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The Chancellor's Memorial

OOC Date: September 12, 2021
Location: Chandrila
Participants: Septima Carnine, Jax Greystorm, Ambrosia Greystorm, Zelo Parrai, Vhe Tenara, Rey Skywalker, Ewan Eroh, Ulani Kalgaav

The death of the Chancellor had come at a time that was not expected. Not that anyone was expecting the Chancellor to die at any point soon. Things had seemed to be going well for the New Republic. They were signing an armistice and now...now they had no Chancellor and there was a new group claiming to be the Sith Empire that was here to plague the Galaxy. Everyone had their problems though!

There are a lot of politicians and diplomats that are lining the areas of Unity Park. A lot of people have talked on the Chancellor and most of the speeches have felt cookie cutter or off the cuff. There are aides running back and forth, fetching drinks for Senators and those that are visiting.

There's plenty of people here to elbow rub with, or just mooch grants from if people are looking for that sort of thing!

There was no sense of personal knowledge of the Chancellor other than the basics that most of the civilians of the Republic understood so Vhe really has nothing to say that could bring greater understanding of the political figure. Vhe mingles, offering faint smiles as she sips at some colorful juice that has made its way into her hand. The simple linen tunic and pair of pants seem rather unrefined unlike that which is worn by most of the other attendees.

Her wild curls are restrained by a colorful scarf wrapped several times about the crown of her head so that she looks less out of place. But only just a little.

Her eyes scan the gathered for a familiar face but when she does not immediately find one she affords herself the moment to people watch and sip at her drink.

Dressed in a long, unadorned black dress, Ulani enters solemn-faced and slow paced. Red hair pulled back into a simple bun, she has kept her overall attire plain and respectful. Having not known the Chancellor and only recently joined the New Republic as a whole, the loss hits her heavily nonetheless. Lives lost. An armistance dissipated. A new threat looming. A lot of unknown factors and a dark cloud over the Core Worlds. She hasn't said much. She doesn't know what to say. It almost feels like she has no place to say anything. So she watches the proceedings attentively.

Rey has been in attendance for a little while now. She did not have much of a relationship with the Chancellor beyond speaking to him in the early days of the reformed New Republic. He'd wanted to meet her and they'd had a bit of time together to speak on the subject of the JEdi, the future of the Jedi and how the Republic could help her. He'd helped, there was a fleet in Devaron to provide protection to the Jedi Temple there... a base in the small town not far from it... the Republic was there, and it was because of the Chancellor.

Rey stands off to the side near some of those from the Resistance she's known for quite some time now. She has her white clothing on, but wears a dark brown Jedi robe over it, with short belled sleeves that hang down over her wrists. She has her hair tied back in a pair of looped braids that hang from the back of her headd. She is speaking here and there to those with her and offering subdued smiles and nods to those she sees and recognizes.

Speech....speech...flat joke....speech...obligatory speech of former political rival, complete with something dangerously on the border of ingenuous glimmering in the eye...speech...cliche morale boosting pep talk...tearful, more heartfelt words of kin...obligatory speech...

General Greystorm stood through them all. Not that she had much personal investment, but there's a downside to every job. The old battleaxe maintained an air of stoicism for the duration of the memorial formalities, complete with leading the Army contingent in a farewell salute. Minus the riflework. Something about firing empty rounds into the sky of a pretty park in honor of a Chancellor who died during ceasefire talks seemed....off.

At least now her ears can take a small rest. Tune out the exchange of pleasentries that go 'round.

Having broken away from her COs and NCOs and all the gruntlings who follow their lead, Ambrosia sees about fetching her own damn drink. Maybe add a little something extra to her 'juice'.

There are refreshment tables set up for those seeking a break from the ceremony. It is clearly something that the Vice Chancellor wanted done and there are a few of the Senators and Representatives that look rather bored with all of this. There's also a few representatives that are absent from this. Not that it's a huge deal. They just had other business to tend to. And there are Senators who are letting others use this for their own functions. Someones already offering up nominations for a new Chancellor and security has to usher them offstage.

"The sharks are circling." someone comments to another guest in passing. Saying it loud enough to be heard by others.

Idly standing still at the side of things, Vhe catches a loose string on her clothes and tries to give it a hearty tug to relieve herself of the stray strand quickly. Unlike many somber colors the woman with the wild scarf restrained hair is in anything but. Brilliant, she sticks out like a sore thumb as she furrows her brows and attempts to pull on the thread again. It unvravels, leaving her frustrated as she tries to juggle her drink to pin the thread against her arm with a finger and give another tug.

The result is juice sloshing over the sides of the glass and down upon her sandaled feet. A wrinkling of her nose follows as she lowers her glass back to her side and extends her foot out to give it a shake. Some strange ritual of mourning? Flick. Flick. Flick.

Ulani doesn't know most of these people. She doesn't see any other Black Squadron members yet and as for politicians, she only recognizes Septima from the shoreline clean-up. It's her own fault for watching too many romance holofilms and not enough breaking news updates, perhaps.

Holding onto a glass of wine, the young woman sips at it every once in a while, giving a polite nod to those who look her way only for them to realize they don't recognize her and -- worse -- she's not a person of influence. So to they do their best not to roll their eyes as they quickly turn away to find someone of more use.

That suits her fine, really. Ulani hangs at the edge of the crowd watching the hobs rub elbows with the nobs. Occassionally remembering why they were here to begin with. Or at least remembering to act like they remember why they were here.

Jax had been here to do his duty as a jedi, a Republic Agent, or Greystorm. Though as the important people broke up to do their thing and drinks to be had. Jax catches sight of his mother and goes on a intercpt with the old General. Then without a word he reaches inside his hooded cloak and produces a flask discrettly but just that and nothing more. He did fight the urge to wave the flask around but he passes it to Amber.

Ewan had only a passing knowledge of the chancellor, insofar as sometimes the Jedi were brought into the orbit of such a figure. He was here to study and peoplewatch. For the moment, he was doing so from a place where he could acquire something to drink. Something blue. Politics... more like a dogfight with ideas. This made him somewhat of a voyeur in the proceedings.

Of course it would be a day such as this that Zelo Parrai finds himself running late. A last-minute snag with his employer's ship had left him across the galaxy with little time to spare. Not everyone is always thrilled to see a Mandalorian, but this one has done his best to clean up well. The gleaming blue armor is cleaned and polished to a high shine, and his custom-forged helm is carried under one arm out of respect for the memory of a public servant. A confident step is countered by a nervous smile that twists at the corner of the Nautolan's mouth. Cobalt blue skin with midnight whorls and spirals dancing across it shows no sign of a blush as some look at him for a late joining of the event, if an unarmed one. Black-pool eyes look for one person in particular, and - spying her - the pilot makes gentle and excusable progress in her direction.

"On Glee Anselm, we dance in rememberance of those we have lost... Usually underwater though," he adds in a quiet tone, stepping up beside Vhe with a glance down to the flicking motion she's expertly practicing. "Is this a Chandrilan custom, Vhe?" His smile grows much less hesitant having found the one he sought, black-pool eyes reflecting across the rest of the gathered crowd. He knows few beyond the occasional passing, but old habits say to keep an eye out.

A warm smile suddenly lights up Vhe's face as Zelo approaches and she is left to notice just how odd the flicking of her foot is in that very moment. Her lips part and close before she glances around and says softly over her drink. "I mean we could make it a custom, I am sure if enough people do something others just follow because they think it means something." Looking bemused she settles her foot back down and turns to him, "It is good to see you made it, I was wondering if you would. I personally did not know the Chancellor so you less likely so but glad to have the company."

She sips from her juice as her eyes slip over Ulani and then Ambrosia. Rey is found in the mix and receives a wave of her hand in greeting. Jax much the same as she watches them brielfy interact but not catching the details behind it.

"Did business conclude well?"

"That's my boy," Ambrosia mutters quietly and brushes her forearm in passing with Jax's. The flask is palmed accordingly. Not that it mattered or anyone would look twice, let alone voice concern to her face. Said face IS considerably less bruised, no longer swollen than last time the eldest Greystorm child saw her. Hadrix's handiwork is little more than a good memory, now.

"Y'think the Order threw a party this nice for theirs?" She wags the flask once before it upends into the contents of a cup taken from a beverage table. "When I'm gone, don't bother. Just dig me a hole someplace and leave."

Jax considers for a moment at the question. "Depends on who's running things these days over there. If they like him, then he getting speeches and a statues. Though I somehow doubt it." At Amber's statment about just dig a hole and leave her, Jax smiles. "Hopfully that won't be for a while. But there is no death, only the force." He turns to look at the audience, "You're going to have to take it up with Dad and my sister. Dad will probably throw a wake or something. If it's not murder sucide." There was a chance with the couple. Then he says, "And they'll probably throw up a staute up of you somewhere."

When it comes to be her time to speak, Rey had separated herself from those within the old Resistance crews and made her way to the speaking area. She wasn't sure how many people in attendance could recognize who she was on physical appearance alone, but it was ultimately irrelevent to her. She waits to be acknowledge by the staff maintaining the order here and then proceeds to the microphone when its her turn.

She keeps her hands together in front of her and looks out over the faces here. "Hello." She says to the crowd, her voice carrying across them. Her eyes glance up to the hovering droid that projects the voice across the crowd, an unusual feeling when its being done to you!

Her eyes go back to the audience then and she exhales softly, steeling her nerves being in front of this many eyes.

"I'm Rey. I'm with the restored Jedi Order, and I'm here to pay my thanks to Chancellor Darrohe." She starts off. "I first met him on the world of Bothawui. The Resistance performed operations on that world, and... for me, I had a very enlightening experience that greatly altered my path within the Jedi order. Chancellor Darrohe... Then merely a member of the local government... came to me to thank me for my efforts in the large scale engagement that took place in Bothawui's atmosphere. I felt his words to be honest and heartfelt, and when I heard he was chosen to be the Chancellor after the Battle of Exegol I was... excited, for the future of the Republic."

A pause is taken then as Rey scans over the audience again before she raises a hand to adjust the loose strands of her hair. "I'm not familar with the politics of the galaxy. I grew up on a backwater planet that no news travelled to that didn't come filtered through the mouths of smugglers, and other unsavory types. It wasn't until I left, shortly before the Starkiller incident that I began to experience the state of the galaxy. It didn't seem great, to say the least..."

She smirks faintly and briefly before continuing. "Chancellor Darrohe was a good soul, a good Chancellor to bring the Republic back from the ashes, and I believe he did just that without question. His efforts to push away the ashes, and plant anew a governmental body that could grow strong again, regain its footing and push forward toward defeating the evils that our societies face on a daily basis. His efforts were obvious, and stand true today and now. We have gained so much back... and he helped us get out of the dark and back.. in to the light."

She gives a quick smile then before adding. "He believed in the Jedi Order. Something not many of you may know a lot about, beyond rumor and myth. I'm here to say that, in his honor, the Jedi Order is growing strong again, and our resolve to pursue the freedoms, and safety of the Republic's denizens is growing ever more stronger because of good leaders and great people such as chancellor Darrohe."

"Thank you, and keep your faith, keep your Hope, the light grows ever brighter each day the more we work together."

Rey will step aside then and proceed back in the direction she came from.

It's getting more and more awkward as Ulani listens to the passing conversations and prattle. Feeling like a fish out of water, but she's here to be supportive and to truly mourn what could have been an end to the conflict. The very thing she came to Chandrila for. Risked it all for. More of the wine is sipped and she catches bits here and there. Chandrila customs. Chancellor elections. And Ambrosia End-of-Life plan. That gets a sudden snort from Ulani, surprising even herself. She quickly takes another drink so no one will notice.

Then a woman whom Ulani hasn't met is speaking and Ulani gives her the attention it deserves. Red brows furrow a bit at the mention of the Jedi: curious if a bit confused. What she knew of the Jedi wasn't good. Then again, what she knows of the Jedi was told to her through a very warped filter. But if they're going to fight for freedom and peace, then they must be a friend of hers, as well.

It seemed inappropriate to clap, so Ulani finishes her glass of wine in a toast to the words.

Septima is here, she is just staying away from most of the other politicians and others that have come to Chandrila to partake in the ceremonies. She wasn't unkind, she just felt that she was not very much needed in the proceedings given she had no real interest in trying to brown nose others. She is towards the back of things and listenings to those that go up to talk. Mekil leans in every so often and whispers something to her.

The audience quiets considerably when Rey gets up to speak though, all eyes turning to take in the Jedi that has walked up to the podium to speak for the Chancellor. There is a moment of silence between the womans last word and the first clap of applause that follow it. Apparently people appreciated the words that were given!

Zelo grins at the conspiratorial idea of starting a custom just for the sheer fun of it. It would certainly bring some levity to what seems somewhat determined to be a somber affair. He looks down to his boots, lifts one off the ground and tries the flicking motion. Flick. Flick-flick. "It could work," the Nautolan nods. "I'm glad I could as well. There was some trouble with one of the ASP droids and a Rodian who backed into the way and spilled... Something caustic. Some maintenance, some down-talking." A gloved hand was raised and sent the incident dismissively away. "Everything went well, all in all. Nobody was injured, and the droid has a better-than-new upgrade now."

The pilot looks around, getting an eye for the refreshments, likely to find something in the way of a cool beverage. "I don't believe I've met more than a handful of people so far, but... Did the chancellor have anything to do with the volunteer forces we saw at Ryloth, or Sullust?" His line of question pauses as someone steps up to offer eulogy. At the mention of Jedi, a glance is offered to Vhe by way of internal referencing; it sounded as though he was indeed an ally to some.

"It sounds as though he was a good man." Zelo adds finally after Rey's speech had concluded. "Or, at least, he committed good deeds." He looks to Vhe's glass. "If I seek some refreshment, can I bring you anything as well?" As applause sparks up, Zelo lifts hands to join. An odd custom, but perhaps things are just that different here.

A snort blows around the rim of the General's cup. "Yeah. On the prow of a prison barge." Her already sobering expression turns that much more stern for a moment, aiming her best frown at the proceedings. Y'know. Practicing for the statue.

It softens slightly when Rey's voice begins to broadcast and the graying rebel shifts her footing enough to watch. MMm. Bothawui. It'd been an interesting time there. It was one of very few times Amber bore witness to Leia's temper getting the best of her, luring her toward favoring a dark decision. Decisions that were usually left up to Black Ops to complete. Wetwork. It had been the one time in their decades' of acquaintanceship/friendship that General Organa and Ambrosia Greystorm were mentally riding the same wavelength.

It had felt good. But wrong.

Ambrosia lifts her cup at speech's end, drains it, and leaves it on the table whence she'd plucked it. Polished boots trail along after Rey's departing figure with regimented step.

"As far as I know it is most likely he did. So noting too amiss that needs sorting when we get back, right?" Vhe asks of Zelo faintly, glancing aside as Rey steps up to speak. A brow arches and she goes quiet, turning her attention away from the nautolan to listen to what is being said. A nod of her head, some brief understanding and Vhe mmmms faintly in regards to what is said. In any case when Rey is done her hands come up to clap for the speech.

"Me? Oh no, I am good. I figured I would just try to blend in," she begins, though the comment is ironic given her choice of attire, "I was going to time myself by how long it took me to nurse this and be on of the crowd. I honestly wish I knew more about the Chancellor, sadly I knew very little. Something I should probably change living on Chandrila as I do." Though she quiets again, watching the General follow Rey.

Jax finds himself a glass of nondoctored juice. He takes a sip and shakes his head. "Uh-huh." He'd been on the recieving end of the frown since before he was a teenager. He's immune to it to a lesser degree. He takes a drink of his juice. Then as Rey speaks he falls silent and listens. Then he says, "You know I never met the Chancellor." Catching sight of others that he knows he raises his glass. Then he looks back at Mom, "Did you find what you were looking for?"

For the most part, Ewan simply watched Rey give her speech. A small clapping of his palm to the wrist holding his drink is given, barely audible. It wasn't meant to be heard by anyone. He's able to catch Jax's glance, and raises similarly a small glass of his something blue in salutation.

You've received a +nom from Ambrosia Greystorm. +nom/pending to review.

On her way back toward the group oformer Resistance soldiers, Rey spots Amber and smiles at the General as she walks with her. Rey pauses to let her catch up. "Its good to see you again, General." Rey offers to Amber. "I wish it were under better circumstances, of course, but all the same..." She nods once vaguely before inhaling a quick breath. "Have you been keeping up with Jax's progress? He's been quite the help to the Jedi Order, if you haven't heard." She glances up to see Jax not too far away and offers him a nod, along with Ewan that she catches not far from him.

A messenger approaches the area where Septima is standing with Mekil and the bodyguard has a few quiet words with them before sending them away. He leans over and speaks to the Senator before giving an apologetic look to her, "Duty calls." he murmurs. Then he's taking her gently by the arm to help lead her out of the memorial. Others had things in hand and she had spoken earlier. She does offer nods to those that she knows on the way out.

The others remain, speaking about probable replacements for the now vacant Chancellor position. Even if it was a little singed. Rumors are spreading, but rumors are just rumors after all!

Zelo shakes his head. "All is well. No trouble followed me home, I promise." A smile accompanies a brush of his arm against the Jedi's. There's a pause, and then the conversation is picked up again. "If he did, then I do owe him thanks. I don't know how we would have saved as many as we did without those volunteer forces. Especially on Sullust. Brave, every last one of them. It seems he attracted the right sort of people." The Nautolan smiles at Vhe, taking a step back to look over her outfit.

"You do tend to stand out, but perhaps I am biased." Zelo clips his helm to his belt to free up both of his hands and he gestures toward the table. "I'm going to bring over something of my own for blending purposes. If you want a partner to go out and meet people, I'm always up for adventure. Seeing as this is my home now... I should probably at least get to know the neighbors." With a widening smile, there's the flash of a soft white glow that traces the patterns on his cobalt skin before he starts to turn away. "I will be back in a moment."

The pilot makes his way to the refreshment table, looking for water, but finding himself in line for a cup of some form of mixed punch.

Already lingering by the edge of the crowd, Ulani has been making a subconscious yet steady retreat. The ceremony has waned and a crowd of New Republic officials, soldiers, and Jedi is more than a little intimidating. Another step back and she accidentally bumps into someone, causing her to spin around wide-eyed and half-bowing in apology. "Oh! I'm sorry. Sorry about that..." Time to scurry away back to the safety of her apartment. Where half-finished droids and too many plants reside.

"Can't say that I have." Ambrosia toys with the flask, passing it from one hand to the other, then back again. Standing alongside the young woman now, she wedges the flask under belt, straightens a sleeve idly. "Don't exactly get much 'quality' time to catch up these days." Or ever. "Had my head buried in Corellia's ass, last few months...s'the first time I've come up for air."

Like she'd had much of a choice, once the Sith rolled in. Doesn't lessen the ire of her scowl.

"Well. Whatever it is you Jedi do for fun these days, I'm glad the Chancellor was in support. Likely he's less apt to receive an earful from you know who, now..." She passes a look up and around into the air above heads. Is that where the dead go? Where the 'Force' resides? Hell if she knows. "Let that be some consolation to you." Then, as a hesitant after thought, the flask is tugged free and offered to Rey with an uptick of brow. The one still capable of such maneuvering, anyway. "To good company. Here....and 'after'."

Rey nods softly to what Amber says. "I tried to spend as much time on Corellia as I could, myself. It wasn't looking great there... But we'll persist, we have to." She shows a quick smile before the talk of the Force comes up. A little grin shows tugging at the corners of Rey's mouth.

"Up, yes, and everywhere else." She tries to explain in short. "The Force is all around us, it is us... so imagine that now. Leia is everywhere." She holds her grin for the General, her eyes glance out toward those she recognizes and then back when the flask is offered.

"Oh, no, but thank you." She states. "I've yet to sample anything with alcohol in it, I'd say I'm afraid to, but that wouldn't be quite right. I more... well, yeah." She gets a bit nervous about that kind of stuff, it makes her youthfulness still shine through some. "I have a melon drink waiting for me back there, I'll catch up with your toast as soon as I get back to it." She offers then and there, showing Amber a continued positive expression.

"You're welcome at the Light house any time, General. Not to mention the Jedi Temple on Devaron too. You have a standing invitation. Top level clearance."