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Xan, Kari, and Daven decide to take a small relaxing break after a cargo run to Naboo. Oh....Zerna's there too.

OOC Date: June 1, 2018
Location: Naboo
Participants: Daven Ohtani, Kari D'Aramis, Zerna Ka, Xan

The ship is being offloaded by droids and their human overseers. And Daven /insists/ everyone gather up fun clothes for fun water times. Across the city in a speeder and Daven rents a private-ish looking boat. And pilots it himself. Cuz its a speeder, why wouldn't he? Silly pilot.

A large open wood deck with lounge chairs atop it is at the fore of the crafter. A refresher and changing compartment and the like is below decks. Its a beautiful sunny day and Daven is first to re-emerge from below, complete in a billow unbuttoned shirt and...frankly...an almost minuscule swimsuit. Towel. And large bottle of bubbly.

Xan somehow thought this meant shorts. In fact, her crewmates would recognize the short little black shorts as something she sports around in the sleeping quarters. She's also sporting a sleeveless shirt, BLAZINGLY WHITE SKIN, and a red umbrella of sorts. It's clear under her shirt she's wearing a black sports bra as it clashes so violently against her skin. "Cups?"

Zerna thought she was just getting dragged along for the cargo thing but now she's....on a boat. Sighing, she had dragged her duffle bag with her and disappeared off somewhere on that thing to go change. Eventually she resurfaces with bag in tow but drops where she stands. Fun clothes? Something about water? Well there she was in an all white bikini that is stark against her orange skin but matches her marking on her face and the white of her montrals and headtails. Squinting she looks around then sighs a bit. "...I thought I was getting dragged along just to drop some stuff...not a mini vacation..."

Kari's donned a little shimmery gold bikini that sets off her eyes. Over top, a gauzy bit of fabric that sufficed as a cover up for the trip over. That, and a wide-brimmed sun hat. Do pantorans burn? She settles in almost immediately, finding a comfy spot near the side of the boat to unfurl her slim frame into, and proceeds to eye Xan's umbrella. "What's that for?" she wants to know.

"Oh. Cups." Daven did not plan for that. And he glances down into the belly of the ship. But a shrug and the bottle gets POPped and he takes a long swig of it before moving towards the lounging area. A jaunty smile towards Kari, who always manages an extra something to go with an 'outfit'. Then the bottle is offered towards her. "Do you guys care about sharing the bottle?"

"It's Naboo. We came many times, but never swam," Xan explains to Zerna. "Why come if not having fun?" she says with a smile. Her eyes follow Kari out to her little spot where she is confronted by the question. "So I don't fry." She finds a spot to sit and shakes her head no to Daven, holding her hand out and opening and closing her fingers in a futile gesture while he offers it to Kari.

Zerna looks to Xan, chuckling softly as she nods. "Oh...well....fair." A shrug as she lets her bare feet carry herself over near the others. "I don't do a lot of swimming but....I think I'll join in the fun then." At the mention of sharing the bottle she shakes her head. "No I don't care...." Then she looks to Kari with a smile. "Since Daven's not doing it....hi I'm Ze....."

Kari crosses her legs, one over the other, her eyes shifting from Xan to the newcomer with no name. A brief measure is taken of the togruta woman; a curious surveying of her form that manages not to be leering. She smiles politely when addressed. "He needs to work on his manners. I'm Kari. It's lovely to meet you, Ze." She takes a swig of the bottle, then hands it off to Xan's grabby hands.

"Ze cannot /actually/ be your name." Daven retorts quickly enough. Maybe that was the plan, get her to introduce herself and maybe give a fuller name. Nonetheless a smile is blasted towards Kari. "Isn't that part of your job? Teach me etiquette?" He 100 percent did not say that word correctly. Xan is dressed weird. WHY is Daven so obsessed with her clothing. "Xanifer over there is probably going to First Mate. If she wants it."

"That is not how you say word," says the less fluent echani. "Can you teach him that first?" Xan asks as she takes the bottle from Kari. She smiles, but instead of taking a swig herself, she offers it up to Zerna. "He said he wants me to have new clothes," she confides to the other women. "Do I have to get new clothes if I'm not First Mate?" she asks to Daven with a lift of her chin.

Zerna takes that bottle of bubbly in her hand but pauses. "Same here, Kari..." Looking to Daven, those blue eyes narrow slightly as she watches him a moment. "....it's Zerna...." That's when she takes a drink of that champagne only to walk over and pass it to Daven. "I just usually just go bay Ze...." Looking Xan then she chuckles a bit. "Good luck. I'm quite content with my wardrobe...don't let him bully you into something you don't want."

"E-ti-quette," Kari repeats, enunciating slowly. Her head turns and rests against the back of her lounge chair so she can gaze out over the water. "What's wrong with your clothes?" she wonders, turning her head back again so she can watch Xan. Then Daven with a quiet, questioning look.

"Yes. You'll be wearing new clothes. Even if you're not First Mate." Oh right. Xan is a complainer, and Kari is a questioner. Daven doesn't know what Zerna is. But he takes the bottle and pulls from it long, before handing it off towards where might take it. To move and lay back into a lounge chair himself. "Etiquette..." His head turns to look towards the woman all on the deck with him. A nice vacation. "They're drab. She is striking and quiet and occasionally I'll need someone who looks excessively dangerous at my side. Its a prestige thing." He doesn't mess up the word prestige. "An Echani bodyguard for a Cartel Lieutenant needs to be deadly and evocative. Tight pants, Leather. Probably. Drawn tunic to hide blades in, a cowl neck. Maybe a hood. A cape? Is a cape too much?" Where did your veneer of ruralness and naivete go, Captain Ohtani?

"Nothing," Xan throws up her free hand as if exasperated. "I do not know." She nods to Zerna. "I wouldn't." She doesn't realize the bottle is actually skipping her until after it's already in Daven's hands again. "No moving in leather." She gets up to go take the bottle from Daven and steal a deep gulp (for such a little thing). She forgot her umbrella and the sun shines down to bounce off her bright white skin.

Zerna lets out a yawn as she puts her hands behind her head, that hips popped out as she listens to the conversation around here. Those blue eyes cut over to the side before she finally moves to a lounge chair and then flops down in it.

"It sounds to me like you're more interested in having a caricature, than an actual bodyguard," Kari notes, still watching Daven. Her voice is sun warmed and lazy, though still laced with that indefatigable precision. Once the bottle makes its way back over to her, she takes a long sip and then passes it back off before climbing to her feet. Her coverup is shed with a roll of her shoulders; she looks like she's considering diving into the water.

"Then something else?" Daven isn't /that/ hard pressed for her to wear certain things. "Shes a good bodyguard, I'm sure. But I'd like both form and function." His eyes slit slow, and try to close. But not all the way. Sunglasses might be nice. Kari is watched with a lifted eyebrow. "Take Kari with you. You can spend my money. I'm sure you two can figure something out."

Xan is quiet for a few moments, perhaps mulling over what Daven proposes as her eyes move from watching Zerna to Kari as she takes off her coverup. "Okay." She acquiesces so easily? Oddly enough, Xan shrugs and then takes a running leap off the side of the boat, trying to splash Daven on her way in of course.

Daven's answer seems to placate the courtesan well enough. Unlike Xan, she's a little more hesitant of diving into the water; she steps to the very edge of the boat, toes curling over the side, body held poised while she watches the echani splashing around. Then in she goes with a considerably less showy slip into the water. When she surfaces again, she turns to make sure she's oriented to the position of their boat, hands dragging damp hair out of her eyes.

Zerna raises a brow as they go diving in and just chuckles. Those blue eyes close again as she lets them go off swimming. For now...the orange one will get some sone. Picking up one of those headtails, she drapes it over her eyes then. Boom...naturals sunshades. Letting out a yawn she then...relaxes.

Daven gets splashed. THOROUGHLY. And stands up, reaching for the bottle to drink more before setting down. Zerna gets a look, and a fingertip traced over the length of her headtail sunglass. And his shirt dropped on top of her before he steps to the front of the boat where people are getting into the water at. "That was quite rude, Xanedolyn."

As predicted, Xan's clothing makes for less than optimal swimwear, so after coming up for air, the white-haired woman sheds her tank and treads water harder for a second to toss it up on the deck of the speeder-boat...right at Daven as he steps to the front of the boat...right after he calls her Xanedolyn. Then she dips down under the surface again as if to cool off her skin already. She looks like some kind of way-to-clothed water nymph (if one's ideas of such fantasies are somewhat naive), the blues of the light refracting through the water bouncing off her skin.

Some might find the water overly chilly, but Kari's people are known for their resistance to - and even preference for - cold climes. She cuts past the little river nymph and keeps going, a sliver of blue quickly lost among the cattails and water lilies that cluster within reach of the shore.

Zerna snickers as Daven not only gets splashed but a wet shirt thrown at him. Shaking her head she just moves that tale and looks over to the man only to click her tongue. AT that....she just sits up then only to move in search of champagne.

Daven catches the tank top but it splatters across his face and he blinks it away. "Xan, this is not the way I thought you would take your clothes off for me." The tank top gets tossed away, wetly in a pile on the deck. And he sits upon the edge of the deck, hands akimbo behind him to keep himself hoisted up.

"Hey! Where you going?" Xan asks casually after the blazing pantoran, knowing she probably can't be heard. She chuckles at Daven and flits away with a kick of her legs. "Thanks for catching!...You afraid your cloth will fall off?" Yes she just called his bathing suit a cloth. "Ze! Come swim with me. Kari is racing."

"Swimming!" Kari calls back with a laugh, slipping off closer and closer to the shore until she's able to wade through the waist-deep water. Sun filters through the overhanging willows, dappling her blue skin in blooms of light. A pause to pick something, one of the little pink flowers that grows in thick, swaying clusters.

Zerna takes a long swing of that champagne then tosses it at Daven. Whether he catches it or not..well...that's on him. Moving to the edge of the boat then. A slight shrug is given as she looks to Xan before she turns to step on the edge but just....slips off and manages not to bell flop but does hit the water kind of hard. After a few moments she pops back up, taking a deep breath as she shakes her head. "Oh man this is cool water....." A slight shiver as she shifts and starts to float on her back.

If /everyone/ gets in the water..who will be in command of the vessel? AH! FLYING BOTTLES! Daven snatches it from midair and glowers at the tumbling Togruta. Is it? Its almost empty. (its got a third left, thats almost guys). So Daven drains it and plops it onto the deck with a wince. SO BUBBLY. Fine. Daven slips down into the water smoothly and kicks off from the boat to push Zerna lightly before turning over to float as well.

Xan tries to stifle some laughter at Zerna slipping off the boat. When she sees Zerna is okay, there's a blossom of a smile and she nods. "It is. Move more. You will feel warmer." She glances back to where Kari got off to and watches her as she wades in the deeper waters. And she's getting to the point where she's conserving her energy, no longer flitting about in the water freely.

Kari is busy picking flowers while the others splash around in the water near the boat. Her long braid hangs damply along her back, bits of algae caught in it as she wades along.

Zerna flips backwards to go under to avoid that push from Daven. Resurfacing a few moments later she looks over at Daven and just snorts. Just as Xan suggest, she does indeed start moving around a again. Humming softly she just shakes her head to let some of the water come off of those horns then sighs. "Okay this is nice. It's been a long time since I've been swimming...."

Xan cannot stay in one spot for very long and whatever Kari has been doing /over there/ has pricked the echani's curiosity. She misses whatever is going on between Daven and Zerna as she kicks off towards the pantoran now that she's gotten the other two into the water. Finally able to stand up, instead of approaching Kari, she gets a little lost while looking at all the flowers. Xan's skin is starting to turn a shade redder than it should.

"Its been....A decade. At least." Daven responds to Zerna's musings. "Since before we moved out of the countryside." Daven's toes wriggle in the sunlight and he is drifting away from the boat slowly. "Why didn't we do this before, guys? Guys?" There is no one around, and he reverts to wading to look for them.

Kari has a collection of pale pink blossoms going in one hand, and wades around in thigh-high water with a soft splashing as she moves. Xan's approach draws a glance over her shoulder. "You're starting to look like a lobster. You should come over here, where it's shadier."

Zerna smiles to herself before she just starts to swim back over to the boat. Reaching up, she'd easily pulls herself up out of the water and back onto the boat. Standing there she shakes her head to get at least some water off of those tails before turning her back to the group and heading back to that lounge. Untying her top, she lets out a yawn before pulling the white triangle bra off then holding it to her side before laying down on her stomach and head turned to the side as she lets the sun hit her. Tan lines up top? Not happening.

Poor Kari and Xan. Daven makes his way back onto the boat again, managing to hang out his piece'o'cloth and pads over to towels to dry off before heading downstairs again. Theres some sort of sunscreen down there. And more booze. Whyren's Reserve. The good whiskey. With glasses this time. He'll come up and notice Zerna. "Ladies! The Whiskey is here!"

"Hmm?" Xan's eyes lift from the flowers over to Kari. She lifts her forearm to examine it and presses her skin with her opposite hand. "Oh." Then she looks back out at Daven and the retreating Zerna before she takes refuge in the shade with Kari. The chill of the water is still on her skin, sending goosebumps all along her flesh as the light breeze hits her upper body. "It's colder," she observes, but doesn't leave. Still, she looks back at the sunny patch she left. "The flowers are pretty." Wordsmith, she is not. She looks back towards the boat when Daven rings his proverbial dinner bell with his announcement.

Kari sloshes around some more, examining the fauna, running her hands along the trunks of trees that leeeeean into the water with leaves brushing the surface. There's a long glance back at Xan for her comment about the flowers. The biggest, prettiest one is selected, and wordlessly tucked into the echani's hair. Then, "Come on. Sounds like he's got more booze." She slips past the other woman, and hops back into the water smoothly, taking back off toward the boat with a decently strong breaststroke.

Zerna turns her head to look over at Daven as she lets her bikini top just rest on the floor next to her. Holding out her hand, she makes grabby hands. "Well if you're pouring...." Smirking she just waits as she only slightly props so as not to expose herself. "...I won't say no...." A shrug then as she looks behind her as she hears water splashing. Seems the others were back on their way.

Back in the shade, at a table is where the whiskey, towels, ointment for skin protection(SILLY ECHANI GIRL), and glasses. Daven pours four shot glasses and crooks a finger towards Zerna. But of course she isn't coming, so he will bring her her first drink. This time.

Xan looks back to Kari in time for the pantoran to manage slipping that floral adornment into her hair. She reaches up to delicately feel the tips of the petals and nods. She follows after Kari at a much slower pace, trying to keep her head above water to protect her bestowed flower, chin lifted like a puppy trying to paddle its way to safety. "You had glasses all this time?" She asks as she drip-drip-drips all over the deck. She pads over to grab a towel, leaving puddles in her wake. First, she'll squeeze out her hair, then extract the flower to put it on the table safely so she can ruffle her hair into some semblance of not-sopping-wetness.

Kari hauls herself up onto the boat as well, wet footprints left in her wake as she crosses the deck with her soggy little treasures. Strange girl. She sliiiides into a spare lounge chair, leaning slantwise with her hand outstretched for a shot glass. "How long are we here for?" she wants to know. Always with the questions. Questions upon questions. Her hat was left behind elsewhere on the boat, but she doesn't seem too bothered by the sun warming her damp skin.

"They were downstairs and awww. Look at you. You look like a princess. Princess Xannifer." Daven bows deeply towards the Echani flower girl, then moves to deliver glasses for Kari, then Xan. Then he plops down beside Kari's chair and lolls his head back onto its cushion. "I mean. However long we want. You got people to visit or something?"

Zerna seems to fidget on her lounge see, taking that glass of whiskey. Those blue eyes narrow slightly at Daven but say nothing and simply sips at her drink. She continues to let there on her stomach to try and dry off naturally in the sun. "I mean I don't have anywhere to be but....." A shrug is given. "I do need to go find some work and make some money.....at some point. And find a real place to live..." A beat. "....and get some new clothes."

Xan shoots Daven a razor sharp look at his little pet name for her, towel hanging over the back of her neck. She reaches to pluck the flower up and carefully places it back in her hair. Then she downs the shot, smacking the glass back down before she moves off to one of the chairs to splat on her belly, laying her head to the side so the flower won't get squished. /Then/ she lifts her seemingly non-dominant hand to flip Daven off.

Kari shakes her head no. She doesn't have anyone to 'visit'. That, or she isn't willing to talk about it. Her legs are folded and tucked in close, heels to bottom while she tosses back her shot and leaves her head lolled back against the lounge chair's back. A long, indulgent swallow as the stuff burns its way down her throat and the sun soaks into her skin. Perfection. "What sort of work are you looking for?" she enquires of Zerna, gold eyes opening a sliver to watch her over Xan's splatted little frame.

Xan is /so/ damn red. Goodness. And then shes just laying out there. Daven eyes her closely. Then stands back up again to start the refilling of glasses. Kari, since she is close, Zerna since...she didn't slam it down, did she. Then Xan's glass is brought to her, refilled. "Here. Also, HERE. Put this on you." Ointment. For not crisping up like a pig in a smoker. "I told her the Cartel would let her come on the next show of force. Per say. Carry a blaster, stand behind me. Look pretty and scary."

Zerna looks to her drink then just downs it as she sets the empty glass down now. Now those blue eyes look over to Kari, smiling slightly. "Just some work at a club or something...dancing or bartending...." Taking a deep breath she glances to Daven then sighs a bit. "I don't think I can just....stand there with a gun and try to look intimidating. And how do you look pretty /and/ scary?"

"I was going to use you as shield," Xan complains at the news that Zerna would get to stand behind Daven. "I can't put that on. I can't reach parts that matter. Where is my umbrella?" She snaps her fingers in the air but doesn't really give her arm any support and lets it deflate back onto the chair. Then she realizes there is more whiskey, so she pushes up to grab and down that. She reaches out for the ointment and squirts a bit on each thigh. Then she starts working it in with a sigh. She has way more patience for unloading precious cargo than this mundane use of her hands.

Kari watches Xan reluctantly start applying the ointment, and seems to be mulling something over silently. After a good minute, she holds her hand out for the tube, and indicates with her chin that Xan should lie back down. "Here. Let me help." To Zerna, she simply smiles and says nothing of that rather inelegant dismount from the edge of the boat that she happened to spot. Nope. She's way too polite for that.

"You're not very quick with your hands, are you?" Daven plops down beside Zerna, after scooping some of the ointment from Xan's hands, and begins to work it over his shoulders. Cuz thats where the burn'll'be. "Be Kari. And Be Xan. Be both at once." Does he need to specify which lady is which adjective? "Wait. I /still/ haven't seen you dance."

Zerna glances over at him as he sits down next to her. "What do you mean? Quick with my hands?" A raise of her brow as she then sits up slightly. "No offense to those lovely women but I will be myself thank you very much..." Laying back down, she closes her eyes as she chuckles a bit. "....and at this rate you won't if you keep it up....or if I don't find a job."

Xan's application is sloppy and obviously unmotivated. When Kari holds out her hand, Xan forks it over, which is about the same time Daven swipes the rest of the ointment from her other hand. She shrugs and lies down quietly as instructed. "None taken. You do you," Xan calls out, eyes lazily lidded to protect against the light. Kari has lotion. Xan will do whatever she says.

Daven archs an eyebrow Zerna's way. "I'm being quite nice to you, I thought." His head shakes at her quickly. And he sips now at his own glass of whiskey. And also, to watch woman apply lotion to woman. Because where else would a man's eyes be?

Kari isn't entirely listening to the conversation going on between Daven and Zerna, so it's probably safe to say no offense was likely taken. Ointment is squirted out onto her hand, and she warms it briefly between her palms before leaning in to rub it into Xan's white, white skin. The reddening patches are treated especially carefully, and for the edification of the other two, there's nothing obscene about where her hands end up. "I brought along some aloe, it'll help with those burns," she notes softly.

Zerna smirks over at Daven then nudges him with a knee. "You are....quite nice. But you like to poke at me too...." Giving a wink at the man she then rolls over onto her back and lets those headtails fall perfectly and strategically over her bosom. "I'll stop being mean to you..." Chuckling she just shakes her head. "But seriously I need to make some money...."

Xan tries to keep an impassive expression while Kari helps her out, even over the redder spots, but a slight pressure at her lips gives away her discomfort, something she tries to hide further by rolling over onto her stomach. "Hardest to reach," she explains for no reason. "Thank you," she says softly. "Let her make money Daven," she projects a bit louder.

Daven doesn't miss /that/. Women moving and such, and his hand almost lifts to push aside head-tails. It does lift, but settles again upon his glass. Such willpower! Teeth over lips and he finds who is vouching THAT opinion. "You swear like I am in control of her life, Xan. I'm just trying to help."

Poor Daven. Topless women, headtails and ointment being applied. It's like a smorgasbord for the eyes. Except Kari's really not turning her part into anything lewd. Mind you, she knows how to give a good massage. "Next time, more clothes," she admonishes gently, finishing up with a light trail of fingers along the echani's spine. Then a rustle of movement as she stands, and wanders off in search of more booze.

Zerna exhales a bit as she just keeps her eyes closed. "And I appreciate the help. I will probably even humor you and help you on this little...venture." A shrug then as she waves a hand lazily. "Maybe I'll wear one of my costumes to the mission or whatever....that way I can be pretty..." Letting out a yawn she then shrugs a bit then stretches her arms up. "....but I think I'm going to get down below or something soon.....I'm starting to feel hot...."

Anything lewd would keep Xan awake. This? Well it's quite relaxing, at least until that last little touch which causes the echani eyes to flutter open and trail after the pantoran. Normally this is where Xan protests about clothes and swimming and agility or something like that in much simpler terms, but the touch seems to just shut her up. She rests her head back down as she watches the others, Zerna stretching her arms. A yawn, then she mutters, "This is nice," as her eyelids slip shut.