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The Bread and Butter of the Resistance

OOC Date: Decenmber 18, 2017
Location: Res Bas, Nar
Participants: Cotai Da'Hosa, Rato Darsi, Hazar Jast

There is a kerfuffle around the hangar of the Resistance base. It isn't unusual, perhaps, but they're scrambling a small squad and alert regardless. People and aliens decked out in mostly browns, oranges, and whites scramble around while droids of all shapes and sizes zip and beep. It's a madhouse, honestly. With a roar four x-wings zip up and away, leaving the hangar with a sudden, nearly deafening, quiet. One of the mechanics, a ruddish red furred Bothan, steps back and slumps down on a cargo crate. She's near the main foot entrance of the docking station, wearing a lumpy and oversized brown jumper stained in grease and grime. Cotai Da'Hosa lifts a hand, running claws through the scruffy mop of fur on her head. "Kriffin' hell," she breathes and rolls her shoulders.

The sights and sounds of the hangar have Hazar Jast enraptured as he stands off to the side of the entrance to the docking bay, trying his best to stay out of the way unless needed for something. His eyes are wide and his mouth hangs slightly open as he watches the ships take off, very impressed with the way the flight line runs. After things slow down again he takes a moment to look over his surroundings, spotting the nearby mechanic and giving her a shy little smile, looking as though he's embarrassed to be caught transfixed by the show. Rather quietly, he asks, "Are you okay? Do you need anything?"

Cotai's ear flips towards Hazar a moment before her attention does. She looks ragged, yes, but her face splits into a thin, weary smile. "I'm okay," the Bothan insists as she scoots off the crate and stands. Her jumpsuit gets a genuinely lazy brush off and she perks. "Actually... you wanna help coil exhaust piping? It's actually kinda fun," Cotai assures, motioning at the large, white piping draped around the hangar floor. She leans to pick up the nearest one, wiggling it so it snake-dances along the floor to where it connects into the wall nearby.

"Sure, I'll give it a try," Hazar replies as his little smile turns into a big grin. "Just let me know if I'm doing anything wrong so I don't screw it up. I didn't get to spend a lot of time around ships back home." Then the young man gets to work, heading for the nearest white pipe so that he can try to figure out how to make it return to where it's stored. Slowly, clearly afraid of breaking something, he mimics Cotai's wiggling action. "Thanks for letting me help out. After my guard shift I couldn't figure out what to do with myself."

The pipes are large and hollow. Made mostly of a thick canvas material and coil wire to keep it's shape. "You know what these are for?" she prompts as she whips the piping so it starts to curl onto itself and towards the wall. "They're so we can connect them to the ship and they port out all the exhaust fumes so we're not..." Tai trails off and motions around vaugely. "Breathing in ship fumes. It is /not/ a high I'd recommend." The Bothan laughs. walking along and urging the coil more and more as she goes. "Where are you from?"

"I figured they did something like that," says Hazar with a chuckle, rocking very slightly from side to side in his mirth. "You don't need to worry about me trying to suck any exhaust. My folks made sure I didn't grow up that stupid." The piping in his hands is soon enough sliding towards it's storage hold as he seems to get the hang of things. "I'm from Coruscant. I just got here, though, just finished my training." He stands up proudly at that statement, beaming a smile. "Recruit Hazar Jast, at your service."

"Oooh, new guy," Cotai hums with a nod as she moves on to the next pipe. "I'm Cotai. Or Tai. I'm pretty new to the Resistance myself," she admits with a considering bob of her head from side to side. "To tell the truth I'm no ship expert. I'm actually a swoop racer and mechanic. But their similar enough that it's an easy transition." Once the coils are against the wall, Tai begins to open the hatches in the wall to store them. She motions for Hazar to push them in when he's ready. "Coruscant is nice. I've only been there once, but it beats Nar."

"It's nice to meet you, Tai," Hazar replies politely, still wearing a smile on his face. When given the go to put the coils away he does so, moving eagerly. "Oh? You're a swoop racer, too? That's really neat!" The young man is clearly very excited at that piece of knowledge. "I used to sneak off to watch swoop races when I was a kid. I wasn't allowed near them, though. Too dangerous." Then he nods his head, "A lot of Coruscant is really nice. I miss it already, but I'm excited to explore Nar Shadaa, too. I haven't left the base yet."

"Too?" Cotai inquires further, glancing over as she begins to close the hatch. "Yeah? They're fun to watch. I was on the Tatooine circuit mostly. Wasn't bad. Good enough to have to turn tail when I wouldn't race for the Hutts." She barks a slightly bitter laugh and eyes the kid with an approving nod at his work. "I'm a native so I can show you some of the moon if you want. There are a couple of fun places around here." She perks as a Rodian swings by and informs her when the squadron will be back. She snags the next coil and nods. "What's your specialty? Security?"

"You race and you're in the Resistance, right? I just think that's really something else," Hazar replies, still beaming his smile. "A native? Wow..." His interest has caused his eyes to go wide at Tai's words. "I'd love for you to show me around. I'd hate to get lost here, as much as it reminds me of Coruscant I don't think it'd do to go into the wrong place or step out of line around here." And then he shakes his head at the Bothan's question, "I'm just a grunt. Infantry. They've got me pulling guard duty here and training when we've got the time until it's time for an operation."

"Heh. I'd still be racing if I could," she assures with a grin to the human. Cotai motions him away from the walls. "You know how to drive a wedge?" she asks of him as she motions towards something resembling a fork lift. The Bothan circles around it. "I'm a hangar grunt, don't worry," the alien laughs. "We're the bread and butter of the Resistance, kid."

"It's too bad that you can't race any more. It looks like so much fun to me," the young man says with a faint frown on his face before looking at the strange machine in front of him. Hazar shakes his head from side to side, "No. I would probably crash it if I tried." Still, he takes a moment to admire the piece of hardware. Then he focuses on Tai once more, "I don't mind being a grunt. My parents were both soldiers in the Alliance and my father still serves in the New Republic. I'm just glad I have a chance to make a difference."

Cotai Da'Hosa snorts a laugh. "They move about as fast as a puffer turtle. Jump in. We've got time." She snaps her fingers into a point at the driver seat. "You're old Resistance blood," Cotai understands, sounding impressed. "I bet your folks have some serious good stories." There isn't a second seat to the bulky craft, so instead Cotai hooks a booted foot onto the lip of metal that hangs over the tread and hauls herself to hang on the side. "Three pedals. Right is go, middle is back up, left is stop," the Bothan instructs, pointing at the foot pedals. "You turn with the stick and those buttons lift the wedge... but I won't make you lift anything, don't worry."

"Roger," Hazar says when told to jump into the wedge. Moving as though unsure of himself it takes a moment before he's in it and seated, "Yeah. They've got all kinds of stories. I still like listening to them when I get the chance." Settling in on the seat he looks between Cotai and the controls, "Okay. I think I got it." His head nods up and down as he gets himself ready to drive, "Where we headed now?"

"Move it along that orange line," Cotai instructs as she indicates one of the painted lines on the hangar floor. "Don't blame you. My gramps just had stories about the Alliance here on Nar, wasn't even in it, and I still loved listening to those." She wraps her arm around one of the driver cage's poles to steady herself. "Get good at one of these. Sometimes it's really handy to have someone move it while a mechanic is stuck working on a ship issue. Can't be in two places, ya keen?" Cotai says with a smile, using some likely Bothan slang.

"Okay," Hazar says quietly when given his instruction, concentrating deeply on what he's doing. As the wedge moves slowly along it's path he says, "I hope some day I've got my own stories to tell, especially if I ever have kids." His eyes dart from where the piece of equipment is moving from to where it needs to be, "Hopefully I'll be able to help out here in the hangar some more. There's only so much time for training, after all." As he navigates along a little smile begins to form, "If I'm not working I'll stick my head in down here and see if I can help with anything."

"Hangar always needs hands," the Bothan admits with a smile. Cotai doesn't comment on living long, but there is a /slight/ concerned frown. Dangerous times. The pair are in a wedge. Little forklift like thing on treads. The hangar is quiet-ish for now as the crew hanging around waits for the return of the scrambled x-wings off on some minor mission. Cotai hangs off the side of the one-seater, helping Hazar drive. "You're getting the hang of it," she encourages him. "Late at night we have wedge-fights. Don't breathe a word of it to the Rodian over there, though," Cotai laughs, pointing at the dock captain.

Driving the vehicle is a new experience for the young Hazar Jast, but he seems to be coming to terms with it. Either the piece of equipment is slow or Hazar is taking his time to get it where it belongs. When told he's getting the hang of things he responds with, "Thank you." Looking at the fellow Cotai points at, Hazar's head bobs up and down in a nod, "Don't worry. I'll keep it to myself." He lets out a nervous little chuckle.

To those perceptive enough to be eyeing new arrivals to the docking section, a pair of blue and white 'horns' may seem out of place as Rato Darsi sweeps into the hangar. "Nah!" The Togruta hisses into her comm as she trot-runs ahead of her tail, a worn-out looking human male. She hasn't escaped probation yet. "Is /blue/!" Whomever she is yelling at on the other end of that staticky connection is having a bad time of it. Skirting behind the dock captain, wide, yellow eyes scan the hangar once.... Twice... Ah! There. Those on the wedge are going to be treated to the terrifyingly unhinged view of a grinning Togruta chasing after them, red arms pumping at her sides. With a grunt, she leaves her human in the dust and jumps up onto the back of the wedge. Dangerous? Yes. "Cotai!" She grins. "And New, hello. You are babysitters now, yes?" Still hanging off the back of the wedge, the intel officer waves a cybernetic hand at the panting male Resistance fighter. "Have babysitter! Is good! Have two!" Poor Hazar, this is the worst kind of promotion.

If it's slow going, Cotai doesn't seem to mind. She just hangs lazily onto the side and turns her attention to the orange strip before her. "So the lines on the ground are for the equipment stations of each squadron. We're on the Orange Squad's line right now. So if anyone asks you to bring something to them, follow those. Don't shortcut once you know the hangar, though. Otherwise you might run over someone on foot." She motions to the spans between the lines on the ground where foot traffic is safe to move around even in hectic situations. The glance away from Hazar causes her to spy Rato as she makes the leap. "Krif, Rat!" the Bothan parks, clinging to the craft as it bobs with the weight. There is a /slight/ groan in the back of her voice.

"What?" Hazar Jast asks the newcomer, looking over his shoulder quickly to the woman now on his wedge. His attention quickly snaps back forward so that he can pay attention to where he's going, gulping deep in his throat and trying to concentrate on driving. "Who am I babysitting?" There's a very worried expression on his face, but he does his best to keep the wedge moving along the line. Nodding, he replies to Tai, "Okay. I'll keep that in mind." Once more he checks over his shoulder at the Togruta lady, not sparing much time before he's back to concentrating on following the line on the ground.

"Me!" The intruder beams. "Lucky you." Rato Darsi awkwardly clambers over the back of the seat and drops in between the Bothan and the human, wiggling and shifting to fit. It's a tight squeeze, but Rato doesn't seem to mind that she's being obtrusive and generally awful. "Is slow, nah? So you are..." She eyes the forklift-type vehicle lazily as she digs her datapad from a deep pocket. "...Driver? Like Cotai?" Still no introduction, because why would she attempt social decency? No, this is much more fun. Rat eyes the Bothan with a little smirk.

"This is... Rato," Cotai says with a flat mouthed look back at Hazar. "She requires... supervision." The Bothan's muzzle wrinkles in a slightly teasing manner with a look back to the Togruta. "Pull it into that orange park square and shut it off," she instructs slightly distracted. "I was just showing Hazar here the ropes," Tai explains with a slight shrug. "He's new. Infantry." Then it occurs to her. "Rat, what do you even do here?"

Not quite freaking out, Hazar Jast tries his best to focus on keeping the wedge on it's course as Rato squeezes in against him. There's an almost panicked expression on his face as he drives the vehicle along it's line, "I'm just a grunt. Cotai's teaching me to drive this thing so I can help out around here when I'm not working or training." Slowly, he pulls the vehicle into the parking square and takes a second to remember how to turn it off again. "Nice to meet you, Rato. I'm Hazar Jast," he offers politely.

"Is me." There is a grin from the Togruta and she moves to pat at the newcomer's knee, so nervous, but her eyes are drawn to the vehicle's controls. So shiny. So many parts... No, bad junkrat. Bad. "Infantry?" She acknowledges belatedly, tearing her glance away in order to pass a look between the two with a sharp-toothed grin. She raises a hand in the universal gesture for 'pew-pew'. "Good! We are needing more cogs in these machines. How are your teeth, Hazar Jast?" Ignore her. Her commlink buzzes and crackles obnoxiously, and she switches it off with a hiss. Hopefully it wasn't important. "You are lucky, Cotai doesn't teach me these things. Is good skills - but Rato? I am intelligence. Demoted lieutenant." There is a sharp laugh; she doesn't seem chargrined by her demotion nor the probation that accompanies it.

"Right, right," Cotai hums, flapping a hand at the Togruta and steps off the wedge as soon as it's parked. "Good job, kid. You even survived a rogue Togruta. Impressive." She rounds the front of the wedge and crosses her arms to glance between Rato and Hazar. "Rat is great in a bad situation," Tai insists to Hazar. Get her on your good side, if you can." Her face picks up in a smile.

Gulping again as his knee gets patted, Hazar Jast nods a couple of times and smiles uncertainly, "My teeth are good." His head tilts slightly to the side as he looks at Rato, but he doesn't speak yet. Instead he slides down from the wedge and looks over the machine and how he ended up parking it. "I'm glad to be able to help out here however I can, ma'am." Then his attention turns to Cotai, "Thank you. You're a good teacher." At her next statement he looks back to Rato and he nods, "It's really nice to know you, then, ma'am. I've got your back if you need it."

There is another laugh from the rogue Togruta as Rat slips out of the wedge. "Hah! No 'ma'am', but am flattered." She joins them in eyeing the parking job, but the barefoot woman really isn't the best for gauging this sort of thing. And... Is that a blush? A pleased thrum that vibrates through the pigments of her montrals in the subtle widening of blues? No, it couldn't be. Rato is above such appeals to flattery... Right? "You will be having my back soon enough, I am imagining. Or the other ways rounds." She grins. "I am the voice in your ears, no? Lucky you." Rounding abruptly on Cotai, Rat eyes her up and down. "You are better now, yah? Look good."

"Tai, Rato," the Bothan says their names at the mention of ma'am, motioning at herself and the Togruta in turn. "I'm no officer and Rato is... kinda not. Right now." Her nose wrinkles and she side glances at her friend. Cotai eyes Rato suspiciously, ears turning back /just/ slightly. "Huh? Oh, yeah. Valko patches a mean bacta, huh?" She rubs the spot that had been hit over the jumpsuit she wears and shrugs. "I still have a shaved patch of fur, though. It's going to look stupid forever."

"Okay, no ma'ams, then," Hazar agrees with the woman with a little smile on his face, maybe beginning to look a little bit at ease after the invasion of his wedge. "I look forward to working with you either way. I'm just excited about getting out into the field." At Cotai's instruction on names the young human nods, "I got it. I figured you were enlisted when I saw you in the coveralls, but I heard the word lieutenant and I got a little excited, I guess. Better to shoot high than to risk screwing something up."

She doesn't mention the little ear flick that she earns from the Bothan, but at the mention of shaved fur, Rat raises her cybernetic arm with a fiendish grin. "Could be worse, yah?" Metal fingers give a little wiggle. Nervous newbie gets a long, searching look before the Togruta nods, once. "Hah! Am just 'private', now. With babysitters. What is your specialty, infantry grunt?" She questions, abandoning decorum to pace a circle around him before coming to rest beside Cotai once more. Was that a sniff? That was definitely a sniff.

"I'd rather lose an arm than be completely bald," Cotai warns, tucking her chin to her neck to indicate the severity of the idea. "Can you imagine?" The Bothan rubs her furry face and then looks back to Hazar. "Bet you're good with that blaster," Cotai says as she attempts to shake the image of a shaved Bothan out of her mind. "Maybe we can convince the boss lady to let us take the kid out on a mission. Easy one. If you're allowed, Rat."

The woman looking him over earns a nervous little smile from Hazar as he endures Rato's look patiently, trying not to look too out of place and failing. "I'm just an infantryman. I go where I'm told, shoot who I'm told and try not to die. Though this is kind of my first day doing actual work since I finished training." Then he looks over towards Cotai and nods his head, "I'm pretty good with a blaster. Better with a rifle than a pistol, but I can usually hit the broad side of a bantha either way." Excitedly he says, bouncing just a little bit, "I'd love to go on a mission, though!"

Rato Darsi cringes. "Ugh, yah I am agreeing with you on this thing." There is a /twinkle/ in those predator's eyes at the mention of a mission, all thoughts of shaved Bothans drifting out of mind. "/Yah/. Have just the one, no?" She pulls up a string of data on her datapadd; names, numbers, coordinates, and a whole lotta gibberish flashing over and over on the screen. Some repeat, most do not. "Have reports of First Order spies in Tatooine, of all places. Is little strange, no? Of course, could be wrong but..." She shrugs. "I am sure that cranky Greystorm will be okay with this, so long as I am having babysitters." She's still sleeping underneath Amber's bunk, regardless. It hasn't been terrible.

"Tatooine?" Cotai asks, her body lifting as she perks. Her bob tail even wags a touch. Ugh, Bothans. "If there is a mission to Tat, I'm gonna be on it." She rocks on her heels. "We might need another few to count for a proper babysitting force, but..." Tai's face splits with a smile. "We need to do that. Absolutely. You in, Haz? We'll let you carry the rifle!"

Eyes wide in surprised, Hazar looks between Rato and Cotai a few times before his gaze settles on the Togruta, "That was fast." His head tilts slightly to one side, "I guess it really pays to be friends with the intelligence people." Suddenly he's full of questions, "When would we leave? How do we get there? Should I bring my full kit?" The young man looks like he'd be willing to go at that moment. Looking at Tai a smile appears and he replies excitedly, "I'm definitely in!"

"Am fast." Rat agrees with a self-satisfied grin. She ticks off the answers to Haz's questions as they come: "soon, we get pilot, yes." She turns to flick a metal finger at the Bothan. "We need driver. You are good in the sands, yes? Just at home." A smirk. "Bring water, shady things. I ping when we can leave, yes? Just need to - ah... Beg Greystorm small bit." Darsi isn't in the best graces. "Agreeable, yah? Is good."

Cotai Da'Hosa holds up her hands, starting to realize their excitement. "I'm /amazing/ in the sand," she scoffs, looking mildly offended at Rat even asking. "We need to get Greystorm's approval first," Cotai says as she remembers her original point. "But if it's an easy, low threat mission... I don't see why we couldn't volunteer, huh?" The /tentative/ hope seems to comfort Cotai more and she settles back on her heels. "Should you ask, Rat, or me?"

"Okay!" Hazar Jast exclaims happily when Rato finishes speaking. "This is really good. I can't wait to go on a mission with you guys." There's a little bit of a nod as he whispers to himself, "Water and hot weather gear." Then he looks over to Cotai to watch her talk, nodding when reminded that they still need permission to go. His excitement has died down a little bit, he's no longer on the verge of boucing again, but it's evident that it's still there.

"Good, because sand and Togruta - ah..." Rato gives a little shudder. "We are not getting along as nicely. I have not been seeing so much sand since I visit Jakku, was not good time." There is another shudder as her pigments contract, further betraying her displeasure at the prospect. "Is nowhere to hide, is dry... Eesh. But! Cotai is good in the sands." She winks at the Bothan and taps the side of her nose. "I can be taking care of Greystorm. Is not so scary when you hear how loud she snore, yah?"

Cotai Da'Hosa's muzzle screws up in a small, amused smile. She crosses her arms and gives Rato the /eye/ conveying the two share a secret of sorts. Cotai looks a little put out by the Togruta in the nicest of ways. "Seriously? She snores?" Cotai remarks, turning her ears as the Rodian starts to call for the deck crew to be ready for squad returns. She doesn't seem stirred into action just yet. "Get some training in, too, kid," Tai says to Hazar as she turns to lean on the wedge. "Target and physical."

Quietly, Hazar watches the Togruta woman speak, nodding slightly here and there without worrying about doing any talking of his own. He still seems impressed by everything that's going on around him. Looking to Cotai he nods, "I will." His excitement starts up again, "I'll be sure to spend as much time training as I can." Another little bounce sneaks out of him as he thinks on everything that's happening, "I'm so glad I met you guys! You let me drive the wedge and now you're letting me go on a mission. This is so neat!"

Balancing her datapadd on her fully cybernetic hand, the organic and cybernetic fingers of her other one fly over the screen. "I am making message out to Greystorm now." Rato hums, bobbing her head as she types and sending the akul fang swinging and bouncing against her cheek. If she is charmed by Hazar's excitement, it only shows as the shadow of amusement - she's all business, obviously. "She is granting this, I am hoping so." With a final nod, she stuffs the device back into a pocket beneath her ridiculous poncho. "I need trainings, too. I get weak with exploring guild, too academic, yah?" At the sound-off from the dock captain, she eyes the Rodian. "This guy hate me, psh-a. You are helping unload return squad, Tai-fighter?"

"Permission first," Cotai reminds Hazar with an exaggerated wag of her finger and a pointed look to Rat's datapad. It's in jest, mostly, and she folds back her ears to give them both a pleased smile. "Krif. I should up my target practice up too, I guess." She absently pats at the almost comically large jumper (hey, Bothans are on the small side), frowning when she remembers she doesn't her blaster out on the dock. "Corr is all talk, no play," she teases with Rat at the Explorer's remark. Suddenly the landing alarms sound and Cotai's ears fly back up. "Krif, I gotta shore up the ramps," Tai huffs and hangs her hands in the air. "Okay. We'll work this out. I'm itching to get off Nar." The looks she shoots Hazar is almost apologetic. "I know you just got here, but... it's Nar."

"I really hope I get to go if it gets approved," Hazar says with a big nod, unable to shake his excited look. His attention swings to Rato and he pipes up again, "I can help you out if you'd like. I might be able to give you some pointers." Then he looks at Cotai again and grins, "It's okay. I'll have plenty of time to explore here after we get back." Then he looks around as everyone suddenly gets busy and tries to find a place where he'll be out of the way, "I should get out of here, shouldn't I?"

"Permission first." Rat agrees with a laugh. "And aye, Corrrr is good human, but I am misguided for have followed him out." A glance at Hazar. "Is long story. Either ways, need trainings." Probation, sleeping under Ambrosia's bunk, etc. As the dock erupts into activity, she reaches up to cheekily flick at one of the Bothan's ears. Mmm, soft. "Nah, you can watch them all scurry with Rato." The Togruta grins at Hazar and picks her way carefully to perch atop a stack of crates. "Need babysitter, after all."

Cotai Da'Hosa reaches into one of the stupid big pockets on the stupid big jumpsuit and fishes out a pair of sound-muffling transducer headsets. Tai bobs her head at Rat's offer of watching. "Yeah! Do that. Watch froooom... the side of the bay in there," she motions to the back of the room. Rat gets a thumbs up as Cotai snaps the muffs over her ears. Suddenly her voice raises a few ticks as she sounds muffled to herself. "Yeah. They'll be back in twenty seconds. Dunno what they were up to, though. They don't tell me krif, ya keen?" Behind her, the landing lights start to pop on in the mostly dark hangar. Tai grins, jogging backwards while still doing the thumbs up before turning to scuttle and get the unloading ramps ready.

"Sure!" Hazar replies to Rato when told that he watch the show with his new acquaintance. He follows her over to the crates and finds a spot to stand where he's not on any of the paint on the floor or likely to be in someone's way when things pick up in earnest when Tai points them to a better spot. So that's where he goes, trying to be as good about everything as he can be. As he prepares to view the returning ships he speaks some more, "Things really get busy here in a hurry. The spaceports back home seem boring compared to all this."

"Am...Keen. I think." The Togruta tilts her head curiously. She raises her voice for the Bothan. "Surveillance run!" She answers, the all knowing rat behind the curtains. Intel dudes. With a smirk toward the human, she shrugs. "Need be in hurry when everything shooting at you, eh?" Rato grins, watching Cotai trounce away with a return-thumbs up flashed at the Bothan as she does. "Any minute, guns pointed. Stick on toes, eh? Always been." When directed to a better spot, the Togruta moves to leap from the crates, but all those low-hanging doo-dads, boxes, and ship parts make it difficult for the horned sentient. Instead, she accomplishes an undignified controlled fall and lands on all fours. Totally meant to do that the whole time, right? Right. Don't mention it. Slipping into a nook near the back, she gestures at Hazar. "So, where is it you are coming from?" She could pull up the personel file, but where's the fun in that?

"Yep. Can't waste any time in a battle," Hazar replies to the Togruta with a smile. After having watched her pull off something of a graceful landing. "I'm from Coruscant. My folks were soldiers in the Alliance and they got stationed there after the war." His chin lifts in her direction, "How about you? Where are you from?" His hands rest on his hips and he leans forward a little bit, ready to watch the incoming vessels.

"Shili." The answer is short and coupled with a frown as Rato watches the unloading, catching sight of the Bothan bustling to and fro. Idly, she flicks her comm back to life - and is awarded the sound of screeching. "Ah, baka." She whips it to her face and begins chattering excitedly into it, languages mashing occassionally. "I said blue! I said blue! Why you screaming? N'atchi a'tacka te! /Blue/, blue, blue!" She groans, and stuffs reaches to cuff Hazar on the shoulder. "Must make run!" Trying to catch Cotai's eye as she leaves, the Togruta raises a hand, mouthing 'sorry!' as she snags a passing fighter. "You! Babysit, come this way." She barks at the Sullustan and drags the poor lady down a hallway.