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StarKiller Briefing

OOC Date: January 10, 2018
Location: Starkiller Base
Participants: Han Solo, Sar Yavok, Gren Delede, Ambrosia Greystorm, Karas Darkwing, Maeve Zavir, David Ironside, Rake, Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, Hazar Jast, Triz Dermout, Naelyn as Poe Dameron, The_Resistance

The briefings were done, the mission was clear, the goal was... well, victory.

The Millennium Falcon (recently repaired by Chewbacca, mostly) roared through hyperspace toward the Unknown Regions of the galaxy.

"How are we going to get in?" The new kid asked.

Han looked back at him. "Their shields have a fractional refresh rate. It keeps anything traveling slower than lightspeed from getting through."

"We're making our approach, at lightspeed?!" Uncertainty thick in the former Trooper's voice.

Han's eyes looked forward again, trying to mask the uncertainty he himself had. Sure it was crazy, but its not like Han hasn't done crazy before. "Alright. Chewie, get ready." Han's hand extended outward to the hyperdrive levers. Chewbacca prepared his power shunting for thrusters manuevering. "And.... NOW!"

The Resistance Soldiers in the back of the Millennium Falcon are suddenly thrust about by the abrupt exit from hyperspace.

The Falcon's engines roar loudly and the bulkheads throughout the old YT-freighter start to shake violently!

All of this continues for an uncomfortable stretch of time until finally the freighter smashes into the ground and slides uncontrolled... until... it stops. Its artificial gravity being one of the few things that manges to keep everyone onboard mostly safe.

A moment later, the ship settles at an awkward angle and Han, Chweie and Finn arrive from the cockpit.

"Lets go." Han says to the Resistance soldiers, Chewie handing him a heavy winter coat which he begrudgingly accepts it on his way toward the cargo hatch exit of the ship (not the usual exit, it was blocked currently by the Falcon laying on its belly in the snow... next to a cliff)

"Do you always land with so much flair?" Finn grumbles as he rubs at the back of his head as, dazed, he stumbles off the Falcon. "I see why you have such a high turnover rate." The former trooper isn't decked out in winter gear, but he's got some extra layers on underneath Poe's jacket. It looks better on him, regardless. He remembers this - he knows where to go, even if he was only... Well, we'll get to that. "You can do this." He reminds himself, softly, with a nervous nod to the passing groundpounders.

Sar Yavok is used to being thrown around due to shoddy piloting (he flies with Gren all the time, after all), so he just grabs something to hang onto until the fun is over. Once everything is settled, Sar, decked out in his father's Hoth gear, stands and heads toward the exit. Crawling out of it, he drops down into the snow, taking a moment to adjust the coolant cell resting on his back. "It's clear," he calls back into the open port, before pulling his scarf up over his mouth.

When our crews done blowing up that fan, we all scramble back to the FaaaAH! Shitshitshitshitshit. Its no news that Colonel Greystorm hates flight. Or turbulence. So this sudden lurch and skidding about uncontrollably? By the time the Falcon rocks to a halt, shes gone about as white as her parka. Off to a great start.

"Team Snowball," Ambrosia ignored a suspiciously humored snort emitted from a trooper to her left and leaned forward to extend an arm with her datapad so that all (most) may see the diagram one more time. "This is the ideal insertion point. Capt Solo and his gang are going that way, and we go /this/ way." Her finger scrolled over to tap and enlarge their proposed insertion point for better viewing. "Hope youre all warm enough. Plan is to dig ourselves a couple little nesting sites here and here, round the backside of this outlying...barracks? Near the main structure. Find a suitable rock or snowdrift or whatever and get cozy. Either side of their probable game trail, if you will. Then Yavoks gonna fry /that/" she tapped the tiny comm tower visible, "over there, behind the outbuilding. They send a squad to investigate, we catch them in our crossfire. They send more. Once the numbers get a little overwhelming, we detonate the mine Im burying....here. On my mark." That same finger moved to indicate the no mans land between their trenches. "Thin the herd." "Everyone copy?" A stern eye went up and around to seek confirmation.

"When our crews done blowing up that fan, we all scramble back to the FaaaAH!" Shitshitshitshitshit. Its no news that Colonel Greystorm hates flight. Or turbulence. So this sudden lurch and skidding about uncontrollably? By the time the Falcon rocks to a halt, shes gone about as white as her parka. Off to a great start. "...Swell!" she finally swallows her stomach contents far enough down to reply to Sar's holler, after wresting her helmet back into place and adjusting the comm. Finn gets a suspicious glower from the woman. There's a lot of grumbling, but she gets herself up on her feet and out. *Ploof* into the snow.

Rake had slept most of the flight. He had two rules, sleep whenever you can and eat whenever you can, as one never knew when the next opportunity would arise. Of course, he wasn't asleep now that the ship had landed. "What the hell?" the Shistavanen grumbles as he's nearly thrown from his seat. Even covered in fur, the scout was thankful for the heavy armor he was wearing to offer a bit extra warmth. "Copy," Rake replies to Amber as she gives a brief on what they're doing. Then, he's hopping out of the ship. "I sure hope we can get off this damned rock after this is all over." And, then the Shist is hunching low to start trudging through the snow, on all fours if he has to.

Dressed in a civilian manufacturer's idea of what winter-wear for a soldier might look like, Dr. Zavir emerges from the Falcon with the rest once the all-clear is given. Her hands are covered in thermal gloves, a scarf snugged round her neck, goggles as well against the cold and the glare. The stompy boots makes crunching noises as she steps down into the snow and takes up a position to the side of Sar, watching as the rest of the team disembarks. "Thank you for flying Air Snowball, your comment cards will be collected later," she murmurs with a wry quirk of a smile.

When Colonel Greystorm gives the troops a quick refresher on what their mission is to be Hazar Jast nods his head, paying close attention to the older woman's words so that he doesn't miss anything. His head moves up and down slightly as he focuses his eyes on the datapad, getting himself psyched for the upcoming action. Then, as the briefing abruptly stops due to the sudden movement of the ship, Hazar finds himself bouncing into the troopers on either side of himself.

After nearly getting his bell rung when the old ship lurches around him, Hazar Jast manages to fight his way to his feet despite the heavy winter gear he's wearing and replies to the colonel, "Roger, ma'am!" He gives his rifle a quick glance to make sure it's going to perform for him and braces himself for the cold that awaits. As Captain Yavok lets the people inside the Falcon know that it's good to go outside Private Jast hustles to join the older fellow, giving the underdressed Finn a nod in return.

As soon as he hits the snow Hazar shudders and lets out a "Brrr!" noise even as he's scanning his field of fire and moving to take his position amongst the other ground pounders. Once he's where he knows he needs to be he prepares to move out, tapping the side of his helmet to make sure that everything inside of it is working to his satisfaction.

Han glared at Finn's response to his landing. "You try to pull off what Chewie'n I just pulled off. We'll get the shovels ready to scrape you off the ground with." The side hatch to the Falcon was opened and everyone would have to exit via a jump down into the snowbank formed around the ship where it laid on its belly. Once down there, Han would draw his blaster from his holster... he'd motion toward the horizon. "Thats... a disturbing way to tell us where to go." He grumbled. Off in the distance, there was a beam of bright starstream being pulled out of the System's sun and straight down into Starkiller base. Han would motion to Ambrosia. "We'll comm you when we're in position. When we drop the shield, thats when you start your distraction." Han looked to Finn then. "Lead on, Big Deal." He told the kid.

Its at this point that Han's group is headed to Point A> The shield generator and Ambrosia's group is heading to Point B> The distraction zone which lies just north of the huge trench heading into the Thermal Oscillator complex.

"I would... Never try that." No one should. Ever. Finn huffs after Han, giving Chewie a wide-berth and a respectful nod should the Wookiee think he's insulting him, too. But then there is no escaping it - they're going, they're doing this; for better or for worse. "Right. This way." He sets his resolve - the Resistance have a mission, and so does he. Fire and glory be damned, he's here for Rey. Leading Han and Chewie through the snow, Finn does his best not to sound out of breath as he pants out instructions. "The flooding tunnels over that ridge. We'll get in that way."

"That's the hope," Ambrosia mutters aside to Rake and gives Han a firm nod. Off they go. When they come to a halt, she unzips her parka halfway and lets a little air waft in to those cozy pits. Hotflash. She surveys the lay of the land alongside Sar and offers the man a confirming chin bob. "Yeah." His canon gets a dubious look. "Sure hope that thing don't look as big and cumbersome from their sentry's position as it does from right here. If you get us sighted with that thing, I'm kicking your ass. But, if you manage to blend in...." her head wags aside. Then it could be a different sort of evening for Mr Yavok. For all of them, really. "So. Shall we? Little closer, then we wait for Han's call."

Highly pleased with the comfortable nature of the snow boots with serious tread that lace all the way up her calves, Dr. Zavir crunches along through the snow in the wake of the professionals. She, by all counts, Is a professional, but 'professional surgeon' and 'professional soldier' are two very.. very very different categories. Same first letter designations but aside from that? nothing else in common. She keeps pace though, weighed down with her pack and medical gear and thermal layers to keep from freezing.

"About 12 degrees that way," Rake says to Sar, nodding a bit to the left of where Sar was pointing. Rake looks over at the cannon Sar was carrying. "Compensatin' for somethin'," he asks with a chuffing laugh. "Where ya want me Colonel?" he asks of Amber. "Takin' rear, scoutin' ahead, or stayin with the pack?"

"Gotcha, sir!" Hazar calls back to Captain Yavok, trying to adjust as quickly as he can to the frigid temperatures and snow surrounding his legs. His eyes stay peeled for trouble as he moves, head swiveling from side to side so he can scan everything in his sector. "Keep moving, don't sweat," he whispers to himself under his breath, forcing his legs to slog forward. Glancing around he double checks to make sure he's in the right spot in relation to everyone else and that the civilian doctor they're bringing is keeping up. Once he's sure he's doing the right thing he spares a glance towards the higher ups as they discuss which way to go, but he doesn't let his gaze linger more than a moment before he's back to looking out for trouble.

"Sanitation..." Han scoffed again after they moved away from their breaking point, encroaching upon the base ahead. "We're here to deactivate the shield, not clean it!" The aging Rebel had a hard time dealing with this news that Finn had just relayed to him moments ago, but their job was clear, they needed to get inside and get that shield down.

Once they were inside, Han pulled his comm-link from his jacket and keyed it on. "Green Team, we're almost in place. Stand-by." He told Ambrosia's team.

The blastdoor to the base's interior foyer opened up. A Stormtrooper spotted the three of them... "Hey!" and then was blasted square in his chest by Chewbacca's bowcaster, knocking him head over heels backward and toasted from the outside in!

"The longer we're here, the less luck we're gonna have...The shields?!" Han said to Finn, annoyance thick on his voice. While he may have been dismayed to find out how the Force /doesn't/ work, Finn's resolve is no less firm. "I have an idea about that." He growls, almost gleefully, at Han's demand. "I know just the person to ask." Is that a smirk? It may be. The clatter of over-shined, fancy-ass armor is his former Captain's trademark, and with a quick plan whispered between his cohorts, it becomes apparent that the armor's practical use isn't going to measure up to its splendor. "Remember me?"

"Yeah; your aim. This thing fires more than enough bolts to make up for it," Sar answers Rake with a wink. To Amber, "This'll be the thing that keeps us alive, Colonel." He pats the cannon, and continues trekking toward the comm tower. "Keep steppin'," are his words of encouragement to the rest of the team.

Moving through the snow a few feet away from Hazar, the doctor casts a sidelong glance as she crunches in the foot steps of those leading the way. "Medically speaking, you're actually in danger once you stop sweating. It's a sign of dehydration and you can go into shock," she shares in a quiet remark. "You just need some of those fingerless gloves, I've seen some in this catalog, I even bought a few pairs and I know I have a spare pair of those if you'd like," she offers.

"Go on ahead," Amber gestures with her rifle to Rake and his sniffer. Even if his race ages a little faster than hers, his nose and ears are still far superior in this landscape. Sar gets a wry look, but Maeve a far more appreciative one as she keeps Hazar's chilly thoughts occupied. Along they tromp through snow and shivers, becoming little dots on a wintery plain until they reach their planned ambush point.

Now the work begins.

"Sar, will you and your cannon kindly rig that comms tower with /this/?" Ambrosia hands over a nasty little device. If successful, it won't topple the tower - because we are squishable - but will muck up all electrical synapses firing away in there, rendering the tower useless and thusly worthy of a looksee from the residents. "Rest of you, let's dig in. Hazar, you and Sar set up shop over there," she points to a small - very small - outcropping of rock that'll just have to do. "Dig like your life depends on it, cuz it does. Rake? Help me get started on our fort here." And then she dumps her pack and muscles some little explosive out of it to slink it on into position in space between designated trench points. She paws and hacks at the frozen ground just enough to lightly bury the remote detonator.

Keep steppin'? Yep, Hazar can handle steppin'. The young man continues on with the rest of the group, rifle held at the low ready in case trouble pops up suddenly. As the surgeon speaks to him Hazar turns to look at her for a moment, giving her a little smile, "I'll try to only sweat a little bit, then." And at the mention of gloves he lights up, "That'd be great, ma'am, but I think I'll be okay for now. Don't want to add anything to my kit until I've trained with it." There's appreciation and sincerity in his voice but he can't look away from his surroundings for too long, lest something sneak up on the group. When Greystorm gives him orders Hazar jumps to it, "Roger, ma'am!" Immediately he starts moving to the rocks she indicated so that he can start preparing a fighting position. The young grunt hustles, knowing they have only a limited amount of time before things start to get ugly.

Rake looks back towards the Gucci-survival catalog doctor and just shakes his head. It simply wasn't worth arguing over, at least not here and now. Nope, he just keeps his toothy maw shut for the moment and awaits orders as he trudges with the group.

When Amber gives the nod to him, the Warrant Officer nods and moves ahead. Hunkering down, Rake almost disappears into the snow as he moves ahead on all fours, his rifle slung across his back for now. Then, the boss is asking him for something else, so he turns around and makes it back within a few moments. "Whatever you want, Colonel," he tells Amber.

Calmly adjusting the heat setting of the liner for her winter coat, the surgeon manages to conceal the smile that keeps threatening to escape at the terribly earnest tone of voice in which Hazar speaks. "Logical," she agrees in a murmur of her own when their group comes to a halt of sorts. Maeve keeps an eye on the professionals before she shrugs out of the pack she's carrying and retrieves something called an 'entrenchment tool' that came from yet another catalog. "Looks like a shovel, why do these things have complicated names?" she wonders

With Captain Phasma, in her silvery armor pilfered from a Naboo ship and reforged into an unmistakeable set of Stormtrooper protective gear, now in the custody of Han, Chewbacca and Finn...

Things were getting a little nasty in the control and maintenance room within the shield section. But there wasn't a lot of time to argue, they had to play rough and meant to get what they wanted.

And it worked.

"Shove her in then!" Han said to Finn and Chewbacca. Captain Phasma was spitting out threats and insults from inside her helmet, but it would do her little good. Han stepped aside and pulled his commlink up. "Shields are down, Green Team. Starfighters are likely almost here." And it was true. Black Leader was soaring through the stars and descending quickly upon the planet... which was still absorbing the dying Star's sunlight causing the entire System to grow darker by the second. "Start your distraction. Light up everything you got!" Han barked into the communicator.

And he soars through air with the swiftest of ease, the Black Leader in his trademark Black One leading that squadron in. Helmet is on so no hair can be tossed as he focuses on his view screens, and adjusts his grip on the controls. Determination and a Twinkle in his eye.

Triz grins as the word comes the shields are down. She sweeps her squadron down into atmo <<"Blue 1, this is Red 1, we will go right side and come in at them from that direction. Got that Red Squadron?">> She is already sweeping her S-Foils into attack position "Tin, get the shields set up and then full power to the lasers." Her droid beeps and goes to work as Triz tightens up her belts just a bit snugger. Triz takes a quick look and spots one of the TIEs that must be on patrol and quickly lines it up. Four lasers flash out and strike it leaving a dark smudge in the crystal air.

<<Blue Leader. Everyone check in.>> Major Delede's snug in the cockpit of his new-fangled X-wing, and seems quite content to be there. Blue Squadron is in a diamond formation as they flicker out of hyperspace, and burn toward Starkiller. <<Sounds good, Red 1. Keep your eyes open. Snowball might need cover, too.>> Blue Flight follows him in, and they maintain a direct course toward the target, trusting Red to sweep in.

A surprised TIE patrol wanders into his crosshairs, and Gren pulls the trigger. Scratch one. He corkscrews around the dead eyeball's wingman's return fire. <<Clean 'em up, Two.>>

"Yep," is Sar's response to Amber as he takes the device. He pops the end of the detonator into his mouth and walks up to the comm tower. Prying a panel loose, Sar reaches in with his free hand amounts the explosive, tapping a few buttons to make sure it's primed and ready. He pops the detonator out of his mouth and looks over at Maeve, saying, "Stick with me, alright? Like I said. I'm liable to get shot the most, anyway." He flashes her a wink and moves to help Hazar get dug in. A few minutes later and it's done. Sar is seated half-way on the rock, blue eyes taking in the beauty that's present all around this...super weapon. He chews slowly on a cigarillo, not dumb enough to light it in the soon-to-be warzone. Then the call comes. "Fire in the hole!" Sar shouts, lifting the detonator and pressing down hard on it.

It's not a big explosion, as Amber said; just enough to tear apart the insides of the thing and send the First Order scrambling. Sar slides back down the rock and into position. "Remember to just do your job, Private. I'm not paying you to be a crusader." He holds the cannon tightly against himself. So it begins.

Karas is right on Triz's wing, bot of Red Sqaudron back at it again. The flight here was intense, but still now that they are here, his T-70 X-Wing S-Foils are closed, he doesn't open them when the others open theres, keeping his silhouette hidden behind Triz. Once she fires, he rolls right, his S-Foils open into attack position and he lines up one of the F/O Ties and fires, letting loose a barrage of laser fire scrapping the Tie in mid-roll. <<Red 2 here, covering your wing as normal Red-1.>> he chuckles as he leans back in his seat. "Blitz keep me appraised of any fighters trying to get a lock on us." he calls to his R2 droid.

HE'S IN CHARGE. HE'S IN CHARGE NOW. Finn's adrenaline has spiked, to say the least, and as the aerial attack begins he runs a finger over the lining of his jacket. Go get 'em, buddy. Determined to find Rey and emboldened by the success they've found, Finn leads them out into the hallway, now on high alert, as he rattles off his elaborate, possibly foolhardy, plan in a strained whisper. But Solo must have some sort of tick, whatever it is - it's driving him crazy. This is serious. "Why are you doing that, huh? Why are you doing this?" Exasperated, Finn repeats the captain's nodding motion. "Huh?"

"Lights out, you damn star suck," Ambrosia eyes that pillar of garishly bright energy drawing from the sky into the ground.

<<Copy that, Solo. We'll make a fuss, all right.>> To the green team, she lifts a finger high into the air. /That/ finger. Directed towards the base. When it's Yavok's time to shine - and shine he does - she trots herself back to Rake and their makeshift hide. Her pearly whites flash at the Shist as she settles into position with her rifle and waits. "If one of us dies today, I'm glad I've got a fur rug to keep me warm." Then, in case he didn't get the racist joke, she adds "You're the rug," before barking an order at all greenies in this green team, over comms. <<Don't forget to shift your weight now and again so your joints don't freeze and get ya killed when you need speed the most, kids.>> It's just as much a reminder for her less than youthful bones.

The S-foils of his craft spread into attack position. David glances back at R2 through the rear window of the cockpit. <<This is Blue 2 reporting in. On your wing Blue Leader.>> He pulls up the X-Wing just behind and to the left of the fighter designated Blue Leader. He squeezes the trigger on his control stick lightly, sending off two bolts in the direction of the hexagonal oscillator.

Eyeing the enthusiasm with which Hazar is clearing snow while Sar jogs away and back, Mae casually folds the e-tool back up and stows it in her pack again, shouldering it with a small grunt of sound. "I'll ... just stay out of the way for the moment," she voices this decision and takes up a position once the snow is cleared enough to do so. She keeps her hands tucked in her pockets, a solemn expression on her face, what can be seen that is, and she aims a nod at Sar once he's returned. "Will do, just try to go out of your way to not get shot to pieces, all of you."

Rake readies his rifle and looks to Amber. "And, here I thought we were friends," he says with a toothy grin. "Too bad you've got too many damned wrinkles to make good leather, I need a scabbard for my knife," he retorts.

"Yes sir! Mission first!" Private Jast calls back to Sar as he takes his position, looking over his rifle at his sector. At Ambrosia's suggestion he keeps himself moving ever so slightly, bending his joints while moving only the slightest bit. A look is given to Maeve and Hazar says, "I've been shot enough for one lifetime, ma'am, I don't intend to ever get hit again." And then he's all business, head on a swivel. He focuses on his breathing while keeping his eyes peeled too, making sure that he's neither holding his breath nor hyperventilating, just a steady in and out.

The skies above the massive Starkiller Base are swarmed with squadrons of TIE Fighters. Their engines scream across the horizon and mix in with the roaring of X-Wings and the ominous thrumming sound of the heart of the system's star being pulled into the weapon's power core.

Green laser fire mixes with red and the sun grows dimmer and dimmer.

The Oscillator is the key target. The X-Wings are directed to damage it specifically, using their lasers and missiles... everything they've got. But the armor on the machine is intensely strong and doubt is starting to set in amongst the pilots in the air...Turbolaser emplacements on the ground charge up asn Stormtroopers pour out of the base. The turbolasers are aiming upward toward the X-Wings and if left unchecked they'd start picking off the Resistance craft!

They have their mission, they have their target and Black Leader's maneuvering his craft around, over, under and barrel rolling through enemy fire, pulling the trigger where apropo as he barks orders and reassurance over his coms. "...hit the target hard, give it everything you got!" Is the tail end of his latest spiel of golden boy encouragement drizzled with fly boy squadron leader bravado.

Triz takes Red 1 into the heart of the furball trying to line up a TIE. But with so many flying about she is hit in the rear shields before one gets lined up. <<Red 2, want to get that one off my ass?>> She coms as she flips her craft on a wing and pulls up, attempting to shake the TIE that has latched onto her loose.

"Kriff! The turbolazers!" Sar shouts as the big guns start spitting fire into the air. "Hazar! Keep firing!" he shouts to the private, before looking at Maeve with the 'I'm sorry, but I've got to do something really stupid look'. He reaches down and grabs her hand, giving it a squeeze before he scrambles out of the fox-hole, ducking incoming fire from the Stormtroopers. He's rushing toward Amber and Rake.

"Chief, heads up!" he shouts to the dog-man, unslinging the coolant tank from his back and dropping into their trench. He shoves the tank and rifle towards Rake and grabs Amber's bag o' explosives, He takes a second to catch his breath before draping the bag over himself and hoisting himself up on the side of the trench, eaning forward, and rolling himself out.

Once he's out, he stands, ready to rush headlong into Stormtroopers to take those turrets out. He breaks into a sprint.

Gren's slews his X-wing hard to port, avoiding a burst of green laser fire directed toward his aft section by a pursuing flight of TIE fighters. His nose drops over the oscillator, and he pulls the trigger. A pair of glowing torpedos arc out of their launchers, and drop toward the heavily armoured target. There's a large explosion...but J8(Janky) hoots in the negative. <<Negative damage. The bloody armour...>> His voice trails off, and he yanks the X-wing aroundm, passing close to Black Leader, and spitting a quad burst of laser fire at a TIE trying for an angle on Poe's starfighter.

A big ball of turbolaser fire burns up from the turbolaser emplacements, and turns Blue Five into a big ball of burning debris. <<We've lost B Five.>> Gren rolls his fighter, and looks at the snowy terrain below, trying to spot Snowball in the mess below. Do they need help?

The scene set, turbo lasers are firing into the air from the ground, Tie's screaming all around them, but Red-2 and the others of Red Squadron are doing their best to do their jobs, some have gone to double up and cover one another. Karas rolls and banks as he is narrowly missed by Turbo laser fire. <<Red-6 you and Red-5 get that turbo laser!>> he calls to the pair.

As Triz try to maneuver for a shot, he sees the Tie that slipped in behind her and hit her. Shit, <<Just like always, huh Triz!>> Karas laughs as he closes the S-Foils on his X-Wing and does a hard bank to his left, which puts him right behind Triz and her bandit. "Get off her ass!" he calls as he lines up his shot and red darts of lasery death punctures through the Tie sending it spiraling into the ground. <<You gotta keep up lead.>> Karas's X-Wing flies up along her side. He looks off in the distance as the skies are darkening, <<We should make our run next Red Lead.>>

Approaching the oscillator, on the wing of Blue Leader still, David flips open the cap concealing the proton torpedo launch button. Pressing it down when the viewfinder in his orange visor lines up exactly with one of the trenches in it, he watches the purple afterburner of the torpedo head straight for the oscillator. When it strikes, David cheers to himself, then activates his comm. <<Direct hit!>> A voice unknown to David (he's relatively new still) replies, <<But no damage..>> David closes his eyes in frustration. But just for a moment, because he's still flying an aircraft and that's really dangerous. He pulls on the stick, steering the fighter away from the surface. Reporting his next move to his squadron, he says <<Going around for another run.>>

Rake looks and sets his rifle down, picking up the tank for the repeating cannon. "I've been wanting to play with this damned thing." Looking to Amber, "Balls or Brave?" he asks with a shrug before he's clicking the weapon over to automatic fire and poking his furry head over the cover he shared with the Colonel. "Save your ammo, take aimed shots center mass," Rake says. Of course, he's not doing anything remotely like that, but the suppressive fire offered by that damned heavy repeater. It's hard to hear over the repeating blaster fire, but if one had keen ears, they'd definitely hear laughter.

"Hell," Ambrosia grunts, eyeing those turbolasers even as Sar's running pell mell into their trench and stealing her stash. "I can make do with balls. YOU BETTER MAKE'EM COUNT!" she calls after Sar, still grinning a bit like an idiot in the wake of Rake's scalding jab. <<Incoming,>> she notes into comms about the line of troopers swarming out into the awaiting trap.

<<Kill'em all>> And on that note, she swivels about twenty degrees and joins Rake in lighting up the bucketheads. Cept she's just pegging them one at a time, trying to cover Sar's glorious ass. To Blue Leader, she adds <<We're not dead yet. Yavok's on his way to take care of your laser problem. Wait till he's out of the fray, then a little peppering of this catwalk might not be a bad idea!>>

With her head tipped back and the polarization of the goggle lenses subtly lightening as the sky is equally - and not so subtly - darkening, Maeve gives a visible shudder as the skies are swarmed with those fighters that look like X's and O's, all of which look and sound like bugs. "It's .. like having reserve seating for the end of the world as we know it," she mutters and gives another shudder before she jumps, startled, at the sound of Sar shouting. The look on his face has the doctor drawing a shallow breath, the words catching as he scrambles out and away. The surgeon's face goes pale but she doesn't do more than hunker down even more, "Well, Jast, looks like you're my combat buddy now. Don't worry, if you get wounded, you're on my list to heal first."

<<Yea yea, Red 2>> Triz says over the coms, sarcasim thick. She flips her X-Wing back to the left, dives and lines up another TIE right off the bat. How could she not they are thicker than fleas on a banta's butt. A quick flick of her trigger finger, four bolts flash from Red 1 and meet in the center of the TIE errupting it in a fireball that crashes down into the snow covered woods below.

"Will do, sir!" Hazar yells to Sar, doing as the man instructs and taking a Stormtrooper in his sights. Still controlling his breathing carefully the young soldier slowly exhales, holding his breath as he fires just as he'd been trained to do when precision shooting. When Hazar pulls the trigger the Stormtrooper drops as a blaster bolt burns a hole through the center of his chest. Calling back to the doctor, "I appreciate it, ma'am. Stick with me and I'll keep you safe. I might be new at this but I'm pretty good at my job."

Sar Yavok is nearly thrown into the snow as the aforementioned Blue Five corkscrews into the ground beside him. He stumbles to his knees, but it's only a moment before he's back up and running. Thank the Force for all of that PT, but he really needs to stop smoking. An incoming bolt frays his coat, but he still runs. He's got friend(s) in those skies.

He slides into cover behind one of the rotating cannons and slides his S-5 out of its holster. Panting, he digs through the bag of explosives, pulls out another charge and slaps it to the durasteel plating above his head. Then he slaps on another one for good measure. Thanks Momma Amber for bringing so many explosives. He taps in a five second timer and hits 'GO', spilling out of his cover and firing a trio of bolts as he runs. Three stormies go spilling into the snow with nice new blaster holes in them.

As Sar gets a few steps away, the turret behind him is engulfed in a tower of fire.

Han Solo's voice speaks over the comms. "Solo here." His voice is gruff and distorted by the chaos all around. "We're headed in to offer some help in taking out that Oscillator. Green Team, once it goes boom... you get your hides back to the

Falcon... we'll meet you there."

The comm cuts off.

Oh yeah, he hears that sarcasm loud and clear, still they had a job to do and thats what they were going to do. The T-70 weaves in and out of laser fire, Karas focused on his job and keeping an eye out for other members of their squadron lines up a shot as Red-3 streaks past him on his low two o'clock, a F/O Tie chasing after him, "Shit!" Red-2 drops velocity and turns right lining up his shot, <<Red-3 I have your bogey K-Turn, I'm going to try to take him out.>> he gets a roger from Red-3 and like it's orchestrated, Red-3 climbs hard and begins his K-Turn and Red-2 sends four red darts at the Tie, but the Tie Pilot wasn't slow at all, rolling left, allowing for it's shields to take some of the hits from Karars shot. "Damn!"

<<Red-3 Get'em!>> which Red-3 is already coming back down lining up his shot. Karas breaks and moves up to Red-1 as she takes out her target.

"I ain't even sure that rustbucket will take off again after that landing," Rake mutters, the repeater fire finally fading, the weapon beeping because of it overheating. He drops it into the snow and picks up his A280 again. It wasn't a speed-demon like the Staccato was, but it could punch holes in AT-ATs are 400 meters with relative ease. He'd just have to make his shots count. "Fun toy," he mutters.

Delede frowns behind his helmet, having to jink once again to avoid the incoming ground fire. <<Understood, Colonel.

Dropping to the deck.>> Blue Leader's starfighter rolls over once again, and then drops like a rock toward the snowy surface of Starkiller. <<Blue Two. Follow me in. Snowball needs support. Red Squad...make your run. The rest of Blue will cover you.>> Cant't leave Black Leader to hit the target alone, can they? Gren's passage is close enough to ground level to throw up waves of snow and ice in the wake of his T-70's passage. He is zooming toward a skirmish line of stormtroopers rushing along the catwalk toward Sar's position.

The explosion of a turbolaser target draws a smile, and a <<Nice work, Yavok. We're coming in hot. You might want to duck.>>

Blue One buzzes low across the catwalk, spraying laser fire into the line of white armoured troops, burning them down, and sending them flying. At the last moment, he yanks up on the stick, and zips vertical over the turbolaser battery currently under assault by ground troops. His shields flicker and pop as near misses spray past.

"Piece of..." like it's the rifle's fault that last bolt fired failed to drop the trooper barreling nearer and nearer. <<Copy that, Solo. Watch your asses.>> The crazy ass cannon claims its share, but their numbers are managing to push through. Pretty soon, range isn't going to be an issue. The rock of exploding fighter craft and turbolaser are good enough incentive for the Colonel to duck a little tighter in her snow nest while debris rains down around. The rifle gets lain alongside, then she takes up her old friend - the less pointy one - and gives it a little kiss. A DY-255 pistol, a relic, a throwback to the days of yore, peeps up and over the ridge of fort Old Fogey. It's not as nice a feeling as the trusty thrum of vibroblade in hand, but it's a mite more comfortable than that damn rifle. The madame of melee fishes a remote off her belt whilst popping off a couple shots. <<Run faster, Yavok. Ground's about to get hot! Jast, Zavir, take cover.>> She does the same, cuz here comes Blue Leader.

<<Roger that, Bossman,>> Triz replies to Gren as she dives her fighter down at the armored target. She lines up the shot and just as she is about to pull the trigger on her torps a TIE darts infront of her causing Red 1 to shift slighting. The Torps bury themselves into the snow before erupting in a could of dirty white. <<Miss. See what you can do, Red Two. I'll keep the eyeballs off you on your run.>>

Its an exercise in futility unless that oscillator can be made more vulnerable, but that doesn't keep Black Leader from coming in for another pass, pew pew pewing with calm determination as chatter crackles over his headset. <<WOOHOO!I don't know whether to kiss or buy whoever took out that cannon!>> Comes over the coms as he flips his bird around, listening to the offer of assistance with the oscillator as he goes in for another pass at it. <<Alright, you heard the old man. Regroup on me...somebody shake some pepper on the fight for those on the ground>>

Hazar Jast tests his Ranged:blaster rifles skill at a 100 difficulty.

The sky is growing eeriely dim. A call goes out that the weapon will be charged in under 10 minutes from now.

"Has he lost his MIND?" the surgeon demands, of no one in particular, and is staring out at Sar's suicide run slash bombing run slash miscalculation of minimum safe distance slash miscalculation of top running speed in snow with a look of horror on her face. The blast of the explosion finds the doctor having /prudently/ ducked down into the snow bowl she and Jast are sheltering in, her arms folded protectively over the back of her head.

More stormies, more shooting. Hazar aims and fires more rapidly now as the enemy numbers increase. Despite the increase in volume of fire he doesn't rush himself, knowing that slow is smooth and smooth is fast. After a few shots that pass through the air around a shiny white helmet he hears that it's time to take cover he yells to Maeve, in case she doesn't have comms, "Get down!"

Flying on his wingman's wing, Karas is coming in hot, the dive is steep but still they needed to take out this damn base or all is loss. He jinks left and right, his targeting computer has locked onto the oscillator and as Red Lead takes her shot, he keeps on target. Depressing the trigger, two of his proton torpedoes streak off hitting their mark, <<HIT!! Not a lot of damage though.>> he calls out as he rolls his fighter and climbs.

Forming up on Gren's wing, David reports in <<Forming up, Major. Lead the way.>> As the distant flashes of red become not so distant, David angles the fighter down. <<Making a pass over the enemy troops, opening fire.>> "Open a channel to Snowball, R2." The droid beeps in acknowledgement of the request as David squeezes the trigger, the impact of his fighter's bolts causing snow to explode up into the air, reducing visibility. "Thought that would happen." <<Snowball, this is Blue 2. Did I hit any of 'em?>> He pulls on the control stick, tilting the X-wing as he curves around.

Rake tests his Ranged:blaster rifles skill at a 100 difficulty.

"Argh!" Sar shouts as he catches a bolt to the arm. He tumbles into the snow, clutching at it. From here, he manages a good view of Gren's handiwork, though, so silver linings and all that. He presses himself back up to his feet with the help of his good arm and keeps going, en route to the second, and only other turbolaser in range. He closes in and takes up a defensive position. Rummaging through the bag, another bomb is presented. He bounces it around in his hand and slaps it onto the cannon. And then three more. Screw the FO, after all. He pops out of cover and lights up an incoming squad of stormies who were so sure they were about to be in line for a promotion.

<<Popping the second one>> comes Sar's muffled voice through the comms. <<Heading back,>> he adds, taking off back toward the trench. Once he's far enough away, he lifts the detonator and lights up the (fastly-approaching) night. Shards of durasteel and stormtrooper go everywhere.

Run, run, run, hero, hero, hero. Blaster bolt? Sar's about halfway back when a bolt from an F-11D catches him in the back, throws him motionless onto the ground, and sends a fine red mist out onto the snow.

Rake grumbles, his keen eyes catching sight of Sar. "No man left behind," he mutters. Slinging his depleted rifle over his shoulder, he yells out, "COVER ME!" Bounding up on all fours, the Shistavanen trops through the snow towards where Sar fell. He was zigging and zagging, relying on his movement and the heavy power armor he wore to keep him from laying face down in the snow surrounded by a growing pool of blood.

Blue Leader's starfighter careens through a jigsaw puzzle of laser fire, and comes out the other side with shields mostly intact. <<Nice flying, Two. One more covering pass, and back to bombing. It's getting awfully dark.>> The rest of Blue Flight (minus 5) has formed up with Black Leader, and continuing to make ineffective attack runs, and dueling with TIEs when need be. <<Nice work, Sar. I'll get you a beer.>> Another twisting manuever, and he flips the X-wing into a loop, grunting against the G-forces. Then Blue Lead is cutting down and across the snow again, his laser cannons barking death at a group of Stormies that decided to get cluster just a little too much in the chaos. A frown. Why isn't his buddy replying?

<<It's raining red, Blues, So I'm guessing somebody hit some...body.>> /Many/ bodies, really. Wiping her face shield clear with a sleeve, Ambrosia pops up just enough to fire a rapid three shots and whatever figure in the snowy mist is daring to send their own array of searing bolts in her direction. Yet one more muffled scream on this bloody field confirms the kill, just before Sar's second round of fireworks sends a plume of fire into that foreboding sky. <<Nice work, Yavok>> she commends, unable to see through the worsening vis where it was he went. <<Yavok?>> When he doesn't emerge to reclaim his toy from where Rake stashed it in the snow. A few pensive breaths blow steam into the frigid air and she puts a bolt dead center in another enemy visor that pops up. The graying rebel twists onto her side and chances a peep out. <<QUIT SCREWIN AROUND>> she accuses the radio-silent Captain.

"Farkle to hell..." the realization's set in and she bites her lip as Rake goes over the side. <<SAR'S DOWN. COVER RAKE!>> And she does just that.

Making a quiet sound that is almost a gasp, almost smothered to the point of not allowing the sound to escape at all, Maeve is at the edge of the snow bowl she's crouched in alongside Jast and watches with eyes wide behind the goggles as Rake leaps out into the snow toward Sar. Her hands are already moving to unsling the medkit from her side, turning away from the sight to clear - flatten - down more of an area to work in, actually remembering to use the comm for the first time instead of just listening to it. <<"Clearing a work area in our snow bowl, standing ready.">> her voice is remarkably level for all that, and it probably won't occur to her that they're NOT called snow bowls even if that's what they look like.

"CAPTAIN!" shouts Private Jast when he sees Sar take a round in the back, almost instinctively leaving cover before his training and common sense take over. The young man grits his teeth and takes aim at a stormtrooper in the direction the shot came from, sending a blaster bolt through the poor bastard's helmet. Then he swivels to the next target, doing his damnedest to make sure that Rake has the cover he needs to make it to the downed soldier. "They're bringing him to you, ma'am!" he calls out to Maeve, not sparing a her a glance as the enemy numbers seem to increase even further.

<<Roger that, coming around for the second run.>> Looking out the side of his tilted X-Wing, David notes where the red bolts are coming from, the extremely barely-visible Stormtroopers shooting at his Resistance comrades. "You see that, R2? We're gonna try and take a bunch more of them out. Clearly we're good at this." Beeps from R2. Did those sound.. delighted? That's a bit disturbing. No time to overthink it though, here they come! As David lets out another barrage of shots, he can definitely hear high pitched whistling right behind him. Then louder, more engine-like whistling. Then his whole X-Wing gets rocked. <<Blue 2 here. Been hit, enemy fighter on my tail.>> "R2, see if you can do anything to fix that?"

Triz rolls Red 1 over on it's wing, dives down but just as she does a TIE gets in front of her to try to stop her aim. But this time she is ready as lasers blast the TIE, she flies through the debris and launches a pair of torpedoes at the target. <<Hit, again no damage. This ain't working at all.>> She grumbles over the coms before once more going around for another attack run. <<It's just to heavily armored.>>

The star system's central sun fades out.

The energy pulled from the sun has been entirely expended and the planet is bathed in blackness..

The planet itself starts to hum loudly, the energy that it pirated from the star now resting inside of its damagned (but still active) core is being cycled and prepped for use!

Karas keeps Red 2 with Red 1, not leaving her wing, flying nearly in tandem and keeping her covered as she rolls in as another Tie jumps in front of her, grinning when they fly through the debris, though he nearly is clipped by the damn hexagonal wing of the Tie. The X-Wing flips on it's wing flying sideways still, Karas sees a Tie flitting past him, and tries to fire from this position, but he wasn't able to get a targeting solution and the Tie is able to escape the barrage of laser fire he just shot at. "Shit." he looks up as he brings his fighter up and around keeping Red Lead covered, <<You guys hear that, we need a new plan and quick!>> he calls out.

Lars Yavok (Sar's father) was never one to skimp out on defense, and Sar is nothing if not his father's son. Sar was wearing his father's jacket, it's true; but beneath it was a nice layer of durasteel. A plate to which the coolant tank of the Staccato Lightning could maglock to. It wasn't much, but it was enough to slow the bolt down and keep it from breaking anything /too/ important.

Sar inhales deep, before realizing that he's face-down in snow. He sputters and coughs, spitting snow all over the place. He rolls onto his side and grabs his pistol, using his free hand to drag himself along the ground toward the trench. He pauses momentarily to fire a bolt or two down-range, but it's to no avail. Spotting the approaching Rake, Sar speaks up, saying (weakly), "Help me up, Chief."

Delede was on the verge of pulling out of the strafing runs, and making another attempt at bombing the shielded target. But the call over the comms that Yavok is down? Best friends forever and all. Gren rolls the X-wing over again, and stares at the ground through the cockpit glass. <<Blue Lead covering Green team retrieval. Blue Two join Black Leader.>> His voice is grim, and the T-70 slaloms through a barrage of fire from pursuing TIE fighters, and dives on stormtroopers charging the ground troops position. Specifically near where Yavok was blowing up turbolasers.

Gren seems to be ignoring the fire headed toward his aft sections, and his shields are quickly burnt out, sparks and fire flying as grazing shots tear gouges in his hull. Janky quickly reshuffles shields to cover the aft again, leaving his front portion uncovered. Just in time for Blue Leader to come in low, and plow into the stormtrooper position, laser cannons blasting fire, and tearing apart armoured bodies. There's clang after clang, as white bodies rebound from his hull, and blaster bolts leave streaks on his canopy. He thumps hard into the deck, and his X-wing careens into a snow bank. That's a broken bird. The canopy pops open.

But, the ground pounders should be clear to get Sar out of there, for the moment.

Rake manages to get to Sar with only a few new scorch marks on his armor. He doesn't stop moving however, he wasn't a medic, it wasn't his job to see if moving the Corellian was good or bad, but he knew for a damn fact that leaving him here in the snow wasn't going to do Sar any good. So, the Shistavanen throws Sar over his shoulders in a fireman carry and begins running back. At least if that sniper takes another shot at Rake's back, he has partial cover in the form of a cocky Corellian officer. "Hang on," he mutters before dropping back to all fours in order to give a bit more speed to his run. It was going to be one hell of a bumpy ride, but it was likely easier than Sar moving on his own in his wounded state. <<He ain't dead,>> Rake calls out over his helmet's commlink. <<But, we need to get him to the Falcon. Doc, meet us there>>

And, that's where the Shistavanen is running in the direction of, but it will bring him close enough to the others if Sar refuses to depart.

Alone in the 'bowl' , Ambrosia was feeling lonely. Not a tear shed for her fallen comrade, but she WAS growing pissier by the second. She's strongly considering throwing her pistol at the nearest storm trooper and diving into the fray with electrified fists of fury, but then she goes blind.

Er. It's dark. Really dark. "Kriff," whispers the Colonel to herself and she toggles the little tac light on her blaster, but keeps the helmet light off, for now. Growing very still, she holds one palm over the taclight and listens for a moment trying to a) get a relative feel for what the stormies think of this sudden shift and b) where that humming is coming from. Now's not a good time for an implant failure. Her left hand reaches up to poke at the little switch embedded at the base of her ear. A cheery beep informs her that it's on. Her ears are on. Then what's with the....Oh no.

<<Now would be a REALLY good time to kill the oscillator!!!>> in case they couldn't guess. Cept just as she says it, there's a falling star barreling in on their position. It's an X-Wing -turned- snow plow and only after she figures it's not plowing HER can Ambrosia appreciate the beauty of those splattering stormtroopers. <<Jast, you and I are it, kid. Help me cover their retreat,>> she orders after Rake announces his intent on comms.

Seeing Blue 1 go down <<Blue Two, keep cover over Blue One. Once you are sure he is good to go then rejoin but keep him safe. Red Squadron form up on Black Lead and lets cover him.>> Triz barks out orders as she quickly snaps out a shot at a TIE that was about to move in over Black Squadron. While the shot missed at least the TIE did rethink it's move.

A look to the side of his view screen as BB8 is beeping away at the drama going down yonder. It is the curse of a pilot's periphery in the heat of battle. But Black Leader's jaw sets as he tightens his grip on the commands and raising his voice over the coms once more. <<Cover us, we're going for another pass at this oscillator, Red Squadron...you know what to do>>. Dropping down into formation and spinning his bird through a sharp turn, they are taking another go at it. They have to. The light's running out but they have to at least try to keep hope alive.

Patting down her pockets, in the sudden dark, Maeve finds one of the personal illumination devices (clip on flash lights) and sets it to the lowest setting and clips it in place on her coat. Actives another one and clips it to Jast's gear so that she can find HIM in the dark as well. <<Got it. Heading back to the Falcon now.>> Mae speaks into the group com then turns, narrows her eyes at the mess of foot prints that litter the snow in several directions then waits a moment until she sees Rake with Sar carried like a backpack go loping by and promptly follows in HIS capable footsteps.

Figuring Gren's orders went out the window the moment he was shot down, David turns the craft around to where the X-Wing crashed. "The canopy's open.." <<Snowball, this is Blue 2 again. Blue Leader is down near your position. I'll provide cover from up here. I'm not letting my squadron leader die today. Just hurry up, it's getting too dark for my liking..>> Leaving that last sentence hanging in the air, David flips a switch to his left. Floodlights illuminate the area below him, clearly identifying the downed Blue Leader as he flies in slow figure 8s. Apparently all the remaining TIE fighters are busy -elsewhere-.

<<Roger ma'am! We'll keep 'em safe!>> Private Jast radios back to the colonel as he continues laying down as much fire as he and his weapon can manage, aiming for the muzzles of the enemy's weapons. His bolts strike snow around the incoming Stormtroopers, kicking up white powder that hopefully obscures their vision as much as the darkness has obscured his own. When there's something resembling a free moment he switches on the light on his helmet so he can see to shoot better, knowing it will make him a target. The return fire in his direction forces his head down but hopefully will make sure that the doctor can get to her patient.

<<He's ALIVE? Now you tell me!>> Gren exclaims over the tacnet, and promptly rolls over the lip of his cockpit, and falls toward the ground. Only a last minute activation of jump boots keep the pilot from breaking a leg on the pile of dead stormtroopers. He stumbles in the snow, hauls out his sawed-off EE-3, and takes off at a really awkward sprint toward Snowball's position. His left arm is hanging at a really awkward angle, clearly broken. He fires a few blind shots at stormtroopers behind him, but continues to forge ahead through the snow. Looking for friendlies. <<Two...direct me toward a safe line of retreat, if you please.>> He waves his good hand up in the air, as if at Blue Two. He's okay, really. But he's damn blind. "Sorry, Janky. It was nice knowing you..." A quiet mutter over his shoulder to the screaming junkpile R4 still trapped in his crashed X-wing.

<<Copy that Red Lead.>> Karas sees Blue Lead go down with all of the Comm chatter going on, and hearing one of them going down didn't bode well for them. Still Karas sends a silent prayer that the others are doing well, still with the Tie Fighters still coming in hard and heavy at them, they have to take this damn base down, and so Karas pushes his throttle to the max, <<Let's do this.>> he says as he forms up with the rest of Red Squadron, he sees a Tie trying to maneuver around to get a shot on Black Lead but it broke off after Triz shot, still maneuvering he fires and hits the Tie blowing it apart.

Sar Yavok is out of the fight, content enough to just be carried around like a ragdoll. He does have the wherewithal to slide his blaster away and clip it into place.

Explosions spark up across the oscillator, only these explosions weren't on the surface. These explosions came deep from within the facility!

X-Wing scanners would soon pick up a new opening inside of the Oscillator, at the end of the trench that lead up to it from the Starkiller Laser Emitter!"Black Leader!" Snap Wexley's voice said over the comms. "That oscillator has a new hole in it! I think that might be our ticket out of this!"

It's all a matter of timing and sometimes good luck. Triz happened to hit on both as she spots a pair of TIEs angling down for Black Squadron. She brings up the nose of Red one and waits, counts to two and fires. The First TIE goes up and spins widly crashing into the second TIE sending them both down to the woods in a fireball. <<You are cleared, Black Lead>>. She says confidently.

Well, apparently Sar isn't as good a shield as Rake had hoped, or that buckethead was a better shot. Were he human, the shot to his lower back might have hit a kidney. Instead, what plasma remained after going through the heavy plating punches into soft tissue. Rake stumbles, almost falling over, but the tough old bastard manages to get back to his feet before he falls over completely. He doesn't even drop Sar, but there's damn sure a lot of panting and grunting going on as he draws nearer the others on his way to the Falcon. He'd love to let out a sarcastic retort or make fun of Sar for being being a fatass, but it was taking every bit of his strength and stamina just to keep moving right now.

Keeping pace with Rake is impossible, as far as the surgeon is concerned, but thankfully the foot prints he leaves for her to follow are clear as possible in the dim illumination of the light clipped to her coat. Maeve runs full out, trusting in the path that the warrant officer blazes toward the rust bucket, zigging when his footprints zig, zagging when his foot prints zag. It should be noted that the Corellian physician is listening at all times to the chatter and commands over the comm, even if she doesn't entirely follow what's being said and entirely what it all means. That's ok, though. It's above her pay grade until or unless the planet starts to fall apart, which.. and she shudders as the temperature drops in the continuing darkness.

He knew this would happen. David curses to himself. The second he threw on those floodlights, he knew he'd be assailed by the enemy. And sure enough, two TIEs screech their way over to his position. "Keep the lights on Major Delede, R2." An acknowledging beep from R2 and the lights swing over as the vehicle turns. "Shields up, all front." Another beep. "That's it.." His targeting computer locks onto the nearest TIE and David squeezes the trigger. Hitting the TIE just left of the cockpit causes it to lose one of the wing panels and turns it into the accompanying TIE fighter. "That ought to buy me some time.." David's X-Wing shakes as a green bolt of energy strikes the X-Wing right in the nose, causing sparks to fly despite

the shield.

That's all it takes, Poe Dameron's speaking up over those comms after peering out of his viewscreen and popping a TIE Fighter UI for that final run. <<Red 4, Red 6...Cover Us! Everybody else, hit the target hard, give it all you've got!>> Not the easiest run, not the hardest run, but the most important run as he carresses those controls to make navigating in the small space seem like walking down the side walk. Deep breath. <<All Teams, I'm going in. Pull up and cover me!>> And he leans forward to adjust a few controls before gripping the joystick and focussing on the target. Its a few seconds as the world around his slows down and he times it just right, pew pew pew...leaving behind a fiery explosion like dust in the wind, a smile tugging at his lips.

As the squadrons dive into the Trench, Karas pilots his craft like it was apart of him, he with the update that there is a new hole in the oscillator, <<Go! Go! We got the rest out here!>> to emphasizes this, Red 2 closes the S-Foils on his X-Wing and pulls up going into a revers Split S and as he comes up and around, he is nearly blacks out due to the stress even the compensators were being pushed and as he completes the maneuver he is lined up with a Tie harassing one of the members of Red Squadron after it destroyed Red-5, Karas unleashes hell upon the Tie, blowing it apart and rolling back into the trench and firing on one of the turbo laser batteries firing on the squadron before pulling out to help give cover.

<<YEAH YA DONT SAY>> Ambrosia snaps back to Blue 2 about the downed craft 'near' her position. Things are looking hairy now for the Green team as they are cast into a premature night - the realization of which carries with it a heavyness of heart that whispers of fail-----em. Come again?

The came of flashlight tag that Colonel Greystorm is playing with an advancing trooper goes poorly for her as her boot punches through a skin of snow only to catch on a rock. The blast of fire punched through her thigh doesn't quite register yet, because she's feeling something worse. There's a trembling from below. It was faint, but after hearing Snap on the comms, she can hazard a guess at what caused it. Time to go! Rearing up a leg in a manuever that looks as graceful as a bloated turtle doing crunches (thanks, Parka), Greystorm drives the heel of her good leg down into the incoming shin/ankle of the trooper whose barrel is now angled for a close shot to her skull. It's enough force to break his stride, and soon both her feet are entangled in his. There's some awkward grappling on the ground for a moment before neckbones crunch in the darkness and Amber bleats another order at her remaining groundpounder. <<Private Jast, now's the time to go. FALL BACK>>

Aaaand pick up the pieces as you go. As for her pieces, she's got them mostly in order, firing a few blind shots behind her own ass while clambering up from the corpse underfoot. It hurts. It really, really hurts, but the leg still bears some weight, so that'll have to do. <<Rake? Status.>>

There's a ton of huffing coming from Rake, and he's definitely gotten slower on his feet through exhaustion and the injuries in his side. Soon, he drops Sar into the snow, grabbing the man by his dad's jacket and begins dragging him instead of carrying him, each step getting slower than the one before it. <<Injured, but almost there,>> Rake calls back over comms. <<Sar's still breathin', but he's dead weight.>> Each word comes with heavy, pained breathing.

<<Moving ma'am!>> Hazar says over the comms when he gets the order to fall back. He finally leaves his fighting position, laying down as much fire as he can on the incoming Stormtroopers as he moves, trying to keep them pinned. He doesn't shoot very close to them, but he still manages to do something right and gets the hell out of the way of their fire, ducking, dodging, diving and rolling as he hauls ass towards the Falcon. A blaster bolt sings to him as it passes within inches of his ear, "Darn it!"

<<Good luck, kid...>> Gren says quietly over the comms, when Poe declares that he's going for it. But, Delede has more immediate worries. Like surviving long enough to get back to the Falcon with the mudeaters. He stumbles past Amber and Jast's position, looking cold as hell, and pretty much all around like shit. His broken arm flops around, but it doesn't stop him from blasting a few stormtroopers that get in his way on the way to the Falcon. Delede is still following Blue Two's floodlights. <<Two. Watch your own ass, now. Appreciate the help.>> The Coruscanti should be okay, now. Right?

Mae isn't quite close to catching up with Rake but she's getting closer, and were it not for his footprints in the snow, the doctor would've gotten lost and probably wandered off in the wrong direction. <<"All wounded, I'll be triaging from within the Falcon.">> This said as she catches a glimpse of Rake finally and, just barely, the shadow or maybe just the hopeful shadow or impression of the Falcon as she pours on the speed, sliding and skidding a bit in the snow as she runs. "Great boots, these are awesome boots, must buy more pairs," she said, or rather exhales, the words.

Tin warns Triz as a TIE slips up on her tail. She doesn't hesitate and practically spins the X-Wing one hundred and eighty degrees till her lasers are pointed at the TIE. A quick shot and one of the panels shreds causing said TIE to spin out of control and go crashing on the surface below. Then just as quickly she flips Red 1 back around and continues to provide cover for Poe.

<<You got it, Major.>> "You heard the man, R2. Kill the lights and let's go regroup with the others. <<Blue 2 here, where do you need me, Black Leader?>> he says into his comms as he turns the X-Wing around to the oscillator.

Ambrosia watches the little light that is Hazar go bobbing on by and keeps firing - albeit at a lazier rate behind - as she does her own zig-zagging. One hand in her pocket emerges, holding within its gloved grasp a remote. She's clear of the blast zone, she thinks, and there goes Delede so here comes the finale from Green team. Maybe. Unsure what damage the past chaotic 15 minutes may have wrought on the explosive tech she halfass buried in the snow, Amber's thumb makes a squeeze of faith.


A final spray of earth, snow, and bodies blows sky high, sending heat and debris rocketing in all directions. That ought to be suitable cover. A harsh, mirthless laugh coughs into her comm for all to hear and she does her best to run like hell. Rake may still beat her to the Falcon, but sh'll be stumbling hot on his tail.

Rake makes sure to drag Sar over every rock he can, after all, it was his fault Rake got shot. Of course, the speed at which Rake is moving means that even though Sar's being dragged over rocks, it wasn't fast enough to do much damage. When he gets to the bottom of the ramp, the Shistavanen just drops, done. He can let someone else haul Sar the rest of the way, he wasn't going to be able to go another step until he takes a breather. There was a trail of blood where the normally caurterized wound from the blaster had been torn open by the exertion. "I'm getting too old for this shit," Rake mutters as he just plops down on the ramp.

Karas is in his element, though fear has streaked through him as when he dove back into the trench, he had to quickly pull up before making himself an ornament at the bottom. He pulls up and breaks left coming around hard letting loose a torrent of laser fire, though at the same time green energy blasts bounce off his shields from the turbo laser emplacement. Still Karas is able to keep his X-Wing under control and chase after the others.

Arriving, not quite out of breath but it was a good jog through the snow, over the river, through the woods, Mae skids - more or less slides - to a halt at the end of the ramp and braces one hand against one of those lander.. strut.. things that the ramp attaches to the ship with. "How bad are you hurt, Rake?" she asks, having spotted the bloody trail that's dappled the snow these last many yards. She starts to crouch beside Rake and Sar, increasing the lumen level of the flashlight clipped to her coat, the handy dandy clip keeping her hands free so she can work.

The planetary core began to destablize, earthquakes started to plague the entire surface of the world while the snowcapped mountains began to crumble down upon one another. Explosions were bursting from deep within the planet core and there were ships launching from Starkiller Base, First Order officers abandoning their posts! The planetary weapon was rocked by the blasts from the Resistance and it was clear that it was go time, go now and never go at all.

Chewbacca grabbed hold of Sar and his metal maglocked gun, he yanked Sar up into the ship and dropped him carelessly on the ramp, then rushed into the cockpit of the Falcon, he roared back at the Resistance soldiers, shouting at them to get onboard!

Most of the way there and dropped on the ground by Mr. Baja Boys himself, Sar looked like he was about to get back up to his feet when-AAAAH CHEWBACCA. "Hey! Take it easy, Chewie!" he shouts, getting plopped down onto the ramp. He stands up, steadies himself and makes his way into the Falcon. "Where's Han?"

Whipping around and snapping off some shots behind him, Hazar Jast then turns on the speed and moves to make sure that he doesn't get hit again. And then there's the BOOOOOOM! As the dirt behind him explodes, along with the men following him, Hazar heads for the ship, checking from side to side to make sure no enemies got past their position. Once he's at the ship he takes a knee outside of the door and aims his weapon back the way he just came from, ready to unload on any First Order troopers that approach the vessel. Of course, he doesn't remain there long. The sound of a collapsing person nearby gets his attention and he exclaims "Darn!" Shooting to his feet he moves towards Rake as Chewie grabs Sar, slinging his rifle and getting ready to assist the fuzzy Warrant Officer into the Falcon even if it means having to pick them up. "No time, ma'am," He tells Maeve. "Help me move him."

As the destruction of the Starkiller base starts to become apparent Triz coms <<Red and Blue Squadron, vector out to pre-assigned headings. Lets get out of here while we still can.>> She then checks around her to make sure the ships she can spot of the two squadrons begin to follow her orders before angling up to clear the atmosphere and head back to home base <<All units, RTB. I say again, RTB.>>

Gren, for his part, stumbles up the ramp, and quietly collapses into a seat in the lounge area of the Falcon. He's holding his left arm, and trying not to pass out. Breaking a big bone hurts, apparently. When Sar appears on his feet, the old Rebel officer perks his head up slightly, and then leans it back against the bulkhead. He's really had a day, you know? "He seems pissed." That he does manage to get out, his voice weak, and his breath coming rapidly. He just did a lot of running in the cold. So sue him if he's breathing a little hard.

"I'll survive," Rake says motioning to Sar. "Dumbass there took a shot to center mass. Didn't kill him thanks to armor, but he needs medical more than I do," he huffs out. Explosions however, seem to be the incentive Rake needed to make his way up the remainder of the ramp and into the ship. That, and the two meter tall wookiee walking by and grabbing Sar like he was a ragdoll. Then, Sar's up and moving around. "Oh you ass," he mutters.

To make matters worse, Rake reaches into his armored chestpiece after tossing his helmet to the deck, when he pulls his hand back out, it's holding a completely crushed cigar case. It was flattened and bent at almost 90 degrees, leading the wolfman to start muttering curses in his native tongue.

"Happy to oblige, Chewbacca," Ambrosia huffs a few breath-catching puffs, watching the Wook haul Sar inside like the meat sack he is. Shrewd, green eyes cut around to get a head count as bodies file in, then she gingerly stomps her own way onboard and just plunks down on the floor. Seating comes at a premium here and she saves it for Maeve's workspace on the worse wounded. "Y'all look like shit," she commends, then calls a little more loudly fore-ward, presuming the captain to be up there. "So what'ya say, Solo? Not bad for a rusty run..."

<<Roger that, Red Leader. Headed into orbit now.>> It's oddly peaceful, the weaponized planet dying behind him as his fighter turns towards the sky. That's what you get when you try weaponizing stars like that. "Let's get out of here, R2."

Beeps and whistles behind him. Good. Finally, Blue 2 forms up with the rest of Blue Squadron, the rest of them having joined up with the remainder of Red Squadron behind Black Leader.

Since Rake is able to move on his own Hazar hustles and gets himself up the ramp, running into the main body of the vessel to make sure he's out of everyone's way, especially the doctor's. Once he's gotten himself a reasonably clear spot he swings his rifle around to his front and takes a seat, breathing heavily. "I really thought I was going to get shot again there."

"Wait - -" is as far as Mae gets when Chewbacca lifts Sar up and totes him inside the Falcon like so much carry on luggage, dropping him on the floor like same. It startles a laugh out of the doctor as she accompanies Jast and Rake into the rusted bit of.. "What breed of ship is this, anyway?" is wondered as she eases back a healthy step as Rake begins to mutter in a decidedly unhappy tone. "Ok, where's Amber?" she asks as she takes a nose count of the occupants of the Falcon. "Ahh, Gren, marvelous, did you break your arm?"

<<All teams...I've got eyes on them!>> Black Leader's voice comes over the coms through sound of explosions and fire and impending doom. <<My Job's done here. Lets go home." He fiddles with a couple of commands, preparing to lead his squadron to safety and escort the survivors home.

Hearing the orders come through from Triz, <<Copy that Red Lead.>> Karas says as he close the S-Foils of his X-Wing and he vectors out, scamming due to well A PLANET ABOUT TO BLOW UP! He isn't holding back, pouring all the power into the X-Wings engines and he can feel the force of the speed push him back into the seat. Upon hearing Poe call out that the ground team is on their way out, he smiles thanking the Force they are still here. Than again the planet hasn't blown up just yet, but


The Falcon's engines came back online and the slanted ship stuck in the show was back up and running. The hatches were sealed and locked down. The wookiee's hairy hands were moving fast... alone in in the cockpit.

Exterior lights came on across the front of the ship, bathing the snowy cliffside in a wash of white light while explosions rocked the dark night sky of the horizon.

The Falcon lifted up and began to swivvel about, its rocketed forward and its engines rumbled through the entire ship as it glided its way over the forest just in time to see earth separating from earth... the mountain was coming apart!

One more stop... Chewbacca followed his scanners, he found lifesigns...

Within moments he was bounding out of the cockpit and past any Resistance troopers in his way. Down the ramp the walking carpet went, and a second later he was coming back up with Finn over his shoulder and Rey in front of him, Rey's face streaming with tears and emotions that were overwhelming her. Chewbacca passed Finn off to one of the soldiers, the young man was badly injured and Rey sat down with him.

Seconds later and the Faclon was rocketing toward space!

Starkiller Base became a smouldering ball of fire and energy from its dead star that had no where else to go but outward.

The explosion that consumed the planet was massive and its vibrations shook the YT-freighter as it fled toward a hyperspace destination with its X-Wing wingmates.


The hangars were all blocked off, Rey wasn't sure how she was going to accomplish this... She needed to find a ship to get herself out of this horrid place.

She'd been crawling through the walls, quite literally, up to this point. She happened to be going up one of the very walls that was behind Finn... just within Han's vision. Rey makes her way up to one of the walkways, she pulls the Stormtrooper gun off of her shoulders and grips it tightly in her hands while rushing down the walkway and toward the maze of hallways. 'How does anyone find their way in this place??'

Finn manages pretty well, as far as finding his way goes. He knows where they are and where they need to be - he just doesn't know that Rey, slippery little squirrel, has already escaped without his, er, their help. "What's this, huh?" He repeats, jerking his chin in imitation of Han.

Han exhaled when Finn didn't understand his motion and so he just raised his hand up and gave a nod and a point. He saw her, the girl, clever and resourceful as he remembered her. She'd escaped and she was literally climbing the walls of the First Order's installation. "She's... something else." Han muttered and stepped around Finn.

"Come on. Lets cut her off at the pass before she slips away and we have to play... Rathtar tryin' to catch up with her."

Chewbacca and Han would navigate through the corridors, make their way around in the direction they thought she'd be going and... BAM.

The trio of Resistance alligned infiltrators all nearly collided right into the girl from that nowhere dustball.

"You alright?!" Han said at the girl, Chewbacca backing him up with a few words also.

"Yeah." Rey says back to Han, her eyes looking freaked out and surprised to see them... here and in front of her now.

She heard what Chewbacca growls and then she puts her eyes back onto her friend. Within a moment, Rey is moving to hug him, to put her arms around his shoulders and... she thanks him.

"I can't explain how I got away. And you wouldn't believe it." Rey quietly says to him.

Well, sunnuva bantha. Finn's grin is briefly flashed back at Han and Chewie before he agrees with the rush to meet their friend - does she almost shoot them? He tries not to think about it. "What happened do you, did he hurt you?" His words tumble out before embracing her tight. Her explanation lacks... Well, everything, but he takes it in stride - plus there isn't much time for anyting else. They're on the move again.

Han walked back over to the two and he tapped them on the shoulder. "Hug later." He said, interrupting their reunion like only an old veteran grouch like he could... but then again, the entire galaxy was counting on them.

Han motioned them toward the hallway and he escorted them both back outside while Chewbacca handed him jacket back.

Once outside, Han's steps took him toward the snowy plains. Hey looked up into the sky at the chaotic air battle and then over ot the Oscillator.

"They're in trouble." He said over to Finn and the others. "We can't leave..."

Han exhaled and reached for his comm. "We got a bag full of explosives... we should use them. Come on." He motioned them onward.

"We need to get into that area there." Han motioned with his blaster to the side area. "Finn, Rey... get in there and cut the security on that blast door."

"Chewie... lets go." Han mtioned ahead and he grunted. "We don't get paid enough for this..."

As if it wasn't enough for Rey to have to experience so many firsts constantly after leaving Jakku... she stepped out to witness that sky battle and the laser charging... "Wow." She softly muttered. X-wings and TIE fighters zipping about.

Rey's focus went back to Solo, she nods her head to him and tries to keep herself focused. She turns toward the building that Solo indicates and she starts running for it, her eyes going back to make sure Finn was with her but she knew that he would be.

Inside the oscillator maintenance facility, a dark masked figure stalks, searching for Rey. The girl had escaped somehow, likely using the powers he'd helped to awaken, and there was a good chance she was still inside the building somewhere. His boots ring quietly on the duracrete, then ring against the steel grate of the catwalk as he crosses to the other side.

He's conditioned to it, but the situation outside is no less jarring. "We need to work fast." He decides. With Han and Chewie off to magnetize grenades to pillars, Finn follows Rey to the blast door. "I might be able to bypass the security on this." He mumbles, popping the panel off the wall and setting to work. Eventually, the door will open - but the timing isn't dramatic enough yet.

Han waited for the two kids to do their thing and when the doors opened, he rushed inside... stepping over the bodies of the stormtroopers that he and Chewbacca shot down on their way in.

Chewbacca and Han made a plan, they pulled their charges and started planting them. "We'll make back here." Chewie agreed with a soft Rrrrooowl.

When Kylo appeared, Han's eyes fell on him crossing the catwalk. Leia had given him a stern request. 'Bring our son home.'

"BEN!" Han shouted, his boots stepping up onto the walkway, his eyes locked on the dark figure that was crossing it to the other side.

Rey worked to help Finn get the doors open and when they did it, she looked back to him with a satisfied grin. "Lets go." She says to him while she rushes to her feet and picks up her blaster weapon from the pipe she'd hung it on. The door opened back out into the cold and Rey rushes out into it, it was bonechilling for her, to say the least.

The dark figure crossing the walkway stops as Han calls the name into the void, his feet falling silent. Turning on his heel, he faces the legend walking toward him, the personification of the past. His mask stares coldly back, a chrome wall of expressionless, ominous foreboding. He doesn't yet respond, and the silence around him speaks for him, signaling the conflict already raging inside him.

"Is that...?" Finn freezes; he doesn't have to ask. Instinctively, a hand goes out to stop Rey - Kylo Ren stands in the middle of the walkway across from Han. He opens his mouth to speak, but the words and breath are caught in his throat, closed tighter by fear than by a chokehold of the Force. His hand closes around the railing in front of him, he doesn't take another step.

"Han Solo," the figure finally speaks in the harsh vocoded voice. "I've been waiting for this day for a long time." His tone is flat, dispassionate, almost businesslike, but he's not able to totally rid his voice of the emotion threatening to rip through.

When Finn and Rey enter the chamber from above, with Chewbacca looking down as well from the level beneath them... they'll all hear Han speak out.

"Take off that mask, you don't need it." His booming voice echoing through the chamber with the sounds of the fight going on outside beyond and the cold whipping in from behind Finn and Rey where that blast door shines a beam of the dying star into the chamber down onto the pathway.

Han walks toward Kylo. The pair of them sharing words.

Rey rushes into the base with Finn at her side. She stares over the guard railing and down at the catwalk... panic streaks across her eyes and she takes sight of Chewbacca down below, as well as Stormtroopers lining the exterior areas. Rey spares a glance over to Finn and then looks back down to where Han and the dark robed man are. Emotions inside her were conflicting, she wanted to shout and she wanted to rush to Han's aide... but she restrained herself. Han was smart, he was an experienced soldier. He knew what he was doing, right?

"What do you think you'll see if I do?" Kylo responds immediately, not moving any closer. He stays rooted in place on the bridge, the mask staring back at the older man. "The face of a monster? Is that what you came for?" A handful of stormtroopers quietly have filed in and around, lining up blasters with quiet whines of activation, but none dare to take the shot.

Finn can't take his eyes away from the scene, from Kylo. The dark, menacing figure that haunts the fears of troopers, a name used like the boogeyman to keep children in line. With an attempt at a steadying breathe, it catches uselessly at the revelation of 'my son'. He stares, fixed to the spot.

Han took steps closer to him. "No." He responded. "I'll see the face of my son." He shot back, making sure that his words rang true and with conviction.

Han moved to meet Kylo face to face and they spoke further. "Snoke will destroy you, the moment he gets what he wants." He reached out for Kylo. "Come with me. We miss you." His voice was soft, his heart was in it but he was afraid. Han was doing this for Ben, but he was also doing this for Leia... but something felt off, even still, he was never good at expressing himself through words, not like this.

The man in the mask stands in silence for a moment, but then his hands lift to the helmet, and deactivates the seals with a hiss, freeing his head from its confines with an upward pull and leaving him free to meet Han Solo's eyes. "Your son- is dead." Swallowing his emotions, he pushes forward, holding the helmet in his hand. "He was weak and foolish, like his father. So I destroyed him. There's nothing left of him now." Taking a dead breath, he raises his chin, but keeps his eyes on the other man. "The Supreme Leader is wise. He will bring order to galaxy, and I will help him do it." His refutation, almost adolescent in its knowingly misplaced conviction. The smuggler hasn't stopped walking, and in a few more moments, they're standing face to face, the younger man fighting to hold back tears. "I am being torn apart. I know what I have to do," he says, blinking, his hands shaking. "But I don't know that I have the strength to do it. Will you help me?"

Han holds that hand out and tips his chin back. He watches the conflict brew inside of his son and it tears him apart just witnessing it.

"Yes." He replies to the question for help. "Anything."

Han's eyes fall down to the lightsaber when its unclipped from the belt, he sees the helmet on the catwalk between their feet and then reaches out to take hold of the saber hilt by its center.

Han, if given the saber, planned to toss it over the edge of the catwalk and let it disappear into the abyss below... he pulled, but felt resistance.

The sunlight beaming in from above behind Finn and Rey fades, its shining illumination was on Kylo's face, and it fell to nothing but darkness.

The lightsaber offered out to Solo, Kylo waits for him to take it, but when he does, the gloved hand does not give up its grasp. When the light is finally swallowed, and the weapon is charged, the eyes that closed open again, and he drops his mask to the walkway. Before the echo fades from the chamber, freed of its cargo, his other hand moves quickly to the hilt, twists it a bit further, and ignites the saber.

The sputtering gout of furious red energy instantly surges forth, and as it crackles and spits behind Han's body, Kylo whispers, voice shaking, "Thank you." Pushing the blade in further, he pulls it back out, taking in a deep breath of air, his whole body shaking with the burden of what he's done.

No.... Finn turns to see the light fading, and the panic sinks deeper into his chest than he knew possible. "We have to go." He whispers to Rey in a hush, his gaze jerking, horrified, back toward Kylo and Han. He isn't paying the troopers any mind, not yet.

And then a blinding flash of red.

Finn gasps, staggering backwards as the saber bursts through Han Solo.

Han's body was shook by the lightsaber beam when it pierced through him. His calm facial expression turned to restrained pain. He didn't cry out though, he didn't utter a single sound.

He stared at his son's face, the clenched muscles inside his body went slowly softer, slowly he relaxed.

Han's left hand came up and he placed it lightly against the side of Ben's face. He'd lived a long life, tried to do what he felt was best, he fought for what he believed in and defended those he cared for as much as he could.

Even in this moment, he didn't hate Ben. He pittied him, and he felt badly for not being a better father to his boy.

The smuggler's fingertips slipped from Ben's face and the Smuggler himself slipped from the walkway, glided and tumbled over the edge into the foggy abyss beneath them.

Chewbacca--however--roared! His bowcaster shot up and he squeezed the trigger aimed right for Kylo Ren! The giant wookiee started back peddaling as the Stormtroopers rushed him, he pulled up the detonators and slammed on the button!

Explosions started to rock the entire complex from all the bombs that he and Han had placed!

Rey watches in fright and sudden hatred! She screams forward. "Noo!" At the sight she witnesses. She watches Han's body topple over the edge and disappear, she couldn't believe it... she'd just met and she thought-none of it mattered now?

Rey looked over to Finn as the explosions rocked their area. She felt a pull and she went with him, to leave the place... they had to meet up with Chewbacca now, he'd know what to do!

The bowcaster blast hit Kylo directly in the side of his body, and with a cry of pain and surprise, the young patricide falls to his knees, gasping for breath. Sucking down air, he turns his stare upward in time to see Rey and Finn start to leave. "Not this time," he hisses through gritted teeth.