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Aryn gives Chani a few gifts

OOC Date: December 16, 2020
Location: Private Hangar, Hanna City Spaceport
Participants: Chani Tahn, Aryn Cole

Aryn has just finished organizing the service droids to finish their work with the Cophrigin Echo. It was not a timely process but a necessary one to ensure the ship stayed in good condition. When she came down the ramp, she was carrying a decorative box, and a smaller box, under one arm. She crossed the hangar until she reached one of the tables at the far wall and set those boxes down. Neither seemed heavy or awkward. She turned then, wondering if Chani was nearby.

Descending the ramp of the Cophrigin, Chani's footsteps echo out into the acoustics of the private hangar in a combination of light scuffs and metallic thunks as the soles of her boots tap on the textured surface. She's not back in her Jedi robes, preferring to remain in clothes native to her homeworld. The light outer shell brushes against her legs as she walks, and the sleeves themselves have been allowed to swallow up half of her hands. Those raise, following the movement of her arms lifting and her elbows bending so that she may cross them over one another near her waist, giving her hands the warm pockets between her arms and torso to rest. "Aryn?" The question isn't raised loud, and its tinged slightly with sleep. She'd gone well past the normal time she was usually up. The trip to Byss had drained her, and the volunteer work they'd done yesterday on Rori had helped put her deep into sleep.

"Chani. Come close, I have some things for you," Aryn answers, gesturing toward the table and the items that occupy its surface. Her hands retract a moment later, moving to clasp over her lower back as she steps aside to observe Chani and her interaction with the packages. The longer and slender package was wooden, with a pine green felt interior and silver locking mechanisms. The box itself looked fancy for a storage device, but the contents it secured were heavy enough to require such restraint.

The other box, much smaller and more like a square than a long rectangle, was similar in design and functionality. The interior was intended to showcase the item as a gift, with silver clamps intended to secure it within to prevent it from rattling around.

Squeezing her eyes shut once and then following that with a few rapid blinks, Chani's dark irises settle on the table Aryn gestures to. They go to Aryn next, watching the blonde adopt her typical pose, looking both stiff and formal in a way that shows Aryn's as incapable of turning off the Princess demeanor as Chani is of addressing her by her name with any kind of regularity. Boots scuffing across the duracrete, Chani draws close as bidden, hair subtly bouncing and shifting around her shoulders and against the grey garments shaped around her. "What are these?" The questions are posed before she reaches where Aryn stands, and the question hangs in the air when her arms uncross and her hands wiggle to free themselves of the synfabric concealing them. She reaches towards the smaller box first, working it open to view the contents.

"Tools to help you," Aryn replies, observing Chani open the smaller box that contained an item from her homeworld. A Theed-Arms S5 outfitted with an ascension cable. A power pack has been added, indicating it is loaded, but the safety switch is on, making it less dangerous than it normally would be. The weapon rests in the confines of a custom holster designed specifically to house that blaster. The holster had with it a belt, new leather, with a plain buckle. A smaller strap was added to the lower portion of the holster so Chani might tie it around her thigh if she intended the holster to be secured there; otherwise, it could be looped in by the belt itself and be arranged on her hip. The S5's wooden handle was a darker tint, accentuating the wooden frame native to trees from Naboo. The receiver was dark as well, with a nickel trigger guard, fire selector, and blaster-pack well, to make it easier to see the functional areas of the weapon without having to search for them. "I figure, after Byss, you would enjoy some independence to negotiate obstacles more comfortably, and maybe something from your home would feel more natural to your hand and have deeper meaning."

This time, when Aryn says tools, all Chani sees is a weapon. She recognizes the blaster. Any Naboo native would. The Royal Security Forces carry them on their hips. Chani can count on one hand how many times she's seen one outside of its holster. This is one of those times. Secure in its fastenings, the blocky-shaped weapon manufactured by Theed is one that makes her think of home rather than the intended use of the weapon. "I find it difficult to rationalize this one as just a tool. Though I suppose Byss proved me wrong. I don't think I would have made it down into the Sentinel facility without you possessing one of these." So, then, a tool, but only in part. "Thank you, Your Highness." There's no hidden tone behind it other than her reservation.

Leaving the lid open, Chani's fingers gently lift and place the smaller wooden box over to the side, ensuring it doesn't scrape against the surface of the table in the process. Her hands reach for the longer box, next, and although not quite sure, her mind has already drifted to what it might possibly be. Arranging it so that the securing clasps are facing her, Chani's fingers flick through them with the same gentle ease as the first box, leaving her hands to spread out towards the corners and lift the case's lid to peer inside it, as well. "Byss felt.. different. I didn't feel as unhelpful as I usually do, but that might be because we were against trained soldiers and droids. I think most people would find themselves hard pressed against enemies like that."

The Jedi had not gone entirely unscathed in the exchange. Minor injuries, at best, but injuries nonetheless.

"I have never fired mine in defense or offense. I use its utility more than anything, and it has saved my life more times than I care to recall. While I view this as a tool, its base functionality is still that of a weapon and should be treated as such. It is an option I want you to have, but I trust your judgement in how you elect to use it.-- You are very welcome." Aryn continues to observe as Chani moves to the next box.

"Byss was outside the norm for all of us. I cannot recall a time where we have been so dangerously close to those who consider us their enemy. Not every Jedi assignment is like this. Some are like Karideph, interacting with officials to create trust, to find truth. Some are.. well they are more combat oriented." Aryn explains, watching as Chani opens the next box.

Inside rests a sword not unlike the one she held when training with Lord Ban. In fact, this sword seemed similar in design and material, likely because he picked it out. It had an Alderaanian seal at the base of the blade, where its handle and blade met. It was a dueling weapon, but its grip was fashioned for utility and comfort, interwoven by hand with decorative cloth to make for an ornate and functional grip. While it had components about it that were fancy, it still served as it was intended. The weapon was balanced, and its length was ideal for her height and reflective of a typical lightsaber blade length as well.

"Your own sword. A personal gift from Lord Ban and I. You will probably not use it past training, but we wanted to give you something to call your own and embed your memories from training into. I hope it is to your liking."

Although Chani is not noble, she recognizes fine--expensive--work when she sees it. Traipsing around to various affluent galas over half a year has exposed her to at least that much, and Chani knows that this is not merely designed to look as it does. "This is beautiful." She's sure she can't fathom the value of whats in front of her. It's probably well above what she would be able to make if she were to play with the Royal Orchestra for years. While the pistol is left in its case for the time being, along with its belt, Chani does slip her fingers into the little grooves just above a section of the blade and the hilt itself. She lifts the sword from its case, familiar, at least, with this in that it looks and feels like what she'd used prior.

"Is it weird that I'm afraid to practice with it? I feel compelled to tell you I can't accept," Chani glances up to Aryn, partially joking at the Princess' expense. She knows many would refuse, citing that they could hardly accept such a wonderful gift from the Princess. "Politicking jokes aside, I thank you again, Your Highness." Chani's gaze casts down towards the sword again, her face slipping into something neutral as she ruminates on the situation she finds herself in. When she'd agreed to become a Jedi, she'd been prepared for a life with little comforts and hard training. She's experienced some of that, in a fashion. Byss was no picnic. New Alderaan's mountains were cold. Karideph and Aurea were a study in how savage sentients can be towards one another.

What she hadn't been prepared for was Aryn's kindness, both material and otherwise. Chani wields the sword but for a brief moment, testing the weight of it in her grip and pointing it well away from the Princess, as if she meant to take up a stance right there. She's not as awkward in its manipulation was she was when Ban first began teaching her. The twice-daily practices with Aryn have afforded her some semblance of know-how, very early beginner that she is. Chani sets it into the case and closes it, following it with the pistol as well. "I appreciate your kindness. I'll endeavor to continue viewing things with new perspective."

"I am pleased you like it. We chose an Alderaan dueling blade for its utility. You can adapt it to a number of other uses, but its primary should serve well. It will stand up in a fight, and the blade is well-maintained. I think you will be pleased with it, and if it ever breaks, it comes with a life-time warranty for replacement. No hassle or worry needed!" Aryn admires the glint of the blade as it is held out by Chani. Her blues eyes trace back from the blade to the arm of its master, and finally Chani. A small smile forms, partially from the lady's half-joking about her compelled nature to decline and politicking, but also because Chani seemed genuinely pleased with the gift.

"It is my pleasure. I was not as fortunate as you to have a mentor immediately. Mine came later, after some .. difficult lessons. I want to ensure you have everything you need to succeed, and it is within my power to do so."

Chani laughs at Aryn's pitch. "You sound like an infoholo. If I act fast, do I get a second one for free?" She's incapable of stopping herself from the playful tease at the noble's expense, though the smile on her face diminishes to linger only just enough to be present. It vanishes altogether when Aryn begins speaking about her own history with the Jedi and mentions difficulty. Facing the noble woman, Chani's arms once again cross, comfortably adopting a position around herself instead of hanging awkwardly at her sides. "You have done more than anyone could have asked for, Your Highness. I'm grateful for meeting you, and for your time. I know you've got important matters to attend to on top of your duties as a Jedi, and the mere fact that you've also managed to somehow act as a guide for me is amazing. The text I read in the archive mentioned that the Force often guides people, and I feel like maybe it guided our meeting. It's a nice thought, at least."

Aryn laughs too. "Just so," She says, recalling the marketing from the company that forged the weapon. "They had an ad for something similar, believe it or not. Perhaps they roped me in too.." She smiles, knowing she jests at her own expense again. When the topic changed, Aryn grew a little more serious and nodded, clearly humbled with a tinge of red in her cheeks. "I am told the Force networks in unique ways. The Jedi of old did not believe in coincidences, as you said. That things happen for a reason. Our meeting is such an event, I am certain of it. Though we believe in other things too. Shiraya, your moon Goddess; the Mother and Father, my Gods. For me, I despair on deciding which guides me, but I pray for guidance just the same. Perhaps they all act through the Force?" Aryn smiles.

"Often, legends and myths have a kernel of truth to them. Religion is formulated out of something. Perhaps the Force is the source of these things. People often try to explain what they can't understand, and despite the existence of the Jedi, many people believe the Force itself to be a myth. They can't fathom such a mystical energy that supposedly binds the galaxy and the universe together." Chani stares off for a moment, as if wondering about the question herself. "Who can say? If it drives people to be better to one another and provides them solace in their dark times, can it be bad? I seek truth in everything, but I believe there are some things we will never know the truth of. The Force may also be one of those things. That book hinted that it takes a long time before the Force might even whisper to someone its will. I'm sure we could spend our entire lives studying it and never quite grasp the truth or the depth of what it is." And, as if to drive a point to what Aryn said. "Or who."

"Intuitive. This is why I enjoy your presence so much, Miss Chani. You have a student's perspective. We are lifelong students, we recognize there are, sometimes, no answers.. but we pursue it anyway. Separating belief from fact is the hardest thing some people cope with; some never do. You give me hope," Aryn says, raising her hand to lightly cup Chani's arm endearingly. "Pursuing the arcane and esoteric require a student's patience. It is hard to discern from myth true lessons about the Force. Our destiny will be exploration and discovery. Though first? I think it time we find something to eat. Have you been to the underwater bar here in Hanna City?" Aryn gestures toward the exit of the hangar, then recalls her hand to clasp its other against her lower back while she walked.

"I've been thinking about things. As far as being a student, anyway." It's all Chani says on the matter when the topic divurges and Chani gives a quick nod of affirmation to the noble woman. "I went there for breakfast one morning. It was wonderful. I'd enjoy going there again." Chani either fails to or doesn't even try to hide the piqued interest in venturing out of the hangar to enjoy a beautiful view and food. "It'll be peaceful, I think. To be honest, it reminded me of Naboo. Kaadara has something similar on one of its many boardwalks. I remember vacationing there with my parents once." Chani's tone speaks to the fondness she has for the memory. Glancing to the table as if wondering if the boxes can be left out, she then remembers they're in the Princess' private hangar. They're left, then, and she gestures for the Princess to lead the way before following. "I don't think I've ever asked before, but where were you born? If you don't mind me asking."

"It is no problem at all," Aryn comments back and sets to leading them out. "I was born on Delaya, the sister world of Alderaan. My family moved to D'Qar shortly after to help with the colonization effort. There had been word that Princess Leia was using the world for her own design and many families interpreted that to mean that it might be our new home. Refugees of the Mother world traveled to join us on D'Qar, affectionately calling the world New Alderaan. Even though the war took the Princess some where else, we remained and built it into something more. When I was crowned Princess, I memorialized the world for Leia's efforts, and we were recognized galactically as New Alderaan from then on." Aryn, for once, walks without a cape this time. She wears just the green tunic, stylish and fashionable, with her blonde hair pulled back and her shined boots catching the light just right.

Chani's heard of Delaya, but like so many other places in the galaxy, she's never been. D'Qar is a new one to her, however. She's only heard of it recently, once she started touring with the Orchestra. "I've seen holos of Alderaan. And paintings and," Chani gestures with her hand, not continuing with words but intimating for thee Princess to draw the natural conclusion as to what will fill up the blank. "It was beautiful." It's difficult to wrap her head around the ability to destroy an entire world full of people. She can't even begin to grasp the lack of humanity one would need for such a thing. Naboo history, however, is certain about one thing: if there was a man who possessed that capability, it was Sheev Palpatine. One of their own, once upon a time. The thought causes Chani to grow a little more solemn as they head for the pub for dinner, gaze half cast forward, half angled subtly down towards the ground.

"I can only imagine its beauty. Alas, it was before my time." Aryn responds, her voice melancholy like that her kinsmen. They all lived with a piece of their life missing, a harsh reality for the galaxy. The culture had changed, and those who still remembered the world are hardened, both from the war they joined to avenge it, and the despair they feel that manifested because they will never see its like again. "You must share with me the secret to enjoying seafood. It is a cuisine I am not accustomed, and one I wish to learn from a friend."