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Saturday Night's Alright

OOC Date: March 21 2020
Location: Nar Shaddaa - Smuggler's Den
Participants: Sumi Kora, Hadrix Kora, Narsai Ordo, Tara Sur, Zul Gradnk, Kirioth Kora, Kuolo

It's a rainy Saturday night on Nar Shaddaa and there's been a number of new faces in the Smuggler's Den tonight. Well, not that they have a lot of regulars besides those of the Clan for the moment, but, its starting to get there. Roth is stationed where she usually is when she's moonlighting as a bouncer at the bar. Her datapad is perched near her, like she's expecting a message or something.

At the bar there's a few rough looking Togruta in varying degrees of drunkeness, a few humans that look like they just got paid so they need to burn credits on the nearest source of alcohol.

And there's a Jawa that's trying to hop up on a barstool Little feet kicking as it tries.

Likewise in his regular spot, helmet on and reviewing a slew of information presented to him by his droid, Gripper, Hadrix is settle in the battered U of sectional couches that has been made his owner's booth. Pitcher of ale on the table, untouched ribs next to it while he works.


There is no attention paid to the various sentients drinking, yet, for the moment at least. If only people could see the financial reports he's reviewing.

And then, there is a Twi'Lek under a suspicious hood coming in, looking around. She wants to write an action movie so, best get a look at some more fistfights! So, the Twi'lek goes into a bar, making it sound like a joke, before she notices Gripper, raising her lekku past her hood to flail her lekku at his owner happily, at least provided he notices her what with those financial reports.

Smuggler's Den, Narsai was here! It was the closest to a Mandalorian bar one got on Nar Shaddaa. In her currently unpainted armor, Narsai's removed helmet ment her hair was a bright flare of red against otherwise black and dark Beskar plating. A drink nearby at her hand, she sips lazily at it while she rests. The last mission had been a testing one, it had forced some things she'd rather hadn't, and certainly now she needed the drink even if she'd only taken a little of it so far.

The Clan Ordo Alor wasn't an employee of the bar, but the girl still cast a glance over the crowd. Rough was about normal in a place like this!

The Den isn't her usual haunt, but a chance to hang out an drink with some friends? Tara isn't going to say no. She'd arrived with Narsai, helmet sitting on the table, her own drink in her hand. She's been in enough dives over the years, so she's fairly comfortable. "<Something troubling you, Alor?>"

Sumi steps out of the fresher, the door shutting in time to cut off the sound of a flush. Helmeted, armored, she is another Mando in this Mando heavy bar. <"No body go in there. I think someone died."> The tone is so serious that Sumi, despite earning the laughs a few folks at the bar, clarifies. <"No.. /seriously/, they're just sitting against the wall, unresponsive, and stinking. Dead or in need of shower.."> More laughs. She shrugs.

Furthest from the activity, the white-robed figure of Kuolo sat. He was unmasked, with the polished visage on the table, staring back at him. Beside one resting, linen-wrapped hand is a half tumbler made of clear crystalline glas. The liquid in the glass was the color of burning embers at the base of a fire, and it smelled like heavy cinnamon. He seemed to ignore the rest of the world, at least for the moment, content to speak with the mask. At least he tipped well.

Sumi's exit from the refresher gets the attention of the Jawa, stopping the hop into the bar seat with a small tilt of it's head. Then a chitter of a whisper as it heads towards the place they were warned against!

One of the humans at the bar quirks a look at the Mandalorian woman that has stepped out, but makes no move to go see about a body. He does whisper something to the other men that are with them.

Roth looks up, her white eyes looking towards Sumi and then she's scooting off her stool as well to see about it. Can't leave corpses in the refresher!

Head lifting to the declaration of the apparent death, Roth hurrying after, little jawa legs going 'pidder-pidder-pidder'. So it's an interesting night at his place, but it's not a load of upscale hoity-toities trying to see who is more fancy and polished than the other.

The men looking to his Alor and whispering though? They have his attention, whether Sumi can handle herself or not. His interest is piqued, it could be innocent, or it could be a helluva show incoming.

Zul Gradnk blinks, as she freezes up about the corpses. And then, she hears a familiar voice, wincing as she turns towards Tara, wabving her lekku again with wide eye.

Addressed directly, Narsai looks up, unscreened by her own helmet as she meet's Tara's gaze. "<It has been a testing week,>" she answers in Mando'a, more out of habit than any desire to screen her words given the company around them. She'd open her mouth to say more, but Sumi's arrival from the fresher earns a little sniff of amusement and a shake of her head as much by the reaction as anything else. That's Nar Shaddaa for you!

Her gaze flicks to Hadrix, but the man is Busy-Mando, so onwards it passes over the other armored members of her culture before coming to rest on the white-cloaked Kuolo and earn a blink. She didn't know that face...and then the waving Zul, which earns a sidelong glance to Tara. "Friend of yours?"

"<...Huh. I don't drink here enough to know if that's normal.>" Unsure whether that says more about the owners of this bar, or the LIttle Secret, Tara chuckles and takes a sip of her drink. Zul gets a wave in return, and the hunter raises her glass in the twi'lek's direction. "<Yeah, She runs the demo shop in Gearhead. Decent friend, we've hung out a few times and I've bought some things from her.>" Tara's gaze flicks back over to the Refresher, and the Jawa who might be going in there for some looting.

Sumi's unaware of anyone talking about her though oblivious might be the better descriptor. She offers a casual salute to Narsai and Tara, before turning to watch Roth go after the dead body. <"Need help? Their drool is likely to tarnish your plating."> Okay, /that/ was a joke. Sumi turns back around to follow Roth. Roth must have taken what Sumi said 'Don't go in there' as a challenge. This is the way.

Kuolo wondered idly what could have gone on in the drinking hole's refresher that would so completely interest the folks, but then, he supposed nobody really wanted to leave Jawas alone with their tech. Even bathroom tech. Still, the man remains quiet, minding his own business, even as he senses a familiar presense around them. It wasn't a surprise. These were her people, after all.

"Did you kill them?" One of the men bravely, if stupidly, calls to Sumi as she turns away. His drunk friends turn to look owlishly at the armor wearing woman and there's a look between her and their friend. How was this going to go? No one knew! The Togruta a few seats down rolls his eyes at the humans antics, muttering something about hard up.

The Jawa disappears into the refresh and soon enough there's the sounds of thumping. It's either moving the body or...well...necrophilia is frowned upon in most civilized places. What about Nar Shaddaa?

"Oh I think it'll be fine. They're probably just trying to loot." she tells Sumi. Though the Jawa ducked behind the door, it gets opened by the Arkanian, "Hey...mind if I get in there and see what's going on?" Roth asks the Jawa as she starts to open the door that it's ducked into, oh boy. There's a screech that echoes down the short hall and then there's the sound of blaster fire followed by a loud, high pitched 'WAAAAAAAAAHHHHH', it then ends in a 'THUNK'.

Uh oh.

Tara Sur says, "Did you kill them?" One of the men bravely, if stupidly, calls to Sumi as she turns away. His drunk friends turn to look owlishly at the armor wearing woman and there's a look between her and their friend. How was this going to go? No one knew! The Togruta a few seats down rolls his eyes at the humans antics, muttering something about hard up."

Attention crossing to Narsai for a moment - perhaps a moment to speak to her - but gone when there is... screaming in his fresher and then gunfire. Looming to his feet, hands sliding down get into the grips of the shock-gloves squeezing over his gauntlets and then crackling to life.

Zul Gradnk blinks, wincing as she reaches towards the blaster. "Hey Tara.... Uhm.... why do I think coming here was a mistake?" she wonders, already looking for a bit of cover to ide behind

It took a moment, but there was a sudden blinking from Narsai. She'd been about to say more to Tara, but she's noticed...something that seemed to give her pause. Of course, there was no time to talk about that either, because accusations and blaster fire follow. The young woman sighs, her drink given on last gulp before she reaches for her helmet, grasping the rim of it and drawing it close.

Noone in here needed some sort of mystical power to understand things were about to go south. She might not have electrified gloves, but her helmet was pretty heavy.

Tara smirks a bit at the repartee, although her non-drink hand drops to her gunbelt as soon as the characteristic sound of blasterfire fills the air. "Welp, so much for a quiet drink." The chiss' helmet is flipped over and placed back onto her head, drink shoved aside in favor of withdrawing a particularly fun toy that'd saved her shebs a few times from the back of her belt. The Z6 deploys and the field snaps on, Tara flicking it around to rest back along one forearm and keeping her other hand on her gunbelt. <"Don't worry, Zul. Feel free to use my table as cover.">

Kuolo was growing somewhat more curious about the events going on, though he didn't see how adding another body in the refresher would make another difference. And, it was kind of a smelly place to be so close to others. Especially soldiers who lived on high protein diets. In any case, he does offer a bit of a lean out of his quiet place, to sense.

Roth's standing outside the door still, a few feet away now, there's a smoking trail across her cheek and there's the smell of burnt hair that goes along with it. She looks over to Hadrix when he comes looming down the way, "Do...do I have something on my face?" she points in the general area of where the blaster grazed her. Yep. She did! "I think it found that blaster and I spooked it." she shrugs as she stands there.

Meanwhile, the Murderhobo...we mean Jawa, is inside the refresher and can be seen picking itself up from the ground. With a handcannon between it's gloved mitts. It blurts out a bunch of words towards Roth and Hadrix, then drops the gun and points to the body pointedly. When Sumi comes around to join them the Jawa looks at the three and then starts trying to see if there's a window...or a hole to crawl out of. Trapped!

"Alright there sweet cheeks." the drunk guy states. The men at the bar jump up after the blast though, "Oh kriff!" then there's the look around to everyone that's grabbing weapons and the big mandalorians. "86 that plan, I'm getting out of here before I end up the next body in the refresher." one states. Then there's a drunken conga line towards the door, that ends in the drunken guys spilling drinks on the way out and angering other patrons that block their path out.

Zul Gradnk blinks, hiding behind the table as ordered, reaching for her Caelli-merced "Is this bar always like this?" she asks, turning to Tara

No guns come to Narsai's hands, only the helmet that was gripped almost threateningly. There could be violence...but it seemed a little delayed, there was no gunfire from the fresher direction anymore...that was probably a good thing, but the air of tension wasn't completely gone yet. Her gaze flicks down to Zul, but the redhead just offers a shrug, her helmet lifted to draw down onto her head and shield her face.

<"Hell if I know. This isn't my usual spot."> Tara turns, visor T slit visor looking first towards the 'Fresher, which seems pretty well covered by the Koras, then to the impending punch-up by the doorway. <"Hey, Roth! If we help break things up, think there'd be some free drinks in it for us?">

Finishing the glass Kuolo had, he rises. He wanted another, and, something told him getting service was going to prove difficult. So he was up, with the tumbler in hand, crossing towards the bar. Shouting, panic, little bit of fear. It was almost amusing. He does afford the redhead a quick glance, however. He liked Narsai, even if she refused to pick his side of the great conflict. In any case, there was alcohol to grab. Unless someone was dumb enough to throw a punch at -him-. Surely, nobody would punch the flowing-haired man in white robes.

"Oh...that's the burnt hair smell." Roth mutters. She touches the side of her face and there's a bit of a shrug, "Had worse. Come on little murder monster. You go back outside and have a drink...and I'll not run you through and roast you for a rancor." she grumps. "I'll buy your drinks!" she shouts to Tara.

The Jawa skitters out from behind the wall that separates things, giving chirped words to them all. It sneaks past the group of Mandos, giving them as much room as it can. It settles back at the bar, tip toeing up to it to sip it's drink and tosses some extra credits down.

The two humans though get into a shoving match, the two of them sending a man falling over Narsai and Zul's table. Sending things on top spilling, "Out of the way!" they bellow. One of them bumps right into Kuolo, they don't know him, or his glorious hair! The punch misses, hair left trembling in it's wake!

The other human man that's stumbling drunk grips onto Tara, "GET. OUT. OF. THE. WAY." he spits out.

Was she even blocking him?!

Zul Gradnk blinks, eeking as she sees one of them, deciding to try to shoot at one of the men, seeming worried, before covering again behind her table. Why did she come here again?

Given how hard W-35's hit at the best of time, Narsai wasn't really going to go relying on her blaster pistols. Even on stun, they might do a little more damage then intended. Instead the woman twists, swinging her arm towards the thug gripping at Tara...but she's forced to adjust her aim and miss lest she collide with Tara herself.

Shame she didn't have that old combat staff on her right now!

<"That's enough for me!"> The di'kut who's trying to grapple with Tara may be drunk, but he does manage to knock the Sentinel aside and the stunbolt merely singes the carpet. Unfortunately for him, he's too slow to avoid the uppercut between the legs as the hunter flicks the Z6 around and brings it up. The drunk goes up too as the power head discharges with a Zzzzak, bounces off the ceiling, and lands back on the ground, fortunatley not head first. Disposing of bodies is always a nuisance. <"All right, Hut'uun! Who else wants some?"> Tara twitls the baton again, Sentinel not raised but at the low ready where it could snap up and aim at any moment.

Matters seemed to take care of themselves, and Sumi loosened up a bit. The controller that had come out to trigger her rocketpack returned to her gauntlet and she straightened. A satisfied smirk crosses her face unseen. <"Oya! He'll feel that in his next lifetime. Well struck, Tara! Hahaha!"> Sumi is near Narsai now, nodding toward her if the Mando glanced her way. It was a silent /I have your back/ nod.

Looming back out behind Sumi and Roth, apparently good with letting others handle the issues in the bar for now - Hadrix has his gloves re-hung and is oddly calm for all of the madness and violence suddenly to break out, let alone blaster fire and stun-roddery.

Why did he even think the way that he thought? Hard to say. Kuolo could sense the punch coming with plenty of time to spare. It passed quickly with no danger. But then, theres a blaster-shot that goes off towards the individual near him. It made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. Then there was the flash of the baton, evaded with a twist of Kuolo's body at the last moment.

They're coming for you... The voice in his mind whispered, goading him towards thinking the Mandalorians, the Glassjaws, even the Jawa that scampered by. They were after him. It put Kuolo on the ledge fairly quickly. He could kill them? Maybe. They were Mandalorian--Even if they had a portion of the Jedi-hunting traditions in their blood, there were enough to put the odds in their favor. He remains still, Kuolo, as he eyes the room. Waiting. Watching for someone else to shoot, or strike. He seethed.

The Jawa that had went into the refresher decides that they are going to leave before they get punched, or skewered. It disappears out the door, arms flailing as it does.

The Glassjawed humans are laid out, bodies slumped against the floor near each other, Tara's words make everyone that was going to jump in think twice about it and they settle back into drinking.

Roth looks to the two slumped bodies, good, still breathing. She looks to the flowing haired man and to his white robes and there's a look to her own white hair, "Going to smell like burnt animal for days." she mutters. She then heads for the two men that were downed. She passes Kuolo, not really paying attention to him. "Going to take these two out...unless anyone else has something they want to do to them?" she asks.

Zul Gradnk gulps, putting her blaster away and pulling her robe back up "Nothing I can think of." she mutters, waving "Uhm, see you guys around! I forgot I had a cake in the oven!" she explains "Would... hate it to be burned."

<"That's what I thought."> The sentinel's safety clicks on as it slides back into its holster, and the low growl of the Z6 silences when it collapses and is returns to the hunter's belt. <"Vor'e, Sumi. Di'kut had it coming. Guess I'll have another round, drinks are on Roth."> Her helmet lifts off to reveal her usual confident smirk, and Tara returns to her seat.

Well...that was over awful quick. She'd not really even had time to throw one or more punches! Giving a little chuckle, there's a glance over her shoulder towards Sumi and a nod of thanks. "" she muses aloud before lowering her fists and closing her eyes to exhale a breath. Eyes open again, looking over the group and towards the seething man in the corner, but it's somewhat hard to read the face of anyone who was wearing a Mandalorian helmet!

It would surprise no one that Kuolo had no mind for the Mando'a tongue and the words that they shared between them. His eyes stare at the floor a moment or two longer, as his blood begins to cool a bit. The twitch in his hand seems to fade, and Kuolo begins to complete his walk towards the bar. The tumbler is set on it, and he looks for a bottle, or, a bartender. Whichever he found first would help him finish his drinking.