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Welcoming the New Arrival

OOC Date: February 16, 2016
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Sar Yavok, Bar'duur, Javi Malek, Sevrina Riggers, Rebel Yell

It's a bright new day on Nar Shadaa. As bright and hopeful as a hopeless, seedy, terrible place like this can be. So, rising with the sun, Sar finds himself in the Rebel Yell hangar, laying on top of his Aethersprite, talking to Rolie the ironically named R2 unit that had its legs removed so it could become permanently integrated into the ship. "Yeah...I don't even know, Roles. I mean, how the hell is a guy supposed to choose, y'know?"

Rolie's dome just swivels around a bit before it offers a questioning chirp in response.

Javi comes thundering down from a distant catwalk, her boots hitting the treads of the stairs like a Tauntaun stomping sand fleas. She's got style. She's got grace. She has a mound of chaw bulbing out her bottom lip that she spits into a cup while she crosses to a place she's claimed as 'her' workstation. The chirps and chatter in the hangar are no different than any other day, and it's a routine that she's just now getting used to. That includes procrastinating any real work she has to do, as she hops up on her work bench and starts loading a suction cupped toy pistol.

Rumors fly this way and that. For a little girl that could, there's something to be said about Sevrina as she wanders her way into the hanger of Rebel Yell. With nothing in the way of equipment, but perhaps a pack strapped against her back, she looks around hearing the general blips and boops that come from active hangers and her green-grey eyes scan arond with a curious wonder. "Uhm...hello?"

Sar Yavok offers a smirk to Rolie's response, as he doesn't understand binary, and shrugs, "I don't even know if they'd go for it, but I /am/ pretty charismatic, y'know?" Not really. He looks over at Javi and offers a wave as he moves to sit up on the small starfighter. He leans over and gives the R2 a pat on the dome before he slides down onto the ground, his boots thunking as they make contact.

And then the new blood walks in. Sar turns his attention towards the recent arrival and crosses his arms, looking her over, "Hey there. Lookin' to hire some mercs?"

Javi was taking aim at Sar on top of his ship, but his shift of focus and the arrival of Sevrina has her aim suddenly swiveling. Suddenly a plastic missive pops out of the barrel and goes sailing towards the new arrival, heralded by Javi's shout of, "MISFIRE!"

"Actually, rumor had it you all might be lookin' to hire. I'm not much when it comes to merc'n around...but gimmie a blaster and a couple'a hours, and she'll be shootin' straighter than when ya bought her." Sevrina responds to Sar, giving the man a wayward grin. Though she fiddles with the hem of her shirt a moment after. Man was tall. Well, tall to the woman who was short. Though a moment later, she hears that cry from another in the hanger and feels the 'thud' of something plastic hitting her in the forehead. "Hey. Nice shot." Kneeling down to pick up the missive and distracts herself by looking it over.

Bar'duur is over by his fighter, minding his own buisness. The Zabrak leans against the inside of one of the lower 'wings', leaning back a bit while he holds some sort of horn in his hand.

Sar Yavok squints at Javi for a solid few moments before his attention returns to Sevrina. He moves towards the girl and offers a hand to her, "Commander Sar Yavok. Good to meet you." Once the pleasantries are done, his arms cross over his chest once again and he says, "Sorry about the Javi. She's been smashed against one too many headboards in her time; got her actin' all weird." He smirks and asks, "So, you're an armorer?"

Javi grumbles at Sevrina as she reloads. "I was aiming for the smarmy looking one." Sar, that is. At his mention of her injuries in the line of duty, she turns her head and spits a nice long stream of brownish muck into her cup. Chaw. The breakfast of champions. As the bossman talks business, she starts lining up Bar'Duur in her plastic sights. "Any last words, Horns?"

Sevrina Riggers takes the offered hand and gives it a firm shake despite being half a foot shorter than the man. "Sevrina Riggers. Rina for short." She nods then. "Yessir. Learned the basics from my Uncle, and a couple'a years ago I graduated from Cornellia's finest engineering school. Thought it'd best to let all the other armorers on Cornellia keep their businesses and step out on my own." A shifted glance to the woman in question and she smirks. "Your aim's a little off then." Saying that much more before looking back to Sar.

Bar'duur was totally spacing out, and even when javi speaks toward him, he barely hears it. His head turns to glance over the others, the entrance with Sar meeting a new female, and to Javi just as she's lining up. Out of pure reaction he suddenly throws the horn he was holding, which seems a bit too big to have come from /his/ head. It goes skittering across the floor, under something probably, damnit.

"All of her is a little off," Sar remarks, looking over his shoulder at the scavenger. His attention returns to Sevrina, "Rina, then. You any good? I'm interested in hiring an armorer, but I don't want any wash-up who doesn't know where to fit a trigger."

Bar'duur's reaction has a devilish smirk coming from Javi, "That's what I thought." Smug, as the horn goes sailing off. PING. Her suction cupped dart goes sailing in his direction. Thankfully the scavenger is distracted for a moment, which saves Sar from any immediate retribution in the form of a reload.

"I'm not going to twist yer arm and say I'm the best out there, cause I know I'm not. But if you've got someone who's workin' on your guns and dunno where the trigger is, they're in the wrong business. I'm good. I've got both the education and experience cause I've been doin' this since I was a kid. So, you can either take a chance on me, or I can go about my merry and take my skills elsewhere." Rina speaks this to Sar, keeping her eyes on him, even if it means looking up the entire time. Not trying to be intimidating in the least, but just speaking her mind. Which was something she was good at from time to time. "So, what's it gonna be?"

Bar'duur is quick, the mighty hunter that he is, and with a twist he rolls away from the dart, because, he'd be so screwed if it hit him right? "Hey, what is that?" Asks the Zabrak. Said dart has stuck on to one of the inner solar collectors of his Tie. His green-eyed gaze turns back to Javi and he smirks at her. "You will like that when I take that and am shooting it at you." All in that Zabraki accent of his while he rolls forward and begins stalking toward her..

Sar Yavok offers a shrug at Sevrina and says, "Sure. Welcome aboard." He offers another handshake to Rina to 'seal the deal', as it were. Then he turns to look at Javi and shouts, "Javi Malek! Bring that thing to me!" He holds out his hand.

"Oh no. The fearsome hunter. Save me. Save me." All of this is said completely monotone by Javi followed by a smirk that says 'bring it, big boy' to Bar'duur. She's reaching down for the handful of darts next to her on the bench, but then Sar is calling for her to surrender her weapon. "I won't go down with out a fight!" PING at Sar. PING at Bar'duur. And then one for good measure at Sevrina in defense of her position as she clatters up to a standing position on top of the workbench. "YOU WON'T TAKE ME ALIVE!"

Sevrina Riggers shakes Sar's hand and gives a smirk. "Awesome." That much said before her attention is drawn by the other's antics which she watches for a time until a projectile is fired in her direction again. She takes the hit, and picks up the dart like that time, not wanting to get in the middle of the affair for the moment.

Bar'duur suddenly breaks out into a run straight at Javi! As though to meet her challenge with physical violence. The dart she fires sails through the air and smacks him in the /eye/, and the Zabrak veers off course to the right lifting his hand to his face he curses in Zabrak before knocking right into a sizable piece of diagnostic equipment and stumbling patheticly.

"I hope you can learn to fit in here. It's a little wei-" Sar is caught in the shoulder by the suction cup dart and turns around to face Javi, his baby blues pulling into a squint. His next move is wildly unprecedented, though, as the grizzled commander takes off in a sprint towards the dangerous scavenger, but he trips over his feet a little bit, slowing him down. Once the distance is closed, and if Javi doesn't dart out of the way, he'll be doing his best to tackle her. Not too hard, though. Maybe.

Javi lifts the tip of her plastic weapon and blows across the barrel like it's smoking. "Welcome aboard, Rina." But then the boys are running at her. "Shit!" She abandons her weapon with a yelp and looks for an escape pattern. A dangling chain presents the best course of action and she makes a grab for it over her head and starts pulling herself up it first with just her upper body and then her feet once she gets a good start. Up above, she can laugh at the carnage below. Poor Bar, that's gotta hurt.

Sevrina Riggers just watches as everything plays out in front of her. Though she's no medic, she does actually shift to walk towards Bar after he manages to knock himself into a piece of equipment. More like a half-jog, watching the spider-woman monkey climb a chain and then smiles. "Hey. You alright?"

Bar'duur plops down for a moment and shakes his head, he didnt manage to dent the machine, but it's probably just a solid built piece of equipment. He rolls back on to his feet but stays crouched for a second blinking a few times. His eyes follow the climbing woman and he shakes his head. "It looks like someone is used to climbing out of trouble." Says the man more used to using trees to save himself than the sides of a ship. Sevrina is given his attention finally, and he rises up when she approaches. "I am fine." holding a palm up toward her. "But thank you." And his hand turns to the side. "I am Bar'duur." He's always one to put meeting someone new above other issues, like revenge on javi..

Sar Yavok moves over to Javi's workstation and pulls the long-barreled blaster pistol from its holster. Does he point it at Javi? No, the tip of the blaster moves to rest against an adorable stuffed rancor that's sitting atop a pile of junk. Sar squints at the woman and does his best Dirk Steele (Corellian TV Detective) impression, gravelling up his voice and saying, "/Surrender/, or the rancor /gets it/."

Sevrina Riggers smiles at Bar, for lack of being able to do much else, but she does stop in place as he holds a hand up. Unapproachable? Maybe he was, she wouldn't really know. But then he's standing and holding his hand out, so the woman takes it in a firm shake. "Uhm, Rina... but I'm sure you heard that. And you're welcome. I mean you look like you can hold your own but...figured I'd at least check."

"NO! Not Fluffy!!" Javi screeches melodramatically, though likely she doesn't have a fig of attachment to the thing. In reality her only choice is to climb to the ceiling and try to wait out the boss man or come down and surrender peacefully. Unfortunately when she drops from that height, she makes a grave miscalculation in her landing and ends up landing wrong and tweaks her ankle. Now she's on her back, rolling around and grabbing her shin. But laughing uncontrollably.

Bar'duur's grasp is firm, hands calloused from work and the use of melee weapons not that she would know the details unless she were used to shaking such hands commonly. The Zabrak smiles in a warm and friendly manner now. "Nice to meet you Rina." Said before his hand releases her own, and his gaze darts to Javi eyebrows going up. "Are you alright?" He asks this however through an uncontrollable chuckling sound and cant hide the little grin on his face as she seems to be, indeed, alright if not in a bit of pain.

Sar's eyes widen as Javi falls to the floor and he slips the blaster pistol into its holster, mantling the workstation to move over to where she's laying. "You're a fuckin' idiot, you know that, right?" He kneels down and pulls her pant leg up, slapping her hand away as he looks the ankle over.

"Well..." Sevrina begins, having not really watched the monkey woman fall, but heard the landing and then turns to look. "I think I might fit in rather well here." Saying that much, and while she would have gone to see if Javi was alright, Sar was there first which leaves her standing in place next to Bar. Wordlessly for the moment.

Tears stream out of the corner of Javi's eyes, born from a mixture of laughter and pain, returning the slap to Sar's hands but quickly gives up that course of action and lets him have a look. "I'm..fine.." Her response to Bar is split with a chuckle as slings an elbow over her eyes and snickers anew at being called an idiot. It's a little tender but they've all been through far worse.

Bar'duur observes the interaction between Sar and Javi for a moment and he chuckles lightly, easily, taking a deep breath and releasing it before his attention returns to Sevrina. "So, Rina, what sorts of things do you do to survive in the galaxy?" The tribal Zabrak turns a bit to better face her, as well as partially Sar and Javi who are farther off. "At home, on Iridonia, I was a hunter, I spent most of my time not in my villiage. I was more comfortable with this. Here I usually act as.. survival expert, tracker, and I am learning to better fly my ship from the fighter ace who is with this group."

Sar Yavok looks over the scav's ankle and says, "You should be fine." He offers Javi a smack on the head before he holds out his hand for her to pull herself up into a seated position. He now takes the perfect opportunity he's been waiting for and reaches over to grab the suction cup pistol, and press the barrel to her head, "Any last words, scav?"

Sevrina Riggers tilts her head one way and then the other, observing and messing with the hem of her shirt as she does so. Though Bar's voice distracts her when she realizes he's talking to her and her attention goes back to him then. "Oh. Uhm. Well back on Corellia I mostly worked for a few different armorers. Trying to learn as much of the trade as possible. But I wanted to open shop on my own, get my feet wet as it were, and I figured best way to do that was hop on the first ship outta there and make my way elsewhere." Answering his question then as she gives a shrug of her shoulders. "Which led me here, of all places I guess, so..."

Javi sneaks at being bapped in the head and pulls herself up to sit with the afforded hand, careful to keep her weight from pressing through the injured ankle for the time being. Her dark eyes fly wide as the plastic barrel is threatened at her head. "Sabatoge." She hisses, then reaches up to try and ring a hand on the back of Sar's neck, and give him a square smack of lips to his hopefully before he can pull the trigger.

Sar Yavok is kissed! What? Well, it's not like he's gonna turn it down, now. So he tilts his head into the kiss, giving it all he's got. Unfortunately for Javi, a moment or two into the lip-lock; a click is heard and the suction cop dart closes the half an inch it has left to travel and thumps softly against her temple. He breaks away from the kiss with a smirk and offers a quiet, "Boom."

Bar'duur nods casually smiling to the new hire pleasantly as she explains while he looks over to Sar and Javi once in a while. "Well I know Sar and Gren I think have wanted that available for us, and the organization I think has been buying buisnesses too." His gaze turns back to Sar and Javi and his eyebrows lift as they kiss. "Oh."

Sevrina Riggers blinks, glancing over to Sar and Javi who - for a moment - are engaged in a lip lock. Which her her looking back over to Bar and she smiles. "Well then, I guess it will be a mutually benefiting fit for me here, hmm?" Trying to ignore the affection behind her, however brief it was. "So...a hunter you said? I take it you weren't the most social of those on your home world either, huh?" Guessing. Wildly at that. Just to hold conversation perhaps.

Javi really didn't mean to have that kiss drawn out or deepen, her hand was snaking to steal the gun from him while he was hopefully distracted. Somewhere those wires get crossed and the Scav looses track of her original intent. Hopefully the man doesn't mind the taste of raw tobacco, but that though gets literally shot out of her head by a little plastic suction cup thumping against her skin. The smirk is infectious as she mutters. "Dirty pool." So what if she was going to do it first. Nothing a purple nurple can't equalize, and she reaches out to pinch him.

Sar Yavok is purple nurpled!? He slaps Javi's hands away and moves to stand up, straightening out his shirt and tossing the dart gun away, letting it clatter against the floor. He turns and notes Bar'duur and Sevrina, clearing his throat. "Well, um." Another throat clear. "Welcome aboard, Sevrina. We're currently in the process of clearing out some rubble next to our command center that we're going to be converting into an armory. Now that you're here, we'll make sure that you have a place to work and a weapons cage. If you don't mind taking on the added responsibility of quartermaster."

Bar'duur clears his throat a little and turns to face Sevrina again, nodding a little. "Yes, me and my brothers too, but.. the word that we use means hunter and warrior both, in basic." He explains. "Many people did this in one form or another, not all.." He smiles. "Well, it is not that I do not like people, I just preffered to be in the wilds. Sometimes I was joined, I did go on hunting parties with others, but in time I desired new things in my life, that is why I left my home and came here. That was almost four months ago, I think."

Javi grins, hiding the expression with the butt of her hand as she wipes at her mouth and rolls to her good knee to get to her feet. Testing her weight on her injured ankle, she finds it serviceable and limps back to her workstation as if nothing ever happened, scooping up her spit cup and moving over to the break station. "Just don't let him make you sleep under the ships." She warns the new woman, coming up behind a deckie and switching her chaw cup for his cup of Caff. Let's see if he notices it's not his regular Folgers. Sipping at the procured mug, she starts heading towards one of the ships.

Sevrina Riggers nods a little. "Nothing wrong with wanting something different. Perhaps something...more. I mean if the typical standard doesn't fit you, what is there left to do?" She asks that, then gives a shrug of her shoulders. "I'm glad you're here. I was hoping to meet completely new and interesting folks away from Corellia, and already I have. Though I've never been to the wilds, like, forest wise and such. I'm afraid a hunter or even warrior I am not." Glancing over to Sar then and she nods. "Sounds perfect. I think. Either way I'm game for whatever you throw at me."

Sar Yavok rests his hands on his hips and looks between the young lady and the Zabrak. "Awesome. Glad to have you. I'm gonna...go check on some things in the Jawa." With that, he nods to the two of them and begins making his way towards the YT-2400 that's sitting in its berthing spot.