of days gone by in his voice. "And den she would call out foah meh, and I would make a big show of going to find hyer!"

From her spot Kare sees Sapphira searching so she provides guard. When she locates the entrance the pilot is up and moving to follow both Sapphira and Jonn inside. A glance back to Nova, a thumbs up, and she follows the others in. Careful to keep both an eye forward as well as keeping tabs on the rear. No sense to be surprised by an attack from that way.

Nova nods to Kare, moving to back her up. The binocs are put away, and she unslings her standard-issue rifle, watching the sides as the little group advances through the only potential entrance they've seen so far. "Good eyes, Private," she hisses. "Stay sharp, though. Getting in's the easy part."

Nova Korell brings up her BlasTech EL-16HFE blaster rifle to bear, preparing to fire!

Devii steadies her own rifle, a heavily modded A280, "We'll cover you and come get you if you need it. Keep frosty and stay out of those spot lights." She says this to Jonn and Sapphira. "If it gets to hot, get out of there and return to this position. We're here to get info, if we don't have enough for a ground target I'll just have the old man jump in and slug it from orbit while he distracts that ship in orbit." SHe pauses, "Actually that's not a bad idea... reguardless good luck."

Private Yavok, Ninja Woman is on the move. Once she travels as long as she can along the cover, there comes a time when she can't. She pauses at the pile, peering for threats while she waits for Jonn ... and Kare. The latter seems to take Sapphira by surprise, and her brows raise having not known the woman would be coming. But she takes it in stride, turning to look at the the others. She makes a gesture of two fingers over her eyes, then points to some guards who have found a comfortable lounge position some feet away from the gap in the security. That's all she does - then she's on the move. It's rather amazing: she's running, and yet there's only the soft sound of where the balls of her feet might touch a loose scrap of metal, or a twisted bit of wire. A few more steps, and then slender redhead disappears into the darkness.

She's in.

In comparison to Private Ninja over there, Jonn Drayson (Action Hero!) was about as stealthy as a Tusken Raider having a heart attack. First he stepped on a crunching bit of junk, then as he lifted up his foot he bumped into another pile, jostling it. "Buhlshed!" he exclaimed quietly, reaching out with his mind to prevent the taller-than-he pile from falling... grasping it, holding it, and letting several smaller pieces start the inevitable avalanche that completely buried the big Jedi. Here lies Jonn Drayson, surrounded by trash, finally where he belongs.

To Kare this is just another fighter mission, just at a very reduced speed. Along with trash and rocks and wire and...Okay, not at all like another fighter mission. She moves on, glancing back at Nova now and then to ensure she is still with her. But the ruckus caused by Jonn has her whipping her head around "Shh," she admonishes him with a shake of her head. But the noise has frozen her as she crouches a bit lower, straining her eyes and ears to pick up any indication that they have been heard.

Nova pauses just inside to get a good look around... and winces as Jonn is Jonn. She slings her rifle and moves to help him out of the mess. "Hurry... there's /no way/ they didn't hear that! If we get him out quick, it's just more junk collapsing!"

Getting That Jedi (tm) out quick isn't a problem. But getting to cover... with all the junk Jonn knocked over, there's nothing in this corridor tall enough to hide behind! And then there's the matter of getting out of it quietly.

Settling for the most successful dodge she knows, Moonbeam huffs a sigh of exasperation and quickly gets Jonn into a niche in the crudely-built wall, making sure she's in front of him to hide the lighsaber hanging from his belt. "Sorry..." she murmurs, and leans in and kisses him.

With any luck, anyone coming 'round will just see two more pirates seizing the opportunity for a little on-the-spot R&R on this junk-heap of a planet. And at least Jonn's not a /Bothan/!

Devii watches from down her scope and notices Moonbeam helping out Dreyson, She puts her sights on the two guards who hear the commotion. "What's that?" They get up with torches and ove towards their location and the light shines on Jonn and Nova. "UH... what the..." Devii frowns, "I'm going to kill that over muscled roid head..." Getting to make out with her girl! Not okay! The guards are a bit shocked, "Well... isn't he a bit old for you? You guys don't look familiar." Thankfully Sap and Kare remain unmolested.

Inside the fence, and inside a hissing automatic door. Sapphira's quick, quiet steps bring her into a poorly-lit corrider. She squints against the sudden change in visuals, and it's about that time that the noise from Jonn reaches her ... just before the door automatically hisses shut behind her. "Jedi," she growls, unhappily. Rather than hang around, she looks this way and that, before taking a turn and hurrying down the corridor. A left here, a right here. Got to love good intel. That's not to say that the building is empty, but nor is it well-guarded. When someone wanders out from one room or into another, Sapphira is usually able to sidestep into an empty closet, or against a dark corner. She continues along until she reaches the security room, complete with large computer consoles.

Quickly she falls to her knees, beginning to type quickly on different buttons, glancing at different screens. The first noise around her comes suddenly and unhappily: an angry beep from the computer, which did not like what she just did. "Oh, fuck me," Sapphira tells the computer console. She starts working again. This might take awhile.

SCANDAL! Jonn Drayson is a married man! Well, was! He's a widower now! It's too early to move on! Think of the judgment from his dearly departed! This woman was young enough to be his CHILD! Not his actual child though, his daughter died when she wasn't even ten. STILL, moving past that moment of flashbacks, Jonn had to deal with the here and now. Namely, he had a girl trying to kiss him and he had to sell it like some people sell a pop-up powerbomb. He was not very good at it. Sorry Nova. No tongue for you. Only awkward showers later. Alone.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh," he droned out in his thick possibly-Denon accent (it sounded like nothing from Denon tbh), "yeah, of coahse, we're new heyre," he said, reaching out with the Force and attempting to tap into the minds of the two guards watching over them. "Nahding out of der oahdinareh." He was not a very good Jedi today.

As the guards move up to accost both Nova and Jonn, Kare lets her rifle fall to it's sling and silently draws her vibroblade. A quick scan of the ground, a judge of the distance and she is set. Rising up from her crouch that had her sheltered in the shadows she carefully makes her way to the guards. Two hands grip the blade as she readies her self to strike even before she is near enough.

And Nova, somehow keeping her cool in all this, glances up slowly, giving those pirate guards an almost-contemptuous glance. "Jealous?" she asks, looking the two of them over. "I happen to like older men. They have so much more... experience. Go play, boys. We're busy."

And turning back to Jonn (Jahunn?), she nuzzles him under the ear, doing her best to be as distracting as possible. So they won't see Kare coming...

Devii might have fired then, to at least one of the guards. However, she see's Kare comming up behind. Notices Sap, Ninja that she is, running into a building and going very much unnoticed. She waits, not having a trigger finger, waiting to see how it plays out.

The two guards look to each other, then back to Jonn and Nova, blinking. "What the freck... New?" The watche in complete bewilderment as Nova gets sensual. Devii on the other hand, "I... I can't even get that much attention from her... What the hell Moonbeam!" She's pretty hot and bothered.

Sapphira is BLISSFULLY unaware of what's going on outside. I mean, for now. Once throats start getting cut, she'll be sorry she missed it. The kissing, however ... ew. Besides, a little focus on the computer console, and this time it chirps happily. "Attagirl," she tells teh computer console as lights start flashing green. A download bar appears on the screen. 1 percent ......... 2 percent .......... 7 percent ....... 4 percent. Sapphira groans, and lets out another few swears. It's like pirates pirate their wifi!

HELP. That was the expression on Jonn Drayson's face. Action Heroes were supposed to get the girl and swing away on a rope or something, but Jonn was in his forties and he'd already gotten the girl, had the family, then lost the girl. It was too early to get another one ESPECIALLY since he was covered in detritus! There's no way he could feasibly portray himself as enjoying it. "She hasn't left meh alyone since we lahnded," he strained out. Go buddy.

Having gotten with in striking distance, a glance at Nova and Jonn almost causes Kare to drop her jaw. But then it's back to business as she swings a side slicing blow at the first guard, letting the blade carry on through while dancing on her feet to take a back hand swing at the second. Just as she swings, though, she steps on a rather round bit of rubble causing her foot to roll and thus throwing off her strike. "Blast it!" she exclaims as she gets her footing back under her again, ready to to strike again.

Honestly, Nova would be laughing if she weren't trying to keep them both from getting killed. Poor Jonn. And poor Nova, really. She's /got/ to learn some new distractions! These aren't good for her reputation!

Hearing Kare go into action, she whirls on the pirate goon who hasn't been stabbed and gets to work. An armored gauntlet slams into the man's throat, and she follows that up by grabbing his shoulders and pistoning her knee into his stomach, dropping him in a retching heap on the floor.

"What's a girl gotta do to get a little /privacy/ on this junkball?!"

Devii's finger wraps around the trigger and it pulls back to that point, the hardness right before the point of no return where all it would take is one simple squeeze to put the guy down with her rifle. However, she notices the attack from both Kare and Nove and holds her fire.

The last standing guard is in a bit of shock and looks down to his gushing wound. He growls, going into basic mammal mode and lashes out wildly at KAre, not even using a blaster. His shock does not help his case.

It's probably one of the longest downloads of her life. It's way, way worse than when she was hacking a neighbor's conntection as a child, trying to get as much free music as possible before she got caught. But finally the job is done, and she's able to pull the memory card out of the computer. She's on her feet again, and moving to the door of the security room. The Private's voice will crackle over the comms. "Central computer download complete, I'm on my way back to you," she reports, before going quiet as the door nearly silently hisses open to expose her to the corridor once again. She gets lucky; she doesn't run into anyone this time. By the time she reaches the side door from wence she made her entrance, she's actually moving at a jog. Bad move, Sapling.

The moment she steps out the door, a spotlight from one of the security towers swoops past her, close enough that she almost has to wonder if it saw her. Reaction kicks in, however, and Sapphira stops so short that she actually sips in the uneven ground, kicking up rocks and debris as she pivots and turns to press herself firmly against the wall. She stays there, pinned, as the spotlight wanders about, as if trying to figure out if they actually did see something....

It was time for the ACTION HERO. Jonn Drayson moved to grab the remaining man, ostensibly to chokeslam him or knock him out or something. However, he'd forgotten one thing. He was still holding his blaster. Rather than grabbing the man by the collar, he accidentally pistol-whipped him in a thoroughly non-threatening manner. It didn't even hurt, and it wouldn't have even if the guy was in any state to feel pain. "Oh," he said, dejectedly, and stepped back and away from the chaos! He was a terrible Jedi today.

With her attention firmly fixed on the guard, Kare sees the twitch before the attack comes at her and takes a half step back to avoid the hit. Dancing to her left she brings the blade from a low guard position up in an attempt to slice the man from one hip to the opposite shoulder. A smile of satisfaction as her blade bites deep into flesh. She feels the resistance of her attack but continues to whip the blade up to go for the killing blow. The weight of the blade breaks free and Kare does a twirl and returns back to face the guard as he stands there for a moment, mouth open in shock before he falls face first onto the rubble strewn floor. Then as calmly as be she looks at Nova and Jonn "Sorry for the interruption, carry on."

Nova grins at Kare and nods firmly. A silent compliment, from one soldier to another.

She turns back to Jonn. "Sorry about that. It was the best distraction I could think of," she admits. "We'd better get on with the mission." She reaches for her earbug. <We're clear in here. Just a small pest control problem. Private Yavok, can you give your location? We seem to have lost track of you...>

<<You sure you don't want to stick around and make out in front of the dead bodies. I hear that's romantic.>> Devii says with a bit of sass in her tongue over the comm, <<I think it's a bit to ohot down there now. The computer Core Information will have what we need. We'll set a Holomonitor up here and watch things a while from the back and then head out. Analyze everthing. So get back here as soon as you can." The one dead, and other knocked out guard just lay there. One bleeding out, pooling blood around and into his buddy who will at some point wake up in it.

"I'm ...." Sapphira starts to address the question on the comms, turning and looking over her shoulder. The spotlight seems to have moved. Maybe, just maybe .... HARD NOPE. She isn't two steps away from the wall that the spotlight settles on her. There's no mistaking it. "Shit, shit, shit," she mutters into the comms, staring to run. Running, it seems, is not her strong suite; she slips on some trash, skinning her chin when she hits. The memory card finds its way to her hand quickly, and she pitches it into the darkness in the direction of Kare, Nova, and Jonn. It's not meant to be a direct pass-off, but close enough. There's no way it can be missed with that bright spotlight so near. Trained right on Sapphira. "I'm seen. Get the data and get out." With that, the woman scrambles to her feet and takes off running across the expanse of garbage, ruined equipment, and building foundations. Away from the others.

Jonn Drayson looked up to the sky and mouthed 'I'm sorry' to the memory of his deceased family. This was not how he expected to be spending his day. Then he looked to the dying pirate, next to the unconscious one, and contemplated the loss of life that had taken place. As a youth in the black ops, he would not have had a second thought. Now, as a Jedi, he thought, was there a better way? Probably, but it was a reminder that the big man, though knowledgeable and wise in many respects, was not yet the most effective Jedi. Not yet.

He looked at the two on the ground, one unconscious, one almost dead, and wondered if he could do some good. Well, nothing worse than trying, and saving a life would be a step in the right direction. Tearing a strip off his sleeve (this jumpsuit had already been shredded by his muscles earlier this month, this was just icing on the cake), he started trying to pad the horrible wound that the man had suffered. "Trying to help yoah enemeh," he murmured to no one in particular, packing the wound with not-gauze and failing pretty badly, "it's nahd der smartest, but he shouldn't die foah his mistayke." He gave it a minute, but it didn't stop. The man was dying and there was nothing Jonn could do about it. He stopped, and stood, his hands covered in the man's blood, looking forlorn that he could do nothing. Idealism was nice and all, but there was a time and a place to stop and this was it.

Of course, nothing was easy. The data-card was pitched, and Jonn had a second chance. There was the data, then there was the life at stake. "Get clyeah," he commed, taking off into a run parallel to the direction Sapphira had gone. He wasn't even bothering with stealth. "We will rahndey-voos and get auhd!" And he was fishing the lightsaber, the symbol of the Jedi, out of his pocket. The time to act was now.

Just as Kare is putting away the sword she hears Sap and the data chip comes flying out of the dark. If she hadn't already been looking that way she would never have seen it. A slight leap and it lands in her hand. She looks at it a second then offers it to Nova "Take this, head to the landing zone and call the ship. I'll be right behind you." She eyes the direction that Sap and now Jonn have taken off and for a moment thinks. Heading to where she might be able to cover both the LZ and give a path for the pair of run-a-ways, she finds the perfect place of a pile of rocks. Rifle is grabbed from it's sling and she kneels, ready to hold of any that may be foolish enough to follow.

Nova hesitates... then takes the chip, hastily shoving it into a pouch. "On it," she promises. "I'll get to a covering position once I have them on the way. Good luck."

And, unslinging her rifle, she takes off for the landing zone, letting Sappira and Jonn distract the security goons and their lights. With luck, she can get there and get the call out before things get really bad.

"DARTANION! DARTANIOOOONNNN! SOUND THE ALARM!" Comes a really high pitched voice from the tower that saw Sapphira with it's spot light. "INTRUDOR. INTRRRRUUUUDOOOORRRR!" The voice was so afeminate one might wonder what kind of pirates these folks were. Cross dressing ones probably with fluffy hats and penciled in mustaches. The Alarm starts to blare and activity picks up.

Devi Grumbles and just starts firing on anyone who gets near to the escaping team. <<Testor, this is Starchild. We need a pick up, over... Right on our current position. We've been made.>> She keeps down the covering fire.

It's a lot of run and stop. Run to cover, stop, change directions, run again. Trying to lose that light, trying to slowly make her way back toward the others. After all, this isn't a SUICIDE mission. But anytime the light catches her, she'll move away from the others. It makes hte whole process exceptionally slow. Four or five of these attempts, however, with the sound of the AHLAHMMMS ringing in her ears, she seems to have finally lost the light. She starts moving, as quick as she is able, panting heavily, toward where Devii is set up and calling for extraction.

Jonn Drayson had the benefit of not being the one actively pursued, for once. The lightsaber never needed to be initiated, no guards were encountered (not that they could be missed, in such fluffy clothes) and Jonn had a clean run. He was in place near the rendezvous point, near where Sapphira popped out, panting out, "Cahm-ahn! You did goohd! We gahdda go! Cahm-ahn!" encouraging the slip of a ninja to get through the maze and the chaos. Well, she was already done, and he gave her a look of pride. And then, as the group reformed, he was away with the rest of them.

Kare's position isn't the best to tray to take out the loud mouth in the tower but she has to try to shut him up. Her blaster bolt goes flying and strikes a post no where near the tower. "Bloody hell," she says as she eyes the rifle before bringing it back to her shoulder. An adjustment is made to the sights as she waits for another chance to shoot at the pirate.. A glance around as she makes sure Devii and Nova are safe then she tries to find both Sap and Jonn. "There you are," she says to her self as she finally spots the duo.

Nova, for her part, is taking up a covering position back at their former landing site, rifle braced and tracking her teammates, as well as the bobbing lights of confused and harried guards searching for them. So far, she hasn't had to fire, as the team's been lucky enough to avoid them. <Might want to hurry, Testor,> she comms. <We're in position for dustoff. The pirates haven't found us, but they can't stumble past us forever. We'll keep the site clear.>

There's almost no hesitation between the time that Lieutenant Keva calls for extraction and the time she gets a response. Over the communications frequency, Jessika responds. <<Starchild, Testor. Reading you loud and clear.>> Locking onto the ground team's signal with the Outrider's sensor suite, she adjusts the freighter's vector to head straight for them. The sound of urgency has her edging the throttle forward far more than she normally might, and the ship's engines flare bright blue as it streaks towards a different pickup destination than original scheduled. <<You need some cover?>> Whether they do or not, the Outrider's dual heavy laser cannons light up the night with bright lances of fire that strafe some of the higher-pointed outcroppings.

It's little more than a deterrent to give them some breathing space. That fact doesn't make it any less spectacular. Meant for deep space combat, the Dymek weapons cleave rusted metal spires and punch tank-sized holes through the detritus that are left glowing bright-hot with melting durasteel at the epicenter and warped farther out. Steaming curls of smoke drift up through the air. The Outrider itself roars into position, and the pilot at its helm banks it around through the atmosphere in a rapid shifting of sublight engines to repulsorlifts. Already, the boarding ramp is being extended downwards and settled just above the ground. This is not a touch down. This is a grab and go, and the pulsing fire from the freighter's cannons bathe the area around the ground team in vibrant red light.

"Let me know as soon as they're on board," she instructs Leebo. <<Let's go, ground team!>> Jessika's hands wait on the controls, ready to ferry them away and out of their predicament.

Devii finishes setting up the last Holomonitor who's data will be collected by a team at a later date with all the information from it and then runs her way out of bombed out building and towards the Outrider. She makes sure every last one of her team in on board before getting on herslef. The work from the Outrider's weapons do wonder to distract the guards from finding the infiltrators. <<Good call on the cover Testor, We're aborad. Get us the drek out of here.>>