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Pt. 1 of a mini TP where the Resistance goes after pirates

OOC Date: December 8, 2016
Location: Space
Participants: Sesti Gath, Ambrosia Greystorm, Jax Greystorm, Rato Darsi, Triz Dermout, Sabella Lockheart, Kath Hounds

The SOS from the Freighter Tomorrows Choice, a Ghtroc Cargo Countess, came in and Hound Base was scrambled. Due to the previous gathered intel the jump coordinates where already plotted in. All the ships had to do was get up and get there in time. The over ridding mission was to not only stop the attack but to find who the pirates are and where their base is located. X-Wings for protection, a special YT1300, callsign Tracker 1, that is loaned and filled with sensor, and the Y-Wing for their special sensors as well as fire power are the orders for the day.

Reports are that a transport with the Pirates and an unknown number of attack fighters are assaulting the Tomorrows Choice. The scene opens just as the flight comes out of Hyperspace.

As they come out of hyperspace, Sesti glances around her controls once more, and adjusts her mask. "Give me one moment, Exine, are you reading anything out there?" She's hurriedly tapping a few buttons, then adjusting her comms. "I see that, Exine, and two more, besides." she tells the droid before she broadcasts. "Flash One reading six signatures. Tomorrow's Choice, possibly pirate vessel and four fighters." She turns her head a bit to look over her shoulder. "Are you seeing anything?" she asks her pilot.

"Well, well, well..." Major Greystorm muses over her headset comm, lurking over the copilot's shoulder as the Tracker 1 comes out of hyperspace to bear witness to the predicament of Tomorrow's Choice. Her bobs in response to Sesti's voice that broadcasts through. "That's a rough ride if ever I've seen one."

The pilot of Flash 1 reaches over to hit some buttons on the console to his right. "Shields to double front. I'm releasing the blaster cannon to your control. Sesti brings up those fighter stats for me, see if I can determine what we're dealing with. Ingore Exine, he's going to tell you everthing is some type of tie fighter." His eyes watching his scopes and the bogeys in this target rich environment. Jax tucks Flash 1 in next to Tracker 1. His voice coming across the channel, << Spark 4, Stay frosty. You don't got Cosair to watch your squad's backsides with me in this slop runner.>>

Rato Darsi kind of has a 'thing' with flying. She gains no level of catharsis hurtling through empty space in a buzzing, metal insect: she likes the ground. This? Not so much. The Togruta is stone faced as they lurch out of hyperspace, the paling of her headtails the only indication of how deeply uncomfortable she is. "Etch'ata!" Rat snarls into the sensor's screen at Sesti's behest. "I am picking up these pirate scum as well-" Her expression disappears into a haze of soft blue light, watching their trajectories, their patterns. "I see you." She purrs to computer, the enemy becoming a stream of data and outcomes. Now this is more familiar: the hunt is upon them!

Triz comes out of Hyperspace and blinks for a moment as usual. "DATE, what have we got?" But it's before her R2 unit can answer her radio crackles to life with the reports of what's up ahead. A quick glance around and all the ships are right were they are supposed to be. <<Copy that, Flash One>> she replies to Jax. Deploying her S-Foils she goes into attack mode <<Lets see if we can get in closer before the Pirates know we are here>>. Spark Four surges a bit ahead of the others to take up protective cover over the sensor ships. <<Anyone else got an idea of the fighters are?>>

The pirates, intent on their prize continue to close in on the freighter. That is till one, then two and then three headhunters turn away from the attack. Still the pirates are not to give up as they want the fat prize. With the single laser cannon taken out on Tomorrows Choice, there is nothing to stop them from boarding.

"No, Exine, they are not tie figthers," Sesti says, looking at the readout. There's a raspberry, and then a tinge of annoyance from the zabrak. "Yes, I am sure I am reading it correctly. As are the others. Oh..." she switches. <<We have three incoming. First two are going for the Y's, but I cannot tell yet where the third is headed. Bringing weapons online>>. She flips a few switches, then toggles the controls a but to loosen herself up. "Yes, I am sure I can fire this, too. Why do you not blow the rust out of your dome and see about routing those sensor readings to Jax?"

<<Darsi, can you pickup any identification codes on the scanners?>> Ambrosia mutters, releasing the copilot's chair from her grip. She backsteps to stabilize herself with a handplant against the corridor before settling down into her crapass excuse for a chair. <<Shit's a little fuzzy, this end.>> Her fingers fumble over the screen, trying to better align what it is they're seeing while the piloty folk do there thing. Cept the copilot, who's sort of awkwardly pinned aside by the reach of Greystorm's arm. Seriously. WTF do they let the boots come along on these missions?

A mildly fearful, sideways look is cast to the land-lubbing Major, who after sensing that look, fires off an overly confident one right back that might cause a lil seizure in the bowels. "WHAT," she demands, then takes her hands off the touchy touchy buttons to adjust her comm. Or switch off her hearing aid. Only time will tell. <<Spark, Flash, do your thing and chase those birds outta here before Tomorrow's outta Choices.>> Then, with a low growl of frusteration, the Major shoves out of her seat and thwaps the copilot on the arm with a finger jab to the screen. "Fix this." And then she's gone, stalking through the aftward corridor, 'round the inner ring, and to the questionably rigged sensor city that the girls are manning in the rear.

Triz pushes the throttles of Spark Four all the way forward and the nimble X-Wing darts ahead <<Roger that, Tracker One>> Triz replies <<I'll take the lead Headhunter, Flash One>> she tells Jax. Outpacing the slower ships and going head on the distance continues to close at a rapid rate. <<Weapons hot>>.

Teeth bared at her screen, one of the nerds aboard the YT searches, searches... "I have codes, Major." That's Rato, eyes not leaving her prey. <<Rerouting these to you.>> But she can feel the Major's pointed stalking on the air, and yellow eyes flick up toward her approach. <<We have one headhunter and pirate scum transport coming at Tomorrow's Choice.>> Tap, tap, tap.

The Pirates transport closes enough to begin docking with Tomorrows Choice while the one headhunter stays close by to provide protection. The first attacking Headhunter continues after Triz while the second first changed course slightly to go after Tracker but then recorrected to go after Flash 1. The third slows to give another layer of defense to protect the attack on Tomorrows Choice.

"Blast!" Ambrosia seethes through her teeth, watching the two little blips close in on the other blip ID'd as 'Tomorrows Choice'. "Okay..." she rubs at her face, hand lingering over her chin as she squints at the display. <<Tracker 1 moving in on transport, prepare to launch ...>> Her eyes say she's drawing a blank. Fortunately, the man in the cockpit at the helm knows what he's doing, even if he can't see her lapse in lucidity.

<<Tracker>> he finishes the Major's sentence without a hitch. <<Stand by...don't make this flea jump.>> and then, because they are moving within range of the defensive little pirate shits <<Shields up>>. 'Don't make this flea jump!?' Ambrosia snorts softly and averts her eyes. Moof milker sounds soooo coool with his lingo. "In the event fleas DO jump," the Major adds in person to the sensor ladies, "Watch their trajectory. It'll give us at least half a clue." Or some fraction thereof. She never was good at math, even before clinical death. And...the antsy woman's stalking fore again. If there was a fast-forward button to transport them directly onto Tomorrow's Choice, she'd push it. No doubt.

Anything over the comms is half heard as Sesti concentrates on the display, lining up the headhunter coming their way. Even Exine is blocked out as she doesn't have the time to check over to his readout, and the beeps don't hold any alarm in their tone at the moment. She waits, has tone and the head hunter is lit up in red. She takes two quick shots, peering through the black of space to follow their trajectory.

Aboard the Tracker 1, Rato has managed to break into the pirate's radio feed. She listens hungrily for something useful before coming back over comms. <<Is Tracker One. I have audio on these new friends of ours: they are not thinking us a threat. Let us prove them wrong, yes?>> The Togruta's eyes narrow at her screen. "Pew." She whispers softly to herself, adjusting the strap keeping her in place. She isn't looking forward to being in the mix, but if they can track the transport, life will be easier. Rato half-turns in her seat to address the Major as she crackles over the comms to the Tracker One cockpit. <<If we get close enough, I can attach tracker beacon.>> She can feel the air hum behind her as something... Shifts with Ambrosia, but her attention remains fixed on the sensors. "If they jump, I find them." She promises, with a flash of canines showing through her smile.

Headjob #1's shields crackle and fail as they take a pair of blasts from the cannon fires from the roof of the y-wing. Jax was keeping on course for the Z-95 and his cross hairs turn gold. "Nice shooting." Then double press the button on his flight yoke and two pairs of red lances emite from the front of the y-wing. They cut the through the hull of the Z-95 and it explodes. Jax hitting a switch to redistrubte his shields flying through it. "Seems somebody sent the Major to the back of the ship." He chuckles at the intruption of the pilot of Tracker 1. " Keep the skies clear for me. I'm going to try to break off the pirate transport. Jax setting course for the vessel, <<Permission to switch to torpedoes and engage pirate vessel.>>

Triz closed fast, maybe to fast as her first shot just damages the shields of the Headhunter and the second missed completely. She turns Spark Four quickly, banking the craft to the left as the Headhunter does the same. It's not a turning fight, which one will get the advantage first? <<Copy that, Tracker One>> Triz replies over the strain of the fight she is in. Out of the corner of her eye she spots the second Headhunter go up in a ball of fire <<Nice shooting, Flash One>>. She continues to twist and turn trying to get a good firing angle <<Go for it, Flash One, take them out. I kinda got my hands full here>>.

Successfully docked with Tomorrows choice the Pirate transport is ready to take the ship it seems. The Headhunter that was covering them begins to head towards the Kath Hounds flight but will take a while to get into the fight. The headhunter that Triz is with stays on her but appears to to be loosing ground while the one Headhunter that lingered mid way begins to join the fight and heads towards Flash 1.

Jax switches to torpedoes and tries to get into a bombing run wth the Z-95 coming in at his direction. Though his gut tells him that it's no good. His eyes tell him it will work. So when the cross hairs turn gold and Exine stops arguing with Sesti long enough to chim in there's a target lock as Jax's extended the targeting computer. Jax fires a pair missing completely.

As the Tracker One stalks closer to the pirate transport, Rato's own 'pirated' radio feed gets interesting. The Togruta's voice filters through the comms. <<They are breaching Tomorr->> She cuts off, fading into radio silence for several seconds. <<No, they are going back to their Transport? Is strange.>> But the YT is approaching that transport, and every shake, rattle, and roll knots deeper into her stomach. Her grip tightens on the controls - closer... Closer... Now! "Ihna ha'i!" She grins, and a new stream of data starts to feed onto her screen. <<Transport is breaking, but now we have eye on it. Tracking is live.>> She sounds pleased with herself, and leans back in the seat. Her job here, as they say, is done! Nerd Corps over and out!

A headhunter is no match for an X-wing in a turning fight and the Pirate learned the hard way. It was an easy shot that blew it into a Fireball. <<Splash one>> Triz says <<I'll go for the other one that's been protecting the pirate transport if you can keep on that one, Flash One>>. Triz pulls back on the stick, flying 'upside' down sort of if one can fly upside down in space, and angles towards the Pirate transport, Tomorrows Choice and the new headhunter threat. <<Lets see if we can get Tracker One close enough to launch a tracker onto that pirate transport so we can find their base. Well done, Tracker One!>>.

The pirates realize that the tide has turned on them so the transport begins to break dock before it could take Tomorrows choice. Leaving the fighters to protect their get-away, it begins to slowly move away from the massive freighter. Turning to head to it's hyperjump coordinates. The two remaining headhunters continue their attack on the X-Wing and Y-wing, seeing they are the biggest threat to the escape.

Exine has finally decided that the pirates were indeed attacking with headhunters, and Sesti shakes her head once. "Well done," she mutters, then the little droid begins beeping excitedly. "What?" she asks, looking down just as she pulls the trigger, and the shot goes wide. "Exine!" she growls in frustration, and puts all her concentration on the next shot, targeting the one Jax is firing at, and lands the second shot which gives her the satisfaction of watching another fireball brighten the darkness of space. "Alright alright," she looks down. Then she taps <<Exine has the data stream. Well done, Tracker 1>>. Then she chuckles and says, "Yes, you are good for something." Pause. "Sometimes."

Jax continues to fire at the Z-95 stripping away the armor and leaving it a smoking wreck. Then Sesti kill the Z-95. "NIce kill." Then he starts looking at data that Exine's recording. << We got what we need. Let's jump out before we have to answer too many questions. Like any. You got your bogey killed right Spark 4?>> Jax says as Exine starts preping to jump to hyperspace.

<<Sounds good, lets get back to base. Nice one, everyone>> Triz says as she banks the fighter to head to the hyperjump point. <<Afirm, Flash One, no one following us>> She checks that the other ships are getting into position as she toggles the hyperjump computer then when the coordinates are right the small fighter seems to slow then vanishes into a sea of stars.