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TLJ - Flying Coffins

OOC Date: January 16, 2018
Location: Space
Participants: Ambrosia Greystorm, Sar Yavok, Leia Organa, Hazar Jast, David Ironside, Karas Darkwing, Poe Dameron, Maeve Zavir

TLJ SPOILERS INSIDE --following events take place during the last ditch efforts to run away as the Raddus is losing fuel. All personnel, save for Admiral and Vice Admiral, are loaded onto shuttles and ejected in attempts to evade the First Order doomsday ship hot on their tail. They are trying to make it to Crait--

It's been a hell of a ride, folks. Perhaps the saddest space chase in history, far back as Greystorm can remember anyway. Her 'talk' (more of a solliloquy) with the inert form of her handler (coma Leia) had been interrupted by a presentation of some hairbrained idea that frankly was better than sitting around and waiting to die. From then till now it was just a matter of stalling and /more/ waiting, until they could wait no longer. It was time to bail. Time to load the transports.

The useless-in-space Army crew was herded into a few of the shuttles like cattle cars, but Ambrosia hung back with a hand-picked tiny team of personnel to serve as the General's armed escorts. Do bodyguards make much difference while aboard an unarmed spacecraft, snailing ahead of your doom? No, not really, but it was a matter of principle. "Let's hope for a long flight," she says aloud while settling in near the comms terminal, hovering over the back of some poor officer.

"Just grab it!" Sar barks to a pair of marines arguing over who's going to be carrying a crate of medical supplies. He, himself, steps over the small box and onto the shuttle. "We've grabbed everything we can," he remarks to Amber, moving to sit down in one of the dropseats. He sniffs and leans back, not at all looking forward to the ride ahead. He doesn't have a problem with space. Flying around in an unarmed moving target? He has a problem with that.

In the open cockpit of Blue 2, David sits, repairing the last of the damage suffered in the evacuation. Internal repairs are being handled by his ever-present R2 astromech droid. "I know, R2. We've barely landed, and now we're leaving again." Beeps in reply. "Yes, we're doing the exact same thing. Yes, it's probably going to go horrible again. But we'll make it. We have to." Can't let those transports fly around unprotected with the FO hot on their heels, after all. Noticing Sar Yavok barking orders at some people, he turns and looks. Into his personal comm, he then assures both senior officers "It'll be over before you know it." Hm, that might've sounded a bit ambiguous. "..in a good way, of course. Blue 2, out."

Proud to be one of those picked to guard the general, Hazar Jast is ready to be as important as he possibly can be. Of course, he doesn't look like he likes the prospect of the unarmed shuttle being their transport, but it isn't the sort of thing where one gets a choice. "I hope so too, ma'am," Corporal Jast says to Colonel Greystorm. "Can't wait to get my boots on the ground again." Aboard the transport Corporal Jast finds himself a position where he can look on the entire interior of the vessel, making sure everyone aboard is doing their part. He takes his job as a bodyguard very seriously.

The starfighter bay is in ruins. David's designated fighter is in smouldering pieces on it's floor, and now he's helping guide non-combat staff onto the shuttles. Maybe he'll get to drive one of these 'buses'. Nothing is certain anymore. Apparently the Resistance is abandoning ship. David helps a limping soldier onto a transport, handing him off to an able body on-board afterwards. His droid rolls up, having mercifully survived the hangar assault. "Hey R2, find a shuttle and get someone to strap you in. I'll be right over. A hoverbed passes with some medical staff. R2 rolls onto the ramp of one shuttle. "He would go on the one with the senior staff." David grins, handing a datapad over to someone as he joins his droid on the shuttle. Hazar is the first he notices, standing guard over another hoverbed. David gives him a solemn nod.

The alternative - a short flight - is less desirable by far. "Ain't nothin 'good' about this" Ambrosia grumps back at some kid's voice hoping for a short trip. She doesn't like being aboard floating death traps either. The armed and shielded ones are bad enough. But these? These are coffins. "Ain't how I pictured myself biting the big one." Again. Finally backstepping into her own jumpseat, she leans forward to pass a look back at their royal cargo and finds 3PO to be prattling on in his mistress' ear. Good. Better Leia than any of us!

And then they launch. The space lane beyond Raddus is slowly peppered with helpless craft. When the last has launched, they press onward together, like a school of sardines struggling to stay ahead of the Colo Claw who's picked up their scent. For now, the Order's assault has yet to clear past targeting dwindling support craft, so maybe there's still time.

"And we're /sure/ that we're not showing on their scanners?" Sar says, sliding his combat knife from his boot so he can dig some dirt out from beneath his fingernails. His blue eyes move to the viewports and he sucks his teeth.

"Hey man," Hazar replies with a nod to his buddy, not sparing too long a glance his way because he's busy making sure that he and everyone else around him are properly seated. Being the dutiful soldier that he is he keeps his attention on the inside of the transport, knowing that he can't affect anything outside of it. When Sar asks his question Hazar spares a glance out the viewports and frowns, then looks back at the other folks in the ship, "I'm happy nobody's shooting at us. I would really rather die shooting back."

David takes a seat, immediately thankful for the Gallofree design with windows on the side. He's seen their predecessors. Rebel Alliance used them, Dave would hate to be in this situation and not be able to see what's going on outside. He glances over at the hoverbed carrying the General. "Well, R2. Here we are." He straps in just as the ramp folds in and the entryway seals shut.

"Nothing appears to have locked on, yet," sighs the communications officer. "But if they can track us through bloody hyperspace, then--"

"A simple 'No' will do," Ambrosia cuts her off abruptly with a sharp look. She's as fidgety as Sar, but that's nothing new, when /this/ Greystorm is onboard a flight. Her fingers splay out over her knees, then fold gently and delicately to just lay against the fibrous stretch of suit. Her spine's rigid with the most perfect of postures and that alone is plenty of evidence that the Colonel's feeling out of her element. That and the vaguely ashen complexion taking over.

Sar Yavok grunts and slips his knife back away. He leans back in his chair and slides his hands into his pockets, hands still on the viewports. "Feels wrong. Leaving like this."

"Wrong? Leaving our only cruiser like this feels wrong? To me it's already wrong enough there's no starfighters left, but we have no choice." David looks out the viewport, the Raddus behind them still being blasted. "At least it doesn't look like they know something's up." Small victories.

One of Hazar's legs starts bouncing up and down rapidly, but he catches himself after only a moment and glares down at his leg with a frown, as if it betrayed him. His attention swings back to Sar and Hazar comments, "I feel the same way, sir. It's such a lousy way to pull out, but I don't see us having any other choice." A sigh escapes from him and he leans back in his seat as much as it allows. "I just can't wait to put all this behind us and get on the offensive."

Leia may not be in a coma, but she's certainly looked better. The fact that she's even walking around is some sort of miracle... Everyone watched in horror as the bridge of the Raddus was blown apart by a lucky shot from one of the eyeballs, but what only a few saw was the partially frozen former Princess pulling herself through open space to a side hatch.

Coma indeed.

Threepio walks beside her like a big golden arm rest for the Princess who insists on walking under her own power out of the small medical bay where she had previously been napping off injuries that should have killed her. There's a kind of peace about her as she sits down next to Hazar, patting his leg reassuringly. "Soon." She says with a smile, like she is surpremely certain that they'll make it to the planets surface.

"We've just lost our last support ship," announces the comms officer, twisting around in her seat to eye her fellow passengers on this ship to nowhere. "Medical, I think."

And so the silent question is left hanging there over their heads. How long do they have? Not long. The First Order may have many foul qualities, it's true, but efficiency is among their high marks. They can't be blamed, Amber supposes in her shriveled heart of hearts, for gunning down the fleeing enemy in the backside. She's done much the same on terrestrial battleground. Prisoners are expensive.

While everyone's enjoying the quiet or not so quiet worries ticking around in their brains, a sudden flash of light out the port side window offers them some distraction? The fiery burst correlates with a beep of warning sounding from the pretty grid at the commstation screen. One of the many blips disappears from the grid. Gone. A quiet whisper, perhaps a prayer, issues from the little officer and she relays the loss to her cohorts station aboard the other transports, just to confirm. It begins.

"What was that?" Sar asks as he looks over to the scanner. He stands up and slides past whoever's in his way. He squints and growls, eyes turning back to the viewport. "The hell just happened?"

Dashing over to the opposing viewport, David stops himself with both hands. "They're on to us. One transport shuttle's down." David sits down in the nearest seat. "Only a matter of time before they pick us off now. Can this thing go any faster?"

The pat from the motherly figure seems to help Hazar calm himself enough that he doesn't start bouncing again. His head turns towards Leia and a smile sneaks out, "Yes ma'am. We'll get where we're going and figure things out." As if someone like Leia doesn't already have plans.

And then space lights up. Corporal Jast's attention ends up outside of their ship again as the darkness is illuminated by an explosion. "Oh no..." he doesn't need confirmation to know what happened. He narrowly survived the trip to the Raddus in one of these things before. "They found us." Taking a deep breath and nodding his head, Hazar returns his attention to the others in the transport with him and gulps deep in his throat.

The realization that the shuttles are now being targetted is disconcerting even for Leia who still seems calm in the face of impending doom. She moves a little to look out the view port, holding onto an overhead railing to watch the destroyers in pursuit of the smaller escape vessels.

"They...they've targeted our escape," says the officer to befuddled Sar. A grim line of worry weighs heavily on Amber's brow as the distant, silent boom of light gets her attention. Oh no. A slight tremor starts up in her left hand and she slides it into the bag underfoot to fish out the beloved flask. If now's not the time, what is? But before she can finish unscrewing the dinged cap, there's a crackling voice coming over the comms from another shuttle. It's quiet, but the officer receiving it isn't. "Colonel Greystorm!" She pipes up. "It's...em. It's for you?"

A low grumble forms in her throat and she tosses her flask at Hazar to finish what she started, then fights her way out of the harness and slides around Sar to the officer's other side. "What." But she needn't really ask. Sounds of mild pandemonium are coming through from the other side and for a moment, she thinks she can hear Wedge's voice. Transport alpha-zero-niner's comms officer reports there being an 'issue' among the crew. I.E. panic. "Oh, fer..." she rolls an exasperrated look over to Sar, then back to the rest of the passengers here. "Move over," she requests and starts to lean her way in for the mic anyway. "Is that my /son/? You put him on."

G'damn parent-teacher conference all over again.

"Hope you're better pilots than the last bunch," Sar says, moving out of the way of Amber so she can get closer to the comms. He moves to stand near one of the viewports, hands moving to his hips. A look is shot to Leia.

"Not from back here." Back here, that feeling of uselessness is starting to overtake Dave again. Didn't die on Takodana. Didn't die on Starkiller Base. Didn't die evacuating D'Qar. Didn't die on the Raddus. "I'm not going to die here today. None of us are." David watches the Raddus grimly, overhead.

Keeping his breath steady, Hazar watches the reactions of the others with him, struggling to remain cool and collected in the face of his impending death. The flying flask is smoothly snagged out of the air and the young corporal cranks down on the cap to unscrew it. The liquid inside is given a look and a sniff, then a quick taste. Replacing the cap loosely, so he can get it open again in a hurry, he scans the interior of the transport, "We'll make it out of this okay."

Leia looks over to Sar and has the audacity to smile. Does she feel the loss of so many of the resistance? Of course she does. Her eyes are not smiling, not at all, and the expression disappears when she looks back out the view port.

"Wedge? We--We--WEDGE. Listen to me," The pasty fear whitening Amber's face is growing more flushed by the minute. That blood pressure's on the rise. Doesn't take much these days. She does her best to maintain her voice at a low growl and not light a spark for this shuttle's crew to panic, but being polite was never among her best traits and it isn't long before that goes out the window here, too. "Yes. Calm d-- calm dow--Listen to your commander!! No, not me..."

It's not going well. Her disheveled braid flops over shoulder to hang along with her head between locked shoulders, braced arms. Her butt still hasn't made it to the chair. The chest and back plates separate a little bit more as she draws in a deeeeeeeeeeep breath and fills those lungs to the max. And then barks loudly into the mic, because when a bite's not an option, a bark'll have to do. "SIT you ASS DOWN, Private! Everything's gonna be fi--"

Just then, the shuttle rocks and jolts as a scorching ion beam blasts by the window and heads instinctively duck - hers include. Almost all eyes follow the beam as it narrowly misses our nose. BOOM. Explosion, few shuttles starboard and ahead. Suddenly, the fizzling comm is silent. Amber closes her mouth and looks to the officer, then screen, then dashes to the nearest starboard window.

Sar Yavok doesn't duck or hide or do much of anything at all. If this is his last day in the galaxy, he's going to face it with his chest and belly presented to the enemy. He'll help them drive the knife home, if need be. But it doesn't look like it's his time. Not just yet.

His hands remain on his hips as another shuttle pops. He winces a bit as he watches what's left of the crew get thrown out to space. Hopefully they're dead, already.

From his seat David has an excellent view of his worst case scenario being realized. It's not supposed to be this way. He didn't leave a cushy security job that would've blown him up with Hosnian Prime to die a Resistance starfighter pilot on a damn transport shuttle. Be a different story if he was at least piloting the damn thing, but sitting back here? It's like shooting fish in a barrel, and sooner or later this barrel's getting shot up.

Watching Amber in horror, Hazar is dead silent as he witnesses his colonel's loss. After a moment his eyes close again and he takes a deep breath, determined to remain as collected as he can even if he anticipates dying in a moment or two. When his eyes open he looks at the interior of his shuttle and eyes everyone else, making sure that no one is losing their cool.

Then there's Leia behind Amber. Making her way over through the crowded transport to lay a hand on the Colonel's shoulder as the ship comms go silent. She doesn't need to see the destruction to know the horrible feeling she must have twisting inside her at that moment.

"No..." Glazed, green eyes cut a frantic look around to the poor comms officer who honestly just wants to do her job but is frozen in place, staring back at Ambrosia like a womprat caught in the crosshairs. She didn't do it!

Amber flinches out from under Leia's touch and twists the rest of the way around, rebounding to the screen where transport A-09 was last plodding along. Her finger jams into that vacant space, which is soon filled by the advance of another shuttle. "W-w-where," her tongue fumbles and extremities start to quiver with an explosive energy of her own. "Bring it back online," she orders, too softly.

"I..." the officer squeaks and a pleading look fires over to the General, to anyone, who may help save her from the temper she's heard resides in this one. "I can't?"

"Amber," Sar says in that General sort of way he used to speak to her that conveys everything he needs to say. It's a mixture of 'he's gone', 'there's nothing we can do about it', and 'keep it together for now'.

His eyes don't move from the viewport for a while. His hands move to clasp together behind his back and he turns to regard the rest of the shuttle. "Hold the line," is all he says before he moves to stand next to Amber, ushering for her to move. "Have a seat, Colonel," he says, slipping past her and taking her place in front of the scanners. "Lieutenant, keep us in the middle of the pack. The Galaxy can't afford to lose this shuttle. Clear?"

Dave's shaken from his thoughts when he hears the commotion. He'd had his back turned and just about tuned the chatter out. Somehow though the Colonel's silence gets through to him, and he turns around to see her stammering and being guided to a seat. Fish in a barrel. Dave's never been good at being comforting, or offering well thought out words of wisdom or support. He would've tried, but it doesn't seem to be what is needed right now.

There are no words to tell Colonel Greystorm. There are no more reassurances left. It's time to die and Hazar Jast intends to go out with as much dignity as he can muster. Sliding over to make sure there's room for both Amber and Leia at the seats near him, he gives both women a long look and a nod and offers the flask back to it's owner.

Damn this is kriffing messed up and he's not happy about this at all. He's moved up to where the pilot and navigator is flying the ship, giving a few suggestions to help with getting some more power into the ship to speed up a bit, but these shuttles are pretty much at max."Krif." he cusses shaking his head, Karas looks back at the others as they can only do so much.

Leia puts a hand to her forehead and leans against the support of her other hand wrapped around an overhead railing. With her eyes closed, she's fighting off a wave of nausea that suddenly raises up inside her and a headache that threatens to cripple her. "General...?" Threepio is there, laying a golden hand on her arm. The droid really does have a sixth sense when it comes to the former Princess.

Ambrosia's knuckles are stark white compared to the purply hue creeping up her neck via those throbbing veins. They are anchored in place. She might not be able to loosen her grip if she wanted to. And she doesn't. Her boy's in there, somewhere, she knows it! She was just reeming his ass seconds ago. Her teeth start chattering together, so she clamps down, jaw shut like a steel trap while the shock turns to pain and pain turns to nausea and searing heat that lances from chest into arm and up her neck. "That's my BOY!!!" in case it wasn't obvious, as she teeters dangerously on that edge of mayhem that she was just grilling the kid about. And she told him it was gonna be 'fine'.

The feeling of guilt has never been something carried around in Amber's pocket. Like ever. But now it's hitting like a ton of bricks and her brain just isn't programmed to cope with that well. This emotional storm welling up within Amber the Grey is probably not helping with the sensational assault of death and fear and grief that Leia's already feeling. Her contribution's about to stop, tho, because one hand does release its grip on the console, to clutch at her left shoulder, instead. Her eyes bulge more than they were and a hint of panic interrupts the impending roar of fury before it can start. She rocks back on heel, then takes a knee, /hard/.

"Can we get the Colonel some medical attention?" Sar asks around the shuttle before turning back to view the scanners. "Maintain the course, Lieutenant," he remarks to the pilot, concentrating on the task at hand. Unlike /some/ people.

Karas turns and looks over to where Amber is, he couldn't fathom what she is going through, his parents are in one of the other shuttles, he wasn't able to get on that one with them, but so far he's been asking the flight crew to keep track of that shuttle for him when they can. "Come on just shift power form what systems you can so that we can coax more speed and if you can let the others know when you do." he tells the flight crew.

Medical attention. Not so much Dave's forte, so he just remains in his seat. Out of the way. There's nothing he can do. There's nothing anyone can do. He forgot his damn flask on the Raddus too, in the bustle to get everyone on a shuttle. His thoughts linger on the ships non-combatants. Do they always feel helpless like this? It's no point giving orders or suggestions to anyone, they're likely already doing whatever they can to survive. At least not every blast from those Star Destroyers hits, Dave notes as a huge green bolt flies past.

When Ambrosia drops Hazar stuffs her flask through his belt and closes in on her, arms wide to keep people back, "Give her some air, people." Of course, that's when he notices that she's probably in serious trouble and looks around for someone who can do something for her. Not seeing anyone right away he kneels down next to her and asks quietly, "You have your pills?" The transport the group is on is flying towards Crait. Others around it are blowing up. The folks gathered on this one are in various different states as they prepare for death.

Maeve isn't the only physician on the shuttle and the call for medical attention for the general has the surgeon squeezing her way past the to-crowded shuttle to reach the cluster of people near the General. Ambrosia's sound of anguish makes Mae hesitate, seeing Jast trying to help and is visibly torn. Ultimately continuing on to Leia's side. She tries to asses the General's condition once she gets there, a frown of concentration on her face.

Poe rushes from the window to the elder greystorms side. "Oh come on Amber. We faced too many things together for you to go down like this." the pilot frowns and looks to Maeve "Whats going on?" The man is out of his element feeling uncomfortable with the fact that he has no control over the current situation.

The pilots are doing the best they can, getting an earfull from here, and earfull from there, but the General's shuttle gradually changes up its position in the thinning herd of escaping transports. A third and fourth blast rockets from behind, dispatching two more Resistance transports with the greatest of ease. One by one, their little lights disappear from screen and the Lt manning the communication system beside Sar is on the verge of tears. And then there's a transmission heralding from the Raddus. It's the Vice Admiral.

Ambrosia sputters something at Hazar, fingers creeping upward to claw at her suit's stretchy collar under the lip of breastplate. Air. Her gasps make it sound like she's not getting enough. The other hand scrabbles to grab at Hazar's jaw and turn his face aside to point at the seat she'd been in. There's a pack under there. Poe, for all his concern, gets a withering glare that's weakened by that critical blow of grief dealt thirty seconds ago. Wedge is dead. Lots of people are dead. "Patch..." she requests and thunks back on her rump, then just lies down and waits for whatever luck has in store.

"Just hold her steady," Sar advises, eyes still on the scanner. This advice goes for...well, everybody in the shuttle. The Major breathes deep and continues on, hoping against hope.

Karas was watching out the viewport, he couldn't believe this was happening, he saw a moment ago the shuttle with his parents on it still keeping up with them. He is still hopeful, thats all he has, here with him outside of those members of the Resistance. He shifts a little bit as Amber is needing help, he couldn't fathom her loss, he does look around to try to find something, a blanket or pillow or something to help with her ease.

Leia has spent most of her adult life shielding herself from these feelings. She is not her brother, she has never given herself over to the Force in the same way he did, and she refused any formal training in favor of continuing this fight until it's bitter end. Which, from the outside, appears to be rapidly approaching.

She closes her eyes as she wrestles with the overwhelming emotional surge from Amber and the loss of so many of her people. People she knew by name, every one of them, snuffed out without ever being able to put up a fight. When she opens her eyes, it's like she's got a sudden second wind and a hard determination that has her waving off any hands grabbing at her as she makes her way towards the front of the shuttle. As she passes Amber, however, she stops... Kneels down and takes the woman's hand, "I'm here, Colonel..." It's still in that soft, almost motherly, tone, but with a hard edge. "I empathize with your loss and I wish that it hadn't been this way.. I wish a lot of things right now and soon we'll have an oppertunity to mourn. We. Don't. Die. Here." She says through clinched teeth.

Eyes up on the view screen, "Pilot... hail the Raddus." Moving to the front of the ship, leaning in to grab one of the comm headsets, "Admiral Ackbar, this is General Organa.. It's time. May the Force be with you..."

Finally, David gets up. He's been wringing his hands for too long. The tall pilot moves effortlessly to the front. "Talk to me, Major. You think we're going to make it? You do seem to be the expert on coming back from near death, and I'd say we're all on that threshold right now." Everyone here has lost so much. He looks from Hazar to Karas. Coruscant. To Leia. Too much to even begin listing. Maeve's lost Corellia. So has Yavok. Amber -just- lost her youngest boy. David clenches his teeth. How has he been sitting in the back doing nothing, this whole time?

While he's definitely not the smartest man on the transport Hazar isn't dim enough to miss Ambrosia's directions when she grabs his face and aims it where she needs him to go. And he's off, diving across the shuttle to get to the colonel's bag. He yanks it open and starts digging through it rapidly for a medical patch or pills or something to help her.

Changing course once she sees Leia on the move, Maeve joins the knot of people gathered around Amber. Seeing Hazar's rapid pawing through the pack, Mae squeezes through the crowd in his direction. "Prescription bottle or flat pack of patches," she advises.

"Glare at me all you want old friend, the general is right. We don't die here." He looks at Leia and then back down to the face of his friend "We've got too many first order troops to kill before we can die, Alright?"

"Glare at me all you want old friend, the general is right. We don't die here." He looks at Leia and then back down to the face of his friend "We've got too many first order troops to kill before we can die, Alright?" Poe gets up from Amber and goes to the window looking out to the Raddus and the pursuing First Order ship

"No shhhhhhit," Amber rolls her eyes back in her head, trying to keep track of what Hazar is or isn't finding in that pack. Her hand slips out of Leia's as the General moves on to command their final, sneaky act of defense. Both her chest and stomach are heaving with groany/whiny noises now as she struggles to get a grip. Her hands try to pry away enough suit to expose enough skin around that spasming jugular. "The patch. Here."

"We're going to make it," Sar says to David. "The Galaxy depends on it," he says, looking back to the rest of the people gathered in the shuttle. "It's do or die, Lieutenant. I suggest the former," Sar remarks to the shuttle pilot.

David nods to Sar. "If that's an order you'll not find me derelicting my duty." From this position David can clearly see the planet come into view from the cockpit viewports. "How many do we have left? Just us?"

Outside the view screen the Raddus barrels closer to the Dreadnaught that had been previously been chasing it. They kept up the ruse even once it was clear that they were no longer the primary target, waiting for the General to give the go ahead for one, final, push against the First Order's attempts to end the Resistance right here.

Forward shields continue to hold against the onslaught as the target shifts away from escaping shuttles and pound against the forward ark of the looming Resistance Warship on an intercept course for the broadside of the FO Flagship.

Leia drops down onto her backside behind the chair Sar is occupying and rubs at the back of her neck. She doesn't have to watch what comes next to know what's about to happen.

Likely to everyone's amazement, Ackbar is not firing any weapons and is very clearly starting to take a pounding as small breaches errupt all along the Raddus' nose. They are immediately extinguished by open space, however. The cruiser looks like it's on its last leg when, all at once, it starts to pick up speed.

Anyone who has experience with starships knows what the sudden rush of energy means as the thrusters go offline and a whirling hiss starts to pick up, bulkhead rumbling, and then the Raddus leaps into hyperdrive...

Directly through the broadside of the Supremacy, sheering by the suicidal last ride of Admiral Ackbar.

Leia sounds tired, face buried in her palms with elbows on her knees, "Get us to the planets surface... don't let his sacrifice be in vain."

Karas watches as Poe speaks with Amber, and he moves over where David is, a wingman and fellow pilot, keeping close to the others and he looks out the view port seeing another two shuttles be blown out of space. He blinks as he looks for the shuttle what was near theirs, "Wait, where..." he says as he looks out looking more furiously now trying to see if the ship may have dodged or something, "Where....where are they...."

With Maeve's help Hazar produces a patch from the bag and slides across the floor to Amber's side, "Here you go, ma'am!" He's got a cool head about everything, considering they're about to be blown up any time now. Just like he'd done when helping the doctor he peels off the protective layer on the back of the patch and carefully applies it to the colonel's neck. "There we go." He pats the patch to make sure it stays in place and then looks over at Maeve as if making sure that he did it correctly. As soon as Jast locates the medicine, Mae tags along in his wake then sighs with relief as he does as he's been trained to do. FirstAid 101 for the win.

Poe watches the raddus with intense eyes and then as he sees the telltale signs of the hyperdrive engaging he reaches out a hand to the window eyes going wide. "What... no no no no..." he watches slightly horrified as the raddus becomes a giant missle. As he watches the Supremacy split in too he thuds a fist on the glass and says "May the force be with you Admiral." under his breath.

What's happening? Ambrosia rolls up onto a shoulder, brain too congested with all the voices and commands and her own inner stuffs to keep up with whatever plan's just been executed. It doesn't matter. She'll read it in the report. As the patch starts to take effect in slowing her outta control heartrate, it takes hold of her consciousness, too, and threatens to pull a veil over her wits completely. "Wh...how far we got?" she inquires of Jast and Maeve - the two nearest faces, then lets her body sag back into its former sprawl with a fixed gaze on the ceiling. The pain is subsiding, for now, as is a little bit of the anxiety, but it's left her drained.

Sar Yavok looks over his shoulder for just long enough to watch the Admiral's kamikaze. A smile tugs at the corner of his mouth and he says a quiet 'thank you' to the fish man. "We're almost there," he informs the other passengers, offering a nod to the suffering Leia.

Pushing past people looking at what used to be the Raddus, David makes his way over to Poe. "Tell me this wasn't your idea. This can't be the strategy that saves us all." This is actually insane, no matter how impressive it must have looked while Dave's back was turned.

With his boss lady looking better and their pursuers gone from the viewports Hazar lets out a sigh of relief, leaning his head back and staring up at the ceiling to let out a relieved sigh. Blinking to make sure that his eyes are clear Corporal Jast looks towards Colonel Greystorm and says, "I think we're clear for the time being. Major Yavok says we're almost there."

Leia nods to Sar with her head lulling forward into her palms, the second wind drained right out of her by the loss of yet another close friend at the hands of the First Order. "It was Admiral Ackbar's." The General says to David's statement to Poe, "Which I greenlit. If this deception failed, he wanted to make certain we could rebuild... and if you were keeping score, that was in danger."

It still is, of course. They'll be on the planet with little way to get off it. No telling if there is going to be any help coming to save them, "He bought us time and gave us a shred of hope.." Very small shred that it is.

Momentarily at a loss of direction, Maeve Zavir eases down into the nearest empty seat and stays out of the way.

Poe Dameron looks over at David raising an eyebrow. He is about to speak when Leia talks about the plan. "Not all crazy ideas are mine kid. It also appears that some crazy ideas actually work." he takes a deep breath and sits down by the window "Once we get down to the planet you can be sure we'll have to fight our way out... to whereever we're going to go."

"Hope," Ambrosia mumbles from the floor, then succumbs to that chemical reset button slapped on her neck. It's off to la-la land for the remainder of their ride, for better or worse, until their next challenge awaits on Crait and they make that final stand. Trapped like rats. In a cave. She wouldn't miss it for the whole of humanity.