Log:Resistance: Of Pirates and Corvettes

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The Resistance scrambles to intercept some Pirates doing some Pirating

OOC Date: Dec 21, 2016
Location: Space
Participants: Gren Delede, Jax Greystorm, Karas Darkwing, Triz Dermout, The Resistance, Kath Hounds

It's the end of the world as the Crimson Blades know it...you know? They've been getting trounced by the Resistance of late. And, they've had to step up their attacks on civilian shipping to a large degree. It is the only way to make ends meet and replace the large number of losses that they have taken. They have scraped together what remains of their space forces in the sector, and started making some real noise.

Gren has scrambled all available pilots on short notice, and is forced to give the mission briefing en route. <<<Scouts took note of a known Crimson Blade vessel being shifty on the edge of the system....seemed to be eyeing the main trade lane. We dropped an automated scanner. It just started transmitting alerts of weapon fire. We need to check it out.>>>

That was the extent of his brief briefing, and it isn't long since they exited the atmosphere of Nar Shaddaa, and headed toward the nav point that he transmitted to each of them. As they near the edge of the system, faint and obviously jammed comm chatter begins to come across the radios. Distress signals from a number of civilian ships. Sensors begin to pick up laser fire, and finally....the old Mk1 eyeball is able to detect a large amount of laser, and ion fire in black of space. <<<Get those scanners turning, pilots. This looks nasty.>>> Spark Leader's engines flare, and his s-foils open into attack position as they burn toward the chaos ahead of them.

Triz has gone through her usual rituals when getting Spark 4 ready to fly. Once all indications are in the green she took off. It was rushed so the last checks were done while she was flying. But Sabella has done her usual great job and Spark 4 is good to go. "Date, set shields to equal for and aft, power up the lasers too. Oh, keep up with the scans too." Her R2 beeps an annoying series of sounds which causes Triz to grin. "Don't get huffy with me." She is about to say more when <<Copy that, Boss>> she replies on the comms. It's then that DATE starts his urgent beeping which causes Triz to look at the scans <<Whow, check this out. I got uh five transports, a few seem to be dead in space, also some fighters. Working out the numbers. Anyone else got anything?>> she asks as she tries to clear up the picture "Date, need some help here."

Jax grumbles as he has to due the manual computer work without a droid, "Exine's whine that I never bring him along and doesn't know I could use the crome dome." He gripes at no one attentionally, Then opens up his com, << Dozen Fighters, not sure on make and model. A Couple of Corellian Corvettes." He lets off the throttle and the over sized engines of his A-wing stop rumbling a bit. Then he moves in tight formation with Spark Four playing follow the leader with her. It's his own one man version of an A-wing slash. Letting the bad guys not realize on sensors there's more than the 3 X-wings out there hopefully.

Karas has been a little MIA, he's been showing up for his shift to fly, but has kept to himself a little bit, which seems to happen around this time of the year. Still when the call came in, Karas is there, quickly climbing into his fighter as Valkyrie started all of his preflights. Quickly launching and also checking systems on his fighter, he smiles knowing Sabella has done a great job on his fighter, Karas forms up on Spark 4's wing which would make Triz happy.

As they come into the area where the alert triggered, Karas begins scanning his sensors, he's not picked up anything really, just a lot of freighter traffic and civvies. He does notices quite a few number of star fighters. "I don't see anything" he says

The pirates seem to be -very- focused on the civilians that they are engaging. As the Resistance pilots get even closer, it becomes obvious that they really want to capture targets intact. Half of the opposing starfighters seem to be Y-wings, and a couple of B-wings add even more ion cannons to the force. 4 X-wings fly escort, though they are looking the wrong direction. The CR90s seem to be launching the 3 shuttles that make up boarding forces.

<<Girlie, Corsair. X-wings are yours.>> A pause, as Gren eyes his scanners, and considers the situation. <<<Spark 3.....let's start with the B-wings.>>> Spark Lead's X-wing barrels into the fight, laser cannons spitting fire at the nearest assault fighter, but only managed to flash the target's shields with his burst. <<<Break and attack.>>> There is no defensive fire, just yet.

With the commands giving, <<Good luck Triz, call if you need me.>> he pauses for a moment, "I mean it." he says into his comm as Karas engages the S-Foils of his X-wing and begins roaring off with Gren. "Valkyrie, feed targeting data to me on both B-Wings, we will mark them 1 and 2. Spark Lead has taken one, we are on two." He hears the confirmation tuttles of Valkyrie. Seeing as the B-Wings don't notice them at all, he grins and and guns his fighter, and as he does and cutting across the access point of the B-Wing, Karas lets loose his laser cannons, firing rapid shoots which eats up the shields and damages the B-Wing. He yaws left and keeps on the fighter.

As Jax and Karas close up the wide open space gets mighty tight. When Jax gets really close <<What the hell, Jax? You wanna fly in here with me?>> Wiggling a bit in her seat Triz gets settled in, hand on the stick and the other on the throttles. After DATE clears up the scan's for her <<Yea, I got the same as Corsair Lead, Boss>> "Date, designate the CR90s as targets 1 and 2. Set the two nearest X-Wings as targets 3 and 4. Give me a vector to target 3." DATE beeps and goes about his duties as the indications change on her screen <<Roger that, Boss. Corsair Lead, I will take Target 3, the one on the right. You got the left>> She fires at her target, seeing one blast go well wide while the other does hit and the shields light up. <<Copy that, Spark Three>>

<<Lower's the sensor profile of the A-wing and gives them a nasty surprise. Besides there's 3 milimeters between us.>> As Spark 4 breaks right, Corsair 1 breaks left. His cross hairs lighting up as he pulls the tring on his blaster stripping off shield s with the first shot and doing damage. The second shot destroying the enemy X-wing. << What's that term? Splash One.>> Then he rolls his A-wing to begin to move into formation with Triz.

The Blades have noted their foes arrival. The Corvettes both begin to roll to present laser batteries that begin to fire away at the interlopers, and the surviving X-wings begin to attack their T-65 counterparts. Jax, for the moment, only has to deal with Y-wing rear turrets, and the occasional deflection shot in his speedy direction. The shuttles begin to fly evasively, but seem to be continuing docking approach on the disabled medium transports.

"Piss..." Gren grumbles to himself, though the X-wing that has decided to intercept him's blasts don't actually connect. They were very close. The Captain does not deviate course, though. His next quad burst punches straight through his target's aft shields, and tears slams into a critical portion of the hull. The s-foils are scattered, and the B-wing's cockpit spins off into space. <<<Dead bomber, making a run on the shuttles.>>> He doesn't talk to his R2, Can...not often. Too much time in A-wings, and TIEs. He throws the T65 into a tight spiral, and sprays blaster fire into one of the pirate shuttle. Shields flash, and the hull shows damage. The target is slowed considerably.

Triz's target, upon getting it's shields racked pulls up hard. Even as Jax moves into formation Triz snap rolls 90 degrees to the left and pulls back on the stick keeping the X-Wing in her sights. Throttles have been pushed to the limits "DATE, shift shields to the aft to keep those C90s shots off me," she tells the R2. When she gets close enough, probably to close, she fires. No chance of missing this time. The X-Wing blows up in a fire ball and debris. Quickly rolling back to the right and pushing the stick forward she lines up the next target, another X-Wing. She lines it up and fires not only destroying the shields but nearly killing that one. <<Splash one, second damaged badly>>.

Karas is able to stay on the B-Wing, not letting it do too much of anything, cutting off it's escape vectors, lasers rips through the B-Wing, <<Splash one B-Wing.>> he calls as he rolls through the fireball and as he does. Valkyrie his R2 astromech, manages to lock onto a passing Y-Wing. Cutting the throttle back and banking hard left, the X-Wing moves as he wants it to and maneuvering so that the gunner of the Y-Wing has no shot, fire spits from he laser cannons of Karas X-wing, the laser bolts slam in hard into the Y-Wing. Karas sees the shields drop and the damage the bomber has taken, he moves in for the kill.

Jax throddles up and hits a rudder to roll to the right. A blast from a y-wing turrent from where he was a moment ago. He goes barreling across the area of engagement. His A-wing blind siding the X-wing chasing Spark lead. The X-wing exploding as Jax pulls the trigger twice. <<That another, and managed not to shoot Spark Lead.>>

The CR90's begin to move closer into the dogfight, hoping to up the ante on targeting the Resistance fighters. The Y-wings cease trying to disable transports, and start to engage in more direct dogfighting. <<<Thanks, Corsair....minus the smart mouth.>>> Whatever else he had to say is interrupted. A blast from one of the Corvettes manages to brush his shields, and take out the aft portion. He doesn't stop to readjust, trusting in his piloting ability to avoid further damage. The first shuttle he'd already damaged is hit once again, leaving it hanging in space...though not dead. Delede cuts his engines down to about a third, and hauls back on his stick, making a pass on a Y-wing foolish enough to stray close. The stipling of defensive laser fire is evaded, while his own burst tears off an engine pod. The pilot punches out, shockingly. <<<Scratch another. Hopefully those Corvettes don't turn tail.>>> Oh, right..."Can? Get my damned shields back!" He has an R2. He forgot.

<<Nice shooting, all>> Triz says on the comms as she continues to pursue the damaged X-Wing that fights to get away. She has to throttle back a bit as she pulls the nose of Spark 4 up. When it lines up she fires a burst quickly followed by the second. The X-Wing blows up in a cloud of fire and bits <<Splash two, going after the Y-wings next>> "DATE, give me a vector to the nearest Y-Wing" the very excited droid beeps and whistles and the screen comes up as target 5. "Thank you, hon," she tells it as she swings Spark four in a tight inverted turn.

Blaster fire is racing back towards Karas as the gunner of the Y-Wing is trying take him out. Karas jinks left than right causing the shots to miss, but the gunner is making it a bit easy for him. Still Karas wasn't playing around today, he quickly sets up for a quad-burst and as he does the Y-Wing explodes. Switching back to multi-shots, he banks right as Valkyrie is able to alert him to another Y-Wing that was actually trying to slip behind him. Pulling back on the stick and pushing the throttle to max, Karas's X-Wing climbs and loops. Mid-loop he rolls the fighter and tries to fire off a shot but misses badly, still pulling back on the stick and leveling he is now chasing after the Y-Wing.

Jax puts Corsair 1 in a dive, <<All in a day's job Spark Lead.>> He goes speeding down towards an enemy y-wing doding left and right dodging the turrent as he streaks towards the y-wing. His first shot missing. As he streaks past the y-Wing. He hits a switch causing his canons to do a 180 and fire behind him destroying the y-wing. << Everybody still with us?>>

The Crimson Blades have once again been beaten to a pulp. It would appear that a general disengagement order has been given....or they're all tucking tail on their own. Both of the able-bodied shuttles have managed to plot a proper course, and flicker into hyperspace. The Y-wings, after another few seconds of being unable to hit their targets seem to have lost their nerve. One of them disappears in a flash, while the other two seem to be bugging out. The CR90s will likely be gone soon, but for the moment, they cruise through space, blasting away.

As laser blasts zip past her <<Screw this, I'm going...>> But Gren must have been reading her mind <<I'm on it. Keep those Y-Wings off of me.>> Triz switches to torpedo and begins weaving and dodging as she aims for the bridge of the nearest C90. It's tight as she threads her way through the fire that now aims at her. Pushing the throttles to the stops she speeds towards the bridge of the corvette. At the last minute she lets her shot fly "DATE, shields all to the rear" as she pulls up to avoid hitting the ship. Her shot hits the shields and blows up "Damnit!" along with a few other choice words.

Jax picks out a y-wing trying to make Triz's life difficult. As he finds his prusuit angle. He draws the fire from the turrent and his shots go wide but he keeps that y-wing off his fellow pilots, << Doing what I can. Your not getting hit are you?>>

Thanks to some mystery kamikaze pilots, etc, our public image is uh...well. You know how it's been. Siya and some folks organized a little food drive in the starport today and served as a reminder to me that yeah, we should be doing some shit like that. ;) Could coordinate with the Waywards or Defiance, as we've contacts in both groups. Way back during the first starport incident, I fired off a propoganda video that hinted at monetary restitution being made to the families of those few peeps Sar's ship squished. Now the number of folks without property and/or loved ones has rocketed skyhigh, so I think we can chip in with some substantial food offerings or fund temporary housing or BUILD temporary housing, or /medical/ supplies or such. Anyone wanna earn us some brownie points back from the locals (and ignore what Mara might have to say on chan)? Let's run with it. Do a little preservation/humanitarian aid alongside the death and destruction of FO/Hutt cartel. ;)

<<Nice cleanup, Karas. Few dead pirates on that bitch.>> Gren says in congratulations, while dodging fire from the second CR90. He doesn't have to manuever -too- much, to fire off his second volley of torpedos. The warheads slam into the corvette's bridge section. He doesn't destroy it, but he does knock out the shields, and rip a nasty rend in the hull. <<<Kill it. I'm thirsty.>>> He's confident that someone can finish it off, so that they can go home. The Y-wing almost has a retreat vector! A few more seconds....

<<Thanks, Jax. All good here>> Triz replies to Corsair Lead. As she climbs up and then loops over the C90 blows fire from many places <<Nice shot!>> as she sees Gren heading to the second C90 and shooting. "I got it, Boss" she replies as she flies inverted towards the C90 and the rip that is spreading. She dares to close as possible and then lets her torpedos fly. They strike home, well they go in a good way before the war heads go off. When they do the ship shudders and fire erupts through out the ship, spreading like wildfire from the point of impact and erupting through more holes as they open up to the void of space. <<Scratch one Corvette>> she says <<Thanks for opening a hole for me, Boss>>.

Having been able to avoid laser fire from the Y-wings and now taking out the lead CR90. Koras follows in behind Spark Lead as they go after the next CR90, <<Thanks, but we still have.....shit!>> he calls as he tries to get into position and overtakes the CR90 which puts him right into their gunners line of fire. The CR90 doesn't miss this chance as it stitches shots along the side of Karas X-Wings. <<I'm hit, but not to bad.>> He rolls away, "Valkyrie repair what you can, we are almost done." he tells his R2, who twiddles at him a few times but gets to work on the damage.

Jax finds himself stalking a wiley Y-wing pilot on the run, every shot the A-wing pilot makes, the Y-wing has manuvered just out of the way of the more agile A-wing. << Can we hire this guy, he's wasting his talents in a Y-wing working for these guys. Damn it.>>

The Y-wing pilot is damn good...that is true. And he survived to fight another day...unlike most of his comrades. The wishbone flashes into Hyperspace. And that is the end of that. The Civilian convoy is transmitting its thanks very vocally, though Gren changes the comm channel. <<<Jax. I'm going to drink. Handle PR. Let them know who saved them...and that we accept booze in thanks. Catch up, speedster.>>> Delegating is the best. Spark Leader turns the X-wing formation toward home.

Triz snickers as she hears Gren tell Jax his jobs. At least she avoided it. <<Spark Four heading home. Nice shooting everyone. The killboard will like this.>> "Ok, DATE, lets go home." The R2 unit beeps happily and a vector shows up. She tucks in close to Gren, cranes her neck to view the other ships and punches it to head back to the barn.

Karas shakes his head, "Oh well, Valk lets get home." he says to his astromech. Moving into position, he sees Spark 4, <<Nice fighting out there today, dinner and drinks on me tonight.>> he tells her and he others as he jumps into hyperspace