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Andelm IV is a remote world directly at the corner of No and Where, as some might say. There are few hyperlanes of grand importance out in this region of space, few trade routes and settlements. But as is the case with many far-flung worlds in the galaxy called home, what Andelm IV has in abundance is mining, rich with important mineral deposits of Dedlanite, a component used in modern blaster-weapons manufacture. For the right person looking to make credits out on the raggedy edge of the spiral, Andelm IV is a good opportunity.

This productive mine is a known high-volume supplier to the First Order, although the Order is not the exclusive holder of their contracts, nor the sole buyer of their output. But there is money here, there are resources, and there are skilled workers and their families.

All of this, coupled with the dedlanite mine's remote and defenseless location, has made it very attractive to slavers, and a raiding party from Hutt Space -- mixed species, but primarily Nikto and Weequay -- have hit the mine and hit hard. Desperate for help, the miners have frantically called for aid to their Order allies, and to anyone who might be listening out there.

While the Order did not divert standard troops to this endeavor, the Knights of Ren arrived in the noxious Dungeon-class transport they call their main mode of transportation -- the Night Buzzard! Tromping off the ship and into the mining settlement, which is already burning, Malik Ren has found and cornered a foreman who is trying to explain.

"They came out of nowhere, and they're trying to capture everyone... not just the men, but the women and the children, too! Everyone has fled into the mines, everyone who can, and the slavers are trying to get in. Help them hold the entrance, it's not far! We asked for help from anyone, and EVERYONE..."

Frown. "Everyone?"

The Foreman sweats, and books it for the mines. "EVERYONE!"

The entrance is not far away, and it sounds as though slavers are already trying to get into the mines.

Distress calls for civilians of any kind are not to be ignored and accompanying Elrych, Vhe is among those that answer the hails. But what is strange is the assortment and range of figures - most of which Vhe does not recognize or know. She has no sense of worry over who anyone is other than that they answered the call for help. Stepping closer to the foreman and Malik, the initiate pulls free her stunsaber from her belt, the thick wild mane of hair braided up both sides to keep it away from her face.

The Ysanne glances from Ren to the foreman and glances ahead to where goes. "Nothing like the present," she remarks in regards to action. Booted feet bring her forward as the stunsaber snaps to life and illuminates her teal sleeveless robes, casting her high cheekbones and angled eyes in stark shadows and highlights.

A Space Nerd and a Smuggler Captain walk into--nevermind, wrong scene. But the YT-2400 did put down a safe, but still manageable distance from the rendezvous point, Nerys hopping down from the deck as soon as it opened. HiBall, as per his usual, was sitting sidesaddle on her shoulder, his blaster already in one hand. That was how he rolled. "Think they'll let me take some samples back?," Nerys called back into the ship's interior, "for research purposes." She frowned, resisting the urge to shield her eyes against the glare, as she adjusted her Backpack of Holding, and tested her grip on her weapon. Not long, now, and they'd be at the settlement.

Domino follows behind Malik Ren, the black mask bearing an etching of a wide ear to ear demonic meets loth-cheshire-cat across it's otherwise stoic knight's mask. Her head swivels side to side <"Mines. Why aren't we ever called anywhere scenic? I know there's vandals and scum in more scenic locals."> A pause at Malik's clarification <"Oh for the love of...should be expecting company, My Ren? Other than the sort we came here to deal with, I mean."> A thumb idly hooks in her colorful serial-cable bandolier.

Sumi's presence has no context save for the notion of getting paid. A personal hatred for slavers burns behind a hidden gaze concealed beneath the beskar'gam of a Mando helmet. Caped, and wearing the biggest goddamn cannon in her arsenal, Sumi came to kill bodies. Standing to one side of Lord Malik, the short Mandalorian female primes her cannon, initiating a sudden high pitched whine that meant it was ready to open fire. Upon her back and tethered to the massive cannon was a coolant line that hummed, feeding into the receiver itself to keep the weapon from turning into molten death and discontent.

Sumi's cape is pinned beneath this massive pack, leaving the tattered hem to bunch behind the durasteel shin-guards of her armor. <"I just need to know one thing: Where. They. Are."> The coldness in her voice spoke to the heights of murder Sumi was willing to scale.

Elrych was here? Elrych was here, sucking on his bottom lip as he listened to the foremen. "Aight... so... got a bunch of goons trying to kidnap people for slave labor... you want us to take care of them. Alright, I can see what I can do." There's a look to Vh before other voices draw his attention. He turns, moving to walk backwards the way Vhe was going. First to Domino... "You meet all sort of folks in low places." A wide Corellian smile before he turns around, whistling a tune to himself in a care free fashion. He unhooks his black and gold saber from his utility belt but has yet to have an occasion to actually press the activation button.

While he also received the distress call, Kryll was passing by No and Where on his way back to Nar. Having told Six to fly over and stay on station for a pickup, Kryll had donned his trooper armor, weapons, and then jumped out of his ship when they were over the mining area. As he sped towards the ground, he proceeded through a systems and gear check, rocket pack, belt, ammo, everything was working as needed. The HUD on his helmet was counting down the altitude, rapidly dropping towards ground level and the impending trouble.

<<"Looks like there are additional ships already on station. Scan as necessary and keep me appraised of any additional contacts.">> Kryll says over the comms to his pilot / droid. Once at an appropriate distance, the soldier triggers his gravity belt, as the item strains to slow him down with the sudden tug of an actual chute deployment. Once he has slowed down, he disables the belt and saves the rocket thrust for the last part, landing with his rifle in his hands and tracking for targets. Quick returns spots Sumi Kora, amongst some other known entities, and he pauses to quickly assess the situation on the ground. <"This may be complicated.">

As on cue, as Malik Ren says 'Everyone.' Jax comes walking down the ramp of the Yt-2400, following Nerys. It seems putting up with Jax came with the ship. The Corellian was carrying with him the helmet of his Katarn armor, "I don't know. Maybe?" He looks up at Malik and 'naughty kids' over there. "Well this just got interesting. Lets see if we can save some folks from the slavers. " Then catching sight of Elryche and Vhe. The two jedi get a nod. "Well this just turned into one of THOSE Missions." He says pulling his helmet on.

Battle! Glorious battle! Was this not a magnificent cause, to slaughter the weak and unwary for daring to take what was theirs? That was certainly the opinion held by Sebek of the Desert, Flagbearer of Coret, Conqueror of the Sixteenth Deck, Consumer of Hounds, Wielder of Tei Tenga, He Who Hunts. Black-armoured, in what could be described as a battle cassock, wearing a flared helmet plastered with the face of a snarling beast and a hole in the top for his topknot, the Falleen was ready to party.

By party, I mean kill everybody in the room.

In his hand was the eponymous Tei Tenga, a long baton-like weapon with a pommel resembling an archaic armour-crushing weapon and an emitter that gave it away as a lightsaber. "Yes! YES! Behold the slaughter of Those Who Thieve, daring themselves to be greater than our cattle!" His voice was low, oozing melodiousness in that rich velvety accent of his, and not even the buzzing of the helmet could mask it. Boy he was hungry. "They shall die like the insects they a-" hang on. Deep sniff. Pause. Now, he turned away from where the entrance lay to the rest of the motley crue that had assembled and growled, "Jeedai."

Not far behind and to the side of Sumi is Rathe. He paces his Alor with his Tracker already in hand though with a combat sling in place over his shoulder. His blades remain sheathed bolted to his Dreadfinder armor as usual. An air of getting paid wars with personal displeasure radiating out from within his armor at being so near Malik and the Knights. Not a word is spoken however, the war medic choosing to be professionally if not stoically silent. Even in the face of Sumi speaking, Rathe does not offer his own verbal interjection at this time. That will change. His own visor turns towards the mines, already seeking targets. War. It's Fantastic, and Rathe needs one.

Jedi. THERE ARE JEDI HERE. That much is evident upon joining the conflict zone of no-man's-land outside the Dedlanite mine entrance!

Jedi, Jedi, Jedi!

The temptation is overwhelming, and Malik Ren stares at a few familiar faces as though they are a glass at the edge of a table, and he is a cat who just can't resist pushing... it... off.......

But no. Admiral Vahn's people were incredibly clear about the priority of this mission, and having already decided to antagonize the New Republic, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Jedi Order, AND the Sith, Malik seems to think better about getting himself on the FO's bad side as well. His red saber ignites just outside the conflict-zone with a snap-hiss, loosening up with a flick of the wrist and a vwom-VWOM, as Malik dryly remarks to the familiar light-siders, "Oh honey, we've got to stop meeting like this."

The team of slavers, led by an imposing, tough looking Weequay woman and a ferocious Nikto with a necklace made of human teeth, were getting so close to cracking this door -- the last of the miners' defenders have been gunned down, but unexpectedly for them, the battle has flipped. "TURN AROUND! TURN AROUND!" the slaver lord Oktuu shouts at his troops, lashing one of the hapless gun-toting mooks in his charge with a whip. "I don't care what you think you see over there!" Saaaaaberrrrrs. "It's just holo-fake pretenders! Hold your ground and kill them, or you'll have a fate worse than death from me!"

"Do not engage the Jedi," Malik instructs those on his team, a statement which causes a piece of his tiny raisinlike heart made of black ice to fall down and shatter into a thousand pieces. What an awful thing to have to say. "Do not engage their allies. Kill the slavers, and if any are left alive afterwards for prisoners... so be it, but don't make an effort." If they all die, they all die. "May the Force be with you." The battle is on!!

Vhe notes the comments of Jedi not just from Malik who's dark red saber leaves her hesitating, but Sebek. The Falleen gets a very long look for a time as her sharp dark amber eyes narrow. It is to Jax and Elrych she speaks. "It seems we will need to stay near one another," she remarks. Wariness spreads over her as she follows those leading them. The stunsaber is lit, bobbing light about at her side but she does not use it to attack. Not right away. The Ysanna pulls upon the force and with a conviction thrusts her free hand forward.

She slams the presence into them, the blind attack with no warning making its mark as her feet spread into a ready stance, a furrow settling across her brow.

"A wise man once said to me," Nerys offered as an aside to Jax as he chugged along beside her, "Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'." Her rich girl (yes they exist) Corellian accent did not do well with poor pronunciation, but she made it work. "If they start running for you, get behind me." HiBall chirped up, "I'm sorry, get behind HiBall." And then well, it wasn't time for more friendly banter between herself and her almost, sort of cousin, and Nerys simply moved to find a place to get some cover, HiBall perking up. Meatbags, at 12 o'clock! Nerys aimed her weapon, providing covering fire for the tiny droid, who's blaster found much better fish to fry than hers as they impacted the group of enemy bodies already rattled by Vhe's attack.

Domino's helm broadcasts her snort <"I most definitely will not. I LIKE my limbs attached to the rest of me. And don't kill any who survive long enough to surrender-got it." She bobs her head and tugs her blaster out of it's holster and powers it on skitters WELL clear of Malik Ren. Knowing full well to keep wide berth and be careful not to get in the way she trots forward but makes sure she doesn't get out front of the others who've arrived, weapon lifting and hot plasma streaks angrily through the darkness felling one heavily armored tough and leaving a smoldering corpse to help lead the way for those in the front.

Sumi nods when orders are given, and a sadistic smile forms beneath the privacy of her helm. The Mandalorian jogs ahead, moving to a point of cover and setting her heavy cannon up there. Adjusting herself so she oriented TOWARD the enemy, the fatal funnel is directly ahead of her.

<"TAKE THIS TO YOUR QUEEN! HAHAHAHAHA!"> The pirate queen that is. Sumi squeezes the trigger and the cannon answers suddenly. The space between the groups rushing in for combat is suddenly filled with the flash of laser lances fired at a cyclic rate. Sumi's laughter seems to be in time with the percussion of the gas-operated hammer pistoning back in forth, laying waste to the poor souls who didn't realize they walked onto the wrong goddamn planet.

Several of the mooks get caught in their transition to cover, taking solid hits from the lances that not just impact, but pulverize and push through their bodies and out the back of their armor plating. Pieces of embered armor glitters down in the wake of falling bodies as small clouds of pulverized blood poofs after each kill. Bodies fall and Sumi laughs.

She holds her position, pausing just a moment to let the coolant take effect, the orange hot barrel housing group steaming and hissing as her pack begins to vibrate slightly. Morellian weapons in a Morellian's hand. The galaxy is as it is meant to be.

"Yes -Jeedai-" elrych says in an overly hyperbolic manical tone that very much means he's mocking the darksider Faleen and his mannerisms. His brows raise as Sumi's Lightning Cannon erupts, clearly impressed but also slightly concerned. "Well... I suppose we cary on." Clearing his throat, he opens up to the Force. Vhe can likely feel him doing so, it welling up inside of him like a bright light. His lightsaber humms to life, the brilliant blue blade growling and hungry. Through the dust of Sumi's bloody remains he clashes with the large Nikto slavers, cutting limps in elegant sweeps and parrys. Clearly well trained. It resembled a dance number really, the celocities of which he performed. "Oh Malik. I went to Bogden lke you said..."

Kryll watches as hell is let loose upon the slavers, and while the line between friendly and unfriendly is yet to be worked out, it can be determined at a later date. He quickly assesses the target rich environment and chooses the person who was shouting orders. His carbine is aimed and he starts walking forward, firing one red bolt after another downrange. The first slams into the slaver lord's torso, and the second scores another solid hit against his right leg. Staggering the man after giving orders and threats to those he seems to be in command of. "Engaging their chain of command." he speaks into the helmet, and while nobody else is around him to hear it, it does get recoreded as well as the engagement.

At Sebek's 'Jeedai,' Jax turns his head slightly to stage whisper to Elrcyh, "I think he's talking about you." Though at Malik's little speech, "See it's alright we're all friends here." He says to Nerys, "YOu might want to grab a sample in the chaos." Jax pivets to face the incomping group of slavers. Jax goes walking through the downed troops caused by Sumi's and Elrych's carnage. He reaches down to take up his saber and hits the button that lights the blade, "I can assure you that the jedi and the Knights of Ren here are legitimate." Jax goes to end the fight quickly by hopefully taking the head of the serpent but quickly finds that well is not what the force wants him to do. That's the work of a different serpent. "You might want to surrender."

Do not engage the Jeedai. There was a prideful harrumph from somewhere in Sebek's mask, and then a violent-sounding snap-hiss from the emitter of the long-handled lightsaber. Considering the colour of Falleen blood a sickly-green might have been more appropriate, but where's the menace in that? Sebek assessed the situation as all hell broke loose. He looked like he was about to leg it into the fray but then She Who Hunts just ripped them all literal new ones. "Glorious! GLORIOUS!" he bellowed, searching for a target, noting his space, and...

He saw the necklace of teeth.

"BEHOLD!" erupted Sebek, and what followed was probably the most horrible laughter that could emerge from anything sentient. There were a few VWOOMS as the saber was twirled, then held high and to the side. "The Adorned! YOU ARE M-" two bolts slammed into the Slaver Lord, and Sebek's head twisted to look at the shooter. Another hunter, unnamed by Sebek, with an E-11. He got an impassive look, in that his face was hidden by snarly twisty angryness, and then turned back to The Adorned. "If true combat eludes us, death does not elude you, He Who Adorns!"

Then, he erupted into movement, perhaps lacking the joie de vivre he may have had earlier, he launched himself at the Slaver Lord. Being joined by a Jeedai surprised him. The Jeedai's impotence did not. Tei Tenga slammed into the face of the Slaver Lord, replacing his brain with hot burny goodness, and the helmet of Sebek turned to look at He Who Whiffs. "Battle does not become you, Jeedai. Flee to your books, we warriors battle in your stead." His saber remained in the head of Slaver Lord Oktuu. He might not be able to surrender.

There is a muffled curse from under Dreadfinder helmet as Sumi's cannon opens up. Rathe's visor even looks to have lagged and overloarded a moment in it's polarization from the sudden burst from the blaster cannon. His helmet shakes and there is a crackle from his vox, that is not transmitted on his helmet speaker after a hesitation. Foes drop before them all rapidly. Rathe finally sees opportunity and the Tracker muzzle comes up in a calm professional motion. The firing stud is squeezed twice and there is a grunt that does get transmitted. A few side steps are taken from Sumi to get AHEAD of her this time and ideally the glare from her muzzle.

"Lovely, isn't it?" Malik replies to Elrych, when he says he went to Bogden! "Just the sort of charming place that makes you think to yourself, ah, I ought to build a summer home here. Unhappy spirits, crumbling tombs, the place truly has everything." A swing of the saber cuts through several Weequay scout-fighters, while the enemies struggle to return fire.

The slaver are not without reinforcements, however. Tromping out of the city, a new squadron appears! Skarra, the Weequay pirate queen, seems to be calling for some sort of backup, and perhaps this was part of it. But these are not trained fighters or volunteers, these are men and women in poor armor, with worse weapons... and collars on their necks, ready to end them if they fail to move forward and fight. They are being herded along by several Nikto guards who are wise to hide and use them as meat-shields, and they launch a pitiful attack that does manage to graze Nerys.

Sebek, Malik, Elrych, and Vhe are suddenly struck by a sense of intense danger-sense -- something is coming, and it seems terrible. But if they take shelter, they won't be able to fight...

Vhe watches the literal mowing down of the figures by many and she can not help the glance at Sumi. The gun is stareed at even as she seems to be enjoying the moment after. Shaking her head as if to free herself from her stare she moves forward, past the blaster fire and in amidst the fightng that continues. The stunsaber is lifted with a great grace but it goes sailing apart from the figures, her eyes narrowing on Skarra as she misses, the female rather slippery. Pressing her foot into the ground the stunsaber crackles as she does a quick redirect and twists the saber back around.

She narrows her gaze and her second strike still far from her target is closer yet. The Ysanna half stumbles in step past as she comes up, a shiver running down her spine. "Something...something is coming!" She calls this out as fair warning as dark eyes dart for some obvious threat.

"See? This is why I like travelling with Jax," Nerys opined to HiBall, as if they were on a nice stroll in the park, and they weren't actually helping, well, mostly helping, it was all the droid, to rain death and destruction down on the slavers, "He never tells me to get a sample later." Despite the good natured tone of voice, her attention never wavered from their targets, nor did she allow Jax to leave her peripheral vision. Once overwatch for a Greystorm, always overwatch for a Greystorm. Despite the bodies that were quickly piling up, neither the droid or the woman allowed their focus to waver, simply moving to the next target as it presented itself. A sharp hiss escaped Nerys' lips, as a rogue bolt slammed into the armor on her shoulder froma direction entirely different, but thankfully, not the one HiBall was sitting on. Just to be safe, though, she droid hovered off, and hunkered down to the ground, using Nerys' body for a literal meatshield, as he tried to fire, but found his pistol empty. Well, that did it. "It'll have to wait, HiBall, no time now."

Domino calls to Malik "You are spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME Around Errod, My Ren!" as long legs carry her forward, closing the distance rather than letting herself fall away in the back as she threatens to loose track of 'her' people in the chaos, hop-scotching nimble over uneven ground and any bodies in her way, "That woman's arsenal is insane-where the stars did you Find that thing Sumi? And HOW'D you keep HAdrix's grubby mitts off it?!"

Sumi glances toward Rathe as if he'd said something, but nothing was heard through the external VOX of their helmet. Her nod seems indicative of saying something yet she's not heard either. This brief pause in suppressive fire has allowed slaver soldiers to trudge closer and harm one of their friendlies. Sumi rewards their bravery with a sudden flurry of angry red laser lances, cutting a few down in the process but mostly pocking up the ground with impactful THUNKS of dirt and charred rock.

Sumi ejects the current K-grade charge rod, leaving an orange hot item to cool upon the ground. A new one is slid into the receiver in short order, and the charging handle is yanked back. Coolant begins to flash-cool the barrel housing group with a loud hissing noise that casts a cloud of steaming mist about the Mando as she trudges after Rathe wordlessly, trusting the armored soldier to pathfind with the rest of the group while she (Sumi that is) seeks a new point for cover.

<"It is the weapon of my people. Hadrix wants, but he'll not have. This is my baby."> She answers Domino, seemingly forgeting any present feud they may have with each other.

Elrych is waiting his turn, like a good boy who's sharing toys with the kids in class he doesn't really like all that much. So he occupied himself with chit chat with the one guy he sort of kind of knows in the group. "So like, yeah. That was nice." It wasn't, "But you see... that Phalic Citidel was just... it was really not my style. Too... I'm not sure of the word." THe pirate queen unleashes a bolt towards Elrych and it explodes, covering him in sparks and smoke. However, his blue blade emerges from the smoke as it starts to clear, the green robed figure clearly unharmed in the least bit. "That was super rude lady! Can't you see I'm /trying/ to have a conversation with a friend!" He clears his throat, as he moves forwards. "So anyways. What really got me was the Space Zombies. That had a really, really cool chance of becoming a really harrowing thing but like... they were really easy to cut down and we got out of there no problem." He takes a hand off his saber and wobbles it a bit, "Five outa Ten, might go back in a few years." He twirls his blade around his arm, lightly, occupying himself. To Sebek he laughs, "Thanks for the advice, bro... You should lighten up a little, you look tense." Elrych was at ease, that was until he sensed what Vhe was warning about. He looked towards her, trying to decipher what it was...

THe new contigent of enslaved warriors and their Nikto guard catches his attention. "Wait!" HE says to Sumi, too late. "Hold on let me..." HE reaches out with the force. "Yeah come and get me you big dumb lardos!"

The Nikto's don't look impressed... or amisable in following the orders of Elrych. "Alright... ah nevermind... Vhe, might want to try to help them before they-" He clears his throat and raises his blade defensivly, watching Sebek go to down. "Now that's just bad sportsmenship."

Kryll watches as the slave army shows up, and rules them out as priority targets or threats, better to take the head off the snake. He draws a bead on the Queen, and sends another two red bolts downrange towards the first missing wide, the second shot hits here dead center mass in the chest, and she seems to brush it off without a concern. <"Well, that is a problem. Perhaps I should seek out Grom for an upgrade.">

Almost as if it's been drilled into him, Jax protests, "I'm no jedi. Though some more reading and meditating couldn't hurt. Though probably for you too, Warrior." Then like that Jax is on the move slipping and slide through soldiers, he refuses to attack the canon fodder knowing they were here against their will." Jax moves to dual with the Pirate Queen his saber missing her for a moment and the second strike hitting. His blade hissing and smoking as it strikes the Queen but not yet killing or disarming. "Call off your troops and surrender. That's the only way this can end, think of your future."

Normal people hearing the Force scream out in horror in their general direction tend to duck and cover at the first opportunity.

Sebek hearing the Force scream out in horror in his general direction lifted his spirits immensely.

"FINALLY! Let it come! Bloodshed and slaughter AWAIT!" Unfortunately for him, Sebek had never been the brightest crayon in the tree and probably wasn't capable of realizing that the danger was directed at him. He ripped the saber out of the noggin of the very dead Slaver Lord and charged towards the slave ranks!

VWOOM-HACK! "Weak! Impudent! Deserving of your fate!" he was declaring, big ol' horrible smile on his thankfully masked face as he tore through the ranks of the unwilling. The Falleen just could not shut up, could he? VWOOM-HACK! "Glory to your conquerors! They are not wasteful!" That was gonna bite him in the backside in an indeterminite time from now, assuming it didn't right now. VWOOM-HACK! "DOOM BEFALLS YOU ALL!"

With the fall of the slaves, Sebek now found himself face to face with the taskmasters. "Your rabble is dispersed!" he declared, pointing his blade forward. "You are next!"

His own helmet bobss a moment and then his visor flares again and again. The battle is quick and dirty at this point. The enslaved soldiers give Rathe pause. His vox crackles open... whateever he was about to say is lost as so many go down. The muzzle of the Tracker drops slightly a moment. Then Rathe advances, snapping the weapon back into his shoulder. Signs of his former Vanguard self returning with fire discipline this time, even if the second shot does not land properly. <"Part of me wants one, but then I lose mobility."> Rathe is supposed to be the war medic after all. Rathe continues to advance, having nodded at Sumi's order to do so. His visor keeps seeking out targets, and he has a steady pace with the Tracker tucked to his shoulder ready to engage the next wave.

"Gauche. It's gauche," Malik supplies a word for Elrych, who is trying to describe the Phallic Citadel. He does pause for a moment on, "Zombies?" as though that would not have been what he would have expected. "That is something of a surprise. But now you have an inkling as to my general distaste for the place. Who wants to hang about somewhere where the dead don't have the decency to stay thus? You're ridiculous, it's a three, four tops." His saber is lashing out at the Weequay pirate queen as he addresses Elrych, but she is a cunning warrior in her own right, and evades the saber-swing every time.

Although Skarra the Weequay takes some injury off Jax's saber, she is made of stern stuff, and it provokes little more than a hiss of rage. "I will cut out your tongue and feed it to your children, not-a-Jedi," she hisses at him, and fires shots at some unlucky saviors! Elrych is just grazed, Malik evades, but Domino and Rathe both suffer unhappy wounds.

Skarra is shortly not the only problem there is, however, as that sense of 'doom' some of the combatants felt earlier comes home to roost. First the whine of engines announces that there's shortly to be an airborne problem, and then BOOM, BOOM, cannon fire from an airspeeder strikes against the ground of the combat area! Kryll, Sebek, and Vhe are hit by flying debris, and although the cannons mostly struck the slavers' own dead, now the air is filled with choking, impenetrable dust.

Skarra is still out there somewhere, and a few bumbling Nikto guards, no doubt out of their element.

As the ground around them erupts when struck, Vhe lets out a sound and lifts her hand in an attempt to shield her face from the debris. Lanced here and there by the bits thrown about she grunts and nearly loses her footing, the stunsaber lowering as she turns aside. Coughing as she comes up from her protective position, she waves at the air and narrows her gaze in an attempt to see what is going on.

There is Skarra! Spotting the Queen Vhe rushes after but befores he can strikes she reaches out, the Force attempting to aid her and failing in keeping hold of the Queen in an attempt to make her an easier target..or prisoner. Slipping through her proverbial fingers, Vhe hisses through her teeth and agitation slowly edges along her senses.

Nerys huddled in closer to protect the droid, who clearly did not want his oversized droid baby head shot off, checking the load out on her own weapon, before she turned to face the next set of oncoming targets. HiBall's single ye flashed a deep and baleful red, all thwarted d-roid rage, and he exchanged his blaster for his vibrosaw. Just let them come over here. Nerys aimed, without remorse, at the oncoming slaves, only to see most of them mown down in short order, "You know, that one is damned handy in a pinch." Which one, well, she didn't specify, but did she need to? And then the Pirate Queen was opening up, and Nerys also crouched down, oddly still cradling her poor droid, managing to evade the incoming bolts, before she popped back up, taking aim at the no longer covered by slave soldiers guards. Alas, to no avail. But, perhaps that would serve as covering fire for someone more capable. Space Nerds were not great combatants. It was known.

Domino darts the Debris as it falls, agile and quick to pivot to lift her weapon again darting-right into a blaster bolt. Her tiny frame is ejected clear off her feet which briefly reveals some rude symbols painted onto the sole of her boots for reasons unknown. She lands with a meaty thump and scrambles to snatch her blaster with a pained wheeze, her free hand reaching for something to brace her weight on but when she tries she tries to haul herself up and there's an embarassingly girlish cry of pain muffled by her helm. Nope, no pretending she's 200 lb battle hardened trooper. Pulling herself fully behind a pile of rubble and shoves her weapon back into it's holster and yanks out a field kit and begins to hastily tend to herself.

Sumi deploys a carrying handle from the top rail of her large cannon. This allows her to lower it to waist level, and trudge with more momentum and support, much like the ancient Republic troopers who carried large assault cannons. Morellian technology was highly versatile, and it interfaced with the HUD of her helmet, allowing for target tracking similar to how a LIDAR grid might function.

Bracing herself from the impacts, and being submerged in an overwhelming cloud of dust and debris, Sumi was largely unfazed given the advantages of her beskar'gam. Bits of debris carelessly struck the thick Mando iron, and was redirected with the sounds of: PINNG, DOINK, BONK.

Sumi lost sight of Rathe, but his signature appeared in her HUD all the same. Suddenly aware of her heavy breathing, Sumi slowed her trek and used the concealment for what it was. A jerk of her head and her neck popped. LIDAR tracking picked up then, and through the haze of smoke and dust, the sudden violent flashing of red laser bolts emerged, giving her enemies, and friendlies should they witness it, brief foggy silhouette shapes moving through the dust. It's made chaotic by the astonishing accuracy of the cannon that not just hits moving targets, but obliterates them; transforming each into a cloud of pink mist and showering the ground, wall, nearby person, and dirt with the hamburger meat that was previously their body. Sumi says nothing as the parameters for her prejudice killing is widened, and the Nikto suffer because of it.

This is the way.

Elrych chuckles, a coy Corellian smirk turning at his lips. "See, you only say that because you missed the Space Zombies. That raises the score just a little bit." That's the final bit he offers on the Kohlm sector as his attention turns back to the Queen and her high aptitude of being unpredicatbly fast. He swings his blade, trying to catch the blaster bolt she's sent his way... but it's quicker and singes hrough his 'Jedi Armor'. THe Knight picks up his foot and dances around a bit, hoping on one leg. "Ouch! Come on! It's always a death from a thousand Papers cuts with me." He grumbles, steading back onto two feet once more. "At least there's no Gand and a stunnet!" Looking on the bright side he is. "On your left!" He announces to Malik, jumping into the frey with his own blade to join the Melee against the Queen, clearly having enough of her shinanigans. His blade swings skillfully, yet misses, slicing into the walls and crates just nearest to where the enemy once stood. He had dodges the debris though, turning to look to see how Vhe faired, sending a calming reassurance her way.

Kryll decides to switch targets, as the armored beast that is the queen is for sharper, is there sharpness to those sabers? whatever. Someone elses issue. He looks to the taskmasters, trying to save some of the slaves from becoming half the people they were to Sebek. One red bolt after the other hits the taskmaster in the chest, knocking them off their feet and down to the ground dead. <"Well, that problem is reacting as it should to blaster fire.">

Jax rolls out of the way of the barriage. His saber coming up in a style three defensive pose in front of the Pirate Queen. "That's good, lead with something terrifying. Something that would make me fear you as one of the scariest women in the galaxy." Jax says as he moves in to strike at the villain and she dodges. "You do got skill." He also makes way for Elrych to attack. "Don't look at me, I taught you how to take a hit." He though calls out, "Malik, I got to say thank you for never suggesting a vacation destination to me, except maybe hell. Which I get."

Here's the problem with posturing. Talking is NOT a free action. So while Sebek boasted and raved, his erstwhile comrades, glorious Knights, talented mercenaries, and filthy Jeedai, ripped the taskmasters to pieces. And while he continued to posture, there was a KLUNG as debris hit him square in the chest. Ooof! Seething in his armour, trying his hardest to ignore the pain of being winded, he turned to seek out whoever was left. For was Sebek ever done with bloodshed?

Finally, all that remained was She Who Leads, and of course, Sebek wanted a piece of that big boss pie. "Doom is at hand!" he erupted, his first attack slicing a side of shaved steak off the Queen and the second two going wide. That chest hit had thrown him off, his breathing was wheezy. Kinda familiar, what with the helmet flare...

No debris impacts for Rathe, perhaps that is why he was out of position enough for the Queen's ire. From within his helmet is a very muffled snarl of pain and outrage. Nothing else from the man either muffled or on vox. His own HUD springs alive in response to the environment, and his environmental seals shift in response to the wound within the armor. Numbness spreading along his right arm, stubbornly the product of The First Order walks on, the muzzle to the Tracker attempting to track the Queen. Focusing far too much now on Combat and not Medic. Two more bolts are fired and go well wide of his intended target. After the shots the SoroSuub Tracker falls from numb grip to dangled at the combat sling across his chest.

"This might count," Malik dryly returns to Jax, though whether this is vacation or hell, or both... hard to say. Just as Skarra avoided Elrych and Jax, she avoids Malik as well, dodging like water or wind. Unfortunately for her, there are now many force users of all philosophies focused on HER, exclusively, not to mention their keen-eyed comrades with high-powered guns! Terrifying Morellian guns, and pistols, and carbines! And an energy bow!

This is a lot to keep track of, even for such a consummate warrior queen as the (ig)noble Skarra. She has no time to spare for firing back, and as she takes a hard blow from Sebek's weapon, now she's just trying to stay alive.

The dust is clearing, and the end is drawing near.

THe flurry and rush of the fray has her adrenaline up now, even more so as they gain the upper hand when she finally takes a few hits. Vhe is not going to get in that mix for fear of being in the way and she can help in so many other ways. Well at least one. The Force however is fickle or maybe Skarra has some terribly amazing willpower that just manages to keep her out of touch. She hisses through her teeth again, the sound of a rushed breath as she curls her fingers and extends her abilities and misses.

She narrows her gaze and finds again that agitation continues to rise along the edge of her adrenaline. "I can't get a hold of her!" She says, as if someone might understand when she's standing a good distance away.

Now it was going to be trying to thread the needle. Nerys did not think well of her chances, no she did not. But she still aimed, eyes narrowed, allowing her inhumanly keen vision to assist her, she hoped, as she aimed for the towering pinnacle of piracy that was the Pirate Queen. Skarra, not Josephine. She did not have her comms on, and so she did not transmit what she was muttering, 'Don't hit the Jedi, don't hit the Jedi...///really// don't hit the Knights. Don't hit Jax, don't hit Jax.' Look, she could self-pep talk for the gods, okay? A deep breath, as she forced herself to settle, her muscles settling into a keen line as she raised the bow, taking aim. And she fired, the charged red of the arrow launching from her bow with deadly intent, arching high above the heads of her allies and sinking into the Pirate Queen's eye, HiBall screeching with droidish glee. Nerys, though, did not rise from her place. There was still a ship, speeder, something with a cannon. "Can I get the samples now?"

Domino pulls herself to her feet with all the grace of a punch-drunk bow-legged newly birthed Banth-but manages to get steady once she's upright and lifts her blaster but seeing Nerys blow land on the Pirate Queen before she can escape Domino bides, reserving fire and scanning the tunnel for any other hazards, "Please tell me we're done here." A pause "What are the sa-..." she trails off, "NEver ask what the samples are for, Domino, what's wrong with you?"

Sumi Kora is stepping from the haze of smoke/dust and into plain view now. The orange hot end of her cannon steaming as the coolant deploys again and she pulls back on the handle, orienting the compensator skyward in a pose that suggested she was looking for more targets.

The Mando stays silent, content in her slaughter. The galaxy was better for it. She snorts in an unladylike manner and slowly turns from the destruction to walk away.

Elrych was about to reach out with the force to help Vhe in her efforts, but an energy arrow zips by and into the Queen, ending her and the altercation. At least for the time being. Turning off his saber with an electric squeel yet keeping it in his hand, he moves towards Vhe, checking on her. "You alright?" He asks, though he knows she's probably just fine even with what ever injuries she might have. He glances towards Malik, Domino, and Sebek for a short moment.

Kryll scans the battlefield, and notes that all of the hostile slavers are no longer in a state that exists anywhere near threat level. Which is the least of the problems on this planet. He now looks between everyone to see if this is going to become a third party rumble, <<"Initial threats neutralized. Unknown resolution on site, prepare for immediate pickup on my call.">>

When the arrow launched through the Queen's eye, Sebek saw his chance. With one movement, he sent his saber through her torso, shoulder to opposite hip, bisecting and cauterizing as he confirmed the kill. "Die, She Who Dies," he declared, his voice low and full of satisfaction. Even he knew he hadn't landed the kill, but in his mind he'd made a statement and that was enough for him.

The Falleen wasn't yet finished. Now, he turned to face He Who Whiffs and the young ones, those without names. Did he fight? Did he brawl? Or did he hold off for another day? "Jeedai," he hissed. Then he turned his head to He Who Leads, for his order was vaunted, and must be followed at all costs. Hrm. No. Not today. "Soon, we join in heroic bloodshed." There was a complaint from the lightsaber as it went from glowy death back to beatdown death. "Glory to all will be had."

"I know right. This is worse than a Greystorm Family reunion where the pro-Imperial side shows up." Jax cuts his eyes to the two knights of Ren and Elrych, "We're done here right? My cousin's cute nerd girlfriend gets her samples, cause she took out the pirate queen. We never talk about this again. I take sooo many showers and Malik makes soooo many biting comments."

<"Boss?"> Rathe queries of Sumi as he looks down at his own injured arm in annoyance. <"Any chance that thing comes with a dimmer switch?"> Rathe's visor is just now dimming from the wattage Sumi was putting out. Normally this is where Rathe blindly pulls items from his medpac with his right hand. The numbness means his fingers flex and he fumbles. The helmet muffles the annoyed grunt of the Kora akaan baar'ur. His left hand dips into the medpec with less certainty and more deliberate motion. Once he has autoinjectors and patches in hand does he first work on his own wound. Quick practiced motions to seal his flesh and the armor with quick seals. Next he moves down the line with absentminded firmness. <"Hold still."> Sebek being closer, and then he steps along to Nerys with the same tone and words. Elrych and finally Vhe are worked on, if a bit more warily.

Pirate Queen Skarra, unparalleled fighter for a galactically reviled cause - slavery! - cannot withstand the onslaught of everything, and everyone. Suppressive fire, lightsabers, and in the end, she succumbs to a well placed bolt from none other than Nerys Arda! Wounded beyond an ability to recover, Skarra drops to her knees. She coughs blood, which drops down her chin and chest, and then falls, a life ended, with no regrets. Not even one.

Malik prods the corpse with a boot to make sure she's good n dead, then extinguishes his lightsaber, raising a brow at Jax. "Seems you should bloody well get the woman some samples," he notes, and then steps away in a swish of black fabric.

"Knights - collect anyone still breathing and bring a few to the Night Buzzard. Sebek, if you want to eat a corpse...." Long pause. "No one else is going to carry it for you, nor wait for you. Get your house in order."

Clearly expecting that his people will follow, he starts to head back toward their ship. Comforting the miners is not part of his job description; he was sent to help get rid of a threat, and the threat is gone. No sense in lingering around, when bruised forces on both sides might now begin to turn on each other.

The Jedi do get one farewell, though, and it's a full on wink, genuine amusement... and perhaps appreciation of their skill?

"See you next time," Malik promises, and then disappears past the smoke-screen of a burning building.


Sebek was of course going to eat a corpse. He hauled up one of the Human ones with the severed explosive collar and carried it with him to the ship. Lunch!