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Resistance: Poison Crumbs Part II

OOC Date: March 23, 2020
Location: Above Desevro, Tion Cluster
Participants: Sesti Greystorm, Jax Greystorm, Rey, Ban Iskender, Zandra naMuriel, Dyannah Nerus, Merek, Sajin, Aryn Cole

Desevro is an ugly planet, the color of oily bronze, with a long, sad history. It's the sort of place best left behind; doubly so when one has recently stolen a light cruiser from a band of violent human supremacists, and are fleeing bloody retribution.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

In unrelated news, a long, blocky Carrack class cruiser (the *Maslovar Tiatiov*) is rising through the polluted atmosphere and black clouds of the dingy world, alongside a Broadstar 600 ultralight freighter (the *Ocilu*) with a flock of fifteen mismatched fightercraft in angry pursuit.

Aboard the Carrack, on the sealed bridge are three Jedi, scrambling to operate a bridge designed for ten times their number. Also, there is a Jax.. somewhere mysterious. Their difficulties are doubled by the fact that the hundred other crew, at the direction of their Chief Engineer, are trying to wrest back control of the ship.

<<"Ocilu.. or any friendly forces.. This is Doc.. We're having a hell of a time here keeping the ship under our agency. Crew aboard this vessel are skilled with engineering, and it's all we can manage to keep this thing in the air on track. I'm keeping the shields down.. is there anyway you can dock, and find out engineering problem?"> Aryn is at one of the consoles, flipping a series of switches, sweat beading over her brow as the vessel shakes with the atmosphere. "Come on.. come on.. come on..." She mumbles. In her head, she kept repeating: The force is with me. The force is with me..

"No we can not just leave them to die and go back to the Hanger..." Sajin explains to his R2-Unit 'Buckets' secure in his socket behind the cockpit of his E-Wing: 'Yellow 13' just as they appear back in normal space. The droid whines his disapproval. There's another E-Wing with him, a Wyvern Fighter, and a Y-Wing all painted in a Gunmetal Camo with Yellow trim pattern equiped with their own R2-units. Labeled Yellow 2-4, the Drikish Kings own fighter being named differently, the IDC announced the presence of Yellow Flight; members of Drik's elite Royal Special Corps, responding to a call after having waited outside on stand by in case air support was needed. <<"Yellow Flight on sight, picking out targets... Let's get those Uglies...">>

Barely belted in, Dyannah powers the dual lasers up, setting the targeting computer up. Once they have begun the climb she releases her helmet and snaps it in a restraint on the back of the chair. The targeting computer is hard to read, nearly solid colored with the swarm of fighters also flying out of the gravity well on their tail. A few quick passes over the screen selects the closest targets, <We have company Zandra, as you can see. I am locked on the likeliest bogie to take out.>

Merek snaps on each piece of his armor, while he takes the turrets to one of the Ocilu's guns, powering them up. He would use a fighter, although this is a mission of escape, a whole fighter wing probably wouldn't be the best. He does begin to shift to targeting while he nods a bit, <"Black, on turrets.">

In her own turret, Sesti sends a thought for the Carrack, and then she's concentrating on her own weapon. <Targeting computer is online. Clearing a path for you now,> she reports to Zandra.

Zan is in the Ocilu, in the pilot chair. Dyannah has been helping, but with Dy heading for shooting, Zan swallows a bit, takes a deep breath and resches to the force for that little bit of comfort. She hopes. << I see it, I'll try not to get hit - Doc is looking for help, wanting us to try to land and find their engineering problem. >> And then over to the carrack, she adds, <<Doc, this is Ocilu. There are bogeys incoming. We'll do what we can. >>

<< Doctors, I'm in the Cargo hold looking at these canisters. I can try sabering them. When I started a panic the boss down here said they're solid. Let me see what this stuff actually is. CzChC: parachloro-zantinithium ." Though it sounds like a Dumb Corellian saying it. So he probably mispronunced part of it. "Why the Kriff can't they use deathstar lasers. That's easaier to say. But I go the cargo hold to myself. It's not secure. Please advise.>

From hyperspace another ship suddenly pops into the system. With quad red engines flaring to life the small starfighter twists and turns. In the droid socket behind the cockpit a small silver and blue astromech head twists left, and then right. It beeps to the pilot inside the cockpit.

"I see them." Rey says, with flight helmet on adorned with the Tierfan Yellow Aces squadron logos. "They look like they're in quite a lot of trouble. All power to the engines, Artoo."

Rey reaches a hand down to shove the throttle forward, the old X-wing starfighter's engines FLARE brightly as it starts forward, all the hard work between she and Artoo bringing the X-wing up to more modern standards seem to be paying off. "We're really cooking now, good job Artoo!"

The droid beeps happily as the X-wing soars toward their friends.

Over comms, Rey's voice chimes in.

<"Rey and Artoo, en-route. It looks like you all could use some help. Give me a target.">

A sleek Calamari designed medium freighter, the *Cophrigin Echo* is in high orbit already, as the Carrack and its pursuers arrive on scopes. <<"I recall a fit description of this Star Cluster as being full of naught but ruins, brigands, and banditry,">> Ban notes dryly in response to Doc. <<"Reading four old model TIE fighters, and a number of after market scrap fighters. Some are reading as ion capable- I strongly advise raising shields, my- Doc.">> Off channels, the gentleman at the flight seat activates ship's comms to speak with the gunner, "Lady Kiko: we are on course to escort the Carrack, do with our foes what you will."

Meanwhile, a number of alerts blink across the Carrack's bridge control panels: remote overrides are being attempted, even as the engines are powering down.

Sparks fly from a nearby terminal that make Aryn jump slightly. "Oh noooo... what do I do.. they're getting remote access.. Cedar.. /do something/!" ///Never underestimate a droid,/// is what Leia said once, and Aryn is relying on hers to help. Stressed and doing her best to stay calm, Aryn runs across the bridge and slides to a computer to begin tapping on the screen. <<"All friendly callsigns, this is Cole. I'm in the //Carrack// (she didn't know what a Carrack was capable of), and I'm trying to bring this thing to the meeting point. I'm being pursued by multiple fighters, and I have a crew who is trying to get remote access of the ship. I need help!">>

Another alarm sounds from across the ship and Aryn glances up, before jumping again at another spark. "I know.. I know.. just keep trying, Cedar... I have to go over there now!"

The Carrack's engines glow bright as it gains more speed. The loss of its other systems has the shields going wonky. <<"Ban, I've clearly found the brigands!">>

<<"Keep it tight, Yellow Flight">> Sajin says as the in formation flight slams with lasers blazing into the swarm of uglies persuing the larger Carrack. Most of their fire misses, even in Sajin's nimble E-Wing, but Mikel who was the most experiance out of them and Sajin's XO smashing one of the mis matched fighters into oblivion. Buckets beeps a quip at his owner, "What do you mean tight like Ori-HEY! WAIT A SECOND! HOW DARE YOU!" If droids could laugh manically, Bucket's would. Even a space battle couldn't save the handsome Hapan from his treterous and murderous companion.

The Ocilu shakes and jiggles its way free of the gravity well as the more nimble fighter craft following them being firing. Dyannah hits the firing button the lasers streaking out behind the ship solidly missing their pursuers. <We are going to try what?> she says incredulously over coms. <A few true misses under my belt, folks, someone light them up!>

Merek begins lifting up his weapons to aim towards the fighters, though he's not used to docking while Zandra begins to move them to the carrack. He does speak to the comlink, <"Violet, I've got the flight pattern for our enemy, uploading that, you will need to deal with logistics of maneuvering into position, we can take the first strike on these guys."> Then he's waiting while they dock, shifting his weapon that it will position towards the aft.

"Czerka," Sesti muses to herself. Then she switches over her comms as she lines up on one of the fighters between them and the carrack. <<Corsair, parachloro compounds usually include nerve toxins, the banned ones. No idea what zatinithium is, probably the compound that releases it. Your saber might activate them, it might not. You are rolling the dice whether or not it is useful. Make sure you are buttoned up tight if you do try it.>> She pulls the trigger, and grins, turning the comms to local shipwide. <<Just cleared the way for you Zan, you are good to lock up>>.

Zan has to grin as she hears Dyannah's incredulity. <You heard the doc - they need help!> she says, on internal comms. She closes her eyes for a split second, and then murmurs under her breath. "Fighting isn't always the answer, but sometimes it is necessary." Almost like it's a bit of an apology. Then she is watching the view screen, the sensors, the carrack, and her own ship. She concentrates on what she's doing, almost tuning out Dy and folks. She does hear Merek though. <<Copy that, it'll help. Thanks. >>

Zan lays in her course, heading towards the carrack with a zig zag approach, making her way to the carrack. <<Can one of us get off or two and head for engineering, and then I think the Ocilu will need to take off again, right? >> She's thinking, even while flying. Nobody expects a freighter to go try to dock with a flying carrack right? It's tense. It's touch and go, and Zan shows the deft training she's been getting, flying more than just her zippy little A Wing.

The s-foils on the X-wing with two names (more than two? It has a lot of names) suddenly pop open as it soars over the top of the Carrack Cruiser and heads toward the pursuing TIE Fighters. Old fighter meets old fighters, and the red laser cannons of the X-wing open up with a volley of one sizzling shot after another!

The lasers all clip across a TIE Fighter and cause it's hull to tear apart, while the pilot of the X-wing turns and rolls the ship end over end through the wreckage of the enemy ship to try to avoid colliding with the bulk of it, splitting between the two hexagonal wings to come out on the other side and start to come around for another attack on the remaining enemies!

<So this is not something I should be messing with thanks, Dagger.> He hits the button on his saber and turning it off, <Doc, I don't know what I can do down here to help.> He says as he starts to use the console in the cargo hold, <Aha! This should cause some confusion. Setting off fire alarm.> Then Jax engages the fire suppression system.

The Clearwater rocks with multiple laser blasts, but the sturdy vessel's shields hold as it coes around to escort the Carrack, the upper turret firing with enthusiasm, but without immediate effect. The chaos of a dogfight spirals swiftly around the ships, as a reckless maneuver saved only by reat skill brings the Ocilu to docking with the Carrack, at speed. Within, chaos reigns. On the bridge, an automated claxon sounds, and Aryn is suddenly made aware that the oxygen is being diverted away from the sealed bridge.

Aryn glances up the moment the fire suppression system comes alive, and water begins to sprinkle down. The instruments in the bridge were intended to operate under such conditions as the fire suppression foam was not capable of covering the entire bridge like water could logistically. Soaked, Aryn's perfect hair becomes wavy blonde as she has a hell of a time working a computer, before running and slipping on the floor. She lands hard and cries out, tasting her own blood and seeing it after touching her head with her glove.

"This was a bad idea." She says, arriving at the synopsis of this hastily enacted plan. She pushes back up to her feet, the toe/soles of her boots squeaking as she scrambled to be upright, and eventually moves to another computer. Over the sound of the water, she hears Cedar. "What do you mean they cut--"

The klaxon alarm sounds and the oxygen begins to filter out of the bridge. "Oh no.. I'm going to die in here..." She turns back to her computer and starts tapping at the screen, trying anything she knows that might work, but it only sparks and she yelps, pulling her hands back. "Damn it. Cedar.. anything?" The droid sounds the negative as it spins in place thanks to the water. Aryn moves him, to get him back to the port he needed. "Keep trying.. please."

With oxygen draining from the room, Aryn had to think. "Think think think.. think.." A bucket nearby containing the tools of the techs she ordered to leave has been collecting water. She sees the bucket, then glances down at her belt. "Ha!" Jax was brilliant. <<"See if you can find this engineer, Corsair.. he's making life rough up here!">> Aryn casts out the tools from the bucket and holds the bucket up to the sprinkler. Her free hand lowers to her belt, unclipping from her Jedi utility belt an A99 Aquata breather. She places it on her face in preparation for needing to dunk her head beneath the collected water to breath.

Sajin's E-wing is rocked with a solid hit, along with Rostil and Foss. They report their damage and indicate they are having their droids work on recharging the shilds. <<"Alright... let's come about. Call your targets!">> Sajin pushes the throttle hard forward to come back around on a flight of TYE-Wings.

The Lesson here is to not even think about biting Yellow Flight, because when you do they lash out like an agitated Gnarlzard in heat! The crimson lasers of each ship rip into their own Ugly target, putting three of them out of the fight in their second pass. A fourth one limps along though, despite the devistating attack. Bucket's reports shields are back up a good ammount. <<"Let's keep at it and give them the time they need...">>

Dyannah has invoked the goddess of mercy through out this mission more times than she has in years. Unbelting from my the gunnery position she goes forward ready to trade places with Zandra as the two prepare to board the ship she so adroitly docked the Ocilu with. She overhears talk of trying to break into the Carrack's computer systems. Her first attempt at making the two systems handshake meets with the bleeps of failure. Determined, she works on another point of entry, worry creasing her forehead at the information coming from Dr. Cole.

Merek stands up while he moves to join with Dyannah and nods, moving to check on the computer. "Alright, let's see what we can do." With that he shifts a holographic screen which he works with, though doesn't make any success, still he about manages, while he speaks to the comlink, <"I'm trying to make my way in.">

Sesti holds on as the ship docks, then unclasps the seatbelts and turns in her chair. She picks up the wquipment she dropped by her chair and pulls the med pac and blade in place, fastening the helmet and equipment so it won't move as she walks to the airlock. She puts in the code and waits for Zan before she steps through.

Zan sets the Ocilu down as gently as she can. <<We are docked, Doc, >> she calls over, hopefully Aryn can still get that on the comms. A glance over to Dyannah as she gets to her feet. "All yours," and then Zan is darting off with Sesti towards the airlock. A nod to the zabrak. << Incoming,>> she adds. <<we got your six, corsair!>> Of course then the air lock cycles and there's fire suppressent foam everywhere! "UGGHHH!!" Zan's covering her face and protecting it instinctively just before trouble hits. Which hopefully is enough to help Sesti as well. She then pauses to wipe any of the gunk off, before looking for Jax. <<You have the best parties. >>

Red Five Leader Silver Rogue spins around and comes about behind one of the other old TIE Fighters from the same galactic war from three decades ago! The two get locked in a round about pattern of flying along the starboard side of the Carrack before the X-wing's quad-linked laser fire all collides with the TIE Fighter's port wing and summarily shreds it to pieces causing the rest of the fighter to burst into an explosion of super heated gasses in spaaaaace.

Artoo makes a noise.

"That was... dramatic." Rey replies to the droid then who got singed a bit after flying through the first enemy's demise. Rey's focus is on the other fighters still threatening her friends, while also keeping a listen on the open comms.

Jax turns to look at Zandra and Sesti as they make their way into the hold with him from the ship, << Kid, we really got to talk about your definition of parties. Alright, head aft to enginnering. Subsystems seem to indicate that's where our trouble maker is. I hope Rey taught you Agressive Negotiations.>> He then looks to Sesti, <<Or Dagger will give you a crash course. NO comments about this being date night.>)>

Outside, shields are hammered, a few small craft are heavly damaged or destroyed, but inside, if possible, dread grows greater. Red warning claxons and ligghts begin to flash and blare, as an automated voice warns: <Prepare to vent. Main cargo hold. Prepare to vent->

Of small concern beside such alarm, a blocky BFF-1 heavy transport (the *CzS-10043*) has risen out of the atmmosphere, and is ponderously vectoring for a hyperspace lane.

Aryn has set the bucket next to Elrych, who is still flying them. She's certain that the ace has a rebreather on him, much like she and Yuun. Aryn goes back to the engineering station and begins to work on bringing lifesupport back on line. With her success, she can feel the sudden rush of air returning to the bridge, and she breaths in deep. Breaths in victory. Chokes on the water and coughs.

Cedar hoots with some success of his own, conveying he prevented the hangar bay storage from venting. Though his attempt at locking the engineer out from remote systems was not a well struck and sustained success.

"You did good, Cedar. Keep trying, okay?" Aryn moves to another station, trying now to look over surveillance and see where the crew had boarded. <<"Hey team.. I'm going to try to close off hatches where there's a large concentration of people, but I may lose control over security at any point. Please.. find this engineer before he kills us up here..">> Aryn tucks back her soaked hair, water beading over her face as she narrows her eyes over the terminal, watching.. and waiting..

Sajin flies through the fireball of an Ugly as his heavy lasers turn it into nothing but an atomized ball of gas and bits of debris, having just evaded the bolts of a few other enemy. Buckets announces that his shields are up to full and the others are doing better in that department as well. The Hapan looks out towards the planet, noticing the riding Heavy Freighter. <<"Yellow Four, get after that Freighter. Bombs away at your descretion.">> The Y-wing breaks off from the dog fight and starts to angle towards the BFF. The other E-wing and Wyvern continue to push against the Ugly craft and perhaps eventually some of the TIE fighters Rey has been dealing with.

"Not fair," Sesti grouses to her husband after she looks at the map he pulled up and the area he indicates. Then she's off at a run, not drawing her blade yet to get there quickly. Coming up to the door, she looks to Zandra and nods before she taps rapidly at the control panel, pausing once before she continues on confidently. Just before she hits the last button, she draws her own blade and gets ready to go in t Zan's back.

Over their encrypted coms, <Dr. Cole, you know we docked with the Carrack. Zandra brought us in. They are going to try to get through to engineering. You should be able to coordinate with them on the encrypted coms. I have engines on standby and can pick up anyone who gets down to us.> In the meantime, as she awaits a response, Dyannah flips on the concussion missile system locking for a bead on the freighter.

Merek looks then to Sesti when it looks like she will be moving to engineering, taking the time to unholster, while he follows the woman. "I will cover you," he says, then he lifts up his weapon to keep position while the party advances. When the woman begins to open the door, he's found a way to take position to prepare.

Zan grins at Jax, and follows along with Sesti. While the other woman works on the door, Zan draws her lightsaber, igniting it. They really are hugely intimidating for some reason. "Everyone into the escape pods right now!" she calls out, that being the first warning. She's looking for who is using the computer though, heading his way as soon as she spots him or her. Evil Engie, that is. "The faster you go, the fewer of you I have to hurry along. Move it." She's got that lightsaber our, on high alert, and ready to swing or deflect at a moment's notice.

< I got Violet and Dagger going to do Agressive Negotations.> A smile spreads under the t-visor of his helmet as Jax turns on his mag locks and his Evac system. " That's how you do it. Credits for nothing and your twi'leks for free. Ah, Kriff, Cedar." Jax turns and starts running towards the canisters and turning off the mag locks, <Alright, Doc or anyone near a computer I need the emergency airlocks closed. Then somebody vent the hold. I'll be fine. Ms. Sunshine, I'm going to need a big ol favor. If I pull this off. I'm going to push out some containers out of the back end. It's nerve toxin meant for Mon Cal. I need you to do what you do.>

As the old timey X-wing comes around the side of the Carrack it meets up with two more of the TIE Fighters that were in hot pursuit. They start to fire their rapid laser cannons at the rebel fighter!

"Beep boo beerrrrrRRRT boop!"

"I agree, Artoo." Rey comments back to her co-pilot. She cuts throttle and spins around hard to starboard, then dips her fighter's nose and draws it right up in time to blast another one of the TIE Fighters into smithereens!

"Weeeeeeeeeeboop!" The droid cheers.

"Poe taught me that!" Rey says then as she's drawing her X-wing around now, flying past the bridge of the Carrack and sparing a moment to look over toward it, worried about everyone on board it.

Escape pods begin to launch from various points on the Carrack's hull, as the hundred or so members of the 38th House abandon ship hastily in the face of freaking space wizards with laser swords. The same older crewman who had been showing gunners to their stations when Aryn and Elrych had passed earlier looks up at the sight of a green lightsaber and states to his shipmates, "You heard the lady, move along!" Several hands are attending various terminals, but none linger long. "Abandon ship!" is shouted from somewhere and echoed.

<<"Understood, Captain.. we're on it.">> Aryn answers Dyannah, before turning from her terminal to motion to her droid. "Cedar.. help the team. Elrych wants me at comm to call in the Resistance Fleet." The two trade places, running through the sprinkling water. Aryn swipes her soaked hair from her face and pulls up the communications console seeing that, like Elrych suspected, they were away from the planet and linked with the comm buoy.

<<"Pantheon.. Pantheon, this is Havoc. Trace this call, and arrive on our coordinates. Hostile forces are in full retreat. I say again, use these coordinates, and help us get out of here!">> Aryn straightens, looking back at the ace. "I think it's out. Hopefully, they got the message!" Yelled over the water.

Noticing the evasive action of the fights and the escape pods jettisoning from the Carrack, Sajin turns his E-Wing hard to port, leveling out and angling in on the Freighter. <<"Let the torps rain boys!">> He aims the retical in that direction... and fires linked torps blind towards the freights. All three of the Fighters miss, but they're ganing ground on it. The Y-wing though, piloted by Captain Foss Silphur, drops one of his proton bombs on the craft, wrecking the shields. <<"That's it Silphur Fox! Hit 'em again!">>

Sesti follows in behind the woman with the light saber, and she can't help the smirk as the light saber garners almost complete and instant cooperation. She steps over to a younger engineer, one of those with the fire of fanatacism in their eyes as they choose to risk their life over whatever they're trying to do and her blade slices low along the back of their legs. They fall to the ground, and she continues on, giving another quite a sting to encourage them into motion. It works quite well, she doesn't have to break stride as she continues to clear people away from the consoles towards the escape pods.

Without space inertial systems the missiles leaving their tubes rock the ship, less of a hold and they would tear loose from their docking ring. Dyannah speaks over their general encrypted coms, <Missiles away. We said hello to that freighter. I don't think they appreciated the greeting. Ladies and gentlemen, the engines are warming waiting for your return.>

Sesti follows in behind the woman with the light saber, and she can't help the smirk as the light saber garners almost complete and instant cooperation. She steps over to a younger engineer, one of those with the fire of fanatacism in their eyes as they choose to risk their life over whatever they're trying to do and her blade slices low along the back of their legs. They fall to the ground, and she continues on, giving another quite a sting to encourage them into motion. It works quite well, she doesn't have to break stride as she continues to clear people away from the consoles towards the escape pods.

Merek lowers his weapon to a holster while he nods to Sesti, then he's making a way to take position at the console, beginning to bring up a holoscreen. He then accesses the system. There's a device he places to the terminal data port while he works to change the settings for docking and various things. <"Access granted. I will change the system the way you need.">

Zan's expression is calm, though she's got that lightsaber swinging around. It makes that lovely whirring buzz as she does so. They'd have to be far less panicked to notice she's not actually hitting anything or anyone with it. <<Comm, this is Violet. We have secured Engineering. Repeat, we have secured Engineering. The ex-crew is using escape pods to relocate themselves off the ship with utmost speed.>> A moment. <<Not that we know what to do with - Oh, SpookyCloak does. Excellent. Uhm, should we head off or stay here? >>

"We gotta help stop that transport." Rey tells her droid companion as she breaks off from the Carrack and sweeps the grey and red X-wing around to place the nose of it toward the direction that the big lumbering freighter's engines are. With the throttled shoved to full strength, the X-wing rockets ahead again!

As it draws in to range, Rey's eyes sweep from side to side and then she furrows her brows behind her orange visor and squeezes the firing triggers on her X-wing's flight yoke!


The laser blasts slam into the freighter's engines and set off a chain reaction inside of the vessel's systems! Rey swoops her X-wing low and then pulls back on the stick to sweep up and away from it. She glances back out of her viewport behind her for a moment to watch before looking forward again.

"Beebrrdoowoowooweepabeep!" Artoo exclaims.

"I couldn't agree more." Rey replies.

<"Blue to Jax."> Rey says then over open comms. <"I'm here and headed back your way, if you're going to try that. I'll do my best!">

Jax runs back to the console, <Alright, I'm prepping to push the cargo containers out of the hold and have Sunshine. Hey Rey, I think we just caputred the ship and secured it. Well everyone else did. I played in the cargo hold. Can somebody turn off the fire suppression system? Does this make, Doc a Pirate Queen?> He radios to Sesti, <YOu alright?>

As the burning bulk of the Czerka bulk freighter breaks apart in the upper reaches of Desevro's atmosphere, it's pieces begin to rain back down to the dingy planet along with the streaking escape pods launched from the lost Carrack. A single old model TIE/ln and a quintet of chop-job Uglies have survived the fight long enough to race back home. The *Maslovar Tiatiov* has been taken. Apart from all the missing escape pods, of course.