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Shootout at the Golden Orb

OOC Date: May 21, 2020
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Lyra, Eriu Jynx, Kryll, Sajin, Sebek, Yoska Lash, Greez, Maireni Lash, and Tarion Tavers

The Golden Orb is one of the finest eating establishments in the Corellian District, if not the Smugglers' Moon in its totality. From the street, its facade is covered in bright, vibrant holos that display both images of the interior and the exquisite meals available to order. "A pillar of the community," Tarion Tavers, rogue bounty hunter, declares as he surveys it, stood on the far side of the street with what appears to be a smallish bowcaster in his hands. For once, he's looking fairly clean and respectable in his Guild unsanctioned grey armored suit that hooks up to the Guild's network anyway.

"Ah, the rapscallions' lair, where tonight they break bread, quaff from the chalice of injustice, toasting their sins with no thought that judgment comes with the chill wind of night," a vaguely mechanical voice pronounces in a lilting, posh Coruscanti accent. It appears to be coming from the bowcaster. "Woe upon thee, scoundrels of Lehtera Street and beyond! For the wrath of Tiriel is upon you!"

"Shut up," Tarion scolds his weapon, glancing over at the others, the stiff wind that whips down the street forcing his words louder than they might be otherwise. "These are the Lehtera Street Angels of Merciful Death, ok ka, they're having a gang banquet to celebrate their gang badness in there tonight. Only I wasn't invited! And other stuff they've done before this that was basically a slight on me! Me! Tarion Tavers! The most famous bounty hunter alive!" He isn't. "We're gonna teach them a lesson so get ready, we're going in there hot and heavy. They're not expecting us specifically but they're the Angels of Merciful Death, they're always expecting something."

Lyra is fully armored tonight and ready to go. She looks over to Tarion and thankfully her helmet keeps her 'is this guy fucking serious' look from being scene. Either way she seems to be ready to take on the night... or maybe its to guard the Jawa who she seems to easily slide in front of just to make sure she's between her and the chaos about to erupt.

At least its not Parmac, there is that small blessing as Eriu finally reaches the Orb after a brisk jog from the spaceport. Her helmet in her hand at her side, she tugs at the auburn braid to flick back over her shoulder, taking a moment to allow her pulse to slow and breathing to return to normal. "OI," she mutters in a hushed sound to herself as she tries to straighten up slowly to crack her back. "Oh yeah, there it is." Limbering up post run she eyes the orb and its brilliant lights that shine down upon the passerbys and well..those that seem to be slowly gathering outside.

She rolls a shoulder, a smirk playing at her lips. She buffs the visor of her helmet against a bit of cloth hanging from her belt.

Moving closer to Tarion as he talks to his, weapon, is Kryll. His carbine is slung over his chest and ready to access once the show begins and his helmet is securely placed on his head this time. Once he stops, he turns his head to Tarion, "Is this quarry you are hunting because they did not invite you to dinner? Are these serious offences on this moon?" he checks his weapon, ensuring the power pack is primed and loaded and motions for Six to wait on the other side of the street. The white and red droid rolls off to find a safer position to monitor the situation and the street.

Sajin, in his void armor instead of the power armor... for some likely untactful reason, is seemingly staring into space as Tarion gives his breifing on what they'll expect inside. He already had his vibro blade in hand, held low at his side and thumb resting over the switch and ready to flick it on when the time came. "Huh?" He asks, turning his head to look at Tarion small bowcaster... "Oh right... I forgot that thing talked... Hey, are we just charging in and killing people or... do you want them alive... or..." THere is a pause, "Eh, I'll just kill 'em anyways I guess." He turns his head to notice Kryll, Lyra... and then EJ. He gives them a wave with his freehand like a complete idiot.

"Yes! YES! Glorious combat! You have chosen well, He Who Hunts!" declared Sebek of the Desert, Flagbearer of Coret, Conqueror of the Sixteenth Deck, Consumer of Hounds, He Who Hunts. Although it looked like there was more than one He Who Hunts today. Did this mean his annoying tendency for giving names didn't have to be unique? Then why didn't he yet have a name for the tall fella who kept getting stabbed?! Whatever, we're monologuing.

The tall Falleen, today, wore the beaten-up Weave armour from the tournament on the Wheel, the one that had picked up more than a few more scorch marks and armour patching. No sword today. Strange, it was like his teddybear. Instead, a First Order-issue riot tonfa baton zappy thing, the kind Merek Black would de-limb himself for. "Question him not, He Who Hunts," was this one directed at the guy with the carbine and the questions? How many He Who Hunts were there today?! "For a slight on him is a stain on his soul, answered only with bloody retribution!"

Yoska Lash is here to PARTY. And fight. But also PARTY. The little Ryn is reeling in behind Tarion, narrowly avoiding running into EJ. He smells like Ryn, which is his species, and is such a distinctive scent that in the past, Ryn have been exiled to separate refugee camps even during humanitarian disasters. Because of the smell. His eyes are way too dilated to make sense for the light level, and he's got body glitter and a pistol. "Hey, I KNOW you," he beams at Eriu Jynx, before trying to shove past her.

"Yah it's a serious offense! Get real! This is serious!" the kid replies to Kryll, brandishing his gun with zero trigger discipline. "Who we shootin! I'm here to ----"

Sajin. And Sebek. Together! What a pair. He just stares. His mind is blown. It was not a large or stable mind anyway.

Even Greez is just... Wondering at her life choices now. The person who hired them? Talks like he's a few thousand years old, and never bothered to update his speech patterns. Or, y'know, he's a theater kid who never grew out of it. Not that Greez would know, but still, it's too much for her. Still, she's getting paid, so she's got her blaster - a Merr-Sonn one - out, checking to ensure it's got ammunition. Thankfully the Jawa ditched her robe, because the armor she wears is lightyears ahead in terms of not-letting-her-die. That does leave her rodent-like head visible, and though adorable... Who even knows that she's a Jawa, until she speaks? The mini-translator droid, attached to some of the loose bits of her armor, will do everything needed so that she's understood.

Maireni is here. She's only here because she's scampering /away/ from ... something. Someone? It doesn't look as though anyone is following her at this point, but she's got a bag clutched in her hand with a glittering named affixed to the side, and neither name on it is Maireni, nor Lash. "Comin' through, comin' through! Watch it! Hey!" There's a familiar face among the crowd -- a few, actually -- that she's trying to push through now, which slows her getaway down, then stops her right beside Tarion, to whom she beams. "Hey!" She shoves one hand into the purse and pulls out a wallet, then tosses the bag itself out into the street. "We teachin' lessons to criminals? Good," she says hypocritically while shoving the wallet into her own bag.

"You're the ones who showed up for an ad on the holo that just said 'bring guns it's for a grudge,' don't get all self-righteous on me now," Tarion complains at Kryll with a condescending frown, locking and loading the Rodian-style bowcaster as he steps out into the street, marching across in apparent answer to somebody's question as to what the plan is here. He steps inside the door, slaps his hand over the segment of the wall it receded into to keep it open for his hired guns, and looks around the room.

The place is fairly empty, with only a few of the people sat at the tables looking like the normal, well-to-do clientele at a respectable establishment. The rest of the restaurant's diners cluster together further inside, gathered largely around one large banquet table formed by shoving many of the other tables into the center of the room. They have a distinctly rough and tumble appearance to them, a hodge-podge of races and species, all wearing the same regalia on their jackets and vests, an ethereal angel with menacing fangs.

One of the thugs looks up towards the door when the bounty hunter enters. "Hey boss, isn't that that loser who kept calling you last week?"

"Yeah... yeah, that's the guy."

"What angel hath visited this place, I cannot say, but tonight the fury of Tiriel descends as an otherworldly avenger! What crimes ye have committed be on your own heads! O Death, I summon thee! O Grave, prepare thy bowels for consumption!" The bowcaster has a longwinded streak.

Tarion frowns intensely down at the weapon, then looks up at the gangsters, then looks over his shoulder at his hired guns. "...Yeah, that's pretty much how it's going down."

Lyra follow Tarion into the Golden Orb and though she's ready to fire she's not entirely ready for the bowcaster. Let's be honest... that thing has a classical sass about it. Her weapon is already ready and she's being paid to kill people today. With her Jiminy safely in her back pocket, which is inside her armor, Lyra opens fire. Better catch them while they are still unawares, right? So she levels her carbine at the poor biker and wastes him on the spot. Anyone standing behind her can probably hear Jiminy tsking her.

Oh they are walking! Eriu missed the talking bowcaster the first round because her blood was thundering in her ears from her jog. Her dimpled red cheeks slowly fade some as Sajin gets an upnod from his fellow before she tugs the armor helmet down over her head, smashing that braid into place before she finally notes Yoska. <"You!"> Comes her modulated voice now that the helmet is settled into place.

<"It's a good thing I am wearing sealed armor."> A very very good thing. The oddly spoken Falleen gets a look as well but as they all tromp their way into the place - uninvited - and probably a far more rag tag bunch than those seated, EJ reaches for her gun. Shoulda had that out before!.

As she starts pulling it free from the holster at her hip she is taking long strides off to the side in an attempt not to be massed up with the others and primed for retaliation which is likely to occur.

Kryll stands outside for a moment, contemplating that this was a situation where someone was upset over not being invited to dinner. He watches Lyra and Eriu move in, and shrugs as he takes his carbine into his hands, a quick toggle throws it into stun mode and steps inside and away from the door, tracking the targets inside and quickly identifying threats, as well as the priority threat.

<<"These two broke into a fancy Apartment I owned on Hosk station and MADE A MESS.">> Sajin comments side long towards EJ as they start walking into the enterance, nodding his head towards the Ryn siblings. <<"Yet somehow I love them like my own children...">> That's said in a hushed tone, a whisper. He ever puts a finger to the speaker on his helmet.

Upon entering the Hapan takes stock of who around... he might have said something... but one of the team opens fire. <<"OH... now? OKAY!">> He raises his blade and charges. He's like a stampeeding primate, knocking over tables and chairs as he moves towards his prey. The Hapan flips the switch on his Vibroblade, the weapon whining to life as the High Frequency resonance starts to run through the steal. Two quick and expet strikes carve into the 'Rascal', blood spurting, squirting, and splatering over a few patrons.

"BEHOLD! YOUR DOOM," literally, "APPROACHES!" bellowed the Falleen, having dispensed with all sorts of monologuing to go straight into the smack smack. Unfortunately, when it came to smack smack, Sebek was far more suited with long hard rods that applied a more-than-gentle amount of force, not this spinny swishy tonfa-like thing. The first swing was done with a slightly looser grip than normal, meaning the bloody thing fwung out to the right and rudely ionized a patch of air. The second one, cross-body horizontal, went THWACK into the Rider's side. Of course this knocked the damn baton around even more and the third one was an unwanted pommel smash against the space the Rider occupied, like, ten minutes ago? Well done, Sebek. PRACTICE FIRST.

"MARI ohhhhh what are you DOING here," Yoska enthuses a greeting at his sister, while trying to free his hands from several rings that belong to Maireni, not Yoska. He is making an attempt to shove them into his pockets, shifting his pistol unsafely from hand to hand, while the Lehtera St gang recognizes Tarion, and chancellor Tiriel, the verbose bowcaster, has a lot to say about it.

When Sajin remembers him and his sister, Yoyo responds with a pleased, "Ayyyy! Let's hang out later!" like home burglary was a good bonding experience. Then he shoots wildly toward the thug! He misses. He's rollin'. He is not sober. These uppers could be advantageous, or you know, not.

For her part, Greez isn't a warrior. That being said, she -is- someone with a weapon who's being hired to use it. Thus, she enters the building, and seeing as there are targets who are likely drawing their weapons? Her pistol fires at one in front, one of the smaller foes, and lets two shots fly before she dives to the side, trying to get behind a table. She's not even three feet tall, so taking cover for her is quite easy. Sadly, only one of her shots hit, and just barely.

What's not to love?! Maireni is adorable, if you ignore the smell, and likely some fleas, and the abundance of glitter, the obnoxiously bright clothes, and her propensity to pick up and pocket anything not nailed down. "HEY!" There's a screech at her brother as she points accusingly at him, then at one eye, then at him again. She. Saw. That. And she WILL remember. I mean, probably not, but you can rest assured that revenge will come in the form of stealing something from him later, because that was on the schedule anyway.

She secures her bag to herself so none of the belongings-- her legitimate and legally owned belongings-- fall out, and makes a mad dash into the restaurant. And right into a waiter. CRASH. It is not only raining space mimosas down on her, but also glass, and a tray that bounces off of her head with way less sound due to he PUFF of hair atop her head. "AYYYYAAAH, watch where you're goin' you pluff-numpin-dirt-muncher." The 'insult' is accompanied by a gesture that is incredibly rude by Ryn standards, then springs to her feet again like nothing happened. She's covered in the fancy brunch drink, but probably smells a lot better. At least until the liquid settles in and becomes wet Ryn smell.

May God be with you all when that happens.

"The hell do you want?!" the head of the Angels of Merciful Death yells at Tarion, but before anyone can really have that conversation, the scene devolves into blasterfire. Those sat at the banqueting table scatter as one of them is immediately gunned down, and two large men come barrelling in like bulls in a fine bone porcelain shop and start attacking their members. Tables are flipped to make cover, weapons are drawn, and the restaurant staff runs for the back of house.

"Whom is he with the immaculate topknot and most righteous disposition?" Tiriel questions Tarion as the weapon is swung into a firing stance. "Whom speaketh such mutterings most eloquent to mine ear? Whom would visit all of Tiriel's anger and wroth upon these wicked and fork-tongued adders, who lie in the weeds along the side of the thoroughfare, waiting until-"

KA-BOOSH. The bowcaster releases a bolt that flies over the heads of the gangsters and crashes into the back wall, throwing loose a cloud of dust and some of the sheetrock. "I CAN'T AIM WHEN YOU'RE MONOLOGUING," Tarion fumes at the thing, giving it a shake.

"Your hands scarcely succeed to send my justice forth when my tongue falls still!"

As the fighting ramps up, more of the Lehtera Street Angels come funneling down the stairs from the balcony above or line up along the rail to shoot down on the party-crashers.

Lyra takes a solid hit on the left side of her torso, just over her ribs and beneath her chest. She grunts as she takes the hit and exhales allt he air in her lungs. She seems to realize that there are other enemies entering though and her carbine rises to aim at the Aqualish that enters. The first bolts sore passed the aqualish and hit the ceiling but the second shot lands a solid hit on his left leg.

As more join along the stairs, the helmeted head of EJ turns to watch them and makes a sound of some disgust. <"Face tentacles...YUCK!"> She's not xenophobic but chin tentacles are not really flattering. Up comes the bryar and the unlucky creature is shot at. Well perhaps lucky that it is Eriu as it goes high over his head and hits the second story wall to end the life of the blaster bolt.

She did not close her eyes when she shot and no one can prove it. The void armor is a blessing in many ways. <"Kriffing face tentacles..."> She actually shudders.

Kryll ducks slightly as someone takes a potshot at him. He plants his feet and raises his carbine at the nearby Rodian. The shot hits him square in the chest and puts him on the floor, so Kryll turns and cycles through targets. Firing a second shot at a goon but that one misses wide as the goon goes for proper cover and the engagement goes into full swing.

Sajin twirls his blade around, plunging it deep and violelty into the chest of the Rascal, draining the life from him. There is a satisfied sort of sound that comes from his speaker just as more goons come down the stairs. He pulls the blade with a loud sucking sound from the festering bleeding wound and looks for another target.

"Tenticals?" He looks towards the Quarrens. "TENTICALS!" He slices the tenticals. Sajin isn't a Xenophobe either but when in the heat of battle... he could get a little crazy. Sajin the Crazy Ragin' Hapan. "GAHHHHHH!" He exclaims!

Finally getting the hang on his long hard baton, Sebek rose it to the sky and slammed it down on the head of the Rider. CRUNCH. Great way to start the evening. "Die, He Who Dies," he proclaimed to his unfortunately deceased opponent, and he turned his head and sought the alpha of the pack. "You!" he declared, pointing the baton forward, then starting with a long flying leap. The air flicked his topknot and the lower half of his cassock sticking out from under his armour, his ear ridge studs (not earrings, Falleen don't have ears, who told you that?) glinting in the lights, his eyeliner f l e e k. This would prove to be a canny opponent! Both of his follow-up assaults went wide, and Sebek of the Desert laughed like a man possessed. "Ha ha HA HA HA HA! YES! BATTLE ME, HE WHO LEADS!" Oh look, another He Who Leads! Don't tell the boss.

Hit. HIT! Any thought Yoska might have had - unlikely, he's not a thinker - is blown out of his head by a solid injury that knocks him down and out straightaway! He hits the ground with a wet-sounding 'thwak' and commences to bleed everywhere, while words of his companions swirl around him in a haze. He who dies, he who dies, oh, no, they're talking about him, how awkward.

But the fight is not all gone out of him yet! Yoska sits up, coughs blood onto his own fake gold chains, and raises his gun. "You can't have any of my stuff!!" he yells his last will and testament at Maireni, then fires plasma into a mook.

Thank the stars that Greez is behind something. Nobody thought to target the Jawa. That enables her to check her weapon, calm herself, and then peek out. And aim, somehow! Without being shot at! The plasma cuts through the air, hitting the mook dead on in the face. 'Dead' is the proper word here, too. The target falls over, a husk of a face left. But Greez squeezes the trigger again, after a quick adjustment, to hit the one just to the right; the shot goes a tad wide though, and the lowlife now knows that someone is targeting him! Greez, therefore, gives out a small 'yeep!' before ducking back behind the table.

The chaos inside the Golden Orb continues, with frantic staff in the back of house dialing the local constabulary, CSec, NSec, and anyone less legitimate who might show up to put a stop to this. The ample reservation fee for the banquet no longer appears to have been adequate.

"How 'bout you get that soddin' excuse for a weapon out of my house, boy?! SIT DOWN," the Angels' boss thunders at Sebek, blasting repeatedly at the Falleen but the close quarters make it difficult to get anything done in between dodging those swipes from the baton.

The Quarren gangster runs down the stairs, shot at on his way, and best by Sajin immediately open reaching the bottom. He has some regrets in the brain behind his tentacles.

KA-BOOSH. This time one of the biker gang goes sailing back against the wall, born aloft by the bowcaster bolt. "BEHOLD THE WRATH OF TIRIEL," the tinny voice barks so loudly the little speaker almost blows out. "The Chancellor of the Republic judges you and finds you guilty! May the blackness of death claim your pathetic lives and sweep your souls down to oblivion with all haste!"

No new additions come rushing in from the wings, now, those that remain starting to recover from the initial surprise and working out which targets pose the most threat, tagging back and working the angles to deliver effective return fire. Tarion is struck in the left arm, and recoils with a curse. "Kriffing hell! I just had that serviced!"

"You do /NOT/ attack the Jawa." Lyra says as she brings her rifle to level with the lowlife that attacked and successfully hit Greez. She fires off two shots 'pew pew!' and lays waste to the asshole who attacked the tiniest Jawa. She doesn't move or look away from the fight, she just asks, "Little Jawa. You okay?" She kneels down and takes partial cover next to Greez.

All hail the King of Drik. Or that may be what EJ is singing quietly in her helmet as her fellow Hapan goes screaming right at the disgusting tentacle face. Adoration is heaped upon he, the only of his name, Sajin. But then there is blinding pain as she starts to aim at the Quarren. Whether or not its the sudden jolt of her left leg that helps with her aim or not is unknown but she squeezes of a round as the red bolt lands square on the Quarren's chest to send him flopping to the ground lifeless.

At the same moment her triumphant killing of Tentacle Face McGee she ends up collapsing to the ground and crying out. <"DID I LOSE MY LEG AGAIN?! IS IT THERE!!! OWWWW!"> Excessive cries of pain are modulated through her helmet as she remains on one knee.

We all know that shot she just made was a fluke brought on by her injury. <"I hate this idea. This was a horrible idea."> she grunts out as she starts to crawl for cover.

The thug returns fire on Kryll, who attempts to twist his body to allow the armor a better deflection chance but the shot finds its mark anyway and Kryll recoils slightly. He resets and opens fire on the thug, both shots going wide in the hectic CQB which has spawned into a rabid battle with everyone crossing lines of fire and it just being a lottery of who murders who first.

"Yes! Yes Ryn Children! Tell them you ant taking no prisoners!" Sajin says as he dodges out of the way of a stray blaster bolt that was likely aimed for him. He notices Yoska's been hit. "NOOOOO! Don't shoot them, they're harmless!" Except they're not harmless, spreading desiese and selling drugs. Stealing and much more! Sajin was still just far too trusting sometimes... or maybe he surrounded himself with low lifes in order to make himself not a target... Which in its self didn't make much sense either. It was safer to say the Big Beauiful Kind of Drik was dumber than rocks.

When Yoska gets taken out there is a roar from the hapan. THe Quarren in front of him is gunned down and the loudest one out of the group was the boss. He charged and swung powerfully towards the Gang Leader, his blade only hitting tables and chair, chopping them in twain. <<"STAY STILL!">>

Attack of Opportunity! SWING SWING SWING! This guy was slippery but that didn't stop Sebek. He was still laughing like a maniac and otherwise having a great time! "YES! Behold, a foe of worth! Tales will be told of your demise, He Who Evades!" Oh look a name change. Appropriate. More mad laughter. His week had started good, gone bad, got better, and now it was fantastic!

"Yah! DON'T HURT THE RYN CHILDREN," Yoska agrees with Sajin, who is in his top 13.5 favorite people anyway, and is at the VERY top right now, when he's being both free with his praise, and protective! Sajin, man. He loves Sajin! He wonders what Sajin is doing later, and is just about to ask, when the bolt from the Quarren strikes him and knocks him back to the floor. This time he doesn't sit up again.

Yoyo drops his gun and wheezes, "Aw, hell, Me Who Dies," and then closes his eyes. He is quiet and still, then groans, "still can't have my stuuufffff...." until consciousness leaves him.

Greez gets winged; luckily she's wearing that armor, because if she wasn't? That would hurt like a sonovabitch. I mean, it does, and she cries out in pain, but somehow it just makes her more mad. The one who shot her? Dead. But there's still enemies, so she takes a potshot at the first one she can see. Straight to the chest, and he drops; another squeeze of the trigger goes for the -other- biggest target, which happens to be the leader. It goes -so- very wide, but gets his atetntion just a bit. That's probably a bad thing. Oh dear. HIDING NOW! "Tall Lyra? Greez make mistake. Think make bigbig angry. Tall Lyra have thermal?" Because that sounds more reasonable than trying to shoot the boss again.

When Maireni hears the cries about not hurting the Ryn children, she echoes that sentiment with a "YAH!" That's a stance she can get behind. Except then her brother is shot, and injured, and there are so many rings on unconscious hands for her to steal back. No, first she has to do business here, then she can steal the rings off of her brother before probably dragging him to the clinic. Probably. "AYYAH, you guys hurt my brother!" Never mind that they were the aggressors here, but logic and reason rarely apply to Maireni, and she's not about to try it out now. That also means very little logic and reason goes into who she takes a swing at next, so it's a wild scamper up onto a table and then a leap at the Boss that has her landing one shot right in the snoot, and the next flying right past his head as she slides off the table, and onto the floor. Crash. Something definitely broke in the fall and she paws at her bag to try and feel how much of the breaking 'belonged' to her.

"FIGHT TO THE LAST MAN," the boss yells, his regalia flapping dramatically as he leaps atop the table and shoots the pretty Falleen, his nemesis. "I said SIT DOWN! Get that weak kark out of here!" The others rally around their leader, and now fire is raining down on the renegade band of hired guns.

"Ouch, krif," Tarion curses again as he takes another hit, this time high on the chest to the right side of his body. At least that sort of evens things out. Smoking from two separate places, he doggedly raises his weapon again and KA-BOOSH!

"Do not die until I have finished meting out death and judgment; even the rank fool among you would lament should my task be interrupted, for my fury will be reborn and multiply, visiting itself upon the children and the children's children until the stain be driven out and the unclean and the memory of the unclean no longer defiles the galaxy."

"I'm really getting sick of you," Tarion mutters darkly as he sinks down behind one of the upturned tables, peeking over the edge to confirm the targets still standing. "Just three! It's just the three!"

Just three; the big boss, with his mean gun and broad jaw; his lieutenant, the thug with the golden hair; the goon, an ape of a man, an actual ape, a Kordan in a biker vest.

Having ducked down with Greez to take partial cover, Lyra has to lean around the table to take a couple more shots. She tries to shoot the Kordan goon but both shots go wide. She tucks back in and talks to Greez, her voice echoing through her helmet in a way that makes her sound less than human, a little roboty. "I'm slightly worried about you being here at all, Little Jawa." She admits. "Brave of you though, which I respect. I've no themals but if you stay behind me I'll try and take the heat for you."

CRAWL! EJ is still crawling and has forgotten her praises of the King of Drik. Forgotten! She lifts her blaster as an afterthought and she does not even aim down the Bryar. She just squeezes off the shot as it goes wide and could be just as deadly for her cohorts. Cohorts in the moment. She huffs out a pained breath and wants to cry some more but danger still lies ahead as she manages to push herself up and hops on her good leg.

Its still smoking, faintly.

A blaster bolt slammed into Sajin's helmet, sending the Hapan reeling to the ground in a loud clatttering heap. He lays still a moment, smoke rising from his head. "RAAAAAAAAAAA!" He screams, getting to his feet and urning back towards the one that hit him. "YOU!" He exclaims... it might have been a terrifying sight. The pretty Hapan's face exposed as half his helmet had been obliterated or other wise caved in. His skin bruised over and bloody from a Contusion. Blood shot hazel eyes, burns from the heat of the blast and lacerations from shrapnel armor. It was an ugly mess... but fixable. "DIE!" He declares! His first strike is on the mark if not hapazard. The second falls short, wide and unweildly.

Sajin, the Concussed Hapan.

Sebek was a lot of things, tall, arrogant, always hungry, pretty in a creepy sort of way, but above all he was prideful, and when someone got under his skin pride demanded retaliation. Whether or not he'd keep his sithspit together doing it, that was up to fate. Fate, however, had a bone to pick with the grumpy mad food-obsessed Falleen and said, no, you're not going to get your fair fight, you've been a dick lately, so I'm going to hit you really, really hard.

The blaster bolt colliding with his arm hurt nothing, compared to the Insult.

"Weak?" hissed Sebek, his velvety goopy tone of voice falling away and into that animalistic snarl that beheld the oncoming of a nuclear meltdown. "Weak?!" Oh no he did not. Skin of deep green was fading, shifting into harsher lime-y sort of shade as his composure stopped being a tangible thing. No. No this would not do. This would not do at all. His amber eyes were wide and staring metaphorical daggers at the boss, almost in disbelief.

Then he attacked. "I WILL," the first swing was, wild, crazed, and straight into the boss's arm, "KILL YOU," he was holding the stun tonfa by the end now, probably what he should have started with considering he was now actually landing hits, as he swung it like a smackball bat into the matching leg, "AND EAT YOU!" and the third time was a full three-sixty noscope of a whack that, had it connected, would have taken the big guy's head off like a smackball. But it went high, because in his crazed and orange... yeah Sebek's skin was orange now, in his crazed and orange state he'd forgotten he was taller. Well life sucks. But still, you beat him to literally within an inch of his life. Good job Sebek. You can raid the kitchens later.

It takes only a few moments for Greez to catch her breath. The injury on her arm isn't -too- severe. And it's not her aiming arm. "Tall Lyra, Greez okay. Tall Lyra no take heat, Tall Lyra... Flank. Around side. Hit at same time!" Then there's a nudge to Lyra, before the Jawa ROARS out with her tiny voice, as loud as she can, "UTINNI!" And then flops to the ground, aiming her pistol, plinking two shots to cover for the Zelosian; one misses, but another hits the goon in the chest; not a great shot, but enough to wound. "Tall Lyra go! Distracted!"

While Maireni is busy pawing at the stuff in her bag, she should have been paying attention to the Thug that was nearby, maybe if she had... well she probably still would have been shot, but she might've stood a better chance! (Nope) The bolt hits her right in the gut and she lets out a cry as fingers feel around the burned edges of her inefficient armor to the hole that the blaster put into it. And her. "No, I need..." She starts to drag herself away from the fray, from the boss and the thug, and everyone else, heading instead for her brother. "Those are my rings." Once she's close enough to him, she gives a surreptitious glance around, and then very obviously starts pulling off what rings remain on Yoska's fingers.

The boss's small victory over hitting Sebek soon turns Pyrrhic as the Falleen finally claps back, smacking him repeatedly with the stun baton and bludgeoning him into submission, a word which here means 'death'.

"Truly, truly, I say unto thee, he who visits the wrath of Tiriel upon one of these sinners visits wrath upon the whole" KA-BOOSH "host of iniquitous and vile. Ye serpents! Ye crooked and perverse generation! Ye who wandered far and broke down the pillars of my Republic! Whose name is Corruption! Whose hearts are open pits! Whose paths lead down into destruction!"

"Lay off," Tarion insists from behind the table, sat on his arse, having just missed a shot at the Kordan. "I hate whatever that guy is. I hate all of these people. You know, I tried and I tried to get along, but noooo, they wouldn't have it. The calls, the demands for tribute, none of it worked."

The thug with the blond hair climbs up onto the table now, replacing his fallen boss and shooting at Sebek, shouting, "THE ANGELS OF DEATH NEVER DIE," despite the number of dead Angels.

Lyra looks to Greez briefly out of her peripheral, not that anyone else would notice because of her helmet, but she does steel a quick look at her. There is a nod just before Greez makes her attack and then Lyra is taking Greez flank and shooting once more at the goon. Two bolts shoot out from the rifle in quick succession, one slamming into the goon's chest and the other hitting the goon's leg as the first shot takes them out. She kneels down then and aims around for additional enemies.

<"Never again, never again,"> EJ swing songs to herself as she hugs a decorative plant. In this moment she loves it and watches as the fire sent back is diminishing little by little. She lets out a breath and again slowly leans out to blindly shoot. Her red bolt fires out and she hisses through her teeth as she glances down at her wound. <"KICK THEIR ASSES!"> She yells. Inspire when you can not actually do anything of affect. She growls a bit and then leans back into the plant, a few leaves falling down over her helmet that gives her a sense of safety.

Kryll growls slightly within his helmet, as the thug continues to stand and he regrets his decision to enable stun on his carbine. He fires two more shots at the thug, the first missing high but the second slams home into his chest and throws him onto his back on the ground unconscious. <"It is about time."> he looks to Lyra and lower to Greez, <"Are you both alright?"> he keeps his carbine level in case anyone stands up, but he holds position and keeps watch for now.

Sajin stands there before the smoking dead corpse of the Kordan. His shoulders rise and fall as he breaths heavily, out of breath from pain and the exertion of battle. He looks around, blade still at the read, and takes in the destruction wraught upon this sacred place od nerf steaks and fancified tubbers. "Frellin' hell." He rumbles, taking a moment to place his vibro blade back on his back after switching it off. He makes his way towards his fellow Hapan first, "You alright?" He asks, "Yan's going to flip out..." He laughs before looking over toward Maireni... "Aww, look. THat's how they show affection." As she steals from her brother's corps.

Sebek parried the blaster bolt the only way he knew how, tanking it in the chest. The heat of it burned his shifting-coloured skin as it made a mess of the frontal protection of the weave. He was going to need another set. "The Angels of Death are DEAD, insect!" he erupted at the lieutenant, this idiot who clearly didn't know the definition of 'never die' not even being worth a He Who name. "You are fat, unknowing of common defin-" and that was when the other He Who Hunts's stun bolt took out the idiot with a solid shot to the chest. Hm. Well at least he heard he was fat. That was important.

Walking over to the fallen survivor, unconscious, he kneeled down and slapped the guy across the face to wake him up. "Serve as my herald," he instructed, his thickly accented and velvety tones carrying the weight of failure. "Tell the scum of Nar Shaddaa that Sebek of the Desert has returned and that they will serve as sport. Tell them this, and your life remains yours."

This would have worked beautifully, absolutely magnificently, had the guy actually woken up when the Falleen slapped him.

The fighting is over, and Greez is still running an adrenaline high from it. That being said, she's not going to continue shooting. A quick check of her blaster to see that it's okay, and then it's holstered. Then, she goes to find a seat at the table she was hiding behind... And hyperventilates a bit. Now that the anger of pain is gone, all the fear that was waiting in line hits her at once. It's difficult to keep that in, when cowardice - and thus, survival instincts - are genetic.

It IS how they show affection. If not all Ryn, than THESE Ryn at the very least. Maireni is wearing her gloves still, which means that Yoska gets shocked a couple times as she removes the rings, and that she can't put them on while the gloves are on and still active. Plonk, into her bag they go to rattle around inside with all the other stuff that she definitely didn't also steal, then flops over onto her back. "I'll get the ones out of your pockets later," she tells her unconscious brother, then looks around at what remains of the targets, and the people who came in to serve some justice(?) against them. "Ayyya," she says as she waves a sparking hand at Tarion. "This job pays, yah?"

Pulling himself up from behind the table, Tarion surveys the wreckage of the Golden Orb, his locked left arm frozen in a firing position. This looks fine until he slings the bowcaster on his back and the arm stays locked in a firing position. Then it just looks weird. "Well, this is a fine state of affairs," he announces with a lopsided, snarky grin, moving over to nudge the body of the Lehtera Street Angels' boss with the toe of his boot. "Who's dead /now/? You AND that guy you told me I could bring in dead or alive! You can't take-backsies that sort of thing! I don't carry my datapad everywhere I go! This is on /you!/"

A finger whirls towards the terrified employees peeking out of the kitchen. "And /you!/ You people banned me from this place once! You probably don't even remember! Well I remember! Who's banned /now/?!" He laughs, coughs, stands there straining at nothing for a moment before he turns to his hired guns. "It's me. I'm definitely banned for life now. That's okay, I have other identities that aren't banned. I'll uh... I'll definitely pay you guys. Probably. Definitely. Real credits and everything." Definitely! Probably.