Log:Spice Must Not Flow: Taking the Hutts Without Lube

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Spice Must Not Flow

OOC Date: February 15 & 17, 2016
Location: Nal Hutta
Participants: Gren Delede, Sar Yavok, Lowkeyyy, Javi Malek, Sabella Lockheart, Zeke na Bara'a, Hex, Fenwick Mare, Zhu Yan, Nym Landala, Stavros, Quinn Ca'lio, Oriana, Kelnas, Rebel Yell

Nal Hutta. Playground of the slugs. A swampy muddy mess. A handful of Rebel Yell pilots might recognize the facility that they are approaching, as they ran a recon Op over it, just a few days prior. It is a spice processing facility staffed by slaves, and owned by Wyrm the Hutt. Their mission? Liberate the slaves, raid their armory, slag the facility, and get out.

The facility is pretty basic in layout. A cluster of large buildings, a high wall, and a central bunker housing a power supply....to power the energy shield protecting the property. There are a few guard towers on each corner of the wall, and a large number of armed guards. It is a valuable facility. Very close by is a spaceport that serves the facility...its fighter complement is depleted, but it still has nasty air to air defenses that need destroyed. That's Gren and air supports job.

"Wook, all set back there??" Gren Delede asks, looking over his shoulder at the gunner's station in the back of the surplus Rebel ULAV. He's wearing his usual flightsuit, and his lucky old Rebel helmet. They're currently on the hangar of the Phoenix, a Carrack-class cruiser that is burning fast -very- low over the jungles of Nal Hutta. <<<Rebel Yell. Phoenix is -30- seconds out with the cavalry. Yavok, get that fucking shield down while we frag this spaceport. We'll meet in the middle. Tipsy Lead out.>>> The comms go quiet, and the Coruscanti grins back at Lowkeyyy. "Final weapons check, Key."

Sar Yavok sits quietly behind the controls of an XP-38 landspeeder, the vehicle manuevering quickly over the murky landscape of Nal Hutta. Having stolen the thing a few days prior, the Commander has had the vehicle stripped of its extra cargo space and has had a few extra seats fitted into the available space.

"Turns out Wyrm likes to use these guys to haul spice around. Not a bad choice either. Chunkier engines than the old X-34, you know? Keeps it trucking along. Pretty manueverable, too," Sar remarks to anyone who feels like listening. He clears his throat and turns to look at those who are riding with him, "Alright, quick reminder of the plan. We're gonna slip through that big ol' energy shield of their's, get in through the gate and take that generator off line through any means necesarry. Other than that...just wing it, I guess."

The Commander turns back towards the task at hand, his grip tightening on the controls as he tries to keep the landspeeder out of any swamps. Harder than it seems on this gross-ass planet.

"These things take a beating and keep on moving so I'm not surprized that they use them for such things." Sabella offers about the landspeeder. Sh shifts slightly in her seat, looking out towards the direction they are heading. As the plan is laid out once more thereis a slight nod seen. "Right... Get the generator off line. I think I can handle that." She'll add in to stay alive all too herself.

Stuffed like an oyster in a shell, Low's knees are up around his neck and he's just lucky that most all operations on the turret do not require much in the way of movement. "I feel like I did back in the old days in my Y-wing bomber, and they even customized it to fit my size, but I was still crammed in the damn thing." Low responds over the comm to Gren. He presses a few buttons, does some movement of the turret mount to check everything is functioning and nods. "Seems like everything is good, I can shoot at some swamp rats if you want me to check and see if it shoots just fine?" Low cant really turn his head to look over his shoulder at Gren, but there's humor in his barking and growling, if that's able to be noticeable through the translator attached to his comm unit.

Strapped into one of the impromptu seats in the back of Sar's ship, Javi has her legs pulled up into the seat with her as she sits criss-cross applesauce. She's kitted out in her scavenge gear, she and Zeke likely brought along for that whole 'looting' part of the plan. "Whatever you say, Boss. I'm just here to look pretty and steal shit." She flips a page in the book she's reading, occasionally glaring over the page at Zeke strapped in nearby.

Zeke's no Wookiee, but he's on the wrong side of dainty for the flight in, too. Shoulders hunched, head ducked forward, legs squashed in, he squirms every few seconds to try to avoid muscle cramps while also avoiding shoulder-checking Javi. Every time he's glared at, he returns a sidelong frown. "I can watch her back while she kills the generator," he says, pointing his chin at Sabella.

Fenwick putters about loading a fresh ammunition cell into his old blaster. It's reliable and trustworthy, more so than he can say of himself. Still, he is here and filling in the role of combat medic. "I'll be to the rear," he sighs with the offer, "Much, much better that way. But I like the plan." It helps that he is already positioned to the rear of the speeder and now pulling up the hood to his cloak.

On the one hand...going into battle so shortly after Fen told him to take it easy is probably a bad thing...on the other hand. This was a big mission and Kelnas didn't feel right leaving everyone else to get shot at. So, in deference to his conscience, the Wroonian finds himself in the speeder, loaded with his knives and knuckles. his left calf bound tight to keep it braced and to hopefully keep it from bleeding. in deference to Fenwick, he also carries his blaster tonight and makes sure it's loaded and ready.

Phoenix continues to burn hot, though the Carrack is still a fair distance from the target. But, the hangar bay slides open, and the launch light turns green. The ULAV -really- isn't built for this, but that doesn't stop Gren. "Hold onto your cookies, Wookie. Here we go." He punches the speeder's throttle forward, and it shoots forward out of the capital ship's guts. There is a fair few meters of freefall, and then repulsors slam into the ground with a heavy jole..."Yeaaaah. When was the last time you did that in a wishbone?! Slow fucking pieces of..." He trails off, as they hit a rocky outcropping hiding in the mud. It is a heavy jolt, and can't be god for the ULAV's internals...but they aren't dead. "I think my ass just broke." The ULAV skims fast toward the spaceport. They'll be in range shortly.

Sar's speeder approaches the compound. There are three guards visible working the gate, including a mounted E-web. Nothing to worry about.

"Hey, somebody pass me that," Sar says, gesturing into the back seat wildly towards his re-painted stormtrooper helmet.

"Oh, and if you have helmets, you might wanna put 'em on now."

"Incoming vehicle, please broadcast the passcode, over," a voice remarks, crackling over the comms as Sar's speeder passes through the shield."

"Well, shit..." A pause. "Probably shouldn't have killed that guy before I asked about the password," Sar sucks his teeth and the Old Man jams the throttle of the landspeeder forward, the vehicle's turbines roaring to life as it jerks forward with ridiculous speed. Sar manuevers the vehicle lazily with one hand and slides the cigarillo he's been smoking on out of his mouth, snuffing it out against the dashboard of the speeder. He slides his helmet on over his head. <<<Sar to all. Testing comms. One-two, one-two. Over."

Once it becomes abundantly clear that Sar's vessel is not going to stop or send any passcode, the mercenaries guarding the facility begin to open fire. Sar grunts as he manuevers the speeder around the incoming blaster bolts and yells, "Hold on!"

BAM! The speeder smacks straight through the gate, but the small vessel is fucked, with two of the turbines being ripped clean off of the thing, sending it spinning wildly across the duracrete-paved compound floor, before it finally comes to a halt thanks to the help of a friendly wall. "Go get 'em!"

Sabella Lockheart glances over to Zeke at the comment of him watching her back, a smile is seen and she nods to him. "Works for me." After that it seems everything goes a bit down-hill so to speak, in normal Rebel fashion of course. She grabs a helmet and tugs it on as Sar gives the word for them. She grabs hold of the seat in front of her as soon the speeder is hitting that gate with a half yelp escaping her at the impact from everything. Once everything finally stops spinning she gives her head a shake, unbuckling the straps and is calmbering out of the airspeeder, pausing only to glance around and then is out of the thing before more badies show up and start shooting.

"I just kneed myself in my damn face, Gren." Low complains at the hit to the rock. The wookiee rubs at his face with a slight groan. "You're beginning to remind me of my crash landing in my y-wing, lets not do that." The wookiee complains, but he's still alive for the time. Low looks out the viewports to see what is going on below him, he shifts the half inch allowed to his size in his seat. "Hope all is well below, here's to fast flying and accurate shooting on our part."

At the call for helmets, Javi's book gets flipped away so she can grab the straps at her shoulders. Legs fold higher up against her chest and her eyes close as the vessel gets slammed without lube into the facility. By the time she slaps open the release on her harness she's looking a little stone-faced, the sort that would have Lowkeyyy calling her 'mean' again. Out. She gets out of the speeder at the call, only to immediately get grazed in the arm by a blaster shot. "Fucking, fuck fuck. Fuck you right in your fucking fuck face." Up comes her own weapon to defend.

The landing cleverly disguised as a crash throws Zeke against his harness, boots skidding on the floor as they fail to brake him. A brief struggle with the latches frees him, and he staggers on his way out, wide hazel eyes looking a little overwhelmed. The flurry of blaster fire has him grabbing at Javi to try to pull her back under cover, but all he catches is a momentary grasp of one armour strap. He looks to Sabella, thick reddish brows lifting in silent query. Ready when you are, boss.

Fenwick looks at his helmet. He looks at Sar up ahead. There is a long moment of debate but then the helmet comes on and then the cloak is repositioned next. Then he's got his blaster carbine and can follow the others into death. "Woo!" he yips, thanks to their crashing through the front gates. And, in the end, Fenwick stays within the speeder rather than expertly follow the others. Instead, he counts down from five.

Grinning as they crash the Gate, Kelnas ducks his head and clamps his teeth down hard. Placing a gloved hand over his mouth, tight against his lips, the Wroonian leans forward and tucks his head between his knees as best he can. There's a big Crash, some spinning, and Kelnas can't help but giggle as they finally come to a screeching, metal rending halt. As Sar shouts for them to get out, he dives for the nearest path of Exit, rolling easily with his landing before coming to his feet, Blaster in hand.

Quinn Ca'lio grunts to herself as their speeder careens. The crash jostles the human girl and she grips onto the blaster at her side and shuts her eyes tightly as they grind to a halt. "The ever living fuck!" Quinn shouts with an edge to her voice. Her head is ringing with what is sure to be a massive headache later, but for now there is business to take care of. She mashes her hand to the buckle of her seat harness and shoots to a stand, charging for the hatch.

Phoenix has throttled way back, slowing down to give the folks on the ground time to do their thing. Inside of the ULAV, Gren is weaving through obstacles on the ground, and then there is the target. The small spaceport, and its four ground to air installations. Ground crew scatter from a freighter being loaded with spice, and pilots are running for the pair of V-wings left for air to air defence. Already a pair of laser batteries is opening up on the speeder. Delede sideslips to port, avoiding the barrage. He opens up with the forward blaster cannons, tearing up tarmac and random crates, but missing any worthwhile targets. The grenade launcher? It makes a satisfying *whomp* and an explosion follows, taking out the nearest defensive laser. The ULAV skims along the front of the landing pad, giving Lowkeyyy plenty of targets to starboard. <<<Target those V-wings before they can get airborne, Low!>>>

The spice facility is going crazy. It is a target rich environment. They've kicked an anthill, and armed guards are sprinting out of the barracks, and rec halls. A squad of twelve are running toward the gate to reinforce the three men firing at the speeders and the Rebel Yellers spilling out of it. Others move to secure the facility's buildings, and the power generator. There isn't much cover be design. Not a good place to get bogged down.

"Fuckity fuck, that hurt," Sar groans as he opens the landspeeder door and flops out onto the ground, landing upside down, on his shoulders. "Ow." The Old Man kicks his feet over and rolls around on the duracrete for a moment before he finally gets to a stand-up-able position. He works his way back up and flops against the crashed speeder, reaching to slide the EE-3 hand cannon from its holster.

He levels the mighty blaster and squeezes the trigger a few times, sending plasma towards the guards that are rushing them down. Two of the guards get nice new holes through the center of their heads, one catches a bolt in the chest, and one more guy gets hit in the leg, slowing him down a little bit.

Firing up his weapons up, Low manages to spread his legs as wide as he can in the space allowed to give himself the utmost mobility of his hands. Low spins the turret and locks on with a v-wing almost immediately upon one coming in view, the wookiee is near as good with turret mounted weapons as he is with his bowcaster. Low locks onto a v-wing and sends a blast in its direction, disabling the ship. <<"Hit, Gren, looks disabled.">> Low calls over his comm unit. The wookiee is growling over the comm unit, one of the problems having a stoner wookiee as a co-pilot are the noises that come with having him covering your back.

Sabella Lockheart catches that glance from Zeke, voices heard and there is only a nod before she is heading away from the down speeder with only a half glance back. As for shooting at the bad guys, she isn't to god in that department, though at least any that was near by as she was moving /that/ way will at least perhaps duck for cover. Her job right now is to get the generator and she will one way or another.

Javi's shoulder rolls as Zeke reaches for her, "I'm FINE." She huffs at the man. Really, it's just a flesh wound. She either lacks the common sense to get back into the cover of the ship or she's just. That. Stubborn. As soon as she comes to bear with her own weapon, she gets slammed again, this time solidly in her side and her own blaster aim goes wild. The woman doubles, the lack of breath temporarily staving off any cuss words. "Alright. I'm not fine." She finally admits, taking a staggering step backwards. "Clear the way and I'll..come up after." If she's even conscious when it comes time to do her job.

The dull metal gleam of a collapsible spear-haft glints for a moment as Zeke pulls it out. One shake of his forearm throws it out to half-length, like a security baton on steroids. He starts after Sabella, then glances back to see Javi stagger under a second blaster shot. He hesitates a moment, caught between conflicting priorities, before he roughly grabs Javi's shoulder and yanks her a stumble or two to the side. It's a slightly less open-to-fire position. Slightly. "DOWN. Stay LOW," he barks at her as he backs away a step, then takes off after Sabella. So many backs to watch, so little time.

The helmet is stifling. It's hot, muggy, and the weight of the armor does not help Fenwick in the slightest. His movements lag just on the basis of physics but the human finally clambers out after the initial salvo. The blaster fire is still sharp, making a hand clamp harder down on the trauma kit attached to his person. His other hand holds his carbine as muscles push him into running after the others. A stray bolt screams by. He glances over his shoulder with the briefest of looks and then trips over himself, sliding on his knees as a salvo fires overhead. Grunting, Fen pushes to his feet again. He abruptly stops at Javi's location. "I can't do much right now. Don't move." He procures a bacta patch. "Stims?" he asks himself, and then prepares the shot upon applying the patch. It's a simple injection. "Stims. It'll dull the pain."

Limping forward from the downed Speeder, Kelnas winces slightly as his leg begins to ache. Blaster in hand, he raises it and fires twice, going half for suppressing fire, the Wroonian blasts one in the shoulder, his sights shifting slightly, he takes another in a weak spot in his armor, the blaster bolt hitting just above the chest plate. Not pausing to check his handiwork, he continues forward.

Quinn Ca'lio pops out of the speeder, swinging around at the nearest charging guard. Before she can get a shot in edgewise, a blaster takes the girl in a graze along her hip. "/Dammit/," Quinn snarls and staggers. She chooses to drop and scoot behind the side of a small building that had narrowly escaped with it's proverbial life inches from the crash site. She shifts and curses a string of words to herself, leaning to blindly shoot towards the barracks where guards make their way towards the fray. "Bastards!" Her hand clasps at her side and comes up with a streak of blood. "I /need/ that, son'sabitches!"

Gren slews the ULAV around again, avoiding the incoming fire from laser turrets, and the occasional blaster from starport guards. His new heading allows for his forward guns to open up on a defensive battery, and he walks blaster cannon fire up the tarmac until the bolts converge on turret, and it ceases to exist as more than slag. A gunner manages to stagger out, burning like a torch. Another *whoomp* mid-turn, and there is an explosion as the second V-wing's fuel cell explodes, shredding starfighter and pilot alike, courtesy of a well-placed concussion grenade. <<<Starport is fucked. Heading for the compound, get that shield down. Phoenix, move in.>>> The speeder's pilot glances over his shoulder at the giant gunner. "Finish these bastards off on the way out, pal." And then the Wookie has a very nice shot on most of the targets in the burning starport.

Guards are falling, but Rebel Yellers aren't exactly going unhurt. The power generator building is guarded by a half squad of six soldiers hunkered in what cover they can find, including one leaning out from either side of a blast door that they've left open for the moment. Better to shoot from. The rest of the courtyard is pandemonium, with alarms blaring, and orders in Huttese being broadcast over a loadspeaker. There are a handful of guards still at the gate, and they've finally got their E-web armed, and slewing around to fire at the Yellers.

"Alright, losers; follow me!" Sar says, as he begins jogging towards the building that their recon mission revealed to be the shield generator. The Old Man is apparently having a blast. A look back towards his soldiers that are getting shot and he shouts, "Just stay behind me! I'll get us there!" With that, the Old Man breaks into a sprint.

Sar comes speeding towards the, his custom painted green Stormtrooper armor (with a bright Rebel Yell Phoenix emblazoned over the right eye) no doubt striking fear into the hearts of men as they just can't seem to hit the man. Yet.

He lets out of battle cry as he smashes through the door of the generator facility, ducking quickly out of the way of incoming fire. He presses the long barrel of the pistol to a mercenary's head and splatters it against the wall, before swinging the heavy blaster around to mow down three more armed guards.

<<<Sar to ground team, get to me, now!>>>

Who brought a spear to a blaster fight? That'd be Zeke, all right. As they're barreling forward to regroup with Sar, he suddenly grabs at Sabella's arm. It brakes her momentum slightly -- though thankfully not any bones -- and propels him forward, staggering, to catch a glancing blaster shot where Sabella would have been a moment before.

Locking onto one of the remaining turret mounted guns on the ground. Low squints his eyes and his tongue slowly rolls out of his mouth, where there was once a turret, there is nothing but molten metal now. The wookiee roars in an abnormally loud tone over the comm, and apparently it is not really any words, as the translator unit hooked up to his comm does not interject on the roar and instead, Gren gets an earful of roaring, it could be called ecstatic sounding, but then again it can also be described as deafening. The wookiee goes to throw a hand up in celebration, but that powerful arm immediately finds roof above and there is a new dent in the roof of the speeder. "Whoops" Low says, he cannot turn his head up enough to see the dent, but he knows he caused one. His hands drop back to the controls between his legs.

Sabella Lockheart would lie and say all these blasters going off aroun her doesn't bother her, the mehanic is not one use to such things thank you and this, this is stil something she is getting use to. Her hand grips at her blaster and is working on keeping up with Sar and the few others, talk about tunnel vision! That is until Zeke grabs hold of her arm and a half ack is heard as she is yanked back a step and she glances to Zeke just a moment before he is shot. Well that wasn't something she was planning on happening. Her eyes widen slightly while she gives him a half shove forward to get him moving towards the building once more, get to cover is the key and then she'll be figuring out wht to say.

Stay low, Zeke says. By the time she's pushed back to the rear and taken to by the medic, Javi's looking a bit pale. "Just make it so I can get back out there." Her fingers are feeling numb, so she rests the blaster on her thigh while Fenwick tends to her worst wound. There is a whistle of an inhale through her nose as the bacta patch is applied, teeth clamped through that and the injection but her eyes are weeping from the pain despite the stims. "You tell anyone I cried and I'll cut your off your ba-" Blaster fire chews up the ground around them, Javi reaches for Fen and hunkers down with him/against him. "Cover." Is that a warning, command or plea?

Fenwick huffs. He looks to the side from where he is taking a knee next to Javi. "//Shut up//, Miss. Don't worry. You're far from triage code: frakked. Karkin' lightfights though," remarks the medic. He fingers over the medi-sensor that hangs from his side and then redirects himself back at Javi. He smells an E-web on the horizon though- or just sees it- and so turns to shield the woman with his body rather than allow her to meet harm's way. Heavy bolts chew and score into the landscape around them. "We have to move. Sorry!" He apologizes beforehand, at least, but that does not stop Fen from taking hold of her near arm. He then pulls her to him and over the shoulder before pushing up onto his feet again. With his blaster in one hand, and his other holding her in place in a fireman's carry, he continues moving forward.

Moving to join Sar, Kelnas pauses and falls back a bit as he sees Fen struggling to help Javi. Blaster raised, he double taps at a pair of incoming mercs, taking one in the head and another in the chest as he calls to Fen. "Got you covered Doc!"

Quinn Ca'lio pants out a breath and steadies herself, pressing the bleeding wound for a split second with her hand before she is up on her feet and taking shots again. Two sink into a guard and he keels over. "Nothin' personal," she hisses and limps heavily after the party. Her eyes crease up and she grimaces before putting on some extra speed to her wobbly shamble.

The E-web continues to chew up whatever cover it can find to chew up, dead mercs are starting to pile up, and atleast a few people have made it to the generator's bunker. Now would be the time to get it powered down. The yard continues to flood with mercs, reinforcements might be coming from further away, and Phoenix and air support would be useful. Inside the bunker, the generator is just a large piece of equipment with plenty of complicated looking machinery. The guards are dead.

"Goddamnit! We need this bitch intact, Low!" Gren shouts loudly, trying to be heard over the buzz of wookie speak still reverberating through his skull. <<<Ready or not, here we come.>>> The ULAV is tearing across the swampy land toward the spice facility, dodging obstacles. Phoenix can be seen getting much much closer in the distance.

"Get in here, you assholes!" Sar shouts, as he posts up against the door, waving them inside. Once people star pouring through, the commander swings around and lets a few more plasma bolts fly downrange, ending three more mercenaries as they attempt to charge the fiarly defensible position that is the generator building. He tucks back around the corner and slips the helmet off of his head, letting it clatter against the ground.

He takes a moment to catch his breath and looks over to Sabella, pointing to the generator console sitting in the corner, "Think you can figure that one out, darlin'?"

Zeke splits off to one side of the door as soon as he's inside the generator building and looks back outside to check the progress of the last few stragglers. Once everyone's inside, he backs off toward the generator itself, looking over its readouts with curious eyes.

"You didn't have to do that... But thank you." Is offered to Zeke, along with a rag from her bag for the wound he took for her. The reason she is here is called to her attention and she is off over to the generator console and is quick to work on pulling out a tool from her bag before she is busy working at the console with the low hum still heard from the generator itself. "Thing is an old paper weight... No idea how they keep it running."

Do you know what it's like to be fireman-carried with a fresh wound in your side? Thankfully neither does Javi. At this point she's pretty out of it, and only makes little noises of supreme discomfort as she's jostled and bleeds on Fen's shoulder while he catches them up to the rest of the group. Look at the pretty stars.

Fenwick brings up the general rear. It makes it easier to spot who are friendly, who are op-for, and who are injured or otherwise unmoving. He needs to utilize his medisensor or any other scanner sooner than later though. His carbine is waved in thanks toward Kelnas, attempting to acknowledge the Wroonian while in the middle of carrying Javi Malek. The grip of the rifle is switched to just carrying it, sling whipping to and fro, and his breathing grows all the rougher by the time he reaches the others. He doesn't stop in the entranceway and instead swings to the side in order to take a knee and carefully deposit Javi onto the ground against the walling. That's when he reassesses her wounds and provides more accurate care. Over the shoulder as he works, "Have the injured hold near me. It'll be quick! Bacta patches and spray-on bandages if need be, stim-shots to keep on your feet."

Blaster in hand. Leaning against the door jamb, the Wroonian peeks out and fires off a couple more shots into the gathering mercs. grazing a couple and generally aiming to keep people from getting too brave."

Once Fen and Javi get into the Bunker, Kelnas follows them in, Blaster in hand. Leaning against the door jamb, the Wroonian peeks out and fires off a couple more shots into the gathering mercs. grazing a couple and generally aiming to keep people from getting too brave.

Quinn Ca'lio stumbles into the room. Thankfully the blaster fire has died down enough that she slips in with ease. The moment she's in the cover she shoves her gun into her holster. The girl shimmies to the side along the wall before sinking down, shoving her helmet up and off her head as she cranes to look at the deep graze along her hip. "C'mon!" Quinn complains at Fen on the other side of the room. "I just sat down!" She leans her back against the wall and stubbornly sits, holding a hand over her wound to attempt to cull the bleeding.

There is a snap-hiss as the energy shield that surrounds the facility drops, courtesy of the bits and bobs that Sabella has yanked out of the generator's insides. Outside of the bunker in which the initial assault team has holed up, more and more Hutt guards have begun to appear, and surround the central generator building. Blaster bolts are chipping away at the structure, an E-web at the gate is now being moved to be focused on the door. It's pandemonium. Dozens of targets out in the yard, all armed, and all riled up.

In the air? That's a different story. The spaceport is wrecked, so any reinforcements have much farther to come from. And the Phoenix has appeared overhead, the fast Carrack's turbolasers, and point defense lasers already starting to lay down accurate, and aimed fire on the defensive turrets that make up the facility's ground to air defences. It takes some return fire, but the shields hold...they really weren't designed to fight off a capital ship. From within the modified cruiser's hangar, a handful of assault shuttles begin to offload, as well as atleast one Headhunter for close air support, and air defense. The shuttles don't have far to go to start landing in the spaces between buildings.

<<<Cavalry is here, Sar.>>> A Coruscanti voice transmits over the tacnet, the surplus ULAV that he's piloting careens through the fucked up gate, and begins to lay down fire from its forward cannons, doing a nice job of cutting down guards, and removing cover. A *whoomp* announces the entry of its concussion grenade launcher into the fight, and the E-Web crew dissolves. <<<Assault teams are landing. Clear the buildings. We'll frag these suckers in the open. Check your fire.>>> The airspeeder slews around, so the rear turret can help clear a path from the shield generator bunker.

<<<Copy that!>>> Sar shouts over his comms, pressing his back against the wall next to the door of the generator building. He looks around at those gathered inside and points to Fen, saying, "Kid, make sure that Javi's stabilized." A look to Sabella, "Lockheart, make sure you sabotage that shit so hard that they'll never get it online again." He jerks his thumb towards himself and says, "I'm going to run interference. Once I bolt, I want all of you to find someplace safe to hunker down and keep out of trouble, okay?"

Orders given, Sar kneels down and picks up his helmet, using his free hand to slide it back onto his head. He gives it a slap and nods to Fen, saying, "You're in charge, Kid. Make me proud."

With that, Sar charges out of the door, sidestepping all of the blaster fire coming his way. He levels the sawed-off EE-3 carbine and lets it rip, sending four bolts of heated plasma downrange into four different targets, sending them sprawling into the dirt with news holes in their bodies that weren't there a few seconds before.

The Old Man scurries quickly behind a duracrete divider and hunkers down.

Javi's eyes have that spark to them, the drug-induced glint from being pumped full of Stims so she doesn't just go into shock and shut down completely. The Bacta patch on her side is doing it's job, the wound on her arm minor enough to not require Fenwick's precious time. "The hunkering down bit, I can do." She just learned that lesson a wee bit too late. The woman's head swivels, watching Sar charge back out into the frey. "I'm gonna hit that." Because humor is a great salve for pain.

Sabella Lockheart is snipping wires and other bits and pieces here and there, she is going to make sure this thing is never workable even for parts at this rate. A slight glance is sent towards Sar as she hears what the new plan is and she nods. "Done and done." Is offered as she tucks the knife she was using to cute wires and the like away once she is certain that the thing is well done and done. As for the hunkering down bit? Yeah she can do that, she has her blaster in hand and is glancing over to Zeke curious like. "So... You alright?" She knows if Fenwick is tending to Javi that she'll be alright until they can get out of this place.

Zeke's attention skips from Javi, to Sabella, to the neutralized shield generator, then back to Sar as he bolts from the building. Thick reddish brows pull together beneath the helmet's brim as he snaps his collapsible spear out to full length. As he thumps the haft against the floor to double-check it's set, he nods at Sabella. "Fine." Big talker, Zeke. "Tell me what to smash." That's with a point of his chin toward the generator screens and consoles.

From the air, Nym is attempting to keep with the group while piloting a somewhat unfamiliar aircraft. Behind her, Artie bleeps annoyed and disappointed as her dodges are not tight enough and her spirals are sloppy. "I know, okay! I know! This handles differently!" As she berates her droid, she narrowly misses getting hit by the ground fire, cursing and breathing out through her nose as a moment of pure luck kept her from a blaster bolt to the underbelly of the Z95. Undeterred, however, she angles the fighter craft forward and toward a triplet of defensive turrets. She's got her eye on one in particular that just attempted to blow her out of the sky. Zig-zagging to avoid the multi-colored bolts of energy threatening to knock her off course, she narrows in and fires.

Hex exits one of the assault shuttles with a handful of Resistance soldiers who've come along to lend a hand in this particular endeavor - he doesn't seem anxious, though alert, ready to jump into the fray with the others! And into the fray they go! Firing starts from both sides, and... none of that firing is to Hex's advantage. He gets hit in the left arm, a graze that causes him to miss his return fire. Sorry, these were the bargain basement Res troops, they didn't send you pick of the litter! "Akeki ka schutta," he hisses a curse in Ryl, and one in basic. "Idiot!" That might be more for himself than the enemy, but he keeps moving.

Kael Greystorm is aboard one of the shuttles that have just landed to dismount the reinforcements stepping off and to the side as a blaster bolt sizzles just over his shoulder. He draws out his blaster pistols and watches as his HUD lights up weaon fire locator designators in his field of vision as he moves for cover to determine which way the good guys are and which the bad ones are at. Snapping off a shot at one of the baddies shooting at the folks dismounting the shuttle. As his blaster bolt flies towards his target he glances over at Hex who was dismounting the shuttle around the same time he was, "You okay there toasty?"

"She's going to live," flatly states Fenwick Mare. He happens to be distracted by standing up from a crouched position. He foregoes placing his armored gloves back on, having taken them off in order to treat the wounded, Javi Malek included. Instead, they stay clipped to the webbing on his chest. His carbine hangs near to them, pushed to the rear, out of the way, with him shouldering his medical trauma kit. The antenna of his long-range comlink bobs with the movement. His helmet is attached to the bag, which only reveals dark skin stained with a light layer of sweat and creased, concentrating features. His eyes take in his triage area: too many wounded. "We're going to die." The back of a hand wipes his nose. Only belatedly does he realize he's being put in charge. Then, Sar disappears outside.

"Oh- okay. We need local security then, cordon off the area to any breachers that try to reestablish the shield generator. This is what they're after and there's too many wounded." They stay here. That's Fen's command, as he looks to those gathered in the room, unconscious or otherwise.

Stavros comes pounding down the assault shuttle ramp surrounded by other Rebel Yell mercenaries. "Get cover!" he calls to them. "Watch the doors on that building-" he says, pointing at the shield generator complex. "Anyone not us who tries to get in, dies. Understood? The rest of you - we're breaching."

The Zeltron opens fire at the guards between him and his assigned building, downing two with a three aimed shots, then crouching to cover his team as they get into position at the door. "Get out of the open!" He matches his own words with actions, as he runs out from the shuttle. "Is the door locked? Barricaded?" He's twitchy to get into his bag of explosives, apparently.

The Phoenix continues to get lower and lower, its turbolasers and laser batteries vaporizing most of the opposition that is foolish enough to remain in the open. The folks in the generator bunker don't have too much to be concerned with, save for bleeding out. Anyone attempting to breach it has likely been atomized, or fragged by the landing troops. There are still plenty of targets firing from windows, and digging into the processing buildings, and dormitories, though. The Carrack is very studiously avoiding targeting structures.

The troops in the assault transports begin to jog toward their targets. There aren't -that- many, a few dozen. Here and there, some of the hired guns drop to defensive fire, as they stack up to begin their own breaching. The primary target is the largest building, a four-story warehouse looking structure. It is known to hold the main factory floor, offices for the Hutt's overseers and staff, and most importantly, the armory. Raiding it is the second objective, beyond liberating slaves and loading them aboard shuttles, and the Phoenix itself. Stavros seems to be in-charge of the breaching process. And yes, the large metal blast doors are -very- locked. From windows above, blaster fires rains down on his team. The occasional explosion indicates grenades being tossed toward the invaders.

"I'm popping the canopy. Keep that turret working! Then get this bitch on Phoenix, when she lands!" Gren shouts over his shoulder at Lowkeyyy in the gunner's chair, noting that most of the heavy opposition is gone, so he'd best help breaching. Delede, armored only in his old Imp flightsuit, hops out of the speeder, hits the ground running, and zig-zags through fire directed at him, and the ULAV. His Bryar is out, and sending a pair of yellow bolts into a Gran thug. The Rebel Yell CEO ends up slamming into the wall next to Stavros. "I hope you brought the fun toys, Stav."

<<<Joining up with the breaching team.>>> Sar's voice rings through the local comms. The Old Man slips out of his cover and begins a jog towards his friends, lifting his blaster to fire shiny red bolts towards a few of the folks shooting down out of the windows. One guy goes down hard, another flops out of the window and THUMPS out onto the duracrete, and a third catches a bolt to the chest, falling backwards; bloody but not broken.

After a short trip, Sar stacks up against the wall with Stavros and Gren, offering them both a nod, "Let's do this, huh?"

Javi digs her shoulder into the wall behind her, rolling against it to tuck her feet underneath her center of gravity and with a sickened sounding groan the woman pushes to her feet. The effort causes sweat to bead up on her forehead, and her breathing becomes more rapid. "Yeah. I'll live. Hey numb nuts, don't break everything." Javi starts shuffling towards the generator where Zeke and Sabella work. "That's...sacrilege. Let's strip this motherfucker and at least leave with a souvenir."

Sabella Lockheart ponders slightly before nodding to Zeke, she soon points at a screen. "Knock that one out. I cut all the wires, and pulled out plenty of things that would make sure there is no one they can get back back up any time soon honestly. They would have to just buy a new one." As for Fenwick she nods and is glancing back towards the entrance while keeping a grip on her blaster, anything 'not' friendly is going to get shot at for certain. "We're not dying yet Fenwick." So far so good it seems. A glance is sent to Javi and she looks amused. "Well if that's what you want to do..." She pulls a wrench from her pack and points to the bracket that holds the screen to the generator. "Not to sure how good of a souvenir it might be." Sure everyone else is off getting shot up, and the like and these three are talking about souvenir's.

Zeke's attention narrows in on Sabella as she produces her wrench, like a technologically-minded magpie who'd just spotted something shiny. "Fuses," he says, as he flips the spear around in his hands and takes a few exploratory prods at the edge of a display screen. "Easy to swap in. High-voltage wires, keep if the voltage is right. Otherwise melt them down and the connectors down for gold. Fiber cables, easy to swap in. Just need new connectors." Order of priorities? Souvenir most-wanted list? He doesn't explain further. Instead, he starts up a fresh racket by smashing in the frame holding one of the display screens in place.

Nym's narrow miss puts her on defensive and she completely misses her target as she sweeps forward toward the turrets. Pulling upward and doubling back, she is all the more determined to prove her worth and take out something this pass through. With Artie tweebling in the background and giving her pointers, she focuses in on the turret, dodging the fire and hits it squarely enough to take at least one of their guns out for good.

"I got a little cooked," Hex replies to Kael at the 'toasty' comment, wincing as he tests the range of motion of his wounded arm on the move. "Worst part is I smell like something I'd order off a grill menu." It's a talk and run at the same time type situation, heading for the building Stavros is set to breach. He's happy to follow the good advice of getting cover and getting out of the open, up against the building. "Nice shots, Sar," he greets the man as he arrives, and then follows Sar's example by aiming at their assailants in the windows to provide cover fire. He manages not to get shot again, this time, but misses the window goon target of choice.

Fenwick manages to smile at the idea of people trusting in him. He stiffly nods to them and rethinks picking his bag up and so instead lowers it back down, near to the entrance, now that he is standing at it and chancing a look outside. It looks less like the edges of a refining facility and more like a warzone. He frowns. "Or, anyone who wants to run off to help the others can, but I have to stay with the wounded here." Which he doesn't seem to mind. It also keeps him not shot, so he picks up his kit by a handle and drags it along to begin reassessing and monitoring the wounded.

"Don't be silly, Gren." Stavros reaches into his bag of surprises, producing a round silver metal explosive with a magnet on one side, with a broad smile. "I -always- bring the good stuff. Cover me," he says, as blaster fire from above splashes the permacrete, sending small shards plinking off of his bubble helmet.

He plants the first explosive at roughly the door's center, and another towards each corner. Then he's stringing wires, connecting the perimeter to the center. Once they are all connected, he taps the others next to him to get out of line of sight from the bombs and follows them. He calls into the comm, <<Clear the door. Detonation in three, two, one- mark!>> He squeezes the remote detonator, and the ground shakes as the door explodes inward on the Hutt guards defending it. Well, part of it does. THere's only room for two to make it in abreast.

Stavros gives it a half second to settle, then shouts, <<Go!>> as he pulls his rifle back up to a ready position.

KA-BOOOOOM! The explosion rips the hole in the door and sends debris flying inward. Once people start pouring inward, they'll notice a group of about ten mercs dug in behind flipped durasteel tables, ready to light up whoever comes in through the door first.

So, of course Sar decides that's him. He slips in through the rended metal, a blaster bolt nearly taking his head off. He hefts the barrel of the blaster up with his off-hand and squeezes the trigger, delivering hot death upon four of the soldiers before he slides behind the next bit of cover.

In the battle overhead, the ground turbolasers are still firing wildly after the Z-95 zipping around above it.

Outside of the main building, the battle is raging on, with the death roll rising on each side, but it's definitely siding in Rebel Yell's favor. For now, at least. "Attaboy." Javi grunts at Zeke, giving the man a toothy smile that's tinged with pain. "Just like old times, right? Only this time we'll have to share the score." The scavenger uses the generator to help lower herself back to the ground with a huff of laughter. "Sorright, Sabella. I brought my own." She loosens the side of her armor, pulling out a small multitool. "Give us a shout, Fenwick, when they start evacuating." To the two at the generator: "They'll need help soon. Loading up the freed slaves." It's said in a conversational tone, but the implication is that she won't be able to run out there with them.

Sabella Lockheart glances over to Zeke as it goes on about things and then looks back to Javi. She ponders a bit before nodding. "I'll take your word for it." Well she does tend to be he type that puts things together, while she is good a gather parts sheisn't good it seems when it comes to doing this such things. She'll move over tothe entrance and peeks out slightly while Zeke and Javi go about taking bits and pieces it seems. "I think I'll stay here for the moment honestly." Nope sorry she won't be running out to help right this moment.

When it comes to scavenging, Zeke seems closer to a butcher than a surgeon; he can find the important parts and remove them with efficiency, but don't expect him to put anything back together once he's through. "Stop," he says as he's prying the display screen clear of its housing. This to Javi who, being Javi, doesn't stop. He braces the spear with his foot to keep it from slipping and grabs Javi's wrist, twisting slightly in the start of a limb-lock. "/Wait/," he tells her, frowning, before he drops her arm to finish opening a large gap in the generator console. "There." He gestures impatiently at the easier access point before moving to a fresh spot to wreck.

Nym wheels backward for another pass as she hits one of the turrets. With a whoop of pleasure and a binary reminder from Artie to keep focused and not dwell on fleeting victories, the young pilot laughs and wheels the borrowed ship around. There are still more turrets to wreak havoc on and she is trying to be the woman for the job. As she comes back around for another run at the two remaining turrets, her overconfidence gets the best of her. She narrowly misses a few bolts aimed straight for her and her own attempt at taking out the target misses a straight hit. While she hits it, it remains operational. Artie has quite a few things to say about that.

The door is breached! Hex follows Sar in through the jagged metal, fulfilling his purpose on this mission, 'be something to shoot at so that other people get shot at slightly less.' Making use of what cover there is in here (such as debris, and Sar), he returns fire against the mercenaries behind the tables. Focused on the task at hand, he makes progress, dodging out of the way of the blaster fire and sending one of the hostiles to whatever fate awaits him in the afterlife of his choice.

Fenwick looks up at the door and those still conscious, the two of Sabella and Zeke fiddling with things regarding the systems surrounding them. He looks momentarily lost. And then the moment disappears into him staring at the fidgeting Javi. "If you move one more time, I'm going to sedate you. You'll wake up tied to a bed in the infirmary for your own good." He returns easily enough to his work which is currently treating a blaster wound from someone else.

Stavros follows Hex and Sar into the building, catching a guard in the head with one blaster shot before he hustles to cover. From behind a column within, he takes aim and hits another guard in his hand. The guard falls back, holding it, giving Stavros a clean shot in the guard's chest. "Well, could be worse," he says, looking back at the narrow entrance he knocked into the blast doors. "It could've only had room for one..."

<<<Sar Yavok to the ground team, I want this building picked apart. Move together, watch your corners, and get these slaves out of here.>>>

The Old Man swings around from behind his column and releases a few more shots, gunning down the remaining mercenaries in the room. He takes a moment to catch his breath, looking around at the ones who have followed him in. He offers them a nod, signifiying that those earlier orders are very much for them. <<<Sar to Fenwick; Kid, start moving injured personel to the shuttles. And be quick about it, you hear me?>>>

Nym may not be doing the quickest job of taking out the turrets, but she's sure as hell distracting them from blowing Rebel Yell's shuttles out of the sky, as the remaining three swivel wildly to try and knock out the Z-95 zipping above.

Things on the ground are going as expected, Rebel Yell soldiers are putting major hurt on the opposing ground forces, but are not without losses themselves. A small band of maybe two or three of Wyrm's soldiers break away from the main fracas and begin sprinting towards the generator building, looking more terrified than vindictive.

Gren, for his part, is not the first through the opening that Stavros has exploded. But, he's still not going to lag behind. He's also not doing the most tactical of entries. <<<Headed for the armory!>>> He calls over the comms, before streaking across the room that Sar has just cleared, deeper into the building. He ducks down what appears to be a side corridor, only to run into a squad of reinforcements. He fires a pair of blasts, taking the face off of one, and most of a leg off the other. He then back pedals out of the corridor, and slams against the wall. "More headed our way! Two of them are fucking wookiees!"

When Zeke grabs her wrist, this time when Javi shows her teeth to him there is no smile. There is tension in her frame that lasts until he releases her, that lasts even past when his intention is clear. Having helped her, there is no muttered thanks but just a grunt to Zeke. She's about to lean into the panel to start tinkering around, but it's Fenwick now that holds her back this time, only verbally. "Never on the first date." She hisses back to Fenwick but collapses back from the generator holding her side, deflated. "Pop that insulator sheet out of there for me, would ya, Z? I've got a buyer for those."

Sabella Lockheart half hears the conversation behind her and glances back to comment but figures no, she isnot oging to walk into that one. No instead she does catch sight of the three bad guys eading towards the shed and she looks well worried for a moment before lifting her blaster to take aim at one of the bad guys. "We got some of the bad guys heading tis way guys..." Honestly she doesn't know if they are coming to blood or what atthis angle so she does take a shot, though she didn't honesly plan on hitting someone. Though she does mnaged to get one of the three (?) and the fella drops like a brick rather dead from where he took the shot at that.

Incoming. Zeke snaps a look back toward Sabella, fingers shifting on the haft of the spear. There's a moment's hesitation before he turns back to the console, prying out the sheet of insulation with a few hurried twists of the spear-haft. He turns toward the door as he pulls it free, pushing the insulation against Javi's shoulder -- hold this, willya? -- before he moves closer to the door. He can't shoot out with a spear, obviously, but if anyone makes it /to/ the doorway, he's ready to have words with them.

Hex takes a moment to check his weapon as Sar finishes clearing the room, a quick, soldierly once-over that seems like second nature. A nod and, "Understood," signify that he's got Sar's orders, but ah, then there's Gren... running in... running out... running back in... running away from Wookiees. "Wookiees," Hex echoes, with a displeased twitch of lekku. "They've got wookiees." He looks around briefly as though to fully absorb the lack of wookiees on their side in the room with them, then takes cover as best he can. When the enemies Gren describes appear, he shoots, and hits, his wookiee of choice - but it's not enough to incapacitate the wook, and its return bowcaster fire hits the wall and sends shrapnel flying into Hex. That must have hit it's mark, because he hisses in pain and curses, "Goddess snot! There's pieces of wall in me."

"Then Lady, you've never been on a first date with Fenwick Mare." The Corellian casts aside medicated bandages and reaches for the hand-mic to his pack's comms. <<>> He hesitates on that last comment and then hangs the bob back down in place, reaching forward to then shove the antenna downwards. With it collapsed, he can better move. With the trauma kit snapped closed and then shouldered, he can better move. "Then prepare to move!" shouts Fen over his shoulder, reaching out to loop his arms underneath the arms of his current patient and begin dragging them for the entranceway. He cannot fire any time soon, his hands full, his carbine pinned across his front and rear-stock intent on jutting up into his chin as he hunches over with the dead weight. "The bunker's compromised. We have to get to the shuttles. Lady, can you move?" His gaze zeroes in on Javi.

With all the subtle grace and profound elegance of a thrown brick, the Redline hurtled through the sky as though it were being chased by bats out of hell. In actuality, it was being chased by three V-Wings. Clearly it had pissed someone off. In the cockpit, comm headset on and eyes furrowed in concentration was the incomparable Zhu Yan, surprisingly not having the desire to crack some sort of pithy comment. "This is just like Oovo IV all over again." Okay I lied. The Redline slewed through the air like a much more nimble ship, carefully weaving through the firing lanes of the V-Wings, and the quad laser turrets made various noises that sounded like 'blatblatblat' as they fired back automatically at the pursuing ships. No hits, but Yan was less focused on hitting and more on surviving. And he was humming a tune from a holonet film where a similar freighter had been attacked by four TIE fighters...

For the time being Oriana had been more in the background, a shadow if you will, that sneezed, coughed and all around didn't sound to well. But whatever, she's a soldier and like hell some cold and a body covered in bruises is going to stop her! Heading in behind the others, given her slightly stiffer movements she would near just in time for ht announcement of Wookies. A glance is given to the group but she spots that Hex got a shot at, it was a miss but the wall. Moving forward she says to him. "Worry not, my green friend! I shall avenge you and.. the.. wall.. who so valiantly stepped in the way to protect you!" Because wall moves. It's an attempt at humour! Bringing her blaster up it's aimed and fired, hitting the one Wookie already wounded, barely at that. In fact, it serves to piss it off a bit more..

The room that once was cleared? It's now full of a pair of pissed off wookies, and a handful of would-be soldiers following them. The smaller guards are basically chaff....but these wooks mean business. They're armoured, and one is carrying a nasty looking bowcaster. A bowcaster that is spitting explosive quarrels toward the interloping mercs with wild abandon. Collateral damage? Meh. The other wookie? He's got a Rykk blade, and seems to have identified Sar as the most dangerous target. He roars, and charges swinging wildly at Rebel Yell's biggest asshole.

In the courtyard? The fire continues to rain down on what targets can be found, and a pair of mercs are still trying to fight their way into the generator building. Sabella did a nice job capping their friend, though. From the dormitory and factory buildings, a steady stream of liberated slaves are being guided into the assault shuttles. As shuttles fill, they begin to launch, and head for orbit. The trio of V-wings have certainly made that a bit more interesting though. Two break away from Redline, and head toward the shuttles. Phoenix is able to put up a screen of laser fire from its dorsal turrets, but it is in the process of landing, and it is easily avoided. <<<Trollop. Protect these escorts!>>> Phoenix's tactical officer re-direct's Nym to intercept the starfighters. One continues to harass Zhu Yan's YT-2000.

Nym makes a run back at the turrets. However, as she does so, there's a flash and she looks upward, seeing Zhu and the V-wings suddenly come out of hyperspace in front of her. With a loud curse word that gets Artie reprimanding her, she pulls upward and then back toward the moving targets. Wheeling about, she comes hot in toward Zhu and the enemies, aiming for one of the V-wings attempting to hit the shuttles. She manages to score a solid hit, knocking out the shields.

Stavros didn't charge forward. He watched for an opening - and watched, bringing his rifle up to his shoulder. As the blade-wielding Wookiee charges in at Sar, he pulls the trigger, and a blaster bolt hits the wookiee in eye. The result is a burn searing straight through, and the wookiee falls to the ground, still with its fist clenched reflexively on its blade.

Yes, he just headshotted a wookiee. But there's no time for self-congratulation. He switches his aim towards the other, while trying to keep his column as cover.

There is an explosion near Gren, and much of the wall behind is turned into chalk...but, he's not hurt. The Coruscanti is under-armored for this figt, so he tries to duck into the corridor from which the trouble just came, and set up a shot into the furry asses. But, his shooting is not up to par, and he puts a pair of yellow bolts into the room's ceiling. <<<Nice shooting, Stav. I can smell his brains cooking from here!>>>

Sar Yavok is being charged by a big furry Lowkeyyy-type! Shit. But then the helmet of his green stormtrooper armor is splattered with Wookie brains. He 'heh's softly under his helmet and sidesteps the falling beast, holding his hand cannon out to the side and letting plasma fly. Four more Hutt-hired goons come tumbling down, with one of them rolling on the ground, clutching his stomach, but still in the fight.

The woman reaches up a hand to clamp over the insulation panel, clinging to it like it's her new lifeline as Zeke moves off. "Make up your mind. Stop moving. Move out. You sound like my second husband." Javi grumbles at Fenwick, then takes a deep breath and braves the pain it will take to get back to her feet. Bless you, Stims. She has to brace herself on the wall for a moment until things stop being so fuzzy but she gives herself an encouraging nod. "I'm up. I'm up." And then it's just a matter of getting back to the ship while Zeke gets to be a hero and haul injured in after her.

Sabella Lockheart is a bit busy dealing with the pair of merc's tha is left trying to get into the building. Well the injured need to get out of here right? Right now they arn't looking to happen either! One of the merc's get a shot in on her, and she fire's back though misses at the same time. "Get 'em outa here Fenwick! I'll try and keep there attention for now." Somehow at least that is. So far that is /not/ working in her favor.

Hex tries to twitch a piece of shrapnel out of one of his head-tails but it's stuck, and he can't get it free under the circumstances - nor the bits of shrapnel stuck in his neck or shoulder. He's not wounded as badly as he could be, but there are little dribbles of blood sneaking their way out of the wounds and his armor. "Just in time for the fun, daesha," he greets Oriana with a grin as she finds her way near him. "You can avenge me and the wall all you like." There's not much time for chatter though, with goons and angry wookiees breaking into the room hell bent on destruction... one less wookiee, at least, and Hex's lekku slack briefly with relief as one furry beast drops to the ground. That leaves another wookiee to deal with, some hot alien on alien action here as the Twi'lek fires, hits solid, and the wookiee drops. "That's for getting wall in my lekku," Hex grumbles, peering over to make sure the creature isn't getting up.

Fenwick bends down further and then assists himself in carrying an unconscious body over his shoulder. He turns to look blankly at Javi. "If you fall over, just tell me. I'll carry you, too." It will be physically intimidating, and impossible, for him to do but they are wounded. They are his charges. His hands busy themselves with holding the body to him and over the shoulders while his boots carrying him outside into the warzone. Starfighters peal overhead, high-pitched and screaming. Laser cannons follow in tow, lancing outwards into the distance further. He watches only long enough to remember he needs to move. Javi ambles by. Sabella is shot upon. A bolt crashes into the bulkhead overhead and he turns, firing from the hip now that he has a hand free and on his carbine. "Keep moving! Don't be a bantha, Miss Lockheart. Follow the others!"

Two breaking off? Yan could deal with that. All it did was give him an opening. Doing the interstellar equivalent of pulling the E-brake, Yan killed the throttle, pulled back on the yoke and and flipped the Redline almost end over end. Not designed for such rapid maneuvers, the ship groaned in agony and he was fairly sure he heard something come loose and hit the roof, which was now the floor.. "Come on baby don't snap in half on me now," he said, his soothing tone a complete contrast to the exceptionally tight turn he just pulled. That V-Wing would be right behind him but it gave him time. He rolled the ship back to an upright position and hit the button that locked the quads forward. And with that, he fired, filling the air with blapblapblap noises that failed dramatically to score any sort of hit. "Emperor's brass balls!" he called out in frustration. He'd blown it!

As the V-Wings suddenly roar into the fight, Nym ducks and dodges her way through the sudden influx of enemies. A distraught and annoyed R2 unit behind her shows his unhappiness with the situation with a lot of rapid fire beeps and tweets. "YES Artie, I SEE them. I'm not blind. You're not exactly HELPING." And then she executes an attempted roll to get out of the way of fire. It's not enough however, her shields take a massive hit and she curses, swerving as she focuses again on the same Y-Wing, managing to down it once it's shields are gone.

In the heat of it, Oriana takes a shot to her abdomen. Ouch! That.. hurts, and presses against tender skin. She curses, sputters out some words in another language none would know. Taking a second to recover from that, there is a grunt and tension of her jaw. Using a breath to gain her mobility eyes move to the last man living, rolling on the floor. Might as well end it here and now. Quick footfalls bring her to where he is, her blaster comes up. Again she speaks in that unknown language, but it almost sounds like a prayer. A second later her blaster goes off, ending the mans life there.

<< That's why you pay me the big bucks, >> Stavros says, grinning a moment as he steps back and looks out over the rest of the complex. The grin fades quickly as the chaos of the HUD tracking the origins of all the fire being exchanged brightens up in front of his eyes. Most importantly, he sees Fenwick carrying a wounded soldier from the shield generator building, and Sabella is clearly wounded but gamely providing cover. Then Fenwick shoots from the hip and hits, _while carrying a wounded soldier to a shuttle._ He raises his rifle again, at the last guard that's still trying to down the med/tech team. Three quick shots sear the man's leg, takes him in the shoulder, and scorches the man's gut. He's down. <<Sab, Fen, you're clear. Amazing shot, Fen.>> Then he adds, <<I want anyone not currently escorting slaves to the shuttle _or_ stealing everything that's not tied down and on fire to _get our wounded out of here_.>> He stays wary at the door.

All over the compound, Hutt mercs have begun to surrender, atleast the few that have survived. They have taken a drubbing, today. It is just kind of nasty, at this point. Bodies everywhere. Fire and burning. The shuttles are mostly in the air, filled with slaves, wounded Rebel Yellers...loot. The wreckage of a V-wing rains down. The other V-wing attacking shuttles seems to have decided that discretion is the better part of value, and turns the hell around, and hits the engines. Its heading for home. Zhu's little friend though? He smells blood, and continues attacking the freighter.

Phoenix has finally settled to the ground, and has opened her cargo bay hatch. More slaves are guided into her, and the ULAV is quickly loaded up. Inside the processing building, our intrepid heroes are able to begin the hunt for the armory. They need that gear if they are going to arm the slaves that accept job offers!

Plink! That's the noise that happens when dinky little starfighter blasters try and take out the shields of a Corellian Freighter. His epic maneuvering clearly wasn't epic enough to avoid a shot he really should have been tanking to begin with. It still didn't stop Yan from shouting out "Watch the paint!" Joke's on you, Yan, the ship isn't painted! He pressed two buttons on the console, one to turn the turrets back to autofire and the other to open a comm channel. <<Good afternoon all, this is your getaway driver speaking, I hope you're all ready for your extraction so if you could just form an orderly queue at the designated pickup zone, I'll be there as soon as I clear this groupie off my tail.>> There. Well done. The turrets made blatting noises again, this time at the V-Wing behind it, and again completely failed to score any sort of hit. <<She's a persistent one, and I'm not fond of VDs, so bear with me.>> One day, Yan would learn to NOT be a cocky prick over the comms.

Sar Yavok slides the long-barreled blaster pistol into its holster and clips it into position before he reaches up and slips the stormtrooper helmet off of his head. The Old Man wipes sweat from his face and brushes some wayward hair backwards before he turns to look around at his team, offering a breathy chuckle, "Good fuckin' work, Yellers." He clips the headgear to his belt and moves to investigate the armory, picking up a few loose pieces of equipment here and there, but leaving it largely to his crew.

Once that's all said and done, the Commander makes his way out of the building, swaggering his way into the open door of a nearby shuttle, where he has a much-needed sit-down, watching happily as his team starts to extract.

Hex doesn't relax until Sar does, as though trusting on some level that Sar possesses through years of experience a 'shit's goin' down' sense more finely honed than his own. He holsters his own weapon after another quick, obsessive check, then looks to Oriana. "I'm making sure no slaves are left behind," he informs her, and then as an afterthought, "...oh, you're hurt. How bad? Can you breathe? Organs still all where they should be? Good."

Just another hit, Oriana stands down as things seem to calm, but the blaster doesn't leave her hand. She looks to Hex and nods a bit. "Fine, nothing bad. I'll live." Some blood trickles out, she grabs a cloth - ripped off of some fallen person or something and presses it to her stomach area. "Let's go free those slaves," Remarks the woman with a shift of probably pain while she goes to off to do that saving thang.

Fenwick watches the remains of his work; someone is dead. "I'm sure he had parents." He manages by the downed figure and continues at a quick pace, proving that working out regularly is a good and wholesome thing. He can carry bodies and properly defend himself and others, at the same time. There's a look over his shoulder. Not so much to the long-range comlink's antenna sticking slightly up, and its broadcasting, but to the area around him and the others as they move. Blaster-fire streaks here and there, covering them. <<I have my moments.>> He doesn't slow down. Sooner than later, he disappears onto a shuttle. Hands free, his medical work begins anew.

<<<Find me something nice. I'm going to take command of my fucking ship.>>> Gren transmits over the comms, as he holsters his Bryar, and jogs through the wreckage toward the Phoenix. He pushes through some confusing looking rescued slaves, and boards the Carrack. He rushes through the corridor. Some day, he'll find his way to the bridge. And, on that day? His expertise will not result in accurate fire to help Zhu.

"Walk it off," Hex grins at Oriana, and punches her in the arm. With his bad arm, and that hurts him more than her. "...Ow," he complains, and then heads off to make sure no souls are left behind before he loads back into the shuttle for the ride home.

Stavros doesn't put away his rifle until he's sure everything is safe, and he lacks that sense. He goes to make sure Fen has adequate assistance dragging others to safety, so that the medic can actually focus on triage and treatment and the like. Anyone can help carry the wounded; it's more important that the wounded have someone to ensure they live. With the rush of battle fading, the emotions of the dying and hurt begin to push in at Stavros. He gets to a shuttle - not the wounded shuttle - and oversees its loading with weapons, freed slaves, and healthy soldiers.

Screw this chap! Zhu Yan dispensed with the pleasantries and continued distributing blaster fire out his ass. Well, out his turrets, but he was firing backwards. Not even bothering to dodge, he just held down the fire button until he finally landed a shot on the V-Wing. In the wing. Not the cockpit. "Sithspit," said Yan, seemingly annoyed about not getting to kill this thrice-damned pilot that was trying to kill him. But he kept firing. "Run or die!"

That punch doesn't hurt, no. But she aches from sick, from bruises, and now a minor stomach wound, which has a ripped up cloth that's shoved into her armour to stop the blood as a fix. If it's a fix. Not one to stop what needs to be done Oriana would of grit her teeth, helped those who needed, slaves or otherwise and then gathered up anything else that needed to be done, before going back to the shuttle with a round of sneezing and coughing that follows, to sit and rest.

The V-wing pilot chooses to run. He took damage. He might be able to sell the importance of saving his starfighter to his Hutt masters, now. He tried to do his job, but he was massively hotgunned, and clearly not a hero character! He had to run! The smoking little ship cranks its very speedy engines to max, and heads for the deck. He's out of here. Zhu has victory.

<<Shove that up your cloaca and SMOKE it, sleemo! You better run, or I'm gonna come over there and beat your ass so hard your grandkids'll feel... oh. Sithspit.>> Zhu Yan had left the comm on! If a moment of quiet could ever be considered 'sheepish', this was it. Well. The Redline came about and closed in on the landing zone, easing over to repulsorlifts and bringing in the ship smoothly for landing. Thump. It was down. And down hissed the ramp. <<Welcome to Air Redline, we are now boarding. Enjoy your flight.>>