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Rogue Squadron: Supplies from Malastare

OOC Date: November 17, 2020
Location: Malastare
Participants: Ax, Jax Greystorm, Neander, Callax Dalso, Karas Darkwing, Tallie Lintra

Malastare rolls beneath them - patches of lurid green glowing along the edge of the clear methane lakes visible through the yellow cloud. The squadron cleared orbital control waiting for the meetup after a few dubious days of downtime on the planet. Commander Lintra watches scans, waiting for the last part of the convoy to line up to head out to their jump point. Long range scan isn't showing anything out of the normal. A few blips blink near an asteroid where miners not rich enough to have on-planet concessions eke out a living. Four bulk freighters make a convoy stretched over two kilometers with Rogue squadron bracketing them. Behind her, Fiver chatters to the convoy's lead ship, trading data as they boost away from the planet's gravity well. <<"Rogue Leader to Fuel Transport Besh-Two-Niner, we are green to go.">> After final status checks on the T-85's boards, Tallie clicks on encrypted coms, << "Rogue Squadron, report in. We are green for departure. The last part of the convoy ship is joining us now. Goodbye to methane.">>

<<"Rogue 3 ready,">> Ax calls out from the cockpit of his A-wing. The Echani pilot was currently doing a few barrel rolls for no reason other than he could and it helped him to get a feel for the sleek little snub-fighter. No droid, which makes him miss his Phantom even more. <<"So, this is my first run in an RZ-2, anything I should know? These chafe and flare launchers really work?">>

As they clear the atmosphere Neander, sitting in Rogue 6's X-Wing grumbles to his R-2 Unit, "No, I KNOW you can't smell, but I can smell it still. I don't think Miri's gonna be able to get the methane smell out of the cockpit here. It's just...everywhere." Rogue Leader calling for him to report in gets a quick, <<Rogue Six, reporting in, everything green here.>> Before he goes back to grumbling to Twofie, "And I don't know what you're still mad about Miri showing me the I-N-S interface."

<Rogue 9 is all green, Rogue Leader.> Jax says as he sits in the cockpit of his X-wing. Exine currently singing to Jax in his droid. The Corellian laughs, <They should work, Rogue 3 unless you made her mad. Then who knows. Uhm. Remember you can flip the weapons on the A-wing.> Then he sits back and goes to whistling the tune that Exine had just been singing.

Karas was enjoying the dubious time without anything to do. He had been doing various things like bothering people and cooking. THough when the call comes in for them to head out, he does so. When the call for them to form up and check in, <<Rogue 2 here.>> he says into the comms.

<< Ten, here. >> Callax speaks from the back of the formation as per usual, voice chopped up over encryption. The ship's wings are closed, giving it the appearance of a sort of flanged lancepoint when viewed from above. Surrounded by armor and control panels, Rogue Ten's pilot checks over the boards one last time before speaking again. << All systems check out, Leader. Eyes open and watching. >>

Routine, routine, routine. It's never routine. Not twenty minutes into their first long boost out the gravity well, and the scan suddenly gets 'dirty' with a cluster of non-New Republic signatures. Whistling like a teakettle, Fiver alerts Tallie to what she can plainly see - nearly a full squadron of TIE/FO come to visit them.

<<"We have incoming. I'm reading eight signatures; they are breaking apart to make it harder to target. Protect the transports. BESH-TWO-NINER, go to red alert. We have incoming at 20 degrees to the lead transport."">>

Ax engages the A-wing's target computer and engages the minimal shields that the little fighter has. With the enemy fighters coming in hot, the Echani goes into evasive maneuvers. Apparently, he was one of the lucky ones, these guys seem like they're better than the average TIE pilots. ~ As the engagement starts, Neander rolls his ship over to try and get into a better position to fire at the TIE fighters. This, of course, doesn't really work in space, because there's nnot really gravity...or atmosphere to affect things, but Neander does it anyways. He's rewared with two strikes against his shields which gets him to call out, "Twofie, see if you can't boost our shields a bit, these guys are a bit better than the last group it seems."

Ties come out of hyperspace, Exine starts wailing at Jax. "I see I see." Jax says opening his S-foil and flying defensively.

When the TIEs come out and begin attacking, Karas hears the warning tones come in and acting on instinct and a bit of luck, Rogue 2 rolls and dive away evading the incoming enemy fire, <> he says into the tact net.

A moment's peace, and suddenly there are fighters leaping into space around the convoy. << Targets sighted, >> Callax intones, frowning as they angle the ship's nose toward the incoming ships. << Opening strike foils, guns are not. >> A whistle over the comms from Babo's place behind the cockpit, and Callax suddenly finds themselves twisting the ship through a stream of brilliant emerald laser fire. "Well well," the pale pilot says to nobody in particular, teeth clenched in a feral grin. "A proper dance partner!"

<<"We have some hot fighters out for that fuel, gentlemen.">> Tallie's voice crackles over coms. The TIE/fo's hypered in nearly on top of the convoy, a dangerous gamble that they didn't explode themselves along with the target. First engagement leaves two of the squadron with shields somewhat damaged. <<"Let's return the pleasure.">>

~ When a TIE shoots at you, it's generally considered poor form not to shoot back. Rogue 3 was never one to be rude in a space battle. Twisting his little A-wing into a steep rolling dive, the Echani pilot lets loose with the twin laser cannons. <<"Rogue 3 engaging.">> he calls out over the comms. "Damn I hope I don't get hit without Buster here to deal with the shields. Why in the hell did I decide to fly an A-wing tonight?" Ax mutters to himself. "I feel so vulnerable." ~

Laser blasts whipping by, shields getting hit, people calling out targets. Neander flips his comms and says, <<Rogue Six heading in,>> and he fires off a snapshot at the TIE that got him earlier. His shots miss well wide -- so far the opposing pilot probably doesn't even realize he's being shot at -- before he looks down at his indicator and calls out, "Good work Twofie, keep on it back there."

Jax goes racing after Tie/FO 7. He was ignoring Fo 4 and Exine was reminding him of it. <This is 9 targetting 7. Let's keep these guys off the convoy. May the Force be with you, Rogues.> He says snapping a quick shot at 7 and Exine indicating he hit. "I do know what I'm doing sometimes."

Hearing that they have some hot fighters, Karas grins and likes the fact that it's their turn. "Alright Spark, you ready buddy?" he calls to his astromech droid who gives a long whistle. A smirk plays on his lips as he flips the switch for the S-Foils. As the S-Foils move into position. Karas pushes the throttle to MAX as he moves in to engage. Seeing the TIEs, <<Remember our training, and lets take'em out.>> he tells the team. Rogue 2 quickly engages as the T-85 chase after Alpha 3. As he begins his chase, he quickly rolls his fighter and as the TIE tries to dive, Rogue 2 fires, sending angry red energy lances towards it, striking it hard knocking the shields nearly out.

Diving into the fray, Callax banks and rolls through another TIE's barrage; pushing forward, Rogue Ten lets fly with counterfire, but though the pilot's aim is much better this time around the First Order ship is just a hint better. "Now, now, darling," Callax mutters to themselves, "It isn't nice to flirt and run. You offered your dance card, and I'm going to /stamp it/."

Rogue Squadron spirals into a series of dog fights around the transports. Three of the tankers have shield damage, <<"Rogue Squadron we have taken damage to shields on BESH 2-NINER, BESH 4-NINER and BESH-5- NINER. Repair crews are working at full tilt.">> Four of the TIEs limp from fire taken but return retaliatory fire, dodging the X-Wings best efforts in their attempt to destroy the transports.

Ax, cocky as usual, launches a pair of bolts at his target getting a solid hit on the TIE. Unfortunately, he didn't go into evasive maneuvers fast enough to avoid getting hit himself. The little RZ-2 rocks, but the shields are holding... barely. Ax returns fire, then engages his afterburners away from his target, letting his weapons rotate around to face the rear. "Ya know, that's a good little trick," he says before keying up his comms. <<"Rogue 3 to Rogue Leader. I'm going to try and divert some fire away from the tankers. Over.">> ~ A glance over at the freighters is spared before Neander is forced to jerk his ship out of the way of a series of bolts fired by the TIE he's engaged with. "Twofie, get those shields all the way up and I think we'll make a run on those fighters attacking the freighters next," he says to the R2 unit, before he returns fire on the TIE, landing two hits to its shields. Not enough to drop them, but enough to make the TIE pilot worry. That's it.

Jax's T-85 comes swooping in for another strife on FO 7. , <How are you hanging in there Rogue 3?> Jax says as taking care of business. His cannons scoring a soild hit on FO 7. "And Bors was complaining about the abilities of a T-85. Well we all have our shortcomings."

Karas sees his shots hit across the shields of Alpha 3, but the damn TIE rolled and came back at him firing on him. Karas quickly tries to roll out of the way but his shields get hit, seeing the power dip to nearly half, "Ok, looks like they are tired of getting beat." he sighs and shakes his head as he banks left and as he does the TIE is trying to break away and comes right across his HUD, Karas presses the trigger and fires hitting the TIE as the red energy bolts splat against it's shields.

Banking and rolling through an increasingly savage outpouring of laser fire from the First Order ships, Callax stays unscathed - but it's not easy. Babo whistles and beeps in alarm at the maneuvers its partner is pulling, and Callax - for once - doesn't laugh. "Yes, well that's the whole point of a proper ball, darling," they reply through gritted teeth. "Footwork, footwork, foot-aha!" Callax's new dance partner sweeps through the scopes, and is caught for just a moment...but a moment is all that's needed for Rogue Ten to peel a goodly portion of the TIE's shields free from the bubble in the form of ablated energy.

The transports were slow on scrambling their laser crews despite being military. ALPHA EIGHT was the unlucky recipient of their love having concentrated their fire on the one fighter. Two are out of the fight leaving the dogfighters evenly matched in numbers. Tallie's voice blurred by static from incoming fire comes over coms, <<"Think they are as happy about this as they were before, gentlemen? Let's finish, and send them home crying.">>

~ <<"Missing having a droid, Rogue 10,">> Ax says over his comms. <<"And a real starfighter,">> he adds. There's a debate on whether he should be working on his shields or whether he should shoot again... The road to aggression wins out in the debate. "Offense is the best defense," he says as he fires the weapons at his opponent, still pushing towards the freighters to try and lure TIEs away from targetting them. ~

"So much for that plan," Neander grumbles as the ship he's dogfighting with pulls a loop that he wasn't expecting and gets a couple of shots off at him. He is able to dodge the incoming fire, and then yaw his ship around to take another shot at the TIE. His shots land, sparking off the shield again, but, hey, it's progress. "Twofie perhaps next time we try for a target lock and see if a missile can get them."

As Fo 7 disengages and goes to leave the party, Jax cycles through targets and settles on FO 6. <Engaging Six, This is Rogue 9.> He chuckles, <Rogue 10, I think Rogue 3 just confused us. I didn't think that was possible. I'm no where as pretty or fabulious as you. You'll find your machine Rogue 3.> Jax's X-wing stripping off shields of the FO 6. <Rogue Leader, YOu might want to offer these guys the door, before it gets bad for them?>

Karas shakes his head, <<Well, people forget things sometimes Rogue 9>> he says as he goes into evasive maneuvers as Alpha 3 fires on him. "Seriously, you can disengage damn it." Karas curses at the pilot for being stupid. And by this, Karas boost forward and shunts power from shields and put that into his engines and spins his X-Wing and as he does he locks onto the TIE shaking his head and he fires until he sees smoke coming from the TIE and he quickly re-engages the TIE.

Like all good waltzes, no matter how passionate, this one comes to and end - and as the laser fire swirls and blazes around Rogue Ten, its pale pilot brings its nose and deadly guns around to face its duelling TIE. "I thought you were a blossom, darling," Callax mock-sighs as they bring the enemy ship into center of the targeter screen, squeezing off another volley of crimson...which meets center mass, tearing the ship into flaming sections and dooming its pilot utterly. "But you were only just a bud. Ah, well." << This is Ten. Target eliminated. >>

~ <<"Sorry, Rogue 9. Too many numbers going through my head now,">> Ax says. When the TIEs begin to bug out Ax fires a parting shot from his 'ass-lasers' as he'll forever refer to them on the A-wing now. <<"Guess they thought better of things. Guess I should start trying to refresh my shields now. How's our friends here doing?">> ~

Neander fires off one more potshot at the retreating TIEs, and then returns to formation around the transports, <<Six here, still in one piece.>> He says, and then looks over at Twofie behind him as the droid beeps at him, "Yes, they know who fixed my shields, don't worry about it."

<Yeah and no droid to help, Rogue 3. Some Fancy shooting for sure, you gave Rogue 5 a run for the money.> Jax breaking off FO Six as Rogue 10 destroys the target. As the remaining Tie fighters run to hyperspace, Jax disengages and closes his S-foils. <Rogue Leader, this is Rogue 9. I'm returning to escort formation.>

Seeing three get's destroyed, Karas grins and shakes his head. As he looks at his sensors, and see the remaining TIEs escaping, and he sees Rogue 3 take a shot missing, "What the krif." he says as he fires at one of the retreating TIEs and watches as the shields start to wink up but are up just barely. <<Good job Rogues. Everyone sound off.>> he says to the Rogues, <<Tankgers you too.>>

What the krif, indeed! Callax too takes a few potshots at the fleeing fighters, just to show them 'what for' as the kids say - but the blasts go very wide, as one might expect at that distance. Dynamic convergence is not a thing that the T-85's targeting computers handle at all gracefully. << Yes, we're all special creatures, >> Callax chimes back over comms. << Leader? I don't think the transports got scratched. Want us to pursue the enemy or let them go? >>

The TIE/fo fighters had come in on them hot with superior numbers. The transports filled with precious fuel for the still recovering New Republic military like a line of lumbering nerfs set on by vicious manka cats. In quick succession, Rogue Squadron shoots down the invading fighters, driving the remaining two fighters of the original eight into fleeing with a barrage of red laser fire blazing their trail.

<<"Rogue Squadron, that was well done. I would have like to have gotten the last two just to keep them from trying a repeat of the manouever before the transports are safely home.">> A blue flash answers Callax's last question, telling scan that the TIEs had departed the system. Tallie taps the flight yoke, considering before she says, <<"Intellligence is going to be interested in how we spent our day.">>

<<"Roger, Rogue Leader,">> Ax says as he swings his little snub-fighter back into the escort formation. He struggles a bit to get his shields back to full. ~