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There be ghosts out there

OOC Date: 8/16/2017
Location: Space near Nar Shaddaa
Participants: The Resistance, Jax Greystorm, Sesti Gath, Triz Dermout, Meatbag

Rec Lounge - Resistance Base, D'Qar This is just an average recreation lounge for people assigned to the base to utilize. There's several tables, circular and rectangular in shape, setup around the glossy black floor for people to use. A few droids work behind a bar and in a kitchen, making food for the people who work on the base. At the far side of the room is a lounge area where some sofas and chairs surround a holo-vid table and off to the right of that are some gaming tables and a few other ways of relieving stress through recreation.

Early in the day, The routine flight ops, you know those boring ass numbing do nothing flights, have ended. Pilots and other's have made their way to the rec room but sitting off by her self Red 2 is either ignoring them or they her. Triz in just a Tee and jeans is in the rec room, a datapad in her hands as she scan something of interest. "Huh," she lets out before reaching with out looking for her tea. A sly grin begins to spread and her eyes gleem. "Now this should be investigated," she tells her self.

Lt. Greystorm; no not that one the other one, you know the less sexy one without the horns and the medical devices, makes his way into the rec room. He was grumbling under his breath about paperwork. He makes his way through the caf line and unlike the others plops himself down in the comfy chair across from his wingmate. Her bubble of go away not seeming to phase him or maybe he doesn't care and is pulling his new rnak on her. "Triz." Then it registeres what she said, "How many reports am I going to have to file for this investigation?" <Public> Gamble says, "Shame"

Turning at the sound of a voice, shock registers on Triz's features. Quickly erased and that award winning smile and of course that pure innocent bat of her eyelashes "Boss! I didn't see you come in." A glance at the datapad "Look, I think I found something that really needs us to check out," she holds out the datapad to him "And paperwork, pft. Don't worry about it. An easy fly out and fly back. No problem."

Jax takes a sip of his caf. " Uh-huh. This is ussually the part where I ask what do you want. Then say I'll have check with Sesti buuuut, I think I already figured out what you want. What do you want to investigate?" He says shaking his head, "And don't worry about the paperwork? They actully want paperwork here. I got away with so much cause Gren and Sar didn't want to read mine."

Triz snickers "Lets go get suited up and I'll fill you in. It's gonna be so cool. Ghost Ship, mystery, no official sightings. Just the thing to get one out of the boredom, err, the much needed but very dull flights we have been doing." She leaves her mess just as it is "I'll see you at the flight line while you go get permission and maybe the keys to the car. Oh, by the way, have you gotten the family truxter model yet?" Triz winks and begins to head out. Her usual pace which is wide ass open.

Jax takes a sip of his caf, "We seriously grew up on the same planet and went to the same academy, pretty close in age. Why do I don't know what in the Emporer's black bones are you talking about? Family truckster?" He pulls out a comlink, "Sesti, uhm... Triz wants you and me to take the Jith to go look for a Ghost ship. You available?"

Triz gives him one of those "I'll tell you later," looks and quickly hops out to get suited up. Whisltling all the way. "Ghost ships, death rays, mystery TIEs, this is gonna be great!" comes her voice as it fades away the further away she gets.

Space near Nar Shaddaa

Flying escort to the U-Wing, Triz in her nimble X-Wing Red 2, flies in perfect formation. That is till all of a sudden it begins to drift to one side and then the other. The latter brings it dangerously close to Reprisal. "Oops," she says as she quickly corrects to get back on station. Maybe Jax and Sesti didn't notice. Maybe, hopefully.

Jax was sitting in the pilots seat of the U-wing. Though as Red 2 drifts close to U-wing. Jax makes a slight course correction. <Careful, Girlie. I don't want even want to try to figure out the paper work of you crashing your X-wing into your own ship.> Jax says as he checks the senors, "Or what I'm doing piloting a ship, I'm not checked out on." He mumbles to himself. "If Ax could see me now. I think he'd be laughing his ass off." Wed Aug 16 20:42:25 2017

Sitting back in the pilot's seat reading a tablet, Sesti looks up as she catches movement out of the corner of her eyes. She looks at Jax as he comms Triz and smirks. Then lifts a shoulder in a shrug. "You can fly anything," she tells him lightly. "Are you sure Ax even knows how to laugh?"

Settling back down in her seat <<Just a wardrobe malfunction is all. Got it...>> Triz does one last adjustment "Damn suit is sticking to my ass." she mutters <<There, got it. All good, Bossman>> she says on the coms. "Tin, set the scanners to passive please. I don't want to announce that we are here. Also lets set the shields even fore and aft. If we run across this death mystery ship I want to be ready." She grins widely as the BB unit she calls Tin goes about doing her orders. <> she says as she nudges the X-Wing even closer to Reprisal.

Having asked around at the dive bars and spacer areas, Jax had gotten the latest of rumors concerning the supposed Ghost Ship, that it was on the dark side of Nal Hutta when last spotted, about four hundred kliks at 205 degrees, and drifting away from planet. So, hopefully that's where the trio are beginning their search. Of course, the drifting target of their search is diminuitive, smaller than an X-wing and its odd design gives it a low sensor profile.

Jax frowns, < It's called an A-wing slash and works better with A-wings than X-wings. This is revenge for when I did it to you isn't it?> He makes a couple of adjustments on the shields, " Will you set the scanners at an active range? " He says as pays attention to the Dark side of Nar, "Yeah Ax laughs. I remember him laughing. Can't think of an instance off the top of my head."

The grin must surely come over the comms <<Bossman, I have no idea what you are talking about.>> Triz starts to say more when Tin begins beeping and squawking "Ok, ok, what you got? Put it on the main screen," Triz says to the droid. It takes barely a thought of time when the screen shows what Tin has found. Leaning forward to study it "Well, that's strange." Keying the comms <<Bossman, I've got something, well maybe something. It could be something though.>> She flips a few switches "Tin, can you bring in any more details?" Tin beeps a negative sound <<Ok, I've got something. bearing one forty, eleven MGLT. No rotation as it appears stationary, sort of. Way small, more like what I would see on an X-Wing or other small ship trying to hide.>>

As the U-wing and X-wing turn towards the 140 degree arc and proceed forward, Triz's droid keeps relaying telimetry data to the X-wing's cockpit monitor. The sensor beep is faint, but there, and as the range shortens it becomes more pronounced. The IFF system of the X-wing dings loudly though, reading is for a TIE/D. The antiquated T-65 had been a Rebellion-era vessel, and served during the Galactic Civil War, it wasn't as if the Resistance got the new hardware that the New Republic did.

Jax gives Sesti a grin, "Don't give me that look? Hey at least it wasn't Exine that did it." Jax says making a course change like Triz stated, <You want to share with the rest of the class, Girlie? We should be able to clear up data over here.> Jax's yet to pick the Tie Defender up on scanners.

"What look?" Sesti asks innocently, trying to find the same blip on the sensors in front of her.

"Tin, pass the info to Reprisal as I narrow my scan beam. I've got to get this cleared up." <<Coming to you, Bossman. I've never seen anything like this before. But something...>> The hairs stand up on the back of her neck and she begins to slide the X-Wing slowly away from the U-Wing. "Tin, shift shields forward. I'm getting an icky feeling about this." She gets the S-Foils ready too, just in case. Tin beeps saying the information has been fed to Reprisal and does the other chores that Triz has given to the droid. "Also prep the lasers, Tin," she commands. The little droid beeps which causes Triz to smile "Yes yes, me the slave driver."

As the pair of ships get close enough for visual range, the small starfighter redirects course by twenty degrees, but doesn't change velocity. Power readings from sensors show that the vessel had no lifesigns aboard, and either wasn't fully powered intentionally or had sustained damage to its solar panels. There was obvious signs of various space debris impacts on it. The course alteration though was definitely too precise to have not been intentional.

Jax looks at the data as it comes in, <<You ain't the only one. Some type of Tie. It looks like similar solar pannel cuts to an Avenger or an Interceptor.>> Jax says bringing his shields to double front. Then he adjusts his laser. "You making anything out of this?" He says to Sesti.

Sesti shakes her head. "They have not powered their lasers or shields. They have enough to power to launch something at us if they want, though." She leans back in her seat again. "You call, Bossman..." she sends a little half smirk in his direction.

Triz takes her head from the screen and looks out the cockpit now that they have closed up "Never seen a TIE like that before. Tin, go active with the sensors and tell me what you can figure out." She flips the comms <<Never seen anything like it before, Bossman. I'm baffled. What do you want me to do?>> She doesn't wait as the S-Foils spread to the attack position, tightens up her belts and even gets serious now. The main screen begins to scroll with the data from Tin "Huh, no lifesigns, no lasers powered up. Woa! What the hell," she exclaims as the TIE shifts position "No way was that accidental." <<Bossman, did you see that move? No way was that accidental.>>

Jax looks at Sesti, "Yeah when I got promoted. My squad picked out my new callsign, 'Doc'. She petentioned for Boss man just just for the sheer trouble you will give me. I think." Jax frowns, << Just cause no one is in there don't mean it's not slaved to another set of controls or a droid unit. Be careful. I'm going to have it active scanned by 'Doc'.>> He smirks, "If you would Doc?" Wed Aug 16 22:00:25 2017

"Probably," Sesti agrees, listening to Triz. When he uses the pseudo call sign for her, she gives him a shake of her head. "At least you did not use 'horny'. I should be thankful for small favors," she murmurs as she begins switching the sensor to active scanning.

As the U-wing's computers begin analyzing the results of the focused scan there is a definite reaction from the 'ghost ship'. A sharp change in course, directly away from the pair of ships tailing it, as well as an increase in speed. The ship was coming out of minimum power mode as well, a few sparks coming from the dorsal solar panel showing that it may not get enough for some systems, but it was quickly picking up speed as the onboard generators were beginning to feed power to the engines. You've received a +nom from Jax Greystorm. +nom/pending to review.

Triz's lips press tightly as the TIE seems to come alive "Okay, enough of this." <<Bossman, I am going to swing around to the far side.>> Impetuous might be a good name for her cause she doesn't wait for Jax to give her permission as the X-Wing rolls over standing on it's starboard S-Foils, power being applied causing the agile craft to sweep off. "Tin," Triz starts as she is flying the craft and flipping switches at the same time "If you think it is going to fire you let me know Tin. Right away and I will light that thing up." Once she crosses over to the far side of the craft she jerks the craft over onto it's left split foils.

<< Girlie, Unless you got an ion cannon or tractor beam I don't know about. I don't know how to catch it> Jax frowns, "Sithspit." Any retort for Sesti is lost. << It's a long shot. Could try Electornic Warfare. The U-wing does it have any sort of jamming package?>> He says as he ask both Triz and Sesti. The U-wing manuevering to follow Triz flight patter and cut the Defender off from the other side. "Can you tell how old that thing is? Are we dealing with Imperial Tech or First Order?" Meatbag (MB) pages: according to your X-wing's computer, it's definitely an old ship design. Your ship's computers signify that last sighting (from YOUR particular ship) was during the battle of Endor.

"It is firing up the generators, but I still have no biological readings," Sesti tells Jax, even though the first part is obvious to him as well as Triz; as evidenced by her taking off after it. "I am thinking it is probably being piloted some sort of droid, or AI, perhaps?" She gives a shrug. "You are the pilot. I am along for a ride..." nevertheless, she begins looking for the wished for jamming package.

<<Sorry Bossman, left that at home for my makeup kit>> Triz replies back. <<It should, though I've not explored it fully. It is straight from the battle field roster when I found it.>> She weaves back to the right before winging over to bring the nose onto the craft. "Tin, what have you found out?" The droid begins chirping away, droid speak coming fast and steady. "Woa, slow down," Triz tells the droid and the main screen begins to scroll "Holy crap," she mutters <<Not going to believe this, Bossman. Tin and IFF has identified this ship! This thing was last seen back in the old old days of that Battle of Endor. It's ancient! So this is what it was like back then. Kinf of feel like,>> Triz doesn't finish as visions of the heroes of days past go through her head. A grin "I bet I could measure up with them."

No weapons are being fired or even powered up, nor were there any shields being charged. It seemed that all power was going towards engines. Obviously, this ship was built for speed, and even without full power, it was accellerating at an alarming rate. Unless it's fired upon or tractored in, not even the X-wing would be able to keep up with it. Likely an A-wing would have difficulty if the ship weren't damaged. Even with the damage, it may have trouble.

Jax doesn't look over at Sesti, << Alright, one shot. Put off a high sensor feed and see if you can scramble it. If not, we bug out, report our findings. I'll see if we can bring back an A-wing and B-wing. That way we can try to corral it and ion it.>> Jax says as he pushs the U-wing to try to keep up with it as best he can.

Sesti gives Jax a doubtful look as she taps into the computer. "It is moving pretty fast, and we are not that close to it," she tells him as she hits the enter and looks out to the speeding tie. Her eyes go back down to the readout and she shakes her head. "We will have to try again sometime, I think." Pause. "What is so necessary about catching this little ship, anyway?"

"Lasers would be more fun," Triz snarls to Tin upon receiving Jax's instructions. "I know I could /take/ it Tin." Tin's beeps and squawks doesn't so so convinced nor supportive "Well thank you for that. Try to do something, maybe send a big blast of ecm against it." she says. She is weaving her ship staying in position on the TIE but is loosing ground <<I could try a shot. You know, maybe wing it or something? It's already damaged.>> Anything but breaking off and returning to base empty handed. Besides, this is what a young pilot lives for. Just like all them stories from the old days. A T-65 up against the best from back in the day. Just what dreams are made of and those dreams are dancing in Triz's head as her finger slips down to the trigger button, but not actually pulling on it. Just waiting for the right word from Jax.

Jax throttles down, "It's a Tie fighter, I've never seen before. I've never even heard of this model. All the years of flying and schooling. Never heard of it. It flies like that. It might be something the Resistance can use." Jax frowns, <<Negative Girlie. It didn't act out in anger. Neither do we. Besides what use is it as space junk?>>

As more power moves to the ships engines, it picks up even more speed. The antiquated TIE Defender may be old, it may be damaged, but it was damned fast. And its last course change put it heading directly towards the system's sun, likely to maximize the solar energy intake of the twin-ion drives. No, an A-wing wouldn't catch it if it had time to get full power to engines, but with the damages, it wasn't likely that the ship would be able to keep it up forever.

The word that comes from Triz is not very lady like upon receiving Jax's instructions. The whistle from Tin elicits "If I needed a mother I would have had her in your place," she says. A squint of her eyes as she takes one last imaginary shot before she pulls up and returns back to to the U-Wing <<Roger that, Bossman>> she gets out. Slotting in beside the U-Wing for the trip back to base.