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Slumbering Giant

Location: Asteroid in the Y'toub System
Participants: Poe Dameron, Merek, Elrych Cometburn, Sapphira Solari, Jessika Pava, with special NPC support by Ambrosia Greystorm

The rules have been made clear.

1. This is an Intel Op, so there are to be no Resistance fingerprints on any person, place, or thing associated with the evening's activities. Rather, tonight's intrepid heroes are merely traders with questionable morals, coming to the secreted asteroid pirate fortress to strike some new supply deals.

2. Noise is bad. Keep noise to a minimum. This means alternative methods of dealing with enemies as the need arises. The need will arise.

3. The group has been split into three teams. TEAM BLUFF, consisting of and Baby Jedi Elrych Cometburn will take the lead with the pirates, conducting supply negotiations and otherwise bullshitting to keep everyone calm. TEAM SECURITY, made up of Poe Dameron and Jessica Pava, will move through the fortress to the main security office, eliminate any threats there, and act as guides for the final team. That final team is TEAM DEMO, consisting of Merek and Sapphira Yavok, who will be led by TEAM SECURITY through the fortress to the underside of the Acolyte Laser Cannon, where very discrete explosives will be placed. If all goes well, TEAM DEMO and TEAM SECURITY will sneak back aboard the ship, TEAM BLUFF will conclude negotations, and Bob's Your Uncle.

Sapphira Yavok has run through this plan almost the entire trip to the Y'Toub system with her group. It's an intel mission, and as the intel lead it's technically her op, today. By now, if people don't know their jobs, they can just close their eyes and hear Sapling's voice in their heads, repeating the instructions ove and over and over. So there's little need for talking as the ship lands.

TEAM BLUFF When the main bay doors of the cargo ship open, TEAM BLUFF will find themselves faced with the diplomatic welcoming committee of Glurg, a very fat man dressed in an assortment of animal furs, but who prefers V-necks to show off his lucious chest hair. He has with him six guards, and one nerdy looking accountant fellow. "My friends!" Glurg demands/drools, opening his arms wide and going in for the hug on poor Elrych and Amber's NPC. "Is so good of you to come! Welcome to my humble abode! Not so nice as Nar, but no Hutts either, huh? Ha! Come! Come! We talk business!"

TEAM SECURITY, TEAM DEMO TEAM SECURITY and TEAM DEMO, in the meantime, exit the ship using a hatch in one of the escape pods, and are able to quickly make their way to a side corridor, where they are able to pause and catch their bearings. TEAM SECURITY will move North from here, while TEAM DEMO will hold the position until TEAM SECURITY is in place. Seems simple, right? Yet there are footsteps coming their way from the northern passage.

"Man this thing is so slow I thought I was going to die of bordom on the hyper over here..." Elrych says just before Glurg picks him up in a bear hug. "Hello... to... you ...too Glurg." The Jedi manages through labored breaths as he is squeezed affectionatly. "Right, right buisness. I need a new ship. This thing was so slow I named it after a Hutt. The Ebua. I hear he was a reacl jackass."

Xenia Vala, post-Hosnian recruit from the Kanz sector, is here away from her usual regimen of PT and comms watch to put her street urchin skills to good use. An accomplished liar and thief before she was ever molded into a 'soldier', Xenia's been assigned to Jr Agent Yavok's task for her quickness of tongue and habitually uncouth mannerisms that (hopefully) make her a shoe-in for impersonating smuggler-piratey-mercs. She certainly looks the part. The Lorrdian's got her hair cut short, causing the curls to spiral weightlessly in all directions, black at root and fading into a fiery red on the tips. An assortment of fabrics create a somewhat schizophrenic style that basically says 'I wear what I can find, so fek off'. Topping it all off is a giant trench that slouches half off her frame. A variety of piercings and tatoos polish off the look.

When the bay doors open, Xenia quits chewing on the niko stick she hadn't lit and swallows it. One brows arcs dubiously at the glorious Glurg and stays that way without further protest as she's absorbed into the hug. His fur-smothered sweat stink melds with her inherently spicy scent. Enjoy this, Elrych. "Some rich furs you got," she compliments, pawing her fingers through it until she's released. Ugh, shudder, dibs on the sonic shower! A little smile quirks up one side of her face when her companion divulges the name of their ship.

Sapphira, garbed all in black but not nearly in the fine, sexy, silky blackness of Poe's attire, leans back against the wall once TEAM DEMO and TEAM SECURITY are in the momentary safety of the passageway, though still in sight of the ship. It seems, given that this is a sneaky op, she's in a naturally sneaky mode and trying to find cover wherever it might be offered. Even in a nearly-empty hallway. She nods to Poe and Jessica. "Get moving; the security office should be on the upper floor to the North. Let us know when you're in. Comms check, comms check." She touches her ear, making sure her Comms are working with both groups before she nods once more at TEAM SECURITY. Then she turns to Merek. "We need to lie low until then. Let's find some cover." And she'll start to lead him off toward the west if he's willing to follow.

Merek has decided to put on some casual attire which is atop the fiber armor which he has. He also has on some gloves to keep away from literal prints. He has with him weapons that any one can carry legally, while he walks with Sapphira from the ship to the corridor. It would seem that he has changed up his hair, with some make-up as well while he does his best to seem someone else. He then nods to the woman so he can follow, "Right."

[PASS ( +73)] Poe Dameron's Listen @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +21)] Poe Dameron's Hide @ (70) diff.

Within the escape pod, Poe is squating near the sealed hatch, turning the wheel to unseal and lift it up. Before he does, his gaze finds Jess and BB-8. "We good?" -- The hatch is opened and below they can see the deck some 2 or 3 meters down. Poe takes the lead as he's accustomed and gently lowers himself down to the deck, landing softly and into a crouch. Sticking to the cover of a wide landing strut, Poe waits for Jess and BB-8 to follow. This isn't Poe's first stealth mission, and it wasn't Jess' either. This was just another chapter to their long history of complicated missions together. BB-8 lowers down using his internal jets, and he lands gently upon the deck and rolls closer to Poe, remaining out of sight. Poe adjusts the macro goggles over his eyes for a moment and peeks out from one side, making out the letters Aurebesh that indicated the direction of central control. Intending to move out toward that direction, Poe lifts the goggles up and plants his back firmly to the strut.-- When they move out, they meet Sapphira near the corridor. Poe just nods his head and provides a thumbs up, but then he detects the approach of others, the source of the noise coming from that same corridor. He takes up a spot adjacent to the entrance of the corridor, one where he did not spotlight himself crossing the opening but rather provides ample view of the corridor and where those within it may go. A signal to hide is passed to Jess and BB-8. BB-8 backs himself into a dark corner.

"Good as we'll ever be." There are only so many times a plan can be checked and re-checked before it's a pedantic waste of effort. They're at that point. All that remains is execution. Poe goes first. Jessika allows BB-8 to go after him. She's the last one out, and she slips over the lip of the open hatch and lowers herself until she's hanging just by her fingers. She waits for her body to stabilize itself and bring a halt to the light swaying before glancing down to make sure her landing zone is clear. She let's go and drops the distance. All that momentum and energy is dissipated by the deep crouch she dips into at the end, and her gloved hands place themselves against the floor as a brace to keep from falling over. Slipping forward into a languid, but low movement, Jessika closes the distance to the Major, then follows him forward.

Poe isn't the only one that hears the footsteps. There's no awkward moment where she tries to decide which way to go. Poe backs into a spot, and Jessika slinks up into a spot nearby.

[PASS ( +22)] Jessika Pava's Hide @ (100) diff.

[Sapphira Yavok tests an NPC's Spot.] [FAIL ( -37)] Pirate Mechanic (13218)'s 12 @ (100) diff.

TEAM BLUFF "HA!" Glurg barks out a laugh, slapping Elrych firmly on the back. Not quite enough to leave a mark, but harder than is polite. "You, I like very much. You are young, but you are smart. Smarts are everything! An army of idiots with blasters cannot defeat a smart man!" He claps Elrych again, this time leaving his hand on the man's shoulder and moves to steer him into an elevator. He goes on for more than a few breaths about the Hutts and Ebua in particular. "Because you are smart man, I will not take your partner into my room to show her the rest of my furs, yes? I respect a smart man too much." None the less, he does throw a dirty-toothed grin poor Xenia's way. "He is smart, but you are smarter, are you not, my girl? You," he wags a fat finger at her. "You are the one who I shall have to watch while we negotiate. Fortunate for me, eh?" The elevator opens, revealing what can only be described as a poor man's throne room. A gaudy, cheap chair sits on some pallets to make a raised dais, and around it are several other, lesser chairs for an audience. "Come, sit," he motions to the audience chairs. "We drink first, and then talk, yes?" Just as he says that, a scantily clad pirate moll steps out with a tray of glasses full of Kowakian Rum. Very full.

TEAM SECURITY Poe and Jessika seem to melt away in the darkness. The pirate mechanic, a heavily tattooed humanoid with ratty blonde hair, walks right past the both of them without a second glance. The way, for now, is clear.

TEAM DEMO In the western corridor, Merek and Sapphira are relatively alone for the moment. However, they need a place to lie low. Those pirate mechanic's steps, now that he's passed Poe and Jessika, are starting to sound nearer and nearer...

[FAIL ( -14)] Elrych Cometburn's Bluff @ (100) diff.

[Ambrosia Greystorm tests an NPC's Bluff.] [PASS ( +24)] Xenia's 80 @ (100) diff.

[Sapphira Yavok tests an NPC's Perception.] [PASS ( +30)] Glurg's Guards (6) (13208)'s 60 @ (100) diff.

Elrych saw the looks that his fellow was giving him. Yes, yes, enjoy it. "She's not my girl Glord, If she wants to go have some fun with your furs, by all means go right ahead." Yeah he just put poor Vala on the spot. That's what you get for giving him those condesending eyes. He pushes up his glasses and cracks his neck as he follows the larg and smelly man to his 'throne' room. "Huh... nice set up your got her Glorg...Glurg... what ever it was. I'm horrible with names." He slinks easily enough into one of the lesser chairs, putting up his sneaker laden foot over his onther knee and picking some scuff or gum off the bottom of it, a detested look on his face. "So... just give me your offer up front. I wan't to know what I'm dealing with."

Xenia cuts Elrych a little scowl before turning viperish doe eyes back on their host and making a subtle shift to her gait that bumps her hip against his before they are smushed into the elevator. "And to see that, you might yet be the smartest of all, mm?" Her eyes keep that wagging finger in sharp focus. "Though I'll be honest with ya, Glurg, I wouldn't mind seein' the rest of yer furs. After." She then hikes up a little pantslef to reveal....fur socks? Yup. One is, anyway. The other's a standard tan linen. Black brows wag once then she plops down into a chair. She accepts a glass of rum readily and cups it in lap with bowed chin, listening to Elrych get to the point. A slow, cool sip dips into the glass, then "My good Captain isn't one for haggling, I fear. Too busy of a man. What, with two families to bounce between 'n all. So if you'd be so kind as to indulge...how much can a wealthy lord such as yourself afford to contribute to our coffers in exchange for the goods? Ballpark figger. We can take five to finaggle the details from there, ya?" A look that seeks permission goes blatantly to Elrych.

[PASS ( +55)] Sapphira Yavok's Perception @ (100) diff.

"In here," Sapphira says quickly to Merek. She's paused at a small storage closet and pulled it open, finding that pirates apparently are not super diligent when keeping track of who has taken pens from the common pool. Weird, that. It'll be a very tight squeeze, awkwardly tight, but the footsteps are continuing at their lazy pace down the hall. Without waiting, Sapphira tucks quickly into the supply closet, leaving Merek with his own choie of what to do next.

Merek nods then to Sapphira while he walks within the closet with her, if there's room. It would seem that he is going to try and work his way into it even with little space so he can shift the door back to.

[PASS ( +45)] Poe Dameron's Listen @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +13)] Poe Dameron's Spot @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +53)] Poe Dameron's Gather Information @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +17)] Poe Dameron's Disable Device @ (100) diff.

Poe watches as the mechanic strolls on by and waits for a moment or two longer to listen for anything else. When he's certain there isn't anything, he rises up to find that the way is clear. He does not run but walks briskly, and pauses a moment to look down the corridor for any sort of surveillance. If their job was to find security to help the team along, then there are some risks implied in reaching that point!

Poe spots a haphazardly bolted surveillance relay slowly moving from side to side. Looking back at Jess, he whispers. "Security camera up ahead. I'm going to try to disable it so we can just move quickly." Poe does just that. He arrives beneath the camera just as its lens pans to the far left. Poe spots a single wire on its back side and pulls it free from the device, killing the red light beneath the lens and halting its motion. A thumbs up is angled back, and he waits for BB-8 and Jess, trusting Jess' instinct to watch his back while he focused on what was ahead.

[PASS ( +47)] Jessika Pava's Spot @ (100) diff.

The seconds of waiting seem to tick by as slow as the footsteps that move down the corridor. Her trepidation reaches it's pinnacle when the guard passes by. Her breath stills, even if her heart doesn't, and it takes the rest of her willpower to keep her body relaxed in the event that she has to react. Not even a glance is spared in her direction. She counts to thirty until she exhales, and her head slips forward only so far as is necessary to peek one eye around the corner of her hiding spot, to gaze down the corridor they're in. Getting the information from Poe, Jessika acknowledges with a nod and waits, patiently, while he slips into the corridor to disable the voice. She scans their vicinity as he works, then slips free once the signal is given. A casual glance is cast over her shoulder every few feet to make sure their six is clear as she advances to him.

+Chance roll by Sapphira Yavok - (50/50) Fail! (34)

TEAM BLUFF Once again, Glurg lets out a bark of a laugh and a lot of spittle goes with it. Thankfully he's almost out of spitton distance on his weird little throne. Almost. "Ah, is this how business is done on my beloved Nar, these days? Kriffin' hutts! Ruiners of everything pure and good in the galaxy. You both are too young to remember," he says, leaning forward and pointing that flubby finger at each in turn. "but in my day, proper business was done over days. Food, and drinks, and girls! Ach, those lovely girls. But we did not discuss business until we truly knew each other. How else is business to be trusted? Why, I have gone a week with such extravagances before a word of work was ever spoken!" He laughs, then sighs, shaking his head. "But this is the way of things now, yes? Very well." He lifts his large glass of rum in his grubby hand to each of them. "This will have to do. To new business, young friends, and fur in all the right places. Yes?" This las is said to Xenia, and the man belly-laughs again. "Yes! Fur in all the right places!" He downs his beverage quickly, sitting back in his chair. He watches Xenia and Elrych, waiting for them to drink. "Once you drink, we may agree then that 5,000 credits each week for five pallets of food and two pallets of, how you say, necessities. Not monthly, either. I like my food fresh."

TEAM SECURITY With the security camera on the northern corridor out of commission, Poe and Jess are able to move relatively freely along the way. As they draw to the end of the hall, unmolested, they see a door labeled security. It is unlocked. What will they do?

TEAM DEMO Crammed in close quarters as they are, Sapphira and Merek are stuck just ... staring at each other. Just staring. They can't really make small talk, and they can't really move to get more comfortable. Wedged like space sardines. But it'll be over soon. The footsteps of the mechanic are getting louder and louder, and it just seems as though they're about to get softer when they're suddenly broken by the creaking yank of an old manual door. The kind that leads right into an old supply closet, like where they're both hiding. Also, did it just get brighter in here? Yes, because the Mechanic opened their door. He steps back and lets out a yelp. "What the krif?!"

[FAIL ( -30)] Elrych Cometburn's Bluff @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +40)] Elrych Cometburn's Perception @ (100) diff.

[Ambrosia Greystorm tests an NPC's Bluff.] [PASS ( +24)] Xenia's 80 @ (100) diff.

[Ambrosia Greystorm tests an NPC's Perception.] [PASS ( +38)] Xenia's 80 @ (100) diff.

Okay, so maybe Elrych got to the point too quickly. Yeah... probably. "Ah..." He starts to back pedel a bit, looking to Xenia a moment and giving a nod. "I don't know Five thousand sounds a tad bit low, Glerg. Like she said, I've got two wives and six kids between them each on the other part of the galaxy. Got a lot of mouths to feed. I'm even thinking about a third wife!" Wow, okay, maybe not the best line of distraction ever.

[PASS ( +42)] Sapphira Yavok's Bluff @ (100) diff.

"-which we've discussed, and I've declined your offer thrice over," Xenia hastily snaps at Elrych before quieting her mouth with an obediently long sip of the rum. Mmmmm. Drinking on the job. She runs her tongue over her teeth, dabs her lips with the cuff of a sleeve and lets her eyes roam a bit around at the grandeur/guards, then her partner, then host. A tight smile forms there, eye contact ducked aside just enough to look sheepish, while really she's reaching up to scratch at her hair, her ear, and ensure the little node is nestled in there to relay SEC and DEMO teams' progress. "I'm sorry, I...it's just...well." She gestures subtle-not subtle at Elrych's foot. "I like my men to hold their own in a gamblin pit. Not come home with some bum's shoes." Like her wardrobe's got room to talk. Sniffing, she takes another sip and wags her head from side to side. "5k a week...what if we call it a probationary rate? You just wait, let us prove to ya we're the sorta runners you need - dependable - and maybe after one month's time....sss...." she sounds like she's gonna up it to '6' but purposefully leaves it up to Glurg to either finish or deny.

"What the kriff is right!" Sapphira responds, likely howling in poor Merek's ear from her place in the supply closet. Poor Merek will find himself further imposed upon as Sapphira tries to throw her arms about his shoulders, as if to cling and hide behind him. Not fully hide, of course. She's still peering around him to scold the mechanic. "We just wanted one kriffin' minute alone!" Poor, poor Merek.

Merek blinks a bit as the door is opened and Sapphira speaks. He then nods to the mechanic, "Yes, haven't you heard about knocking?" He holds up his hands a bit and motions, "If the door's a rockin', don't come knockin'!"

Poe Dameron slides his Modified DL-44 - Solo out of its holster, bringing the weapon to bear.

[PASS ( +70)] BB-8 (Astromech Droid - 888)'s Computer Use @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +69)] Poe Dameron's Spot @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +3)] Poe Dameron's Listen @ (100) diff.

Poe waits to advance until his team is with him, only then does he move forward following the corridor. His walk is brisk, but he does not sacrifice the integrity of careful steps to impatience. Stealth was about hunting! Hunting for the right moments to move, to listen, to watch. Their movements carried them to the end of the corridor where a single hatch labeled Security awaited them. Poe drew his heavily modified DL-44 from his hip and took the left side of the door. He planted his back against the bulkhead and motioned for BB-8 to plug in nearby. "Over there, buddy. Plug in and prevent any alarm from raising." BB-8 rolls to the indicated spot and ejects his arm to insert into the droid terminal and begins processing data.

Poe's glance goes to Jess just as BB-8 warbles that he's done just as Poe asked. BB-8 moves toward Poe and lightly bumps against the bulkhead remaining out of the way. The intensity of Poe's stare with Jess segues to a nod at the door and his free hand hovers over the open switch. Poe nods once, twice, and a third time before opening the hatch and pieing the corner to aim his blaster toward the far right corner before focusing on their fatal front. He steps a semi-circle pattern, moving from his position of cover through the threshold of the hatch, then planting his back to the bulkhead within the room, his weapon trained ahead.

Within the security room, two guys casually peruse the array of security terminals displaying vivid blue images of the different parts of the station. One man is seated trying to raise the disabled camera in the outer corridor while the other man listens to the comms from a loud speaker. <<..weird about these traders, send a few more guys to keep an eye on things and make sure they all stay on their ship.>>

[PASS ( +2)] Jessika Pava's Spot @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +47)] Jessika Pava's Listen @ (100) diff.

Jessika Pava slides her BlasTech DL-54 - 6477 out of its holster, bringing the weapon to bear.

The quiet is almost eerie. No noise is good noise, in this case. It means nothing's wrong. Yet. Although not as intensively trained as the Resistance ground forces, Jessika moves with Poe like a well-oiled team, and when the Major slips up to the door to survey it, she's crossed to the opposite side of the frame to support him. BB-8 rolls smoothly across the floor, and Jessika maintains vigilance by once again sweeping her gaze both in the direction they came and in the direction they were going. Knowing that things could get intense, her gloved hand drops to the grip of the DL-54 blaster on her hip, and it's familiar weight tugs against her fingers as she lifts it from its holster with an almost silent rasp of durasteel against leather.

With no alarm to bother them, Jessika's chin counts along with Poe. One. Two. Three. They mirror movements, insofar that Jessika's are a step behind his. Pointman clears his chosen corner, and the second takes the opposite, providing cover to multiple angles that sometimes overlap. What she doesn't expect is the situation before her, and the way the two are distracted. A familiar voice fills the space of the security room, but her mind doesn't hone in on that sound. The muzzle of her blaster is instead trained on the individual at the terminal, seated, and she supports the weapon by keeping her elbows tucked close to her body and both hands on. In such tight confines, it would have been a mistake to step through the door with the weapon outstretched. Seeming as if they haven't alerted their hosts, Jessika's gaze snaps to the Major in silent question. Already, her left hand is backing off the blaster so her gloved fingers can graze across the panel that she'd spotted when swinging in towards her corner. As silently as the door opened, it shuts as it shifts on its track, closing the security office off into its own separate environment and making sure no one casually strolling along sees two armed individuals trying to sneak up on the personnel within.

TEAM BLUFF Xenia, Warrior Resistance Fighter, has just proposed to Glurg a probationary period for the supply deliveries. Alas, Glurg is not impressed. At least, not with the offer. "Non, my dear. I say six months before we move up to six thousand, and in a year we can move up to eight. Eight is a good final price, is it not?" Glurg asks, looking between the two. His eyes do flit to Elrych's shoes, however, and he sniffs in slight disgust at the idea that they're bum's shoes. Granted, he's surrounded by pirate bums his own self, but somehow this is different. Glurg's big glurgy eyes do turn and glance at the guards, however, and the one speaking into his comms. He doesn't seem to take too much notice, however, and instead looks back to the pair. He lifts his glass, motioning for his lady-friend to bring around fresh ones. For Elrych, he just gets a second glass. Glurg watches the man as he lifts his own glass for another swig. "Have we reached an accord, my new friends? As you seem so eager to come to a conclusion here."

TEAM SECURITY Poe and Jess find themselves face-to-face with two security guards ... or whatever passes for security guards for pirates. One is holding an alcoholic beverage. The other is empty-handed. Both go for their weapons immediately, one shouting "Hey!" as he reaches and the other dropping the bevy to shatter on the floor. Neither appear to have quickdraw, apparently.

TEAM DEMO Sapphira and Merek are still making out! Or they were, before they were rudely interrupted. The interloper rolls his eyes and slams the door of the supply closet, stomping off to go find whatever he needs elsewhere all while muttering to himself about rude people. Apparently they're rude, rude people are. Merek and Sapphira are left in the dark once more.

[FAIL ( -3)] Elrych Cometburn's Bluff @ (100) diff.

[Ambrosia Greystorm tests an NPC's Bluff.] [PASS ( +47)] Xenia's 80 @ (100) diff.

"Listen..." Elrych starts after giving a stare to Xenia from behind his eyeware, the dark shades obscuring his eyes. "At the risk of pissing you off. I'm not in a hurry. Not really. I just like to make my opponant on the negotation table feel uncomfortable. They're a little off that way, able to give more, maybe make a compromise. Eights okay, Ten is better. And a nice number when it comes to counting. What do you say it's only Two Thousand more." [PASS ( +6)] Elrych Cometburn's Affect Mind @ (100) diff.

"Guess I'm just a girl who likes to finish her main course before getting to dessert," Xenia shrugs both shoulders and winks an apologetic smile Glurg's way before taking another leisurely sip of her drink. She waggles her rear around the seat like she's nestling in for the long haul and leans back in a way that tips the chair juuuust a little. Her boots remain anchored on the floor in place of the other legs. She sucks her teeth and arcs a brow back to Elrych. "I rather like the number '8'. 8,888 would be downright /delightful/. If...." A spark of genius/mischief lights her eyes and she rotates one finger through the air to point at Glurg. "If it comes with a one-time payment of one of those /delicious/ furs you've got squirreled away in your collection." This trade deal's just expanded a bit toward enhancing her personal wardrobe. "I'll let you pick, and, if you're a gracious host, I'll even model it for ye." *Siiiiiiiiiiiip*

Sapphira and Merek remain in the dark supply closet, all pushed up into each other's personal bubble. It's dark in there, and any breath or shift of stance is awkward turtle. Eventually such shifts and breaths turn toward a purpose as the pair begin the even more awkward side-shuffle-dance to turn around, allowing Sapphira to access the door while Merek remains safely within. From this position, the Junior Agent can peer out the slats in the door, seeing little but the light hitting the floor outside. One hand comes up to hear earpiece, and she depresses it inward to make sure her soft words are better heard. "This is Demo. Security, as soon as you're in place let us know. We're ready to move when you can guide us."

[»ATTACK« ( +5)] Poe Dameron's DL-44 Pistol hits Security Guard (2) (13224). <45 WP/22 SP>

[»ATTACK« ( +27)] Poe Dameron's DL-44 Pistol hits Security Guard (2) (13224). <54 WP/27 SP> (120 Difficulty)

[Ambrosia Greystorm tests an NPC's Haggle.] [PASS ( +35)] Xenia's 70 @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +66)] BB-8 (Astromech Droid - 888)'s Knowledge:security Codes @ (100) diff.

Poe doesn't allow either security guard the time to react. Adjusting to a proper shooting stance and obtaining sight alignment and picture, he fires a single bolt through the head of the man on the right, then transitions to the left. Both of them spill backwards likelessly as Poe lowers the blaster and grimaces. "Damn.. we'll have to put those guys somewhere. Maybe an airlock or something.." Poe pulls one guy off the security table and looks over the monitors briefly. "BB-8, lock that door, buddy. Put some sort of code on it if you can." Poe clears the desk quickly and holsters his blaster. <<We've taken security.>>

"The one who made the mess should clean it up," Jessika remarks. She doesn't mirror the Major's grimace, and instead concerns herself with slipping her blaster back into the holster at her hip. It receives a slight push at the end, ensuring it's secure in it's holding, before she turns back to the door to see if the locking mechanism from the inside is a simple enough affair. "You probably should have just stunned them, in retrospect. That might have made things harder for us in the future, though. Well.. Two missing security guards is going to put them on alert, too, but," Jessika shrugs just enough for the movement of her shoulds to be perceptible. "It's kind of a lose-lose scenario." Before she can get too focused on the door, Poe's ordering BB-8 to do it. "Why am I here, again? This doesn't look like an X-Wing cockpit." The light jab lacks any malevolent force behind it, and Jessika strides around to take some measure of what they're looking at with the panels.

TEAM BLUFF One of the guards behind Glurg, the one that had previously radioed to security, squints once more at Elrych. At last, he begins to step forward, reaching out to put a hand on Glurg's furry-clad shoulder. But then, just one-half step toward his goal, he stops. Instead, he stares at Elrych, his eyes going slightly wide. Then he looks around, as if confused about what he was doing, and steps back into place. One of the other guards leans in. "You good?" The first guard nods, still seeming slightly bewildered. He stares at Elrych as he speaks. "Yeah ... everything's grand." Glurg doesn't notice anything. He laughs out loud at Elrych and Xenia, clapping his hands with delight before lifting his liquor again. "Very well," he tells the pair, lifting the glass toward each of them in a salute. "Six and a fur to start, eight at six months, and ten at a year. This pleases you both, yes?"

TEAM SECURITY Two corpses, a droid, and two warm bodies make the security room rather cramped. But because the door was closed before any violence began, it does not appear as though anyone is any the wiser for what's just happened. BB-8 secures the door with a metallic grunt, and for now it seems they're alone in the room with a wide array of screens before them. From here, Jess and Poe can see and control everything. They can see Glurg, the guards, Elrych and Xenia in the 'throne' room. They can see the ship, and several other ships in different docking bays. They can see the armory, the medical bay, the barracks ... everything. Most importantly, they can see the cavernous underside of the Acolyde death laser, complete with large cooling fans, support structures, and power generators. In all these places and more, they can see pirates in various states of daily life.

TEAM DEMO It's still dark in the little closet, and still close and awkward. So far, there are no sights or sounds of anyone going by the little room again. Not yet, at least.

[Ambrosia Greystorm tests an NPC's Bluff.] [PASS ( +49)] Xenia's 80 @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +16)] Elrych Cometburn's Bluff @ (100) diff.

Elrych shoots an eye to the guard about to inform Glurg of his suspicions but a little nudge with the force is all it takes to keep the weak minded fool from spilling the proverbial beans. "As I was saying. That sounds like a plan... Now I can wait here and sip some wine while you two look over furs and transfer payment or what have you." He really just did not want to whitness what ever it was Xenia was going to do. Either way, he takes a long sip, finally, from the glass given to him. "But by all means take your time." He glances to his partner.

"Yes. Yes, I think we'll take all the time we need..." Xenia smiles too sickly to be sweet over the now empty rim of her glass at Elrych before putting it down on the floor by her feet and rises with a little stretch. You're kriffin welcome, Resistance folk. "That is, if Glurg's in the mood to take care of such business now." Honestly, a second drink wouldn't be so bad, right now, but she doesn't make a move on it. Must stay sharp. Her right hand extends to their corpulent host, many-ringed fingers splayed all delicately and whatnot. Nevermind the little callouses.

<<Roger.>> That's Sapphira on the comms. She turns to look at Merek and then reaches around the man's arm, taking the explosive bag from the man's shoulder. "Wait here. If something goes wrong, get back to the ship and get the others out. Or if it only goes a little wrong, there's more explosives on the ship." The redhead then turns forward again and slowly, quietly opens the door. She steps out, closing it as quickly and quietly as she can behind her. Then? She starts heading along the corridor, heading west along the corridor, deeper into the pirate fortress.

[PASS ( +52)] Poe Dameron's Computer Use @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +10)] Poe Dameron's Spot @ (100) diff.

Poe is dragging the bodies to the side with a comical grunt. He uses his arms to hook under their pits and back pedals until they are out of the way. He does pat their pockets down, and separates them from their blasters. "I'll deal with it later I guess." Poe says, admitting it was his mess to clean up. By the time he's returned to Jess, his face is wet with sweat, but not profusely drenched. He's just gotten a decent work out. "Well, let's see if we can map out the route to the cannon, and direct our team through it. We'll have to try to cut off the pirates we see by sealing doors." He hears his comms, <<Roger, we're working it out now.>> Not an XWing cockpit, he thought, then smiled. "Same principle, just now we're using screens and a map.. that's here somewhere.." He pointed at the terminal that displayed Sap.

[PASS ( +30)] Jessika Pava's Computer Use @ (100) diff.

"Don't worry. I'll supervise." She offers another deadpan delivery of dry humor for him to enjoy along with the slight suffusing of sweat through his pores. Bracing one hand against the upper edge of a bank of monitors, the other braces against the desk extending towards them, giving her two points of contact to lean into while studying the rows of screens. "I'll try to pull up a schematic map while you guide her with the cameras, if you want to work it that way." Her gloved finger doesn't cause her any dexterity issues in this instance, but it does necessitate that she pokes at the keys rather than fluidly typing across them. The ghostly illumination of the screen cast across her flightsuit and her face flickers during the search.

"Here it is. Hopefully there's some maintenance route so we don't have to play hide-and-go-seek with a bunch of pirates in the hallways. It'll be a lot safer if she can move out of sight."

+Chance roll by Sapphira Yavok - (50/50) Success! (72)

TEAM BLUFF The guards seem none the wiser, now, for the subterfuge that's going on right in front of their eyes. Good jedi-ing, jedi! Glurg, too, seems entirely at ease in the presence of his new 'friends,' as he called them. His smile grows as Xenia approaches, and he reaches out to take her hand. "Ah, my dear girl. Were I young and foolish. But you are young enough to be my daughter, and besides, we are in business! We cannot mix business and pleasure. Still," he leans down and slobber-kisses Xenia's hand, then raises his face to her again. "I shall have my Ganjuko fur cloak brought out, as promised payment." He turns and looks at Elrych then, nodding respectfully to the man for the first time. "You are all welcome to stay, of course. See about some rooms for our guests, will you?" Glurg asks, turning to the formerlly-skeptical guard.

TEAM SECURITY Poe has some good spotter-eyes on him, and he spots not only Sapphira quickly, but he's able to work out with Jessika's map just where the girl is. West, north, down two flights of stairs, west and north again, then she'll be in the laser room. Easy peasy, right? Yet there's several pirates meandering in and out of those areas. He and Jessica will have to be careful and cautious about how they want to do this.

TEAM DEMO Merek is left as backup in the supply closet, and Sapphira presses forward. She walks as if she knows where she's going, even as she turns down the long corridor just as some other pirate is wandering down that very same corridor.

[FAIL ( -6)] Elrych Cometburn's Bluff @ (100) diff.

[FAIL ( -52)] Elrych Cometburn's Affect Mind @ (100) diff.

[Ambrosia Greystorm tests an NPC's Bluff.] [PASS ( +76)] Xenia's 80 @ (100) diff.

Elrych raises his brows, "Are you sure, Glurg." He probably keeps saying his name wrong on purpose. He is playing the pickish captain, "I really think you should take her up on her offer. It's how those Lordians do things. THey're super into like body language and stuff, right? I mean she does this thing with her tongue..." He tries to add a bit of suggestion behind that, to push the man into doing it but he might have wasted it on appeasing the nervous guard.

Xenia feigns a momentary pout but lets her expression brighten back up when he names the fur and she claps her hands together rpaidly before swooping in to take up a second glass of drink afterall. "To a new partnership," she lifts in gesture of a toast whilst sneaking a half step to the side to knock Elrych's ankle with her heel.

[PASS ( +15)] Sapphira Yavok's Bluff @ (100) diff.

Sapphira walks like a pirate. Yarr, matey. In truth, a pirate walks like most other people. When a pirate walks in a pirate's home lair, where they are comfortable and at-ease, that shows in their walk. So that is the walk Sapphira does, turning the corner in the corridor just in time to see another pirate walking directly towards her. She nods her head in the man's direction, and he doesn't even seem to notice her. No, he's too focused on his datapad, and he walks right on by without even lifting his gaze to the redheaded woman. Still, once the pirate is passed, Jess and Poe can see Sapphira's shoulders sigh in relief. Her voice crackles over the radio. <<Guys, there's a fork in the passage up here, which way am I going?>>

[PASS ( +81)] Poe Dameron's Spot @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +15)] BB-8 (Astromech Droid - 888)'s Spot @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +13)] Jessika Pava's Spot @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +2)] Poe Dameron's Computer Use @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +36)] Poe Dameron's Bluff @ (100) diff.

Poe chuckles at her supervise comment, but has nothing to add. His attention turns to the feeds where he's watching Sap move down the corridor. She transitions from camera to camera quickly. Coordinating with Jess, they closed the hatch to the separate route. <<Sap, by pass the stairwell you're coming up on and walk toward the hatch I'm shutting. Then stand by for a second.>> The hatch in question shuts and the sound of the local PA at that hatch facing the two pirates walking down the corridor crackles to life. "Damn it, this hatch is malfunctioning. We're doing some updates guys, you'll have to go around." Poe says gruffly, sounding annoyed. He looks to Jess for a moment, shrugging.

[PASS ( +83)] Jessika Pava's Computer Use @ (100) diff.

"Nice thinking. Better than locking him in his room. Might have raised too much suspicion." Poe's quick thinking leaves Jessika just enough room to compliment him and reveal the idea she would have thrown out onto the table had it been necessary. Turning back to study the map that's ahead of her, Jessika zooms in on the section of the schematic that's associated with Sapphira's current location in the base. A network of maintenance hallways and other corridors offer a few variant paths. "I think I've got something," she comments to Poe after checking to see that he's not got his finger on the transmitter button. Avoiding planting the tip of her finger on the monitor, she nonetheless gets it close enough to simulate such a thing.

"If she takes this route, she can bypass pretty much everything. I'm not seeing anything on the tertiary cameras running through this corridor. It's an alternate route that's just a little bit longer than the other, so it doesn't really get used. It'll put her out where she needs to be, and we can avoid any further issues. She just has to make it past that stairwell."

TEAM BLUFF With skeptical security guard off to find the fur, Elrych and Xenia may be breathing easier. But they shouldn't be, because his friend, the one who had asked skeptical if everything was ok? He's been watching too. And something has made him skeptical, too. So he leans to one side, trying to look totally inconspicuous, and speaks into his comms. TEAM SECURITY will hear him through the security console loud and clear. It's on the pirate's open channel. <<Something's really kriffy about these traders. Security, seal off the throne room and their ship's landing bay. Frankie, get a couple of guys and sweep the halls. Once we're sure there's no one skulking around, we'll search their ship.>> Glurg, meantime, is oblivious to all of this. Instead, he's risen from his chair and opeened his arms in a display of pleasure at Xenia. "You are too young, my boy," he tells Elrych. "Everything is rutting to the young. It is the old and infirm who know that rutting comes and goes, but the memory of a happy girl's smile stays fresh with you for weeks on end. Focus more on her happiness instead of her rutting, and perhaps she'll give you a second glance." The man claps his meaty fists. "More, another round!"

TEAM SECURITY That same message will crackle over the console in the security room. From there, Jess and Poe can control doors, lights, and other basic things. But they can't stop the message that was just sent out to the rest of the pirates: there's trouble. Whatever will they do?

TEAM DEMO Sapphira, meanwhile, is blissfully ignorant of these goings-on. Nope, she's following directions, paused by the hatch. On the other side, the two men groan and curse at the overhead PA system, calling Poe some very choice terms. But the same message crackles across their radios, and they turn to jog in the opposite direction, weapons drawn. Hey, they're pirates and they like a good bit of action!

"Oh don't you worry about me Glorg..." And he grabs a cup to drink from once more. A hidden glance behind those shades of his is given to the other guard who is leaning to the side speaking in his comm but the Jedi only sips from his cup instead, sparing only a glance to his companion.

[Ambrosia Greystorm tests an NPC's Bluff.] [FAIL ( -15)] Xenia's 80 @ (100) diff.

Xenia will drink to that! She tips her second glass coyly in Elrych's direction, a shavit--eating grin on her face as Glurg goes on about her 'happy' smile. Too bad she's being paid to help sabotage this old kriffer. Might've gotten along well as one of his own girls, had the stars aligned another way...She'll drink to that, too. Teensie sips, of course.

"Can't wait to inform the crew. Arrangements with big guns such as yerself really puts our reputation up there, yea?" Happy smiles, happy thoughts....might be though, the pressure of what's transpiring unseen elsewhere in the compound is starting to shake her inner cool. "Is 'e callin fer the food?" She motions to the guard muttering politely off to the side. "Dangerous to fill a girl's belly with liqour alone."

[PASS ( +97)] Poe Dameron's Computer Use @ (100) diff.

Sapphira at least is able to hear the clatter of armed pirates leaving, heading around them to go back toward their ship. That'll be a bridge to cross when they come to it. The redhead speaks into comm. "Merek, we're clear. Bring on up the explosives." And, taking a few tenative steps and with a tenative glance upward at a security camera that Poe and Jess can stare back at her through, she puts a finger to her ear so she's easier to hear and be heard at soft tones. "Am I going through the hatch, or back the way I came, Major?"

Merek makes sure to check on the supplies which he brought with him, then he walks from that closet to the main hall. He was satisfied with the man thinking nothing of them being there, then he walks to where Yavok is as he shifts his hand to the knife upon his belt, in case it is required as he shifts through quietly a bit.

When the two in the corridor leave Sap's position, Poe pecks at the keys and opens her door. His attention shifts to Jess, who has relayed the course of a new route for Sap to take. Motion scans did not pick up movement from the route she indicated. <<Sap, I'm gonna give you over to Testor (Jess), she has a route for you to take once you're past that hatch.>> -- Poe switched the channel to the entire team's channel. <<Be advised, the pirates are onto you guys. They find us sketchy, and they're manuevering people into place for a possible fight.>> Poe points at Jess then while he returns to surveying the feeds, trying to get an idea of where everyone is. A thought occurs to him that he could potentially just trap all the pirates indefinitely in place. He struggles with the morality of the call though.%

The curveball of being the one giving the directions catches her off-guard for a second, and Jess shoots Poe a confused look while trying to contend with being put on the spot out of the blue. Glancing back at the schematic that she's looking over, her head snaps up in response to the sudden alert being transmitted to them. "That can't be good.." It's an understatement, especially since one of their crew is heading off with the honcho in charge of all this. It's not a good situation to be in. She looks to Poe once, but he's going to have to come up with a plan on his own. The tip of her glove maintains its place against the screen, helping mark the point where Sapphira is awaiting orders. "Go past the hatch, not back the way you came. Once you're past the hatch, you're going to take an alternate route. Let me know as soon as you've made it."

TEAM BLUFF "Of course, of course! Schlojme," Glurg says happily to one of his other men. "Call one of the girls downstairs. I know they've been working on supper, so let them know it's time to serve. Come, sit!" He begins to lead Elrych and Xenia, moving to drape his arm over the latter if she'll allow, toward a table with a few tall windows overlooking the barren asteroid and space around them." For as alert as some of Glurg's guards are, the man himself seems a bit niave when dealing with these strangers. The guard, having heard the message over the comms in his ear, nods curtly to his boss and then to the previously-talking guard. He mutters into his radio, listens, and then nods again. He moves to one of the doors off to the side, punching in a code. The door beeps. He comes back to watch the rest of the goings-on. A few minutes later, two more girls come in, bearing large trays of food. It's all family style of course, much of it is meat, although there is an almost obligatory green that's been sauteed in enough oil that any potential health benefits are long gone. "When will you all be returning to me to discuss how things are going? Six months?" Glurg asks, taking no time to tuck in.

TEAM SECURITY In the security room, the conversation between Shlojme and the girls downstairs is easily heard. <<Boss wants dinner for him and his guests. Is it ready yet?>> A young woman's voice will soon answer. <<Yeah it's been kriffin' ready for an hour. We can't bring it up if the door's locked though.>> Schlojme responds with a small sigh of exhasperation. As Jess leads Sapphira and Merek through to the cavernous under-death-ray facility at the top of the pirate fortress, she'll note that with most of the pirates that are interested in a toussle moving to the landing bay, the way is relatively clear. There's only one mechanic here monitoring the coolant system for the power geneator for the giant death ray. Alas, that's somewhere that Merek and Sapphira will need to plant charges.

TEAM DEMO With Jess' alternate route, Sapphira and Merek manage to get to the under-death-ray cavern rather easily. They've previously reviewed the places to plant charges on intel schematics, but those were mock-ups. The real thing is likely a little different. Still, it's not hard to figure out. Support beams. Power generators. Navigation gimbles. While the way behind them is still kind of a mess, the mission is clear: it's time to set those well-hidden charges.

"Uh... Well... what did we say again?" Elrych blinks as he takes a seat, looking out over the starscape the windows allow in this dining area. "Sorry, she keeps all my books for me. Now you know why she's so handy. I'd walk off a cliff if I didn't have her." He nods to Xenia.

"He would," Xenia confirms without missing a beat, staring a little vacantly out at the space rock from beneath the weight of obese, Rodian arm. "In six months, sure, we do our little performance review, possibly get our raise....In between now and then, I reckon we could be convinced to stop in for a chitchat while the crew unloads our cargo drop, if you're in the mood for company." She nods aside at Elrych. "Assuming the mongrels could behave themselves aboard the ship, not stoop to mutiny in our absence."

<<Remember, we need to get in and out without them suspecting what we've done,>> Sapphira's voice crackles over the comms in everyone's ear. <<So do whatever you have to do to get out alive, just ... you know. Do it smooth. Maybe convince someone in charge that we're on the level? Quietly? I dunno but we're about to set the charges so we'll be heading back to the ship soon. Maybe start hiding any bodies you've dropped.>> Sapphira lowers her hand from her ear and her announcement on the comms, grumbling as she turns to Merek. "Not that I got to drop anybody. Harrumph. Got the charges? Give me some and we'll spread out, see about getting them placed. Just remember: they've got to be hidden."

[PASS ( +24)] Merek's Perception @ (100) diff. [PASS ( +70)] Merek's Computer Use @ (100) diff.

Merek takes one of his hands to the supplies on his belt, handing some charges to Yavok. He takes his, while he prepares the first one and nods to the woman, "I'll make sure to keep that in mind, need to make sure I can find a perfect place to maximize effect," he rolls out a few tools from the engineer kit which he has, then he begins to place the charges as he programs them.

"BB-8, come here, buddy." Poe turns away from the monitors for a moment and kneels down to address his faithful droid. "I need you to head back to the ship. You're doing two things. Make sure the way to the ship is clear. Two, if it is clear, is it safe to move two bodies? Just ensure you get aboard the ship, okay? Then have her prepped to go." Poe straightens as BB-8 pushes out through the doors, only to lock them shut again. Poe's attention returns to the monitors, weighing his options.

BB-8 (Astromech Droid - 888) closes the distance to Poe and angles its head back to view the pilot's face. Responding with an acknowledgement the droid rolls away and triggers the door to open remotely. When BB-8 is past the door the hatch shuts and locks behind him. He proceeds down the corridor casually meanwhile analyzing the path for Poe and Jessika while returning to the ship.

Giving directions is the easy part. As far as the tasks go, Jessika things she and Poe have it easy. Not counting the bodies, at least. Those might be hard to get rid of. As the team with the explosives gets into place and prepares to carry out their task, Jessika keys the mic up again. "Everyone's responding to the security call on their internal frequency except for one of the mechanics. Looks like he's monitoring one of the systems near one of the power generators. Be careful as you go in that direction. I dunno if he's wired in to the rest of them like the guards, or what. Just don't get caught off-guard." Jessika doesn't remove her attention from the bank of screens despite Poe's orders for BB-8. She remains focused.

TEAM BLUFF "That is truly what I was asking," the Rodian boss responds with another laugh. He releases poor Xenia and sits down to tuck into his meal, quite happily. "When I get to see your delightful faces again! Between you and I," the man leans forward, and his chair groans in protest. "Pirates often do not make for the most diverting company." He belly-laughs again. "And you!" he points at Elrych with a fork. "We shall find you some new shoes, eh? Get you a little drunk. See the wild man underneath. That would be amusing, I think." For now the guards seem content to mill about and watch.

TEAM SECURITY Life in the security room is pretty good for right now. No one's bothered them, and while they have one mechanic in the Death Ray room to deal with, and the locked-up team bluff to figure out, and two bodies to stash or take with them, that's all doable, right? Well, mostly. <<We've sealed their ship in the hanger. No one's going in or out.>> Only Team Security hears that message. However, if they watch the screens, they'll see that once the doors are locked most of the pirates go back to what they were doing. Crisis averted, right? Who'd have thunk that pirates are not the most disciplined of people? It's fortunate for BB-8 who, if he excersizes a little bit of caution, should be able to get to one of the locked doors without much problem.

TEAM DEMO Charges are quickly being laid in nice, no-one-will-see-me-here spots thanks to Merek. However, as the dynamic duo progress further into the cavernous under-death-ray room, they're getting closer and closer to that mechanic. Thanks to Jess, however, now they know about him.

[FAIL ( -12)] BB-8 (Astromech Droid - 888)'s Move Silently @ (100) diff.

Elrych can hear Sap over the comm in his ear but there's no way he can just get up and know that the doors are locked and he can't respond and say, okay let us know when /everyone/ is back to the ship. However, what he can do is take out his datapad and uplink to baby who he left in the ship. He was powered down but a simple command would allow for him to wake and then run about a systems check and look over the ship. Perhaps maybe, he can unlock things and meet up with BB8. "Shoes?" Elrych looks up from his datapad to Glurg, "What's wrong with these... I like these shoes..." It dosn't hurt to add a bit of a supressive influence to those around him if he can commune with the force enough.

[FAIL ( -17)] Elrych Cometburn's Bluff @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +46)] Elrych Cometburn's Affect Mind @ (100) diff.

[Ambrosia Greystorm tests an NPC's Bluff.] [PASS ( +45)] Xenia's 80 @ (100) diff.

Responding to their security call, whaaaat? Xenia listens intently to the Res comm to-and-fro, keeping track of progress and mounding threats to their cover. She can't exactly rush promptly to defend said ship. Sounds like it's in the hands of those at the station's controls, and hers are here. Selling lies.

"Well, we've already established that you lost your decent pair to some bum, gamblin. Let the man acquire you a new pair! Could be fun...like my new coat." Which she is sincerely hoping makes it back to the throne in time before they cut and run. Spoils of war, right? She affords a glance to her chronometer in full view of the guard detail, their host, whoever might be watching and comments "I imagine that in another ten we ought to actually check in on the crew. Few o'them are half-wits, y'know. Family of friends that I couldn't see go hungry in the street, but strong as kriffin banthas when comes to haulin equipment! Any rate, don't always get along with the rest and every now and again enough a spark's lit that somebody's destined for a black eye." She taps her own while perching back into her own chair and picking at a few healthy bites of food. A low food moan escapes and she makes a show of her enjoyment, eyes rolling to the ceiling. "Guff er grels mahpruffal!" she endorses the culinary offerings around a mouthful.

[PASS ( +81)] Sapphira Yavok's Move Silently @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +13)] Sapphira Yavok's Perception @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +12)] Sapphira Yavok's Computer Use @ (100) diff.

As Jess's voice crackles over the comms, alerting Team Demo of the guard up ahead, Sapphira just looks to Merek and nods, motioning for him to continue what he's doing. The woman herself goes into stealth-ninja mode, which she somehow manages WITHOUT super sexy stealth armor, and moves around one of the pillars to creep along a large coolant vent leading toward the power generators and the mechanic. She pauses in her creep, reaching to unscrew a bolt nut from one of the bolts there, palming it and scooting a few more steps forward. Then? She hurls it in an upward arc above and past the mechanic, where it tinkles and bounces off to the side and away. The mechanic lifts his head, looking down where the noise cames from. After a moment he leaves his station and meanders after the sound. It gives Sapphira enough time to go in and plant her own charges, moving as quietly out as she did to come in. <<Charges are set. Can you guys get us back to the ship?>> Merek has completed his charges, then when Yavok makes note to him that the mechanic is there, he is quiet. He doesn't try to sneak, he has placed all of his so he waits for the distraction to move him away from them. Once he has, he then shifts his way back towards the entrance once the steps of the man seem distant enough.

[PASS ( +63)] Poe Dameron's Computer Use @ (100) diff.

The good news about the pirate crews leaving their posts meant that Poe could lock the necessary hatches to keep a pathway clear. "They're good to come back the way they came. I've locked all the hatches along that path to keep it clear. They will have a straight shot back to the ship." Poe says to Jess instead of taking over the comms. It was easier for the pair to work in tandem, and Poe was not known for micromanaging. Poe's attention goes to the hangar bay feed where he is looking for BB-8. Hopefully, the faithful little guy can ensure the path is clear, and everyone can withdraw. Unfortunately, that meant Poe and Jess had to leave the security station before the bluff team could return.

[PASS ( +24)] BB-8 (Astromech Droid - 888)'s Spot @ (100) diff.

"You're good to go back, and you'll have a straight shot to the ship." Jessika does one last check of the monitors and the path, then leaves it at that. "You think if we just throw a blanket over them, no one will notice?" She's looking at the pair that Poe disposed off when they entered the room. She'd made a crack about how he shouldn't have killed them, but there was no way around it. It was either kill them or knock them out, and knocking them out wouldn't have aided the team in the slightest, because people generally regain consciousness after losing it. They'd not necessarily have any clue what had happened, but the mere fact they'd know something had gone wrong was not a viable option. "Too bad there's no airlocks nearby."

TEAM BLUFF Elrych's slight of mind and Xenia's strong bluff both seem to have the desired and intended effect on Glurg. "Of course, of course!" the Rhodian says around a mouth full of food. He gestures to everything, and points at Schlojme again. "Pack up another set of meals for their men, and- ahhhhhhhh," he almost purrs in delight as the sixth guard comes back with the fur coat for Xenia, as promised. Glurg rises himself to collect it and present it to the woman. "My gift for you. And shoes for you next as the lady says, eh? Ha!" He barks another laugh at Elrych. "These two are my newest and dearest friends," he announces to his group of guards, gesturing to Elrych and Xenia. "Anything they want, anything they need, they know they can always come to us." Whatever the guards might think, the boss has decreed that all of this is on the up and up. A guard mutters into his comms, and the chatter can be heard by those in the security room.

TEAM SECURITY <<Boss says they're legit. Everyone stand-down. Can we get another few of those meals boxed up and put on the ship for their crew?>> <<MORE?! Ugh, kriffin' killin' me. Fine, fine. It'll be about ten minutes. Security, can you unlock the hanger for us?>> So there it is: Poe and Jess have about 10 minutes if they want to move those bodies onto the ship before food delivery arrives. Meanwhile, BB8 might have been able to confirm a clear path for his comrades. However, the noisy little so-and-so makes just enough racket that one of the pirates hears him echoing through the halls, and wanders back to investigate. With his weapon still bared he stops and squints suspiciously at the droid. Then he barks. "Hey! Get back to work, or I'll use you for target practice!" Pirates aren't nice, are they? BB8 knows, as much as a souless droid can know something, however, that this one pirate aside, the way is clear up until the locked hanger door.

TEAM DEMO The demos are placed. The mechanic is none the wiser. The path opened up by the security team means Merek and Sapphira are able to double-time it back to the hanger. They arrive at a more southern entrance, but their way is open thanks to Poe, Jess, and their tenacity in opening a way for the pair. Sapphira and Merek will be the first ones back on the ship.

BB-8 (Astromech Droid - 888) sees the way is relatively clear. He makes some noise initially but casually rolls away from the scene of his mistake and heads toward the ship.

Elrych stands, slipping away his Datapad. Kid goes about doing a pre flight check and moving about the ship, looking like a normal maintenance droid but keeps his master alert. He purses his lips at the thought of getting new shoes. "Fine... but they got to be good for running and stylish. These ones are wicked retro." He pushes his eyeware up the bridge of his nose. "Man the guys are guna love this food..." He says, quickly stuffing his mouth full of what ever is offered, unlike his partner in lies.

“Your crew's been hard at work, ensuring your protection and our creature comforts. Please, let them partake of this delicious fare on our behalf." Xenia leans in for a wink after swallowing down the last chunk of meat held in palm and wiping said palm clean against her thigh like a lady. She's got that coat square in her sights now and wastes no time in standing to accept the offer. The gal shrugs out of her current coat and tosses it to land on Elrych's vacated chair so that she may assume the position to be robed in the new by Glurg. IF he'll do the honors. "I do believe you've become my favorite business associate, daresay friend as well, Glurg," she purrs and runs a tongue over her teeth to root out any stuck pieces of food before baring her pearly whites (well, pearly whites + 1 chrome implant) to their pirate host in form of most happy, gracious smile.

Once on board, Sapphira almost runs right into Kid, drawing up short and muttering a 'whoops!' Then? She laughs. Why not? They made it back onto the ship, so for them, at least, things seem to be a success. <<Demo's on board. All's well.>> That done, she looks over at Merek, grinning madly. "You good?"

Once back to the ship, Merek looks around a bit and nods then to Yavok, "I'm doing alright... I am going to work on some things," he explains, while he adjusts his shirt a little bit. The Recruit moves to find a place to settle in at the moment.

[PASS ( +46)] Poe Dameron's Strength @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +45)] Poe Dameron's Run @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +64)] BB-8 (Astromech Droid - 888)'s Knowledge:security Codes @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +25)] Poe Dameron's Computer Use @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +50)] Jessika Pava's Strength @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +50)] Jessika Pava's Run @ (100) diff.

With the operation closing down, it comes time to store the bodies. To Jessika's quip, Poe chuckles. "It might work for the first week or so, but the smell might give it away." Poe turns back to the console and hits a button. The feed is scrambled and any data it's collected has been erased. It is no longer collecting data either. Poe hoists the heaviest of the two bodies up and sighs. "Alright, let's hoof it back to the ship. BB-8 gave the all clear. He'll work on unlocking the docking bay for us." Poe opened the security hatch and took off at a run. He ran down the corridor and into the hangar bay where he took a sharp turn toward their ship and moved up the ramp. Once safely inside, the body was cast somewhere into the cargo bay haphazardly to make a loud clatter within the safety of their ship. Poe dusts his hands off and moves to the cockpit. <<Hatches are unlocked in the station. Security team is back. Let's withdraw, and RTB.>> Meanwhile, BB-8 has lifted the security locks on the hangar bay, reopening the hangar doors that prevented the ship from leaving. Poe finds his seat in the cockpit and immediately begins flipping a series of switches to prep the ship for departure.

Jessika doesn't hoist her one of the pair up quite as fast as Poe. She also goes for a carrying technique that has her bracing him across her shoulders before lifting. A grunt, a moment of stabilization, and a careful movement out the door later, and Jessika is advancing with Poe back towards the ship. It's a task made more difficult by her flightsuit, and her muscles are aching by the time they make it back to where the astromech awaits their return. A light sheen of sweat covers her face, and her dark hair is matted against the nape of her neck. She's huffing, too, especially up the last little bit of the ramp. The process of getting the body onto her shoulders might have been a delicate thing, but getting it off? Not so much.

Jessika lets the corpse fall away and clang loudly on the deck. Her gloved hands take up spots on her hips, and she walks in small circles in the interior, keen on keeping her muscles from seizing up from the burst of activity followed by a sudden stop. There's more than enough time to maneuver to the ship's control cabin, and she fills the cockpit with her sentiments on the whole matter. "Let's not ever do that again."

TEAM BLUFF Glurg is all too happy to take the title of business partner and friend as he dons the robe on Xenia. "Look at my wonderful taste? Your shoes will be the most magnificient of all the shoes in all the worlds!" The bright purple fur certainly does speak to Glurg's tastes. "Ah," he waves his hands. "Go. See to your men. And next month see to my delivery, eh? Yes, very good." Should Team Bluff turn to go, they'll find the doors before them unlocked. They're free.

TEAM SECURITY Thank the stars for BB-8, otherwise Poe and Jessika might come around a corner while dead-man-carrying two, well, dead men. As it is, most of the pirates have meandered off now that the potential crisis has passed, and the way is fairly clear. Team Security +2 will be the next team back on board the ship.

ALL TEAMS By the time the pretty young women come bearing wrapped hot platters of spiced grains and even heavier spiced meats, all teams will have adjourned back to the ship. With the two bodies stowed, the Resistance fighters can enjoy what appears to be some type of Grappa along with the wide family-style spread as they successfuly complete their mission and head back to base.