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Far from the maddening crowd, Sar meets a few people

OOC Date: February 6, 2016
Location: Guardian
Participants: Sar Yavok, Raim Shah, Danner, Rebel Yell

After his speech, Sar retired to the confines of Silhouette's. At least, what used to be Silhouette's and is now just a

husk of what it used to be, being run by Rebel Yell wait staff and cook. The Commander is seated at the head of a long,

black table near the center of the room, chatting idly with a lady who's come by to thank him for his speech.

"Thank you for coming," Sar responds to the woman before she hurries off back down the stairs to return to her gambling.

Sar then offers a smile to another person who passes by the table and returns his attention to the drink sitting in front

of him. He reaches down and plucks up the glass of whiskey, raising it to take a slow sip from as his eyes move around the


Raim walks up the staircase leading into the restaurant, his stride casual an fluid. He is a large man by human standards,

though to anyone familiar with Chiss he is on the smaller side. His small translator droid buzzes along in his wake as he

glances around the room, eyeing the long table and Sar Yovak for a moment before he walks over to him and says, "That was

quite the speech down there. You have gone through a lot of trouble here on account of the First Order and to help the

survivors of Nar Shaddaa."

"Somebody had to, right? Figured it might as well be me, yeah?" Sar remarks, looking up from his drink at the Chiss and

offering a hand to the man. "You enjoyin' everything alright, then?"

Raim takes the offered hand and shakes firmly. "Raim Shah," he introduces himself. "Yes, it is quite the party. Glitz,

glamor, money, fancy clothing. It is all... not quite me, however. I am a nuts and bolts type of guy." He pulls out a

chair at Sar's table and sits. "You seem to have done quite well for yourself here. You are the head of this


"That's what they tell me," Sar says with a grin, swirling around the contents of his glass. He looks over to Raim and

says, "Nuts and bolts, huh? What is it that you do?"

"A simple droid and cybernetics technician. Nothing too fancy..." Raim returns, his arms crossing over his chest as he

looks to Sar Yovak. "Nothing that will garner me a huge ship such as this. Mine is a YT-2400, the Aurora Veil. I run trade

routes with it from time to time. Droid parts and the like. It would take me many years to even buy an engine for this

monster." He trails away for a moment, taking a drink from his glass of whiskey before he says, "So... the First Order.

Does your group intend to stand against them in a more formal capacity than simply when they arrive on the Starport in Nar


Sar Yavok raises his brows as Raim talks about his ship and offers, "A YT-2400, huh? Rebel Yell was built on the back of

my YT-2400; the Dusty Jawa." He offers a smile and takes a sip from his glass. To Raim's question, Sar remarks, "I'm not

entirely sure about that, if I'm honest. The combines forces of the organizations that operate out of Nar Shaddaa could

make a very impressive coalition." He pauses, "But there's no way to be sure of the scale of the First Order's scale. It

could be like swinging twigs at giants, for all we know." He offers a bit of a shrug, eyes fixing on his drink. "For now,

we're going to concentrate on keeping them from hurting our people. The people of Nar Shaddaa, I mean."

Snorting reflexively, Raim shakes his head in a disarming fashion as he says, "Don't think poorly of me. I do agree that

the combined might of the organizations on Nar Shaddaa might be a considerable force... but the First Order must indeed be

quite large to have quelled NSec as it did." He shrugs his shoulders and says, "It is an interesting thought though, the

Waywards and Rebel Yell journeying out into space to take the fight to the First Order. Perhaps you should band together

with the Resistance before you rush off to combat?"

"The problem with NSec that day was nobody paid them enough to care," Sar says, continuing, "Trust me. I was an NSec

officer for 17 years. After working there that long, you get to take a good long look at corruption." He smirks a bit and

says, "I've thought about it. Even put some feelers out there. Just waiting on one of them to bring back a lead, y'know?"

Sar Yavok is sitting at the head of a long black table that's centered in the room, and Raim is sitting just off to the

side of him.

Danner walks up the stairs and into the resturant. She glances around before moving for a table.

Raim nods his head and says, "Of course you would expect as much. Nar Shaddaa is full of dirty politics and greased

pockets." He smiles faintly as Sar mentions the feelers and he says, "Well perhaps you should consider that you have the

wrong feelers out if it has been this long since the attack and there is no intel back yet." Raim shrugs his shoulders and

says, "Again, no offense intended. It is just an observation. Over forty-eight hours since the attack and an even passable

slicer should have been able to get you /something./"

Sar Yavok looks up as Danner enters and says, "Hey! Danner, right? Come. Have a seat with us." He smiles and waves her

over before looking to Raim and saying, "I suppose I don't hire any passable slicers then." He chuckles softly.

Danner smiles as she glances to Sar and nods. She heads over to the table. "Well if you don't mind.' she nods to Raim.

'Hello." she says as she joins them at their table. She straightens herself up making sure she is at least presentable and


Raim dips his head toward Danner and says, "Raim Shah. Nice to meet you. You were the singer down below, right? Quite the

beautiful voice." Glancing back toward Sar, Raim shrugs his shoulders and says, "Perhaps, or maybe you have your feelers

out in other places." He leans back into his seat and takes another sip of his whiskey before he says, "I happen to know

someone who sliced into the NSec computer database within an hour or two of the attack. Should you or the others of your

alliance... perhaps you and Ax, wish to inquire about what they found, it could be arranged."

"Of course not," Sar offers with a smile to the young Twi'lek, along with a handshake. "I'm Sar Yavok. You sounded great

up there tonight. You sing for a lot of floating casinos?" He smirks, expecting that answer is a hefty 'no'. At Raim's

offer, Sar turns to look at the man and offers a simple nod to him, not wishing to discuss business any further within

eatshot of the new arrival. He turns back to Danner with a smile and asks, "So, have you been singing for long?"

The young twi'lek blushes a bit at the compliments. "Thank you very much.' she offers. She takes Sar's shand shake. "Thank

you, actually this was my first floating casino gig." she says. 'It was fun to play with the band, they got a good

groove." she offers. She lets Raim and Sar finish their converation before she answers Sar. 'My mother said that my first

words were musical, music and performance have been a part of me all my life."

Obviously understanding as Sar takes the conversation elsewhere, Raim turns his attention once more toward Danner. "That

is a lovely thought, that you were destined for the stage from the time you were born. Though I suppose in a way, we all

end up being effected by what we love as children. Mine, admittedly, is not near as lovely given that I have been in the

grease and oil of droid mechanic work since I was a young child." He chuckles and winks to Danner as he says, "You don't

want to hear me sing!"

Sar Yavok smiles warmly at the Twi'lek and says, "Well, I only hire the best." There's another little compliment hidden in

there for Danner, if she cares to interpret it as such. A look is given to Raim and he says, "Huh, I don't recall being

overtly interested in running a mercenary company when I was a kid. I was mostly just interested in girls."

Danner smiles at Raim. 'i can imagine you tiny, in your littlest work overalls tinkering with machines. A adorable

picture.' she says. Her attention back to Sar. "Well we always don't do what we want to do when we are little, sometime

life experiences show us a more interesting path."

Raim chuckles as he glances to Sar and tosses the man a wink and says, "Perhaps you didn't dream of leading a band such as

this as a child, yet here you sit aboard a grand vessel, host of an even more grand party, hiring beautiful girls to come

and sing for the entertainment of your guests. As I said... it is all relative." He smiles as he glances toward Danner and

jokes, "I have to agree. I was pretty adorable in my little overalls. I still am... though they don't fit me as well now

as they did back then."

Sar Yavok smirks at Raim and Danner, leaning back in his chair for a moment and polishing off the remained of his drink.

He looks between the two of them and asks, "Can I get you two anything? On the house. The food's great here."

Danner laughs with Raim. "I can imagine. " she teases. She glances to Sar's offer. "Well then what a gracious offer, what

do you recommend?"

"The chef can cook up a real mean bantha steak. Best one I've had in a while. It's settled," he says with a smile, turning

to notify a passing waiter of their orders, as well as to bring a bottle of red wine to the table. Once that's settle, the

mercenary commander crosses his arms and looks to Danner, moving to fish a few credits from his pocket and set them on the

table in front of her, offering, "Before I forget; you're going rate and a little bit of a tip for keeping a grumpy old

man company."

Danner smiles and adds water to the order. 'Sorry I uh don't like to drink anything that would, uh cloud my head.' she

says. "But thank you." she takes the credits. 'Well I don't mind keeping anyone company."

Raim watches as the orders are placed and wine delivered, though he doesn't make a move to retrieve a glass yet as he

still has a bit of whiskey left. "So Danner, do you make your home on Nar Shaddaa or are you from somewhere else?"

Sar Yavok leans back to allow the waiter space to deliver the two glasses and uncork the bottle. Danner's glass of water

is also among the things delivered. The commander nods to the man and pours his own glass, picking it up and raising it to

the two guests at his table, saying, "To solidarity, ay?"

Danner smiles at Raim. 'Well I currently live on Nar Shaddaa, I haven't been there very long though. " she takes her glass

and raises it. "To Solidarity.'

Raim nods to Danner and he says, "Indeed? Well, then we are both strangers on a distant land, although... I have been here

longer enough than I was ever on Csilla." He takes up his glass as well and says, "To solidarity, may it serve the people

on this ship well in conflict and peace times to come." He takes a swallow from his glass and places it back atop the


"But more importantly, the Galaxy as a whole," Sar tacks on to the end of Raim's statement before taking the first sip of

his wine. For now, he'll recline a bit in his chair, crossing his legs at the knees while he listens to the two of them.

Danner smiles. 'Csilla, I have never been there." she says. "Of course I've only been to Rhyloth, and Nar Shaadar and I

guess here now. I'm seeing many things and I suppose. My parents would be proud, I mean I haven't gotten myself killed


Raim laughs aloud at this and says, "I would imagine that you would not really wish to go to Csilla, or if you did, you

wouldn't enjoy it for long. It is very cold there, snow and ice everywhere. Most species that don't have some form of

natural tolerance colder climates tend to be... uncomfortable there, to say the least."

Danner chuckles at him. "You are probably right, my home world is nice and toasty, I get chilly easy, but i do carry a

jacket with me just in case.'

Raim nods his head and pauses as his steak is delivered. He eats the dish quietly and then once finished he smiles to Sar

and says, "You were right, it was quite delicious." He scoots his chair back and says, "I am afraid it is time for me to

board the Aurora Veil and get her and myself back to Nar Shaddaa. If you wish to discuss more of the business we were

earlier, feel free to seek me out, Captian Yavok. Danner, it was a pleasure to meet you and hear you sing. Should you ever

require my services, I can be found at the Techno Emporium in the Gearhead District. A wonderful night to the two of you."

With that the Chiss turns on his heel and heads for the stairs and then on toward his ship.