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Resistance: Sacrificing Decency

OOC Date: July 27 2018
Location: Naboo
Participants: Tess Ul'Datha, Poe Dameron, Jessika Pava, Karé Kun, Devii, Ambrosia Greystorm, The Resistance

Time: 21:00 hours, Courscanti Standard Time

Location: Prison Camp Theta, 30 kilometers west of Theed

Darkness is king, this late into the evening, this deep into 'backwoods' Naboo. Much of the local fauna has gone to sleep and passed the reins to watchful, yellow eyes of awakening prowlers and silent flyers. It's alongside this nocturnal company that soldiers of the Resistance Army are stalking their prey.

Prison Camp Theta is essentially a clone of Beta, which was hastily constructed in response to the rapid filling of Alpha. A couple kilometers of electrified fencing encircles the abyssmal living conditions offered within. Watch towers are posted on the East and West quadrants, manned by a pair of troopers each and security drones patrol on the regular. The sinister looking droids bob along with self-assured lazyness almost, unwavering from their invisible track around the property.

Also feeling confident is the contingent of this hour's watch posted at increments along the fence. Their charges aren't particularily high-profile prisoners. They aren't enemy combatants. They're civillians - tired and worked to the bone by force labor shifts of assembling First Order supplies, equipment repair, and whatever other menial tasks the officers in charge see fit to give them.

The bristly ferns and other understory plants have made the trek this far a little nerve-wracking, putting the would-be rescuers' stealth training to the test. But here they are, close enough to hear the warble of drones, the electric hum of safety fencing, and low vocoded voices of foot patrol.

Kare follows along with her team, choosing to draw her vibroblade well in advance. Silence was the order for this mission and so she selected that weapon and while on the move she carefully places one foot after the other while in a low crouch. Her posture does cause her some discomfort from the injuries sustained the other night's crash but for now that is pushed to the back of her mind. She pauses when her lead does, surveying to the side to protect their right flank. The sounds of the camp seem loud in the silence that surrounds the teams as she waits for further orders.

First things first, Tess does not want to be in this armor. She was perfectly comfortable in her cacoon of baskar, but that's out of the question... so this whole love affair is starting on an off note no matter where it goes.

Second thing second, these privates are the gungho sort. Which is fine, Tess can deal with that, but they're the UPPITY gungho sort who don't like part timers leading them...

It has her in a foul mood from onset and trampsing through the woodlands of Naboo is doing nothing elevate it. Nevermind the new and unfamiliar cybernetic arm attached to the stump of her left bicep acting all kinds of maliciously. "Stop talking..." She says in what she thinks is a whisper, but it wasn't. It was not a whisper at all. She practically yells it. She yells it. She yells it through a megaphone. Right beneath one of the drones. While a guard was peeing behind a tree.

Devii is stomping along in the woods to. She's /trying/ to be quiet but it's just not working as her boots fall on a branch or some dried up leaves. Cruch, pause and look, move again. Crack! Pause and look, move again. It was really hindering her speed. The Mirialan grumbles all the while with her pick of Nerf Herder Squad, Her and Fire Element Beta, Kare filling in for Nova who's down with the space measels. Poor girl.

The potty-break guard quits hum-muttering to himself and looks up, visor swiveling left and right to see which wise-ass among his squad is a) not wearing their helmet and b) interrupting the Sgt's most private of private times out here in the bush. "Mind your business and return to your station!" he barks in more or less monotone while beginning that not really swift process of tucking his mini trooper away and slapping some key bits of armor back together.

That drone, on the other hand, is not indisposed and is literally on top of the situation. A menacing bleep is issued and the thing spins about to cast its eye over the noisy bodies that are trespassing on unauthorized ground. Scanning....

As she scans her sector, Kare looks at Devii as she seems intent on stepping on every noise making thing. A smile as she goes back to her sector she spots what appears to be a junction box on the fence. A tap on Devii's shoulder and when Kare gets her lead's attention she points it out "Might be easy as turning off a switch," she says in hushed tones.

Tess hears the shout from the trooper and is already moving towards the sound of the monotone voice. She jukes one way and then the other around the tree, grabs hold of the buckethead, arm across his throat, but she's unable to get leverage. Both of them fall back into the overbrush, Tess wrapping her legs up around the troopers waist as she tries to gain control of his chin to snap his neck. Damn this new cybernetic.

Her head rolls back so she's looking above herself at her trio of privates, cutting her eyes to either side indicating she wants them to fan out and create a lower profile for the drone circling above. Hopefully the brush hides the pair struggling on the ground, but she's less concerned about it now.

Devii makes it to the fence with Kare, the Nerf Beta staying behind hind in the brush for the time being. She spots the box and raises and eyebrow, orange eyes glancing to Kun. She opens the door to the junction box which is full of all sorts of wires. "Uhm... I don't think it'll be that simple." She says in a hushed tone and starts to cut and re attach wires. Sparks fly from the box and Devii pulls her hand away, shaking it, having been shocked. "Stang." She hisses and sucks the finger that got burned.

Whatever's going on at that junction box suddenly jerks the droid around from its original course and it starts to zoom in on the trouble there! Meanwhile, the guard caught with his pants down is in a fight for his life in the ferns. One hand quits scrabbling at her arm and tries to reach beyond her locked legs for the holster at his hip. The comlink goes rolling away into the darkness and fingertips juuuuuust barely caress his sidearm. Can't quite get a grip.

Meanwhile, the rest of his squad is marching on to their next stop along the fenceline to relieve those currently there on rotation.

Looking into the box herself over Devii's shoulder "Yea, that don't look like it's going to be..." Sparks fly and the tang of burned fingers waft up to Kare. "I don't think that's it," she says and shrugs. With the other team off on the other side of the camp she is unaware of what's going on there. Again Kare crouches low as she keeps an eye out for a guard or a droid.

Something catches Kare's attention. Straining her eyes she spots some trooper's headed in their direction. Another tap on Devii's shoulder "What ever you are doing do it faster. We got company coming," and an arm and finger points in that direction.

Tess' cybernetic arm grinds against the protective sleeve beneath the troopers helmet with a barely perceived mechanical whine of snake like pressure applied to the carotid. He's already moving less, now that she's got her legs stretching out his abdomen and her right hand pushing against the back of his helmet to close off the small bit of oxygen that does manage to get through.

Behind her, the techie of her squad kneels down with a digital HUD piece slapped in over his left eye to try and take remote control of the drone and send it in another direction AWAY from the other teams position (Pvt String). Pvt Lasermine and Talon are setting up a crouched position to either side of a set of trees to keep eyes on the marching troopers incase they spot Tess struggling in the underbrush.

Devii looks over to Kare as she goes back to work. "No that wsan't it but this is..." The fence hummed a bit before but now that was gone. "No more shock..." She turns to Kaiden, "Ye have little faith Private..." There is a pause as her ears perk up, her echolocation boosting a bit of a sonar image in her mind. "There's a squad approaching Vakla, get over here with those bolt cutters." The fire element that had stayed behind a bit moves towards the fence where Nerf Herder Squad was gathered. Time to breach. Once done, Devii rolls through the opening and moves to find the next bit of cover and an eye on her new surroundings.

Kare also rolls through the new hole in the fence, moving again to the side to keep an extra pair of eyes out. "It does," Kare agrees with Kaiden. To Devii "Which way?" She asks as she shifts a bit and catches herself in the fence and pulling free giving it a good shake causing a slight rattle. "Crap," she gets out in that same hushed voice she has been using.

Tess feels the trooper starting to go limp and capitulates on her hard won victory with a sudden yank of her left hand oposite of her right. The sound it makes isn't quite as loud as the holovids make it out to be, it's more like a quiet pop that's drowned out by the armor sheath neckplate.

Once the guard is proper dead, Tess rolls him off her and drags him back behind the tree JUST IN TIME for him to be out of view of the approaching guard. Now there's an armored white corpse sitting up against the tree trunk, while Tess hovers over him glancing around at Nerf Herder making their way in through the hole.

She waves at her trio of privates to fan out further and offer up a premium firing position focused on that gap in the fence, sliding out from behind the tree to take the commlink discarded by the stromtrooper to patch herself into their secure channel with the bud sliding back behind her ear.

<<Eyes on a maintenance tech coming to investigate...>> As she speaks, she slides her long barrel rifle off her shoulder and slowly lays out across the grass so that the barrel remains hidden. She settles in against it staring down the side after removing her helmet. <<Fire team ready to cover exit. CAS Support prepare for possible fireworks danger close to my position on my mark. How copy?>>

Devii with pistol in hand Devii waits for Kare and the others to enter before looking around. "Alright. Those buildings on the far side have the targets so let's get over there as quietly as possible." THe Srrn't stands and turns, forgetting there was a pile of empty crates there and runs right into them, tripping and falling all over them. They go everywhere and make one of the loudest rackets. Devii just kind of lays there in the pile, acting like there's nobody there. She holds up her hand to the others, telling them to stay behind cover. Stupid bitch. "Kaiden..." She whisper shouts, "Kaiden... get after that Tech."

There are dropships. And then there's the Outrider. There's no faster ship in the galaxy except for the Millennium Falcon, and the Millennium Falcon doesn't come with concussion missile launchers. After dropping off the Resistance Army teams, the extensively modified Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-2400 moved into a clearing in the dense jungle foliage and set down through a gap in the canopy barely wide enough to accomodate the freighter. It had then gone into what could be qualified as standby mode, with almost all lightning cut off and minimal systems running. In the cockpit, in the pilot's seat, Jessika Pava is illuminated only by the numerous buttons littering the instrument panels in front of her, around her, and above her.

The transparisteel viewport before her is segmented by struts, but she can't see anything, anyway. The Naboo jungle is thick, and she's distracted by Leebo's complaining that they've set down in a swampy area. The droid laments what animals they might be attracting with the cooling engines promising heat in the damp air, but Jessika is tuning him out. A small, simple headset is worn across the top of her head and braced against the sides, and it's the extended microphone she's speaking into when her voice, quiet, adds to the low murmurs of complaining for the co-pilot of her freighter. "How's the view down there, Poe?" The best pilot in the Resistance, and perhaps the whole galaxy, is on ventral turret duty. Waiting. Staring at.. what? The muddy ground?

The LE series droid that has been serving on the Outrider longer than her birth makes another quip. "If you don't shut up for just five minutes, I'm gonna power you down." And to think they'd told her he was the quiet type. There's a soft, subtle groan of leather as she leans back into her seat, and an even softer one when her arms folded over her chest, which causes the sleeves encasing her arms to stretch tight. She focuses on something else besides the wait, like the eerie, ghostly glow of the kyber crystal dangling from a panel above in the cockpit. She's just gotten settled in to a comfortable position when the frequency they're waiting on comes alive. Eyebrows hiking as she casts a side glance to the droid in the chair next to her own, she nonetheless responds. "Confirm your last, ground. You want.. what, exactly?"

Poe is seated in the gunner position along the ventral portion of the legendary Outrider. His fingers drum against the controls as he matches the beat to his favorite song and nods his head, mumbling softly. Seated beside him is a meal ready to eat, its heating packet steaming as it warms up some sort of meatball concoction, but smells like pizza and sulfur. He takes a bite of the dehydrated cracker which instantly dries his mouth out, which happens to be when Jess comes over the channel. All she hears is coughing at first, then after a long swig from his bottle, he sighs. "Riveting, Jess." He wipes his mouth with his sleeve, looks at the cracker, then takes another bite.

"Eh, falumpaset fart," grumps the electrician as something skitters and rattles the fencing in the darker shadow between overhead worklights. The young man's heart skips a beat in his chest and he sweeps a light over in that direction to find...a mess. It's possible he doesn't see the hole in the fence yet, honing in on those toppled crates instead, then spinning in a breathless circle in attempts to locate a reason. Some pink-faced figure in darker suit (OR FUR??) practically glows when the light passes over it and the suddeness of its appearance yanks a squawk out of the techie. He doubles back with the light but can't find it...It'd take a decent sized critter....the howl of yesterday's veermok haunts his brain and his grip readjusts on the taclight to wield it like a bludgeoning tool while he lowers the tool box and snatches a small pistol off his belt, just in case. One finger of the light-wielding hand touches to his collar to request "...a Hand. Lt, you copy? Might just be the boys in white havin' a laugh at our expense again, but /something/ has definitely bumped around over here. Do veermok live in pairs or alone?" Dude's really a bit scared of those angry primates. He's also just really not enjoying his new career with the Order. I mean, living well and not being in prison was a bonus for sure, but somehow he'd envisioned his enlisted duties being different.

On the outside of the fence, that one remaining trooper from the original three closes in on Zone 6 and scuffs around for a moment, twisting a look over shoulder to see if her comrades are joining her yet. Stupid probe droid. "Leave it and get back here before Captain finds out you're late," she advises over comm. Then a crackled request for help from the tech dept sends her with a little headshake closer to that fence. Never a dull moment on patrol.

Kare shifts ever so slightly so that she can turn her head back to the fence "Stay still," she says softly to Devii once her eyes fixes on the tech. Once he turns away "Okay, move now," she says and begins to move towards the barracks. Kicking one of the empty crates that had been knocked askew earlier and sending it skittering off into another one. "Damnit," Kare growls but keeps on moving, attempting to get away from where the noise occurred.

Kaiden leaps at the Tech, sort of glazed over to the exact status of the Tech as his leg sweeps out, cracking his heel against them in a swinging kick. As he lands, he descends, his twirl coming around to bring his heel at their ankles, narrowly missing them.

"What the hell language do these resistance pilots speak-..." Tess grumbles against her scope, trailing just ahead of the tech on path to the gate, <<Operation about to go hot, requesting a danger close fly over.>> Repeats far clearer instructions since the First Orders ineptitude is showing. Maybe they WONT need it. Who knew. "Get eyes on that third guard and set up firing lanes." She murmurs into her team comms and prepares to start shooting. <<This is not working. Time for plan B.>>

There's a zeltron in her sights rushing at the Techie... and Tess gets, literally, the best view in the house as Kaiden rushes at the techie and smacks him one good across the melon. When that does not IMMEDIATELY put the techie down, however, she does the only logical thing and turns the unfortunate hire-ons head into a canoe. This, obviously, kills him but it also sprays blood and brain and small pieces of skull all over the zeltron.

Welcome to war my dude.

That isn't fair. Welcome to Tess is a blood thirty kill stealing psychopath.

The rifle moves over to the guard getting closer along her patrol and puts a shot straight through the center of that gleeming white armor. The AFD (in this case Addell) was designed with a compressor long barrel stock that squeels short bursts of death like some ravaging angry bird. It also fires incendiary ammuntions and sets whatever remains of the stormtrooper on fire.

So if you think about it in those terms, there is suddenly a squeeling angry dragon somewhere in the woods.

Devii /dosn't/ run into anything this time and makes it over, helping care along to what ever bit of cover they can have. Though, she can hear the chatter over comms, "Where did the General find this... person?" She asks herself quietly. Kaiden is attempting his best at doing the job. Then of course there's the request for broken arrow fire support. <<This is SARGENT Keva, bellay that order we're still not...>> And then there's the fire that comes though from Tess's rifle. There is a moment of pause as she watches the cropse of the private fall and the noise. THE NOISE. She stares, falttly, in the most disapointed face the Mirialan can muster. <<Nevermind. Broken Arrow, CAS...>> She was going to have WORDS with the General later. WORDS. "Frak it, this is a hot hop. SHoot anything with baggy breeches, that looks like their poodo don't stick, or is wearing white. Got it! No servivors." She stops not even trying to hide this time towards the prisoner barraks and KICKS open the door. "Allright you stupid Fraken dinklenerfs. It's time to go. So pack what you can AND LETS MOVE BEFORE I LOOSE MY POODU."

"Why can it never be simple?" Jessika mutters to herself. Uncrossing her arms and sitting up straight in her seat, her hands fly with practiced precision over the various switches laid out before her. "Bring us up to full operational capacity. Spool the engines." She relays it to the droid next to her, but Poe can hear it, as well, because she's still got the ship-wide communication channel open. "Poe, get ready. They're asking for us to make a flyby. You might have to blow something up." And whether the pilot is ready or not, Jessika activates the Outrider's repulsor lifts. Mud and other splatter is kicked up off the ground as the intensiy of the craft's mechanisms propel it up into the air, and a mass of leaves and branches scrape against the freighter.

Pushing the throttle forward, the Outrider is angled upwards, and the previously dark, cooling engines suddenly flare to life in bright blue. Anything not strapped in is jostled as Jessika gets them up in the air and adjusts her vector for the operational sector she knows the troopers have traveled to. "Not really sure how this is supposed to go, Poe. Thought they were supposed to do this all quiet like. We'll just see how it goes. I mean, she said probably." Probably doesn't mean for certain. <<Air team to ground, request confirmed. We'll be in the area.>> She's more muttering to herself as her hands guide the contoured grips of the flight controls and her gaze passes to the sensors on her instrument panel to verify she's heading for the right location. "I don't really like this. Not trying to wake up the whole damn planet.." Jessika sighs.

Why does she get the feeling she's about to find out if they can go up against TIEs or Star Destroyers. "Be prepared for anything." It's a good life motto. One she's definitely lived by for awhile.

His meal was partially finished, but it'd have to all go into the bag and shoved into the rubbish bin. He closed the top and locked it so meatballs didn't go all over the gunner pit. Adjusting himself in the seat, he pulled the straps over one shoulder then the other before clipping everything tightly. With a firm jerk of the strap, he's ready.

The turret system comes to life, and Poe switches the T&E off to give him full mobility and larger lateral limits. By the time they're in the air, he's warmed up and prepped. "We're all good here Jess. I've got it on free aim for now, just in case it's /really/ bad. This is fine." Poe's optimism seemed genuine at least.

"Does it read 'zoologist' on my badge, Private?" The Lt in the surveillance/security hub answers smartly back to his question, but dutifully pings for one of the bucketheads to go hold his hand for this shoulda been simple power test. She rolls her eyes away from that cam's feed for a moment to take a sip from her thermos and when she looks back...

Is that blood? It's hard to tell. It's just a vaguely body shaped heap on the ground. Lt Serna sputters out half that caf gulp and hastily raises red alert on the overhead system. "We have a breach!" What /kind/ of breach? Not sure. But there definitely is one and she definitely needs a new lackey. "ZONE 6!!" Which happens to be opposite from where the prisoners are locked up in their hovels.

They've done it now. In a matter of seconds the klaxons are keening and troopers thunder-clacking their way over to investigate while others start shining the spotlights around from the two towers and droids are joining in the fray.


And then, when it looks like the prisoner break might be unattainable...something else is screeching angrily in the dark wood. Screeching and howling and crashing along overhead branches like it means business. Whatever it is, it's moving fast, barreling along toward a nearby section of fence. Is a bad situation now horrendously worse or a wee bit better? They're about to find out!

While some of the troopers posted outside the prisoner bunks have broken into a trot to check out the alleged breach, a few remain, carbines at the ready. So while the bedraggled looking civilians inside that first building are falling out of bed to the tune of Devii's boot thumps and hollered orders, there's a pissed off looking (inside that helmet surely) Sgt making tracks around the exterior corner to nip this infil in the bud. Some of the prisoners are screaming, confused, others are doing exactly what Devii said and eager to gtfo. Where are they going? WHO KNOWS!? Anywhere with the green lady must be better.

Kare has stayed hot on Devii's heels as they make the run to where the prisoners are kept. "This went to the crapper pretty darn quick," she notes as Devii does her thing at the door, Kare keeping an eye out across the yard. It is then that things go from bad to even badder as klaxons and troopers begin appearing. "We got company, Devii," Kare calls out over the blare of the speakers. "Lots of company!"

Kare peers around the corner of the building and comes face to face with the pissed of Sgt. She brings up her vibroblade attempting to skewer him and and misses by mile. Her down swing also doesn't connect. Surely he's even more pissed now!

"Move." Tess says to her team, motioning further down the line of the fences through the woods, "Anyone who saw us is dead." She murmurs into her comms and rolls back around the tree so that she can push over the stormtrooper laying against it. A cryoban grenade is pulled from her bandolieer and the pin flicked out with the curve of her index finger. She takes the dead troopers hand and wraps it around the pin and then grabs her rifle and start running through the woods.

As she's running, she switches over to the Stormtroopers comm channel, <<Rogue element moving south->> Oposite to her own direction, <<-Through the forest. Requesting immediate medical at my transponders location...>>

Something must have been off, the whole thing really is, and when the grenade rolls out of the troopers hand, those come to check on her see it before it will be dangerous and dive out of harms way.

Devii looks to Kare, "It didn't have to but it seems we've a Nerfherder with a trigger finger working with the other unit I have no control over. We should have least brought an LT. along. Basically there's two people with equal power in this op." Assuming Kare heard for the call for Air Support. The Mirialan is not happy, she takes out that thing with the coordinates and the message and gives it to the old guy helping everyone get gathered up. "In case me and mine die." She says to him, giving a bit of silent words with her Orange eyes before she stomps out of the barracks and draws her pistol. She's not even trying to find cover at the point, she's just waltsing right into the firing line. "You..." WOMP "Stupid..." WOMP "Pile of bantha dung." Said between shots and gritted teeth. The sargent gets blasted twice through the breast place and then once through the head. There, a container, she ducks checking her charge. Still plenty to go. "Kare, Kaiden. Nerf Beta, get them moving."

"Alright, let's move!" Kaiden shouts aloud, resonating despite the scarring of his throat making his voice utterly hoarse, gravelly and ruined sounds. "Come on!" A twist of his body has him facing Devii, "We gotta move, ma'am."

Zone 6 is just bonkers. The cryo grenade goes off with a blast of wintery death, but manages to just freeze some trees and nip the tips of a few extremities as the stormtroopers bail in the knick of time. The security drones are cranking into high gear, racing around the perimeter to see what's what and endangering Tess's getaway plan. One of them experiences an abrupt end to its flight though when it gets spiked down out of the air by a bristling Vreemok that leaps from the trees.

The powered-down fence link bows under the impact of its landing, then sways back upright when the creature vaults over the top and into the path of a trooper squad. Its fangs smile awful promises when it cranks open that maw to yodle/roar and sends a stormie flying with a solid swipe to their hip. Deep gouges in the plastoid belt and exposed patch of bodysuit well up red. The snipers in the nearest tower are taking aim, as are the now frenzied boots on ground. A hailstorm of blasterfire pelts the beast but doesn't seem to faze it. A few more experienced soldiers wield different instruments - stun batons.

Meanwhile, at the bunkhouses, The FO Sgt was indeed unhappy with Kare's attempts at making him a shishkabob. He expresses his ire in the form of a pointblank shot that somehow misses. Maybe it's because at the same time, Devii emerged and put one through his shoulder. Then chest. Then visor. The Sgt goes to bed angry, belly-up in the mud. A few more are appearing in his place, though, using the bunkhouses for cover.

"Wait!" A teenage girl breaks ranks as Resistance troops start herding the prisoners away from their smelly, flea-ridden home. She sprints on bare feet toward the neighboring barracks. "They're trapped!" Sure enough, the sound of dozens of hands and feet pounding the walls of the shanty can be heard as they rile up in response to the chaos outside.

"Let us out!" "What's going on!?" "HELP!"

As for the girl banging on the wall of her neighbors' shack, her lack of stealth also has consequences. A single blaster shot knocks her off course by positively destroying a knee.

"Wait? What do you mean wait?" Kare says to the girl. When she half explains and then runs to the other barracks Kare takes off after her. As she nears the building she can hear those in side but then the litle girl goes down and Kare screams "No!" in anger as she charges the trooper with her blade. Again she misses, not just once but both times.

So much for her trap, but it serves its purpose well enough. Stormtroopers hit the deck and Tess hits the ground running. As long as she keeps the outside people on the outside, she's still defending the exit by proxy, excluding the appearance of a giant Vreemok leaping out of the woods and crashing through the now unelectrified gate. "Keep moving!" Pointing forward at her team who suddenly have no problem following orders since they were going to do that same thing anyways.

This has gone sideways.

She'd stay with them if not for the drone circling closer over head. Immediately she slides down onto her knees and braces her side against a stump to line up a shot on the overhead eye. It takes a few shots, but she finally wings it good enough to, at the very least, knock it off its flight plan.

From there she rolls over the top of the stump and curls up into the curve of wood for some cover incase she's still being pursued.

Devii watches Kare rush into the frey at the sight of the girl losing her leg/knee. Which ever the case. The Mirialan had seen some messed up stuff in her day and it took a steely kind of person to turn away and reguard the fight. While Kare was engaged with the one Trooper, she notices another of equal rank trying to come in up behind her. She wasn't going to have that and places a shot right to his white helmet, sending him to the ground with much preamble. She then aims her blaster towards the Trooper that's now repelled Kare, waiting for a break in the melee before blasting him as well, though one impacts off the wall zooming right past his helmet. The bolt within inches, milimetes of striking. She hollars over comms, <<Nerf Beta, get to the other Barraks and get those Civies on the damn MOVE, NOW.>>

The veermok is still on rampage. Electric shocks seem to keep it at bay temporarily, moreso than blaster bolts, but not without the sacrifice of three more troopers whose mangled bodies are still writhing about. But there's one good servant of the First Order that the animal hadn't accounted for. In fact, she may have been forgotten about by her own comrades, even, chilling in her computer castle over at security hub. Lt Serna emerges from around back with a too-big-for-her-frame flamethrower. Small but mighty, the officer advances with wand held in both hands and seems plenty ready to put a stop to this abyssmally timed distraction.

Once again, Kare has got a guard doing the stormtrooper shuffle. Little slide to the right, a hop back, and a *PEW* oops that wasn't supposed to be part of the dance. Devii's first shot zips harmlessly by, but the second slams into their clavicle.

Collar bone injuries hurt. More or less disabled in their dominant arm, the trooper stumbles and almost drops the carbine. If pain weren't issue enough, there's the fried subclavian vein to contend with. Knee injuries also suck and the teenager who'd been shot is crumpled in a shocky heap on the ground, choking on her own attempted sob.

The opening in Zone 6's broken fence is sort of clear at the moment, from certain angles of approach, but it is on the opposing side of camp. The Resistance raiding party is left with 2 options - make a new hole, or hope that veermok survives long enough to occupy the stormtroopers and also doesn't decide to try a taste of rebel flesh. Better happen soon though, because the second bunkhouse is now open and prisoners spilling out.

"Burn it to the ground," the stoic order of the camp's Captain directs toward the techie with a torch via comm, then turns the comm off. Silence. They are on the prowl, tracking where that drone had shown the scum to flee. And there. There is something that does not belong. A small, leathery bit of something poking out from over a tree root. A boot toe? Only one way to find out. The Captain pops off a shot then rushes a few strides to take aim from a different angle.

Kare looks back at Devii as once again she is saved by well placed shots and holds up two fingers and smiles. Kare sheathes her sword since so far she has done nothing with it and pulls her blaster pistol. Running back to the little girl she had passed once, Kare kneels and quickly says "I gotcha. You will be fine, I promise." Scooping up the girl in her free arm Kare continues on to the front of the locked building. "We got to get it open, we can't leave them!"

Tess isn't coming over the top of that fallen stump, but she sure does wish she had her armor. A flamethrower gauntlet and wrist blades would be proper useful right now. She flattens out on her back and grabs one of the cryoban grenades on her bandolieer as wood splinters off the cover behind which she's taken refuge and hurls it side arm out of hiding towards the whirling blast of F-11D firing on her position.

Immediately she's bringing her own blaster rifle around off her back, Addell being just a little too cumbersome for close quarters and prepares to lay down a hail of red death after the troopers next volley. "ewd scrurl scrotch udwurmsnurt... kritchzhu drye ekroo.. le scrotch druuech.." She says, mockingly. "jool stryi drye oo gurd go!"

Devii puts a bolt in the trooper she just shot at before, making sure that it was done with so she could move on to helping the prisoners. Having her own flamethrower probably would have been a good idea by now. She follows Kare out, keeping up with her and moves the group towards the fence. "Come on, keep moving. Kepp your heads down and stay low." She had gone back to help the teen up, worrying about stabilizing her later. "Come on, help the wounded." She instructs. Hopefully that blasted creature was keeping the troopers distracted for the time being.

FACHOOOOOOOOMF goes the flamethrower. The Veermok bellows in response to the sudden rush of heat but nimbly bounds away. When it lumbers back, it charges squarely for the culprit. By the Force, by luck, the techie stumbles under the weight of the gear/over her own feet in her haste to escape, so the burly sweep of arm breezes harmlessly over her head. Yup. They're occupied. And the Captain? He's enjoying a game of cat and mouse with Tess, one in which he seems to have gained the upper hand. *PEW* Another shot, aimed to quiet that dirty Mando mouth of hers, but before he can take another, the desperate screams for help from his troops are coming in over comm.

If you want a Veermok dead, ya just gotta do it yourself. "Don't crawl too far, now," he advises to the half hidden intruder before marching back to Zone 6. What was an objective of containment is now THE objective of survival. There will always be more citizens to detain. And the drones? They'll be redirected soon enough.

The prisoners do as they're told, huddling together and filing along between the armored saviors/new captors that have liberated them from their stalls.

Kare carries the little girl as they begin to clear out of the camp. She tends to the child as best she can but a real medic is needed. Perhaps this is what drives Kare so hard, not faltering her in step once. But with fierce determination to do as she promised, to get the girl the help she needs.

Being shot never becomes second nature, it bloody hurts, and anyone who says differently needs to learn to duck. When the blaster from the captain goes directly through the wooden cover and into her side, Tess shouts out in pain as it burns her whole right flank and leaves an oozing wound.

Her hand lets loose of the blaster and grabs hold of her dagger instead, yanking it out of place on her leg with a grunt and hoists herself up with her black cybernetic hand crunching into the stump. She's not as spry as she'd like, being shot will do that, but she's still fast. Sliding over rather than jumping and running (limp jogging) at the retreating Stormtroopers back. She swings wild, way too early, and immediately regrets stretching out her flank. Her waist drops and carries upwards in a cross slash that misses the trooper turning to face her. At the appex, the blade reverses and stabs down into the junction of his shoulder arm...

"Say that...to.. my.. face.. " Huffing, right hand on her burnt side.

Devii works on getting the people out and away from the compound before it burns to dust. Good thing Jess and Poe never came in for that Broken Arrow order or they'd likeely all be dead. She helps who she can and gets them to move as fast as possible. They had a long trek on their hands.

It's been a very long hike to that clearing where their chariot awaits. The dawning of the sun saw them descending via ship, then, into the Mistvale Valley. Before long, the dozens of liberated laborers are within reach of the quaint little cottage constructed alongside the burbling creek. It's one of many homes scattered throughout the region, complete with shade-grown herb garden and whimsical atmosphere. So very welcoming.

Whatever became of the Captain is something that Tess and Tess alone knows (for now), but there may be a Veermok rambling around in the woods, toting a new, edible sort of backscratcher. Casualties were unfortunately not limited to the prison personnel. Due to the poor conditions in which they'd been living, the malnourishment, and some physical injuries, a handful of the persons rescued strayed off course during the initial hike- lost taking a piss - or simply collapsed and died. A handful more are in iffy condition, in need of medical attention, but alive. The rest are more or less 'ok' some having only been captives for a week or at least smart enough to play by the rules and avoid punishment.

The hosts living in this safe house are an older couple, but once you get through the threshold and down into the cellar dug out, it's obvious that there's more to this serene scene than meets the eye and that this isn't their first war. There's a small armory down here, as well as a conference table and old holo projector. Some bland, small foods and water canteens are distributed among the survivors, in addition to hygeine packs. It's questionable whether or not the woman's eyes are in fact /seeing/ all the bodies file into her home, gray as they are, but they are smiling nevertheless. "Welcome," she offers to one and all. "I was told you had some 'music' to play?" A papery palm extends blindly in no particular direction.

A long night and a long hike has worn Kare out. A softly spoken "Thank you for your help,"is given to the elderly couple as the former prisoners are passed along. Kare steps back, a sip of her own water as she watches those they rescued get something close to meeting basic human needs.

"Yeah sure..." Devii says a bit dejectedly as she hands over the proper bit of what wever the woman need. The player is tired so forgot to comm last pose to Jess and Poe that they were out of the compound and on the move. SHe would have, at least done that. She pushes past the woman without any other words and moves into the safehouse. She doesn't speak to anyone. She doesn't eat, she doesn't drink. She saves that for the Prisoners until they can leave.

When the data chit is inserted, the recording of a fair-haired woman flickers to life, her disembodied gaze steely and neck stiff. The flawed resolution of the image blurs out some of her finer wrinkles, but can't do away with all her signs of wear and tear. She isn't young.

"I'm Brigadier General Greystorm of the Resistance and I'd like to welcome you back to the path of freedom." The head nods. "Our people once extended a hand of of unity and collaboration to your late Queen Pareja, but she feared retribution and she turned us away. I am sorry that her idea of a passive resolution did not save you and your peaceful way of life as she intended."

"For those of you still harboring the fighting spirit in the streets, in your hearts, and for those of you in this room, this is a second chance. The people who are hosting you in this house will be providing you with some small, concealable arms and teaching you how to use them. We are not advocating that you brashly confront the troopers, but wish to give you the means to protect yourselves and each other and, when the time comes, we'll have given you the experience needed to survive a bigger fight. It is your choice, of course, whether or not you opt to accept these gifts. That is one of the many differences separating us from those who have uprooted your lives and caged you like animals."

"Your hosts will also be providing you with alternate identification. Your old selves died in that prison camp - names, histories, familial ties. You are fugitives in your own homeland and we will help you forge a new life. Those who wish to join the Resistance efforts more directly may leave here, right now, with our soldiers. It would be an honor to have you. Those who wish to stay and continue to assist their brethren here are left with /this/ frequency - " She gestures outward at the viewer, cuing whoever's got the numbers to pass them out now, " -and holo address by which to contact an informant operating for us elsewhere. It is through them you may relay intelligence, concerns, anything to us. We hope the channel remains open for us to contact you as well, but that is your decision."

"You're not alone in your suffering and while we were forged stronger in the fire of our near destruction, we cannot defeat the Order with our enlisted numbers, alone. This is a /new/ rebellion, but like the one which knocked the Empire back on its heels, it requires cooperation between worlds. Please find the courage to count yourself as part of that chain."

Her face leans back, upper body settling against what must be a chair and lips twitch into the first likeness of a smile. "May the Force be with you."

  • Fzzzzt* She disappears.