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Plan A is "No survivors". Great way to start a rescue.

OOC Date: August 12 2019
Location: The Shadowport
Participants: The Shadowport: Zhu Yan, Liz'diot, Fivv'c Tull, Chir'da, Kaelyn, Kisaiya, featuring Sumi Kora, Lofty, and Eriu Jynx as GM.

The short story: Sumi pulls a Lazarus, Lofty has a conscience, Fivv stuns the crowd, Chir'da is cool as a space-cucumber, Kaelyn does some prototyping, Kisa's sisterly instincts kick in, EJ gets SPRUNG, Liz drops the bombshell, and Yan suffers some well-deserved karmic backlash.

The long story:
Hapes is a place of beauty and order, run by a tight matriarchal society that holds all the power in the system itself. The center planet, Hapes is the goal and the group of misfits and questionable gathered by one Zhu Yan have made it past the Dragon Fleet undetected - or so it would seem. Their contact is waiting for them on the outskirts of the capitol city with a native transport and a lovely blonde captive in noble guard gear. Sumi Kora ushers them onto the transport and the group takes off heading in towards the city with the guard of their current enemy aboard to give clearance for their arrival so that the personal landing pad will open for them. She begins by giving them a run down of what to expect
"I get us landed with clearance codes and then get us through the first entrance into the security screening. From there you are going to have to make an impression. I am not sure I am going to be able to convince them of your presence to expect a fire fight. From there I do not have clearance to go further so you will need to figure out how to get below and into the holding cells. It is a maze inside, stick with me. You are likely to get lost otherwise."
This being said she starts to slow their descent towards some of the rich looking estates with their gilded halls. The landing pad opens as she keys in a code. "Guard Renta with clearance Ay-aych-two-five-zero." There is a pause and over the comm comes the reply, "You are cleared for landing. Please check in at security once you disembark."
The Hapan shuttle lowers with a slight shake and then powers down as the Hapan Guard now known as Renta sequences through and finally clicks off the last bit of power that has the ship powering down. She slowly rises then and glances to the others as she pulls on her helmet, battered and scuffed before heading for the ramp.

Sumi Kora was near the back of the shuttle. She knew the mission already because she'd been there from the beginning. While the others didn't know this, Sumi also didn't volunteer that knowledge because it put her on a multi-front, enemies on all sides. She could hear her lost friend whispering, should that predicament be true, 'We have them right where we want them.' The thought of Sana Ryder's sentiments made her smile, but no one was witness to such a rare event thanks to the Mandalorian helmet and its silver-washed T-shaped visor.
Upon landing, she pulled the lever for the hatch, and watches the guard who was now working for her. The stare is long, and silent, and Renta could see that Sumi had her guantleted hand resting atop the same blaster which had nearly killed her. <"Good. I don't like hiding. It's dishonest, and it's easier to blast through obstacles. Get us to where you can, and we'll let our blasters talk the rest of the way."> The Mandalorian's voice is accented and gruff, but clearly female; that is if the shape of her armor had not given that information away already.

Revenge was a messy thing. If anyone ever says it's clean, they're lying. Proper, righteous vengeance involves levelling the house in which one stood, all of their worldly possessions burned, their family annihilated, the earth scorched. Yan, being a cheerful well-adjusted dishonest liar who didn't like leaving behind enemies, was inordinately fond of proper, righteous vengeance and for that reason he was foregoing the whole bomber-jacket-scoundrel-liar persona.
A suit of heavy power armor with a heavy carbine, a flamethrower (kids love this one) in a sling over his back, and a Bryar the size of the Uscru District strapped to his thigh was standing in the cargo bay simmering quietly. "I like it," he said to the bounty hunter whom he didn't quite know whether he liked or hated yet. "So!" he asked the assembled crowd, characteristically but eerily cheerful. "The plan is that we torch absolutely everybody inside the building sans our rescuee. Don't kill her, I'd never hear the end of it. Legit would be haunted." The pleasantness of his tone buzzed by the heavy armor's helmet was straight up dissonant.

Liz, THE OMNISCIENT is currently finishing fitting a cleaning mop head on atop his buldging bald visage. "Count Drolex the WISE can most certainly hack through and disable all of your planets PRIMITIVE security systems, pretty HU-MON. HAH!" He afixes a pair of pointy ear, long nose, and mustach onto his tetan goggles. He looks insainly Bizzar but nothing like he usually does. "And then we can blow it all up. YAS, INDEEDAH. HAH!"

Lofty is a large white-furred Talz that just doesn't lend itself to blending in. He has a bowcaster slung across his back, which it appears he will be using, if Zhu Yan doesn't have a good cover story. "You hack security cameras? Lofty no want bounty," he says to Liz'diot. The Hapans are an insular people but if they can put out bounties, they might. He leaves his good-luck-ion-whip hanging inside the ship, and his collection of lucky fizz drinks as well, just in case. But he takes a few in a satchel for sustenance.

An ugly mottled grey Barabel female, pitch black eyes scan her surroundings as she makes her way through to the cargo bay. "sigh as eapeadaefa vaen uhefevus arh," she hisses, blaster drawn. "ma tireselaa lae sigh hoomejaaph, wear etaetutov hiseafo etaetutov." FIT hisses and moves into position behind Zhu Yan.

The Falleen mercenary, Chir'da Cor'coran, checks and double-checks his gear, with a meticulousness born of many years of soldiering, but also with a certain almost imperceptible reluctance. Sure, a job is a job, and this is one like any other, as it were, but the hunter can not help but feel something amiss, something intangible that he can neither see, nor hear, nor smell. But, better to put those inclinations aside, as getting wound up in such is not only the path to madness and emotion, but also the path to death. No matter. Now is the time to do the job. And do the job he shall.

Renta eyes Sumi, her attention falling to the blaster at the Mandalorian"s side during the idle threat. "As you wish." There is a grim expression that spreads across her face before she composes herself and hits the button for the ramp. Liz" comment about hacking the system does not register a change on her continence. Though Yan"s comment she remarks, "Best to not push it. You will have the Dragon Fleet alerted. Get in, get out and move it. The ramp hisses and whines as it descends to allow Renta down first and as she strides, the rich deep indigo of her robes and armor standing out against the white and gold of the noble estate. The walk to the heavy dual enforced doors is closed quickly and she inputs a code and removes her glove to press her hand for the print reader. It scans and then the creak and groan of the door rolling to the side allows them in.

Sumi swaggers behind Renta with ease, her weighted and heavily armored steps surprisingly soft against the deck. Renta opens the door, steps through, and Sumi steps from behind her drawing her weapon and pressing it to the questioning guard who spoke out against Renta. <"I don't recommend sounding the alarm unless you want me to make a mural of your insides on the wall behind you.">

With enough firepower to annihilate a small country and power armor that looked almost like a walking tank, Zhu Yan stalked in, napoleonic stature and all, as a man with whom you would be ill advised to frack. He did this by pulling the Incinerator cannon, with its twin flame canisters and cute lil pilot light, off his shoulder, SAFELY AWAY FROM HIS JETPACK, and into his left hand. Not that he'd expect to actually be able to fight in this configuration, something would have to fall, but he looked pretty scary. "Honestly wouldn't be your best day," he cautioned the guards, in a sort of cheery pleasant breezy tone that was bloody creepy, "so you lovely ladies, if you want to keep your dental work on point and not get your makeup scorched off, come on out of that lil room there and sit down in front of me here. Hands out, guns down, no funny business or, well," he hefted the incinerator. "My lord," he said, turning to Liz, and gesturing towards the computer room. "If you please."

While the others are armed to the teeth and ready to Krif Drek Up, COUNT DROLEX the WISE, THPPPPTS forward in his hover chair, his long fingers druming impantiently against the arm rests. As he moves past the guards with Yan not to far and motioning him towards the computer room, the Bith nods and afirmative. "YAS... YAS... This will not take too long at all."

Lofty brings his bowcaster to bear, flipping the power switch and clunking the extended quarrel of bolts into place. He uses his massive strength to cock the weapon. The round durasteel globes on either side of the main barrel begin humming as they establish a positive and negative magnetic pole, which will accelerate the weapon's bolts to supersonic speed when the trigger is pulled. He keeps it aimed down since none of the Hapan security persons are making moves.

Tull brings her pistol up, aiming on the two women. "Thisssssss One hassssssss no time for sssssssssweeeet talk," she hisses and looks over at Zhu Yan. "Ssssshooot firsssst, Thisssss One doesssssss." she hisses.
Fivv'c Tull does not shoot yet, but it is clear that she wants to. No time for chatter. Shoot. Grab. Go.
"Thisssss One issss the law." she grins and a mouthfull of razor sharp teeth show. "Hahahaha!" she laughs and the grin gets worse because now her mouth is open and even more of her teeth show.

Chir'da stands at the ready, his heavily modified E-11D rifle held across his torso in a fashion similar to the standards of most major militia. He eyes the guards with cold calculation, ready to pounce should their immobility suddenly change course into a more active and aggressive position. Tilting his head to the side now, something catches his attention. "Did anyone else hear that?" he asks, concentrating. "Not the hissy one, no; sounded like a lull in the power routing. They may be onto us. We should be less conspicuous."

Effective is this group, Sumi with her blaster pointed right into the lead's gut. Point blank won't stop the pain from death knocking. She goes still and it is Zhu Yan in his get up and male voice that makes her sneer. But she is not about to go playing hero at the moment and neither are her subordinates. They all slowly step out though Karu is one to pause, looking like she might hit the alarm for a moment before her hands go up. Up they go into the air. The sight of parade of colors, fur, scales, teeth, male power armor and a Mandalorian is enough to keep her from making a sound.
She steps out and sits in the hallway with her fellow guards, all facing Sumi and Zhu Yan for the moment as they glance upwards at the contingent. It is Karu that speaks up. "You are not going to make it far. You are now on our world. If you are not stopped here the Dragon Fleet will put an end to all of you." She even spits on Zhu's foot - well his power armor.
Liz gets to work, the system opening up just a bit though there are some areas of restriction that will take a bit more coaxing to work. Lights flicker a moment in the armored corridor, Chir'da may be on to something but presently there are no others to bother the group as they get the information they need. Renta just watches those guards on the ground and looks about. "I suggest if you are going to do something with the system do it now. Or you send a group ahead and keep some here to hold your ground."

When the guard spits on Yan's foot, Sumi pistol whips her across the face, using the meat of the receiver to find her high cheek bone. <"Any other notions of speaking? You'll find out what a blaster bolt tasts like. Now turn around.. all of you, and put your hands on the back of your head."> Sumi began to bind the guards, using binders and clipping them tight as to cut off circulation if they struggled. Their weapons were pulled free of holsters and tucked away.

Tink! Liquid on power armor was about as effective as dust against an X-Wing. Unless it got into the joints. Then it'd be icky. Simply icky. At least it was sealed so Yan wouldn't have to deal with a wet foot. That's just the worst, guys. That meaty thwack of retaliation satisfied Yan, any urge to deliver it himself dashed. It's a shame they couldn't see his grin. "You remind me of my ex," Yan lied. He'd never had an ex. "She was a bitch too. Yo Count," Yan called over to where Liz was working, disregarding the fool in front of him. "Hear what Pro said?" Chir'da was a professional so that's the nickname he got for this job. "Check it out. I don't want anything interrupting what we're doing here." Since prying eyes were listening, maybe mentioning the whole 'level the base, no survivors' plan was bad. "And give us some directions on where we need to go."

"Aha, YAS. Let's see here..." Liz says as he scoots his way to a terminal. "The Girl is being held two floors down in the secure cells. It's past the Barracks. Cell five at the end of the hall. Oooo, sounds like a fun time for you guys. Herm... perhaps." He starts to types very very fast with those thin and long fingers of his. "Ahhh.... Ohoho... I just found all the Queen Mother's Adult Holo's, and downloading...." He opens up a few more windows, humming to himself. "Okay... so. I shut down the Cameras and the Alarms and what not to the security sector of the house... I should give you all free movement to be barbaric poopy butts. Anywhoozle, just be careful to make sure someone doesn't... you know... run away. Also..." He presses antoher button, "They can't talk to each other now... so GO! I will stay here and monitor... perhaps lay out some explosives... INDEEDAH."

Lofty rubs his head with a large white paw. His ears are ringing! Or his earholes hidden beneath all of that wool. "What is that, " he mumbles through his snoot, keeping his bowcaster aimed at the floor. He then waves his paw at Liz'diot. "Hey! Power is fluctuating! Guards lower down are gonna know!" They will probably be on high alert, anyway.

Tull doesn't wait anymore for talk. Talk is time to figure a plan to flee or something else. No good. "Hahahahaha!" she laughs again. "Thiss One hassss had enough talk!"
The Barabel is anxious to get to shooting, enough talking.
"Bosssssssssssss," she hisses at Zhu Yan, "let ussssssss tasssssssssssssste ssssssome action!"
She starts pacing, unable to hold still for the thrill of the hunt.

The Falleen mercenary chuffs. "I knew I'd heard *something,*" he says. "Either way, it's a safe bet we're going to have company sooner than later. I agree with the Barabel in principle - we need to get moving. Sooner the better."

Kae is well, she's in the wanderlost, with Kisa.... Kae's looking over the sensor readings and while they're hovering in a valley and all, Kae's also keeping the wyvern ready to go too, both the heavily armed freighter, and the super heavily armed fighter are waiting to back folks up... Kae can now be heard on the coms. "You guys done yet? Oh sensors are clear..." Kisa can be heard in the background "They done yet?" Kae blinks and calls back "Nooo, I don't thinks o and I just asked!" there's then a pause, and both ask "How 'bout now?"

"Then ladies and gentlemen, we are officially out of time," Zhu Yan declared with finality. That was it. Their welcome had been worn out, plan B had worked so far but now it was time to revert back to plan A. Yan loved plan A. He marched up to where the guards were huddled and enacted it.
BLAM. Guard lead took a shot to the face.
BLAM. Second guard ceased to function.
BLAM. The one that had given Yan lip, deliberately left for last, took her last.
Okay! Yan felt better now. "Orders!" he barked out, turning back to his assembled merry band of thieves and murderers and Liz'diot. "If it's Hapan and it's not our target, kill it. Soldier, attendant, middle manager, whatever. No witnesses, no survivors, be thorough, be efficient. Boopsnoot, Pro," he gestured to Lofty and Chir'da, "stick on this level and make sure no one interferes with Liz. Law, Bounty Hunter," he didn't have a cool name for Sumi, and Law was Fivv, "With me, downstairs. Let's go."
"Oh, and you," Yan added, pointing to the guard that had oh so helpfully let them in here. "You've been very helpful," he said truthfully, "and because of that, since you're not scum like the rest of them," he lied, "we'll leave you alive," he liiiiiied. "Just stick with us, point out anything we need to be aware of, and we might get you out of this hellhole," he liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied, "with a bit of extra coin," he liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied.

Renta is starting to look a little nervous, especially when Liz does his thing and the power fluctuates. Lofty is not wrong and it shows on her face. "We have to move!" she starts to say and then watches as Sumi cold clocks and associate. A tooth is spat out of Karu's mouth before they are all starting to move. As the assume the position with their hands back and soon held into place by binders, the shots are something that gives Renta a start. "You...you beast," she hisses below her breath. The three collapse and make no more sounds, dead upon dropping.
The group has a safe passage but Chir'da is right, people know something is up when they can not communicate between themselves. The way is relatively clear for them and Fivv'c is going to get lots of fun most likely. The next level is best taken by the access stairs not far away from them and drops them onto a landing on sublevel A. EJ is on B but they need to get past the barracks.
All is quiet on the ship front as Kae and Kisa are currently making sure their way out is secure - or at least unnoticed for now.

Sumi sighs and removes the binders. Executing unprovoked was unprofessional, but her hands were clean on this one. She clips the binders back on her belt and looks over when addressed as Bounty Hunter. His orders are acknowledged with a silent nod, then she's set to follow him.

"Sure I'm a beast, but they, and your boss," Yan stressed the last three words, "crossed me," the tiny monster explained sorta-cheerfully. It was true, to a point, but there was more to it. Maybe he was playing up the role of monster. Maybe he was lying to himself. It was a common occurrence. "You're cool, you're not a thug like them, don't worry." She should be worried despite how genuinely reassuring Yan sounded. Scorched earth, et al. Yeah something was up with Yan, the normal cavalier attitude was now just a veneer over something not morally sound.
Down the stairs they went, carefully. Yan was being methodical and adhering to his own orders (again, a rarity, something was up). "Barracks next. Be ready for a firefight," he cautioned once they were outside the doorway.

Liz pushes away from the computer council and just starts laughing manically as he pulls square explosive packaged from the side hatch of his hover chair. "Hahaha... This is what happens when you cross THE OMNISICENCE of TWO OMNISCIENCES. INDEEDAH." He starts moving along hallways and structual points, placing the explosives like he knows what he's doing. Hopefully his 'guards' can keep up with him.

Lofty becomes agitated when the three guards are executed in cold blood by Yan. "We come here for rescue, NOT murder!" he hollers after Zhu Yan, staying near Liz'diot to guard the upper area. The large Talz just hustles after his Bith charge, checking corners in case security decides to send reinforcements to the topside.

Fivv stops pacing and listens to what Yan has to say. She gives him a quick nod.
She watches Zhu talk to the guard. "Extra coin," she says again and laughs with that wicked open mouth grin and follows Zhu Yan downstairs. "Yesssssssssssssss!" she hisses, excited to be on the prowl.
"Barracksssssss...." she hisses, blaster at the ready. "Itchy trigger finger, Bosssssssss" she hisses softly.

Chir'da, blaster carbine at the ready position, grits his pointed teeth as he follows in step after Liz. There is some irritation worn on his face, and uncharacteristic display of emotion. But follow his orders he does all the same.
"Exactly how many of those are you going to place?" he asks the Bith. "Are we going to take down the whole complex?"

Kae tilts her head and spins around on her chair... Over the coms they can hear her say "Spiiiiiiin.... Sppiiiiiiiin.." She then peers at the scanners again.. "Still nothing ont he scopes, gonna try and listen in to stray coms nao tooooo..." She says. Yes, the goofy Sephi is board... Her sister can be heard over the background. "They done yet?" Kae blinks and looks back and shrugs.... She then gets on the coms "You guys done yet?" She asks curiously...
Kae then shrugs and begins setting up the freighter to pick up military bandwith and police bandwith communications.. "doop dee doooop." She mutters.

The security sector of the noble house is now buzzing with localized worry that coms are down. No one yet realizes that the alarms and surveillance has been taken down due to the control station being occupied by Liz and his handiwork. That means that they start to gather and the sublevel A is going to be the focal point and meeting place that connects the rest of the house to this portion they are currently moving through.
As the heavy armored Yan comes down the stairs like some debutante at his coming out ball, the group of guards starting to set up patrols turns and looks upon him. Blasters are lifted but they are slow to react to such a random threat on sight.
"Incoming hostiles!" One has enough nerve to call out and that draws attention from the branching sectors as well as those inside the Barracks. The area begins to flood with figures who take up positions.
They are most certainly not done yet, Kae.

-(OOC)- Eriu Jynx says, "We can say that Karen, Krav and Amati are coming up behind you."
-(OOC)- Chir'da says, "Karen's going to want to speak to a manager."

Sumi is coming down the stairs quickly too, and immediately opens fire on Captain Muadin, not suspecting her to be anything more than one of the other common guards. Sumi's silence is due to concentration, and she fires off two blasts that go wide, sloppy, admittedly, but the third finds the Captain's left leg and causes her to stumble. Sumi puts her back to cover and immediately slides her pistol home.
From her side, attached by a sling, an A280 rifle is brought to bear. Its adjustable buttstock shortened, and its power-up chopped at by a seasoned hand which activates the weapon with a dull whine that lights up its scope. Taking a moment to steady her breathing, Sumi prepares to engage again, this time with something that has the punch of a raging Houk behind it.

"Sithspit," Yan grunted out the second he realised he'd led them straight into a killbox. He let go of the flamethrower so it hung by the sling and opened fire with his Tracker. Two bolts went into the torso of one of the guards, no need for the follow-up, so he traversed and sent his third shot into the brickwork above some poor schmuck's head. Then, he ducked back into the side of the doorway in what he considered to be cover. The incinerator clunked against the wall behind him. "Of course she has to be at the end of a killbox! Too easy otherwise! Oy!" Okay there was the frustration that everyone knew and loved.

Fivv'c cackles and hisses with laughter. "FINALLY!" she roars.
Her black eyes have a shine to them, the hunt has ignited a flame. "SSSSSSSSHooooooow time!!!" she hisses and takes three shots at the guards closest to her and Zhu Yan and this Sumi person.
Three blue bolts leave her Ion pistol in rapid succession.
"Hahahahaha!" she laughs again.
She misses! Doesn't matter! She'll shoot again!
Three more shots, one connects, two miss. One is all she needed. Guard down.

Liz finishes with the explosives and is making his way back to the computer room, "Oh... There's someone comming... okay..." He hops onto the com, "Point Ears, you and your sister. WE are in need of Assistance." Once in the computer room, the Bith searches for a place to hide. He open a janitorial closet, thinking his disguise will save him, but he keep knocking into the door way. He won't fit. HE IS TOO FAT! "PHEWIE!"

Chir'da spouts to Liz in a harch tone, "Get to cover!" The mean, green, Falleen then attempts to tuck himself behind a nearby column. They are incoming - three of them, one of them obviously the lead of the little squad. Carbine held to shoulder, the mercenary squeezes off three shots all told, two of them striking the lead squarely, and with finality, in the chest. Two to go, and it's just him now. That ominous feeling again, but why? Has Liz made it to safe haven? Where is that Bith? Can't worry about that now. Two more are bearing upon him. Two more are bearing down. Steadying himself, he prepares for the next volley.

-(OOC)- Chir'da says, "Haha, Karen! *I'm* the manager!"

Kae blinks and tilts her head "Heeeeey, I'm picking up one shuttle heeerreee! Y'all hae incoming!" She calls out, waggling her arms... "Mebbe we can like, you know, actually do something!!! Hey guys! Whatcha want us to do with these shuttles? Shoot em? or just let them go buy? Whatcha need us to do?" She asks, as Kae is well fixing her helmet for that high-g flight suit of hers... "Doop dee dooop, armored flight suit..." She mutters and hits a few buttons to warm up the 'auxilary fighter' aka, the Wyvern...."Gonna get to take the toy into combat agaaaain! Yaaay! Well both toys!"(re for kisa)

Kisaiya is in her usual armor and she's... none too happy. Mostly because her sister was recently shot up. She looks over at her sister, then back at the screens. "Mhmm. Kae. YOU NEED TO STOP GETTING SHOT!" She huffs and points at the screen as she starts talking toward the back to get in the wyvern. She shouts over her shoulder, "AND THERE'S TWO SHUTTLES! NOT ONE! You're the computer expert!" She looks over her shoulder and sticks her tongue out at her sister.

The group meets up and clashes with the highly trained guards, the Hapans not backing down even as several of their sisters fall to the blasters of the invaders. The rescue party is taking some licks too but not a single one has gone down - just taken some wounds. Muadin appears to look all the more angry for the shot she took and her sharp blue eyes move form one to the other and look to try to take out the tank that is Yan.
She fires and hits as the others hail down blaster bolts. "Move forward, pin them and strike!" She is directing the carefully reforming line of noble guards. She grits her teeth and starts to close the distance, a wicked blade on her hip that she plans to use. Behind the advancing line is another door way and a set of stairs leading to sublevel B and the holding cells.
Chir'da takes down the leader of the small squad that started to come up on them from behind. The other two are for a moment stunned as she goes down but it does not keep them from firing back - both missing and lucky for Liz that the lizard is a great distraction.
For the twins there are two shuttles inbound on a patrol along their position where the rest of the ships are parked, ready and waiting for exfil of the group and the recovered Eriu. They are getting close enough to likely get a sensor lock. Its not going as smoothly as it could have.

Sumi has crested her cover to fire on Muadin, when a surprise bolt sinks deep against the plating covering her torso. The shot was a powerful one with momentum behind it which twisted her torso by force. Sumi instinctively chicken-winged her rifle's buttstock under her arm and fired a shot in retaliation. Both the Captain and Sumi hit the ground at the same time. Sumi hisses in pain, trying to breath beneath a plate that's been forced firmly against her torso.

"Blasted HU-MONS... can't even design a floor correctly!" Liz backs away from the Janitor closet he was trying to get into and moves over to the computer console once more. He wraps his long and thin fingers against that desk, but only for a moment before he starts typing. A head of Chir, one of the security doors slams shut rapidly, pinning and crushing one of the attacking guards between it. "YASSS."

Even more hissy than before battle, Fivv'c Tull is in predator mode. Blood on the brain.
She knows her gun is only a stun gun, but it's still a thrill to shoot. She takes aim and is hit by incoming fire. "Yessssssssssssss!" she hisses and fires three more shots into the guards, missing... again.

Blaster-fire from above, more faint than the cacophony that was being fought down here. "Sithspit," Yan swore, again. It was amazing how a firefight made him forget why he was so murderous in the first place despite the situation now literally being 'ooop here I go murdering again!' The idea of actually being responsible for people here instead of just charging off on his own was something he was likely going to have to remember for the future.
It was during said consideration that Yan took his first wound of the brawl, a blaster shot chewing into the exposed chunk of thigh that hadn't quite been hidden in the doorway. "Motherfracker!" Yan burst out in pain. Again! He'd only just had this leg patched up! Augh what a week! First he gets a message about EJ being caught, then he burnt his cup noodles, and now he'd been shot! Enough was enough. He poked around the corner, looked for the weediest, weakest guard and shot him slash her dead on in the face. The second time. The first one took out a light fixture. "I sure hope that was somebody's cousin!" he called out, firing blind the third time around before ducking back into cover and TRYING to protect all his bits and pieces!

His carbine aimed at the guard holding position in the blast door, when suddenly the door closes, jamming itself into the guard and, well, crushing him. That works. That definitely works. And the carbine trails to the remaining guard. First one shot; then another, both finding their marks and taking down the Hapan guard who falls, thrown backward to the ground. Chir'da nods at his fallen foes, a curt, sarcastic little half-bow. All in a day's work.

Kae flails "Ummm I'll take the Wyvern out, it's her first combat, and I dunno what she's gonna dooo!" She says, and then blinks "You can have it next time though!" She says cheerfully, then races to the back.. "Oooh," Kae says over coms "You have protons and ion torpedos loaded into the Wander.... Make sure to hit the green button to swap to ion torps, or the blue button above the torp launch trigger to switch to protons!" She calls out then is strapping her self into the Wyvern.

Kisaiya is climbing making a flail of her arms when her sister passes her and Kisa looks one way, then back, then turns and heads back to the cockpit of the Wanderlost. "I THOUGHT I GOT TO FLY THE WYVERN!" Kisa is flailing her arms again and giving a puff out of her cheeks as she slumps back down into the pilot seat of the freighter. She's looking around, trying to find the shuttles and -DAP- opening the hangar for Kaelyn.
"Kaaaaae. Have fun, /AND DON'T GET SHOT AGAIN/." She grimaces and banks the freighter toward one of the shuttles - letting out a ion torpedo as soon as she gets the a good line up. The missile shoots out and smacks into the other shuttle, not taking it down but seeminly sending it careening off without power. "Woo!"

The firefight continues but one level above the barracks a door is crunching away at a body while the other one is left smoking by Chir'da. Savage deaths all of them and Liz is now amongst the killers. Well done Techie. This leaves the others below as the firefight continue to take a savage turn. The Hapans are not backing down, pride and the fact they are facing aliens and what is likely a male - Yan is a male right? The voice suggests it but they do not relent either way. Sumi scores a heavy hit on Tenris who grunts and steps back, falling but turning about to level a blaster bolt at her in turn. Its a rather painful exchange and with internal comms down there are no reinforcements currently rushing in. Zhu also gets thrown a volley or two, one missing and other scoring a hit at Fivv'c manages to find enough cover that makes the shot headed the Barabel's way moot.
They are going to have to kill every one of them to get to the next set of stairs. Meanwhile the sisters are having to play down the patrol before they are spotted. One goes careening, systems fried but the other still has some guidance and is heading their way, weapons starting to go hot.

Sumi has just fixed her armor and rises up again, only to take another devastating blast. This one catches her shoulder and carries her backward again, hitting the wall and sliding down. If she was alive, it was not clear. She slumps over to her side though, and stays motionless for awhile.

Sometimes, hiding behind a wall was a bad idea. Not when three ultra bitch ladies were throwing gobs of hot plasma at the wall you were standing behind. Eventually, one's luck would run out. And for Yan, it did. Suddenly, cover became not as the aggregate damage to the wall chewed through Yan's stomach plating. "Oooof!" he grunted out, sliding to the floor and hitting the deck. The jetpack on his back, woefully unused, kept him propped up. "Frack you!" he erupted, red mist in his vision distorting the pain he was feeling as he fired like a maniac into the barracks.
This was not his best plan, guys.

Liz inspects the security feed from down stairs, but on view only, not recording it. He only needs a moment before he turns it off again. "YOU PHERMONE MONSTER" He means Chir, "Go help that poopy Booby Bum head Zhu Yan." He taps his computer a few times as he attempts to bring up some sensor work and see what exactly he can do from where he is to help. There, in the diagnostics spread... "YASSS.." He surges a power panel near one of the guards.

"FRACK!" she hisses and looks at her gun and then at Zhu and back at her gun and back to Zhu.
"This One doessssssssssn't like the oddssssssssss." she hisses and finds cover.

Kae calls over the coms "Nice shot Kisa, I'll finish it off, then we'll dock, and you grab the Wyvern... Just ready and stuuuuf!" Kae calls to her sister, as she throtles forward, the nimble space superiority fighter now zooming ahead...
Kae slides the fighter behind the shuttle,then squeezes the trigger again, this time unleashing an absolute torrent of laserfire, which quickly blows the engines of the shuttle... "Okie two down!" she calls out, and is soon moving the wyvern to dock back with the Wanderlost..... As things connect up, kae keeps the fighter warm but of course turns everything else off... She climbs out of the fighter, and grins a bit asshe skips up to the front of the freighter... "Yer turn next Kisa!"

The Falleen mercenary has done what he can up here with Liz, and, well, the Bith should be alright now up here with his explosives. Right? Chir'da runs down toward the landing below, and as soon as he gets clear shots fires a volley at the most logical choice of guard. Two of three strike her into sweet, salty oblivion.

Kisaiya brings the ship back around and into a relatively straight course as she waits for her sister to dock the wyvern back up. She holds it steady, though banks it back toward the designated area after she felt her sister finishing docking up. "At least you didn't get shot /THIS/ time!" She sticks her tongue out at her sister and slides out of the pilot's seat for her sister to take back over and she can go back to poking at different controls.

The Hapans are just beasts, taking shots and receiving hits that are rending them apart. Feren who was untouched suddenly ends up with an exploding panel beside her head. A piece of shrapnel slices effectively into her neck and drops where she chokes on her blood, twitches and goes still. Eye glaze over and that leaves Muadin who goes down as soon as the fallen enters the scene and collapses beside her bloody comrade. Tenris realizes what is going on and is already starting to back up but Laval has seen some of her closest fall and she is advancing on the group, among down at the Barabel. "Disgusting offworlders!" She is pissed off to say the least.
Kisaiya and Kaelyn attack the two patrol shuttles but its hard to tell if the one got off a warning or not. Ionized - likely not but they fall landward and the first goes up in an explosion that might have been seen as the other skids and slams into an outcropping. For the moment the sisters are untouched, unbothered and the others have yet to call for exfil which in and of itself could be concerning but nothing is coming over the radio waves about intruders or the need for help. All is well or so it seems from their angle. Its going to get worse the longer they stay when patrol shuttles don't report in.

BLAM. "Frack you."
BLAM. "Frack you!"
BLAM. "FRACK you!"
Three shots erupted from Yan's tracker rifle, finally scoring some hits in this chaotic melee. When you're charging down a hallway you're a nice, easy target, and Yan wanted to get another kill in to bring him up to an even five. And so he did, clipping her leg then finishing her off with some impromptu and very fatal dental work.
The concept of karmic backlash had never occurred to Yan.
He dragged himself to his feet, clutching his burned stomach, and limping on his leg towards the fleeing enemy. "Motherfracker. GET BACK HERE!"

A light is blinking as something is indicated on Liz's screen, he brings the footage back up of the fire fight. "I do not think so..." Says Liz as he presses another button and down slames a door in the retreating guard's face. "Hah, YASSSS. NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE SO I CAN EXPLODE THINGS."

Injured though she is, Fivv takes three shots at Guard Captain Tenris. Two blue bolts hit direct and she hits the floor hard, third shot misses, but doesn't really matter. Now that most of the shooting is done, she tries to patch up her injury with no luck. She enjoys battle, thrives with the thrill of the hunt. Only direction from here is up.

Oddities. A blast door closes (obviously the work of the Bith, thinks the Falleen), and the Hapan guard runs face first into it. Stunned momentarily by the unexpected, the guard is officially stunned by the relentless blasts of the Barabel, and falls prone to the ground. Chir'da, however, carbine already trailed on the guard, fires a split second later, moving the guard from stunned to no more. Ceased to be. And ex-guard. There isthe slightest of smirks on the Falleen's face, momentarily, then business mode once again. "We o.k. to keep moving?" he asks the group. "How badly is everyone hurt?" Indeed. How badly is he himself hurt. This firefight has not gone without its consequences.

Kae peers at Kisa and puffs her cheeks out.... "OOoh, I soo wasn't wanting to get shot! It just happened, and I didn't get shot this time, and if the fighter got shot that doesn't count as me getting shot so nyaaaah!" She says, now flailing her arms.... "Don't forget to take the sealable glass onto the wyvern so you can have drinks while yer waiting at the edge of the cockpit and stuff!" She calls out... "OOooh, Umm yeah, not seeing anything else on the sensor scaaaans!" She calls out and waggles her armssome... "Sooo for dinner! Whatcha think? I'm thinking fruit-tastrophe!!!"

"IT DOES! IT DOES COUNT AS YOU GETTING SHOT!" Kisa's arms fling up in the air, she's not even looking at the monitor right now as she squints at her sister instead. "Because you keep getting shot! So I'm including getting shot /while in a ship!/" She puffs her cheeks out and her arms cross. "So long as it's not more of that damn bird thing. We've had that /for months/. I like more fruit though, unless you mean fruit in that semi-solid stuff." She kicks her feet up on the console and leans back in her chair.

Nope. Lost of pain everywhere really. Not one person save for Liz has gone without getting hurt that is within the facility. Liz who is demanding to be able to blow up things as Yan and the others brutally finalize the lives of the last few Hapan guards. There appears to be no other movement and that other set of stairs leading down to the cells can be seen and they have access.
All it will take is some more walking - which some seem to be having trouble with. In cell five though just as Liz said is Eriu. The door has been unlocked thanks to the Bith so as its yanked open she's found in complete darkness save for the shaft of light that filters in around those entering. She's strung up by her wrists, unable to support herself truly so that her feet dangle, toes barely touching. Her nose is broken, her lip is split several times over and that thick auburn hair is slightly shaved on the right side of her head. The rest covers the myriad of other trouble she encountered after getting her own licks in on Anya - her rival. Bounties have a price.
She doesn't really move at all when the door opens though she flinches some and her toes scrape at the sell. She's in rags or what was likely once actually clothing but is not really fit to be called that anymore.
The sisters appear to find nothing untoward going on and their positions once more seem secure. But the team has yet to report in and lets see if Liz can hold off his BOOM BOOM finger just a little longer.

Sumi sucks in a sudden bout of air, her body flinching from where she's been left behind. Drawing herself up slowly, the Mandalorian groans. It takes several moments, but she finally rises to her feet and looks around. With the way clear, she stumbles forward. As she walks down the corridor though, her stance begins to straighten, stride fixes itself, and by the time she has reached Eriu's cell, she's walking normally again. Rather than being the hero, she steps aside to let the bloodthirsty ones retrieve her. Sumi has plans for Renta though, and it's for her she searches, instructing her to leave at once and see to freeing her BHG Gambit Pursuer from the port authorities.

It was kinda hard to tell who was more dented in this whole occasion. The rescuee, who'd had the living sithspit kicked out of her, or Zhu Yan, who's pride was dinged. Also he'd been shot twice. Karmic backlash for executing some prisoners, yo. Oh and there was the bounty hunter too, she'd copped a lot of shots. Yan coughed, once, and felt something splat on the inside of his helmet so, holstering all his gear as he walked, he tore it off and let it hang loosely in his happily undamaged synthetic hand. He was a mess. One eye was bloodshot, his lips and teeth were stained with his blood, his hair was a mess, and he had the crazed, wide-eyed stare of someone who's sanity had gone out to lunch with his ex-girlfriend. Not that he had one, as established earlier.
As he limped up to the cell door and shouldered it open, it took what was left of Yan's dinged willpower to not burst into a display of actual bonafide emotion. It was a rare thing and he was not someone accustomed to behaving in a way that wasn't cheerfully friendly or terrifyingly friendly. Or angry but that was neither here nor there. His short, silhouetted form in the doorway, he said, "Yo so I got a..." cough, bit more blood, "I got a nerf platter delivery for one Jynx, Eriu Jynx, is there an Eriu Jynx here?" He forced out a shaky laugh. "I mean, express delivery or your meal's free!" Jackass.

After opening the door, Liz then works at undoing her boundings, causing Eriu to drop to the floor or maybe into Yan's STRONK arms. HOW ROMANTIC, "PHewie!" The thought makes Liz want to vomit, "Human mating rituals are so repulsive..." He backs away and then starts out to the corridor and outside his fingers tapping on his arm chair just near the button to set off the explosives. He turns and waits.

Fivv, seeing the target has been caught, she walks towards Zhu and offers to take her off of him. "Fivv'c Tull ssssssssssssssstrong." she attempts to wink, and take the body from Zhu.

For the first time Chir'da notices the dark, black blood on his side, the Falleen equivalent of adrenaline having worn off by this time, and there is more than slight wince that crosses his face. Shouldering his carbine, Chir'da motions for all of them to keep it moving. "We shouldn't dally. Reinforcements can't be far off ... and we certainly don't want to get caught up in the Bith's handiwork."

Kae flails her arms int he air, while messing with the sensors... "Heeey, you've come home shot up or cut up several times, and I soooo didn't do the whole ebil stare at you! I just made you yer favorite meal and stuff!" She calls out, and flails her arms now... "And it's soo not my fault someone else shots me and stuff! And also, getting my fighter or freighter shot is sooo not -me- getting shot up! Really! I don't suffer injuries, thus it dun count!" She says now...
She tilts her head "Ooh I can get us a much better sensor out put if I doooo.." there's a bunch of button pushing and soon enough, Kae's blinking a few times "Oooh trouble..." she mutters, and gets on the channel << Heeey, guys? You need to hurry, word's gotten out.... LIke really hurry... Also we might can mebbe shoot our way in and exfil you guys, or at least escort and stuff.. soo umm yeah, Hurry it uuuup!>> She calls out...

Eriu grins and it shows that a few teeth are missing but there is little time to actually reply or perhaps there is no ability to. As the bindings are opened and she is released, the broken looking Hapan thief with something of what seems like a colorful past collapses. Whoever, however they get her up she's not going to be doing much of it herself and she's not exactly quipping back or fighting the movement of her person. "Hey, where's the jacket?" She finally asks.
Chir is right, they need to move and soon Kaelyn's voice comes over their link comms with a warning. With Liz waiting the group is going to need to hurry because as soon as those explosives go a good third of the noble holding is going to be GONE. The shuttle is waiting for them - minus a Renta who is in fact off securing Sumi's ship and freeing it with her passcodes so that the bounty hunter can get off world and away from the trouble that is likely to follow all of them. Liz cutting off surveillance means the ships are the only thing that might be recognize and not the individuals.
For her part, EJ weighs very little. Time to go!

After a series of embarassing attempts to run back up the stairs, Sumi settles into a healthy jiggy-jog. It's still painful, but she manages. By the time she's gotten back out to the landing area, Fae Renta has returned with her ship, and has it at an easy hover with the ramp down waiting for her. A final glance is paid to Eriu, a nod, then the quiet bounty hunter boards her ship and triggers the ramp to rise. <"Set a course for Nar Shaddaa."> A moment later, and she's behind the controls of her ship, slipping past the MASSIVE Dragon fleet and zipping into hyper space!

"At home, didn't want it drenched in the blood of your enemies and there is a lot of blood," Yan helpfully explained, able to get the entire sentence out by talking fast before coughing up some blood of his own. "Romantic as it would be to carry you outta here, I'd probably frackin' die," Yan suggested helpfully, a bit too cheerful to be joking. "Law, haul her outta here. We aren't killing his Hapan. Mind the bodies!"
Yan's own escape, though tempting to just jetpack his way out, was careful limping ahead of the pack, through the bodies (there were a lot of bodies), and up the stairs, and out the door. Not fast. Sorry Liz.

Fivv nods at Zhu and in one easy motion throws Eriu Jynx over her shoulder, like a sack of taters, and briskly walks, as much as she can out of the cell and up and out of the building they are all in. Fresh air hits her ugly mug and she laughs with that wicked open mouth grin again. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" she cackles and debates whether or not to throw the girl off her shoulder onto the ground or to keep her up there, after all Fivv is six foot tall and still has her blaster out.

The adrenaline rush has entirely gone. Oh, how it has. And the pain in his side is excruciating, enough so that trying to take off at a run turns out to be too difficult an endeavor. Chir'da nearly doubles over and falls, just barely keeping himself together now as he manages, at best, a fairly brisk walk, stunted, every alternate step, by a stabbing, searing pain in his midsection. He holds back to allow the others to board, and, once they are all safely, moves inward himself.

Liz waits for the group of others to push their way out of the compound. "About time you feted HU-MONS made your tradgic escape." He pauses, "Wait is that even the right word..." He shrugs, "Oh well nevermind..." Then a long finger presses the button on his arm chair. There is a long moment where nothing happens and Liz just turns away and starts hoving along after the others. He stops after a moment to look back at the the compound still standing there. He looks back to his chair and presses the button again, a couple times. Then Suddenly there is a BRIGHT FLASH. A shockwaves rushes out in all directions. A Giant fireball engulfs the compound as at least the top floors implode. The smoke and fire rise like a mushroom cloud. "YASSSSSS." Exclaims Liz before turning to follow the others out. His mop wig blows about in the wind as he leaves the massive eff off explosion in the background. ALL HAIL LIS THE OMNISCIENT. YOUR SUPREME OVERLORD AND FIFTH DIMENSIONAL BEING!

Sooo as they are flying out, Kae calls out "Oh Yaaaaaan.." Over the comchannels... "We fired 3 ion torpedos, sooo yeah, you gotta go grab us three more!" She calls out cheerfully...
Kae then peers back at Kisa... "And nobody of us got shot this time! So nooo getting angry at me.. And Umm yeah we got rid of the bird lizard... It's back to Nerf, Bantha, Moof and other bird thingies!" She says cheerfully "Buuuut, I am thinking... Crazy Fruit Salad!!! And ummm, I think grilled moof!"