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Rebel Yell hosts a charity party in its Acclamator's casino.

OOC Date: February 6, 2016
Location: Guardian
Participants: Stavros as GM and himself, Kyanggha, Han Solo, Gren Delede, Raim Shah, Danner, Yvie Gosse, Ax, Luka Krante, Sar Yavok, Lofty, Kasia Ciph, Rebel Yell

The Fast Credits Casino came into Rebel Yell's hands intact, and so far it has stayed that way. Rather than stripping it down as useless space, the mercenary company has kept it in good shape and trained many of its members to work here, at least for now. The wood is polished, the seats are cushioned, and red carpets flow from section to section. Slot machines vie with sabacc tables for space and attention.

But for those who wish to speak and relax more than gamble, there is an ample lounge area, with a bar to the far left. Tonight's bartenders are Menzo, a lean man with a knowing smile, whose knowledge of liquors is nigh-comprehensive; and Verona, who flips bottles and free-pours drinks without mmissing a beat in her conversations.

There are numerous sabacc dealer droids, but the centered, most prominent table is manned by "James," a narrow-bodied droid with a neutral expression and a deep, deep voice entirely out of keeping with his build. The band's music is soft, with the occasional intrusive solo, to remind you of their skill.

Stavros has appointed himself the steward of this party. In his bright blue zoot suit with a waist-high cane for dramatic gestures, he is waiting just inside the room for the first guests to arrive. When the time is right, the doormen do their duty, the lights brighten a touch, and he calls, "Welcome to the Fast Credits Casino, ladies and gentlemen. Remember why we're here, and should you have any need not being sufficiently handled, find me, and we'll make it right. Let the party begin!"

It's always vaguely awkward to be one of the first people at a party. Kyanggha looks around the place and then over to Stavros and his glorious zoot suit and cane. She rumbles her amusement. "Looking good." It's hard to tell when a wookiee is dressed up, but the beads on her braids are fresh and colourful, it must be as close to semiformal as she gets.

Han Solo is arriving. He came through the main corridors after landing in some transport ship he stowed away on and he walks toward the casino when he sees the doors open. He nods to a few people who make eye contact with him and he shakes a few hands with those who approach him. "Nah. I'm not playin any card games tonight, I'm just here to watch." To watch the person who he paid to play cards for him tonight. He knew that if he played he'd be targetted by the best, so he hired someone to play for him and he was here to watch and make sure it went over well.

"Yeah, thats great." He said to some Sullustan who recognized him. He shook his head. "Nope. I've never met your mother. I'm sure she's a lovely woman though." He smirked some and then moved further into the casino... finally away from any one who seemed to know him the man grumbled to himself. "Time for a damn drink." He approached the bar, lifted his left hand to signal one of the tenders with his pointer-finger extended some. "Whiskey... and, don't put any of that.. colorful crap in it that the kids are all doing these days." He grumpily told the tender before leaning on the bar on hsi left elbow and looking around the place, disapprovingly.

Gren Delede, as CEO of Rebel Yell is likely expected to be looking good, and mingling with the guests at the celebration. But, he's not. He's looking a little ragged in a poorly tailored vaguely military uniform. It is a silky black tunic, with trousers of heavier but also dark material. Silver piping runs down each trouser leg. He's in the process of losing a large amount of money at one of the sabacc tables, and drinking heavily. "I missed the battle, and now you are cheating me at cards? I will scrap your metal ass so damned fast!" This is directed at the droid dealing. His words aren't slurred, but the normally clipped Coruscanti is a little mushy.

Walking down the boarding ramp of the Aurora Veil is a blue skinned Chiss that some might know from Nar Shaddaa as Raim Shah, if they have ever had reason to make a visit to his droid and cybernetics shop within the Gearhead District, The Techno Emporium. He is dressed well in a trim fitting black suit, the jacket and pants seeming to almost shimmer with whatever material they are made of. The shirt beneath the jacket is a deep maroon and the outfit is completed with a black tie. He follows along a few paces behind Han Solo with no entourage or company, save the mini-translator droid that putters along in his wake, its tiny repulsors keeping it held aloft at about head level.

As he steps inside the casino, his glowing red eyes survey the room before he begins to drift over toward one of the bars.

Stavros grins at Kyanggha, amidst the other guests arriving. "You're looking good, too! I'm glad you're here, wasn't sure you'd come." He claps the wookiee on the arm. Fortunately, he understands Shyriiwook. "You even dressed up. Don't think I don't notice! Go get a drink- oh, right- I always forget this-"

Stavros clears his throat, then calls out in a loud voice, "First drink is free, everyone!" He takes a few steps towards Gren. "I'm glad you dressed up. Sort of." He grins, then looks about for anyone who looks out of place.

Menzo nods to Han, finds a mostly decent whiskey, and pours the Corellian a generous few fingers of the amber liquor, setting it in front of the man with a gracious nod, before turning to Raim Shah, who is heading his way. "What can I get you, sir?" he inquires.

Danner Call a young twi'lek is on the stage area standing by a microphone and a data pad that will play her songs. She's getting things ready to be at time tonights background entertainment for the party. Currently the data pad is playing some Bith Jizz an upbeat party tune, all instruamental. Danner letting the party get going before she starts performing, but until then she's happy to play DJ.

Yvie is here begrudgingly. Invited by Stavros, still trying to feel out who the Rebel Yell are as a group, the archaeologist remains near the edges of the party. Most of her clothes are not of the fancy variety, but she does have a semi-formal outfit that she has broken out for this occasion. She's not a recognizable personage, but her dress is bright cyan color - long, flowing and decorated with a sporadic sparkling dots that catch the light every so often. As she's not partaking in the gambling, she remains on the edges of the party, watching it warily.

Kyanggha grins a toothy grin at Stavros. "That suit is something else." She reaches her arm out to pat Stavros on the shoulder and then nods at his suggestion. "Drink sounds good. Go play social butterfly, I'll hold up a wall." She pads her way over towards the bar in question, giving a rumble and a pointed request at one of the bottles, not trusting the translation to gt her the booze she wants. There's a nod and a rumble of a greeting in Han's direction.

Still smelling of bacta and moving a bit slower than normal, the leader of the Waywards makes his way into the casino. Ax looks about, takes a deep breath and moves further in. Doc's orders were for no alcohol, so he grabs the first glass of wine he can find because that's not true alcohol, right? "Alright, the party can start," the Echani says loudly with a smile.

From the bar, Han Solo accepts his drink from the bartender and lifts it up to give it an ocular-patdown. Not seeing any weird shit in it, the man lifts it up to take a sip and then hears the sound of a Wookiee greeting. He knew the noises well enough to know it wasn't his friend's, so he looked over and saw Kyanggha. He lifted his drink up toward her, gave her a lopsided smirk and a simple single nod of his head in a return-greeting gesture... Then he took a larger drink from his glass of whiskey and looked toward the stage where that Twi'lek broad was going to entertain. "How nice." Han quietly said to himself in a dry tone of voice.

Raim continues on to the bar, and posts up somewhere in the vicinity of Han Solo. He is glancing over the bottles and placing an order for a glass of fine whiskey when his Mini Translator sounds off behind him, translating for Kyanggha. His brows lift in surprise and he turns to glance her way with a faint smile. "I thought the translator might come in handy tonight," he says in a friendly enough tone to Kyanggha.

Luka Krante strolls into the room with his usual friendly smile in place on his face. His cheeks must hurt, sheesh. But he sure does clean up nice! Gone are the work soiled spacers close and he has on a simple suit of gray and soft green instead to blend it in the semi-formal crowd. The young human stops a bit to the side of the entrance to get a gander at the room.

Seemingly all at once, all of the bartenders, servers and dealers all pause what they're doing and look up to a balcony over-looking the casino. Who should else should be standing on that balcony but Rebel Yell Commander Sar Yavok.

At Kasia's request, the man has eschewed his original idea of 'just wearing whatever' and is wearing a nicely-tailored black suit, a 'Rebel Yell Rocks' pin nestled into his lapel.

He waits for the crowd to hush down a little bit before he offers a wave and begins speaking, "Hey, folks. I'm uh...Sar Yavok...and this is my ship." He pauses and clears his throat, taking on a somber tone, "We all know that the other day sucked a lot. A few of us lost friends, family, or people that owed us money through collateral damage caused by the First Order." Another pause. "But I want everybody here to remember that /we stood strong/ and pushed them back. And we can do it again." His hand grips the balcony and he continues, "They'll be back, there's no doubt in my mind, but we'll still be here. And we'll be stronger."

Sar stands up a bit straighter and smiles a warm smile down on the people gathered, "And tonight, we're here to celebrate that fact. My people have worked tirelessly for the past couple of days to make sure that you folks have your every need taken care of. So get out there and party. And don't feel bad about losing all of your money to me, because we're donating it right back to the friends and families of people who were lost in the attack, and the general relief efforts." He smiles widely and concludes, "And remember, above all else; /Fuck/ the First Order!"

"Once there's half a dozen conversations going on in a variety of languages, that droid is going to be a stunning pain in the arse." Kyanggha notes as she watches her drink get poured and slid towards her. She wraps a furry hand around her glass and lifts it in Ax's direction. "Hey, you're upright! Congrats!" She pauses as Sar makes his speech and she lifts her glass to that as well. "Fuck the First Order!" It's an excellent rallying cry, clearly.

Ax raises his glass back to Kyan, "Yeah, still feel like hell. One day I might actually learn to keep my mouth shut. Glad to see you're doing alright," he says heading towards the wookiee. "Hell with that Chromedome bitch." He shakes his head and sips at the wine. Then he looks around, "Popular place tonight. Such a waste of space on a ship like this."

Lofty the Talz waddles into the casino with a paw full of credits, ready to play! A waitress asks for his drink order and, after wiggling his proboscis, he says, "Pika Thundercloud please." Then he is off to the slot machines.

Stavros quietens down, like everyone else, when Sar is speaking. After the speech, he throws a casual salute towards the upstairs restaurant's balcony and begins mingling anew: starting with Ax. "Welcome!" he calls. "I don't believe we've actually met, yet, but I'm very glad you're well enough to be here," he says, offering his hand briefly. "Stavros Niarkos."

At the bar, Verona is eyeing the translator droid and then nodding to Kyanngha. "I'm glad it's here. No offense, but it's hard to make a cocktail when I don't know what you want!" She smiles, flips a bottle, then begins filling a line of shot glasses with what appears to be nothing more than a sparkling water with occasional red tints.

"James" the sabacc dealer droid is saying to Gren, "Sir, I assure you, cheating is not a part of my programming." There is the slightest pause. "Recognizing cheating -is-." Looking back up, "James" shuffles a sabacc deck with uncanny speed. "A new game is beginning," he announces.

Raim smirks at Kyanggha's comment toward his droid and turns red eyes upon the small machine. "Yes... that is very likely. Maybe I will work on making an upgrade for it so that it will only translate things that I want it to, rather than what anyone says to it..." He shrugs his shoulders lightly and then offers his hand to the Wookie, "I am Raim Shah... owner of the droid and cybernetics shop in the Gearhead District." As Ax moves over, Raim offers a nod to include his introduction to the man.

Kasia is here, mingling among the crowd, and just as she insist that certain others dress up, she too did the same in an off the shoulder, dark green floor length dress. When Sar begins to speak, her current conversation dies off and she turns to face the balcony, smiling as she listens. When it concludes, she turns to begin moving around the party again, her current path bringing her right by Yvie.

The young blue Twi'lek switches the pad off as the Band is ready. She had a to have a set list discussion and what not. Danner smiles nodding to the band as the omni box starts playing, and Danner stands up to the microphone and starts singing a huttese party song.

Who knows why Yvie is actually here. It may be time to get a single drink and head home. She was hoping to catch Uli, but as she has yet to see him, she wonders if he's off doing something else he hasn't told her about. As Sar enters the room, Yvie watches him with the same sort of attention she would give a colleague attempting to write an opposing thesis. That is, warily and with trepidation and a bit of annoyance. She can't help a bit of her rolled eyes at his speech, still in the protective elder sister mode that she has placed herself in. With a distinct frown, she makes her way to the bar.

Giving an audible scoff, Yvie almost runs right into Kasia as he misjudges her angle through the crowd. "Oh dear, I am so sorry," she tells Kasia reaching out a hand to try and steady the other woman should she stumble. "I wasn't looking where I was going."

"I find that pointing and charades tends to get me drinks fairly well. I'm not much for fussy cocktails." Kyanggha replies to Verona and then grins at Ax. "I apparently dodge better than you do, and you keep your mouth shut about as well as I do." She nods to Raim. "Nice to meetcha. I'm Kyanggha, as your little droid is about to managle in a thousand tiny ways."

"But you have the benefit of people not understanding you," Ax says to Kyan, taking another sip of his drink. "As for dodging, well it was point blank. Kind of hard to dodge that," he adds with a wink. "I should get around and mingle some. It was good seeing you again, and I thank you for the bottle of booze. Granted, doc says I can't have any alcohol for another day or two." Of course, the Echani is sipping from a glass of wine.

Lofty's PIKA THUNDERCLOUD arrives at his slot machine, sizzling and fizzing with little flashes of lightning through the small ion cloud that hovers over the extremely alcoholic drink. The woolly Talz begins to feed credit chits into the slot machine and pull the lever, causing the pictures to spin with a satisfying sound.

Kasia jerks to a stop and manages not to stumble. Much. Once steady again, her lips twist into a rueful smile as she looks to Yvie. "You're entirely forgiven. It's easy to run into people in here, with so many of them, and with all of the distractions." Both hands, which raised in an effort to prevent the collision, lower back to her side as she takes a moment to study Yvie. "I don't believe that we've met before. I'm Kasia."

Raim nods to Kyanggha, "Nice to meet you Kyanggha." He turns and places his back to the bar, lifting his glass of whiskey to take a drink. His eyes move around the room, his gaze settling on person after person for a brief moment and then moving on around the room. Eventually he settles on watching the band.

Ax extends a hand to Raim. "Just call me Ax," the Echani says to the man. "I'm leader of the Waywards guild. Good to meet you." He finishes off his glass of wine and motions a bartender for a refill.

Stavros threads his way through the crowd like a guided missile, homing in on people who are not actively engaged in conversation and do not have a drink in their hands. Right now, that is, first, Luka: "Hi, welcome to the Guardian's best R&R facility. I'm Stavros Niarkos. Tell Verona I sent you, and I think she'll give you something extra." He leans closer and points towards the female bartender. She does seem to have shots lined up for _some_ purpose.

Then the Zeltron moves on to Kasia and Yvie. "Hey, you two! Come on, to the bar."

As Stavros walks, he calls out in a magnified voice, "Remember, there is a restaurant upstairs if you want to take a load off your feet, have more intimate conversations, or simply want a bite to eat!"

The Zeltron uses his cane to gently nudge people aside and move to the bar. "Verona! Shots! Then Kasia wants an Ocean Wave and Yvie wants-" He turns to look at her, and her dress. "Yvie wants a Misty Sky," he decides. "It will match her outfit." He passes shot glasses to Kasia and Yvie. "To comrades in arms," he says, "and comrades in each others' arms." He winks and raises the glass, downing the liquid in one go.

Yvie gives Kasia a smilie in return, letting out a breath once she sees that she's not toppled the other woman over. "Oh, no, we wouldn't have," she tells Kasia, glancing over toward Stavros and Sar before focusing again on Kasia. Her smile is warmer toward the other woman as she takes her in as well. "I'm Yvie. Yvie Gosse." Stavros' sudden appearance is met with a bit of a start and a wary look. Again caught up in the wave that is Stavros' enthusiasm and introductions, she finds herself at the bar almost before she realizes what is going on. "Oh, no, I don't really---" and then a shot is placed in her hand. Slowly, she sips at it, making a wincing face. "What--what is this?!"

The Hutteese song finishes, and Danner and the band bust into another Bith Jizz tune, the Bith leader starts blasting on his Kloo horn, Danner starts skatting along, enjoying a little musical improve, something fun, and happy.

Raim's attention turns back around to Ax and he examines the man for a moment and then nods. "I have heard of you... You have a reputation about Nar Shaddaa, but I am sure that is no surprise to you. I heard what happened to you the other day at the Starport. It was brave of you to step forward and attempt to stand up to the First Order like that, even if it did almost get you killed." There is no mocking tone to the Chiss' words, rather he seems mostly sincere, though he likely thinks it a pretty foolish thing to have done. His eyes move to note the mention of a restaurant and his hand moves to his stomach as if wondering if he is hungry enough to warrant leaving the bar. "Do you intend to stick around down here? Maybe we could talk more in a quite locale," he says to Ax, his eyes moving to indicate the restaurant.

Kyanggha rumbles her laughter and gives Ax a gentle nudge at Raim's comment. "Apparently scars are the way to infamy." She leans against the bar, drinking from her glass.

Ax chuckles, "Yeah, well I did get pretty banged up." Of course, banged up didn't quite cover near what really happened. He spent an entire night in a bacta tank and was still pretty messed up. "But, I don't like bullies, regardless of who they are. When some trooper in fancy armor threatens to kill a Wookiee for not speaking basic, I'm going to step in. Yeah, I got shot, but it set the locals on the troopers to minimize future casualties. Maybe."

"It's nice to meet you," Kasia manages that much to Yvie before she finds herself swept up by Stavros and ushered to the bar. She looks down at the shot that's placed in her hand, and much like the woman she was ushered with, she only takes a small sip of it, nose crinkling slightly. "I know I'm supposed to down this all at once, but I just can't manage it," she confides in Yvie, though it's more than loud enough for Stavros to hear, and then she dares another drink of it. That only gets her to about the three-quarters mark on the shot. Wimp. "So," she continues with the conversation that was taking place before they relocated. "Gosse. That sounds familiar. Do you work with Rebel Yell?"

Lofty the Talz uses a fluffy white paw to pull his slot machine's lever again. KA-CHUNK. As the prize wheels spin, he diverts to his massive alcoholic drink with an ion cloud hover over it. He drops his boopsnoot into the beverage and slurps. Meanwhile the slots end: gooba fruit, gooba fruit, and seven. No prize!

Danner fnishes the song and smiles high fives the Bith as she steps off stage, she'll be back later. The Band continues to play, Danner enjoying the chance to sit in, but the Bith have their owns et they want to play. Danner walks over to the bar.

Nodding his head again, Raim says, "Yes... I suppose it did." He gives Ax a knowing look before he says, "I do wonder if while everything was going wild, if anyone took notice that NSec did absolutely nothing to assist the civilians or to do defend the spaceport... that is their job, isn't it?" The Chiss smiles faintly and then gestures toward the restaurant. "I'll be in there, should you be interested in talking more about the situation." With that, the Chiss pushes off from the bar and walks along toward the restaurant, his little translator buzzing along behind him.

Stavros says, "It's a party in a glass," Stavros tells Yvie. "It's a shot, not a cocktail. Drink it all at once, and then-" he grabs the three wedges of some purple fruit that Verona hands him, and gives one each to Kasia and Yvie, keeping one for himself, "-you suck on this." He follows his own instructions.

After a few seconds, he puts the wedge in his shot glass and returns it to the bar. "Menzo, get one of these for everyone at the bar!" The Zeltron swirls his finger about in the air in a circular motion, encompassing the drinkers there. He nods towards Raim, Ax, and Han, among others, then steps back to get out of the way. "See?" he encourages Kasia and Yvie, who clearly aren't buying how delicious this shot is. He sighs at them, then hands them their next drinks: an Ocean Breeze with some deep blue highlights, for Kasia, and a mix of lighter shades of blue, cyan, and something a bit more neon for Yvie. "These are made to taste good without any extra steps. You can handle it, I promise."

Then Stavros weaves by the other bar patrons, giving a nod to Raim, Ax, and Kyan in passing. Han, apparently being a curmudgeon, receives more attention. "Is there anything I can get for you, sir?" he asks with a friendly smile. "I'm Stavros Niarkos, and I've got a feeling you're not quite satisfied." Zeltron empathy, or Zeltron noticing-the-obvious?"

"Y'know, I have to give her some credit. It was only when she started telling me to speak basic that I realized that apparently the First Order have never heard of putting translations in their helmets." Kyanggha comments absently in Ax's direction. "I'm going to guess that they didn't read the galactic information that the Empire must have left in their library. Dumbasses."

"I don't even think the Empire in its height had translators in their helmets," Ax says to Kyan. He raises his fresh drink to Stavros, "Thanks pal." He then takes a sip and finds a seat at the bar to actually rest. Even with the healing power of bacta, he wasn't completely healed from the severe injuries he'd received.

"Nice to meet you, too," Yvie replies, still slowly sipping at her shot glass. At the question as to whether she works with the Rebel Yell, she quickly and decisively replies, "No." After a moment, she takes a breath and downs the rest of the shot given to her. Coughing and darkening a bit red at the sudden ingest of the alcohol, it takes her a few moments to add what she did wish to say to Kasia. When she does so, her voice is a bit scratchy and breathless. "My brother is...embroiled with them. I'm heard because..." she waves a hand at Stavros as if that should explain everything and finds when she comes back to focus on Kasia that she has a strange purple fruit in her hand. Truly, that explains everything.

With a deep rooted sigh, Yvie takes a bite of the wedge and wrinkles her nose, following Stavros' example and putting it in her shot glass and pushing it away from her. Only to find another glass in front of her. Oh dear. She gives Kasia a bit of a look of dismay and then backs up a bit, nearly angling into Danner. "Sorry! Oh, you were just singing, weren't you? It was lovely," she compliments.

Kasia accepts the purple fruit, glancing down at it a moment before she polishes off her drink and bites into the wedge. She still makes a face. "Sorry, sorry. I just prefer my drinks to be flavored to help hide the taste of the alcohol," she admits with a smile that's angled up at Stavros. There is a pause, and then she asks, words carried on a bit of a laugh, "You did remember that I was human when ordering it, right?" Her attention returns to Yvie, listening, and then nodding with an obvious understanding. "Checking everyone out to make sure they're not going to drag your brother into trouble?" she assumes. The next drink is delivered to her and she looks it over curiously, giving it a test sip. She doesn't make a face, so she must prefer the flavor of it, at least when compared to the shot.

Danner quietly order something non alcholic, and turns to look at the party, leaning against the bar, taking a sip.

"Somehow, they managed to get their point across even without translation." Kyan comments dryly, a little grimace as she takes a drink and leans near Ax's barstool. "I've always hated these stand around and look pretty events. I thought I'd gotten away from this sort of thing."

Han Solo downs the rest of his whiskey before he drops the glass on the bar's top and he holds up a hand toward the tender. "No, I don't want anoth--" He stops himself and lowers his hand. "I'll be back for it." He tells the person tending the bar. "Hold on to it for me." He spots his contact across the room and moves toward them, passing by lots of people and waving disinterestedly toward some of them. He steps up to the person he was here to speak to and he puts his hands on his hips, sinking his thumbs beneath the leather of his utility belt as he goes about to explain whatever scheme it is he's cooked up. A moment later he's using his left hand to awkwardly shove about the grey mop of hair ontop of his head.

Ax chuckles. "Yeah, a necessary evil these kinds of things are," he says. "They can be fun, but mostly they're tiresome." His eyes look around the room. "Seems the party is dwindling as people go for food. Fine by me."

Ka-CHUNK. Lofty loses another slot arrangement. The Talz rises from his seat, disappointed, but keeps his Pika Thundercloud drink beside the slot machine just in case. He waddles over to AX and rubs his belly. "Lofty glad you not die. Saw shiny soldier shoot you. Very bad wound. Next time you talk nicer to her?"

Stavros leans across the bar and speaks to Menzo for a moment, easing down the bar towards Ax and Kyanngha after Han moves away. "Cheer up, Kyanggha," he says with a grin. "It's not about looking pretty." He straightens his sharp blue coat and tucks his cane beneath the crook of his elbow. "It's about enjoying yourself! And sometimes it's good to feel pretty, you know?" To Ax, he adds, "I don't think we've met personally, but I heard. I'm glad you're still with us, sir."

By that time, Menzo has finished a Pika Thundercloud. He was going to deliver it to Lofty, but the Talz is coming to him, so he waves and passes him his fresh drink of choice.

Ax looks to the Talz. "Yeah, it was definitely a bad wound. Spent the night in a bacta tank for it, but I'd do it again. Thanks for the concern though." He then turns to Stavros. "Thanks. Yeah, I don't think we've actually met."

Kyanggha thbbts with a snort at Stavros and a smirk. "Are you saying I'm not pretty?" She asks of him with that toothy grin and a lift of her drink. "At least at this one, it's not a diplomatic incident when I tell somoene what I really think." She gestures between the two. "Ax, leader of the Waywards, Stavros.. I have no clue what the hell Stavros' official title is. He can tell you, I'm sure. There. Now you're introduced."

As Kasia immediately discerns her reasons for being here, Yvie straightens and stares at the other woman. Then, she looks down at the drink given to her by Stavros as if that is a better thing to focus her attention on. "A bit, yes. That is, I am not..." as she's been caught out, there's little she can say that is not incriminating. With a deep breath, she looks up at Kasia. "He's a good man. I worry he's fallen in with..." she looks at Stavros and over her shoulder at the others gathered in the room. "Charismatic criminals."

"You put harsh words in my mouth! You are the prettiest wookiee I have ever seen," the Zeltron insists. "I make sure Rebel Yell's people are happy and supplied," Stavros explains. He offers his hand to Ax. "Glad to meet you. I wish I'd not been in the Corellian Sector when-" He tilts his head to the side. "You know, everything happened. I'm a rifleman and demolitionist." He pauses. "I think Sar calls me Chief of Staff?" He shrugs off the official title.

Charismatic Criminal. Han Solo is pointing his first finger on his right hand at his own chest, tapping the white shirt he wears beneath his black jacket as he seems to be in a bit of a heated argument with whomever it was he was talking to. His left hand flicks out to the side and he points off toward some random direction, shifting all his weight onto his right leg, the Smuggler says a few more words with the man he's speaking at and then they separate.

In a moment of disinterest, confusion, lack of certain and a ton of irritation, Han turns around... hesitates... then indeed does fully turn around and returns to the bar to get that second whiskey he ordered. He slaps down a leather bag the size of the palm of his hand onto the countertop and nods his scarred chin upward toward the bartender. "Thanks." He says in a muffled tone to the worker. "When the hell did this ship get taken mut of storage?" He asked the tender in hsi deep voice. "I've been on it before, about... two decades ago." Han's dark eyes scanned around the area as he sent back another swig of the amber alcoholic beverage.

There's a quiet laugh, Kasia follows it quickly with a soft smile. "I understand," she assures Yvie. "It's hard to see someone you care about getting involved in things that might prove to be," she makes a vague gesture with the hand not holding the drink. "Too much? Worse than they believed it to be?" Her gaze slides toward Stavros, another soft laugh rising. "He is charismatic, isn't he?" She glances Han's way too, her smile widening slightly, but after a moment her gaze goes back to Yvie. "The only way to make sure that it's not what you fear is to learn more about it."

Ax accepts the offered hand, giving it a firm shake. "Nice to meet you. Sar and I have a sort of loose alliance between my guild and his company. We watch each others backs and work together when the need arises," he says. He sips at his drink and looks to the new arrival. Han Solo was a legend amongst smugglers, especially those in the venues that Ax grew up in. "Mr. Solo," Ax says, having been around the man before, though they weren't formally introduced, he'd learned who the man was. "Glad to see that the man who did the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs is with us. One day, I'd love to hear how you did it."

As the discussion turns personal, Yvie looks down at her shot a few more times and drinks it back. This is not how she planned her evening to go. Setting the glass down on they bar, she pushes back her dark hair over her shoulder and leans back a bit, almost trowing her hair right into Han's face. She's definitely feeling that alcohol about now. "Whup! I'm so sorry, sir," she tells him. It seems like she's determined to run into everyone at this party.

As Kasia starts listing the things Yvie worries about, she immediately adds, "Trouble. Uli has a nose for it." Which is probably why she already doesn't trust the Rebel Yell. "It's why I'm hear. Not because of trouble," She confides to Kasia. "To learn more about it."

Lofty the Talz listens to Ax and Ham Solo going on. "Lofty hear it was 14 parsec." His proboscis wiggles in thought as he interjects his opinion on the subject to Ax and Han.

"I vaguely wished that I'd not come back from Kashyyyk quite so soon, when they landed. Does anyone know anything about the guy they yoinked?" Kyanggha asks curiously, as she sips her drink, nodding at Stavros' definitions of what he does for Rebel Yell.

Han listened to the uninteresting answer he got from the bartender who said back at him. "I really don't know, sir." Which made the old Rebellion General just nod his head once and then show a smirk. "Why would you." He shrugged his shoulders once then and released a slight huff of a laugh.

Another sip of whiskey was had by Solo.

When Ax approached him and dredged up that old bit of fame it made Solo smirk and release another faint laugh that ended pretty quickly. He hoisted up his glass of liquur and jangled the ice around inside of the glass. With his other hand he pointed at it with one large index finger. "Lots of this." He said in a gruff voice. "And no short amount of luck. Also..." Han's greying eyebrows lifted up over his experienced eyes. "A cargo load full of skill." He said, leaning forward a small inch or two. And e spoke just barely above a whisper toward Ax. "At the end of the day though, kid. The whole answer is... I have no idea." And he shook his head side to side vaguely after saying that.

Another drink of whiskey was had then. Sometimes its hard to tell if Han Solo is being friendly, or unfriendly.

"I don't have any siblings, but I've known a fair few people who've had a nose for trouble," Kasia confides in Yvie, nose crinkling at some memory or another. "I know what it's like to worry about them." Her gaze skims those that are present, brows furrowing slightly. "Have you spoken to Sar yet?" she asks, pausing long enough for a sip of her green drink. "He'd be one to talk about if you want straight information about Rebel Yell. Though he can be a touch, ah... rough around the edges."

Ax chuckles at Han's answer. "Well, I've had no shortage of luck myself, but damn near got my ship ripped apart last time I attempted the run. Had to abandon the effort," he adds. "Haven't really had a reason to go back since, not like I have any connections on Kessel to get any cargo anyway." At Kyan's question though, Ax turns back to her. "His name is Rax Vaelus," he says. "I didn't witness it, but heard all about it. He pulled out a lightsaber, so it's highly likely they thought him a jedi, the damned fool. Downside though is that as much as I don't care for the guy, I'd rather him not be in their hands. He has information that could cause them to look into me and possibly others. Depends if their sorcerer gets his hands on him and probes his mind." He shakes his head and drains his glass, motioning for another refill. He glances back to Han. "Don't suppose you know where the First Order would take a prisoner, do you?" Of course, he doesn't expect an answer to that question.

"As much as I will regret asking stupid questions, but aren't lightsabres a jedi thing? Colour coded for our convenience on how evil they are?" Kyanggha drifts a touch closer to Ax and Han's conversation, cause she's subtle like that. "Yeah, my only encounter with him wasn't exactly a warm fuzzy snuggle fest, but basically I'm all for not giving the First Order bastards anything they want, and they wanted him."

"What's a lightsaber?" Stavros asks the Wookiee softly, shifting out of the way of Ax and Han speaking to each other, over to where he can be between Kyanggha on the one side, and Kasia and Yvie on the other.

The Zeltron leans a little closer to Kasia and Yvie's conversation without any subtlety. He even waves. Then he asks Verona for a drink, and ends up with something both fizzy and glowing that emits pleasant-smelling fumes. He holds it beneath his face, breathing them in, as he listens. Then he sets it down, gets two shots from Menzo that are almost midnight-black, and passes them to the two women. "Maybe you'll like these better?" He gets one for himself, too, raises the glass, and withut offering a particular toast, takes the shot.

Seeing that Han is not distressed at having hair flung in his face, Yvie narrows her focus in on Kasia. The mention of Sar brings about something of a darker look. "Oh, I've met Sar Yavok," she tells Kasia. It's about then that Stavros' well timed interjection brings her more alcohol. Taking the fizzy drink, she looks at it appraisingly and then - for the first time - knocks it back like a true shot. She coughs multiple times as she puts the empty glass down on the bar, a hand reaching up to cover her mouth.

"He's---" cough, splutter, this is seriously keep it together Yvie. After a brief pause, she looks up at Kasia, starting to actually look drunk now. She is not one to hold her booze well. "All I got from him was righteous indignation and a war record. I don't trust him." Not with her brother's life. "He may think he does is right, but that doesn't mean it is." There's a begrudging respect there, but that doesn't mean she wants her brother associated with him.

Han Solo leans against the bar on both elbows now with his drink in front of his hands and his legs out a few inches behind him, like an old cowboy at a saloon. He heard the conversations going on around him and he didn't seem too interested in adding to them. "Kessel's not got the profit it did fourty years ago. So you'd be wasting your time doing the run now anyway. People just do it for 'fun' now." He said in a slight mocking tone of voice.

He glanced over at Ax when the question about the First Order came up. "All their military might is off in the outer reaches. If they're holding someone you want, they're either out there or dead. They're not really well known for keep prisoners alive, kid." He lifted his drink up for another sip of it.

"A plasma or laser sword," Ax says to Stavros after giving a shrug to Kyan. It's then that he looks back to Han. The Echani leans in closely, speaking in just above a whisper as the geriatric smuggler had done to him earlier, "I don't suppose that in your travellings, you've collected any maps of those regions, planets of interest maybe? Anything with a historical significance that someone like their sorcerer might be interested in, do ya? I'd be willing to pay, and pay handsomely for it. Granted, a well accomplished man like yourself probably has no need for credits. I just know that Fuckstick is searching out places like that, and I really don't like him or the idea of him finding things of any specific significance," he says. "I've kind of made it my goal to try and get to such things before him, though not having the best of luck."

"Lightsabres.. uh.. killer lasersword, that I thought needed a jedi to make go, on whatever side of the evil asshole side of things they happen to fall on." Kyanggha explains to Stavros. "That might not be the case, cause Rax had one and was using it, but who the hell knows. I'm just a mercenary." She drains her drink, sliding the empty glass over in anticipation of a refill. "I didn't figure they were renting an apartment on Coruscant. Just a hunch. Outer reaches sounds about right." She pauses a moment and then asks Ax, casually. "Which one, for future reference, is Fuckstick?"

Kasia is entirely unsurprised by that dark look the name of Sar Yavok inspires, or the less than favorable opinion that follows. Her gaze slides over to Stavros as she does, the corners of her mouth turning up into a small, brief smile. "I don't blame you for not trusting him. Not that he isn't deserving of trust, but that's the sort of thing that usually comes in time, rather than immediately. Especially when it comes to sizing up those entangled with family." The green drink is set down at the bar as the shot is offered, giving the contents of the shot glass a little sniff. "I've known him for a long time. He doesn't always make a great first impression," she admits, quieter now. "And don't tell him that I've said this, he'll never let me live it down, but he does try to do what is right, what he thinks will help people. Which obviously doesn't always guarentee success, but I like that he does at least try."

For once, Stavros doesn't toss in his own loose change, to either the conversation about Force wizards and their artifacts or Kasia explaining Sar's eccentricity on the other. He just inhales the fumes, then sips the drink, turning his back to the bar so he can look at Kasia and Yvie as they talk, his glass held in both hands.

Inhale.... exhale... Han took another sip of his drink and he polished it off and shoved it across the bar right up against the bartender's hand. A moment later and some valuable credit chits were dropped on the counter and pushed right up alongside the glass to pay for the drinks, whether they were on the house tonight or not.

"Yeah, I got loads of credits. So many credits I don't even know what to do with them all." Han said.

Somewhere out there right now, an entire section of panneling and piping suddenly fell of of Han's ship, followed by a spout of sparks as something just horribly broke.

Back to Han then, he turned to face Ax and glanced to the others he heard talking about lightsabers. "Look." He said, his right hand coming up as he pointed his finger at Ax. "Let me offer you a piece of 'sage advice' from an old space hound like me." He glanced toward the rest of the room, then back to Ax. "Focus your life on something else, something... not related to those kinds of things." He waved his hand a little then. "I know, I know. Its POPULAR to talk about that kind of stuff. Myths and legends of the galaxy."

Han shook his head then as he had a bit of alcohol in his blood at this point. "Its going to lead to one thing. Your end. Your friends' end. Your family's end. Wh-whatever else you want to throw into that kind of pile." He looked toward that Wookiee talking about the stuff as well. "Lightsabers, the First Order... let it go. Let it, go." He fluttered his hand a bit like a little birdie and then started to walk away, reaching down to pat at the side of his right leg as it had started to fall asleep while he was standing at the bar.

If Yvie were more sober, she would be latching onto Ax and Han's conversation about Force Wizards in a heartbeat. However, the only thing more important to her than the idea of Jedi Temples and the Jedi who inhabited them is her brother. And Kasia has engaged her attention on that subject. "Yeah, of course he thinks what he does is right! And will help people! That's what people have thought over thousands of years!" Yes, Yvie has now crossed the threshold where she has no filter to thoughts. And she is not exactly being quiet. "I've been to the ruins of kings and emperors who were convinced that what they were doing was the absolute best thing for everyone involved. They died believing it! Look at Coruscant! Honestly, look there, I've been dying to try and go there and dig." She's lost her train of thought. Oh, right, Sar! "But, what I'm trying to say! Is that I'm sure he wants to do right. But, that doesn't mean that he is. And that my brother should be involved."

"Fuckstick would be that masked sorcerer they have with them," Ax says to Kyan. "I don't know his name, but he's extremely violent, uses abilities that I could explain, but chances of you believing would be almost nil. I witnessed a lot of it and I still don't believe it," Ax says. "Watched him murder a girl in her teens on Serenno. He's allied himself with the Guavian Death Gang, and is generally bad news. Considering he had a whole company of stormtroopers under his command, I'm guessing he's a leader amongst their order. Either way, he's a menace to the galaxy and needs to be thwarted in some fashion or other." Ax picks up his refreshed drink, the alcohol and his medication making him a great deal more loose tongued than he would normally be. "My knowledge of lightsabers or whatever you want to call them is limited at best. I know they're dangerous, and that apparently you ain't gotta be a jedi to use one, as I'm damned certain Rax isn't a jedi."

Ax then looks Han, his face going a bit long at the words. "Says one of the most famous generals of the Rebellion. What happened to you?" Ax asks. "I mean, isn't what's happening now in the galaxy reminding you of those days? Someone has to stand up to the First Order. If you don't want a part in that, it's fine, but someone's got to. I'll be damned if Fuckstick or the First Order get what they want without resistance. I ain't gotta be part of the Resistance itself to resist tyranny."

"They tried that already. Taking away everything? Yeah. Been there. Done that." Kyanggha replies to Han. "So, it's a little late for that." She nods to Ax at the excellent name choice and then she smirks a little. "Ax. You dont actually know how old, I am, do you? I remember." She settles quiet again, listening.

"You're absolutely right," Kasia agrees, only catching snippets of the other conversations happening at the bar. Just enough that she glances down the length of it to the other men, but her attention is quick to return to Yvie. "You're right. History is filled with men and women who have said they were trying to help, and made things infinitely worse than before." The shot that was given to her is downed now, and she even manages it in one go, though she pulls a face and shudders afterward. "That--" She clears her throat, which does nothing to help the burn from the alcohol. "That is why people like you are so important. People who are better informed on the past, who can point to things and say no, this has been done, this is why it's bad." She's getting off track here, too, but she doesn't quite catch that fact. Not yet.

"Ya don't ask a woman about her age," Ax says to the wookiee. "Nope, while my mother died when I was young, I at least remember that much from her talks with me," he says. He then watches as Han departs, shaking his head. "Guess being a hero is hell, huh?" he asks. "I wonder what happened to that man."

"Yvie, you probably don't want to hear this." Stavros knows she doesn't want to hear this, but he puts a hand gently on her shoulder, bending forward to look towards her eyes. "But your brother is," his voice goes softer, "The most questionably-legal," his voice rises back to normal, "Member of Rebel Yell that I know of. Maybe tied with me, but what I do is legal: I don't do Hutt bounties or vendettas. Criminals, mostly violent, who're beyond the reach of everyday law enforcement."

He sighs. "There are people with questionable pasts. I've got one, sure. There are people who smoke things that wouldn't be legal anywhere but here. But none of that actually hurts anyone." He raises an eyebrow at Yvie. "Or takes money from someone's pocket." He adds quietly, "Have you considered this might be his best chance of going straight?"

"You probably dont want to know." Kyanggha watches Han leave and then turns back to Ax. "I dont' disagree with him. Getting messed up with the Empire, willingly or not, is pretty much a fast rope to fucking up your life. He.." her furry hand gestures off to where Han has walked away. "Seems to think that there's much of a choice in it. Or a choice that we can /live/ with. Yeah. I'm long past the point of being able to walk away."

As Yvie listens to Kasia, the woman reaches out to try and put her hands on the other woman's arms. It's a gesture of solidarity and agreement. They're understanding each other! And talking about history! That's one of Yvie's weak points, even if the discussion is in a very abstract manner. "See! You get it! You get why Uli shouldn't immediately trust these guys!" she replies. Realizing she's being selfish and has yet to ask anything about Kasia, she adds, "Oh dear, I haven't said, that is, haven't asked, why are you here? I mean, how are your involved with this place?" This is, after all, a Rebel Yell event.

Stavros starts to interject and Yvie takes one of her arms from Kasia and moves to place it on Stavros' shoulder. "You're right! I don't want him with people less legal than he is! I want him with people who are more legal! I don't care about their pasts. I care about what they're doing now!" As for Uli's best chance for going straight, she attempts to focus in on Stavros, giving him a slightly unfocused intense stare. "How do you mean."

Kasia's gaze drops to the hands that grasp her arms, but she grasps the intent behind it, and is quick to nod her agreement with Yvie. "I do understand! And I do understand why you would want him to be wary. Wary, but not fearful of the unknown. Fear of something you don't understand is never a good thing." A smile softens her features again and she's just about to answer, but then Stavros is there, speaking, and she's listening to him instead. Maybe it's intentional, not answering, not sharing that she is, in fact, a part of this gruop that Yvie finds so dubious. Then again, she's had a fair amount to drink by this point, and might not be quite that coniving at this point. Either way, she simply goes quiet and listens to the exchange.

Stavros looks at Yvie for a few moments, looking rather distant, then looks down at his perfect white boots. "What does your brother do for a living? Before he joined Rebel Yell." He takes a sip of his drink, not meeting Yvie's eyes.

Ax stands up, putting a hand to his head. "I should probably get back planetside," he says. "Damned head is starting to spin a little bit." He looks to Kyan. "Well, if you ever want to do something against Fuckstick, then look me up. I'd say about half my guys understands Shyriiwook at least somewhat, others have access to a droid that can translate. The Waywards are always looking for people who can help." He then looks to Stavros and the others. "It was a pleasure," he says. He then begins hobbling off towards the exit.

Kyanggha rumbles with a little roll of her eyes as she listens to Ax and then nudges her glass back to the bartender and turns to trail after the Waywards leader at a distance that should let her keep him from faceplanting too badly. Nor, honestly, flying. "Dumbass." She mutters after him. "Later Stavros. Thanks for the drinks."

"It's not the unknown I'm fearful of!" Yvie tells Kasia conspiratorially. If her voice was actually lower, it would make it more believable. She likes Kasia and is unwilling to believe her to be a part of the organization she has decided is bad. It keeps Kasia in her close confidences. A rock of sanity in the gambling den of alcohol of which Yvie has perhaps taken too much of.

Illustrating that point, Yvie flushes a deep red at Stavros' question. Standing up on shaky legs, she glares at him quite fiercely. "He was...he was doing alright! For himself! And just because he was..." With a huff, she shakes her head. "That doesn't make Rebel Yell a charitable and good organization!"

"He was stealing money from the wrong kinds of people with not enough people at his back to make sure he stayed alive," Sar says, approaching with a glass of wine in his hand. He flashes a smile to Kasi and says, "You look great tonight, Miss Ciph."

Stavros meets Yvie's gaze again. "I met him because he picked my pocket, Yvie. And he was good at it and had guts. So I suggested we hire him." He waits a moment for that to sink in. "Not because we need pickpockets. Because I know how much it sucks to be in a dangerous line of work alone, and when you're as good as he is, you shouldn't have to be."

Stavros adds quietly, "I'm sorry."

Kasia offers support in the face of what is probably pretty overwhelming business, at least while intoxicated, and puts a hand on Yvie's arm to give a gentle squeeze. "I know," the assurance is given in a low voice. "It's what you know has happened, what could happen." Is there more? If there is, it's cut off again as she looks around to Sar, that hand staying on Yvie's arm. "Thank you, Mr. Yavok, that's kind of you to say," she replies, smiling at him briefly, but the smile fades as she turns to look at Stavros. "I think, maybe, that's enough for tonight?" she suggests, if gently. "Good people are forced into doing questionable things all the time in order to survive." She looks back to Yvie. "And I'm sure that he is." A pause. "Good." Another pause. "Your brother, I mean." She's had a lot to drink, okay.

"And you shouldn't be encouraging that behavior in him!" Yvie replies in an angry burst of emotion. While usually a rather even keeled woman, she has had too much alcohol and is in the belly of the snake - in her mind. She glares both at Sar and at Stavros. "They fact that you're interested in him for pick pocketing only proves what I've been saying all along - you are bad for him."

Yvie looks at Kasia, at first expecting the woman to back her up and then realizing she is throwing in her lot with Stavros and Sar. "They are. That doesn't mean it should be encouraged!" A look is thrown Kasia's way before she pushes away, stumbling slightly.

"Seeing good in someone isn't encouraging bad behavior, and that's all I meant," Kasia is quick to assure Yvie, though she stumbles a little bit as the other woman pulls away. It's that sort of night. She glances up at Sar a moment, nodding, and steps after her. "Come on. Let's get you settled in somewhere for a little while. You can yell at me about history if you want. Or about them, if you want, too," she offers. It's a tempting offer, right?

Sar Yavok offers Stavros a pat on the back and moves to take a seat at the bar, offering a smile and a quiet 'thank you' to a passerby who complimented his speech. He turns and sits with his back to the bar, taking a quiet sip of his wine as he watches Kasia begin to lead the drunky fight-fight sister girl out.

"I don't need a suite. I can find my way home," Yvie replies, not wishing to take up charity. Not from the people she's arguing with. "I'll be fine. I'm fine. Fine!" The more she repeats it, the more likely it will be believed, right? She turns to Kasia, though. "I don't want to yell at anyone. That's not what I want to do. It's that I have to." Because of sisterly protection. "Sorry, I'm sorry, you're nice. What are you doing around these not nice people?"

Lofty the Talz finishes with his slot machine, having unloaded a significant number of credit chits and not won any big pots on the slots. He stands to his full height and picks up his dwindling Pika Thundercloud drink, dropping his boopsnoot into it and slurping until the entirety of the blue liquid is gone. The ion cloud over the drink fizzles out... finally. He points at Yvie. "Lofty think she drunk!"

"Yvie, please take the room," Stavros pleads. But he leaves that to Kasia to handle.

"She's nicer than this, you know," Stavros tells Sar. "She's just suspicious. And drunk." He pauses. "I think those are both my fault. But these weren't Zeltron-grade drinks! I think she has a low tolerance even for a human. I hope she doesn't think she's flying a ship."

"Why don't you eat something before you go?" Kasia suggests as an alterantive to a room. "Even though I'm sure you'd be fine, because you're obviously smart, and plenty tough, it would make me feel better." She smiles at the compliment, even if it is an insult to her friends. "You're nice, too, and a good sister. It makes me wish I had siblings." She makes a gesture toward the restaurant. "If you sit down and eat something with me, I'll explain what I'm doing with them?"

"She's just worried about her brother," Sar says. "Can't blame her." He takes another sip from his wine and leans back to set the glass on the bar. His hands clasp between his legs and he shrugs, "I can tell she's got a good head on her shoulders, but...I guess she's just not been under the best circumstances around me, y'know?"

Luckily, Yvie is not able to hear Lofty's proclamation. Despite her actual state, she would eagerly and fiercely argue about it. At Stavros' plead, she gives him a bit of a look. Then, she is distracted by Kasia. "Food, yes. Food is a good idea." Giving Kasia a bit of a smirk, she says, "Don't try to butter me up." A finger points haphazardly at Kasia as they move toward the restaurant as the archaeologist allows the woman to lead her in that direction - finally moving without disagreement. "Later!" she tells Stavros and Sar over her shoulder on the subject of her brother. As if that one word decree means everything. Then, as if nothing has happened, she turns back to Kasia. "Yes. That's a story I'd like to hear."

"I wouldn't dream of it," Kasia vows solemnly, leading the way to the restaurant. When Yvie hollers to the men they're leaving behind, she glances back at them. She doesn't shout her farewells, instead lifting a hand to wave to them, and then she turns to continue on to the restaurant. "I'll be glad to share it." A pause. "Well, maybe not glad, but I'm willing to, anyway."

Stavros looks around, as the space is clearing out, then holds up his fist at waist-level to Sar. "I think that went okay. I didn't even need to thwack anyone with my cane." He tucks it back under his other elbow. "Place isn't even torn to bits."

Sar Yavok grins at Stavros and says, "Well, good. Means you'll have an easier time cleaning up." He stands up and button his coat, looking to Zeltron with raised eyebrows, "I, for one, am gonna head to bed. Have fun." He waves at the man and turns to make his escape.