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The Perfect High pt 2

OOC Date: August 23, 2018
Location: Nyriaan
Participants: Hopp Nooram, Ryo Odessa, Yoska Lash, Maireni Lash, and Siha Archer

"Alright listen up everyone, I- I- I'm only gonna say this once," the old man known as Hopp Nooram announces to his crew of assistants and he traipses through the muck of the swamp, a pair of special boots protecting his feet. They're special in that they're his normal boots. Rooting in his breast pocket, he produces a cig to jam into the corner of his mouth, firing up a small jet of blue flame from a cobbled-together lighter to get the thing going. "We're out here for- for- we're gonna get Nyriaan spice, which, given that this planet is called Nyriaan, has to be about the most uninspired name for spice that I've personally ever heard. You- you can tell I didn't name it, okay, that's what I'm trying to say here, I'd have called it- something -FLASHY-, like- like- you know, Noonettle Blaze, something like that, alright."

Pausing in the miry clay, he takes a long drag on the cig, pulling out his datapad to consult the map thereon, rapping the side of the device badtemperedly. "This is a nasty place, okay, they- the stuff in here, it won't hesitate to rip you to shreds, or- or form a symbiotic relationship where it- it'll increase your vision but you need twice as much liquids to survive, so- you know, either ten ounces of water or two hundred, it- there's never been a lot of consensus on that, it- it's a contentious subject, okay. But none of that matters!" His beady black eyes bulge with manic energy as he swings a bony finger aloft. "Because we're here for the mire nettles and we're gonna get 'em, okay, even if it kills all of you."

The datapad goes back away into his pants pocket. "We got no map, I can't show you what it looks like, but the NETTLE, alright, just... focus on that. It's- you know, it's a nettle. A weed. With fungus on it, in this case. Don't eat them."

"I'm sorry, what? I wasn't paying attention," remarks Ryo from the back, watching a swoop race on his datapad. He closes the display and tucks the device into his pocket, wondering why in the world he's even here. Gambler/adventurer, maybe? Time to update the ol' resume. His hands rest on his leather-pant-clad hips and he looks around, crinkling his nose. "It's stinky here," he offers.

Yoska Lash is dressed for success, which means that instead of wearing neon animal prints and 30 lbs of jewelry, he's wearing light armor and 30 lbs of jewelry. Slogging doggedly through the swamp, he's splitting his time between watching the terrain and watching Ryo's swoop race. "Hahaha, that guy ate shit, he's knocked out for -- Awww," Yoska whines, when the device disappears. "RYOOOOO, now we're not gonna know who won," whine whine, he wasn't paying attention either. "Wait, what are we eating? The nood nettles?"

Sluurrrrrp. Siha splurtsplurtsplurts through the mucky clay, boots suctioned into the swamp muck and out, exaggerated steps taken, or basically knee highs, to keep her from getting stuck. SPLUURRT. SPLUTTY. SLURP. She is, also, sipping on some blue frostie drink in a huge cup through a straw which is inserted into a small port to the left side of where her mouth would be in her helmet, sealed with some rubbery-doo to keep out foreign contaminants, but allowing for straws to be poked in, "Ah shavit, it's not that bloody fungus you had me harvesting off the shavit in the bloody alley, is it? That fuzzy blue mess? That stuff gets into /everything/ and forms such a blasted strong adhesive .." A glance to Ryo, her helmet twisting slightly to bring the dude into view, "Does it? That sucks ..stinky ..suctiony ..nettly. But - wait. We're here for spice, or we're here for nettles? The nettles in the mold? Shavit .." SLURRP, "I don't want to die for some stupid nettle I can't even inhale." Yet she still follows along, because she's here, and he said he'd actually pay her this time. She will stop at some point however, pausing to draw up her left hand to grasp that straw and maneouver it around, trying to get the last bits of blue cold frostie remnants with increasingly loud and noisy slurps and suctioning noises, the squeaking of the straw sounding around them annoyingly. Straw is then yanked out from her helmet port and the cup and straw are crunched up in her palms, and then shoved into a hip pocket. Okay, she good, "Wait, we're supposed to be eating them?" Asked after Yoska's question, grey eyes beneath t-visor slanting towards Hopp, sword bouncing on left hip, gun on the right. SQUELCH. SPLUTCH. Steps resume. Dubiously.

Much like the lesser Lash in the room, Maireni (the best Lash) is decked out in armor, which she has artfully colored with something that is already started running on any place that has gotten even a little bit damp, and about 30lbs of jewelry. She's got a holster that she's slung across her body incorrectly, but it's too big, so she wears it cross body instead, so the holster sits somewhere near her chest and would be difficult to draw quickly. "We're looking for needles," she helpfully informs Ryo. "He needs needles so he can do something with weed." She was watching the datapad too, and obviously didn't get a clear picture of what they're doing here. This is going to go great.

"I said I was only gonna say it once, alright," Hopp growls in a low rasp, the cherry of his cig glowing brightly as smoke leaks out of his mouth, rising up over his wrinkly skin to mingle and blend with his wiry tuft of gray hair. "I'm not repeating it, you- you idiots can figure it out on your own. I don't- I'll let you all die just to make a point, don't think I won't, I've- I've done- and it'd be easy!" The old coot is a little unhinged, but what else is new?

No swamp is complete without trees to hang over it and dangle vines, bugs, and other assorted nastiness in people's faces, and this one is no exception to the rule. A thick tendril of insect web catches the scientist in the face as he turns back around, sending him into spluttering protestations as he pulls it away. "I need the nettles to make the spice, kid, keep up, you- you're supposed to be the smart one," he barks at Siha, swamp gunk slowly filtering its way down the tops of his too-short, not really special boots.

"All I can tell you is that I still owe Ooda money," Ryo asides to Yoska with a bit of a grumble. "Maybe I should just stick to bets I can fix, eh?" he asks. "A weed injection? What a square," Ryo offers to Maireni, jerking a thumb at Hopp and chuckling.

"We could fake your death," Yoska offers to Ryo, "Orrrr, since it's Hopp... we could just possibly arrange your actual death. Look on the bright side, if you die miserably in this swamp and we abandon your body to the infestations and corruption of nature, like you would have wanted, then you won't have to worry about owing Ooda money anymore. It's a win-win... win...? I'm just saying keep an open mind." He big shrugs, then understands the plan as "Okay, needle weeds," and trudges slightly off the path, looking around. He hops on mossy, rotted logs and grabs branches with his tail where he can, sludge-covered but not seeming to mind. Eventually he hops his disorganized way towards a clump of likely looking plants, whistling a trill in weird Ryn whistle language at Maireni before he crouches down to peer at the plants. "Is these them? A needle with weeds on it?" A weed with fungus on it, but, close?

"If I'm the smart one then you are screwed, Slinky." Siha says laughingly from beneath her helmet which helps PROTECT HER FACE from everything smacking into it as they walk, "And all right, all right, I just didn't know if it was going to be a catalyst for some other aspect of the spice or it's just because the mold grows on 'em-" Said as her left hand plants on her sword, unsheathing it with a snag upwards, the sword then used to swipe down vines in front of her with swish-swishy slashes, slapping away a bug which pa-twings off the blade to go zooming to splut elsewhere, "Or if we're just collecting these so you can brag you bribed a bunch of people to collect ingredients for your hemorrhoid cream." Ryo and Yoska's conversation has Siha, as she swings her blade, commenting, "Just get a new face, dude. Lots of clinics on Nar that do that sort, or .."

A look is given off towards Hopp, considering, before a minute shake of her helmet is done, "Lots of clinics on Nar can do that ish for the right price .." She will, protectively, meander off after Yoska as he goes off the path, vines and limbs of trees falling victim to her blade, the thing shaken off here and there to rid it of the remnants with a grunt, "Hopp, Yoska might've found something, shuffle your rotted coil this way." Already the path she cleared is filling up with other vines and the like, like the place is BREATHING.

"Just in case you do die, you got anything valuable stashed anywhere you want us to, you know, give to loved ones since you won't be able to?" Maireni asks Ryo, giving him a real broad grin and not noticing that she's walking right by one of those fungus weed needles. "Wouldn't want them loved ones missin' out cuz you can't be there to give them stuff. That bein' how death works and all." Yoska starts to point out the needle and she lifts a hand to point to it. "Yeah, that's the needle, right? We get the reward!" Is there even a reward? This is how much she wasn't listening.

Making his way over to the Lash's discovery as quickly as his creaky knees and aching back will allow, each long leg stalking forward one overly large step at a time, Hopp actually uses his hands to lift his feet out of the sticky muck in a few spots. "Yeah, let me take a look here, you morons." After a long moment studying the nettle, stooped over from the waist, not the knees, the old fart straightens up again, both hands clamped on the small of his back, letting out a grunt in the process. "That's them, alright. One of you put them in this bag," a plastic ziplock type deal he pulls out of a pocket and shoves at the nearest pair of hands, "and the rest of you keep looking! We need more samples! The processing is hardly efficient, okay, it- we need a lot of material to make this worthwhile."

In the distance, something shrieks, but, you know, that's probably normal in a swamp, or whatever. Looking in that direction, his beady eyes narrow on something else instead. "There's another one growing up in that tree somehow," he announces, pointing a long, bony finger at the top of a tree that's almost as gnarly, where a nettle has managed to take root against all odds in a patch of moss. "One of you go get it. All of you, I don't- just get it, alright."

"That's not even remotely close to what I want, Yoska," Ryo offers to the Ryn man. "I told you; if I'm going out, it's going to be because my head was crushed between the thighs of Marizza Jonday, renowned female professional wrestler," Ryo informs, wistfully. He raises his eyebrows at Siha and shakes his head, framing his face with his hands, "And mess with perfection? I don't think so." He offers a smirk toward Maireni and says, "They're all tucked away somewhere that would require you buying me a drink first." His hands move to rest on his hips once more and he looks around, his tres-chic adventurer boots sinking into the muck a bit. "This is going well."

"Ohhhhhhh," Yoska says in reply to Ryo, paused where he's slav-squatting near the nettles. "You're right, you did say that. How old is Marizza Jonday these days? She's got to be close to 40, yah?" He ignores Hopp's sample collection bag, dreamily looking at nothing. "Yah, no, that'd be a perfect way to die." He touches he index finger and thumb together, other fingers lifted. "PERF." Thoughts of a good death between the thighs of Marizza Jonday scatter as, sadly for everyone, Hopp keeps talking. "Nooooo I don't wanna touch it, Sihaaa I don't wanna touch it," Yoyo complains, and then scampers away. Ryn are scampery things, they do well in trees, but if Maireni is quick on getting the new set of nettles, Yoska is just... sort of looking busy up there so he doesn't have to collect the sample he already found. "I'll catch you if you fall!" he promises his sister, followed by, "Maybe!" Thumbs up.

"I ain't climbing no damn tree." Siha declares, snapping the weed baggie out of Hopps' bony hand and pinching it open with gloved fingertips, joints in her fingers crackling a little before she steps forwards, boots sinking and steps sucking her out of the muck, a crouch down done, "Don't - don't touch it then, didn't I give you gloves? No I didn't give you gloves, I /thought/ about giving you gloves but then though you wouldn't wear 'em anyhow ..." Muttered to herself as she uses her own gloved hand, the left one, to scoop up the nettles and mold with a grunt, trying not to grasp too hard so the nettles don't sink into her gloves and stabby her skin. Or wreck the gloves. Let's be honest. Ever so carefully she puts the pointy nettles in, a pause taken as she raises her hand to rub the knuckle of her thumn in against an eyebrow, which is firmly hidden and secured beneath her helmet, which means the itch does not get itched. Ryo's words earn him a snorting grunt from the Mandalorian, and nothing more. The screech in the distance? Her heart flutters just a little. In excitement.

"I can get you a drink," Mai assures Ryo with a suggestive bounce of slightly glittery brows. Note, she didn't say buy, just get. Be worried. The fungus is pointed out in the tree, and Maireni, being the competitive little spirit that she occasionally is with more or less only Yoska, she scampers up the tree. She's pretty good at this whole scamper/climb thing, possibly proving that these Ryn should be left in the swamp. Up, up, up she goes, then pauses as she half dangles from one branch to peer down at her brother. "You don't catch me and imma put a curse on you!" Oooooooo. She climbs the rest of the way and collects the sample, then starts to climb back down only slightly more carefully than she was on the way up. Maybe Yoska won't end up cursed.

None of the branches in the tree break while the Ryn siblings are climbing them, and the nettle is recovered. Everything is going great. "This is- this is going really well," Hopp speculates from the periphery, pleased by the performance of his crack team. "Keep up the good work, alright kids, you- you're doing a great job, okay."

Distracted by all the vibrant plant life around him, because this is a swamp and you know what that means: BIODIVERSITY, and Hopp is a scientist, he can't help but keep looking around the place, not really looking for threats or even the nettles, just seeing what he can see. "Hey kids, look, that- that there's a stand of chlovi, see," he rasps, pointing out a number of tall brown spirally fungi that are nearly as tall as a man themselves. Big ol' fungi. The caps of the fungi are a red color that glows with dim bioluminescence. "You can eat those, you know, I mean, we don't have time to fry 'em, but- but- even raw, it's considered a delicacy in Nyriaan culture." Another shriek, closer this time. "Oh, and uh, the chlovi cat tends to hunt in 'em."

Right on time, an amphibious creature the size of a large dog (anooba) comes stalking out of the squishy moss surrounding the chlovi, a rat-like thing with a row of sharp, needly teeth that stares voraciously at the group of nettle-gatherers. "Yeah, that figures," Hopp remarks flatly. His voice breaks the tension and the chlovi cat springs forward into the thick mud while the old coot yells, "RUN!"

"Old enough," Ryo says, shrugging. He fishes a pack of cigarettes out of his shirt pocket and lights one up. Taking a deep drag, he watches as the two furries scurry. He taps a bit of ash from the tip of his cigarette and looks over at Hopp, "Hey, we get some of this stuff for free, right? Or like...at least at cost?" However, once the old man advocates running away, Ryo's not arguing. Scatter, scatter, scatter.

"Well if I wore gloves nobody could see my rings, ya feel me?" Yoyo points out to Siha, on the subject of her muttering. He seems happy hanging out in the tree listening to Maireni threaten him with curses, being purely ornamental. Like Hopp, maybe a little surprised that this is going so... well? Or at least, it was going well until the chlovi cat springs into action. Ryn are perhaps from some long-forgotten forested world, judging by their prehensile tails, and at the sight of the predator, Yoska's however many years of evolution on whatever planet are in full effect. DO NOT LIKE, CLIMB, SCARY, BAD. He bolts up a few branches higher, tail puffed up, freeing a pistol from his holster while encouraging, "KILL IT SIHAAAAA now is your time to shiiiiine!" Then he looks back to Maireni and announces, "Actually is now a good time to tell you I already got cursed, because Corr had us messin' about with the restless dead, tryin'a know the unknowable soooooo I mean, I didn't know how to tell you, but I've had bad luck on me this whole time."

"Oh come on. This is like ..what was that one damn run we did with Corr? That's like the damn thing with the teeth that jumped on top of everyone ...was it in that freakin' library? I can't even remember anymore, they all bleed together." Said to the group as a whole as she listens to Hopps call for them to run, "Cats, rats ...bloody bats." A shake of her sword then as she brings both hands to the hilt, moving to put herself between the tree Yoska is in and the cat, "How's the Chlovi cat, Hopp? Delicacy? I'll freakin' slather thing thing in red sauce and wear it's damn skin and use those claws as earrings --" Asked to what is likely ..a non-existent Hopp as he no doubt ran, "Yeah, hope I shine bright, Yosk, because I don't you know this thing is comin' after you." She doesn't attack the cat yet. No, she fell for that once, she's making it come to her.

Maireni manages to get back to the ground with the fungus thing largely intact, and passes it off to Hopp. Then he says nice things, and a warm and fuzzy feeling blossoms in her chest, could it be pride for a job well done? Hard work paying off in the end. That tail of hers toes a happy twitchy little wiggle and she looks up at the old man with a smile that shows off her pointy teeth, looking pleased. He was nice to her, maybe he's not so bad, he's smart, maybe he'll be a good influ-- shit, run? Maireni turns and bolts, prepared to elbow the old guy she was just looking at so fondly right out of her way. "YOYO WHY YOU GET US CURSED, LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID," she accuses him as she runs past the tree in which he perches, trying to scramble up the next tree over so she can get away from the thing. Does she consider that it might be able to climb trees too? No, she definitely does not.

"RUN!" Hopp yells again for good measure, already taking off through the thick mire of the swamp back towards the ship. "They eat- they're the number one human predator on the planet! Run!" The old coot makes it a good twenty feet before he starts huffing and puffing and slowing down, looking around for the nearest Ryn to toss behind him and placate the beast, but none are near to hand. Oof, winded, he stops to lean over, hands on his bony knees. It's tough being old.

Instead of charging at Siha, the chlovi cat ignores her and leaps at the tree, claws scrabbling against the hard, dry wood, hind legs dangling and kicking as he tries to get within striking distance of Yoska. Fresh, fresh meat, a new scent, similar to human, which he loves, but different, new, mouthwateringly exciting. RYN FLESH. Snarling and slavering, the thing hangs there like a pinata while it tries to gain a foothold.

Taking a breather, the old scientist notices something. Is the water getting deeper? No, it's... "QUICKSAND. You- don't stand still! Keep moving or it'll drag you in, and- and- who knows with this place, maybe it turns you into fungus and- and- in a hundred years you're a chlovi, and- you know, you- you get- you're a delicacy! Maybe chlovi is PEOPLE!"

"AAAAAGH!" remarks Ryo, his /very/ trendy boots getting snagged on a branch and sending him falling to the ground. "My shirt!" he shouts, looking down at his now mud-stained floral-print. He slides his D.D.C. Defender out of his waistband and points it in the...general direction of the cat. "Quicksand!?" Ryo exclaims, looking over to Hopp. "Is this a fragging holo!?"

They can't stop here! This is cat country! But stopped Yoska is, pinned in his tree. "I didn't do it deliberate! And I told them not to! And I made gifts! Offerings! Like ya do!" he hollers at Maireni, on the subject of curses. "Just nobody listened to me, yah! Probably the dead didn't like all that none, even with me tryin'a be good!" Then there's a chlovi cat trying to climb up his tree and savor the novelty that is delicious, spicy, probably literally Spice-y, Rynflesh. "Nooooooo NO, I DON'T LIKE IT," Yoska informs the creature trying to get up at him, and then aims, firing twice.

PEW PEW. As the creature completely ignores Siha she begins hopping from foot to foot upon the realization they're in quicksand. Hop. Hop. Hop. And before she even has a chance to do anything, or attempt anything other than the hopping, the Chlovis is shot down. DEAD. BY THE RYN YOSKA. And Siha will let out a hooting hollar of delight, "YAH, YOSKA! SEE. YOU'RE NOT USELESS." Hop, hop, "BAD LUCK MY ARSE! HOOO HOOO!!!" Like a proud momma she will grin like an idiot beneath her helmet while she bounces like an idiot, "C'mon! Let's keep moving you effin' hot shot!" She will hop to the body, "Hey, hey - I'mma take this thing with us, maybe if we smell like 'em we won't be attacked again." Scoot, hop, scoot, sword sheathed to give both hands a chance to sweep up the dog sized thing and slop it over a shoulder, "Plus I bet all them people eating made it taste een better."

"Yoska! Good job, I'll- I'll double your bonus," Hopp announces, not sharing that two times zero still equals zero. "Come get me out of this quicksand, I- I'm stuck, I- I'M SINKING, ALRIGHT," the old coot flusters, pulling out another cig and lighting up to relax himself, maybe to make peace with the fact that he's come to this swamp world with inept assistants who stand no chance of rescuing him. "Hurry up or you don't get paid! And my shit will self-destruct so you can't even plunder it!"

The quicksand is a serious problem, giving way quickly under any weight that remains upon it for more than a moment or two. The scientist is down to his waist, and Ryo is sinking further, being shorter and therefore having less distance to go. It's Not Good.

"AAAAAAGH, SOMEONE SAVE ME, I'M TOO IMPORTANT," shouts Ryo, flailing wildly as if he's never paid attention to a single one of those holos he was talking about earlier. STAY STILL, RYO. NO NEVER. - his internal monologue right now. Y'know, cause of the drugs.

Yoska Lash stays frozen for a moment with his weapon still pointed at the corpse of the cat, breathing shallowly, gold eyes wide as thrift store saucers as he waits a moment or three to see if it's getting up again. But it doesn't, so eventually he takes a deeper breath, holsters the pistol, and scrambles! He's got an advantage in having been warned about the quicksand, so he's careful down the tree and over the ground to follow; there's a lot of tail usage involved in clinging to random branches and vines. "Just tryin'a do you proud!" he informs Siha, "Rather not do it again though, yah," and then... he's made his way to those who are trapped. Who to save, who to save. Maireni.. out of the question. Hopp... "You killed me once...." Ryo, "But YOU are maybe a CLIENT!" Big smile, then he winds his tail around the nearest branch, grabs a double fistful of gambler, and tugs, "UGGHHHH you're heavy for a tweaker, what the hellllll."

Siha Archer has to make a choice between the cat, or Hopp. The pros of saving the cat: Food. A new skin sack. Creepy eyeballs and claws that can be made into jewelry and sold. The pros of saving Hopp?




The wheels in Siha's head are clearly turning round and round as she pets the dead cat on her shoulder with one hand while a furtive gaze is canted to Hopp who is, well. Sinking. God damn those beady eyes of Hopp. "YOU Better pay me extra, old man." Siha grouses as she tosses down the cat mid-hop and moves over to help the old bitter corpse of Hopp who's too damn stubborn to know he's long dead already, "We don't get paid if this one dies, Yoska!" Siha states as she reaches up to hold onto a vine with her right hand, the left reaching down to snag onto Hopps' jacket. Shirt? His shirt. Whatever. She could be pulling on his leathery skin, it wouldn't make no difference, "C'mon, grab onto my arm ..you old twig .." Grunt.

Splorch goes the swamp as Maireni struggles to get herself out of the swampy quicksand grossness that's totally ruining the magnificent poof that was her hair, now it's soggy and lopsided. SAD. She manages to pull herself free, partly, enough that she can turn over and sort of belly-crawl slowly out, the spread out weight helping the effort. Also helping is that she was right near solid ground, so she's able to grab hold of that and lever herself the rest of the way out before it can pull her back in. "HA!" she crows once she's climbing back to her feet. She turns to face that quicksandy portion and just... remains where she is. Sorry, Ryo, she's not helping anyone right now. Both hands pat her vesty-like top, patpat, frown. "I lost my candy." And thus, the quicksand claimed it's first victim.

"I'm free! Hahaha! Hopp Nooram lives to bedevil the days of man another day!" the old coot cackles, clinging onto Siha as he pulls himself from the grasp of the treacherous swamp, maybe, slightly, a little bit pushing her down into the quicksand in the process. He never claimed to be a saint. "I'll- I'll pay you well if you get out of here, kid," he assures her, keeping his feet moving so as to prevent the same fate from recurring, not waiting to see if she needs any help of her own. "And if not I'll- I'll name the perfect high after you, alright- you'll- I'll put some on honor on your name, the- everyone will remember the trip they had on Sihurricane. Or whatever I name it."

Patches of the sinky sand are all about, lurking beneath the surface, ready to swallow down any of them at any given time in their sandy depths. QUICKLY.

"My carb intake would surprise you!" shouts Ryo in response to Yoska's appraisal. Yoska's sinewy crack-head muscles don't go unnoticed by Ryo, and the young Ryn would def be getting a 'call me' under any other situation, but right now the Festian man is far too scared for his life. Feeling around with a foot, he finds a vine to push up on. With the necesarry leverage and help from Yoska, Ryo manages to escape the muck, shoving Yoska out of the way in the process.

"Would it? Would it though?!" Yo complains at Ryo, voice strained as he puuuuuulllllsss to try to get Ryo free of the swamp. Go, crackhead muscles, go! He's not a big dude, 5'7 and drug-skinny, but it's enough to change the leverage for Ryo... who proceeds to smoosh him down into the muck on his way to freedom. "Hey!" Yoska yowls a whine. No problem, he'll just scamper free. Ready, and... scamp... no. Nope. He is stuck. "What?!" the better, prettier, smarter Ryn gasps, aghast. And then, more disconsolately than before, "No.... I don't like it." He side-eyes Siha. "That's what we get for helping people, ya feel me?"

Nothing worse than being stuck to Hopp in quickly sinking sand. Despite her grip on the vine, the fact she isn't moving constantly means she begins to get sucked in, "Son of a buttered biscuit, what a pain in the ever lovin' arse .." Yoska has it right, but Siha has a personality flaw of needing to help people, even ones like Hopp, which means she's going to die today. Which is fine. She's fine with this, even as Hopp uses her as a ladder as she sinks in deeper, "I will HAUNT YOU Hopp, it better be the best damn high, USE MY ASHES AS THE BASE." If he ever gets her body out after she dies.

Maireni eyes her brother as he gets squished into the swamp, taking a minute to contemplate leaving him there. It wouldn't be unusual, she's left him other places before, but this seems a little more serious than ababdoning him on Coruscant for giggles. She edges closer to her brother while wriggling free of the holster that still holds her blaster, undoes the buckle, and then slings it out to Yoska while holding one end. "Oh dag I shoulda took the blaster out!" Too late, the blaster splats into the swamp, still in the holster, more gross than it already was. Provided Yoyo takes the other end, she'll try to draaaaaaaaag him free, taunting him the whole time.

"I'm real sorry kid," Hopp is saying as he marches along back towards their transport, but a pang of conscience strikes him, a crisis of conscience, really, which is about to lead to a crisis of quicksand. "This is stupid," the old fart mutters to himself, a bony hand dragging down his face as he turns about and stomps back through the muck to grab Siha under the armpits and PULL with a frail heave. But... who are we kidding, he's an old man, he can't pull for shit, and now they're both sinking. "Well, I hope this is better, is this really better? Is this what you wanted, Siha? You wanted to die with an old man breathing in your face? Are you happy now?" Gulping in a deep breath, he blows his secondhand smoke halitosis straight at her. "I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY, KID." This job is going great.

Ryo Odessa looks around, swatting mud and swamp gunk from his clothes with a groan. He breathes a sigh and looks back at the others that are in dire straits. His attention falls on Siha first and he moves to grab at her. He gives it the ol' college try and...well, you know.

Yoyo seems to see nothing wrong with the fact that there is still a weapon in the belt Maireni is using to haul him out. Safety first, or .... whenever! "Hellppp noooooo I'm sooooorrryyy," he whines at her as she drags him free, and then he's free again free at last, standing there filth-covered and panting, jewelry mucked up, hair askew, eyeliner runnin'. First of the swamp Scene Kids, trend sweeping near you soon. "Thanks for NOTHING," he informs Ryo, throwing a glob of swamp goo his way, followed by, "....no but call me later though, yah." Brow wag. Right. Back to business. Ryo has failed. Siha is stuck. "Do you need a big strong man to save you?" he beams at her, then reaches forward, and tugs, and.... nothing. "....cause I'm not one and there are actually literally none here, yah."

"HOPP. YOU STUPID OLD STICK. I didn't /ask/ for your help! MAN. WHAT THE HELL. YOU WASTED MY SACRIFICE. I DON'T WANNA DIE WITH YOU PINNED TO MY SIDE." She throws her head back, letting out a gutteral groan, voice rife with annoyance and anger, "What happened to the old man with a withered empty soul." His halitosis breath of air wafts against her helmet, the stank going uninhaled since her helmet protects her from that at least, "Dude, come here, just ..crawl up on me, use me to get out, if I sink further it's fine, just ...climb. Climb you old coot. CLIMB." CLIMB YOU FOOL. Yoska trying to help her out has her grunting again, "Help Hopp, he's lighter, his bones are hollow like a birds ..just ..shavit, focus on him--" Said as she moves to try and help Hopp out as she sinks further in. SHE'S RESIGNED, "Ah shavit --' Ryo's attempt is appreciated, and any look on her face is hidden by that helmet, so she could be FREAKING OUT but you'll never know! "Okay ..just heft ..someone pull him by his big ears." GLOOP. Further down she goes.

Maireni manages to puuuuulllll her brother free, then drags the belt that she used to save Yoyo, and once again tosses the end of it out, this time at Siha. "Grab this, I got you!" She beams. She also didn't take the blaster out, so you know, someone might accidentally get shot, but that's probably better than dying in quicksand, right? It's really going to be more Siha pulling herself out while Maireni desperately tries to be an anchor to the firmer land, because she's not that strong, but apparently she can really plant herself well. "I. Expect. Rewards."

"Listen, it's a lot better for me to die next to a hot- wait," Hopp begins to argue before suddenly realizing who he's sinking with here, and then he abruptly begins climbing up over her as instructed. This works out well for him because a second later, Maireni is pulling Siha (and him by extension) from the grip of the sinky-sand and back onto Terra Firma. "Foiled again!" he crows, dragging himself further onto stable footing, letting out a gravelly laugh. "Not today, you kriffing pile of soggy silica! I'm Hopp kriffing Nooram! We got your nettles and I'm gonna make the perfect high!" He's already digging out a congratulatory cig, lighting it up as he starts leading the way back to the transport. "Well. After I gather a few more ingredients, of course. And- and- process these nettles. It- it takes time, you can't rush art, kids," he rambles away, pleased and satisfied to have collected another component in his quest.