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Stop Yelling in My Ear

OOC Date: June 12, 2020
Location: Deep Space
Participants: Kryll Red, Kasia Ashkuri, Vhe Tenara, Sajin, Lofty, Zorii Bliss, Poe Dameron

The ship is a large one, corvette size, of a make and model so old customs stopped it every single time, regardless of faction. So there was no sneaking, and if there was, Locco was probably /really/ good at it. The first sign that something was amiss occurred when the crew was chilling in the lounge, playing Dejarik against Locco. It was the crew versus her, Poe sitting center staring at the contemplative Wookiee who COULD NOT BE RUSHED unless they incited a particular RAGE from her.

It was during one of these moments that AN assassin struck, appearing after deactivating their stealth generator, and drawing a blaster. It was a poor choice. EVERYONE had an opportunity to shoot them (MEANING YOU CAN POSE IF YOU DID SHOOT THEM.) And the body was laid out, smoking from multiple orphaces.

"Wrong ship, pal." Poe said, holstering the GLIE-44 (EL-718) into his thigh holster. Locco goes /crazy/ shaking the rafter and biligerently screaming and growling, and grumbling. "Ok.." Poe begins, taking a charismatic stance. "Locco wants everyone to clear her ship of these.. people. She's displeased. I'm going to get us off the ground and to a safe hyperlane and HOPE we're not interdicted or ambushed along the way. You guys do your part.. I'll "-- "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAARRRR"-- "-- help with Locco, and everyone is happy. Well.. except for the assassins or whatever these things are.." He makes a gesture toward the smoking carrion. "Questions?"

An e-11 carbine howls out, not as loud as the wookiee, but loud enough to strike the assassin in the torso as they appear and draw a weapon. <"Strange, one would expect them to be ready to attack when they appear. Do they assign poorly trained assassins to missions of importance?"> he tilts his head slightly, considering that thought as he nods to the clearing directions and moves to a hatchway to cover it while everyone assembled decides how to proceed.

"Clear the ship while in hyper?" Vhe is trying to follow after those tense moments, her stunsaber hissing as it disappears and she clips it back to her side. A look is given to Poe as she then slowly turns her attention to the dead bodies. Her lips firm into a line and she is not quick to rush over ahd move them around.

Instead she stands there a moment to assess how this is all going to work out.

Kasia didn't draw and fire, there were already a great many holes in the assasin in question before her blaster cleared the holster, so now she simply holds it at her side, staring down at the body. "Yeah, we'll clear the rest of the ship," she agrees with Poe, looking up from the body to the pilot. "Get us out of here, and we'll handle the rest." She picks up the bag she always carries from the place it was on the floor beside her, shouldering it and pulling back the top in case she needs to reach inside quickly. "We all sticking together to do this?"

Sajin is somewhere amungst the crowd pulling his vibrosword from his back. "So I can just kill them, right... like... they just want them dead? Okay... I can do that." He may not have caught on to the subtle nuances of what needed to be done, reguardless the King of drik was always good for following directions, most of the time. He had on his void armor just incase things went wonky in the middle of vaccume.

Lofty is a friend to the Wookiee people, as Talz were also a slave race famed for their strength. So convincing him to deckhand was not difficult. He was examining the potential strategeries of Dejarik. Could the Mantellian Savrip move diagonally into the K'lor'slug? Could the Ghhhk heal the Houjix? Or the Grimtaash could stun the Kintan Strider! But all of that is interrupted by an assassin. "WHAT." He snorts through his proboscis and promptly picks up his long gun, cocking the unwieldy weapon. "Assassins! We clear ship."

Zorii is sitting next to Poe at staring at the peices on the board, then staring up at the wookie, then staring at Poe... "She's going to win, you know that?" Without her helmet, the enigmatic smuggler has her hair pinned back and both blasters in hand when the assassin appears... She does not shoot them, though, since there's literally no rear packs cost money.

She does, however, nudge the still smoking corpse with the tip of her boot.

"Hey guys, I think we missed a spot..." Slipping one of the blasters into the cross holster as she turns to Poe. "They're running out of quality so they just send whoever now?"

"There aren't many corridors, so I imagine the action will be in the cargo holds." Poe explains, painting an imaginary picture with both hands as the dark brown and grey Wookiee grunts and paces up to the cockpit, thundering steps announcing the departure.

"Cool." Poe says to Kasia, before smirking when Zorii nudged the corpse and holstered. "Quality is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes people think it's all the high-speed..." He makes a gesture to indicate GEAR "..stuff, makes them qualified. Skills always come--" -- "--DISTANT ROARING--".. "first.." Poe finishes and smiles a charming smile. "That's my cue. Good luck guys.. and YES.." He points to Sajin. "Killll them. If we don't.. grumpy up there will and Locco is.. messy.."

Turning, then pausing and turning back, Poe motions to Zorii and mouths.."She's definitely cheating.." And off Poe moves, to the cockpit.

The CREW is familiar with this ship. The ass-end of the vessel is where all the 'junk in the trunk' was. A single hatch led to a crew corridor, where ALL the hatches were sealed, then another door led to the cargo area. That cargo area was the destination of our heroes.

Poe's voice crackles over the comms. <<"OW.. okay.. stop screaming in my ear..-- Systems coming online now..--ROARING-- What do you mean control tower is hailing..? Oh drek--">> Comms cut out for a big as the ship jerks, and the loud echoing howls and growls from the cockpit could be heard from afaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.

Kryll listens to the proper roar of the wookiee, and makes a note to determine what an angry wookiee sounds like, compared to a not angry one for future reference. <"Alright. Is someone staying here to guard this entry or will we seal it behind us?">

Kryll's suggestion gets a nod and she considers. "I can if need be. If the rest of you wish to go ahead I can hold the line here and no further." She remarks though her gaze slips down the corridors as if she were trying to see or sense something. The stunsaber snaps back to life, the white bleaching the colors from eveyrthing around her. Vhe waits for the others and if the decision is to move, she will go with them. Her free hand gives a tug to the wild hair currently restrained in a very thick braid down her back.

"Cargo holds, got it." This might not be Kasia's ship, but she's familiar enough with cargo ships to be able to navigate her way through it, blaster out and moving to the front of the pack. "I think if they're assassins, it's fair to kill them, Sajin," she remarks, offering the Hapan a smile. "We might want one to question, but that's up to Poe and Locco." She tilts her head back slightly as she hears Poe come in over the comms, wincing a touch at the roar, then bracing one hand against the wall as the ship jerks. "That's a good sign. Alright, let's go. I don't know if anyone needs to stay behind, but that's up to you." She doesn't wait, moving down the corridor in the direction of a cargo hold.

Sajin activates the high frequency reaonation in his vibro blade. its a low dull whine that pitches higher until.its unheard by human ears. He follows alomg at the ready. "Good." Said in reguard to the killing

Lofty is ready. He follows Kasia deeper into the bowels of the ugly vessel with his big Kashyyyk long gun at the ready. It's an unwieldy weapon in close quarters, but the Talz doesn't care for pistols. "What this cargo be, to make ass-ass-in come for it?"

"Oh, I'm suuuuuure..." Zorii says over her shoulder to Poe heading towards the cockpit, smirking only slightly with a raised brow. Once the roaring starts in her earpiece and everyone is figuring out the plan, the smuggler leans a hip against the table with her arms folded across her chest. Not looking bored, not really, but certainly doing her best to appear like she's looking bored.

"Come babysit a corvette, he says... easy milk run, he says..." Grips, Zorii pushes off the table with a jerk of her thigh and pads after Kasia. Lazily loosening one of the blasters to hang at her side as she saunters through the corridors towards the cargohold. "Hey.. hey you over there with the thick armor..." Wiggling pointing at Kryll, "Come'ere. You're on my team." Always pick the most armored one in the group to be your battle buddy (i.e. shield). "You stand out infront of me there and I'll be just a few steps behind you. Trust me, I've done this before. And nobody died..."

The cargo bay lit up with flickering lights as the ship shook. Poorly trained assassins have already blown their cover and are out in the open. They've cracked a cargo container and have been looking through the contents. Much to their chagrin, not only is this the wrong cargo; it's the wrong bleeding ship!

Conundrums turn to chaos upon seeing the spacehands of Locco's 'Dreamshatterer' coming into the open. There must have been at least twenty of them, but they brought their weapons up, some going for cover, others foolishly standing their ground.

"Wrong ship or not, we're not going down without a fight!" One yelled. Bless their hearts, they weren't ready.

Kryll looks over to Zorii and nods, stepping out in front of her and moving down the corridor with his E-11 carbine up. <"Save the explanation. A soldier knows where his place is, you just make sure not to shoot me."> With that, he moves out and as the assassins appear, he reports. <"Multiple contacts, engaging."> two bolts bark out from his carbine, the first striking the assassin in the chest and blowing him off of his feet. He reaches down with his left hand to draw a vibroblade, then rests his carbine over his wrist and waits for the others to join the skirmish.

With the consideration that no one need be left behind, Vhe follows with the rest of them. She hesitates only so long as it takes for Kryll to fire and only then does Vhe step forward. One foot angles and it stops her, bracing the woman in a ready position as she thrusts both of her hands forward, one still holding her saber.

She watches as several go flying backwards, landing on their backs or against things as they find themselves stunned enough. The force still flows through her as she eases back as step to ready herself for retaliation.

The warning to not shoot friends is a good one, it might also be good that Kasia doesn't have anyone in front of her because as soon as she arrives in the room, her blaster sweeps up and she fires. And misses, really showing one of the cargo crates what for instead. "Be careful," she calls back over her shoulder, moving quickly to the side to try and gain some cover from the ass(assins).

Sajin is unleashed as soon as comtact with the enemy is made. He charges forth after the telekinetic blast fr Vhe, afrer one of tye standing assasins. His firat strike is true and deadly. The second is wide and off base from his momentum. He staggers a bit ungracefully.

"Yeah, absolutely wont shoot you in the arse." Zorii assures of Kryll when he dutifully takes up position infront of her like a good soldier. See, she's always liked soldiers for that reason! Hand up between Kryll's shoulders, the smuggler ducks her head with a blaster in her left hand, using the turn of her wrist to position her body so that he's almost always directly infront of her.

It makes it a little awkward shooting, as evidence by her missing a couple shots, but she's safe. And isn't that what's really important? "Keep it up, we've got them on the ropes." Very sarcastic and dry of ton. Poorly trained or not, that's a ton of marshmellow assassins.

Lofty is as surprised as the assassins, firing his first blast from the hip and shattering a crate to bits! The massive recoil of the Wookiee gun pushes him back. Then the Talz hooks the rifle into his shoulder and fires a proper blast, the green plasma bolt throwing an assassin across the cargo bay with its destructive force. Blaster fire is traded and Lofty takes a wound to his breast, howling in pain.

Feeling Zorii's hand on his back, which is closer than most people would get when he marches forward into blaster file, Kryll continues his slow advance. Several shots come his way, their bolts reflecting off his helmet's visor as they miss himself and Zorii behind him. <"I have attracted the attention you desired. Tracking ten active threats."> he returns fire, striking the first Assassin in the right arm, and then the next assassin in the left. Both, now disarmed, are corpses on the floor. <"Eight active threats.">

The sudden seering pain that comes with the bright flash of a bolt rushing towards her leave Vhe gasping. She lets out a cry of pain and loses her footing, "Kriffing stupid..." she starts to rattle off some unhappy sounds at the moment, her gaze narrowing as she tries to thrust her hand out and shove them back again, hoping to have the same effect and lower their numbers but she doesn't quite make it, some debris and bits of the cargo tossed with little to no movement, a small skid acros sthe floor as she hisses through her teeth. "Drek.."

Kasia braces one hand against a crate as she raises her blaster to fire on one of the assassins. The double blaster bolts buring a hole right through the chest of whatever armor the assassin had, and killing him on the spot. "Does anyone else feel this is a bit like--" She pauses, trying to duck back and hide again. Not that it's very good cover, but it's better than nothing. "Shooting something weak that's trapped in a small space? I almost feel bad for these guys."

Sajin yelps as he's hit in the right arm by the assasin he's currently facing off with, striking back and cutting him down volently. <<"Speak for youself, Kasia!">> He was doing his best, he really was, yet one could not always avoid attacks from skilled assasins as another bolt slams into him. <<"DAMNIT! GRRAAAAA!">> Now he was mad.

Lofty continues firing green plasma bolts at the assassins while moving, ducking behind one of the corridor's bulkheads that lead out of the cargo bay. The sickening (or delicious) smell of burnt Talz blubber and fur fills the air around him after he takes a shot to the upper chest. "Surrender and live, ass-ass-ins!"

"You're not very good at being a body shield, armor man." Zorii says to Kryll, "You keep getting in my way-" He doesn't, "-And Holy Force Ghost of Mary the Great Sith, they're shooting at you-" her, "-You think we can get closer to those crates, I'm seeking more gainful cover behind something nonmobile." Since she keeps missing, we'll try not to blame it on mechanics.

But it's definitely mechanics fault.

At some point in that, towards the end honestly, she gets kriffing shot. Literally blown off her damned feet when a blaster hits her sqwaah in the chest, then guts, and throws her down onto the deck gasping for breath with a burning hole in her torso area. It is for that reason- (it wasn't) that she missed all her own shots.

Definitely wasn't mechanics fault though.

"Son of a bith..." Clawing her way towards crates, feet scampering across the deck as she rolls behind them. "I see why nobody likes getting shot.. this sucks."

The ship is shaking, but it's hard to notice with all the blaster bolts going each way. Now the crates are moving. This is Poe's fault. All of it. One assassin turns just as a cargo crate line snaps, and he's SQUARSHED with a thunderous THUNK followed by a metallic SCREEEEEEEEEEEEECH. Assassins scramble out of the crate's way as it moves MORE HARMLESSLY toward the back.

<<"Nearly past the gravity well!">> Poe declares, just as the Wookiee screams her raging roar at the ship sustaining a shot. <<"No.. you look lovely at two hundred cycles..">> The comms cut.

13 Assassins remain, and they're out in the open now.

Kryll continues to move forward, blaster fire going all around him; like water around a stone in a creek. He wades safely forward, currently unharmed by the assassin blaster fire.

Jinxed now though, right?

He hears Zorii get hit, and then again, and pauses while she goes down and crawls towards cover that does not move. <"Stay down, someone with a medical kit will tend to you when this is over."> he fires downrange, hitting another assassin center mass and killing them before the second shot goes wide. With that, and Zorii in a much better position, he continues his advance, walking towards the assassins. He does however radio his droid, who was waiting back in the main area. <<"Six, Medical emergency. Position marked.">>

BB-6A "Six" (BB-Series 10148) receives Kryll's communication and mark and the White and Red BB droid rolls out from behind cover and leans into it speeding towards Zorii's position. Hitting the brakes and skidding to a stop a panel opens and Six produces a medical kit for Zorii. "Kryll says you need this. Do you know how to provide medical aid to yourself? I am untrained."

Third time will not be a charm as Vhe decides to run into the mix. She lifts the stunsaber and brings it across her front in an effort to throw off her opponent but Vhe is tripping over her own feet, the back catching due to the wound hobbling her some. Her footing off she nearly FALLs onto her face but catches herself with a grunt and swing that is miles away. The initiate grumbles beneath her breath, the shots that got both her legs leaving her a bit of out of her depth

She at least manages to keep her footing instead of ending up sliding across the floor in a tangled mess. NO guarantees that will not happen in the future.

Kasia maintains what cover she has, because it's helping, and fires off another dual shot blast at one of the assassins, this time the shot landing more in the head range. Which is ... unpleasant to witness, and gets a grimace as she ducks back again. She lowers the blaster and slides it back into the holster. "Sorry, Sajin, I feel like I brought that on you by saying that." The now blaster free hand pushes into the bag that hangs from her shoulder to retrieve and pull out a different weapon, hesitating for a few moments as she eyes the foes that remain.

<<"It's okay... I'm not dead yet...">> Sajin says through labored breaths, preparing to charge back into the fray. He wings powerfully, but his sword just barely misses it's target which allows the assasin more time to stagger far away from the repirisal swing. THe word 'yet' echos in his head.

Lofty fires another green plasma bolt from behind a bulkhead, but the recoil of his rifle is simply too much for him to fire another blast. He reels backward, unable to withstand the weapon's kickback due to his wound. "Keep shoot!" They have them on the run so to speak, even if the crew is in a sorry state.

"There was a time, not terribly long ago, where these were useful." Zorii says as she casually as one can with blaster scorched holes in their chest, "You'll obviously have to take my word for it. The Force is no longer with anyone who uses pistols unless the person using pistols is one with the Force." Which she clearly is not.

Three more shots over the top of the crates. Three more poorly trained assassins out in the open, probably with their thumbs in their ears saying neener neener and wigglingt heir fingers, still still alive. Hell, not just alive. One of them looks like they're MORE healthy than before she shot at them.

Glancing out and over at Vhe, "You okay over there? I don't know who the groosius is, but I /think/ it's us."

The ship rocks as the engines groan into hyperspace. Not long after, joining the chaos and ducking almost the moment he steps in, is Poe Dameron, and Locco, who roars and blasts the unlucky soul she witnessed scuffing up her hold. Poe mantles over the railing and lands harshly below, raising up a second later comically to open fire with his small blaster and slide in behind something solid.

"Sorry I'm late. Locco says.." Locco cuts him off with a roar and charges toward the assassins, heavy footfalls passing them all. "Well.. I think we all see what Locco means! Blast em!"

Kryll does not see the reinforcements arrive, but the resulting increase of downrange fire and ragey volume certainly announce the arrival of Dameron and Locco. With a notification that Zorii's medical aid has been delivered, he continues forward. A blaster shot to an assassin's right leg knocks another down, but the follow up shot misses wide.

Pain. Ugh. Her legs are no longer her friends at the moment as Vhe spreads her stance and steadies as she draws up. "Stars be damned," she says and then hears the call. Her? Vhe glances back as she upnods to Zorii as her hand thrusts out and she curls her fingers, thrusting her appendage through the air to result in one poor creature being lifted and tossed into the back hull of the ship with an accompanied scream and then crunch.

"So far..so good," she finally answers Zorii though she wilts a litte, rocking back and forth a bit to test her legs out.

Kasia glances over at Zorii, then back at Sajin. "Let's not make that yet anytime soon, alright?" She draws a deep breath and presses the button to activate her new weapon, bathing the room in a blue glow. She steps out from behind her cover and moves toward the assassins now, not adopting any of the graceful forms that others use when wielding this type of weapon, it's more aggressive than that, but she's fast and for one of the assassins, deadly in the form having some vital part of his body lopped clean off.

<<"I can't help it if I die, if it's my time...">> There is a moment where the King of Drik has to catch his breath, <<"It's my time...">> He lunges forth again, the wounds in him making him slow and clumbsy. He's not in the best of states at this moment, losing steam. Losing resolve even as he enemy dwindles.

"Did I hit one?!" Zorii shouts after blind firing over the top of a crate. It absolutely did not kill him, but she hit someone and ultimately that's what's important (to her). "Wait, did I hit them or did something I hit hit them when it... you know what it doesn't matter, I'm taking it..."

Grunting, she slumps down behind her cover and looks down at her chest. Undershirt sizzled in a hole around the two bolts she'd taken, "I think one of my boobs is out... Dameron! One of my boobs is almost out, try not to swoon too hard in the middle of this, huh?" Another grunt, rolling up to move into different cover when this cover is compromised after she hit something!!!! "I'm getting too old for this good guy shivat."

Poe blasts another just as everything is starting to come under control. Kasia with a lightsaber in hand is the first thing Poe rises to observe, his free hand going to his hair to sweep it aside and out of his eyes. The Wookiee, who had just murdered an assassin, then watched as the last two were crushed by a sliding crate, stands behind Poe, holding her carbine casually over her shoulder, her Wookiee head tipped curiously. She was looking at BOTH Vhe and Kasia; lightsabers a rare sight in the galaxy. She grunts something to Poe, and he snorts and runs his arm under his nose in a boyish fashion. "Yeah.. something like that.."

"You all look like hell. Come on, Locco has a bacta shower in the back. It's kinky, but it'll get the job done.." Poe says, addressing them all. He slides his pistol back home in its holster.