Log:Wanted Alive: Lady Eriussa Jynell

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Wanted Alive: Lady Eriussa Jynell

OOC Date: August 8, 2019
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Eriu Jynx, Sumi Kora

It's like any old day on Nar Shaddaa. Traders flood the streets, food is cooked in the stalls, people are haggling, it's probably raining, and Sumi is watching. She's seated just inside the Emeraldine hall scanning each sentient that happens to come through those doors. This is a common practice for Bounty Hunters who are hungry for credits. Sumi may have been an older being, but frugal? Nah. A girl had needs! Sights, enhanced bores and barrels, new weapon grips! The market possibilities to increase the maximum effective range of her rifle were literally endless, but limited upon the amount of creds a person could toss down. Hence, Sumi Kora.

Sumi was a distinct presence in the hall. A group of Mandalorians were intolerable, but one... that made everyone uneasy. There was nothing to clue in an expression, and nothing to indicate who all she watched. Just a statuesque female, whose hand rested atop a blaster, watching others.

This is not exactly the most glorious place in Parmac but it's definitely where the shadows can grow longer and lengthen beneath the dressed up sparkly exterior to hide the lies. EJ is amongst those weaving amongst the stalls. She smooths a hand over the top of her head to press it into that pinned twist that keeps it from her face. Her hand lifts up her datapad and pauses to look about - as if in search of something important. Or just something in general. A tap of her foot is lost in the general milling but she lifts up on her toes to get a look around. The Mandalorian - impressively standing to the side is given a brief look before the Hapan is moving on.

She pauses by a stall with droid parts, lazily picking through them and lifting a rotary piece effort some protocol droid long since decommissioned before letting it drop back down on the table. YAWN.

She narrows her gaze and looks back over her shoulder - hard to see in the lower lighting but not impossible.

Sumi rises from her seat about the time EJ moves by. If she'd stood out amongst the crowd, Sumi might have noticed her, but she didn't. Sumi clasped her hands over her gunbelt casually and watched as an older mother gathered her small boy up and walked away. When the pair disappeared into the crowd, Sumi's helmeted head slowly pivots, her HUD scanning over the crowd in due fashion.?r

The stall owner quips at EJ about handling his goods and she smirks at him, "I would not handle /your/ goods for any price," she says. Cheeky Hapan is cheeky. She turns about, her foot tapping the flooring again that has seen some questionable things. She side steps and around the stall to stop at one further down still in sight of Sumi as she lets out a long breath and makes a face at the rather cheap looking fabrics that are used in several different clothing examples. Thrills and frills. She frowns and then rocks back a moment, trying to get a look around. "Where are those weapon mods..."

Sumi is reminiscent of a predator perusing her choices of a snack. There's satisfaction to be had from peoples' fear, the way that looked toward her cautiously made her lip twitch with smirks. It was the kind of power she enjoyed having over people. When Eriu looked back her way, it was timed with her scanner, and her HUD zoomed in automatically to capture detailed scans of her face. A separate screen began to load, scrolling the galactic database until something from the Royal Sovereignty of the Hapes Cluster appeared. Eriussa Jynell, noble lady and wanted. /Wanted/. Sumi targeted her despite recognizing the Hapan from an earlier encounter many months before.

The Mandalorian walks with a purpose then and closes the distance to EJ, shouldering through a cocky male who thought to block her path. <"Lady Eriussa Jynell of the Hapes Cluster?"> Sumi confirmed, drawing her side arm and toggling it to stun. Her voice over the helmet's emitter was cold.

Half turned away from the Mandalorian, EJ goes stock still at the mention of the name and then languidly turns like she is looking for something only to glance at the visor of the Mandalorian. "Hmmm? Sorry were you asking me something?" Now Eriussa Jynell here, just some woman confused by the figure in armor. "Do we know each other? Sorry but I am looking for something. Where are the weapon mods? You look like you might know," she expresses and gives her a worrisome look.

Wanted? Oh man Eriu is trying not to twitch, trying not to go for the Bryar on her belt but there is a shaking of her hand as she starts to take step back to dodge into the crowd. "Frak," she says under her breath as she uses others to shield her if she can.

Target confirmed. She wasn't getting away. Sumi's chin dipped, the tell-tale she was about to engage, and she took a balanced step forward to raise her weapon, but she was hindered by the presence of a tall Togorian male who kicked her leg right out from under her.

Sumi embarrassingly landed in a loud clatter that drew the attention of literally /everyone/. While on the ground, she switched her blaster to kill and shot the Togorian male in the arm, which carried him backward, spilling him over a stall table. Her second shot scored his backside and he didn't rise.

Back to the matter at hand. Eriussa Jynell. Sumi began to look for her again, her weapon rising in the ready, toggled back to stun.

The shot is something she thought was for her so when she briefly looks back there is a thrill of hope that trembles up her spine. A breath is exhaled and she chortles out a laugh as she begins to dodge and weave through the crowd and stalls. Pushing people aside she tries to find something, anywhere to tuck away and wait it out. EJ's eyes dart here and there, glancing towards the exit and starts to sprint for it. She might find a taxi outside that will get her some distance and peace in regards to being pursued.

Her boots dig in and she is busy pulling up her comlink. "Come on Rip...be there.." she says and starts to key it up.

It takes Sumi a moment to scan the crowd again, but she spots Lady Eriussa making a run for the exit. Sumi begins to run too, hindered slightly by a hurt left leg, but still achieving a formidable pace. She misses an opportunity to shoot at the Hapan and thus spends more effort trying to track her through the crowd. Sweat beads across Sumi's forehead.

Fresh air. In so much as Nar Shadda has fresh air. She dodges to the side, using the stalls to offer more cover and put a few things between the bounty hunter and herself. "RIP!" She yells at the comlink which does not get answered. "Frak.." she curses again below her breath as she breaks out into the Parmac district, not pausing to look around she continues to run towards waiting Taxis in hopes of getting to one. She's almost there. Elation starts to rush up through her as her stomach twists with the near sense of freedom that falls over her. She can do it.

Sumi is tailing her now, and the pain in her leg is ignored as Sumi's natural affinity to healing begins to set in. Her stride corrects itself, and the Mandalorian begins to put up more speed. She even has the strength to shove a full sized Ithorian over a table who stepped in her way. Her vision narrows. She's only got a window of time before Lady Eriussa can take advantage of the taxi services and escape.

He's not there. Or he is and he's busy. EJ can not get to the Clarion from here. She's pretty sure. She lifts her hand to try to hail a moving taxi that is settling in. Only then does she switch calls and reaches out to another. Likely already gone from the system. Zhu Yan. She keys up her comlink and wets her lips. "Someone frakking answer me," she mutters below her breath as a fine sheen of sweat paints her brow as well. Feet, its a matter of feet really as she reaches out for the handle of a taxi. "Yan, frakking hell," she cries out as she glances back over her shoulder towards the in pursuit Mandalorian.

The distance closes, Sumi's advantage having shown itself. Eriussa may have reached for the taxi, but the Mandalorian stops, aims, and fires in the same fluid sequence. A sapphire blue bolt sinks into the Hapan's leg, spinning her just enough for the second bolt of that hammered pair to find purchase against her chest. <<"Target down.">> Sumi manages, finally, and closes the distance to her mark. Her weapon is still drawn, but it's held low. The Mandalorian stands above her for a moment to survey the damage.

A shriek of surprise echoes past her lips as she loses hold of the handle just as the door was opening. Staggering a moment, EJ turns to face Sumi as she wheels her hand out to grab at the Taxi for purchase. Its enough to get the driver to move and causes the next bolt to hit a still staggering EJ when her grip fails. The next bold slams into her, sending her backwards and onto the ground with a groan. Breathe. Breathe. The impact stole her breath from her lungs and for a moment the sky of Nar Shaddaa spins about her head. She groans and lays there, trying to roll to her side but finding the motion is like lifting a ton of bricks.

<"You shouldn't have run, girl."> Sumi says. It isn't a boast, but it probably still stings. Sumi seats her weapon in its holster then kneels down beside the woman. If she has weapons, they are taken from her. She's restrained then, her hands bound by binders. The final step was hefting the girl up, and Sumi does so with a grunt that goes unheard. Then, it's a trip to her Pursuer to store Lady Eriussa in a ray shielded cell.

Dizzy is the world and it begins to blacken around the edges when she is hauled up. EJ groans and side steps, leaning heavily into Sumi. "No...they will kill me. Politics," she says and grunts, wincing as she is guided. She really has no way to resist that walk to the ship that is going to be the long ride home. "Don't.." she tries to work with Sumi, tries to get her to release her. "Pay the bounty," she says. "I will.." she bites into her lip and then starts to fall forward. This happens a few more times and Sumi is likely going to have to lug her a few times. As soon as they get near the ship, EJ becomes harder to work with as she stops moving and lets herself fall to the ground.

Sumi shoves her shoulder into EJ's gut /harsh/, then carries her over her shoulder, with one arm hooked around her legs. <"I hope your Togorian friend lives."> Is all she says, not really listening to EJ's plea. They always plea.