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Rogue Squadron: Raiding the Raider

OOC Date: February 20, 2021
Location: Munto Codru
Participants: Jax Greystorm, Croxin, Karas Darkwing, Callax Dalso, Tallie Lintra

Lt. Commander Cad Yevos was back. The dour looking Duros Naval Officer stood at the front of the briefing room. "As many of you probably heard, it's a mixed bag down there. We've been holding off the First Order in the Capital and their main push but we've been defeating any other front they've opened. In a response the First Order have moved the Imperial Raiders identified as Pridex 1-4 into a picket formation supplemented with TIE/Sf from the Farfought. A holographic image of the imperial corvette in position above the planet appears behind him. The Duros looks back at the holoprojector. "They're harassing and destroying any transport on and off the planet." The Duros clicks a remote and the projector closes on a close up on Pridex 4. "We have decided that the removal of Pridex 4 will cause the Picket formation to collapse and allow us to drive the Raiders back to the Farfought." He sighs, "This will be a multi prong attack with the squadron divided into 3 flights. I have the flights assignments incoming to your datapads. Aurek and Besh flights will be fainting strikes here and here to draw off the majority of the Tie support. Cresh flight will strike at Pridex 4 and the remaining Tie Defenses. The ties are not your target. Do not get entangled. If this doesn't work we will have to fight to keep our supply chains in tact and commit Capital assets.. Remember Black Squadron gets the glory jobs, Echo Squadron gets the easy jobs, and Rogue Squadron gets the real work. May the Force be with you. You have your assignments.

Cresh flight consisted of Rogue Leader, Rogue 2, Rogue 9 and Rogue 10. The flight launched from the Renegade within five minutes of the first two flights. As the flight moved into position, squadron channel opened up with << This Aurek Flight, we're engaging now. >> The voice staticy and far away but still with a male tone. Then moments later, << This is Besh Flight engaging now. >> The voice like the other but with a female quality to it. The Rest of the Rogues were fighting it was up to Cresh Flight or the whole thing will fall apart.

Another voice, contralto and feminine is added to the communications. <<"This is Cresh. We are green to go. We are on mark.">> The outer doors open and Rogue squadron drops into space like so many baby fish being birthed by the mother ship. The familiar hum of a fighter craft in top condition surrounds Tallie as she pulls back on the throttle and begins the descent towards their target.

Rogue 4 zips from the launch bay, s-foils tightly locked in flight position for the initial approach. <This is Rogue 4, reporting in for duty. What's the target for today?> Croxin's chipper voice comes in across an open channel for Rogue operations.

Once again in a cockpit, once again, Munto Codru. Callax has spent what feels like a year on that planet of late, fighting shoulder to shoulder with their Rangers and the soldiers of the Republic. Not so much paramilitary special police as outright commandos. Today, however, combat pilot. That's their job. And so, moving into the taxi line with the rest, Callax takes a deep breath and begins to ease the throttle forward to move in formation out of the bay.

<< Rogue Ten, green and ready, >> Callax says as the ships begin to clear the bay. << And the Commander's right, I killed one of things almost single-handedly myself over Carida with Double-Kay. Skip the fighters, slip the shields, and focus fire on the bridge tower. It can't do much with a bridge that's turned into a barbecue. That's my advice, Leader. >>

Upon the conclusion of the briefing, Karas was ready to do this. This was going to be a rough but he's been through this before. As the signal for the Operation to begin and they were told to launch, Rogue 2 launches. Karas was all business, he pulls up his targeting display, the tact net is up. Spark gives a quick run down of possible targets. <<Rogue 2 ready, all weapons green and shields are at full power.>> he says.

The Captain of the Pridex 4 stood on the bridge of the small capital ship at parade rest. Her sensor officer standing not far from her, "Ma'am, we're seeing a third flight of fighters showing up out of no where like the first two flights. They have an extra X-wing with them. Orders?" The Captain stands there for a moment, "Have all turrets target the flight and call back Isk squadron. I believe we're the target. The others are feints."

The cannons of Pridex 4 turn and start to open fire on the Rogues in Cresh Flight. As the Tie/SF come zipping in to form a screen between Rogue Squadron and Pridex 4. The fighters are slower than the X-wings of Cresh Flight.

Jax was in Rogue 9. As Tallie gave the order to engage, he opened his S-foils up to attack positon and slide into formation with Rogue 10, << Hey I heard you were my wing mate. Been awhile.>> Then he taps his picture of Sesti and the boys, << One more time. >> As he dodges canon fire, "It's like they don't like us, Exine." Exine squawks at Jax, "Alright, they don't like me."

The T-85's engines glow as the commander angles into position to engage the TIEs. The enemy's response time is admirably quick, speaking of discipline and what Tallie hopes is fear. Action between the two forces recently has been bloody, the New Republic taking the upper hand but not without paying for every win. Call it intuition born of eight years of war, a third of Tallie's short life, the fight the Squadron is heading for will be one of the memorable fights of their life. That realization coincides with Fiver whistling as the tracking scan shows eight blips on it. "Set me up, Fiver. Let's take Isk One."

<<Roger that, Deadeye. For luck! Glad to have you.">> They head straight for the TIE Squadron, lasers blazing. Tallie counts five hits - on the fifth, the TIE breaks apart, scattering pieces of itself that become a hazard to navigation. Fire from the Raider zooms close to her ship as she reorients to reengage the Eyeballs.

Rogue 4 bucks a bit under heavy fire, weaving its way through the torrent of fire levied at it from the small capital ship. As ion blasts splash against his shields, he murmurs "Try to boost the shields a little if you can, Spots." before snapping the S-Foils into attack position and powering up his weapons. <Rogue 4, targeting Isk Two. Let's see how he handles this.> he slides the X-wing into position, intercepting the flight from an angle that will hopefully minimize his profile. As he squeezes the firing stud, he watches as his red lasers go wide.

Rogue 2 opens it's S-Foils into attack position and as it does, incoming fire comes in towards him but misses. Hearing over the comms that Rogue 9 and 10 are paring up, <> he calls into his comm. As the jade energy bolts flash past him, he feels the jostling of his fighter but Karas doesn't let it spook him at all. The Battle of Starkiller Base, Crait and many other battles, Karas goes into his own bit of a vibe. Music starts to play into his helmet, it doesn't drown out the others but enough to help him.

Watching the engagement, "Spark keep me appraised of the Raider Corvette we're going after. We will save our torps for it." he says. Spark beeps in the affirmative. Rogue 2 sees that Rogue 4 is doing after Isk 2 and the enemy TIE didn't go down, Rogue 2's engines flare up brightly as it moves to engage the fighter that Rogue 4 hit hard. Snapping off a few shots, red energy bolts nick the fighter lightly but Rogue 2 keeps with Rogue 4 for the time being.

If Tallie feels it's a fight for her life, Callax is for the moment deadened to such trepidation. Fighting off waves of Stormtroopers has made 'risk' more like 'Wednesday', and though Callax will later look at that as a dangerous thing, right now there is only the one thing in mind, and it is to kill /everyone/ wearing the badge of the First Order. As Tallie has elected to hit the fighters instead of the corvette, most likely as their strategy has appeared to have been figured out by its bridge crew, Callax banks in formation and sprays one of the TIEs with laser fire to devastating effect, battering down its shields and scoring its hull with a fusillade of bright red light.

"Babo darling," Callax says with teeth gritted tight from a combination of killer instinct and pulled G's, "Get a lock on Number Four. If this doesn't die in a moment we're going to hit the other with torpedoes if necessary. We need to empty the screens."

The Pridex 4 continues to fire on the fighters of Cresh flight. The space around them fills with Ion and heavy laser fire zipping out into the night. The Tie fighters of Isk Squadron are fighting tooth and nail to run them off.

Jax lines up a target on Isk7 and pulls the trigger and the ties shields fails and left just a bit scorched Exine whistles. "I told you I've been practicing." He says as he dodges a hail fire of oncoming blasts his shiels only slightly damaged by Isk7. "Exine could you do something about that?"

<<"Show them what we've got. We're going in hot.">> Gloved hands tightened on the yoke, Tallie flips the X-wing into an aileron roll, well aware of Pridex looming in the background taking shots at the Squadron. <<"Rogue Four, report your status.">> Brusqueness masks her concern for their newest pilot as she plays dodge with the big guns. Darkwing takes such a heavy barrage that she woots aloud when she sees him take only one hit. <<Rogue, prepare to engage Bogey One.>> She tugs at the white scarf knotted around her throat then takes a deep breath, "Fiver, slip me under their shields. May the Force be with us." It is a tricky angle in the best of circumstances. She throttles back for insertion, slipping between the shields like coming into a hangar, leaving four dual laser hits as her calling card as she runs over the surface of the Raider.

Rolling the X-wing through a torrent of fire, Croxin's shields take a blistering amount of fire - ion blasts splashing against weakening shields. "Spots, come on buddy I need you right now!" he yells in the cockpit while tracking his leader's bold manuever against the Corvette. <<"Rogue 4, singed but I'm okay! On your wing, boss!">> he exclaims, hand pushing against the throttle and engines flaring with power as he lays a trail of laser blasts against the larger starship. <<"That thing's tough!">> he hoots, easily keeping his ship on his leader's wing.

Meditation, meditation, meditation. Kill the enemy, send their fellows a message. /The Republic will not die./ Callax's eyes are slits as they push Rogue Ten through the shield, even after a salvo from a passing fighter nearly fouls the entry angle and dooms them all entirely. But the machine deals with its pilot's rough handling, slipping through the corvette's deflector bubble, and targeting the bridge sends a salvo of light straight into its armored command tower. But it does not /die/. "Babo," Callax hisses over the intercom to the whistling little droid. "Get a torpedo lock for the next pass. They're going to either leave, or we are going to turn it into a /tomb/."

Rogue 2 follows the Rogues in towards the Pridex 4, though as they make their way towards the Raider, he sees nothing but bright green flares of energy coming at him, maybe a few blue streaks of energy which he knows what that is. It's like instinct takes over, there has been many a time that he's found himself in life or death situations and this is one of them.

It's like it's automatic, he kicks up his speed, the T-85 racing in towards the energy assault. Quick, sharp movements, at one point he stands his X-Wing on it's wings as he streaks in towards the ship. His fighter shakes due to the close call, and one of the bolts hits against the nose of his fighter but this only pushes Karas. Still his fighter streaks through the curtain of incoming doom, he feels his ship shutter again as he passes through the shield of the Raider. <<My turn!>> he says as he starts to target one of the Shield Generators as well. Stitching shots along it as he passes by it.

The Captain of the Pridex stands her ground on the bridge as the X-wings slip under the shields. "That's impossible, on a larger ship yes. I would imagine." Sirens go off all around them as canon strike after canon strike hits the hull of the ship and a ion canon explodes. She puffs, "We will not retreat. We are the First Order. Destroy them. We will stand tall. Inform Isk2 if they want to keep that field promotion, I want those X-wings out of the sky now." The sensor tech calls out, "We've shot down one of them."

Jax starts his attack run and Exine comments something to the Corellian, "I'm not too high and my angle isn't too off." Then at the last moment the X-wing breaks off and dives away, "You were right. You were right."

Static temporarily interrupts scans as an ion cannon misses Tallie's fighter. When scans return, Fiver blats a warning at her about Rogue Four.

<<"Rogue Four, report your status!">> Nothing hides the concern in her voice; she knows that he will have to eject and risk the FO shooting him without a second thought as he rockets into the gravity well. The T-85 flies outside the envelope of shields. A tight turn inserts the ship back in past sensor arrays as she intends to target the Bridge. Behind her, scans show Dalso slipping under the shields to join her pounding the Raider. They are tiny flies making the Bantha flinch under their fire. Seven salvos drench the Raider's bridge in red, transparasteel windows crack under the barrage. The last shot voids it of air. <<"We've got a track on Croxin's descent. The Pridex is down. Mop up, pilots, and head for the Renegade.">>

Rogue 4 sweeps out from the Corvette, although not quite fast enough as a few of the Corvette's larger guns track him successfully. <<"Oh, FETH!">> the younger pilot barks, rolling through a huge swath of fire as he tries to avoid the massive amount of fire towards him. Engines flaring out, the X-Wing goes dark as it arcs towards the power, the ejection seat popping at the very last moment.

Watching what Tallie is doing, and seeing Crox the newbie go down, Karas shakes his head and grits his teeth. <<Drop this kriffing ship, I will keep the TIEs off you!>> he calls to Tallie and Rogue 2 drifts and slides to the left and begins going after the TIEs, Rogue 2 dances along the hull of the Raider making it's profile as small and hard to hit as possible, but he on the other hand begins firing. Seeing the blast in his rearview, he brakes from the Raider but still is going after TIEs until they have a whole to break from and go after Rogue 4

The Pridex4 bridge dies and moments later the engines go cold and starts to slip into the atmosphere of the planet glowing read and breaking up in orbit. The large ship not getting the treated as kindly as Rogue 4 as it goes down. With Pridex 4 down, the other Imperial Raiders of Pridex start to pull back to the safety of the Star destroyer.

The remains of Isk squadron are still looking for a fight up until the other two flights of Rogue Squadron join up with Cresh Flight. Then the laser canons of the Renegade open fire at Isk Squadron driving them away.