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The Irregulars: By Chandra's Light

OOC Date: March 27, 2020
Location: Chandrila
Participants: Rial Het, Sajin, Sesti Greystorm, Jax Greystorm, Nova Korell, Dyannah Nerus

Chandrila has long been counted as one of the gems of Human civilization, its capital of Hanna a grand city on a planet that had been developed, but not ruined. However, since the fall of the Republic at Hosnian and the subsequent First Order presence, the air of resilient optimism that had defined the character of Chandrila for decades had been buried under the heavy dread of a dream denied. Never destroyed, nor fully stamped out, but buried.

And since the Battle of Exegol, the harsh efforts to keep that spirit buried have grown increasingly heavy handed and desperate. Stormtroopers had been deployed, arrests had been made in increasing numbers, and everywhere there are whispers that if the Republic doesn't come for them soon, Chandrila may need to rise up and free itself. Such an action would lead to horrific casualties, and every effort has been made to convince the Chandrilan Resistance to be patient, but at last- with open defiance beginning to break out across the planet- the Republic has decided they can wait no longer.

A covert ground team has been sent into Hanna City to infiltrate the Command Center (staffed by Chandrilans including several secret allies; don't kill any, unless forced) and accomplish five tasks before the arrival of space forces:

-Send falsified messages intended to divert one RSD to destroy a "rebel presence" in the nearby Ringali Nebula (comm array: slicing, bluff) -Secure arrest records before they can be wiped (facility data core: computer use/slicing). -Capture Loyalty Assurance Officer (First Order head administrator, in executive quarters: wanted alive). -Free prisoners in the facility holding cells awaiting off world transfer (Disable device/computer use/intimidation). -Lock the garrison of Stormtroopers in their quarters, to prevent excessive bloodshed (computer use/disable device/slicing).

The Command Center is a large structure formed of three tall towers; the grounds are well lit and visibly patrolled, both by guards on foot in the uniforms of the Chandrilan Defense Force, and by surveillance drones hovering overhead. They have a speeder and a plan to get through the outer perimeter, but after that, the agents are on their own.

The heavy makeup to hide pink skin itches abominably though she had been assured otherwise. It is an exercise in self-control not to continually touch her face. Hair dye burns her skin; the black hair against Dyannah's now pale skin is flinch-worthy when she gets a glimpse of herself in the mirror of the speeder. On the bright side, the courier's uniform is believably scuffed, and the indifferent scowl of someone just doing their job invites no wisecracks or joking from the guards. It screams, 'just let me in and get out.'

The speeder idles as she waits for her credentials from the guards to lift the barrier to allow her, and the very illegal human freight she hides in it. Someone alert might catch how the speeder wallows on its suspensors; it handles like a boat in heavy seas, taking her attention off the face itch as she drives into the complex

Jax was clean shave and his hair was slicked back in the type that First Order officers seemed to prefer. His face too itched from the razor burn. Though no where as much Dyannah. He wears the uniform of a junior officer. He sits in the speeder in a place afforded by his rank. His expression grumpy. He reaches up to adjust his cap as Dyannah pushed the accelerator after going through the gate. He reaches down to pick lent off his uniform before pulling on his black gloves, "No wonder they have no sense of humor. My old robes were less itch then this."

Sajin has shaven as well, as he usually kept some stubble about his face. The Handsome Hapan was not in armor, hiding that precious face of his. Dremy Hazel eyes, angular noble features, and plush pout lips. This dreamboat looked good in a first order uniform. He didn't appear immediately armed but don't count that as a sure bet, the King of Drik himself was a weapon. "It's not that bad..." They were similar to Drikish Miliary uniforms after all.

In the front seat beside Dyannah, Nova takes several deep breaths, trying to calm a sudden case of nerves. This has to be the most First Order-infested world they've yet been on, and they're going to be inside what might be the most heavily-guarded place of all. And she's seen what these people are capable from both sides of the creepy white armor. And worse yet, what they do for fun.

At least she's spending the trip in good company. While Sajin remains mostly an unknown, Sesti and Jax are friends, and Dyannah's known her even longer. She glances into the back of the van and blinks at the sight of Jax. "Maker, Jax... if I didn't know your face, I would've sworn you were one of that sick bunch at the top. I just hope it works as well on the real ones. You too, Sajin."

She manages a slightly-shaky smile for Dyannah. "For what it's worth, you do make a great brunette," she says, slipping out her ID for the upcoming security booth and schooling her features into a mix of weariness and faint dread.

At least she doesn't have to fake the dread.

Sesti had opted for some makeup as well, covering the jota on her face and neck, letting the uniform and gloves cover the rest. She's left her hair down to aid the unicorn cap in hiding her horns, and adjusts the slightly tinted glasses that disguise the purple of her eyes. "I feel naked without my blade," she says in an undertone to Jax. The stun baton is still in her right boot, and vibrodagger in the other, her med pac slung at her hip with the cross body strap. She stands in the back of the van, to the side and in the shadows, but the subtle movements needed to keep her balance as they travel give her something to concentrate on.

Rial Het is among the infiltrators, dressed smartly in the white uniform of a First Order Security Bureau courier. Seated in the back passenger compartment, with a passcode-locked courier's satchel at his feet concealing the tools of his trade. When Dyannah brings the speeder to a stop, he voices dryly on the heels of Nova's observation, "We all make quite the sight, aye? Should've taken a still of the lot of us, so we can blackmail each other after." A steady exhale, and the rouge notes, "I'll start with the comm array. See about getting the message out and cutting off any distress calls." Half to himself, "Show time. Let's get it done, aye?" Upon stepping out, he surveys the rounds curtly, before starting through the facility's guarded doors.

Rial's quip earns an appreciative laugh from Dyannah, "I don't need a still to blackmail you Rial. No. I. Don't." Relief informs her smile at Nova. The speeder is parked in the appropriate spot and they all unload to go in their appointed direction. A tug at the bottom of her white tunic, a quick flick of her fingers to assure that her gloves are tight before she heads in the direction of the Comm array building. She reviews her route, steeling herself for the long turbo lift ride and the likelihood of guards.

In the lift, she turns somewhat to avoid the camera trained on its occupants and when the door opens there are the guards on duty.

The carefully forged badge is handed to one while she pointedly ignores the other, her vast indifference to their helmeted presences a foil for her nervousness. With a grunt the badge is handed back to her and she is admitted into the com room.

"Really? The Corsec academy dress uniforms were a lot better." Jax says with a nod. He looks at Nova and tries his best to sound bored/annoyed, "Well It is proper position and duty of a son of a highly decorated general." He seems less than amused and in character. Though at Sesti's statement. "Why Doctor, I did not know you felt that way about me. Perhaps during our afternoon break, we can meet in the supply closet. I will find you a blade." Though at Rial's comment, "Perhaps I should arrange a family photo."

As the speeder comes to a stop, Jax rises from the speeder as his position among the others would dictate. He reaches up doing the Picard tug and then walks toward the entrance crisp walk like he has a stick shoved up somewhere.

"It's better than a dirty unwashed leather jacket while you're homeless on Tatooine..." Sajin says with a very short chuckle. His hand goes to the back of his neck, which he rubs, before eyes settle on Nova. "You look good in a uniform." Said in response to her 'compliment'. He doesn't take part in much banter though, as the speeder comes to a stop. He stands and makes his way out with the others, straightening his uniform. He new a few things from those he commanded of a more military mind, and did his best to look the part. A nod to Nova as she joins him along the way towards the Turbolift to the Executive suit.

And they're inside! Yay! With all these lock-step First Order stooges. Yay. But that's the mission for you! She returns Dya's smile, adds a reassuring one for Jax, Sesti, Sajin, blushing a little at his compliment (she's never been comfortable with those), and Rial, and slings on her own code-locked pouch, picking up a specially-prepared (and rather heavy for its size) package for the LAO. "Showtime..."

She does her best to look tired and resigned as she accompanies Sajin to the proper turbolift. The command prompt looks like a familiar FO interface. She sets down the package to find her access card... though in reality, she's slipping out her slicer's kit to deal with their lack of actual electronic credentials. "Get annoyed or something, okay? I'll need a few seconds," she says, pretending to check her pockets.

It's the standard system, all right; she's past the firewall in moments. She gets the doors open, and the turbolift heading to the right place, and hastily grabs up the package and ducks inside so as not to keep her escort waiting. And, one ride later, they're stepping out into the executive lobby. She bows her head to the attendant, since her hands are obviously full. "Special delivery for the LAO. Apologies for the late hour, but it's from the FOSB and wouldn't wait."

Even through the glasses the daggers being sent Jax's way as they disembark are palpable. Perhaps that's why he so easily ducks her attempt to smack the back of his head. "Find a blade for me?" she asks in a derisive undertone before the doors slide open and he leads the way in with a posture he must have learned from Sesti... after all, Zabraks are known for their arrogance around 'lower life forms'. Once he's cleared them through, she nudges him slightly and indicates the console she's going to use.

"People look so happy to see us, Captain Garret," she ad libs spontaneously the name of their long ago leader with just that touch of superior amusement bullies often use when they know they can smack down anyone they want. As she boots in to her computer, her sidelong glances seek those who /don't/ look nervous upset at their presence.

Rial Het gives a short nod as he and Dyannah head for the upper-most levels of the command tower, where the communication array and other long range machinery is placed. Through the doors they pass, no breath held as they pass between a pair of storm troopers and into the larger command center. Several eyes are turned their way, five Chandrilan Defense Force techs, and a pair of uniformed First Order naval crew. It is toward those that Rial turns his steps, prompting imperiously, "Which is the officer of the watch?" When answered he looks to the officer in question and states, "We have received an Alpha level directive from Sector Command. I will require a secure channel to the bridge of the Star Destroyer, immediately." Something in his demand causes a look of brief wariness in the eyes of the officer of the watch, but Rial catches himself and amends, "The Star Destroyer Striker." After a moment, he is directed to a terminal.

The attendant greets Nova with precisely the level of tired resignation the former trooper had been affecting, "Of course." The attendant eyes Sajin a step behind Nova and offers, "Knock twice, and wait to be called." At the data core sub-level, Jax and Sesti are watched. The lead tech trades words with an associate, before reluctantly approaching the pair of FO uniformed agents, and mustering his courage to offer, "As you know, I am.. required to sign you in, before access is released. Sirs. Ma'am. Sir. And... ma'am."

Dyannah's nose twitches in annoyance as the officer's eyes linger over her uniform. She had practiced standing at attention in a mirror till she had gotten tired of looking at herself. One wisp of black hair has come down out of its tight bun which she tucks in, wanting desperately to be out from under the man's scrutiny, glad there is nothing monitoring her heartbeat.

Holding up the sealed bag with one hand she walks across the room, the back of her neck burning with imagined eyes tracking her and seats herself at a vacant terminal. With a quick nod to the technician at the adjacent terminal, she sets to work, stolen codes letting her into the system. Her hands fly over the keys. She sends: "Agents in place confirm rebel presence in Ringali Nebula. Fleet action required ASAP. Appropriate codes are appended. Prompt acknowledgment necessary."

Jax eyes the lead tech, "Finally. I do not like to be kept waiting. I am aware of the procedure." He says a bit peevishly. He produces his code cylinder from his uniform and extends it to the Tech. "I *Am* sure you will find mine and Dr. Zahn's credentials in order and consider us signed in." He lets out a breath that's meant he's looking annoyed and exasperated. Totally not a sigh of relief hoping his use of the force just worked.

Sajin moves into the room, taking a quick glance around. Hapans were night blind but in the light they could see very well. The attractive man notices the camera, one at the door and the other at the window. There is a quick look to Nova as he nods towards one or the other, assuming she will pick up on what he saw. He didn't want to be too obvious. He looks around for the owner of the voice.

Sesti doesn't spare a glance for Jax walking away with the other techs as she adjusts her glasses and steps up to the terminal. She puts in her codes, but then frowns as she's blocked. "Heckin'," she mutters under her breath. She goes back through the codes and then gives a solid nod. "Damn typos" she mutters under breath and sets to work again.

Loyalty Assurance Officer Burchill enters the room. She is tall and black haired, with an intense blue stare and appears to be nearing forty. The officer still wears the black duty uniform, but the dress jacket has been unfastened, and is worn open. Sajin is regarded first. "You'll do. Wait in there," the Hapan is ordered with a gesture to the romm she had just left, before her eye shifts to Nova. "You're not the usual courier. Has Vim been re-assigned?"

On the command level, wile Dyannah inputs the prepared data stream into the secure First Order channel, she is answered by a distant ensign aboard a Star Destroyer's bridge, <This is Striker. Transmission received, stand by.> Meanwhile, under the guise of acting as Dyannah (the higher ranking officer)'s relay, Rial has accessed the secure terminal, input a data lead, and sliced deftly into the tower's network. Dyannah, looking over his shoulder, is the only one with the necessary angle to see that he has placed an encrypted lockdown command on the level occupied by the Stormtrooper barracks. A follow-up command disabled communications in or our of that same level.

Nova /does/ pick up on what Sajin saw; she's seen this kind of setup before, even if she's not trained it its use. She nods to the uniformed officer he's playing, and steps in the direction of the opening door, her eyes peeled for potential witnesses. Just because the LAO's home doesn't mean they're alone. She stops in front of the door, holding the package as if it's heavy and she'll be glad to get it out of her hands. "Good evening, ma'am. Package from the FOSB... rush delivery. Sorry for the late hour."

In the data core, Jax is met with a precise (and very subtly relieved), "Yes sir, I'm sure I'll find everything in order." The half dozen Chandrilan techs in the data core seem quite intent on keeping their heads down and looking busy, though sidelong glances are still regularly sent at Sesti and Jax as the lead tech inserts a code cylinder into a reading unit, and inputs the necessary command. When asked a quiet question by another tech, he answers, "I'm sure everything is in order."

Sajin gives a smile, and it's a bit more than him laughing inside about the irony of the situation. There is a smirk to Nova, "Oh she's part of the deal too, ma'am. If you want... A little extra." He nods his head back towards the private room before he turns and starts towards where the LOA came from. Once inside he takes a quick look around before looking back to see if they follow.

Dyannah doesn't realize she is holding her breath until she has to expel it as secretly as possible. "Copy that Striker. Transmission received." Passing the communication over to the tech at the next terminal, she rises to join Rial. Watching him finish his work, she gives him a subtle nod, then gathers her document carrier up.

"Sir, the transmission has been received and copied." Not waiting for comment, she waits at the door to be let out into the corridor, dropping the document holder to scatter code chips everywhere, a ruse to wait on Rial to join her. At the turbo lift, she clears her throat, only saying, "Ready?" More quietly she adds, "I don't need a still, luv."

Jax turns sharply and marches back to Sesti, "Dr. Zahn, have you retrieved the data?" He asks as he approaches. "You haven't? I shall do it." Then he tries his own code. It doesn't work and there a frown, "YOu've obviously done something to it. Correct your mistake. " Then stepping aside to letting Sesti work. Man he's going to have to be nice to her for six months but appearances have to be maintained.

Nova, in her guise as Courier Livvi Orlei, gives the imperious woman her best 'don't shoot the messenger' look. "My apologies, ma'am... Vim was busy with another assignment, and this package wouldn't wait. I'd just come back from my last delivery, so I got it. It's urgent, ma'am," she says, bowing her head over the package... and quite prepared to shove the thing into LAO Burchill's arms hard enough to knock her down, if this excuse doesn't fly.

And then Sajin drops /that/ bomb. She doesn't have to pretend very hard to get that wide-eyed look of surprise and dismay! "Extra? E-e-extra what?" she asks, though she's at least done /some/ of the math, considering what the LAO's already told the 'officer' who escorted her. Actually, she couldn't have come up with a better setup if she'd tried. No, literally, she couldn't have. Her service-trained mind doesn't really roam in those directions. But she's good at improvising on the fly!

In a few moments, that might be literally true, too...

Sesti gives an annoyed squawk when Jax pushes her aside. She crosses her arms and waits for him to have less success. "I was before you butted in," she grouses at him under her breath, keeping it low for only those next to her to hear, the camaraderie of those who can't say what they really think of their superiors to their faces. Then the screen scrolls with the information and she throws a 'see, I got this' look over her shoulder to the officer with the stick up his butt, and then proceeds to copy the information about the prisoners and the prison transfer to her own chip. "Trade places?" she asks the tech next to her as she waits. "Your bosses seem heck of a lot better than," she jerks her head towards Jax. When it's all downloaded, she takes the chip and pushes away with an annoyed sigh. "Got it."

Burchill gives a short look aside to Sajin, and orders bluntly, "Stop talking." Accepting the case from Nova, she gives the 'courier' a short nod. For an instant when Nova mentioned Vim, the LAO had subtly tensed and begun to move as though considering a reach for her pistol, but Nova's convincing lie persuaded the administrator the other woman was simply very flustered. "Your parcel is received. You are dismissed, courier." She'll await the expected salute before saluting in response, and turning back to reclaim the tumbler of Chandrilan brandy she had set aside within her private chambers moments before.

On the comm deck, Dyannah and Rial take their leave, after a native technician has assisted Dyannah with recovering her fallen data chits. They march back out and re enter the turbolift. "No, you do. Not. Need a still," Rial answers the disguised Zeltron with the ghost of a smile stirring his lip as he touches the button to start them moving. <Commands Alpha and Kappa accomplished,> he notes quietly to the others who are in position to listen. Sesti's 'trade places' quip earns a wide eyes stare and rapid head shake.

Prisons smell of fear, boredom, and pain, the melange is as keen to Dyannah as bacta in a hospital. The magic of her forged badge has the codes for admitting her to the level, but military police are a suspicious lot, and these are well-armed.

After squinting at the manifest she extracts from her pouch, "The CO sent me down with a message for a prisoner, a Mothma....ahhhh. Wait. I can't read this. Anyway. Is that normal for a courier to be bringing down a sealed message for a prisoner?" Shrugging, she waits, looking bored as she checks the number of cells to be opened.

Jax marches out of the central database and adjusts his cap. He looks at Sesti and mouths a 'thank you and good job.' Then back to grumpy Captain Garrett again. He snap turns and begins his stick up his ass march towards the prisons. He pointedly ignores any underling snapping him a salute as he goes. Leaving 'Dr. Zahn' to follow in his wake.

Sajin was pretty, attractive, was likely a man-whore on some level during his days of poverty and homelessness. The empire of adult holotapes of himself as a young stud were out there and for sale on youhub.holonet for only 49.99rc. He also wasn't someone to screw around wih or take advantage of. A black horse, someone to bet on in a fight even hough he might give off a completely different vibe. That quick look around the room acquired him a big, thick... implement. We're all adults here. We all knew what the LAO was after and what she might possess in her private chambers. The moment she entered and before Nova left, Sajin smacked her over he head with the large 'implement' and quickly followed up with another blow... until she collapsed... He looked to the implement, then to Nova, then back to the kO'd LAO. Giving a shrug, he tossed the improvised weapon aside.

Nova, not having to pretend to shiver with relief, gives a good, though nervous, salute to the demanding woman, and is relieved when she turns to join Sajin. She's definitely glad to not be in /his/ shoes! And that's when the first blow lands. On Burchill. From Sajin. Nova winces in faint sympathy, and again for the next one. Seriously, that looks painful even to a former drill instructor.

Seeing that the woman's down, she quickly extracts a prepared injector full of sleepy juice from her medpac, to ensure a more lasting sleep for the LAO. "I hope that isn't how you treat /all/ your dates," she quips, tossing him the injector. "I'd better get out before they wonder why the courier isn't leaving. Hope the others are doing as well as you just did!"

And she's gone, quickly tapping the secure frequency. <Royal Pain to all Pains. The queen has been checkmated. Repeat, the queen has been checkmated. Heading for the box.> Hopefully she can get there before something happens to her friend(s).

"Wise choice," Sesti tells the tech as she moves off in the wake of Mr. Stick. "You owe me big time, I believe is the expression," she shoots back in a quick undertone before they take their personas again. She distractedly returns salutes as they go down the corridor, the absent minded scientist who's more bookish than military. That's her story and she's sticking by it.

Rial follows Dy into the holding level of the tower, where everything is new and crafted of glossy blackened metal, compared to the rustic wooden paneling and fittings on older levels of the tower. Dyannah's blithe inquiry on whether her request was normal is met by a flat, <"No,"> from one of the Stormtroopers on guard. Notably, the only non First Order personnel in this section are in cells. <"This is a restricted area, what's your-"> the inquiry is delayed as the facility's intercom broadcasts, <Maintenance, please report to the barracks immediately. This is not a drill.> Both Stormtroopers adjust their grip on the rifles, and in the instant one is drawing breath, Rial interjects, "You heard the alert. There is rioting in Hanna City, in the event of civil insurrection, all prisoners are to be transferred to a secure facility or assembled for summary execution under section Aleph Zeta seven seven nine of Security Bureau counter-insurgency codes-" a classified sounding set of guidelines Rial literally just made up, but which common Stormtroopers wouldn't be aware of. "Whether for relocation or execution, gather all the prisoners for inspection at once." It's a bold gamble... but it pays off. The troopers turn away from Dy and Rial, and toward the cell blocks.

LAO Burchill had just drained her tumbler of drink, cocking he head to listen for the sound of Nova leaving. Setting the glass down on a table with a muted this, she begins drawing off a pair of gloves, while turning back to Sajin. "You don't speak. Is that understood-" the mystery of how she expected him to answer must go unsolved as Burchill is struck hard enough to stagger, bleeding slightly from the scalp, before falling with a hard thud to the rugs underfoot.

Surreptitiously, Dyannah uses the guards attention on Rial to draw the blaster she has been carrying in her pouch. Toggling the gun to stun, she lifts her chin to Rial and motions to the door trying to communicate her pressing need for him to get the guards out the door.

Keeping her hand in the bag, she says, "Up to us, sir? Will the guards help us secure them?" One of the guards start to turn towards her, gun toggled to stun, she presses it against his side before he completes his turn. The stun makes him very angry.

Jax walks into the room as the Storm troopers turn and Dyannah draws and fires. He pulls the Dl-44 on his hip and fires three stun bolts at the other one. The heavy blaster hitting the other Storm trooper once. He looks like he's going to be having a rough day but not enough to knock him out. "We better hurry. They're going to be inquiring about blaster fire. We got the list. Sesti got the list."

Sajin catches the stick given to him by Nova before she leaves. He sticks the LAO with the seditave, before he attempts to pick her up. She was a tall lady, a hefty lady. And he can't quite get the right angle or leverage to throw her over his shoulders. "Krif, lady... you woulda killed me if I let you sit on my face..." So what does he do? He picks her up by the boots and starts to drag her out the front door and into the reception Area. There is a look to the attendant there as he moves over to the lift and calls the lift up, then moves back to the body. "We were rough playing and she hit her head... going to take her to medical..." He lies.

The turbolift stops... Frell.

But it's stopping to let friends on. Not frell. Very not frell. Nova gives Jax and Sesti worried looks, hearing the sound of a blaster shot just before the turbolift door opens. Fortunately, Jax is armed. Unfortunately, the combatants are moving around enough that he can't get in a good shot.

Nova steps in, tapping Dyannah's dancing partner on the shoulder. When he understandably whips around, she catches the chin of his helmet with one hand and shoves his head back violently, pistoning her fist into his windpipe! He drops, choking.

The other turns her way, starting to charge... until she pivots and slams a booted foot into the plastoid plate over his groin, which is /not/ designed to resist physical impact aimed directly at it. He folds with a whimper, going limp on the floor.

"Lesson learned: Don't ignore your close combat training just because this is a galaxy full of blasters," the blonde says, catching up one of the troopers' dropped F-11s. They might get unwelcome company in a moment, after all. "Dy? Jax? Sesti? Are you all okay?"

Sesti doesn't even bat an eyelash at the unconscious officer in the lift as she and Jax join the other two of their party. She does take the cap off to scratch around her horns, lifting the crushed hair away from them. "I cannot wait for a shower and to braid my hair properly," she mutters, placing her cap back on just before the doors open. Although she isn't surprised to be greeted with chaos already in motion, she didn't have a weapon out and she starts to reach for her stun baton. The stormtroopers are stunned in short order, and so is Sesti as she watches Nova do her dance. She blinks once, shakes her head, then forgets about her baton and darts over to the computer station to enter her codes. "Fine, fine," she manages to reply as the stun wears off, and then she's looking at the screen where the red lines indicating locked doors start going to blink to green one by one as the cell doors unlock.

The lift attendant stares at Sajin as the Hapan drags Burchill out by her boots. Just... stares. "Sir. The doctors will.. come up here," he begins to explain, still pushing the call button to start the lift back up from the sub-levels where Nova, Jax, and Sesti had taken it. Welcome to an awkward wait in silence, Sajin. The attendant pushes the button a few more times.

Rial gives a low whistle as Nova finishes off the Cascade of violence from Dy and Jax that puts both Stormtroopers on the ground, unconscious. "Well. That was bloody fantastic. Well done, there!" As Sesti gets to work on the cell block seals, Rial hustles to begin directing the sixteen prisoners out with haste. "Aye, quickly now- I know, don't mind me uniform, just a costume, it is- to the lifts all of ye, the revolt's begun and this place is about to get very busy!"

Of course, now they need to wait for the lift to come back down.

It is getting crowded in the small enclosure leading to the cells. Dyannah grins, her white teeth glistening, as she turns to each in turn and pats them on the shoulder. She briefly touches Rial on the cheek before saying to everyone, "Amazing work! Remind me not to get you angry Nova. Goddess! Great hacking Sesti."

Rolling her shoulders to release some of the tension from them, she walks down the corridor of cells.

"We are the Resistance. Come with us, we are taking you with us. Ship is waiting and powered up. You all will be returned to your homes when we're able to do it." Cells begin to open and Dyannah waits at the door motioning the stunned prisoners towards the lift. "Go with them. You'll be as safe as any of us."

Jax sheaths his blaster as Nova tells him not to neglect his close combat skills. "Yes, Major." The tone and the eye roll might just hint on the fact he just called Nova his mother. The blaster is tucked away. Then he stands to the side to allow the prisoners to board the lift before returning to the lift to provide them with an armed guard. Though on the ride up he says quietly, "Yeah I know what you mean, I want a shower and to burn this uniform."

Everyone might have forgotten about Sajin by this point. He stands there, waiting for the lift, staring at the Attendant. When it arrives, he leans down and picks up his prize by the boots once more and starts to drag her onto the lift. "No really... I insist. It's fine, this will be less embarrassing for her. Trust me." He must have been taking lessons from Zhu Yan all these years. How he's going to get her onto the transport, who knows, but it'll likely be in a similar fashion... "Oh the semblance is right over there..." He'd say off handedly, dragging her out to meet the others. "It's totally okay. She just hit her head."

"Do as the lady and the gentleman say," Nova says, supporting Rial and Dyannah in their corralling efforts. "There'll be room on the ship, but I wouldn't call it comfortable. It'll still be a ticket out of this sewer. That's worth a little discomfort, right?" And, the rescue complete, more or less, she joins the little party on the turbolift. "You rarely get me angry, Dyannah. Or you, Rial. I'm hoping it'll always be that way. But I'm still glad we're almost done."

She pulls at her collar, reminded of the outfit by Jax and Sesti. "I know what you mean. This feels as unnatural to me as those uniforms do to you," she murmurs. "But we did it. I just hope the invasion goes as well as this raid did."

Sesti gives a half grin to Dyannah at the recognition, and it's actually easier to notice it with the makeup covering the jota markings. She looks over the computer one more time, making sure that none of the cells have been stuck, and then she taps a few more keys before she turns and follows the last prisoner onto the lift, making her way to stand next to Jax. "Why, Captain Garret, I did not you felt that way about me... I am sure I can light a fire for you if you need."

Alarms are blaring throughout the tower by the time the turbolift reunites the team and their recently freed rescuees. Some among the prisoners aren't healthy enough to run, and those few are helped along by the rest. At the ground floor, the Chandrila Defense Force personnel on guard at the door and patrolling the grounds very clearly see the band for what it is: an insurgent jailbreak. But there are no Stormtroopers here, still trapped in quarters, or already subdued, and none of the guards move to stop them. Quite to the contrary, many abandon their posts on the spot, stepping to help the wounded along, or just running off into the night to spread the word: it's time. By Chandra's light, and by the Rings is Asimuse, Chandrila will be free, again.