Log:The Last Stand: Part One

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The Last Stand: Part One

OOC Date: April 6, 2021
Location: Ringali Nebula
Participants: Tamsin Cas, Trip, Shivan

Ringali has been the centerpiece for a war campaign for the First Order and it's allies. A lot of time has been spent here with the army trying to wrench control of the Nadiri Dockyards from the hands of the New Republic and their allies. It would be a big win for them given it would slow ships for the NR.

The dust is still settling from the breaching charges and other explosives that were used to blow the doors off the compound. Those that were left in it had fled for higher ground and into other branches of the station. There's the glow of a red lightsaber as Shivan points it towards the darkened doorways that will lead them into the last of this fight, "We search and make sure there's nothing trapped in the compound and then move out from there. They are scrambling." she states. That's all she's got to say for the moment as she allows the First Order and Sith Troopers to head off.

The Knight of Ren moved with the troopers. There was no argument over who was leading the charge into the dockyards. This was a Sith and First Order operation. The Knights, those who had come with the assault were here for support only. And so, Tamsin moved ahead, following one cluster of the troopers as they headed down towards the command center of the shipyards. They would have to take that, in the end, in order to wrest control from the republic and ensure that the shipyards were not destroyed or otherwise made unusable by the First Order. As Tamsin moved, the light from her stunsaber snapped out, leaving her in only what lighting remained on in the facility, but she was not hindered by any lack.

Sergeant SK-743 ordered his squad to go mobile. After reloading, rearming, and assessing damage to soldiers, the squad seemed in good spirit and enthusiasm to follow the Sith Lady's direction, further endorsed by the presence of a Knight of Ren. The Sergeant ordered the squad to move, making a fist and pumping it forward and back. <"Locate, close with, and destroy the enemy. Use common sense and make certain that 'cover' is integrated into your assault approach. Corporals, move them out!"> The Sergeant hefted his rifle up and moved behind the squad, sparing a brief glance to the two force wielding ladies before stepping off without any further ceremony.

SK-743 and Tamsin are a few of the first in, that means that they are able to see that there has been something set up in the wake of things. While the First Order and the others were blowing down the doors, the New Republic or those that they were working with had set up their own explosive devices. They can tell this from the blinking red lights that are slow for the moment, but they do speed up as the seconds tick by.

This was no good if it went off. They'd lose more than just the ground they had just gained. They'd probably all die in the blast.

Tamsin, pulling up short as they came upon the surprise that had been left for them by the retreating forces, frowned, behind her helmet, that blank mask giving nothing away, as she turned, taking in the lay of the land as it were, Taking in what might be useful in the area, that oddly distorted voice breaking her silence, "Lady Shivan, do you have anyone skilled in demolitions in your forces? If not, we should see about moving these out of the station and away, so that the explosion does not damage the facility." She stopped, finally, body turned towards the windows, "If we can get them open, I believe I can lift the explosives and get them to a safe distance."

The troopers and Sergeant did not speak unsolicited, but the Sergeant eyed the explosives carefully, seeking out power sources or tampering triggers that might initiate an explosion if they were moved. It was an old rebel tactic that the FO taught contingencies for, but with the frequency of the red lights picking up tempo, the Sergeant began to think the time for decision making was drawing to a close.

Well, kriff. Some of the stormtroopers pull up short when they see a flashing red light and minutes ticking down. Shivan...who is shorter than most has to nudge her way through a small sea of crimson and white armored troops to get to see what they are.

"Oh, that's no good." the woman states. Then she looks to Tamsin, "I can help remove it. Shall one of us do the lifting and one of us do the forcing out the window." she points towards the viewing window.

Vix meanwhile takes this time to take a group of the troops to see if there are more people waiting in the wings. Because these Republic troops might still be about.

"As you say, Lady Shivan," was Tamsin's calm answer, as if she paid no mind to the danger posed her. "Troopers, if you would, do stand back, on the off chance that this does not end well for us. I would hate to have to explain to Lord Kuolo how we lost him an entire company of his stormtroopers." There was almost humour there, as Tamsin made for the window, quickly locating the latch so that she could open them wide. And once the way was clear, she turned back to Shivan, "When you are ready, Lady Sivan." And Tamsin's fingers twitched beneath the sleeves of her robes, the fingers still holding the hilt of her saber tightening as the multiple explosives within the area lifted, hoving in mid air as she waited for Shivan's push to help her guide them out into the open air. - Your "NPC: Republic Army Hero (16509)" was saved from destruction by being near you.

The troopers stand back as commanded, and the Sergeant has them stack to hold defensive positions. He does not subtract himself from this either, and favors the right until the Ladies tell him, or the troopers as a whole, to resume their conquest.

Shivan gives a nod to Vix and others when they move off. She even chuckles about the comment concerning Lord Kuolo. He'd deal if some of the troopers came back beat up. She waits for the Tamsin to lift, her hands comes up, one clenching into a fist that cracks the leather of her gloves before fingers are splayed and a wall of force gets pushed at the bomb, forcing it out the window. "It's going to blow at any second. Take cover, I'll see if I can shield from the debris." the woman states. But...ummm, no shield happens. "That's awkward." she mutters to herself as she waits for explosions!

Which happens just mere moments after she tells folks to dive for cover.

Once Tamsin could feel Shivan take over control of the explosives, moving them out of the facility, Tamsin went to work. There were still crates and durasteel barriers that the republic had been using for cover as the troopers moved through the facility, and Tamsin grabbed one, lifting it and placing it against the opening of the window, all of her strength and focus bent on holding it there to prevent as much of the explosion as she could from blowing back into the facility. It was a brute force solution, but it would have to do.

Trooper's dive for cover as the bomb explodes outside, shaking the room that they are in and dust starts to fall down from the ceiling. Tamsin's quick thinking of the durasteel shield is something that saves those in the room from getting schrapnel to take home or to have to dig out of their wounds. Off in the distance, on the other side of the compound there are the far off sounds of shouting. The New Republic was setting up for the final stand.

Shivan drops her hands once things are done, "Thank you." she dips her head to Tamsin at that. Then she hears the sounds off in the distance and there's a head tilt, her face unseen due to the mask she wears, "It sounds like this is our final push. Let's give them a good fight." she tells those around her. Then the diminutive Sith is heading off towards where the next branch of this leads them.

Tamsin's expression was set, mask turned towards the blast and not away, her body tensing as she felt the explosion impact the durasteel, and she used all of her mental strength to hold the plating in place until it was no longer needed. Only then did she allow the plating to settle back down to the ground, "I will treat any of the troops who are injured before we press on." They would need to be fresh for the final confrontation ahead. Onward, to victory.