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The Irregulars: The Classified Ads

OOC Date: June4, 2019
Location: Theed, Naboo
Participants: Domino, Dyannah Nerus, Rial Het, Rhysio Ando, Poe Dameron, Tylin Creel

The sun sets in a glory to the west of the city, setting a glow to the green domes that grace so many of the high arched buildings of Theed. They made a procession on the busy street, the Zeltron's face earning second glances. As she had promised, each of them garnered more attention than they possibly would care for. Dyannah comes to a halt, her skirts swirling about her as she turns to the others.

"The restaurant does not allow droids in it. An old fashioned idea." She addresses this both to the other woman who made up their procession and to a stranger who has joined them with a guardian droid in her tow. "I am making an assumption which I hope you will forgive for if I am wrong." She nods at the woman and then places her fingers over her own heart where the stranger wears a broach with a crown on it.

Ty turns to her droid and orders it to stay there. It gets a series of beeps and squawks but does as ordered. She looks up and shrugs "It feels that it has to be beside me all the time to protect me," she says as a way of explanation. As for the looks they have gotten, Ty pretty much ignores them all, head held high as she walks till they all get at the restaurant.

Domino ahhs and nods somewhat stiffly. She looks to the droid, "Wait for me at the spaceport somewhere out of the way." The guardian droid obediently turns and trots off. She oh's and looks brieflly abashed, "Sorry. It's the damn sling. I should have put it on the damn sling, yeah?" She speaks with a rural Correllian accent. She wings and adjusts the sling a bit to show off her broach still looking a tad sheepish.

Inside the lovely restaurant, waiting at a table set for six, is an elegantly dressed gentleman looking much like one of the native nobility might. A round of drinks has been placed, awaiting five guests. A bottle of local wine stads ready for opening but is as of yet untouched while Rial takes his ease at the well appointed table, maintaining a casual observation of the establishment's entrance.

Sterlanetaire's Restaurant - Theed, Naboo The restaurant is buzzing with activity as several people, different species alike, sit down and enjoy their meals, and their conversations. Paintings are strewn across the walls giving way to the wonderfully placed music that is something of a classical style. The chairs are all made of a black durasteel made to look like a very old style, with glass on top, making the setting very elegant.

Several sounds of plates hitting each other can be heard in the background, coming from the kitchen as the cooks keep creating the food that has helped make a name for the place. Several scents move throughout the restaurant, most making people feel good about themselves.

A faint frown darkens Dyannah's eyes, tilts the set of her generous mouth into a straight line as she scrutinizes the woman. Her walk, her gait nudge her memory, give her the sensation of having forgotten something. "Then come with me, Corellian are you?"

As she enters the restaurant the head server greets her and gestures toward the table where the well dressed gentleman waits, he, too assumes that the woman in the Zeltron blue and wearing court dress is a match with the man. He ushers the party to his table and pulls chairs out for the three of them. Dyannah waits for them to be seated before delicately picking up the hem of her dress and allowing him to push the chair under her.

Ty follows along, a few steps behind the others, letting Dy talk to the stranger. Not waiting for her chair to be pulled out for her, Ty sits at the far end. immediately the datapad is pulled out. A bit battered and appears to have been opened and closed, often, a few times in it's life, she starts tapping on it, the screen glow lighting up her face in a pale shine.

Also seated at the table is a man dressed in what could best be described as a spacer's outfit, though he's nowhere near the class and dignity of the others gathered here today. Not looking towards the door, he is rather focused on Rial, though the two aren't talking. With a grunt, he leans back, pulling his jacket around him with his left hand while tucking his four fingers behind his belt just to the right of the buckle. With a thick drawl, he says to Rial, "Ah hear dat deh shellfish are pretteh dahng good heah."

Domino nods to Dynnah, "Yep. Annoys my Aunt that I talk this way says I sound ignorant but I'd rather that than talking like I got a stick up my ass, right?" Dynnah is given a lopsided grin, "I'd ask where you're from but ahh.." She looks around "I think maybe I'd better not pry at least not for the sake of polite conversation."

Rial Het exhales slightly, and raises a brow in amusement at Rhysio. "There is no corner of the galaxy where people talk like that," he accuses with a tight smile. He then turns an easy smile toward the trio as they approach his table. Rising smoothly to his feet, with a short dip of his head and shoulders to acknowledge each in turn. "A fair day find you all. Will there be no one else?" With that last question, his eye lingers on the unfamiliar Domino, before his polished and proper voice quietly gives way to a thick Talusian lilt, "The stick chafes, I admit? But when ye talk fancy they bring us the good wine, free a charge. Worth it, innit?" he adds with a wink. as he retakes his seat.

One eyebrow lifts, the Zeltron shrugs with good humor turning the possibility of a slight into something said to put them all at ease. "Everyone has an accent or so the linguists say," and her posh accent, with its drawled vowels and relaxed jaw would say much to another Zeltron about her origins.

"My coloring is a giveaway, I could lighten my skin and dye my hair. But people assume I am visiting from the court of my planet. Not toooooo terribly wrong. But wrong. Can I assume that we will all be drinking wine?" She says the last for the waiter who has appeared discreetly and waits for their attention.

"Wine would be good," Ty quickly chirps looking up from her datapad. Her glance goes over everyone at the table. "Too quick? But it does sound good," she tries to explain. A shrug as she lays the datapad on the table, sitting up a bit more proper like.

Domino's eyebrows shoot up, "Yer color'n? Wha's wrong with that? Not to be disrespectful, miss, but you're beautiful." She considers Dy's request "Well..." She looks at her arm, "The Gal at the free clinic said not to drink while I was mending but I reckon one glass can't do any harm?" Large brown eyes flit around to those around her as if to see if any of them think it's a bad idea to have a glass of wine.

With a lopsided grin, Rhysio-in-character replies to Rial with that same slow drawl, "They do in my little corner of the galaxy, friend." As the trio arrives, he languidly turns his head to the side, allowing it to lull back as the others approach. His hand loosens itself from his belt, and he straightens up in the chair, reaching down between his legs to pull it closer to the table as he flexes his legs to lift his back side off and scoot in. As the man with mousy brown hair settles back in, he tosses his head to the side with a twist, "Hell yeah. If you're buyin', I'm drinkin'."

With no indication that others will be joining them, Rial overturns the wine glass at the sixth place setting. "Not too quick," he assures Tylin at her question. "Just efficient. Well then, suppose we ought to begin with what names folk would favor using. We've a basic audio recording disrupter operating at the table, but if anyone would fancy having a more expert go at security, please do."

The wine is poured for them all into the crystal glasses that glint in the low light. Menus are distributed, orders taken and then a small hush falls over the group. "If you wouldn't mind beginning since you contacted us. We picked this venue for your safety as well as ours." This is addressed to the woman wearing the crown brooch with the faintest of empathetic pushes wishing her well-being.

A warm smile is given to Rial and a silent "Thank you," is mouthed. She holds up a hand, just a slight raise really, finger's wiggling "Ty," she says as a way of her introduction. Mouth tightens in a bit of a frown as the waitstaff pours her glass half full. She looks up at him, then back to the glass and clears her throat and taps on the rim of the glass. With a bit of a huff he fills it on up and Ty gives him her very best fake smiles "Why thank you sir," immediately picking it up and tasting it.

Incognito Dom AKA Lesai cants her head "Pardon me?" Again there's a flash of chagrine "Beginning what? Introductions? or why I'm here?" She looks around, "OR?" Her cheeks color in sincere enough embarrassment, "I'm not sure what you mean by beginning but I'm happy to! I'm Lesai, o course, I spoke you on this.." She taps the datapad in it's bag by her feet, "Called you cause it wasn't right." her gaze darkens, "Crazy bastards firing on a civilian port that ain't no part of any outpost or nothin-just..folks going about their business." She meets Dy's gaze "I promise you tha baastard that ordered that ain't right." she taps her temple for emphasis.

Seeing as nobody else is joining them, Rhysio reaches over and snatches a wine glass. He then reaches in a different direction to flip over his own. As the waitstaff comes around, Rhysio-in-character holds up both glasses with a guilty as sin grin. Glancing towards Dyannah for a moment, his shoulders succinctly rise and fall in a shrug. As both glasses are half-filled, he takes them away and sets one on the table, shooting the other. There's a moment of regret on his face, after which he turns and calls out, "Sir, I think your juice went bad."

You sense: Domino might or might not know something more than she's saying about why the port was targeted but she definitely DOES NOT feel it was justified though perhaps not as emphatically as she speaks but there's plenty of genuine belief behind asserting only a madman would do such a thing.

Once Dyannah reaches empathetically for Rial, locking eyes with him before raising her glass. She pitches her voice for the table alone, "A toast," she raises her glass. "To those who resist tyranny in all its forms whether prompted by the mad or the power hungry."

Turning to Lesai, she studies her a moment, "What did you do before the bombing, Lesai?"

Rial Het gives a flat sidelong eye at Rhysio's antics. "It's too late, I've already been seen in public with you. The damage is already done." He gives a knowing nod to Tylin, before Lesai speaks up. The elegant rogue's manner grows more solemn when talk turns to business. Providing his own favored alias, "Rial Het, infiltration and face work," with a dip of his head. Meeting Dy's eye afterward he nods once, and raises his glass. "Hear, hear," he notes to the toast, taking a sip.

Ty raises her glass in the toast "Agreed," she says before taking a long drink. To Axon "If you don't like it," the rest is unspoken but she taps at the table right infront of her seat. "Mine's good. Maybe you should just give up on it," she teases "it might be to refined for you."

Rhysio Ando turns his head to look towards Lesai for a moment, before his attention goes to Rial with a grin. He looks back to Lesai, and once Rial has completed his own introduction, he introduces himself in his thick, proud drawl, "You can call me Axon. I'm the smart one. I work on electronics, and engines, and logic-based board games. I'm also in-charge of the distillin' the refresher unit whiskey."

As the toast is raised, he reaches out to pick up the second wine glass he purloined, raising it and then clinking both of his together as he says, "I'll drink to that."

Domino frowns and holds up a slightly dirty short-nailed hand up, "Uh." At Rial's comment there's a slight concerned furrow of her brow "Uh. Sorry. Seen? I thought Naboo was supposed to be safe." She looks around "That's why I came. Thought they'd not come no where near here." She leans forward, "We ain't safe here?" She can't help it, Rhysio's cheesy antics win a small grin through the cloud of worry "I think that's the point."

Rial Het assures Lesai, with an upraised hand, "Oh it's quite safe. Being seen in a civilized setting beside Axon, however, will do incalculable damage to my social reputation on this planet," he jests, deadpan. A wry curl turns his lip at Tylin's joking/not joking jab at Rhysio.

"We are safe enough here. But frankly, we're concerned about you, my dear." One corner of her mouth tugs up at Rhysio and Rial but the woman that has introduced herself among them has nearly her whole attention. "I feel we have met before. Am sure of it. I say that from the feel of you. What makes you feel so insecure that you wouldn't tell us your real name. I think you know mine, Dyannah Nerus. I almost never use anything but my real name." She glances briefly at Rial before returning the full force of her gaze on Lesai.

Ty nods with Rial "That damage can last a lifetime," she chimes in and looks at Axon. Gives a shrug "It's true." A sad face is given "Sorry." Even with the kidding Ty does keep track of the conversation at the head of the table. She looks at Lesai and holds up her datapad "Not to worry, I've tapped into the grid and am monitoring the ships coming in and the IFF of those. We are safe."

Domino tilts her head, "Good questions. Truely. I don't know you all. Don't know what you're after-not really. One minute I think I'm meeting with like minded individuals-next I'm conspiring with terrorists or something like that. You all got crew. Folks got your back. It's just me. IF this ain't what it seems? No one's coming. No offense or nothin but until I feel like I got a fair sense of you all I'm going to be a bit hedgy I'm afraid. I'll avoid lying to you but I won't be the most forthright. I'm sorry-I'm sure it seems rude an I certainly ain't askin y'al to trust me. Just..there's got a bit a way to sum up exactly what y'all are looking for. What all you're looking to get into."

Smirking towards Tylin, Axon looks into his wine glass and says off-handedly, "Forget refinement, darlin'. This just ain't been distilled enough for my tastes." He then stops, looking askance towards Rial with a slowly growing grin, "Oh, I'm sorry partner. I thought I had mentioned this before. I hurt my back doing that thing we did that one time. I can't bend far enough back to put my head far enough up my ion exhaust port to not hurt your social credibility on a planet like this..." He leans back in the chair, his grin spreading to a smile as he winks at his partner-in-crime.

His attention then goes to Dyannah for the briefest of moments, before he turns his attention to Lesia, his eyes narrowing as he studies her. Finally, he asks, "And you think it's any different with us, darlin'? The only difference I see is that you ain't affiliated with us. You can still walk away clean from all this. So we're waitin'."

"The smell never quite washed out," Rial faux-laments of proximity to Rhysio. When the slicer adds that she is monitoring ship traffic he adds a mouthed 'thank you'. Then Domino answers Dyannah, and Rial gives another easy smile and small shrug. "We all help in accordance with our talents. A small shrug, and gesture for "Please, patience," to Axon. Returning his eye to Domino, "A small group can of course only do so much. But Nar Shaddaa was sadly neither the first or the last travesty those.. in the Wrong will take. We take small actions, with whatever information we can muster. So tell us, if you would, Lesai: what are your goals, what are your talents, and how might.. like minded folk be of help?"

Dyannah's mouth rounds into a small ah of recognition, "Did you think that we would use Naboo to snare sympathizers for the Resistance? We will not dance around that. We are their supporters and work, in our small way, to aid those who resist the First Order. Can I be more frank than that? Not here and not to someone we have just met."

Domino cocks an eyebrow, "Only if you all let me. I'm at your mercy. What can I do?" She waves her good arms "Surely you all can tell me what you are looking for without giving away anything compromising?" She glances between the pair and bites her bottom lip to swalllow a laugh "Y'all funny." She sobers then wheen Rial speaks "Yeah. I know it. I think maybe it's getting worse. I'd ask how a rag tag team is gonna stop 'em but I at least *DO* know better than to ask. So maybe I can just ask ideally what you're looking to find beside a gal that'll tell her life story?"

She considers Dynnah's question, "If I can I'd like to stop folks from getting hurt. Or at the VERY least keep folks who ain't volunteer for a war out of the blast zone. Maybe blacken an eye or two-if I were making wishes? That crazy ratfink bastard not to be terrorizing the galaxy no more. That'd be the Verry on the top right there."

A dip of her head to Rial is given along with a wink. As Dy talks, Ty almost chokes on her wine "Trust me, I am the furtherest away from anyone that would support /them/," leaving little doubt as to who them are. "I've known Dy for a very long time," she gives a glance to Rial and Axon "These two, long enough to know." She turns her attention back to Lesai, all humor and joking are gone and a serious look comes to her "It really depends on what you want. What is it you want, Lesai?"

Rial Het sips his wine, and adds to 'Lesai', "My apologies for the bombardment of questions, but I must repeat one: what are your talents? We can make use of anyone who is willing to act against the would-be Order, but we must have an idea of how best you might act. We have made good use of all manner of folk, from common pickpockets, to smugglers, gunmen, even a disreputable performer if you can believe it."

Domino looks around and rollls her eyes, "Kriff it. This is ridiculous." She slouches back and fingerwaves, "Hi lady of action. You're riight-you know me. You don't know how much I HATED cutting my nails and dressing down. " her nose wrinkles daintily, "YOU REALLY don't. Anyway. Clearly, advertising that broadly was fishing for trouble. CLEARLY I never made it here or coudn't find you all or it were just some insane crackpots beating pans." She shrugs "I'm interested in helping but reckon you all do not want my help. Well. Besides channelling Peaches and the gross incompetence she's renown for." a wink to Dy.

Domino drops MOST of the accent. She does-as it happen-hail from Corellia and so there is indeed an accent if less pronounced when she drops the act and comes clean to Dy.

Narrowing his eyes for a moment, Axon then widens his eyes a moment later, "I know you. I haven't seen you since I was rollin' round the cheap seats at the Pit Fighter Palace." He then looks over to Rial, "Well, she's got a good disguise." He reaches out, lifting up the wine glass and taking a sip. He then sets it down a moment later, looking towards Dyannah.

Something softens in the adamant that the Zeltron had been showing Domino. Head to one side, Dyannah releases a long pent up breath at the woman's last words. "Responsible? Now, that would be a heavy burden to carry," she murmurs to her and she allows herself to release a tide of reassurance.

"I never have known where her talents lie. But I think, like mine, they are perhaps not hard edged and she could infiltrate where my face is too obvious. Just a thought. What do you think Domino?"

Ty looks to Rial and smiles "She's got fire, I'll give that to her." Then to Axon "What do you think?" Tearing her eyes off of Axon and with an easy, normal, smile Ty looks to Dy and nods. An affirmative nod. "Got my vote if that matters." But then Axon recognizes her and she smiles, sitting back and crossing her arms across her chest.

As others begin to fill in the blanks, Rial holds his peace and sits his wine. A small nod to Tylin, Axon, and Dyannah as each speak.

Domino rolls her eyes, "That sadistic control freak with mommy issues is responsible-well. And Ax Greystorm." She looks down, "And me. I should have done something to make SURE that ship wasn't going anywhere. I warned him. TWICE. The second time I THOUGHT he understood how **BADLY** that ship was wanted. The danger he was putting himself in. I mean-he's got a wife and two smalll kids I THOUGHT he'd do the smart thing." There's genuine frustation and guilt in her voice "I should have done more to make SURE that ship wasn't going anywhere. " she rolls her eyes "OH my stars those SISTERS." She cuts sidelong to Dy, "You know the ones. they're giving me ulcers, you know that?"

She considers the question, "Well my day job is security. Data encryption, security and surveilllllance systems, computers, electronics. The moment there's trouble I vanish. If being a coward is a super power then that's mine. The ability to just vanish and hide."

She holds out her hands, "Clearly I'm not joining your outfit. I'm not looking for a fight but that DOESN'T mean I don't want to help. I'll let you all consider things, and maybe after you all get back to the ship or ships nd have the: should we have shot her?' talk gimme a call and we can meet up and see if there's any way to keep another repeat of the spaceport bow up without me getting my ass blown to bits."

There is no calculation in the gesture, Dyannah simply leans over to Domino and kisses her on the cheek. "Do not be too hard on yourself but stay hard enough on yourself to help. We could not ask for more than that. And we will ask you Domino. Are you ready to shoulder that?"

Domino peers at Dy, "I'd like to say yes but I'm not REALLY following what you're saying and I DID say I wasn't gonna lie. I mean. I trimmed my nails. For nothing." She leans in and gives Dy the SAD puppy dog eyes "There's *dirt* under them."

Ty nods as the meeting seems to be winding down. The wine is finished and as the datapad is tapped, the glow from it darkening "I really should get back to my ship. I've got some things to look for." At the mention of nails she looks at her's and does a soft eep and quickly hiding them.

Rial Het sits at a table with six chairs occupied by five people (Rhysio has doubled up on wineglasses). As the various parties prepare to leave, he notes under his breath, "A good thing I didn't order our dinner, yet."

Poe Dameron sticks out in a crowd. It could be that his face is plastered on wanted holos all across the galaxy, or it may have been that he had that kind of handsome veneer that people just couldn't forget. The staff here seem to remember him only because he's a repeat customer, and hail him with a loud 'Pooooooe,' followed by laughter. There's a brief exchange at the counter, and if any are near the check out, they may hear them speak.

"Yeah, I'm sorry it's a large order. I'm just trying to bring the spirits up with our crews out there. These patrols are sapping the life out of us." Poe hands over the creds, and scratches along his jaw, where the dark shadow of a beard threatened to sprout.

BB-8, the trusty companion and one of a kind droid, rolls into view, warbling something that makes Poe laugh. "Nah, pal.. I don't think they have anything here for your spirits."

"There is something, Domino. What drove you here to us? Is there something else about to happen that you know of? We will listen to you unlike Ax who didn't seem to." Dyannah holds herself very still as though straining to hear something.

Domino lifts an eyebrow, "Didn't I said that? Remember the whole carrying on about how obviously I got lost and you and I never actually crossed paths?" she gives Dy a meaningful look and there's a blink-blink-blink as she hears the fanfare for Poe. She sighs "I'm sorry I wasted your time. I thought there'd be a bunch of folks answering?" She exhales and looks to Dy, "And yeah, if I come asking you do do or not do something please listen. You saw what happened the last time." Another glance is flicked towards poe, "Since I'm not joining your crew I'll stop wasting your time. I hope other more promising fish bite." She fingerwaves and grins t the others, "Maybe I'll see you all around sometime definitely not here, now, or present moment."

He listens intently for a long moment, distracted only for a moment as Poe walks in. He offers a nod to Domino as his fingers dip into his wine. Absent-mindedly, he begins allowing rivulets of wine to flow down his fingers to his shirt. With an artist's touch, be begins to smell of dried wine and looks as if it's sloshed all over his shirt.

As everyone makes preparations, Axon, in disguise as Generic Spacehand, looks towards the counter once again. He then looks towards Rial, leaning forward, "Can you make sure my tab is paid? I gonna go scare the pants of a fella and I may get kicked out shortly after..." He shoots Rial a wicked grin and scoots out from the table as he picks up his wine glass.

He stands up, turning to saunter, maybe even mosey, up to the counter to line up behind Poe. His thumbs hook into his belt, his torso leaning back as if he's having a little bit of trouble maintaining his balance. Finally, he says in his deep Soroccon drawl, "You scum. There's a bounty on your useless, criminal hide and I'm taking you in."

Nodding as she considers Domino's words, "You've been clear. It was a long way to come to warn us or to let us know that you will warn us. We don't take that lightly if I can speak for the others." Once again Dyannah looks at Rial for confirmation.

Rial Het turns to remind Rhysio, "The bottle is already- oh, never mind, have fun," he bids 'Axon' with a wry arch to his eyebrow. As Dyannah speaks to Domino and looks his way, te rogue inclines his his. "You can. Trust is a scarce commodity in the galaxy, but it comes along in time."

Domino winces as she watches Rhysio "Oh, man, that one has a death wish." she shrugs at Dy wryly, "Didn't know who I was meeting. I came to be nosey. I always come to be nosey. Unless there's whiskey in my hand then I came for a drink. Just-show better prudence yeah? Word of mouth and the like. I better scoot. I got a ride to catch and I do not want to stick around for..um." She points at Rhys and Poe "that."

There's a slight stir that falls over the front of the restaurant, yet Poe is still tucking the small credit pouch away. His initial response is a slight turn toward the fella, a nod, then he steps aside placing himself between the gentleman and the staff behind the counter. If there's alarm on their expressions, it helps that Poe raises his hands in surrender. "If you intend to take me by force, then I surrender. I don't think anyone in here wishes to have their dinners ruined with a spectacle of violence, especially in a city that abhors it."

Poe's brow lifts a bit, emphasizing his point. "However, you'll find four escorts outside that hatch waiting on me to bring hot chow, and they'll be upset if I don't have it. In fact, they'll be even more upset that I'm in flexicuffs being escorted by someone who intends to act on a bounty placed by the First Order. You wouldn't make 10 meters into the city before being shot, /and/ killed. Now, that's not a threat, but a fact."

"Now, before you embarrass yourself; step away from me. Then? Go about your business, sir."

Rial Het massages the bridge of his nose, mentally compiling a list of ways to explain that he doesn't even *know* this Axon.

Still leaning back, Rhysio wavers from side to side, squinting as if there's is just a little bit of trouble there. He continues to balance precariously as the facts of the matter are laid out to him by the Resistance Major, the man's brown eyes periodically squinting as he leans forward, then backwards.

Finally, there is a flutter in his eyes and just the briefest moments of clarity as the disguised Rhysio blinks, grunts, takes one step to the right, and then repeats, now solidly looking at the person behind the counter, "You scum. There's a bounty on..." He then trails off, looking towards Poe, "Do you remember the rest of that, partner?"

There is a sudden miasma of tension from the bar. Dyannah looks over and her mouth drops open at Rhysio being confronted by Poe. She catches Rial's expression and drops her head in her hand.

Domino calls as she leaves "I've heard that one breaks Knights of Ren with his bare hands. Trust me you don't want any!" she pouts a bit and looks over her shouder briefly "Shame, he seemed like fun." She shrugs and sashays on out the door.

Poe steps in front of the man as he attempts to address the people behind the bar. "Hey pal, your problem is with me. Keep them out of it. Tell you what, let's go outside." Poe attempts to push him out, but it isn't with enough force to direct him anywhere, or to suggest he's being violent. Poe wasn't one to clear leather at the sign of confrontation unless it was absolutely necessary. The escorts outside on the other hand were always itching for a good fight.

Nar Shaddaa had taught the Zeltron a hard fast course in violence. She had gone from sheltered child of the upper classes to a very wary smuggler for the Hutt. Rising she walks over to the two. "No need for this to escalate. Really." She doesn't make the mistake of pushing mentally but she does suggest to the room at large that they can walk away from this peacefully. "Come on Axon. Come with me." She lifts the silken hem of her skirt and lightly takes his elbow.

Rial Het rises to his feet with a sigh, muttering under his breath as he walks smoothly alongside Dyannah, I can stun him. Would you like me to stun him?" After a moment, he adds, "I'm speaking of Rhysio, of course."

Given the slight left to right sway of the drunken Rhysio in disguise, it doesn't seem very difficult to push him back away from the counter and further away from patrons looking askance. He grits his teeth, as Dyannah comes to try to extricate Rhysio from this situation. He steps away from her, more of a controlled falling away, at which point he says in his deep drawl, "No, if this man wants to dance, we can dance right here."

Rhysio sways and puts his hands up. One hand, his right hand, starts pounding a beat in the air. Just a simple fist pump. A moment later, the man's shoulders begin shaking to that same rhythm. He stretches out a hand, pointing into the air. His head drops low, and as his hips start moving, a slow grin begins to spread across his face.

Poe isn't grinning. He issues a sharp whistle, and a silence rushes over the entire place. The door opens as four armed Resistance officers step in, hands on their blasters. Poe's gaze transfers from Rhys to Dyannah, and his dark eyes narrow, further attesting the fact that the Major is unamused. Rather than break their disguise, Poe gestures to the guards. "I want them arrested. Search them for weapons and escort them to the nearest holding facility. If they're tied together, then I can't risk a security threat lingering here on Naboo or within the Resistance Fleet." Poe places his hand on his blaster, unclipping the strap with a loud noise.

"Lieutenant, get on the horn with General Greystorm and inform her we've had an incident within public on Naboo. I'll need a direct line with Chief Representative Kilana as soon as I'm back on the Valor."

All three individuals now find themselves in the custody of armed Resistance soldiers. Poe draws his pistol in preparation for retaliation. If none is to be had, it'll be seated once his men have them in custody and are underway.

Dyannah makes a 'what me?' gesture to the Major. Then, quickly looks at Rial. "Surely not," she says raising her chin and drawling with an accent that would make the Queen of Zeltron proud. She turns to walk away.

Dyannah makes a 'what me?' gesture to the Major. Then, quickly looks at Rial. "Surely not," she says raising her chin and drawling with an accent that would make the Queen of Zeltron proud. She turns to walk away.

Rial Het sighs slowly. "I hate you," he informs Rhysio dryly. Hands are raised in voluminous sleeves as he winces once and then a second time as the thorough Resustance troopers draw a rare Blurrg holdout pistol out of one sleeve, "I assure you, that pistol is entirely legal-" the second sigh is prompted when a highly modified and notoriously illegal Persuader holdout is drawn from his other sleeve. "...Aw, rekk me," he curses, accent dropping straightaway into his natural Talusian accent.

As he waits for the Republic troopers to come in and make with him what they will, Rhysio turns towards Rial, slipping into his natural Coruscanti accent as he says with equal parts innocence and quiet to Rial, "You setup that whole social credibility backstory. I had to deliver on that some how. So, you know, dance off." He the calls out, switching back into the drawl as he is descended upon, "I can't blame you for callin' in backup! I wouldn't wanna have a dance with me either, partner!" He then adds as the flexicuffs are added, "You know what they called me back home? The Pelvis of Power! You don't dance with the pelvis." And with that, he quiets down just a bit to see where this goes next.

Dy's exit is blocked by one of the soldiers who has now cleared leather and presents his blaster toward her. He clicks it to stun and narrows his eyes, meanwhile the others are searched and weapons collected off them. Cuffs fasten around Rial and Rhysio's wrists and they are escorted aside while Poe observes in a casual manner. He does not respond to the commentary. His free hand hooks on his belt while the other keeps his weapon aimed low in a semi-alert fashion, not wishing to flag anyone with the highly modified blaster unless he intends to end them. "Last chance to come peacefully, miss. You will not be harmed, just restrained and taken into custody."

She sighs her assent and sends once to them all a sense of being mistaken. Holding out her hands, she motions with them to do their duty. "It would not have broken anyone's cover to let us leave," she says in a voice meant only for the Major. "Do you have some bone to pick with us?"

Poe doesn't acknowledge the words meant for him. There is a time and place, and a public place like this with many listening ears and watchful eyes is not it. When Dyannah complies and submits to the search, she is handled in the same manner as the others and her weapons are removed. Her hands are restrained behind her, like the other two, and all three will be escorted by their arm, a blaster held in their direction as they walk. Poe has the hot chow he came for delivered to a separate ship, and a communication sounds, informing him of the U-Wing's arrival to escort these three to the brig.

"Alright, let's move out. Lt, you'll lead the way, and I'll take the rear, in case anyone thinks they can run." Poe seats his blaster in leather and is the last to leave, tipping generously at the front to account for the disturbance.

Brig - Beacon Outpost, Rori From the outside, all that marks this blocky, modular building for what it is are the lack of windows, and the lettering painted on the door reading BRIG. An intercom panel is set beside the doorframe. The door only opens when the magnetic lock is released from inside, where a security officer monitors those coming and going from a reception desk. Someone has tracked down a banner displaying the emblem of the New Republic and hung it on the wall behind the desk. Those approved to visit pass through a second secured door and past the rooms set aside for questioning. At the back of the building in a row of containment cells, each provided with a bunk, and a primitive but functional refresher unit.

As Rhysio is being led into the brig, he seems to be chatty with the Republic Lt escorting him, and having dropped all pretenses of the Sorocco accent, "Did you see that though?" His voice dips back into the drawl, "You got a bounty, scum." Then back to the regular accent, "Then he just turns and nods, like it's just another day ending with a y for him." As they're led into the cell, he takes a moment to look around, then asks, "Alright. Who gets the bed, who gets the floor, and who gets the 'fresher unit?"

Dyannah looks at him, with a straight-lipped dead pan look, "Need you ask?"

Rhysio's upper body leans back as he looks towards Dyannah, his eyes blinking rapidly before he simply nods his head, "I'll be right down here if you need me."