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Distress Signal - De Larriss-Li!

OOC Date: November 6, 2015 (Optional)
Location: Y'toub
Participants: Zul Gradnk, Netep Muri, Sion, Mak, Sajin, Bar'durr

* ! ALERT ! A distress signal is broadcasting. "Anyone within range! This is cruise ship De-Lariss Li. We've suffered major system malfunctions and a chemical fire is spreading through our interior! Please send help! *

Aboard the Fool's Errand, a view of the De-Lariss Li is afforded through the many viewports of the cargo hold. From space, it doesn't look as if anything is amiss - the ship simply adrift without power. But the scans, and the distress signal, tell a different story. "So, we get in, we get th'passengers an' crew out, an' we get out of there. If you can, get Co'po to the bridge, and they can get me remote access. We can vent th'ship that way, once everyone is clear. But chemical fire's a nasty battle -" Looking over the rag-tag group squeezed into her ship, Jehni'va Cihn gestures towards a clutch of hastily-purchased survival gear: thick suits packed with breathing apparati and emergency lighting. Each is paired with a canister of fire retardent foam. "I'm gonna get us docked, an' then you lot gotta work fast." ...There may be some issues with fitting a few of those.

Those orbitting the distressed ship see a similar sight, and then the Fool's Errand is tilting towards it, preparing to dock. <<"This is Captain Cihn of the Fool's Errand. Nearby do-gooders, I've got some extra equipment on board that will help in the conditions on board. It'll be in the launch bay of the Li. If you can get my droid to the bridge, I may be able to vent the ship remotely once everyone is off. De-Larriss Li, help is on the way.">>

Zul starts reaching towards a suit, stopping her hand "I hope this time there won't be space worms." she mutters with a shudder "I still didn't heal completely from them." she admits, getting dressed already "Also, do you carry this stuff usually? I may need some of this if I encounter such an emergency myself." she says, before inspecting a canister "Uhm, does someone want mine? I don't have agood feeling with using this..." she mutters with a chew of her lip. At least, she is dressed. and intend on putting as much distance between herself and the Hutt as possible. For no erason whatsoever, if anyone asks "Also, do we knw how many people it will be, approximately?"

"Heeey....Captain Cihin!" The too at-ease draaawl of Netep Muri answers back from the meandering space turtle, Doaba Hermi. "Just flew back into the neighborhood from Berchest. Was stayin' in Calius saj Leeloo - well, not true, the resort was kinda on the fringe but not important - whole thing's snugged up against the Leefari Sea, yeah? Anyway. I've got a /story/ for you 'bout a particular spa experience! I'd spill the juice now but seems like it'd be a bit insensitive, current state of affairs being as they are..." A cough, clearing of throat follows, as does a muttering to someone else in the 'pit, then "Sure, we're game, far as we can be without immolation. See you aboard." And so the old Ghtroc likwise pivots on axis and putputputputts on along to foolishly dock with a floating chemical fire. She's never been known for her sound decision-making prcesses.

Approaching the stricken ship, an Arakyd Helix-B quickly aligns itself for docking. <Acknowledged, /Fool's Errand/. This is Captain Corvara of the /Nightmare-Errant/, and I'll help in any way I can. Reading you too, /Doaba Hermi/. Glad I'm not the only one who caught this signal and decided to help!> The sleek interceptor slides in next to the passenger liner, finally passing through the magcon field and into the docking bay. Sion rotates the ship to face the field, just to make getting out of here quicker. After all, this is a high-risk situation. Seconds could count.

It takes a bit of extra time for a Hutt to get into his spacesuit. It takes them a little longer to do most things, actually. Good thing that Mak brought his own with him. Or more accurately, he showed up already wearing it. "Ugh... looks like my suit's gone and shrunk on me a bit. This is gonna be harder on my genitals than a trail ride on an angry Bantha!" Grabbing one of the foam guns, Mak follows the rest of the crew and prepares to help the poor distressed crew members. Like the benevolent slug-deity that he is.

Sajin is standing in the back of the bridge with his flight suit already on. He holds the foam canister in his hand, standing ready im a crouch as if flames were going to spit out at him right then and there.

Bar'duur has taqged along on the Fool's Errand, wearing a spacesuit of sorts nad some fancy gloves, he's just hanging out at first in the back getting aquainted with the firefighting equipment, either visually or on a viewscreen in the ship, even though he's used some tyles before it seems like the best thing to do to occupy himself.

On board the De-Larriss Li!

"If we can vent the ship, it might still be salvagable... Or, parts of it will be, at least." There's a glint to Jehn's eyes as she pilots the Errand in alongside Muri's vessel. <<"You'll have to tell me about that spa day later. Hey, Sion!">> There are a surprising number of good samaritans in this part of Hutt space. Including a Hutt. In her hold. She's going to be scrubbing her floors for a week...

Now docked, the entry ramp of the Fool's Errand opens to the distressed vessel's loading bay. Red emergency lighting casts the whole ship in an eerie light, and another red light - that of the control panel beside the lift (and only exit into the De-Larris Li proper) indicates total system shut down. Their comms crackle to life with Jehn's voice: <<"Testing? Testing? Okay, cool. Patching you into the bridge crew's channel now. They might be able to help you more than I can.">> A moments pause, and the rescuer's channel is flooded with a sudden cacophony of chaos and static. <<"H-llo? Th---- we--- everyone on ---- level five --- hurry --- fire cont---- lower levels--- lockdown override---">> There is another mighty crash of crackling, screams, and the sounds of metal rending itself before the channel goes dead. <<"So... Uh...">> Jehn can be heard clearing her throat. <<"Good luck?">> Co'po, Jehn's R3 droid, emerges with a stack of extra suits on its dome, beeping nervously.

Zul Gradnk turns her head towards Mak and let's out a brief "You know, I don't think I needed that information." in Huttese, before shivering "Urgh. I may need to get soooo wasted after this." she adds, in Basic now "Anyone joining me? Saj?" she looks around, making her way in, gulping "Please, no worms, no worms, no worms...."

<<Not sure there's gonna be a bridge left for your droid to tap into,>> Muri winces when the shaky comm transmission goes dead. The petite explorer is suited up in an armored flightsuit, helmet sealed and life support system activated. The rebreather is churning away diligently with an almost silent hum. She assembles with the others after the Hermi settles its weight within the dissipating cloud of powered-down thrusters. She, too, has angled it for a quickie departure.

"Be on the ready to jet, J'ni," she says via personal com channel to her own ship. "I don't plan on meeting the four sisters for judgement, today." A little tap of finger switches back to the shared frequency and she gives the Hutt a curious, sideways once-over. Her travels never cease to amaze...

<<So I guess we're going up,>> She surmises with a motion to the lift. <<Before we find what's waiting on the other side, disclaimer: I'm a lousy shot,>> A little waggle of cannister launcher. <<Secondly, if we encounter a horde of the undead aboard this ves -- Sajin, you know what I'm talkin' bout -- I'm out. It's every Muri for herself.>> That said, she goes up to the panel for a tinkering. *Poke*Tug*ZAAAP* <<Borker,>> she growls.

Sion is down the landing ramp of the /Nightmare/ even before the end of it hits the decking. She visibly winces at the sound of the bridge crew through her earbug comlink. "We've got our work cut out for us, huh?" she mutters, looking carefully around the bay.

And spotting the droid with the armload of suits. "Oh, thank goodness. I haven't got a spacesuit on board that fits," she exclaims gratefully, already working with her own outfit's fastenings. Off come her black Bantha-leather jacket, boots, and pants, and she hastily tosses them back up the ramp of her vessel. "I only see one way out of here," she says as she hastily selects a suit, shivering in the chill of the docking bay. A magcon field can only keep out so much of the cold of space, and her sky-blue athletic bra and briefs don't offer much protection from it. "That turbolift door. Either we get that open, or we might as well leave right now."

She pauses in her dressing to offer a wave to Bar'duur and Netep. "Heyo, you two. It's been a while."

Finally dressed, she moves to take a look at the door, careful to avoid stepping on the Hutt's tail. Looking over Netep's shoulder, she points out another command. <Try that one?> It's the wrong one, of course. It's not like a fire leaves much of the mechanism to route power to when it destroys most of the power conduits.

"Step aside, lesser bein's... I'll get that thing workin' in no time flat." A few seconds later...

"Sunnova! This dang-blasted contraption ain't obeyin' my Divine Decree!"

Mak's fat fingers smack the computer terminal clumsily, attempting to get the thing working. But all that it does is flash error messages at him.

The computer is just lucky he forgot to bring his blaster...

Didn't forget his snacks though.

"I don't know what's wrong with it. Sorry, pardners. Looks like we're takin' the Slow Way Up." "Anybody want any snacks?"

Sajin follows Zul out of the Errand, that fire foam despencer still ready in his hand. He doesn't say much, but does give a look towards Sion as she puts on her suit. He blinks a few times, shrugs and then looks back to Zul as they wait for the others to work on the computer system and or pry the doors open. "I'm ready to go... they don't sound like they're having fun up there." There is a pause as Mak mentions snack, the handsome hapan slinking his way towards the hutt. "Did you say snacks?"

Bar'duur steps out along with the others into the loading bay, he spots Sion and smiles at her. "Hey Sion." He offers in a warm tone and lifts a big hand to wave in her direction, quite jovialy. He halts partway in and looks around for a time, before moving toward the door to check it out. "I bet I could open that."

Bar steps a bit closer to the dislodged hatch and stretches his arms a bit. He looks around again for something to pry with but there's not much, so he just goes up to the door and starts muscling it open. "It's.. not locked." He grunts as he pushes it as far as it will go, and finally steps aside. "Been a long while." Replies Bar'duur to Sion. "We should go jetpacking sometime." He adds with a little grin.

The loading bay is about mid-level of the converted cruise ship, and the rescue operation labors for a long stretch of time at the lift. Bar, able to pry the doors open The tube itself is empty, the lift stuck on some other level, but the cables offer a way up to the fifth level, two decks above them. Down below, the orange glow of the chemical fires can be seen, struggling to free itself and climb the rest of the ship. The lift tube is smokey, but the masks on those suits help filter it out. It doesn't smell great, though.

After many failed bangings and clangins and attempts at fixing the lift - it seems that something goes /right/. Slowly, and with a great deal of noise, the lift can be seen rising to greet the rag-tag group - it will be a tight fit, but all of them will just /barely/ be able to make it in. This was a big ship, and it was converted to hold a /lot/ of beings and baggage - it's still going to be tight, but it will work.

With everyone squeezed in, the janky, jumpy, jerky ride up to the fifth level seems to last an eternity, one which could see them all plunged to the bottom of the chute at any moment - but it doesn't, and the door creeeeeeak open (most of the way) to allow them entry to the fifth level deck. <<"You guys doing okay? My droid still with you?">> Co'po gives a long, pained beep. They are trapped somewhere between Hutt rolls 400 and 401 and the wall of the lift. <<"Good. All the life signs are on this level - it seems they had an evacuation of sorts going before the systems all shut down. Be careful.">>

Zul Gradnk flails, also trapped in Hut rolls, flailing someting like 'Please, kill me now!' with her lekku. She also is a faint, disgusted green... suddenly, she catches her breath, gasping "THERE IS SOMEONE IN ROOM 1!" she yells "SCREAMS! CAN SOMEONE OPEN THAT DOOR PLEASE?" thankfully, she also is quite close to the door to room 1, freeing her from the contact with her least favourite species. Yes, she is so geting drinks. But first, helping people.

<<I'm good,>> Muri waives Mak's offer of snacks, simply backpedal-crabwalking aside quickly enough to avoid being squashed under his girth as he steps up to the plate. Sion gets shoulder-bumped along as she goes. <<Long time, no see.>> After Bar'duur's put his muscles to measure and cranked open their point of ingress, she offers the Zabrak an appraising nod. <<Not bad>> says the woman who struggles with 10 kg sacks of dehydrated root podwer.

Worst lift ride. Ever. Muri isn't sure which Hutt rolls and bits she's trapped between, but she frankly subscribes to the 'ignorance is bliss' mindset for the duration of the ride. Thank goodness there's only two levels to climb. And thank goodness for rebreathers.

Netep staggers out with the rest when able, into this new realm of eerie, red glow. Her feet self-pilot her away a few steps, executing a half turn to witness Zul's honing-in of Door number one. Faint noises draw her focus back to former-front, however, and she shuffles hesitantly to the frame of hatch number 5. Scraaaaape-thump-thump. Muri's breath leaves ghostly traces of fog in the faceshield - rapid, shaky breaths. Flashes of too-recent memory put horrbile things before her eyes and her hand uplifts veeeeery slowly to touch against the door. Then the panel. <<I'm gonna try to open this one. So what's the game plan here?>> Not-snarky, sorta-scared Muri queries to all. <<Evac rooms toward the lift and get them down as they come? We can't all fit in one go. Not with extra bodies.>>

<Maybe in a few days,> Sion suggests to Bar, slipping into the lift. It's a tight fit, to say the least. She's squeezed in next to the Twi'lek with the Hutt allergy; the proximity and the lurchy ride up are marginally more pleasant to the Socorran. Times like this, she's glad swoop racing has given her a strong stomach.

Finally, she squeezes out of the lift with a gasp and a sigh of relief. <Ooh, that hurts... Door 1?> she exclaims, hearing Zul's call. She hurries to the door and tries to get the half-fried interface to respond.

Nothing but a weak red light and a buzz. She slams a fist into the panel. <Dammit! This is some rescue!>

"Why sure, son. I always bring extras."

Reaching into one of the pouches of his spacesuit, Mak produces a snack pack for the charming Hapan who asked so nicely. It's a sort of brick-sized package that seems to be filled with some sort of goop, judging from the way it squishes in his hands. Handing it to the Hapan, Mak smiles his friendliest, folksiest, Cowboy Huttiest Smile.

The package is filled with some sort of pudding-like compound that Hutts absolutely love. It's an... acquired taste for most other people. But it's full of all the fats and carbohydrates that a Growing Hutt needs, with absolutely NO SALT AT ALL.

It's not too terrible.

Breathing heavily, Mak pulls up the rear, as is his custom. "What are y'all in such a dad-burned hurry for? This rickety tub ain't goin' nowhere."

Reaching into another pouch, he fishes around for his jug-sized can of Old Pugno's Famous Chewing T'Bacc.

Peering into the now open door, the Hutt looks confused.

"Weren't there meant to be a whole bunch of unfortunate bipeds awaitin' our benevolent rescue?"

Sajin puts the package in one of his flight suits pockets for a taste later once they were done. It would be hazardous to take his flight helmet off at the moment, it was the only thing keeping him from breathing clean air. Fumbling off the cramped lift, the Hapan points his foam guns around yet doesn't shoot it at anything. He's distracted by what he could only describes as a scream from the fourth door on the left. He moves over to pry the door open with his manly man muscles. All the muscles a good king should have and if he should fail... he had that snack to replenish him. He is successful in opening that door though and without anr forethought, charges into it. "I'm here, WHERE ARE YOU?! EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE!"

Bar'duur offers a little smile and upnod to Muri. "Careful, there's some bad footing there." He says, not just to Muri of course. Then the horned man stuffs himself into the lift along with the Hutt and the others, and the Hutt, well, Bar doesnt mind Hutts too much, but he's got a unique experience with such things. He looks curiously to the next line of door-opening and works his way somewhat closer to be more of use. "Well isnt this where they are supposed to be?" He comments to Mak with a nod of his horned head toward the doors available for opening..

The corridor is long and, before it filled with smoke, was likely lavish with the renovations. The carpet, which is curling and smoldering a dull orange in places, was once ornately patterned; sconces line the walls, likely once set with soft, orange light to imitate flames. There is no need for imitation, anymore. Twelve doors line the corridor, and a thirteenth at the very end likely leads to the bridge.

Muri is able to override the lockdown, and the door labeled '5' swishes open with a sudden intensity, as if it had been trying to open against mechanical restraints for some time. Smoke billows out into the corridor at this, and a weak cry can be heard further in. The room was once a cabin for two, judging by the large, plush remains of a bed at the center, but five people are inside. They must have been placed here when the fires started - part of the floor has collapsed, leaving the room dangerously slanted. A human man clings to the skeletal remains of the bed, his lower half dangling over an inferno on the next level down - a level that didn't seem to be on fire when the rescue crew first arrived. A woman tries to reach him, but the other three beings - a bothan and two humans - rush past Muri to freedom, coughing violently.

<<"Uh, no big deal, but a quick little update.">> Jehn pipes in. <<"I have the loading bay doors open to space - it started getting /real/ hot here. If you can get people down the lift a couple at a time, we need to get moving.">>

On Door 4, on the left, Sajin wrenches apart the doors and a similar effect plunges more smoke into the corridor. Inside this room, there are six people - no, eight. Two are trapped beneath a chandelier that has crashed from the ceiling. They're alive, but it's not looking good. As soon as that door opens, four Rodians rush out into the corridor, clinging to Sajin and babbling out in their native tongue.

And then two horrible things happen simultaneously.. The added oxygen from the open doors is enough fuel for the chemical flames, and in rooms four and five - the flames suddenly roar with a horrifying violence and leap higher, into the rooms proper. The man clinging to the half - fallen bed screams as he is overtaken, and the bed falls through the floor. The woman helping him, leaps backwards with a cry of anguish.

Zul Gradnk is relieved for a second as the doors open, smiling at Sion, since she thinks that means less Hutt on Twi'Lek contact, since they get to leave the lift, before her eyes widen again at the fire, the green one letting out a blood-curling scream. She would run in there, but she can't really move, unfortunately, since there is Mak and the door is too far away "HELP THEM!" she orders, still trapped, trying to type at the terminal at random

"TO THE LIFT! DOWN TO THE SHIPS!" Netep blurts when bodies ricochet off hers on their way out. <<Jehn, there's some en route to you n--YAAAGH!>> Muri's scream errupts in cadence with the sudden whoosh of inferno from within. For a moment there's naught but a look of genuine horror she can offer the woman-widow?? trapped in a ring of fire while her brain tries to override flight instinct into......fight? That flame-retardant cannister launcher wobbles into position, butt end against her padded shoulder as she tips her helmeted head and tries to take aim.

Stupidly. There isn't ONE part needing extinguishing. Any shot'll do!!!! "I'm sorry!" she yells in advance to the suffocating occupant. "We're gonna get one shot at this! If we make a gap, you jump to me!" Her voice sounds strained through the respirator, then she flinches her eyes shut prematurely, squeezes trigger, and fires. HOPING to extinguish a path, even briefly, for the damsel in distress to cross.

  • FZZZZZZZZZZT*omgtheresomuch. That 'one' shot ends up being three-in-one and clears a wide enough path through the bowels of hell to see the touristy, sweaty, scalded princess on the other side. "LETS GO!!!!" She screams, gesturing madly as she closes distance TO the woman. "Best crew bunks you've ever slept on, my treat, this way!"

Sion keeps trying to get this idiotic computer panel to respond. <You'd think the thing wasn't getting power... but the lights are still working!> she mutters, unaware the mic is transmitting. <Frelling... Bantha-sniffing... rot-ridden... piece of /drek/!>

"Now hold up, pardners! No need to get in such an all-fired hurry!"

Slowly, Mak makes his way across the floor, trying to keep up with his much quicker, but far less attractive companions. They seem to have missed the memo the Hutt Cartel sent out about expecting all bipedal life to protect them at all costs.

"You're doin' it all wrong, son. Let a Master Hacker have a crack at it!" Oozing his way over to the panel, the heroic Hutt of Action whacks the panel with his pudgy hands, and starts inputting commands. "And... Open Scrozzowax!"

Sajin points the Rodians towards Zul and the Lift. "Go that way... Go that way. Don't cling to me go that way or your going to DIE." He attempts to shoe them off, raising his foam shooter to spary at the flames between him and the two trapped under the chandelleer. He had to reload another charge into it to get the flames to die down. "Someone help me with this Chandelier!" He calls out.

Bar'duur moves in before the Hutt and hearing Sajin he moves into that room through the opening in the flames to the Chandolier. "Alright, ready, go!" The Zabrak says after he's got his hands on it in a good spot, and probably with the both of them it'll be no problem right? Right.

"Rih'lak!" The woman cries. She's a Twi'lek, blue skin glistening as she coughs out after the fallen man - and then foam. So much foam - she is distraught, but instinct emerges. Self-preservation urges her after Muri and free from the inferno.

Door 1 labors half-way open after several tense moments of abuse by Sion - but it doesn't look good inside. There are four humans laying on the floor, and one that is propped against the wall... She looks to be the only one breathing, a weak hand still clutching a necklace close to her heart.

The door to the bridge whisks apart at Mak's urging. Inside, a vent has ripped apart in some sort of electrtical explosion, and steam and smoke pours from it across the floor. The crew, three zeltron, run out immediately, babbling their thanks. They pale when they see that their savior is a Hutt, but the quiet R3 droid pays none of this nonsense any mind. Co'po trundles past Mak and the zeltrons to plug themself into a port. <<"Good job, guys, but scans are coming back /bad/. Get gone, get gone. I've got the first batch over in the Errand now, I've stuffed extra suits into the lift - I got them on sale, you wouldn't /believe/ the bulk deal I wrangled from this toyd->>" The entire cruise vessel gives a /horrible/ lurch as an explosion rocks it. The engine room has blown, completely. <<"MOVE. NOW.">> With a panicked beep, Co'po plls free of the bridge, having been unable to complete the task, just as Bar'durr and Sajin yank the fallen chandelier from the two remaining victims, and free them both.

"I'm a comin'! I'm a comin'!"

Still bringing up the rear, the Action Hutt slowly propels himself across the floor, quite a few meters behind everyone else.

One of the survivors runs up to Mak, throwing his arms around the corpulent slug with tears streaming down his face.

"There there pardner... You know the Hutts ain't gonna let their poor subjects come to any harm. We ain't the Republic!"

The man sobs gratefully, and whispers something to Mak that makes the Hutt blush just slightly. "Whoa! Hold on there. We still got a ways to get before we discuss your obligation! I'm sure we can come up with something that doesn't involve... that thing you just said."

<<ON our way!>> Muri cries out between huffed pants of exertion. She's got one hand in a deathgrip on her cannister launcher and one latched onto the her remaining rescuee's arm. Not because the other woman needs urging to keep up, but because Muri's afraid she'll get to the lift first and leave them stranded in her panic. There's no stopping to check the status of other rooms. No time. No pain on Muri's conscience, either, in regards to their unknown fates. Least...not for now. When it comes to matters of self-preservation, she and the Twi'lek are like minded individuals. Muri says a few quick things in Huttese as they close in on the lift, cause she doesn't speak Ryl. "Put this on," she instructs, releasing that blue arm in order to snatch up a suit and shove it into the poor gal's chest. "Especially this," a pat to her own, sealed helmet.

The canister gun clatters to the floor so she may impatiently assist.

Sion smacks the keypad one more time. <Better get those folks down to the docking bay,> she suggests to the Twi'lek suffering alongside her. <>I doubt they're in any shape to find it on their own.>

She sighs in relief as the door /finally/ begins to open. What they could've done with proper rescue equipment...

The sight inside chills her blood. Too many dead, and all because of a lack of proper equipment. Sometimes the galaxy's just against you... or the shoddy understructure of it, at least. She squeezes through the half-open door and lifts the woman to her feet. <Here, come with me... we'll have you out of this,> she promises, assisting her to the door. She's not going to fail /this/ victim of the fire, and to Hell with the galaxy's opinion on the matter!

It's only a short walk to the lift. With any luck, they can all get out of here within moments. Stumbling as the deck lurches, the Socorran somehow keeps her feet. Onward!

Sajin lifts with Bar'durr and they manage to lift the chadelier up long enough for the two to escape. Lettting it back down he stands, grabbing the foam gun once more, taking one last look around for anyone he might have missed. Listening to Jehni over the comms he then moves out the door and back towards the lift in order to get out of there.

The Twi'lek woman's eyes widen, and she nods at Muri's Huttese instructions, fumbling into the suit stuffed into her shaking hands. The unconscious woman from room 1, dragged to safety by Sion, is helped into her suit by two of the zeltrons before they step into the lift. It's not going to be a comfortable ride down, but it's better than death...

...The lift jerks to a halt halfway down to the cargo bay, but after a heart stopping second, it creaks to life for one final stretch, allowing everyone to gratefully tumble out into the vacuum of the loading bay. Their ships wait; The Errand's entry ramp lowered and ready to scoop up the added weight while, in her suit, Jehni'va waves a frantic hand for them all to hurry. <<"We gotta get un-hitched now! Did you bring back my droi- Co'po! Baby, wonderful. Let's go!">> The Li is degrading fast, and as the last boots 'clunk' to the entry ramp, it can be felt shuddering in the wake of another explosion inside.

A small fleet departs, laden with dusty recuers and traumatized survivors. It's going to be a hard burn to return to Nar, but at least the remaining passengers will get the medical care they need... And, of course, grateful wallets turn themselves out when that they do.